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PRESSLINE NEWS Monthly Publication of Graphic Arts Industry (Hindi & English)

Vol. No. 8 Issue-01

April, 2018 New Delhi

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Editor : Satish Bajwa

Current Acquisition by Shreedhar Printer for value addition customers


hreedhar Printers offers offset printing services all over in India and African countries. They provide offset printing services in Book printing, Booklet printing, Brochure printing, Catalog printing, flyer printing, leaflet printing, Magazine printing, Dairy printing, Calendar printing, Poster & Stationary printing. Shreedhar Printer's belief in offering excellent print services has resulted in complete satisfaction as per the clients' preference. The spectrum of services include UV 4 COLOUR : With 4 color UV process, they are capable of printing 4 colors on non absorbent substrates like metallic polyester films like PVC and metallic papers without any additional time for drying.

printing. With spot and full coating one can have any kind of fragrance on the paper.

4 COLOUR ON SPOT FOIL PRINTING : This technique is used to reproduce metallic effects by printing 4 colour on spot foiled areas. This is used for metallic objects.

3D PRINTING : This type of printing is done by using special lenses and it gives 3 Dimensional printing effects and creates more live pictures. CONTOUR EMBOSSING : If you want embossed printing solution, the contour embossing

Mr. Minesh Patel (Right) of Shreedhar Printers Pvt. Ltd. with newly installed PRESSLINE PRIMA Web Offset Machine Cont. to Page-5

MIPP (METALIC INTEGRATED PRINT PROCESS) : MIPP is a process wherein a metallic ink is integrated with 4 colour to achieve a metallic reproduction. FM SCREENING : FM Screening is a screening process without screen angles unlike conventional screening which leads to "Moire" patterns.


FRAGRANCE COATING : This gives fragrant effect to the

Shot In The Arm of Naidu Biggest Paper Mill In Andhra Pradesh


akarta-based Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) is said to have expressed interest to

set up a paper mill in Andhra Pradesh which would be the largest mill ever in India.

Sh. Chandrababu Naidu (Chief Minister) Andhra Pradesh

Considered one of the largest paper manufacturers in the world, APP is said to have chosen Andhra Pradesh for its proximity to the east coast. This is expected to make transportation of raw material easier to the proposed company and

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Pressline News, New Delhi, April, 2018 Issue

PRESSLINE News Editorial

Shrinking Business Still Has a Ray of Hope

Managing Editor Satish Bajwa Chief Editor K.R. Chandrahas Editor R.C. Grover Consulting Editor Kanta Bajwa Associate Editor H.L. Choudhary Production Head Rajendra K. Sharma Production Controller Saurabh Gulati Design Anita Arora Circulation Manager Savita Dhall Regd. Office : A-242, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 Printed at : Saurabh Printers Private Limited, B-280, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I, New Delhi-110020 All Disputes regarding this magazine will be settled in Delhi Jurisdiction only.

We have been publishing regular features on growth of vernacular media in India and rightly so if the wordings of Mr. I. Venkat, Director, Eenadu, the major newspaper in Andhra Pradesh in regional language is a pointer. “If you look at the growth of the regional press, it has been very promising over the years. Take the example of Eenadu; we have grown to become the leading newspaper in the states of Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Telangana. This has also encouraged us to start more editions. I would say the regional newspapers are undoubtedly driving the growth story for print media”, opined Mr. Venkat. The conjecture is 20.4% growth in internet advertising in India in 2018, measure up to 8.4% growth for the bazaar as a whole. By 2020, internet will account for 15.4% of total

Satish Bajwa

advertising expenditure in India, at Rs. 11,339 crore. Television will have a 36.5% share.

the other markets, says the Audit Bureau of Circulation's (ABC) latest report.

The ambiguity seems to be settling down on the depressing effects of demonetization and GST which had broken mayhem on the print media and the business in general and what compounded the situation is a sharp thorn in overheads like newsprint costs, particularly of the imported variety – which is used by large newspapers in high-speed printing machines – because of rupee depreciation.

