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It started with the song “Planet Rock”. The moment DJ OSO Fresh heard this classic by Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force his passion for DJing and music was ignited. Born in Portland Oregon DJ OSO Fresh soon discovered that music was uni?ed people, regardless of race, color or gender. When his family moved to Northern California, in his early teenage years, OSO was exposed to the Powermixers on stations like KMEL and KSOL. He paid close atattention to the smooth blends from song to song, never missing a beat. Since his mother didn’t quite understand his early fascination with music nor his innate ability to create, he funded his early career through odd jobs, a paper route and his weekly allowance. After acquiring a DJ Mixer for his 14th birthday, OSO refurbished two old Technics turntables and started mixing on a few 12” singles his uncle had left him before going to the service. From that point on the record store became weekly ritual, spending whatever cash he had on musi music. By the age of 19 he was selling music, later to become manager of a music store. While selling music OSO moved into music production releasing a few local singles with his group Deuce Deep and an EP with the Hip Hop collective US titled “In us we trust”. Upon returning to Portland OSO landed a job at a local recording studio, recording local R&B and hip hop acts. Then the radio bug bit him. OSO enrolled in Mount Hood Community College’s radio broadcasting program and was quickly picked up by a station. Within 2 years OSO was mixing on the radio and has since remained on the radio for the past 9 years. Syndicating mixes to other markets (Spokane, Boise, Seattle), all from his Portland based home studi studio. OSO broke new ground in the Portland market by being one of the few Mix Show DJs to ever become an “on-air” personality and simultaneously play as a DJ at the hottest clubs in Portland. Opening for acts like Ne-yo, Dave Chappelle, Pussy Cat Dolls, Pauly D, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Shaggy. OSO didn’t just stick to radio, he put his studio knowledge to work creating exclusive remixes, edits and music videos. Now you know where it started and th that same passion and desire is what motivates him to move crowds today.


If you’re open to something a little darker and deeper than the contemporary bump and grind, you’ll want to check out the first Groovebirds CD release, “Singles.” For starters, the first two songs on the CD were recorded and mastered by two of the best recording engineers in the Pacific Northwest. Bill Barnett (probably best known for his work on The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies’ Platinum smash, “Zoot Suit Riot”) contributed his usual brilliance to the tracks and mixes at Gung-Ho Studio, and Ryan “Freq” Foster mastered the songs in Portland. Barnett also contributed an acoustic guitar track to the duo’s Indie/Pop collaboration, “Backs of Birds,” and used an array of studio guitarist Jon Edmondson’s signaturestyle tracks to capture the dark and dissonant vibe that Tracy J. had envisioned when she wrote “Delila & Samson.” Two additional tracks on the CD were recorded and mixed at Stephan Bayley’s Way Out West house concert studio in Portland. These songs feature some brilliant and innovative contributions such as Bayley’s “typewriter” part on “Time Waits For No One,” and Andy Rayborn’s saxophone work on “You.” Both tracks were also mastered by Foster. Within the first week of their release on Reverbnation, “Backs of Birds” and “Delila & Samson” propelled Groovebirds into the site’s top 40 for Indie artists in Portland. The band moved into the top ten a week later; and eventually climbed to #1. To date, Groovebirds has remained in the top 3 for over a year. “Backs of Birds,” which aired on Portland Metro Records’ “Fire Mondays” show in the spring of 2015, is arguably the most melodic and structurally complicated piece on the CD, but “Delila & Samson” has generated more interest, and a “cult” following among the group’s “fans” on Reverbnation. All four Groovebirds “Singles” tracks are currently accessible at http://www.reverbnation.com/groovebirds, and can be purchased at any Groovebirds performance, or on the band’s official web site at http://thegroovebirds.com. Since the release of “Singles” in 2015, Groovebirds has played a handful of shows in Portland with keyboardist Phil Carroll, and the duo continues to appear monthly at the Portland World Market as the rhythm section for Navigate North, a band they started with guitarist, Brian Tatman, in 2013. In its second season at this venue, Navigate North (the name implies moving toward the end of the journey) has also added Carroll on keys. The group performs original compositions from their “Navigate North” CD, as well as Blues/Rock covers from 11am-3pm on the World Market stage (next to the fire station on Nato Parkway) on the last weekend of each month.




