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Spring/Summer 2017 •


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Spring/Summer 2017

SPECIAL SECTIONS: PRESENT @ HOME 7 Home Sweet Home Stylish accessories to feather a nest. 8 What’s Your Style? Home design trends and tips for every taste. 10 Urban Edgy Décor with an inner-city vibe. 11 Casual Contemporary Formally informal decorative pieces. 12 Boho Chic Colorful, internationally influenced items. 14 Modern Farmhouse Home accents with an updated rural style. 16 Regional Influences Accessories featuring coast-to-coast trends. 18 Kitchen Aids Fashionable kitchen products, aprons and towels. 22 Wall Words Inspiring messages to live with. 24 Work It! Katherine Cook’s smart hacks for workspaces. 26 Home Scents Fragrant candles, infusers and more. PARTY ON! 32 Cocktailing Entertaining ideas from “Shake. Sir. Sip” by Kara Newman; plus cocktail-related items. 34 Outdoor Entertaining Accessories for the great outdoors; plus party tips by The Host Crew at eat.drink.HOST. 36 Game Night Fun games; plus great game night tips from Barry McLaughlin and Jason Lautenschleger. 38 Notable Napkins Festive, colorful cocktail napkins. 39 Kids’ Parties Cute children’s party products.








Spring/Summer 2017 •

44 Tokens of Love – Love-themed gifts and trivia.

HOME SWEET HOME Great Inspiration for Every Room


46 Wedding Gifting – Presents for celebrating the new couple.

Entertaining Accessories & Tips

47 You’re Invited! – Wedding-related invitations.

GIFTS OF LOVE For Weddings & More


Steps for a Stress-Free Soiree

With compliments of this awesome retailer!

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48 Summer Blues Shine – Sea-blue apparel and accessories. 50 Sweet Goodness – Gourmet treats to indulge in.


Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 1

Contents IN EVERY ISSUE: 3 PRESENTly Speaking – A PRESENT for You! 4 Celebs & Presents: Sharp Gifts from the “Shark Tank” – Innovative products from the popular TV show. 28 Makers & Shakers: Family Affairs – Meet MikWright’s Phyllis Wright-Herman and Tim Mikkelsen.


40 PRESENT-Day Etiquette: Dinner Party Dos and Don’ts – Advice from etiquette expert Arden Clise. 42 Tips & Tricks: Entertain With Ease – Laura Johnson shares 5 steps for a stress-free dinner party. 52 Presents by Region: Hostess Gifts – Top sellers from retailers nationwide. 54 The PRESENTer Network – Select specialty retailers where PRESENT Magazine can be found. 56 Back Talk: Super Soaps – Unique soaps for good, clean fun.

56 42 Also available in 12, 18, 24, 30 and NEW 36 & 48 color sets


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Presently Speaking



Volume 2 • Number 1 Spring/Summer 2017

Co-Editors/Publishers Keb Kennedy 908-720-2115 Kat Krassner 908-347-4448 • Art/Production Director Miguel Bravo BRAVO! Graphics • Contributors Arden Clise, Katherine Cook, Laura Johnson, Barry McLaughlin and Jason Lautenschleger, Kara Newman, The Host Crew PRESENT is a semi-annual publication of: Present Publishing, LLC ©2017 Present Publishing, LLC, 4 Sheridan Lane, Ringoes, NJ 08551. No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without the express permission of the publisher. The publisher and editors have made every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, but assume no liability for any errors or inaccuracies.


e hope you enjoy this free magazine all about gifting – consider PRESENT a present from your favorite retailer! If you’ve received this magazine, it means you’re shopping in one of the best brick-and-mortar gift shops in the country.

There’s no substitute for the experience of shopping in a store – where you can actually see and touch the products you’re purchasing. It’s an experience that can be many things: • Entertaining – from attending store events to just spending a day out with a friend, shopping is “retailtainment.” • Educational – store staff are happy to share information and ideas about what they sell. • Therapeutic – finding and purchasing the perfect gift for someone special (or even for Kat Krassner and Keb Kennedy yourself) is always a great feeling. That’s why it’s called “retail therapy!” In this issue, we present gifts for every taste and occasion, accessories and décor for every room, and partyware to make every day more fun. You’ll also find many helpful tips and clever ideas to help you entertain with ease and decorate with style. Be sure to visit our social media pages as well! You can find more gift ideas on our Pinterest boards – @presentmagazine – where we’ll be pinning suggestions for upcoming occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, weddings, back-to-school and more. Like us on Facebook – @presentmag – and follow us on Twitter – @presentmagazine – where we’re posting lots of fun products and gifting suggestions. Check out our Instagram page – @presentgiftmag – for the newest gift items and ideas straight from retailers’ shelves and tradeshow aisles. And, read our info-filled blog on tumblr – @presentmagazine. Please let us know how you’ve enjoyed this issue of PRESENT and if it inspired you to purchase something – we hope so! Contact us at or We look forward to hearing from you! Read on and enjoy,

Kat and Keb

Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 3

Celebs & Presents

Sharp Gifts from the


ince 2009, hopeful entrepreneurs have appeared on the reality TV show “Shark Tank” to pitch their product concepts to the “Sharks” – a panel of wealthy, high-profile investors willing to risk their own money and business expertise to help those with good ideas gain momentum in the marketplace. Not every product gets a deal, but they all get their 15 (or more) minutes of fame! Here are several of the gift products that have made it on air and can now be purchased by you.

COMPANY/PRODUCT: Freaker USA – one-size-fits-all beverage insulators. DEAL REACHED: No, but this quirky company has since expanded its successful line to include fun socks. ORIGINAL AIR DATE: October 19, 2012


COMPANY/PRODUCT: Roominate – an open-ended STEM building toy. DEAL REACHED: Yes, with Shark investors Lori Grenier and Mark Cuban. DEAL AGREEMENT: $500K for 5% ORIGINAL AIR DATE: September 9, 2014

COMPANY/PRODUCT: The Home T – apparel featuring U.S. states; a portion of profits goes to multiple sclerosis research. DEAL REACHED: No, but this successful company’s home-pride shirts are worn by many celebrities. ORIGINAL AIR DATE: March 20, 2015

COMPANY/PRODUCT: Lovepop – intricate laser-cut, handcrafted 3D pop-up paper cards. DEAL REACHED: Yes, with Shark investor Kevin O’Leary. DEAL AGREEMENT: $300K for 15% ORIGINAL AIR DATE: December 11, 2015

COMPANY/PRODUCT: Grill Charms – dime-sized markers placed in food before grilling. DEAL REACHED: Yes, with Shark investor Robert Herjavec. DEAL AGREEMENT: $50K for 25% ORIGINAL AIR DATE: September 29, 2009

Spring/Summer Fall 2017 2016 PRESENT PRESENT•• 05


Aloha Summer



Present @ Home

Home Sweet Home Ideas and inspiration for whether you’re updating your own place, setting up a new abode, or purchasing a special gift.

Tozai Home “Patchworks” green damask design pillow, “Golden Specs” blown-glass sphere, “Sunset” lustrous turquoise and amber teardrop vases, and “Golden Starburst” wall mirror.

Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 7

CBK Tic-Tac-Toe Wall Magnet Board, Distressed Black Console Table and Antique Silver Tandem Bicycle.


