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12 de julio de 2013


“Uruguay’s place is inside Mercosur,” said President Mujica President José Mujica said that Uruguay’s place is inside Mercosur and depicted as “crazy” those in favor of leaving the regional block. “If we left the Mercosur to join the Pacific Alliance, we would make a fool of ourselves, we would be out of our minds”, stated the Uruguayan President to the magazine “La Garganta Poderosa”. The Pacific Alliance, reportedly sponsored by the United States, is formed by Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. Uruguay recently applied to be an observer within that group. “In economic terms, our main customer of Latin America is Brazil, and there is no other country capable of buying so much to Uruguay. And the principal country with which we have accounts is Argentina. How could we substitute that?”, Mujica queried. “Only 3% of our foreign trade goes to the United States, 4% goes to Germany, 20% to Brazil and 30% to China”, he reminded. But the President said that “anyhow we must be inside that Alliance, at least only to disturb them”.

“Uruguay’s place is inside Mercosur,” said President Mujica