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Experiential Branding

Who we are Presentations, Inc. is an experiential graphic design and build firm. We are a creative resource to help you visually extend your brand and message into any space. We specialize in creating highly customized solutions for interior branding, donor recognition, history displays, trade show, wayfinding, digital displays, and interactive exhibits. Our commitment to professional relations in consulting, design, fabrication and installation provides a complete package of services to answer all of your project’s needs. We integrate our creative thinking with our dynamic production capabilities to provide original designs that are completely thought out. The result is that your project will represent who you are, be relevant in your space, and have a one-of-a-kind impact you can be proud to showcase.

Our Process

Every project is a custom design and build, no catalog to thumb through, Presentations follows a three phase process—visioning, developing, implementing. Presentations takes the time to understand their clients needs, budget and deadline. A phased process assures a final product design for the space, brand and overall goal of the client. Every project is one-of-a-kind and specific to the end user and their message.


phase process 1

Developing Presentations fleshes out the overall vision during the development phase of a project. The overall project team, which may include designers and engineers, are included in a creative charrette to ensure clarity in the final product and to add exclusive, creative elements and quality.


Visioning Presentations conducts an in depth, information gathering to achieve a clear understanding of the goal of the project and the mission and vision of the client. The visioning phase is critical to the overall outcome. Done correctly, it highlights the sometimes hidden focus of a client and can lead to new, clearer branding and a larger market share.

3 Implementing Presentations brings the project to life. Whether the final product is a one-of-akind donor wall or corporate branding for an internal space, Presentations implementation phase is a cohesive and complete product that extends your experiential brand to the specific target audience.


House Capabilities

Yes, we do it all! Presentations is truly a one-stop-shop. Design, fabricate, and install beautiful displays of all shapes and sizes, all over the country.

Original Wall

n Consultation n Conceptual n Graphic



n Engineering n Digital


n Electronic


n Construction n CNC

In Design

and Finish Work


n Printing

and Print Finishing

n Installation


“Presentations delivered and

I cannot be more thrilled for what is sure to be looked back upon as a defining moment in the history of our organization.” – Stephen Mabry, CFRE, CAE, CEO Texas Lions Camp

Celebrate, honor, showcase, inspire!

Donor Walls Donors are crucial to the success of an organization. Showcasing this support is a great opportunity to add interest to your campaign and express achievement. Donors want to be celebrated, and a well implemented donor wall will assure donors feel special, cared for and valued. Donor walls are an important part of every campaign and Presentations makes sure they are a lasting part of any space. n Capital


n Cumulative n On


Going Recognition

n Annual


n Planned n Finite



n Recognition


n Appreciation n Room



Donor Walls

Designed to represent your campaign.

Donor walls extend your brand, impress viewers and honor your contributors. Take advantage of the opportunity, and showcase the strengths of your organization and your space. Each donor display is as unique as the group it belongs to, and is designed with the big picture in mind. Presentations works to truly understand and translate your story or campaign into an effective donor display.

“Presentations, delivers the , most creative projects in museum displays, donor recognition, corporate exhibits and total environments. Truly one of a kind.”

highest quality

– Helen Arnold, CFRE, President, Arnold Olson Associates

creativity and passion to

“Your help us honor our donors is appreciated.We have accomplished a lot in 2012. I look forward to working with you in the future.” – Tonya Arnold, Grants Manager, St. Luke’s Health Care Foundation

The fastest growing segment of advertising, digital media can be used in any location to relay a large amount of information in a small space. With new wireless updates, information no longer becomes outdated and displays continue to be viable. A one-stop-shop, Presentations custom designs, programs and fabricates all digital products. No outsourcing or going to multiple firms to complete a project, guarantee your brand message is heard. ■ Interactive

Kiosks and Exhibits

■ Informational ■ Donor


■ Marketing ■ Menu




■ Portable


■ Advertising ■ Digital

& Promotion


Digital Be noticed, look good, get attention, impress!


Programmed to answer all your needs.

Extending your brand is easy with digital media. Information becomes readily available to all ages and can be used to educate, inform or direct in any venue. Presentations offers a web based software for all your digital needs. It simply runs off the internet so with just a digital controller plugged into your display and an internet connection your information is live. Capable of many uses and not a computer with all the maintenance. No IT security issues or special setup needed. Make updates or schedule content from your desk using programs you are comfortable with, even powerpoint. Information is live and can be instantly viewed, even on a smart phone. And most important, this software is simple to use, true drag and drop and easy to learn.

■ Instant ■ List

remote updates

management software

■ Design ■ Touch

in any program

screen capability

■ Display

social media feeds

■ Schedule ■ Wireless



■ HD

video - full 1080p

■ No


■ IT


Tell your story, showcase, extend your message!