Two major reasons for the growth of print include low pricing and the fact that newspapers are easily accessible and available at home. India is among those very few countries where there is easy delivery; the newspapers are delivered at the doorstep. The competitive pricing of n e ws p a p e rs i s a l s o t h e cheapest in the world.

Print media is growing in India despite its decline in all

A third reason charted in the report is the impact of education. As India becomes more educated, the readership and hence circulation is only going to grow further. Some of the other reasons include tailored sections and pullouts that cater to various segments of readers together with localised content. Spurt in education specially in rural areas has also contributed immensely to the growth. In olden days of England Fish vendors used to wrap the fish in newspapers as unsold n e w s p a p e rs a re re a d i l y available at a reasonably low

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1 Clamp Perfect Binder

Mini Binder

Business Channel Partner

Manufacturer :

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S.F. No. : 6/87 C, Vishnu Nagar, Pattanam, Ondipudur Post, Coimbatore-641 016

cost. Newspaper is absorbent enough to soak up much of the slime that is found on the outside of live or recently deceased fishes, whole fish wrapped in newspaper tend to not slip or slide as much as those wrapped in (say) plastic. Also it gave the customer something to read on way back of home and since then newspapers have remained a cherished medium of news and advertising reach.

What still remains a major cause of concern in the Indian Web Manufacturing segment is engineering tolerance i.e. permissible limit or limits of variation in:aphysicaldimension; a measured value or physical property of a material, manufactured object, system, or service; other measured values (such as temperature, humidity, etc.) Needs to be our focus area.


Pressline News, New Delhi, April, 2018 Issue

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Paper Leak Impediment – Digitization may be Pertinent


ever has the confidence of school children appearing for Xth and XIIth CBSE exams has taken the blow as this March of 2018, which has swept the nation as a terrible Tsunami that belittles the very concept of :

It must have sent shivers down the spine of students who spent sleepless nights, with their parents breathing down their necks for the last couple of months preparing them for the next cross road of college life.

x# q cºZzek] x# q fo"Z.k]q x# q noZsks egs'oj% x# q lk{kkr ijcºzek rLeS Jhxjqos ue%

This dramatic episode comes in the wake of Prime Minister Modi's interaction with the students, “Pariksha Par Charcha”, where he said if you worship 33 crore gods, unless you have confidence in yourself, all those gods will not help, as self-confidence comes only with effort.

Guru is the Creator (Brahma), Guru is the Preserver(Vishnu), Gurudeva is Destroyer (Maheshwar) Guru is the absolute (singular) Lord himself, Salutations to that Sri Guru

In a bizarre way flashed all the media channels that CBSE Class Xth and Class XIIth of Mathematics and Economics papers will be re-conducted, as they were leaked. Gurus were involved.

He further added the story of Mark McMorris, the Canadian snowboarder who won a bronze in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics after recovering from a coma. He asked students to think of themselves as their examiner to boost self-confidence.

All in vain, though his intentions were good in interacting with examiners, the opposition is now tearing him thread bear and students are a dejected lot. Gadgets have made it easier to cheat our society seems to promote that you should do whatever it takes to win or succeed. Children don't like to lose. Our culture appears to say that it is acceptable to step on others as you climb ahead. Some parents have contributed to the problem by not focusing their attention on instilling positive values – such as honesty, doing your best, and integrity – and instead pressuring their children to excel. Some parents are afraid that their child won't have a good job or life if they don't get to the best college, which requires the best grades.

Cheating lowers your selfrespect and confidence. And if others see you cheating, you will lose their respect and trust.

Unfortunately, cheating is usually not a one-time thing. Once the threshold of cheating is crossed, youth may find it easier to continue cheating more often, or to be dishonest in other situations in life. Students who cheat lose an e l e m e n t o f p e rs o n a l integrity that is difficult to recapture. It damages a child's self-image.