Present @ Home

What’s Your Style? Choose furnishings and accessories for your home that reflect your unique personality, interests and lifestyle.


ome décor trends are lifestyle driven, with design directions constantly evolving and influenced by everything from the seasons of the year to the styles on the runway. No matter the type or size of your home, how it is accessorized reflects how you live, what you like and who you are. Find Your Style Most of us lean toward a particular style, but that personal aesthetic does evolve over time. Among the more popular current décor trends topping our list: Urban Edgy, Casual Contemporary, Boho Chic and Modern Farmhouse. Each has particular characteristics that help to define it. There are other sub-trends that tend to be more regional but are not necessarily restricted to that particular region. Take a look at the traits of these different styles (shown on the following pages) to see where your sense of style fits. You can mix compatible elements of different styles, and many of us do. Existing pieces of furniture and accessories that you have and love can live easily with new purchases. Just be sure to blend them together through color, pattern or interesting placement. By doing this, your décor gives your home a truer picture of your own style, not just a copy of a magazine page or design showroom. Get Started Updating To begin, take stock of each room. What simple changes can you make? One easy changeup is to add new throw pillows to couches, chairs or beds. If you already have plenty of pillows, new pillow covers will freshen things up. Colorful throws and small accent rugs will also add pizzazz, especially when you coordinate their colors and patterns with the pillows and

window treatments. These changes can even just be seasonal – winter to summer, summer to fall holidays. After all, things don’t have to stay the same year-round. A dark or dull spot in the room can be brightened up with a colorful new decorative accent, such as a vase, bowl or candle in a decorative container. You might also try adding a new lamp and set it on a timer to illuminate that darkened corner. Don’t Forget Your Walls Instead of just giving walls a fresh coat of paint, consider adding an accent of easy-toapply (and remove) wallpaper, a new piece of artwork or wall décor. Pieces with inspirational or humorous sayings will add joy every day. Move existing pictures around so that you view them anew. Keep Décor Fluid Décor doesn’t have to be static. Rearrange your furniture; moving it around changes your perspective in a room. Look in other rooms and move things that you already own to other areas. Put some possessions away to take out at another time. And, don’t forget greenery; live plants add oxygen and life to your space. Just as you don’t throw out your entire clothing wardrobe each season or year as styles change, neither should you do so with your home furnishings. Most likely, your core style is already somewhat defined by your home’s major furnishing pieces. You’re not required to stick with that one style, so don’t feel restricted or be afraid to change things to express your personality as your taste and lifestyle evolves. After all, it’s your home. Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 9

Present @ Home


What’s Your Style?

Urban Edgy Urban Edgy is a blend of high design and modern materials with industrial looks and upcycled elements. It is characterized by clean lines, is relatively minimalist, somewhat masculine, and incorporates elements of Scandinavian design, Pop Art and funky playfulness. It reflects an inner-city vibe with an artistic and eco-conscious sensibility.


2 3

1. Artecnica “La Couronne” chandelier designed by Paula Arntzen. • 2. Modgy Myvaz “Elena” pop-art collapsible plastic vase. • 3. Alexandra Ferguson “I Love This Place” gray felt pillow with oatmeal felt letters. • 4. Homart hand-painted, castiron classic icon bathroom signs. • 5. Mixture corrugated metal “Hand-Poured Industrial Fill” and ceramic “Little Head” and “Big Head” soy candles.

5 10 • PRESENT



What’s Your Style?

Casual Contemporary This formally informal style is characterized by soft upholstered furniture, incorporating Nordic simplicity, warm woods, bright metals, graphic patterns and easy-living colors. It is unfussy design, often accessorized with objects that have purpose as well as beauty. It reflects a comfortable, warm and welcoming personality.



1. Peking Handicraft “Strike Blue” hooked rug designed by Jennifer Paganelli. • 2. Savannah Hayes “Aquino” indigo throw blanket. • 3. Bloomingville navy “Fluted” votive/tealight holders in three styles. • 4. Arteriors white porcelain base “Wendy” lamp with open web design. • 5. Creative Co-Op “Grange Collection” cotton canvas pouf with blue stripe.

5 Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 11

Present @ Home



What’s Your Style?

Boho Chic

A bit Bohemian, hippie-ish and exuberantly international, this style blends design elements of ethnic cultures from Latin America, India, Morocco and the Middle East with bright colors, and even can draw in some “flower power” pop culture of the late 1960s. It reflects a more free-spirited, casual and worldly personality.



1. River of Goods “Tyndall” table lamp from the Poetic Wanderlust Collection by Tracy Porter. • 2. Natural Life “Kantha India” blankets made from vintage cotton saris. • 3. Foreside Home & Garden set of “Elephant” trinket trays. • 4. Ann Williams Group “Craft Crush” paper bowl-making kit. • 5. Northern Lights Candles “Vintage Opal” candles with fragrance notes reminiscent of Morocco.



People are made of stories...

and every story has a bead. 609-936-3939

Present @ Home

2 1

What’s Your Style?

Modern Farmhouse

Country living meets the 21st century in the Modern Farmhouse, with nods to the past in vintage and rustic elements that are blended into a more updated yet rural style. It is characterized by not-too-distressed looks and incorporates upcycled and repurposed pieces finding new life. Farm animals come into play here as design elements to add kitsch. This style reflects a down-home, country-at-heart personality.

1. Timeless by Design/OWI “Black and White Rooster” clock. • 2. CTW Home Collection “Chickens” canvas pendant lamp. • 3. Kalalou set of four Round Framed Bird Prints. • 4. Eric & Christopher “Baby Goat” pillow. • 5. VHC Brands “Farmhouse Star” quilted throw.



5 14 • PRESENT

Don’t just send a card, send art! Handcrafted | Fair Trade Federation Member

Present @ Home

What’s Your Style?

Regional Influences Several design themes reflecting a more regional flavor include: By the Sea, Mountain High, Western Range, Lakeside Fresh and Southwest Sizzle.

• Western Range represents the wide-open spaces of the West and Great Plains where buffalo roam. Iron hardware and barbed-wire imagery; cowboys and cattle hides; and ornate MexicanSpanish influences characterize it. Coral and Tusk embroidered “Pocket Pillows.”

• By the Sea includes nautical and beachy themes with maritime blues, aquatic greens, and sunny yellows as the dominant color palette. Seashells, mermaids, crabs, buoys, nautical knots and other seaside imagery add to the mood. Maple Landmark set of four wooden lighthouse coasters.


• Lakeside Fresh includes trout fishing and canoeing themes for a lifestyle built around freshwater living. It brings in a softer color palette of blues and greens more in tune with lakes and mountains as opposed to the seashore. Pavilion Gift “Life is Better at the Lake” candle.

• Southwest Sizzle is sandy desert and adobe hot. It is characterized by bright yellow, dusty orange and turquoise. It includes cactus themes and Native American influences including Kokopelli imagery and Navajo weaving designs. Manual Woodworkers & Weavers “Flame Bright Tapestry” chenille pillow.

• Mountain High is a rustic “lodge” or log cabin look characterized by darker woods and a natural, woodsy color palette. Moose, bear, deer, plaid patterns and evergreen trees are elements of this style. SPI Home “Antler Table Clock.”

Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 17

Present @ Home

Kitchen Aids 1

Make the kitchen fun, functional and fashionable with on-trend accessories for preparing, cooking, serving and enjoying.



5 3 18 • PRESENT

7 6

1. Nora Fleming ivory stoneware butter dish and utensil crock with decorative “minis.” • 2. Elum hardcover “The Weekly Eats” meal planner and shopping list pad. • 3. DCI Gift “Swanky” swan-shaped plastic floating ladle. • 4. Talisman Designs solid-beechwood “Wildlife” salad servers. • 5. Bambu serving board made from reclaimed cedar wood. • 6. Hallmark Home “That’s How We Roll” stoneware rolling pin with solid-wood handles. • 7. Lang “Honey & Grey” tempered-glass cutting board. • 8. Umbra “Buddy” metal paper-towel holder. • 9. Bloomingville “Pour Over Coffee Drip Stand” with adjustable arm. • 10. Mud Pie “Cook” and “Eat” woodand-metal utensil wall art. • 11. Golden Rabbit 1½-quart enamelware colander.





Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 19

Present @ Home

Aprons for Everyone

Stylish aprons keep men, women and kids clean and looking cool in the kitchen.

FROM LEFT: Belle & Union Co. “Mixer” canvas single-pocket child’s apron. • Twisted Wares “This Man Can Cook” heavy-cotton apron with adjustable twill straps. • Jessie Steele “Cottage Kitchen Rose” Josephine apron with removable grosgrain bow.

Dish Dryers

Decorative kitchen towels are almost too cute to use!

CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: June & December “Lemonade Recipe” flour-sack cotton kitchen towel. • CTW Home Collection “Canning Jars” cotton tea towel. • Nourishing Notes “Trust Your Gut Not The Recipe” unbleached-cotton kitchen towel. • Potluck Press “Home Sweet Home” flour-sack cotton kitchen towel.


Throw a Party Greeting Cards • Paper Tableware • Party Goods • Birthday Candles Gift Packaging • Cocktailing • Stationery Gifts

Connecting people to people since 1987 @byDesignDesign

Present @ Home

Wall Words

The writing is on the wall ‌ literally. Mottos, mantras and other words on signs like these strike an emotional chord and have become a popular dÊcor element.



Cynthia Webb Designs

Celebrating people and events in our lives Fine Pewter gifts, handcrafted in the USA 22 • PRESENT


1. Old Tom Foolery Words of Wisdom “How to Write” poster (frame not included). • 2. Blossom Bucket “Follow Your Arrow” corrugated wall box sign by Barbara Lloyd. • 3. Mixt Studio “Wild Air” frameable art print, available in two sizes. • 4. Collins Painting & Design “Love Abides” canvas banner designed by Erin Barrett. • 5. Ganz “Take a Risk” metal sign with weathered finish. • 6. Sincere Surroundings “Makes You Happy” Magnetic Messages board.




Sold at a retailer near you, or find a retailer on

Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 23

Design Ideas “Edison” milk crate, letter bin, magazine file and pencil cup.


Present @ Home

Work It!

Organize your workspace with colorful accessories and these smart home-office hacks. By Katharine Cook, Three by Three Seattle


ule number one of any organizer worth his or her salt: less is more! The less there is to organize, the easier it is to keep organized. Clear out junky drawers, toss broken pens, and shred or file old paperwork.

● Confine clutter, but keep most-used items close at hand. Display the items you reach for most –­ paper clips, pens – contained in attractive boxes or trays on your desk. Tuck the tools you use less often in a drawer or cabinet arranged with bins or drawer organizers.


● Personalize! Loving your workspace makes you more invested in keeping it neat and tidy. Bright prints look great on sticky notes and pens, while metal finishes add an understated elegance to notepads and bulletin boards. Prefer a sleek, monochrome palette? Choose a bold color to make a statement – think the iconic red stapler in the film “Office Space” – and complement it with neutrals.


4 3

● Be prepared! Have backups of your mostused items stashed where you can easily find them. Nothing is worse than having to interrupt your process to go to the store for a restock when you’re in the zone. ● Keep a dry-erase board in a prominent spot on your desk to jot ideas without loose paper piling up. Similarly, a desktop planner is a great tool for tracking appointments at a glance! ● Don’t make your workspace multitask. Your home office is where you focus on your work; dedicate yourself to keeping your professional and home life separate. Store your kids’ artwork, spouse’s schedule, and pet’s vet appointments in a separate spot.

6 5 1. U Brands “Happy Face” medium binder clips. • 2. OOLY “Modern Writers” colored gel pens. • 3. Girl Of All Work sticky-backed “Point Tabs.” • 4. Knock Knock “My Awesome Week” pen-to-paper mousepad. • 5. Poppin desktop trays, pen holder and notebook. • 6. Three by Three Seattle stacking bins.

Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 25

Present @ Home


Home Scents Make your home smell as good as it looks with aromatic candles, diffusers and more.

2 3





1. Trapp Fragrances “No. 10 Lemongrass Verbena” reed diffuser. • 2. Antica Farmacista hand-cut crystal diffuser with reeds and fragranced oil. • 3. Archipelago “Archive Collection” burnt orange copper candles and raw vanilla brass candle. • 4. Northern Lights Absinthe & Black Fig “Spirit Jar Candle.” • 5. Capri Blue “Aloha Orchid” Jumbo Watercolor Jar soy-blend candle. • 6. Paddywax “Woods” candle collection featuring woodsy fragrances in handmade wooden vessels with copper interiors. • 7. Bridgewater Candle Company “Tea Party” votives with a fruity, floral fragrance. • 8. Illume “Collectiv” Grey Lavender dish soap, counter spray and soy candle. • 9. Airomé by Candle Warmers Etc. “Harmony” ultrasonic essential-oil ceramic diffuser.• 10. Rifle Paper Co. “Champs De France” candle scented with notes of lavender, sage, rosemary and bergamot.





Fun Fact: Our sense of smell is about 10,000 times more sensitive than our sense of taste. Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 27

Family Affairs

MikWright Cofounders Phyllis WrightHerman and Tim Mikkelsen.


Makers & Shakers

Meet the minds behind MikWright – originators of the funny family photos trend.


hyllis Wright-Herman and Tim Mikkelsen are the cofounders of MikWright – a super-funny line of greeting cards best known for pairing real-life vintage photos of their families and friends with side-splitting messages. The longtime friends met while working in the airline industry and launched their North Carolina-based company in 1991. Over the years, MikWright’s hilarious cards have won numerous coveted “LOUIE” Awards – the Oscars of the greeting card industry; and their designs have been reproduced on many other stationery items. They also recently introduced a line of hand-lettered cards sans imagery but with the same humorous verbiage – often related to two of their favorite topics: age and alcohol.

Q. How did two former airline employees end up creating humorous cards for a living? The short story is that we became friends over the ticket counters at Eastern and Piedmont Airlines at the Tri-Cities Airport in Northeast Tennessee. Years later, we were partaking of the bubbly and surrounding us was a pica typewriter, some old photos and some grey cardstock. About 90 percent of the way through a bargain-brand bottle of “champagne,” we had put irreverent words to photos, added glue and pressed firmly. We showed the cards around to friends in magazine publishing and they went “ape.” A star was born. The first store to carry our line was Paper Skyscraper in Charlotte, NC. From there, other stores started contacting us; our cards are now available in some 2,500 shops nationwide. Q. Whose family photos are the funniest – Phyllis’s or Tim’s? That’s a tough one. We both have large extended families. Phyllis’ southern roots lend more to family reunions. Tim’s Midwest-ness produced pictures of corn pickers and canned beer. So, it’s fair to say it’s a draw.

