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Handcrafting connections on paper from the North Shore of Massachusetts

Spring 2013 wholesale catalog

~ w h o, w h at a n d w h e r e ~

Well, Hello There! I’m Melissa Gruntkosky, the brains and brawn behind the letterpress stationery and paper goods studio, Pressbound. I create handcrafted paper goods that inspire tangible connections in a modern world, combining traditional printing like letterpress and woodblock with modern design and digital techniques. My work is fueled by folk art inspirations such as Polish paper-cuttings, Russian nesting dolls, and vintage embroidery while combining a love of texture, geometrical patterns, and retro color palettes. All of my work is produced by hand in a charming old mill building in Beverly, Massachusetts—a coastal New England city just north of Boston and next door to the historical city of Salem.


>>>  Spring

2013  >>>

~ sp r i n g 2 0 1 3 C ata l o g ~

Wholesale Information Ord ering

Please email, fax 732-645-0596 or call 978-712-0096. Seasonal catalog updates can be found at M inimums

There is a $100 minimum for opening orders and $75 for all reorders as well as a minimum order of six per design for all individual cards and three per design for all other items, including box sets, journal sets, prints, coasters, and magnets. Shipping

All orders within the US and Canada are shipped via UPS ground. International orders are shipped via USPS. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Turna round

There is a 2–4 week turnaround time after placing an order. Expedited orders and shipping are available per request and the availability of inventory. Pay me nt

Payment is excepted via all major credit cards or Pay Pal and charged when the order is shipped. Net 30 is available only to retailers with established accounts. Return s

Returns are only accepted within 7 days after items that are damaged or defective are received. box s ets

Some cards are available in both singles and sets while others are only available in sets and noted throughout the catalog. Box sets can not be broken up to sell as individual cards. All sets are packaged with six of the same card design in a kraft paper box with plastic top and label on the back. Mixed box sets are available by request only. Printin g

All letterpress items are printed on antique platen presses using hand mixed inks in the Pressbound studio. Slight variations in inking, color, and alignment may occur and is part of the charm of this printing process.


(f) 732-645-0596  <<<  (p) 978-712-0096  <<<  <<<


>>>  Spring

2013  >>>


~ n e w t h is sp r i n g ~

Matryoshka Greeting Cards

When I was a little girl I used to play with a traditional red and yellow Russian nesting doll at my grandmother’s house, taking it apart and putting it back together over and over again. Since then I’ve been obsessed with matryoshkas. So I’m thrilled to launch this new line of letterpress greeting cards featuring matryoshkas for various occasions. Each A2 card is hand printed in my studio using an antique platen press on a beautiful egg-shell and eco-friendly bamboo paper and is packaged with a complimentary colored envelope. The holiday card is also available in box sets of six.



Birthday Superstar Matryoshka

Favorite Babushka Matryoshka



Good Luck Matryoshka

My Sunshine Matryoshka

MA05, Set of 6: MA06 Season’s Greetings Matryoshka


(f) 732-645-0596  <<<  (p) 978-712-0096  <<<  <<<

! All New g in t e Gre Card s Design

~ p o l is h w y ci n a n k i i n spi r e d ~

Folk art Pattern Greeting Cards Turning to my family roots, I used motifs found in Polish paper-cutting, known as wycinanki, to inspire this line of cards. Each A2 card is letterpress printed on an egg-shell and eco-friendly bamboo paper and is packaged with a complimentary colored envelope. Cards available in box sets of six as noted.



>>>  Spring

FK13,  Set of 6: FK14 Hello Pattern

2013  >>>

FK15 So Sorry Pattern


FK01 Happy Birthday Pattern

FK02 Congrats! Pattern

FK04,  Set of 6: FK05 Thank You Pattern

FK03 Love Pattern

FK06 Mom Pattern

✶ ✲ ✲ ✲ ✲ ✲

✲ ✲ ✲ ✲ ✲ ✲

✲ ✲ ✲ ✲ ✲

✲ ✲ ✲ ✲ ✲

FK07,  Set of 6: FK08 Joy Pattern

FK09,  Set of 6: FK10 Peace Pattern

FK11,  Set of 6: FK12 Merry Pattern


(f) 732-645-0596  <<<  (p) 978-712-0096  <<<  <<<

~ V ic t o r i a n e mb r o i d e r e d ~

Hand Lettered Greeting Cards Inspired by Victorian era embroidered alphabets each of these A2 cards is hand lettered and printed using an antique letterpress on an eco-friendly bamboo paper stock with a beautiful egg-shell finish and is packaged with a complimentary colored envelope. Cards available in box sets of six as noted.