It appears from reports of news channel that school authority were not very clear about how and when the question papers will reach

The consequences of cheating can be hard for a teen to understand. Without the ability to see the long-term effects, children may feel that the pros of cheating (good grades) outweigh any negatives. That's why it's important for parents and teachers to explain the consequences of cheating, such as :

them but it now becomes abundantly clear that digital question papers are the options which can with the software back up give out instant prints without risk of type settings, printing and distribution system, thereby g i v i n g a m p l e s c o p e fo r pilferage. Time is ripe to adopt digital print which can address  Enhanced security  Enhanced Information Preservation  Easy to access and always accessible  Increased Productivity  Cost efficiency Railways and airlines have proven themselves as path finder in achieving data security in their systems and time is howling at us to implement the propriety in the education system. IB can be another option if CBSC gets failed time and again.

There is little to be achieved by crying over the spilled milk. Technology is available in the country and all that is needed is for powers to be sit up, take stock of prevalent situation and act..

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Pressline News, New Delhi, April, 2018 Issue

AROUND The Print Panorama Demand – Supply Situation Paper Mills Are Drawing Blood


he demand for anti-dumping duty by the Indian paper mills is unsubstan-tiated and morally incorrect. Firstly, the petitioners have not described the technical speci-fications which can distinguish the copier paper to writing and printing paper, which are being sold as Creamwove and Maplitho. They have just specified the cut sizes. More importantly, the petitioners have not mentioned this category in the main plea. This means, it should have been in inverted commas, which is essential to be prescribed as 'Product Under Consideration' (PUC) required under the law.

One, it would become the monopoly of Indian paper manufacturers. Two, despite imports being allowed, they are raising the paper prices without any proper justification. Three, sufficient notice is never given to buyers who in turn suffer a lot in juridical business and tenders and finally, it's because of the poor demand-supply ratio in the Indian market.

Print Media Revenues Shooting Up


ast year India's newspaper industry grew by 8%. Elsewhere, sales and advertising revenues are contracting. Enders Analysis, a research outfit, reckons that between 2014 and 2018 revenues from print advertising in Britain will fall more than a third from £993m ($1.4 billion) to£625m. In India, print publications account for a whopping 43% of all corporate advertising; the figure is less than 15% in America. Between 2010 to 2014 advertising revenues from newspapers in India rose by 40%. Many English dailies slip in supplements which are, in fact, advertorials. This partly explains why annual subscription of a few

Print Media Revenues

Shooting Up papers in India cost 399 rupees ($5.80), roughly the cost of a Sunday edition of the New York Times.

newspaper to feature in the top

Most of this growth is driven

ten. Rising literacy rates coupled

by vernacular newspapers.

with localized content coverage

According to the 2014 Indian

explains the sustained spike in

Readership survey results, Dainik

regional newspaper sales.

Jagran, a Hindi newspaper, tops the chart with over16.6m readers. Times of India is the only English


PRIMA The Smart Preference

BOOKLINE 'V' SERIES An Ideal & Most Economical Concept

That’s what our webs do for education.....!

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Pressline News, New Delhi, April, 2018 Issue

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Intaglios Gravure Cylinder engravers installed by Monotech Systems

Intaglio are techniques in art in which an image is created by cutting, carving or engraving into a flat surface and may also refer to objects made using these techniques. It may also be known as counter-relief, as distinct from relief. Intaglios runs on helical engraving method at the highest rotation speed of 600/ min. It is a heavy-duty machine based on German head and can engrave a cylinder up to 1400mm (optional up to 3200mm). ........Cont. From Page-1

Current Acquisition by Shreedhar Printer for value addition customers is used wherein three dimensional dyes are used to emboss the paper. MICRO EMBOSSING : This type of printing is used to bring out finest embossing details on the paper. As far as Shreedhar Printers book printing services are concern the statement is self explanatory, “We are sure that those who write the books ensure the quality of 'what's in the book', we do the rest. We ........Cont. From Page-1

Shot In The Arm of Naidu Biggest Paper Mill In Andhra Pradesh

finished paper products to China, whose market is seeing growing demand for paper and allied products. According to media reports, the management of APP met with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Chandrababu Naidu at the Interim Govt. Complex in Velagapudi and requested his government to allocate 2,500 acres of land near a port in the State for setting up of the paper mill. Suresh Kilam, executive director of marketing, APP is said to have headed the team and is said to have informed Naidu that that company will start production within twoand-half-years if the State government allocates the required land.