MikWright humorous retro photo card.

Q. How do you come up with the hilarious verses for these photos? The magic brew is a fine blend of our sarcasm, generic medications, and a keen ability to pick up on other people’s quirks. Also, Tim is just weird. The perpetual conversations in his head eventually end up spilling out into a format that most would revere as borderline freakish. MikWright likes to try to offend people, but folks just keep coming back for more! Q. Besides greeting cards, what other types of products do your designs appear on? Our largest product licenses are with Design Design (for napkins, magnets, bottle totes and more) and High Cotton Gifts (for coasters, stickies and bar towels). We’ve just finished a book license with Andrews McMeel that exceeded 100,000 sold copies of our card-compilation books.

MikWright “Time Flies” embossed and foiled hand-lettered card.

Q. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given? Tim is a travel buff, guru and snob. He organizes secret trips from “takeoff to return landing” and everything in between. One should expect three to four days of blind activities. Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 29

Makers & Shakers A recent trip to Minneapolis involved a private in-house yoga class, a live Holiday Music Show, a spectacular art exhibit for 50-to-60-somethings, awardwinning restaurants/bars, and a gathering with friends from his hometown area in Minnesota. A previous trip was to an animal sanctuary in Utah, which was beyond expectations.

Design Design cocktail napkins by MikWright.

Phyllis tries, while not always successful, to lend an ear to someone in need and just to be present. She also enjoys baking pound cakes using her Nona Barb’s Lemon Pound Cakes family recipe – that’s probably the best gift she enjoys giving, and gets no complaints from recipients. Q. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Phyllis has a very generous husband, family and circle of friends. Her favorites include a surprise birthday trip to Venice, Italy, and thoughtful handmade gifts from the kids. Recently, during an intense and lengthy time at the hospital stemming from her mother’s brain injury, a very close friend dropped everything to simply show up. (All the while running her own business, being a wife, mother and local TV guest.) “When teetering on crazy, it’s amazing what good coffee and donuts can do to bring light to the end of the tunnel,” Phyllis notes. For Tim, two rules apply when it comes to gifts. First, if it doesn’t fit in his wallet or in his liquor/wine cabinet, you may see it at a garage sale. And, truth be told, he prefers gifts earmarked for his favorite nonprofits that involve microloans to those in developing countries,

animal shelters, the K.I.N.D. fund in Africa, and local efforts. Q. What are the top 3 things on your bucket list? Tim’s bucket list is easy: 1. To go to anywhere he has never been; 2. To teach preschoolers practical life lessons about money; and 3. To create a movement to advance the golden rule – perhaps as a public speaker or as a consultant to like-minded companies. Phyllis wishes to fill her bucket by living in Venice from December through February, annually. When not in Venice, she would like to space travel back in time to “act the fool” on a Dean Martin or Carol Burnett style of comedy show. And, ultimately, she’d like to sing on stage with a jazz, orchestra or bluegrass band.

High Cotton Gifts coasters by MikWright.


Party On!


Get set to host a successful soiree featuring great cocktails and accessories that will wow the crowd. Text excerpted from “Shake. Stir. Sip.” by Kara Newman, published by Chronicle Books.


ven with the most carefully chosen cocktails, a few guidelines will help keep your entertaining plans as stress-free as possible.

Make a list, check it twice. Figure out exactly which liquors you’ll need and how much of each, and also the mixers, ice, garnishes, tools and glassware. And, don’t forget your cleanup gear, such as dish towels, paper towels and trash bins. (If a sink isn’t in easy reach, many bartenders recommend one trash bin for ice and liquids and a second bin for “dry” trash.) Don’t forget the ice! But, how much is enough? I rely on this formula from Portland, OR, bartender Kelley Swenson. For each 750 ml of cocktail (the size of a standard bottle of liquor), he allots 7 lb. [3.2 kg] of ice. “And then I add extra,” Swenson says. “You can never have too much ice, and it is devastating to run out.”


Prep your drinks and garnishes. Measure out and prepare your ingredients as much as possible, and make sure everything is conveniently within reach, whether you’re playing bartender or setting up an area where guests can serve themselves. 2

Cucumber Gimlet INGREDIENTS 3 slices fresh cucumber, each about 1/4 in. [6mm] thick 1 oz [30 ml] vodka 1 oz [30 ml] lime juice 1 oz [30 ml] lemonade Ice cubes Basil leaf for garnish

DIRECTIONS In a cocktail shaker, muddle two of the cucumber slices to crush them and release some of their juice. Add the vodka, lime juice, lemonade and a handful of ice. Shake well, and strain through a mesh strainer into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with the remaining cucumber slice and the basil leaf before serving.

(Recipe reprinted with permission from “Shake. Stir. Sip.” by Kara Newman, photographs by John Lee, published by Chronicle Books.) 32 • PRESENT

The 5 Most Popular Cocktails

The five most popular cocktails in 2016, according to, were:


1. Old Fashioned – made with whiskey, sugar, bitters and a citrus twist. 2. Negroni – made with campari, gin and sweet vermouth. 3. Manhattan – made with rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters. 4. Daiquiri – made with rum, lime juice and simple syrup. 5. Dry Martini – made with gin or vodka, vermouth and bitters.

4 6





1. Mona B “Wine Time” canvas-and-leather wine bag. • 2. Trixie & Milo “Medicine” glass-and-steel cocktail shaker. • 3. Spitfire Girl 12-oz. drinking glasses. • 4. Areaware “Drink Rocks” whiskey stones. • 5. Corkcicle “Whiskey Wedge” whiskey glass with silicone ice-cube mold. • 6. After 5 Workshop wood “Fleur de Lis” wine cork holder. • 7. Galison “Ladyfingers Letterpress High Five” porcelain coaster set. • 8. SPARQ Home “Ampersand” slate cork topper. • 9. Fred & Friends “Bottled Up” 34-oz. blown-glass decanter.

Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 33

Party On!

Outdoor Entertaining

Make your next outdoor gathering a success with fun accessories and a few helpful guidelines. By The Host Crew at eat.drink.HOST.

Time Concept “Vacances Panier” thermo-insulated polyester cooler bags.



hat makes a great outdoor bash? Good food and good company in a relaxed atmosphere!

1. Keep It Casual Half of a host’s stress can be setup and cleanup. Consider making it easier on yourself by investing in trendy disposable items. Everything from cutlery and plates to table liners, placemats and napkins can be found. Burger and hot dog wraps are great for serving warm food and catching drips. Using kraft paper in rolls to cover tables for a casual look is a great idea. Make the job simple without compromising the aesthetic of the spread. 2. Theme It Up Show partygoers what it’s all about – July 4th, Crawfish Boils, Cinco de Mayo, even a Sunday Brunch or Garden Party. Start with your main dish and build out a party theme from there. Decorate for the occasion. Put some music on. Little touches can encourage the mood for the day.