EM11,  Set of 6: EM12 Thank You Dotted Embroidery



>>>  Spring

EM09,  Set of 6: EM10 Hello Embroidery

2013  >>>

EM13 Dad Embroidery


EM01 Happy Birthday Embroidery

EM02 Congrats Embroidery

EM03 Love Embroidery

EM04,  Set of 6: EM05 Thank You Leaves Embroidery

EM06 Mom Embroidery

EM07,  Set of 6: EM08 Happy Holidays Embroidery


(f) 732-645-0596  <<<  (p) 978-712-0096  <<<  <<<

~notecard sets~

Folk Art Inspired Notes Using some of my most popular folk art inspired designs, this line of 4-bar boxed notecard sets are letterpress printed on an antique press on my favorite bamboo paper stock. Each design is packaged in a set of six cards with complimentary colored envelope in a kraft paper box with clear plastic top. The sets are available in three styles: birds, folk art patterns, and matryoshka dolls, with three different color ways: red/peach, purple/teal, and curry/navy. Sets are not allowed to be broken up.

Set of 6: NC01 Folk Art Rooster

Set of 6: NC07 Folk Art Sparrow

Set of 6: NC04 Folk Art Chicken


>>>  Spring

2013  >>>

New! rd Noteca s n ig s de on d e r u t fea e g a this p

Set of 6: NC03 Folk Art Pattern, Red

Set of 6: NC09 Folk Art Pattern, Teal

Set of 6: NC02 Folk Art Matryoshka, Red

Set of 6: NC08 Folk Art Matryoshka, Teal

Set of 6: NC06 Folk Art Pattern, Curry

Set of 6: NC05 Folk Art Matryoshka, Curry


(f) 732-645-0596  <<<  (p) 978-712-0096  <<<  <<<


~ f o l k a r t pat t e r n s ~

Letterpress Paper Coaster Set

This set of 3.5” round coasters are printed on a thick paper stock using an antique platen style letterpress leaving a deliciously deep impression. The set of eight coasters includes four designs in the colors purple, navy, peach, and teal. Each set is packaged with two of each design in a clear cello sleeve with a label stapled at the top.

Set of 8: CS01 Folk Art Pattern Coasters


>>>  Spring

2013  >>>


~ a n t i q u e l e t t e r p r e ss p l at e ~

Art Deco Journal Sets

JN03 The Activist

These unique 24-page journals measure approximately 4 x 5.5 inches. Each journal is letterpress printed from an antique plate and bound in my studio. The images are from a set of plates that use a whimsical art deco style of illustration. They were acquired in Rockport, MA several years ago with no original printing information available. Each set, The Activist, The Naturalist, and The Day Dreamer is packaged with two journals held together using a belly-band and placed in a single cello sleeve. Inside pages are blank and unlined. Binding is saddle-stitched with two staples.

JN02 The Naturalist

JN01 The Day Dreamer


(f) 732-645-0596  <<<  (p) 978-712-0096  <<<  <<<

~ f o l k a r t i n spi r e d ~

Digital Woodblock Prints Theses illustrations were created using a process I call digital woodblock printing which includes using scanned textures from woodblock prints that were originally carved and printed by hand. The prints are produced inhouse on a professional grade printer that uses ultra-chrome archival inks. Each 5 x 7 print is packaged in a clear cello sleeve with a backing board.

DP03 Digital Sparrow

DP02 Digital Chicken

DP05 Leaves Digital Matryoshka


>>>  Spring

DP01 Digital Rooster

DP06 Sun Digital Matryoshka

2013  >>>

DP04 Rose Digital Matryoshka

~ f o l k a r t i n spi r e d ~

Handmade Magnet Sets These handmade 1” magnet sets are available in three different styles. Each set of six is packaged with two of each design in a clear cello sleeve on a stay-put metal backing covered with kraft paper and sealed with a paper label on top. The below images are pictured at their actual sizes.

MN02 Bird Magnets

MN03 Pattern Magnets

MN01 Matryoshka Magnets


(f) 732-645-0596  <<<  (p) 978-712-0096  <<<  <<<

Con tact an d Or de r in g In fo Melissa Gruntkosky (f) 732-645-0596 (p) 978-712-0096

M ai li n g A ddr e ss Melissa Gruntkosky Pressbound 95 Rantoul Street Unit 101 Beverly, MA 01915

Seasonal catalog updates can be found at:

Pressbound Spring 2013 Wholesale Catalog  

This catalog is for retailers interested in purchasing wholesale items. For retail sales please visit my Etsy shop:

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