“As the packaging market is growing, gravure is getting a good attention and demand. Imagesetter films, used to process cylinders, are becoming obsolete and a migration is taking place to the digital process. Thus, Intaglios is helpful for people who wants to enter into engraving of cylinders and has low budget and who wants to upgrade from manual/ chemical to automatic/ digital process,” Tejinder Singh, product head of Intaglios at Monotech, said. Established in 2000, JMD Roto Graphics is a partnership company and Ashok Kumar and Chandrapal Saini are the two partners. Both have more than two decades of experience

in cylinder engraving business. Saini said earlier the company used to engrave cylinders manually (chemical etching) but now digital process is in place, which is safe, sophisticated and fast. “Now, we produce around 25 cylinders of various sizes per day in ten-hour operation,” he said. He added that though the company still engraves cylinders manually it prefers to do it digitally on Intaglios. “Our ratio between chemical and digital cylinder manufacturing is 40:60. We supply cylinders to all over India. The Intaglios has helped us bring in more production and quality. We are planning to add more Intaglios to our portfolio,” he said.

keep abreast with evolving book printing trends. We print soft bound or paperback as well as hard bound or hard back books for our clients.”


tarting 2018 (October, 10th - 14th ), Frankfurter Buchmesse will have an exciting new attraction: the Pavilion. This approximately 450 sq/m, purpose-built structure will act as the main stage of the fair over all five days. The high-quality and iconic stage will be centrally located in the Agora.

On trade visitor days, the Pavilion will focus on book presentations, press conferences, award ceremonies, specialist conferences and trade meetings on specific industry topics. When the general public joins the fair on

the weekend, they will discover an excellent cultural programme with an international mix of readings, author discussions, music, culinary highlights and more. Unlike at the other stages at the book fair, the programme at the modern Pavilion will be hosted by a moderator and organised in cooperation with

exhibitors and other partnerships. The striking design by the Frankfurt architecture studio SCHNEIDER+SCHUMACHER will act as a central symbol of the book fair.

PRESSLINE INDIA for their endavour in book production is happy to announce the installation of Pressline PRIMA Web Offset Machine of 578 mm cut off having rated speed of 30,000 CPH consisting of one 4HI Tower, One Auto Splicer / Double Roll Stand (A.S./DRS), Half Page Folder with Outfeed, Quarter Page Folder and Pneumatic Control System. Kilam is also said to have informed that the company is planning to produce only packaging paper at the proposed unit in AP and will have a daily import and export of materials weighing around 30,000 tonnes.

The Smart Preference (6 Towers Newspaper Web) s)

gement System

(Remote Mana

The report also states APP representatives stating that the paper mill has a capacity to produce 4,000 metric tonnes of paper a day and one-fourth of the production is expected to be utilised for the Indian market. APP is expected to submit a feasibility report for the project within 50 days from the date of confirmation of land. The Chief Minister, according to the report, responded positively to the proposition and has suggested port towns of Kakinada, Machilipatnam and Krishnapatnam for visit.

Remote Management System (With or Without Mono Unit / Tower)



New Delhi-based JMD Roto Graphics is one of the 10 customers who have installed the Intaglios gravure cylinder engraver developed and integrated by Chennai-based Monotech Systems.

Frankfurt Book Fair to go Savvy


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Pressline News, New Delhi, April, 2018 Issue

fizafVax o izdk’ku txr paMhx<+ ds ofj"B i=dkj latho lykfj;k dk fu/ku nSfud losjk VkbEl ds ofj"B i=dkj latho lykfj;k dk 27 ekpZ dks gkVZ vVSd ls fu/ku gks x;kA galeq[k LokHkko okys latho lykfj;k vius dke ds izfr fu"Bkoku FksA muds fu/ku ij nSfud losjk ds

laiknd 'khry fot us xgjk nq%[k O;Dr fd;kA lykfj;k vius ihNs eka&cki] nks HkkbZ o cgu dks NksM+ x, gSaA latho lykfj;k nSfud tkxj.k vkSj fnO; fgekpy tSls v[kckjksa esa Hkh dke dj pqds gSaA

nhid pkSjfl;k dh igyh fdrkc ^dwM+k /ku* dk foekspu dwM+k izca/ku ds dkjksckj ij dsfUnzr gS fdrkc-------ubZ ofj"B i=dkj vkSj bafM;k U;wt+ pSuy