Every song is a single. Good rock music is all we do . Virtual Zero deserves to be a national act and we will. People say they relate to us, that they have been there before and that we speak to them. Our music goes out to those so-called zeros who others dont think are worth the time. We are some nobodies that have something to offer with our music and our message. Virtual Zero was born in 1998 by the then band Irish Monkey with brothers Andrew and Chris Stephens. The original lineup disbanded in 2001 when years went by and all Andrew wanted to do was be back in a band again. So he resurrected Virtual Zero in 2011 which today holds Andrew Zero, Chas Beshears, Ryan Meier, Matt Schenk, and Kyle Oke as its members. Our motto is there are no zeros only virtual ones.


George Varghese Seattle musician, composer and producer George Varghese [Verge Studios] has announced the release of his new album 'Back in Time’ on July 1st, 2015. A rising star in the world of music, George Varghese, from India, now based in Seattle, is captivating audiences with his innovative style of playing progressive rock guitar instrumentals, showcasing his technical finesse on the guitar through the soulful melody, drama and emotional journey of his compositions. He is currently touring to showcase music from his album, including recent performances at the Texas RockFest, Texas Austin, Hard Rock CafÊ, Las Vegas and the Guitars under the Stars, Oregon. The album release concert is scheduled for August 1st, 2015 in Seattle. Back in Time is an international collaboration that captures the ambience of George's music over the years, bringing together his experiences and some of the finest musicians he has worked with from the past and present. He combines the lyrical strains of Indian instruments like the flute, violin and tabla with western progressive rock. "I was honored to have Grammy Award winner Larry Mitchell perform a section of one of my songs that gives a magical touch to the album. I also was fortunate to have Grammy nominee producer and engineer Marcel Fernandez mix my album at the legendary Robert Lang Studios, Seattle." George has been writing and performing his music since the early 90s. He put together Mixed Fruit Jam, one of Bangalore's pioneering rock bands, performing numerous concerts where he was awarded the 'best lead guitarist' across India. In 2003, George migrated to the United States where he continues to compose and perform his music through his studio Verge Studios. Some highlights of his music career include performing at stadiums in India before 40,000 fans, playing the finals at Zee TV's Sa Re Ga Ma, India's prestigious television contest, opening for Brian Adams, releasing his debut album 'Out of the Dark', being featured on Seattle's KCTS9 TV and performing at the national guitar festival "Guitars Under The Stars". These memories, influences and experiences have crystallized into George's first instrumental album "Back In Time" which is set for release on July 1st, 2015. Website: http://www.georgevarghese.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gv.verge Video: https://youtu.be/sJXtdFZwJtA 13

ParadoX started out as the dream of four friends back in the summer of 87. Originally two different bands until drummer John Gertson and bassist Jeff Mattox joined up with Vocalist/guitarist Jeff Reed and lead guitarist to form the band now known as ParadoX. We spent weekend after weekend in a hot shed with no AC or anywhere we could find to play and write songs. Sometimes we'd have an audience but most times we were just creating because we loved playing and writing music just for the pursuit of our rocknroll dream. Back in those days there weren't alot of gigs for high school or just out of high school bands so we played a few places but mostly for our friends and after a few years we all just went our own ways in life but all continued our craft with different bands. Fast forward to about 2008 I got the call that our lead guitarist Jason had passed from complications from diabetes and Jeff Reed the lead singer and I wanted to re-record many of the songs we had written with Jay in our younger days and get them recorded as a tribute to him and to reform and make music again. During this process Jeff had done a solo album and was setting up a few dates to promote it and once the drummer bailed on him he asked if I would like to support him at this little show in Cottage Grove. Many of his songs I had never heard before but Jeff and I have been friends since the first grade and pretty much click onstage or in the studio.


