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Monthly Publication of Graphic Arts Industry (Hindi & English) Vol. No. 7 Issue-9 December, 2017 New Delhi Price : Rs. 10/- Annual Subscription : Rs. 120/- Editor : Satish Bajwa

Future is Digital Printing & Communication

What Does The Future Hold?

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New Acquisition By Yuvraj Printers

The Printers Strike Zone

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TOP 20%

Companies Succeeding

Companies Struggling

Companies Struggling

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40% of companies in the Danger could disappear

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PRESSLINE PRIMA-30 under installation at Yuvraj Printers (Chirag Offset Printers Pvt. Ltd.), Ahmedabad

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Pressline News, New Delhi, December, 2017 Issue

Editorial PRESSLINE News

Foray in Academics is good for Middle East

Managing Editor Satish Bajwa Chief Editor K.R. Chandrahas Editor R.C. Grover Consulting Editor Kanta Bajwa

Satish Bajwa

Associate Editor H.L. Choudhary Advertisement Manager Amit Sharma Production Head Rajendra K. Sharma Production Controller Saurabh Gulati Design Anita Arora Circulation Manager Savita Dhall Regd. Office : A-242, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076

The Sultan inaugurates Sharjah Book Authority & Sharjah Publishing City (SPC)

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Pressline News, New Delhi, December, 2017 Issue

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he year 2018 will be full of innovative surprises from MONOTECH

SYSTEMS. It is one of fastest leading companies of India showing keen interest to

promote Prime Minister Modi's Digital India Dream. Their latest focus is to achieve the best and affordable qualitative digital printing including books, questions and answering sheets, customized full or part page variable printing/ images / data, Logical & Sequential numbering, OMR, Barcode, Micro text security features, Multicolor printing with speed ranges from 220 to 300 meters per minute.

engineering and 3d printing, labels and packaging, and also inkjet products and solutions, along with various printing softwares Monotech Systems is widely known for their expertise in developing, designing, and

introducing incomparable range of printing machinery and allied products for the industry. The company represent more than 40 renowned brands from the globe in India and has been known for delivering innovations. Their prolonged industry experience and in-depth expertise assists them in developing and offering all these products in the most cost effective range.

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Under superb and seasoned leadership of Mr. T. P Jain, Monotech Systems Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high end, high performance, products and solutions for printing and packaging industry for more than a decade. The company acts as a one stop solutions provider for printing and packaging industry offering products for offset (prepress, press, post-press), digital print enhancement and finishing, wide format and textile printing,

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Pressline News, New Delhi, December, 2017 Issue

AROUND The Print Panorama I&B Ministry Guns for Circulation Verification


Bimal Mehta Bats for Digital


t is reported that Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has asked press Information Bureau to verify the circulation figure claimed by various newspapers.

xecutive Director of reputed Vakil & Sons has pointed out that print industry needs to counter the low margins stagnancy in growth coupled with issues of logistics and opines that “industry must changes its mind set.

They have also given the names of Regional Newspapers, National Publications like The Indian Express brought out from New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and

Dainik Bhaskar. Apart from

An additional fund of Rs. 50


others the verification is up for

lakh and Rs. 70 lakh has been

Verification has been

DNA, Andhra Prabha, Janma

allocated from regional and

asked for Delhi, Uttar Pradesh

Bhumi, Deepika and Niyomiya

branch offices respectively of

and Muzaffarpur Editions of

Barta from Assam.

the press information.

He advices, cautions and points out that the publishing industry spends hardly upto 20% of the value of the book on account of print and larger chunk of the cake is in distribution and retailing. Digital solutions can address many industry stumbling blocks

and add progressive off take of revenue.

Mr. Bimal Mehta

Production costs are rising in current offset process and as peak opportunity exists in digitization, Mehta advises a serious effort in that direction.

Sambad Umbrella for Eastern Media


rissa states largest read and circulated

Daily in Odiya language, Sambad has taken Eastern Media another


largest media conglomerate, under its umbrella.

of Group's Managing Director Ms. Monica Nayyar Patnaik.

Mr. Ranjan Patnaik, the C h a i r m a n o f t h e G ro u p unfolded the logo in presence

Started 33 years ago today Sambad dominates Odhisha with 30 Regional Offices, 33 Sales Offices, two Radio Station, Television News Channel, two leading Odiya Magazines and four printing presses.