^dwM+k /ku* dk 6 ekpZ dh 'kke dks dkWULVhV~;w'ku~ Dyc esa foekspu gqvkA foekspu lekjksg Sh. Nirmal Singh, Dy. Chief Minister, Jammu & Kashmir is flagging off the 466th truck of relief material for the migrants of J&K and S/Shri Shanta Kumar, Former Union Minister & M.P. H.P., Brahm Mohindra, Minister for Health & Family Welfare Punjab, Vijay Chopra, Chairman & Managing Director, Punjab Kesari Group, Sunil Jakhar, M.P. & President, PPCC, Master Mohan Lal, Former Minister Punjab , Iqbal Singh Ameja, Social Worker, Rana K.P. Singh, Speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha, Amarjit Singh Dhamija, Social Worker, Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi, MLA, Shwet Malik, MP (R.S.), Amritsar, Karamjit Singh Rintu, Mayor, Municipal Corporation, Amritsar, Daljit Singh Ahluwalia, President DCC Jalandhar, Nayan Singh, Minister for Labour & Environment, Haryana and Lion J.B. Singh Chaudhary and others are also standing with him.

ds ,fMVj&bu&phQ nhid dh eq[; vfrfFk yksdlHkk pkSjfl;k dh igyh fdrkc Lihdj Jhefr lqfe=k egktu

Fkha] tcfd dsUnzh; lM+d ifjogu ,oa jktekxZ] tgktjkuh vkSj xaxk dk;kdYi ea=h Jh fufru xMdjh foekspu lekjksg

ds fof'k"V vfrfFk FksA ^dwM+k /ku* gj rjg ds dwM+k&dpjs ds izca/ku vkSj mlls dkjksckj ,oa jkstxkj l`tu ij dsfUnzr viuh

rjg dh igyh fdrkc gAS bl volj ij dUsnhz; e=ah fufru xMdjh us ^dMwk+ /ku* dks LoPN Hkkjr fe'ku dh ØkfUrdkjh fdrkc crk;kA

Web Companions for Enhanced Qualitative Production (With or Without Mono Unit / Tower)



(Remote Management System)

Print Shop & Consumable Control On Your Finger Tips

Creating SMART Machines PRESSLINE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED A-242, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 (India) Ph. : +91-11-26943505, 26945505, email : # Website :

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Pressline News, New Delhi, April, 2018 Issue

Page No. 7

Print Will never die to vernacular – Satish Bajwa



Mehram M

erhram is a Punjabi general interest magazine with editions covering national & international proceedings on politics, sports, religion, literature, entertainment & many more. It is Punjabi one & only magazine with vast readership base in Punjab, whole of northern India & places in India & abroad where there are Punjabis.

Mr. B.S. Bir (Founder & Editor-in-Chief) Mehram Daily

urope and U.S. are fretting under the threat of depleting readership of print media. Many have closed down and the focus has shifted to E-media, but the scenario is robust in India when it is a known fact that India is the most robust newspaper industry globally and has reported a steep growth of 17% during last five years. The role of vernaculars can't be denied in this progression as Diaspora is young, receiving education and the thirst for news and knowledge is insatiable. Pressline News will outline in forth coming issue as a tribute some heavy weights in language newspaper that are galloping as the mighty stallion across the Indian sub-continent. increasing with every passing day. Mehram and Ghar Shingar are monthlies targeted at semi urban and urban readers whereas Modern Kheti - Punjabi and Modern Kheti - Hindi are fortnightlies catering to rural sector of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, etc. The pioneer publication, Mehram, was launched in May 1983 and has since become a touchstone for trust, credibility, innovation and excellence. It is this consistent performance that has been the driving force behind the brand's incredible success.