We dusted off many of the ParadoX songs as well and put on a great show with much support from our friends and the audience. Once we finished the show we got such a great response that we decided to keep on booking shows and writing new music. We started out playing anywhere from Klamath Falls all the way up to Portland and almost anywhere in between. One thing different about us than any other band is that there are only two of us. We are always asked when are you going to add a bass player but we have never felt the need unless or original bassist moved up here from California. We still have the bass sound in our shows and we pull off with two people what it takes most bands four or five players to do. Along the way we have been very fortunate that many individuals have seen something in us they have liked and volunteered there time and talents into making the ParadoX machine go. One of our biggest supporters photographer Patricia Lelevier-Hawkins first came to photograph us at a show we did at The Tiger Bar for one of our first Portland shows and has photographed us many times since then and always contributes top notch photos for us. She is also responsible for introducing us to Mike Smith of The Infosub who first played our songs over internet radio and she introduced us to Photographer/ Videographer Pedro Valdes that just directed our latest photo shoot and he also has previously used our songs on other occasions as background music for some of his other model shoots. Also our website and promotions manager Kristine Gerke and photographer Don Darnielle who have loyally followed us all over the state to get great shots and video at most of our shows. Also others such as Ginger Caviness have been instrumental in our success and a new friend of the band Mary Akey who tracked us down this last weekend in Bandon and took many awesome behind the scenes shots for our video shoot that are just amazing. We are very fortunate to have the support of all these individuals that have contributed to helping us realize our rocknroll dreams every night.We have played and continue to play all sorts of venues and outdoor arenas and have the support of many online outlets such as Anarchy Radio and Portland Metro Records. We just released our second full length album "Come Hell Or High Water" which took over two years to write and record the 13 tracks that are on it and one cover of the Beatles "Eleanor Rigby". We took some time to go to the Oregon Coast this last weekend and filmed our first live action video with professional photographers and models in Bandon and Cannon Beach which will be released later this year in Blu-Ray Format. After a short break in July we will be back playing live shows starting with August 15th from 9-1 in Boring, OR and then in Sept with shows at Blue Room Bar in Portland and our hometown Bar the Jersey Lilly. We have our new album available on Amazon, ITunes, cdbaby and Spotify as well as available at our shows and we are constantly looking for new venues to expand the ever growing ParadoX Nation. We also have a website which is the central hub for all things ParadoX and we are on Twitter at @ParadoXRockz. Being from southern oregon we have had more than our share of rejections up here because we aren't a tribute band or part of the "normal rotation" of bands that people are used to seeing but we don't take no for an answer and once places give us a shot to entertain people we always get great responses and hope more venues will take this into account and give us that opportunity to rock the people. There is no end in sight and we are always looking to the next show and the next record as we already have almost half of our next record written. Come on out to see us live and you'll see for yourself! Big Thanks to Shane Ramsay and Portland Metro Records for the opportunity to get some airtime on Portland Fire. See you at the shows!!



RECORDS Founded in July 2014 by Shane Ramsay.

Wanting to have a stage for the many talents that he came across in and around the Portland area. He also founded an internet radio station that would be a great platform for artists to be heard.

Portland Metro Records founded in July 2014 by Shane Ramsay. Wanting to have a stage for the many talents that he came across in and around the Portland area, he founded an internet radio station. The internet radio is a great platform for artists to be heard. They also have an internet radio station app for your Android and iPhone. Just search “Portland Metro Records.” They play all genres of music and entertainment. including comedy, production, and DJ mix. Portland Metro Records has featured artists in their “In the Spotlight” event. Qualified artists will enjoy thirty days of spins of their event commercial on the radio, two hour signing at a local retailer, DJ playing at the event, food, and photographer taking pictures with fans. The event will be followed by an after party with nine of their friends at a local nightclub. Portland Metro Records will soon be working with the Beaverton School District, Merlo Station and their recording studio “The Station.” They will be teaching students how to record music, production and video. For links to the internet radio, apps and radio

submissions please visit: www.PortlandMetroRecords.com

“Fire Monday’s” is Portland Metro Records local artist hour, where they give local artists complimentary radio play. Some have made regular rotation with Ascap artists. Fire Monday’s plays 8-9pm every night with a new rotation starting on