History Displays History displays play an important role in corporations and non-profits by visually instilling confidence in your company to your visitors. How to showcase your photos, content and artifacts into a space is a challenging task. Everything from portable to permanent, small or large we guide you through the process of telling your story to create a lasting impression. n Timelines n Photo


n Casework

& Artifact Mounts

n Interactives n Portable


n Interpretive n Kiosks

and Games Panels

History Displays

Produced to exceed your expectations.

History displays are an alternative way to show visitors who you are and extend your message. Exhibits can be as simple as a poster or extensive as a museum gallery. Incorporation of photos, artifacts, copy and interactives can become a part of any display and add to the overall immersion of the space.

“I am enthusiastic about Presentations, for many reasons. First, they

listen to the client. Second, they respond to the building. Third, they do not over-design. Fourth, the resulting product is engaging. I highly recommend Presentations.” – Willard “Sandy” L. Boyd, Former Executive Director of the Field Museum Chicago, Professor of Law and President Emeritus University of Iowa

Connect, direct, communicate, express!

Wayfinding Wayfinding: Enabling a person to find their way to a given destination through the use of effective signage. Sounds basic, right? Well, yes and no... The core principle is simple; clearly identify locations and show paths to all other necessary destinations. However, in order to take full advantage of a wayfinding system, it needs to reflect your brand to establish value and trust, and enforce your identity with everyone. Presentations provides innovation and experience in creating these systems. n ADA

Compliant Wayfinding

n Custom n Logo



n Interactive n Room n Sign




n Window n Custom n Digital





Engineered to fit your space.

Extending your brand into your space promotes a positive perception of your company. The look and feel of your space impacts everyone that enters. From room identification to attractive directories, Presentations creates elements designed to best fit your space and represent your brand.

“The most impressive part is the constant

superior service. Their

creativity and ingenuity coupled with a “yes, we can do that” attitude, enable them to create a way to make your ideas come to life and deliver a product that is better than expected and always on time.” –Lisa Rowe, SCMD Senior Marketing Manager, Lindale Mall

turned out beautifully,

“Our project but their customer service did not end there. They have stayed in touch with us and have helped us tweak things along the way. I am pleased to say we have had many positive comments and would highly recommend Presentations.” – Jill Johnson, Exec. Director Marketing, Simpson College

There are thousands of opportunities each day to connect with your market. Take advantage by branding your space to establish value and trust, communicate identity and strengthen your brand with customers, employees, vendors, and visitors. Presentations provides innovation and cohesion in interior branding to deliver a solid expression of identity. n

Logo Walls


Custom Canvas Art


Window Treatments


Branded Wall Paper


Marketing Displays


Branded Wayfinding


Custom Directories


Digital Displays


Artistic Wall Treatments


Display Cases

Branded Spaces Connect, represent, communicate, express!

Branded Spaces

Created to transform your space.

Extending your brand into your space promotes a positive perception of your company. The look and feel of your space impacts everyone that enters. From custom murals to attractive directories, Presentations creates elements designed to best fit your space and represent your brand.

“The professional, talented team at Presentations gave us

‘wow’ factor

the that we were looking for to give folks their first impression of our Company - people walk in and literally say, “Wow!” - Shannon McPherson, Executive Assistant, Lil’ Drug Store Products, Inc.

Be noticed, look good, get attention, impress!

Tradeshow Four seconds—that is all the time you have to get the attention of a tradeshow visitor. Presentations’ tradeshow ideas get you noticed. We offer easy set-up options and quality custom graphics in a variety of media and platforms. Always custom designed and executed to fit your specific needs and budget, Presentations makes sure your tradeshow is an extension of your brand and delivers a strong, effective message. ■ Fabric


■ Retractable ■ Tabletop ■ Table



Throws & Runners

■ Interactive ■ Portable



■ Custom


■ Monitor


Developed to elevate your look.


Extending your brand into a trade show space elevates the perception of your company. How a display looks and feels affects this message and influences which visitors it will attract. From large to small, simple to interactive, Presentations creates displays that get noticed, look good, get attention and impress.

“Presentations helped create the brand identity we set-out to find four years ago. They regularly

new ideas

have for us and we challenge them with our ideas as well.” – Daniel Riedell, VP of Operations RB Sales Corporation

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Experiential Branding  

Portfolio of work showcasing Donor Walls, Wayfinding, History Displays, Digital, Tradeshow, Branded Spaces

Experiential Branding  

Portfolio of work showcasing Donor Walls, Wayfinding, History Displays, Digital, Tradeshow, Branded Spaces