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Issuu™ Press Release October 2008

Issuu saves a struggling publishing industry through online innovation Menlo Park, California, Oct 28, 2008: While the newspaper and publishing industry is struggling to survive in the digital age,, a new online publishing service, is booming with millions of visitors. The recipe? Innovative design and key learning from the Internet. Today the company is announcing 'Issuu Pro' and another $ 5M in funding.

A year ago, the young team behind Issuu set out to solve the problems in online publishing. Inspired by viable Internet successes such as YouTube and Skype, they wanted to make publishing something anyone could do online−for free. With innovative design and the latest technology, Issuu successfully empowered anyone to publish in an online format equivalent to the printed publication. Today the company is experiencing such a huge demand for their service, that world leading brands, such as MTV Networks, Guardian Books and The Bantam Dell division of Random House, has started publishing with Issuu. To meet this demand even better, the company is now announcing Issuu Pro, a professional supplement to their free service. Issuu Pro helps publishers and companies take the big step online to increase readership and target stakeholders anywhere in the world. Newspapers, magazines, and catalogs are promoted through Google, Facebook,

Issuu™ Press Release October 2008

MySpace, etc., as well as Issuu's own website that's being visited by millions each month. Besides offering the best and most beautiful reading experience online, Issuu Pro is also enhancing publications with digital features, making them much more interactive and engaging than their printed counterparts. With the Pro service, publishers can completely customize the way Issuu publications look and integrate them seamlessly on their own websites. The service even provides tools for easily publishing large volumes with just a few clicks and shows detailed statistics about readers. Publishers are only charged when their content is viewed, and with pricing as low as $ 1.1 per 1,000 publication views the company will seriously undercut competing services.

Today Issuu also announces another $ 5 M in capital from Sunstone Capital ( to help them execute their strategy worldwide. Issuu is already being used by thousands of businesses, publishers, universities, NGOs and design agencies. Even so, the company estimates that as much as 99 % of the documents in the world are yet to be converted to web-friendly publications, and expect adoption to continue to grow rapidly with both its free service and the new Issuu Pro. Issuu is fully DMCA compliant.

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Issuu™ Press Release October 2008