Cool Nutz - Memoirs

Eazy Money ft. Jackie Chain Party Till The Cops Come


Ace Dough- Throw Some Money

Kendrick Lamar - Alright

Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj Bitch I'm Madonna

David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack - Hey Mama

The Weeknd - The Hills

Silent贸 - Watch Me

Rising Young Pop & Jazz Stars, The Potash Twins, Recording with "Funkytown" Writer-Producer on 35th Anniversary This Month of Worldwide Hit Atop 4 Music Charts The identical Potash Twins, trumpeter Adeev and trombone player Ezra (www.potashtwins.com), are finding their muse in Funkytown this summer. Just 21 but already making a name in both the jazz and culinary worlds, the Omaha natives charmed producer and songwriter Steven Greenberg enough to return to the recording studio to serve as Executive Producer on their second album, The Potash Twins, being cut in June at Essential Sessions Studios in St. Paul. Greenberg's biggest hit under the band name Lipps, Inc., "Funkytown," was a worldwide smash. It hit Number One on four different music charts 35 years ago this month, while also being licensed in subsequent years to countless films, TV shows, advertising platforms, and sporting events. Working as producer on the project with Greenberg is renowned musician Cory Wong, who recently shared a club stage with the Rolling Stones' Charlie Watts at the Dakota Jazz Club on Watts' 74th birthday in early June. Wong has played with Questlove, Alexander, O'Neal and others. He is also the co-founder of the highly regarded collectible indie label, Secret Stash Records.

Other members of the band on the album include: keyboard player Tommy Barbarrella (Prince, Stevie Wonder, Ziggy Marley); bassist Ian Allison (Jeremy Messersmith, Eric Hutchinson, Quietdrive); and drummer Petar Janjic (Dr. Mambo's Combo, Acoustic Alchemy, Nachito Herrera). The Potash Twins album is scheduled to be released this fall on a label to be determined. The brass duo's first album, Twintuition, was released in 2012 on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. The Potash (pronounced Poe-tash) Twins have very quickly made all the right moves since arriving three years ago in New York to study music, after jazz master, Wynton Marsalis, gave Adeev a lesson while they were still in high school in Nebraska and encouraged them both to pursue a career in jazz. Today Adeev studies under Dizzy Gillespie protĂŠgĂŠ, Jon Faddis, at SUNY Purchase, while Ezra, who received a full ride scholarship to Manhattan School of Music, studies Bass Trombone. Adeev has also played private lessons with renowned trumpeter and Columbia recording artist, Chris Botti. The twins have likewise performed on numerous occasions with Jon Batiste, Stephen Colbert's new Late Night band leader, and also jammed with the New Orleans native in New York's Union Square. Their live gigs include venues such as Birdland, SXSW and Jazz at Lincoln Center, and major food events. They love to cook. Ezra and Adeev have played at major culinary events with the world's finest chefs, including the recent James Beard Awards in Chicago and the annual Cochon555 event in Snowmass, Colorado, sharing the stage with Public Enemy's DJ Lord. "We didn't want 'a jazz guy' necessarily to help us with this new album," notes Adeev. "We wanted someone outside of the jazz world who has a more pop sensibility that can make our music more relatable to the public at large," adds Ezra, finishing his brother's sentence, as the twins often do. "We also wanted to surround ourselves with people who can do what we can't do, and the musicians that Steven and Cory have put together are very good at what they do." "I was surprised when asked to take on this project," says Greenberg, who also produced albums by a handful of Twin Cities bands like The Suburbs and whose 1990's indie record label, October Records, produced CDs by The Honeydogs, The Delilah's, and Willie Wisely. "I haven't been in the studio for a long time, but I was intrigued when asked to produce an album with its roots in jazz. And when I heard the demos, I was impressed. I'm doing it because of the music. These guys make really great music -- pop folded into jazz." "Adeev and Ezra write really catchy melodies with great hooks and musical lines that a lead singer would usually sing, only they play them instrumentally," notes Wong. "The music on their new album is very appealing: It's like someplace between Katy Perry and Miles Davis." For more information -- or to schedule an interview about the project -- please contact Martin Keller, Media Savant Communications, 612-729-8585, mkeller@mediasavantcom.com Twiiter:@potashtwins Facebook: www.facebook.com/potashtwins Instagram: @potashtwins Vine: @potashtwins