3. Activities for All Ages It’s a must to cater to all ages attending. If the guest list includes adults and children, make sure to plan for the younger ones. Activities for kids can often be overlooked. Water toys and yard games get a major thumb’s up! Incorporate an awesome activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. 4. Keep Guests Comfortable Getting eaten alive by pesky mosquitos is never fun! Banish the bugs by lighting citronella candles and bug bombs before the party gets into full swing. Keep the air moving with fans for comfort and putting those insects on the run. If you want to go the extra mile, tuck bug repellent, sunscreen and wash-up wipes in a small pail for easy guest access. If your party extends into the night – with these tips it most definitely will! – plan for the transition with string lights, festive lanterns and candles. 5. Don’t Miss Your Own Party Prep, Prep, Prep! Place everything you need outside to limit the time away from your shindig. Have plenty of snacks premade and drinks chilling. Serve meals that can be made ahead of time or outside while you mingle with guests. Grilling is an easy way for hosts to remain engaged with the party and share in the fun. Remember to enjoy yourself while still being the “Hostess with the Mostess”!



6 1. eat.drink.HOST. “Grub Pouch” burger and hot dog insulated bags. • 2. Cutlery Couture woven-jute silverware pouches. • 3. tote+able “Old School BBQ” heavyweight canvas apron. • 4. Cheers Sunglasses bottle-opening sunglasses. • 5. TOYosity “Surfer Dudes” self-righting surfboard beach toy. • 6. The napkins single-use, soft-fiber placemat and napkins by DwellStudio.• 7. The Naked Bee “Naked Zinc” broad-spectrum sunscreen. • 8. Picnic Time “Romance” lined willow basket with service for two.



Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 35

Party On!

Game Night

Follow these tips on how to host a successful game night, and make your next gathering all fun and games! By Barry McLaughlin and Jason Lautenschleger, Founders, Game Night In A Can


e have hosted game nights in homes, bars, hallways, restaurants and at conferences, fundraisers and everywhere in between. Through these experiences, we have discovered a handful of helpful tips that will propel your homemade game night into the pantheon of game night greatness. Here are some of our favorites: 1. Choose It or Lose It Choose what you will be playing beforehand and base your invites on that. This way, everyone knows what they’re in for and no time is wasted trying to decide on a game. Democracy works in real life, but in the land of game nights, YOU RULE. 2. Speaking of Rules… Don’t be Steven Stickler or Rhonda Rulebook (Rhulebook?). Yes, everyone needs to be playing on the same page, but your number-one rule should be to have fun. If semantics start to get in the way of good times, ease back on the throttle. It’s your home, so you set the mood.


3. Prize Table! One of the most talked-about aspects of our game nights is that we usually have a selection of ridiculous prizes ready to be won. Our little secret? These prizes are always gathered from around the house and are on the “things to give away” list. Ranging from framed holographic poodle prints and funny sweaters to wooden toucans and obscure vinyl records ... everything is fair game. It’s a win/win: Simplify your home, glorify your game night!


4. The Naming of the Teams Nothing bonds teams together faster than getting to create a name for their motley crew. Start your night by giving your teams a chance to huddle together and think up their group’s name. And, what if your game is played by individuals? Then everyone makes up a nickname for the night. It’s stupid and it’s fun! 5. Mix It Up This one goes two ways. First off, mix up your friend groups. Game nights are a perfect way to encourage people to move outside their comfort zones. Second, be willing to mix up your games. If you’re playing something that isn’t working, have a backup game ready to go.


6. Eatin’ & Drinkin’ If your guests are all over 21, we suggest making a signature cocktail for the night. A Game Night Gimlet? A Win & Tonic? Yum. And, be sure to have plenty of grub, but we suggest small bites that can fit on small plates. Good Luck and Good Gaming!




1. Channel Craft “Bottle Cap Checkers” with retro-inspired playing pieces. • 2. House of Marbles “Yacht” Little Box Games yatzy dice game. • 3. Game Night In A Can “Game Night In A Can” with 30 original games. • 4. Outset Media “What? - Girls Night Edition” humorous adult party game. • 5. Wood Expressions “3-in-1 Combination Game Set” with chess, checkers and backgammon.

Check out our new prints in

Team colors!

A new yoga line inspired by Pomchies


Show off your team spirit and add color to your life with over a thousand color combinations to choose from!

Pom Pooch For Pet People

Zenchie Yoga Matt Strap

Contact us at 602-493-1745 Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 37

Party On!

Notable Napkins

Incredibly Charming Paper & Gifts “Better With Age” napkin.

These festive cocktail napkins add a fun touch to any gathering. They’re three-ply perfection!









1. Bash Party Goods “YAY!” foil-stamped napkin. • 2. Caspari “A Little Misunderstanding” cocktail napkin. • 3. Design Design “Just Two Glasses” cocktail napkin. • 4. Boston International Curly Girl “Glitter” cocktail napkin. • 5. Graphique de France “Put on Your Party Pants” napkin. • 6. Farewell Paperie “Beer Me” foil-stamped napkin. • 7. Mary Phillips Designs “Throw Back on a Thursday” napkin. • 8. Slant Collections “Party On!” foil-stamped napkin.


Kids’ Parties Party On!


Make children’s celebrations super-fun with these cute and colorful party accessories.

1. Party Partners “Big Top Circus” honeycomb centerpiece. • 2. TOPS Malibu refillable mini tabletop piñatas contain prizes. • 3. Meri Meri “Super Hero” party mask and garland.



Everyday Entertaining Made Effortless Steel enamelware Dishwasher safe Oven proof


Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 39

Present-Day Etiquette

Dinner Party Dos and Don’ts Keep these tips in mind to ensure a successful event.

By Arden Clise


hether a casual spur-of-the-moment get-together or a planned-out dinner party, it’s always nice to enjoy company over a meal. Here are a few ways to make sure your gathering is a success. Ask About Food Restrictions When guests reply to your invitation, ask if they have any dietary restrictions or dislikes. If the restriction is not too difficult to accommodate, it’s polite to do so. Always ask in advance to avoid last-minute scrambles or embarrassing moments when you see your guest not eating. Greeting Your Guests For events where your invitees don’t know your spouse/partner/co-host, follow these greeting guidelines. Whoever invited and knows the guests is the person who should greet them at the door. Once you’ve welcomed your visitors and taken their coats, introduce them to your spouse, partner or co-host. He or she should offer them a drink, converse with them for a bit and then introduce them to the other diners. Cocktail Hour Typically at a dinner party, you’ll spend 30 to 60 minutes mingling over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the living room before heading to the dining room for dinner. This allows your guest to arrive, settle in and enjoy a drink of some sort while getting to know the other invitees. Don’t linger longer than an hour, as your guests will probably be hungry for dinner at that point and you don’t want the evening to go into the wee hours. Seating To facilitate mingling and conversation, split up couples and, if possible, alternate women and men. If the party is larger than four people, use

Hester & Cook “Hummingbird” place card.

place cards. Try to seat talkative people with quieter ones and/or pair-up people who might have common interests. The hosts sit at the opposite ends of the table. Keeping the Conversation Flowing As the host, you have the responsibility to keep the conversation pleasant and moving. Ask questions, and share interesting information about your diners with the others so they have something to talk about. Be sure to engage the quieter folks and help them converse with others at the table. Great dinner parties are usually ones where the conversation is interesting and everyone feels included and engaged. After Dinner Once the meal has been consumed, if your guests seem to be enjoying the conversation and company, invite them to sit in the living room. When they are ready to leave, walk your guests to the door and thank them for coming.