Agriculture University, Hissar and Pusa, Delhi Covering the whole of Haryana and some parts of Rajasthan, Uttaranchal and U.P., it also centers the concepts and principles of Modern Kheti-Punjabi version. Very shortly, we are going to enter Himachal, Madhya Pradesh through this periodical

Rural and Agricultural Fortnightly “MODERN KHETI” periodical was introduced in the market in 1987. This fortnightly is a vista of Punjab agricultural and rural life, containing articles on conservative crops as well as on cash crops. It throws light on diversification of farming,

with professional approach on scientific lines. Mehram was taken out in 1999 and 2008 as special issues with whopping 300 pages were taken out dedicated to 300birth centenary of Khalsa. Every year in a month of January an

annual edition is taken out. This magazine is unfailingly fair & balanced having moral & democratic values attached to it. The authors have free hands in expressing themselves which contributes to the strength of the magazine.

Press Declaration to Setup Printing Press Unit & Newspaper From The Office Of Addl. Commissioner Of Police, New Delhi

uksV % fizafVax ;qfuV pykus gsrq izsl MsDY;sjs'ku ysuk vfr vko';d gS] u gksus ij iqfyl pyku dj ldrh gSA ml ij tqekZuk vkSj dSn gks ldrh gSA lekpkj i=@eSxthu ds fy, foKkiu cqd djus] vkjaHk djus] foLrkj vkSj can dks nksckjk pykus gsrq tkudkjh ds fy, laidZ djsaA Mob. : 9953755940

Remote Management System (Remote Managem

ent Systems)

In Collaboration with

Started by Mr. B.S. Bir (Founder & Editor-in-Chief) in 1983, it has had a long voyage and has touched millions of Punjabi hearts with its fair & bona fide content. It was designed as no other magazine was covering Punjabi culture, traditions & above said issues. Till date, its journey exceeding 3 decades it has no other competitors & maintains monopoly in Punjabi world. T h e re a d e rs h i p b a s e i s

contract-farming and allied rural-professions like fishery, poultry, dairy, bee-keeping, piggery, floriculture, horticulture etc. It has emerged as a must read periodical among the rural masses, based on scientific recommendations of Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana. The Hindi edition was launched in 1999 Haryana & Other Hindi states of India. The Hindi fortnightly contains the recommendations of Haryana

PRESSLINE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED A-242, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 Ph. : 011-26945505, 26947765

+91-9311999405, +91-9810039865,

+91-9311999416, +91-9311999412

Pressline News, New Delhi, April, 2018 Issue

Page No. 8 Date of Publication : 08.04.2018 Postal Regn. No. DL(S)-01/3396/2017-19

License to Post Without Pre-Payment No. : U(S)-34/2017-19, dtd. 30.03.2017

Date of Postage : 10th & 11th of Every month RNI No. : DELBIL/2010/32108


Substrate transport to be developed by Pressline at present is up to 17 inches width and would be capable of double sided printing in 8½ inches or Single sided printing in 17 inches which can be upgraded later. The Inkjet print engine offered is from Monotech Systems Limited's JETSCI HiSpeed Inkjet System product family. The variants in Inkjet System offered is :  the JETSCI YAQ (premium VDP Solutions) driven by the KYOCERA print heads; and  the second option offered is the JETSCI X1 Series AQ System (Ultra High Speed and

Quality Solution) driven by the Fujifilm Samba print heads.

 Premium solution for VDP  High Speed Industrial Inkjet Systems

JETSCI Y Series can also offer :  Paper based scratch cards  Paper packaging

 Monochrome Variable Data Printing (VDP)  108mm print width/module  Resolution (Native) of 600 dpi

 Certificates & admission tickets

 Black, spot color, varnish, security inks etc.

 Newspaper /magazines,

 3-14pl variable drop volume or fixed binary mode

 Business Forms

 Speed upto 220m/min

 Paper tags

 Lowest cost of ownership

 Utility bags

 Fastest ROI

 Question Papers

PRESSLINE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED A-242, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi-110076 Ph. : 011-26945505, 26947765 E-mail :, Website :

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April, 2018  
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