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Soaring in the sky

Letting children learn to be more independent prepares them to leave home for college and career

development. Some parents worry about their children to the extent that even when the children are studying abroad, they will make trips overseas to clean up and cook for them! Some families deliberately limit their children to universities close to home, so their children can bring back dirty laundry and restock with the week’s food supply. Some parents even choose and register classes for their college student. All of the above are signs of not “letting go”, and such parents earn themselves the title of “helicopter parents”, hovering over their children. Children at this stage of life face solemn life issues such as college course selections that will determine their career paths, mate selection and marriage, etc. As they make these important decisions, it is fitting for parents to be their consultants and companions, providing guidance, advice and support, instead of making the final decisions for them.

To be honest, do children really need

such micro-managing parents? Perhaps parents are overly worried and protective out of fear – fear for children’s failure in facing difficulties, fear of children ending up mediocre. Parents want to arrange for their children a comfortable future with a good education, financial security, and a worry-free life. But the most valuable lessons for our children are the ones they learn when facing failures. Perseverance and resilience are character traits our children can form if they learn to handle failures at a young age. They will take a greater blow and be all the more vulnerable, if they only begin to face struggles in their thirties as working professionals.

“Letting go” is a lesson of trust and faith for parents. As parents let go and trust their children’s ability

to handle life, it will establish their children’s confidence. To Christian parents, we also have to trust that our children belong to God and He will care for them. Letting our children go is a profound lesson of growth for all parents.

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Ms. Jeanie Chan is a practicing clinical psychologist in Hong Kong. She has worked for the Department of Health of the Hong Kong SAR Government and social services organization. She is currently practicing in the private sector at Alliance Holistic Care Center. She is also an adjunct lecturer at universities and theological seminaries teaching psychology and counseling.

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