Great dinner parties are usually ones where the conversation is interesting and everyone feels included and engaged. 40 • PRESENT

Arden Clise, founder and president of Clise Etiquette, is a professional trainer, coach, speaker and author of “Spinach In Your Boss’s Teeth: Essential Etiquette for Professional Success.” For additional advice, visit

Don’t Forget the Hostess Gift


or events that are hosted in someone’s house, it is polite to bring a hostess gift as a way to say thank you to the host(s) for inviting you to the party. The gift does not need to be extravagant or expensive. Typically, you shouldn’t spend more than $25 on the gift. Some appreciated items include cocktail napkins, gourmet chocolates, a bottle of balsamic vinegar or a tasty spread or jam. You could also bring something homemade like cookies or a jar with the ingredients for something yummy. If the event is a potluck and you’ve been asked to bring a dish to share, the dish is your contribution. You don’t need to bring a gift on top of that. One item not to bring is cut flowers. When you bring flowers, the host has to take time out of greeting and entertaining her guests to find a vase and arrange the flowers. You don’t need to wrap the gift, but do put a bow around the item or put it in a gift bag to dress it up a bit. Be sure to include a card or tag with the item so it’s clear who it came

from, especially if you’re not able to hand it to the host directly. This will help the host who may receive several gifts to remember who brought what. When you do give it to the host, say something like, “A little something for you to enjoy later as a thank you for inviting us to your party.” That way, it’s very clear it’s a hostess gift. Don’t expect the host to serve or use your gift, including wine, at the party. The gifts are hers to enjoy later. And, hosts, you don’t need to send a thank-you note to the giver. That would be like saying thank you for the thankyou gift. Simply thank your guest when you receive it. If you happen to talk to the giver later, you can mention how much you enjoyed the item. However, those who attended the party do need to send a thank-you note, preferably handwritten and sent via snail mail, to thank the host(s) for the party. It doesn’t have to be long, just a few sentences to let the host know how much you enjoyed the party. It’s these little niceties that get you invited back! n —Arden Clise

Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 41

Tips & Tricks

Entertain With Ease Five simple steps to throwing a stress-free dinner party.


y family and I make celebrating all of life’s moments, big and small, a priority. But it’s important not to get caught up in the fuss over entertaining. Over the years with many celebrations and get-togethers under my belt, I have learned a few rules to live by when it comes to easy, effortless entertaining.

1. Create a home ready to entertain. At the start of each season, I take an hour or so on the weekend to change up dishes that I’ll use during that time of year. By adding in fresh serveware for each season and by keeping the dishes and serving pieces within arms’ reach, it really does make celebrating effortless.

Laura Johnson makes seasonal changes in her china cabinet with different Coton Colors dishes for a fresh new look.

2. Have essentials on hand. Whether that’s your go-to chili recipe or a box of brownie mix in the pantry, make sure you have the right ingredients always at the ready. Along with décor and place settings that are easy yet still feel elevated, it makes it less stressful when you don’t have to plan a celebration from scratch. 3. Keep it simple. As far as hosting goes, there’s no need to serve five-course meals at each party! Choose a signature cocktail to serve and offer wine and beer. Serve an easy supper of hearty pasta, such as my Lemon Fettuccine (see recipe) and a complementary salad, and call it a day. 42 • PRESENT

By Laura Johnson

4. Play great tunes. I always prep for parties and dinners with a great playlist of songs I love; it simply gets me in the best mood! I’ll keep the playlist on throughout the dinner; they are essential for setting a great atmosphere and make guests feel at home. 5. Sit back and enjoy your company. Above all, remember: While entertaining, don’t do too many things throughout the evening and forget to have a great time! Avoid the stress. Just bring people together, and a great gathering will unfold.

Lemon Fettuccine INGREDIENTS 2 cups heavy cream 2 lemons, zested; lemons set aside 3 T fresh rosemary leaves, chopped & divided 1 lb. fettuccine 2 cups pecorino or parmesan cheese, freshly grated and divided Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper


In a large pot, bring 8 cups of water with several pinches of kosher salt to a boil. Add 2 cups of heavy cream to a large skillet over medium low heat. Simmer and stir continuously until cream is reduced to almost half. Turn heat to low, add lemon zest and two tablespoons of chopped rosemary leaves to cream. Add pasta to boiling water and cook just short of al dente to the touch, approx. 5-6 minutes. Using a pasta fork, transfer the damp hot pasta directly to the cream sauce. Add ½ cup pasta water to sauce and toss. Squeeze juice of 1 lemon over pasta and top with a handful of the cheese and toss. Taste and add salt, plenty of black pepper and possibly more lemon juice. Garnish with 1 tablespoon of chopped rosemary; serve immediately with the remaining cheese and pair with a glass of wine. (Recipe reprinted with permission from the “The Happy Everything Cookbook” by Laura Johnson and Susan Murray.)

Laura Johnson is the founding artist and CEO of Coton Colors, a lifestyle brand offering items for dining and entertaining, as well as a variety of ornaments. For more party tips, visit Coton Colors’ “toast” blog at




Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 43

Transpac Imports “Love” vase set.


Presently Trending

Tokens of Love Spread love throughout the year with items featuring this heartfelt sentiment.


ou can express your love year-round with simple gifts like these that are a physical representation of your emotional connection. After all, love makes the world go ’round every day! And, just for fun, here’s a love-themed trivia challenge: Below are 10 movies and 10 songs with Love in the title. How many more can you come up with? Get together with loved ones and have a good time. 10 MOVIES WITH LOVE IN THE TITLE 1. Love, Actually (2003) 2. Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) 3. Shakespeare in Love (1998) 4. Punch Drunk Love (2002) 5. I Love You, Man (2009) 6. Down With Love (2003) 7. Love Crazy (1941) 8. Crazy Stupid Love (2011) 9. From Russia With Love (1963) 10. Eat Pray Love (2010) (Source:

10 ALL-TIME TOP LOVE SONGS 1. Endless Love – Lionel Ritchie & Diana Ross (1981) 2. I’ll Make Love to You – Boyz II Men (1994) 3. We Found Love – Rihanna with Calvin Harris (2011) 4. How Deep Is Your Love – Bee Gees (1977) 5. Silly Love Songs – Wings (1976) 6. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston (1992) 7. Let Me Love You – Mario (2005) 8. Because I Love You (The Postman Song) – Stevie B (1990) 9. Best of My Love – The Emotions (1977) 10. I Can’t Stop Loving You – Ray Charles (1962) (Source: FROM TOP: Surya “Love Heart” outdoor-safe pillow. • Adams & Company “Love” wood sign. • Ben’s Garden “Love Always” crystal oval paperweight. • Giftcraft clutch wallet with crystal “Love” embellishment.

Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 45

Presently Trending



Wedding Gifting Celebrate the newly married couple with memorable gifts they’ll enjoy for many happy years to come.