Restruct is a FOUR-piece alternative rock band founded by lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Freeman Belmont in 2007. The Vancouver, Washington based group is building a dedicated following. This band is establishing themselves as a strong force in music that is always moving forward and illustrating why they have been compared to the likes of Nickelback, Tool and Trapt. The band’s influences range from Primus, Tool, Meshuggah, and Pantera, to Nirvana, Faith No More, Alice in Chains and The Beatles, to name a few. The band is getting radio airplay overseas as well as in the US, has opened for Saving Abel (twice), Disturbed, Avenge Sevenfold, Hail storm, Hell Yeah (twice), Hail the Villan (twice), Airbourne, Stone Sour, Default, Rehab, Filter, and E40. Restruct also has shows currently booked to open for CrossFade, and Devin Townsend project. Restruct also has been picked up by huge sponsors including Rock Star Energy Drink, Allegra Drums, Young Guitars, MotoLife and Dublin Down Irish Pub. The sound is unmistakable, mainstream and yet so diverse that every fan is sure to find a song that they can relate to. RESTRUCT takes the listener on a journey into the worst time in a person’s life where they are given two choices. Self-destruct or rebuild? Self destruction was the initial path taken by lead vocalist Freeman Belmont. RESTRUCT symbolized to him, the reinvention of himself and the self reflection that got him where he is today. Restruct is a band with no limits and is solidifying a strong fan base across the country. Look for them on tour in JULY 2015 to promote their debut CD. Their name signifies the rebuilding of something, and building is exactly what this band is doing. WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OF OUR FRIENDS WHO HAVE SUPPORTED US ALONG THE WAY AND OUR BIGGEST IS ANY ONE WHO ROCKS AND GIVES THEIR EMOTION THROUGH THE CHIPPING TOOL OF MUSIC. WE WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK ROCK STAR ENERGY DRINK, YOUNG GUITARS, ALLEGRA DRUMS, MOTOLIFE PURNIMA, RYAN W., DUBLIN DOWN, JAMES HANSON, NICK ALLEN, JOEY LANCASTER, JEFF ALLEN, SHEENA, RESTRUCT LADIES(FOR PUTTING UP W OUT B.S.), TIM ROBINSON, KELSEY SMITH, TIM (TIMM-A), SHAWN LEWIS, SLAVEWRITER6, AND ANYONE ELSE WE FORGOT FOR HELPING US OUT!


KIRSA Kirsa Poulsen ([K-ear-sa]( born on November 2, 1997) referred to mononymously as Kirsa, is a Portland born recording artist and songwriter. She is highly creative with a focus on music. Kirsa loves people. She is quick to smile and likes to listen and talk almost everyone. While she enjoys sophisticated humor she is not above making or laughing at a crude joke. There is very little that’s off limits when it comes to making someone smile. Kirsa has grown up in an arts-rich environment where she has been encouraged to develop her creative interests with few restrictions. She has traveled extensively and lived abroad as well, attending the International School of Amsterdam (ISA) as a pre-teen. She designs clothing, paints, sculpts, writes poetry and music. Kirsa also loves linguistics and has created two distinctly diff er ent written languages (the most recent is both written and spoken (Luthian). She has written two songs in Luthian; Euki and Kanu; the latter is featured on her Debut album, Red Moon. Luthian not only looks and sounds beautiful, it is also her diary language. It is easy for her to write in and nearly impossible to decipher.

