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green living A lifestyle publication for those who embrace sustainable living.


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Green Living... ...connects your business with consumers of all shades of green. Our readers are light green saplings to evergreen advocates. They read Green Living to get the latest on green or sustainable businesses and products, to learn about others in the green community, and to be informed. They share what they find and will tell others how and where to find it. Green Living is the perfect place to promote your business. Let us help you create a customized advertising program that connects our targeted, eco-minded audience to you and to the products and services they care about. The Press Democrat - Aug 23, 2009 -


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Editorial Calendar Each publication will focus on a different environmentally conscience topic.

Celebrating Earth Day

Focus: Greener Landscaping

2011: Publish Date: April 17 | Ad Deadline: April 5

2011: Publish Date: June 19 | Ad Deadline: June 6

Focus: Water Conservation

Focus: Hybrids to Electric; Green Transportation

2011: Publish Date: August 28 | Ad Deadline: August 15

2011: Publish Date: October 16 | Ad Deadline: October 3

Healthy Living informs, illuminates, aand celebrates how we really live, when we live really well. Print and Digital Media Solutions


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