1. Rosanna porcelain “Nest Egg” bank and “Just Married” tray. • 2. Cynthia Webb Designs “Perfect Union” framed, signed and titled wall plaque. • 3. Brownlow Gifts “Happily Ever After” glass trivet. • 4. Aspen Lane “Mr. & Mrs.” gold-foil canvas pillow. • 5. Glory Haus “You & Me Forever” 11" wedding plate.• 6. Roman “Mr. & Mrs.” silver metal 4"x6" photo frame. • 7. Peter Pauper Press “Wedding Time Capsule” kit with keepsake container.





You’re Invited! Excitement for weddings begins with these beyond-ordinary invitations.


Odd Balls Invitations “Rosy Ranaculus” beribboned imprintable invitation.

Carlson Craft “Vintage Woodgrain Love” bridal shower custom invitation.

Smock Paper “Giverny” copper-foil-stamped custom invitation.

TIP: Sakura of America “Pigma Calligrapher” pens are ideal for invites and envelopes.

913.944.2441 Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 47

Presently Trending


Summer Blues Shine Ahoy! Nautical navy, summer sky blue, and a range of hues reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea are making waves on this season’s apparel and accessories.





7 6

10 5



1. Peepers “High Dive” reading sunglasses. • 2. Gretchen Scott cotton voile embroidered tunic. • 3. Dorfman Pacific’s Scala brand big-brimmed crocheted Toyo straw hat with navy straw detail and ribbon. • 4. Amanda Blu “Crystal Starfish” sandals in pearlized navy. • 5. Chavez for Charity 18" “Cobalt Jasper Necklace”; 25% of profits go to providing safe water. • 6. Tickled Pink “Insect Shield” summer scarf with built-in insect repellent. • 7. Whitney Howard Designs nautically inspired “Compass Rose” necklace. • 8. Pomchies “Sea Blue Green” spandex-and-nylon hair accessory. • 9. Trollbeads “Flip Flops” bracelet; beads and bracelet also available separately. • 10. Simply Noelle “Block Party Hobo” handbag in Harbor Blue. • 11. Vera Bradley “Cuban Tiles Drawstring Family Tote” is waterrepellent. • 12. Mywalit nappa leather “Neck Purse/Wallet” in Seascape with lanyard. • 13. Demdaco “By Design Scarf Vest” in blue-green landscape pattern.

13 11

12 Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT •49


Sweet Goodness Food trends, such as farm-to-table and gluten-free, carry over even into our sweet indulgences. Here are other tasty gourmet treats to indulge in. Java Jolt: Our love affair with coffee continues with strongflavored espresso candies, cookies, spreads and more. Good Snacking: In a healthier twist, snack foods go good-for-you with natural grains, seeds and berries. Get Your Goat: Candies made with goat’s milk tempt our tastebuds with kicked-up flavor. Cake for Breakfast: Eating cake for breakfast starts your day indulgently, and not just on your birthday. Flower Power: Fresh flower flavors enhance sweets and snacks, as well as a variety of other foods. Power Berries: The power berries – blueberries, raspberries and blackberries – remain on trend, but huckleberries and elderberries are on the rise to join them. Go ‘Fig’ure: The popularity of Mediterranean cuisine has given a rise in interest to the humble fig – beyond the common Newtons.



Latin Heat: Latin American cuisine and ingredients are heating up American palates, sometimes in unusual pairings such as chocolate and chili peppers.


Presently Trending

5 4

1. Pelican Bay “Super Grain” muffin and granola bar mixes. • 2. Salem Baking Company chocolate-enrobed Espresso Moravian Cookies. • 3. Bee Raw raw wildflower honey with figs and rosemary. • 4 Gourmet du Village “Birthday Cake in a Mug.” • 5. French Farm honey candy with violet.• 6. DeBrand Chocolates dark chocolate with chili pepper “Sweet Heat” Tasting Bar. • 7. Big Picture Farm chocolatecovered goat’s milk caramels. • 8. Columbia Empire Farms Marionberry Fruit Spread. • 9. Chukar Cherries Cherry-G0Round Granola Cookies.



Fun Fact: It takes 400 cocoa beans to make one pound of chocolate.


8 Spring/Summer Fall2017 2016PRESENT PRESENT••51 0

Presents by Region

Hostess Gifts Some of our favorite stores share what’s popular in their area of the country.

SOUTHWEST Primitives by Kathy kitchen towel; selling at Webster’s Community Pharmacy, Altadena, CA.

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NORTHWEST Thymes “Frasier Fir” votive candles; selling at Mixed Greens, Boise, ID. NORTHEAST The A.I. Root Candle Company “Timberline Collenette” dinner candles; selling at 1st National Gifts, Skaneateles, NY.

MIDWEST Michel Design Works “Orchids in Bloom” shea butter soap; selling at Apple Butter & Shugies, Morris, IL. SOUTH Lampe Berger “Cube” oil lamp; selling at The Lemon Tree Gifts and Paper, Baton Rouge, LA.

Fun Fact: The term “Hostess With The Mostess” came from a song in the 1950 Broadway musical, “Call Me Madam.”



Exquisitely fragranced products for the bath, body & home.

Spring/Summer 2017 PRESENT • 53

The PRESENTer Network PRESENT Magazine is distributed exclusively through this network of fine independent retailers. ALABAMA Magnolias Sylacauga

Walker Loden New Haven

Townsend House Gifts Ruston

MeLinda’s Fine Gifts Picayune

Monograms Plus Cullman

DELAWARE Mod Cottage Rehoboth Beach

MAINE Just Write Card & Gift York

MISSOURI Stuff Kansas City

ARIZONA Kidstop/Babystop Scottsdale

FLORIDA Write-On Sarasota Sarasota

Nabos Bethel

MONTANA Heyday Bozeman

ARKANSAS Shindig Paperie Fayetteville

GEORGIA Duck Duck Goose Dacula

CALIFORNIA Absolutely Fabulous Huntington Beach

Parsons Gifts Cumming

Bates Nut Farm/Farmer’s Daughter Boutique Valley Center Landis Gifts & Stationery Los Angeles Los Osos Rexall Los Osos Tweak Los Angeles Urban Girl Accessories San Diego Webster’s Community Pharmacy Altadena COLORADO Bloom & Blue Pear Ouray (on Facebook) The Stationery Company Denver CONNECTICUT Splurge Greenwich The Bowerbird Old Lyme


IDAHO Mixed Greens Boise ILLINOIS Apple Butter & Shugies Morris Greer Chicago

MARYLAND The Pleasure of Your Company Lutherville MASSACHUSETTS Blackstone’s of Beacon Hill Boston Cooper’s Agawam Mason & Madison Middleton Sativa Harwich Port

Stationery Station Highland Park

MICHIGAN Lee’s Specialty Bloomfield Hills

Vintage Charm La Grange

Leon & Lulu Clawson

INDIANA The Monogram Shoppe Ft. Wayne IOWA MoMere West Des Moines LOUISIANA Grandmother’s Buttons St. Francisville our-store The Lemon Tree Gifts and Paper Baton Rouge (on Facebook)

Mason Jones East Grand Rapids Rock Paper Scissors Ann Arbor MINNESOTA Greater Goods Minneapolis MISSISSIPPI Amelia Oxford Kademi Philadelphia