Kirsa - Spider Webs

DIVERGENCE Kirsa’s strongest suite is the power of original thought and having the courage to act on it. She is a divergent thinker and has been encouraged from an early age to value and develop her unique thought process. This process informs all areas of her life from music and painting to academics and spirituality. While much of Kirsa’s thinking converges toward a norm, the parts where it diverts are by far the most fun, interesting and valuable to society. Because she has such a unique point of view, she sees things that most of us miss. When her vision is shared we all see clearer and acquire a better understanding of truth. MUISC Classically trained on the violin, Kirsa composed her first song (Abolon) at age 11. She made her debut stage performance at 12 singing Peggy Lee tunes at the Star Light Theater in NE Portland. She has studied music theory, history, vocals for theatre, rock and jazz and is well versed on the guitar. Her debut album, Red Moon, written at age 16, was released in the spring of 2015. The album features songs born from her own personal journey. INFLUENCES Kirsa’s musical infl uences are as vast as her artistic repertoire. She has written and performed music in many diff erent genres including alternative, heavy metal, middle eastern, celtic and icelandic (the sounds of Suka rus and Bjork) . The artist’s that have and continue to inspire her are wide ranging in both style and time. Moving forward in time, Kirsa has been inspired by The Andrew Sisters, Glen miller band, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Mahalia Jackson, Howlin’ wolf, Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Big Mama Thorton, Baroness, Slayer, King Krule, Gojira and Kvelertak. SONGWRITING AND PROCESS “My life is like a landscape and my music a path. I invite people to walk along with me, but realize that their experience will be unique to themselves depending on the life experiences they bring,” Kirsa explains. When describing her song writing process, she speaks much like a character from the worlds of magical realism Kirsa so admires, “When I write music, it’s like there is a river of songs flowing over my head. I reach my net up into the water and catch what the river gives”. Kirsa spends much of her time at Studio ToTo (her bathroom, which has excellent acoustics) practicing and developing new material.

Love for the art and culture of djing is what drives DJ ICEMAN to be one of the best djs in the country. Starting in 1982,Robert Anderson traveled the long and winding road to being a dj. Upon receiving his first dj setup,at the age of 9,Dj Iceman has been on a tear. and along the way with stops in the United States Navy,various Jobs in the security and corrections fields, time as a chef/cook, and a five year career as a professional MMA fighter, he has become a well rounded person as well as a all around dj. He has performed In New York,Texas,New Mexico,Arizona,And Washington,Japan And Sydney.And He Has Worked With The Likes Of Heavy D, Krs One, Ghostface Killah, And A Host Of others. He’s Now Trying To Bring His party-rocking To The Masses.He is known as “The Blendmaster General, The Soul Controller,Uncle Ruccus, and Kimbo Ice” he has made his home in Tacoma,Washington since 2008 And is now one of he best Hip-Hop djs in the state of Washington. Also knows as the “Master of the rant” you can see his humorous, enlightening,and educational views on the art of djing and his take on everyday dj issues via his very popular Youtube channel. He is an outspoken proponent of the Hip-Hop and dj culture and is always available to speak his mind on a variety of subjects… Where are u from? Originally from Brooklyn New York, now living in Lakewood Washington Who were some of your DJ influences? My Uncle A.D., Jazzy Jeff, Ron G, Mixmaster Mike, Rob Swift, Larry Levan What do you think of the DJ game in today’s world? I love it. There are so many new things coming out and a lot of DJ’s are really pushing the envelope creatively. What’s your opinion on Mixtape DJ’s vs Turntable DJ’s? I think they are both vital parts of the DJ game. I just wish Mixtape DJ’s would get back to actual mixing and displaying skills instead of acting like glorified ipods. What’s your biggest pet peeve? Artists that always hit up DJ’s to play their music, but NEVER support the DJ’s. What projects are you currently working on? I’m on every Tuesday from 8-9 pm PST on Juice Radio (www.gojuiceradio.com). I got the “Sick Blends Pt 2? and the “Hard Body Blends” projects coming up as well as various other projects and shows. How do people book you? You can reach me at @dj_iceman on Twitter “Dj Iceman” on Facebook? djiceman73@gmail.com or my website www.djiceman.net

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Press Fanatic Magazine Issue #4 July 2015  

Inside this issue Interviews, Music Videos, Links to Downloadable music plus exclusive articles with Portland Metro Records, Kirsa plus an e...

Press Fanatic Magazine Issue #4 July 2015  

Inside this issue Interviews, Music Videos, Links to Downloadable music plus exclusive articles with Portland Metro Records, Kirsa plus an e...