Press Declaration to Setup Printing Press Unit & Newspaper From The Office Of Addl. Commissioner Of Police, New Delhi

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Pressline News, New Delhi, December, 2017 Issue



The Smart Preference (6 Towers Newspaper Web) ement Systems)

Remote Management System

(Remote Manag

(With or Without Mono Unit / Tower)



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Pressline News, New Delhi, December, 2017 Issue

Page No. 6

fizafVax o izdk’ku txr N=ifr lEeku ofj"B i=dkj mfeZys'k dks gfj;k.kk ds 'kghn i=dkj jkepanz N=ifr dh Le`fr esa fn;k tkus okyk ^N=ifr& lEeku* bl o"kZ ns'k ds tkus& ekus ofj"B i=dkj vkSj ys[kd Jh mfeZys'k nÙk dks gfj;k.kk ds

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While Shri Vijay Kumar Chopra, CMD & Editor-in-Chief, Punjab Kesari Group, is flagging off the 452nd truck of the relief material, organised by Shri Gyan Sthal Mandir Sabha and Lala Jagat Narain Nishkam Sewa Society, Ludhiana, S/Sh. Jagdish Bajaj, Bittu Gumbar, Ramesh Gumbar, Hardial Singh Aman, Roshan Lal Sharma, Sham Lal Kapur, Ramesh Handa, Varinder Sharma, Iqbal Singh Arneja, Harjinder Singh and Sh. J.B. Singh Chaudhary are seen standing with him.

uoEcj dks vk;ksftr lekjksg esa Jh mfeZys'k vkSj iatkc ds iw o Z egkf/koDrk vkj-,l- phek vius O;k[;ku Hkh fn,A Jh mfeZ y s ' k ^vkt ds ehfM;k dh pq u kS f r;ka * vkS j Jh phek ^vke vkneh vkS j U;k;* fo"k; ij O;k[;ku fn;s A 19

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PRIMA The Smart Preference

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Pressline News, New Delhi, December, 2017 Issue

Page No. 7

Print Will never die to vernacular â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Anita Arora


urope and U.S. are fretting under the threat of depleting readership of print media. Many have closed down and the focus has shifted to E-media, but the scenario is robust in India when it is a known fact that India is the most robust newspaper industry globally and has reported a steep growth of 17% during last five years.


Tarun Bharat

The role of vernaculars can't be denied in this progression as Diaspora is young, receiving education and the thirst for news and knowledge is insatiable. Pressline News will outline in forth coming issue as a tribute some heavy weights in language newspaper that are galloping as the mighty stallion across the Indian sub-continent.


in the country. The paper has eight editions from locations in (Belgaum) North Karnataka Southern Maharashtra (Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara) Konkan (Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri), Mumbai and Goa.

aharashtra has a longstanding dispute with Karnataka on the status of Belagavi district in North-West Karnataka. Belagavi was formerly part of Maharashtra's predecessor Bombay State. It was merged into Karnataka's predecessor state Mysore during the 1956 states reorganisation. The Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES) had come into being in 1948, aimed at opposing the proposed merger (which finally happened in 1956).

Baburao Thakur founded the newspaper 1919 during the british colonial era. The current Editor is Kiran B. Thakur and the Executive Director is Prasad K. Thakur. Tarun Bharat is known taking a strong stance against the injustice being done on the Marathi people of Belgaum by the Karnataka government.

Tarun Bharat is a Marathi newspaper based in Belgaum, India. It is the seventh-largestselling Marathi daily newspaper

Sh. Kiran B. Thakur (Editor), Tarun Bharat

Maharashtra Ekikaran

Samiti (Marathi) is a regional party based in Belgavi (Belgaum) city of India's Karnataka state. It has campaigned for the merger of Belgaum to the neighbouring Maharashtra state. It claims to represent the Marathi-speaking people in the region. All said and done the newspaper is widely read and though the STATE may not have reacted but the presence of Sh. Kiran B. Thakur and his benevolence towards be it Maharashtrian or Kannadigas has been the subject of much appreciation and Pressline News wishes Tarun Bharat and the Thakur Family the best of times forever.


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Pressline News, New Delhi, December, 2017 Issue

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