NEBRASKA City Limits Omaha (on Facebook) (pk) Flynn Lincoln NEVADA Alligator Soup Las Vegas NEW HAMPSHIRE Lemon Tree Gifts Hanover NEW JERSEY Bath Time Cape May Frick and Frack Wayne Periwinkle’s Fine Gifts and Home Cranford The Depot Home & Gift/ Baby Crossing Morristown The Front Porch Pennington NEW MEXICO Marcy Street Card Shop Santa Fe NEW YORK 1st National Gifts Skaneateles

Dedrick’s Pharmacy & Gifts New Paltz Lion in the Sun Brooklyn Lockwood Astoria Reeds/Jenss Amherst Wit & Whim Port Washington NORTH CAROLINA Paper Skyscraper Charlotte Parker and Otis/Chet Miller Durham NORTH DAKOTA Curious Grand Forks Zandbroz Fargo OHIO Mim’s Off Main Mason Pizazz Studio Loveland OKLAHOMA Paper 'N More Oklahoma City Plenty Mercantile Oklahoma City The Yellow Gazebo McAlester (on Facebook) OREGON Paddington Station Ashland Pomegranate Home & Garden Bend

PENNSYLVANIA Bee Hive Gift Shop Wilkes Barre

VERMONT Arabesque Shelburne

Collage of York York

VIRGINIA A Dodson’s Suffolk

Omoi Zakka Shop/ Select Shop 215 Philadelphia St. Luke’s University Hospital Gift Shop Bethlehem RHODE ISLAND Sweet Twist East Greenwich SOUTH CAROLINA Wonder Works Mt. Pleasant SOUTH DAKOTA The Tumbleweed Mitchell

Details for the Home Haymarket Mongrel Richmond Paper on the Avenue Richmond WASHINGTON Paper Dreams Bellingham Simplicity Decor Kirkland


The Paper Place Nashville

WEST VIRGINIA Oodles Hurricane

Froggie’s 5 & 10/Betty Lou Dallas (on Facebook) Magpies Gifts Bellaire UTAH Quilted Bear Ogden Randee & Company Salt Lake City

Groovy dc

Sweetwater Paper & Home Walla Walla

TENNESSEE The Market on the Square Cookeville

TEXAS Avalon Stationery & Gift Houston (on Facebook)

Greater Goods

Orange Tree Imports

WISCONSIN Broadway Paper Milwaukee Cornerstone Shop & Gallery Lake Geneva, WI

The Depot Home & Gift

Orange Tree Imports Madison Taylor Creek Green Bay The Frame Workshop Appleton

Wit & Whim

(Have a recommendation for a great gift shop that should be on this list? Please send the store’s name and location to Kat at and/or Keb at, and we’ll check them out!)

Fall 2016 PRESENT • 55

Back Talk

Super Soaps Whether a personal treat for yourself or a little present for someone else, these unique soaps are far from ordinary. They make great hostess or housewarming gifts, and are just good, clean fun!

TOP: Baudelaire “Calendula” honey soap with calendula and comfrey. • Spinster Sisters “Oakmoss & Seaweed” face soap. • Napa Soap Company “Teano Grigio” soap made with white wine. • MIDDLE: Dot & Lil “Black Tea & Cassis” exfoliating soap. • Blue Q “I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss” luxury soap. • Shannon Martin/Madison Park Group “Being Fabulous” quadruple-milled soap. • BOTTOM: Soap & Paper Factory “Madagascar Vanilla” shea butter soap. • UWP Luxe “Mint With Blue Agave & White Tea” shea butter soap. • Camille Beckman “Tuscan Honey” glycerine soap.




Bridgewater Candle  Co.    

Chavez for  Charity    


Cynthia Webb  Designs

Design Design  

Gift for  Life    

Greeting Card  Association    



Sakura of  America  


Bee Raw  

Design Ideas  

Belle &  Union  Co.  

Ben's Garden  

Big Picture  Farm  

Dorfman Pacific/Scala   www.dorfman-­‐   Dot  &  Lil  




Adams &  Company    

Alexandra Ferguson   Amanda  Blu    

Ann Williams  Group  

Brownlow Gifts  

Camille Beckman  

Foreside Home  &  Garden   Freaker  USA  

Fred &  Friends  


Game Night  In  A  Can  

Capri Blue  



Ganz   Giftcraft  

Girl of  All  Work  

Glory Haus  

Channel Craft  

Chronicle Books  

Gourmet du  Village    

Graphique de  France  

Chukar Cherries  

Collins Painting  &  Design  

Columbia Empire  Farms  

Farewell Paperie  

Boston International  

Eric &  Christopher

Cheers Sunglasses  

After 5  Workshop  


DeBrand Chocolates  

Vera Bradley  

Carlson Craft


DCI Gift  

Candle Warmers  Etc.  


Trixie &  Milo  

Bash Party  Goods  

Cutlery Couture

SPI Home  

Aspen Lane   Bambu

Blue Q  

Quilling Card  

CTW Home  Collection



Blossom Bucket


Creative Co-­‐op  





Golden Rabbit  

Areaware   Artecnica

Coral &  Tusk

Coton Colors  

Antica Farmacista  

Gretchen Scott   Grill  Charms  

Hallmark Home  

Nourishing Notes  

SPARQ Home    

Odd Balls  Invitations  

Spinster Sisters  

Outset Media  



Talisman Designs  

Party Partners  

The A.I.  Root  Candle  Co.  

Pavilion Gift  

The French  Farm  


The Home  T  

Peking Handicraft    

Pelican Bay  

The Napkins  

Peter Pauper  Press  

Three by  Three  Seattle  

Picnic Time  



Tickled Pink  

Primitives by  Kathy  

Timeless by  Design/OWI  

Rifle Paper  Co.  

TOPS Malibu  

River of  Goods  





Tozai Home    

Salem Baking  Company  

Trapp Fragrances  

Savannah Hayes  

Twisted Wares  

Shannon Martin  

U Brands  

Simply Noelle  


Slant Collection  

VHC Brands  

Hester &  Cook        

High Cotton  Gifts    


House of  Marbles       Illume    

Incredibly Charming  Paper  &  Gifts    

Jessie Steele   June  &  December   Kalalou    

Knock Knock    

Lampe Berger    



Manual Woodworkers  &  Weavers    

Maple Landmark    

Mary Phillips  Designs    

Meri Meri    

Michel Design  Works    


Mixt Studio    


Mona B   www.mona-­‐    

Mud Pie   www.mud-­‐    


Napa Soap  Company    

Natural Life    

Nora Fleming    

Northern Lights  Candles    


Old Tom  Foolery  

Potluck Press  


Sincere Surroundings  

Smock Paper    

Soap &  Paper  Factory          

Spitfire Girl  

The Naked  Bee  

Time Concept  

Transpac Imports  

UWP Luxe  

Whitney Howard  Designs    

Wood Expressions  


Gift for Life’s “Under 40” Cause-Marketing Partners

Virginia Thomas, founder and Ceo

anThony r. albanese, co-founder

Chad Corzine, founder and Ceo

Proudly Supporting Gift for Life

HELP US To raise funds for HIV/AIDS

prevention, treatment and education. • •

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Profile for PRESENT Magazine

Present Spring-Summer 2017  

Lots of inspiration in this issue for entertaining and decorating. Find your home decor style and product suggestions to update the look of...

Present Spring-Summer 2017  

Lots of inspiration in this issue for entertaining and decorating. Find your home decor style and product suggestions to update the look of...


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