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KMM College of Management and Technology

(Approved by AICTE & Govt. of Kerala, Affiliated to MG University) An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution Run by JAI BHARATH EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION

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kcmt KMM College of Management and Technology is a part of Jai Bharath Educational Foundation. Established in 2002 Jai Bharath Group has garnered reputation as educational trend setters and caters to equipping and empowering students from all backgrounds to succeed and progress through systematic application of innovative learning models. Now the Foundation has become one of the leading promoters of educational institutions in the country under the vision of its founder chairman, Mr. A. M. Kharim and other Trust members. Upholding the same commitment to educational excellence KCMT focuses on developing the right skills and orientation in students, as well as on giving special focus on the all round development of student instead of just academic excellence. KCMT offers the right blend of the skills and knowledge and does not neglect the attitudinal aspects that are so crucial to achieving success in the present world. KCMT brings in a young and fresh outlook with an orientation to equipping managers with the skills and talents to meet the challenges of the present world

with confidence. Our global outlook and experienced faculty with international exposure are equipped to assist and train students to handle any business situation. The role of a ‘B’ School is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be life-long learners, critical thinkers and productive members of an ever changing global society. A ‘B’ School must also try to provide its students with an atmosphere for multifaceted development where the students are encouraged to channelize their potential in thepursuit of excellence. This can only be possible in a holistic, student–centric environment. What KCMS offers is more than just classroom teaching–focus is on transforming individuals into capable managers of tomorrow. This requires dedication, vision and the ability to inculcate the right values. Under the right guidance we believe that every individual has the ability to blossom into capable contributors who can be trendsetters and pioneers to lead the world one step further.


vision & mission vision To be trendsetters in educational excellence developing individuals with the right blend of knowledge, skill sets & professional attitude upholding ethical values and societal commitments.

mission KMM College strives to be trendsetters in educational excellence by practicing innovative pedagogical techniques blended with technology providing challenging intellectual environment and upholding ethical values, transforming young professionals into effective leaders.

messages “Dear Associates, Parents, Students and Well Wishers,

A.M. Kharim Chairman

I believe that in every educational institution what really matters are the ideals that it embodies. At KMM College we started with the sincere desire to create an institution that will groom and develop the youth into capable contributors to society who are firmly rooted in their values and commitments. If we can achieve this through our educational effort then we are successful. In observing the progress of our institution, I am proud to state that KMM College is surely progressing towards this idea in a short time. The results are obvious and I consider it a privilege to be an integral part of this effort. I thank all the associates, faculty, students, parents and well wishers who have supported us whole heartedly.”

Innovative technologies and internet applications have transformed the modern business environment. Today, enterprises look forward for professionals who have the right blend of Knowledge, Skill sets, Attitude, Professionalism and Integrity.

A.M. Aboobacker Manager

At KMM College we firmly believe in a practical approach to cater the requirements of the ever changing Business world. The unique and special atmosphere at KMM generated from a blend of dedicated and caring faculty, excellent infrastructure and best practices, designed to prepare the students to be global managers who are confident in meeting the requirements of the industry and challenges of the future. I look forward to welcoming young, enthusiastic future managers and software professionals to KMM. The KMM College of Management and Technology is a leading ‘B’ School in Cochin. The College motivates and empowers its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and productive members of an ever-changing global society. The students are encouraged to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence in a holistic, student– centric environment. The College with the state-of–the-art facilities, highly qualified, well experienced

Prof. (Dr.) P.V. Sumithran Director

and committed faculties and staff will always be a beacon of light, guiding the destiny of its students and in moulding them to excel in their chosen area. I would like to welcome the young and budding managers and software professionals to experience the professional and learning environment at KMM in developing their creative potentials. Wishing everyone all success in the years to come.


pedagogy At KCMT

we distance ourselves

from mechanical learning models and base learning on the higher levels of Boom’s taxonomy where evaluation, analysis and creativity are stressed. Such a creative learning process involves techniques such as:

• Learning by analogies • Parallel or comparative learning • Learning by relationship • Learning by application • Learning by skepticism • Learning by exploration • Learning by dichotomy • Learning by relationship • Learning by thought experiment • Corrective learning • Learning by symmetry • Learning by bionics • Learning by insight • Diagnostic Learning Such an experiential learning model ensures the full involvement of the student in imbibing the valuable concepts and its practical applications.

An MBA at KCMt can transform your life...


MBA programme is a two year full time program and is affiliated to the Mahatma Gandhi University and recognised by the All India council of technical education. The MBA programme facilitates dual specialisation and international exposure. Here we are driven by

the vision of developing managers who have the capability to lead with not just a wise mind but a sincere soul. The managers of tomorrow are needed to be sensitive to the changes happening around the world and lead teams into unchar tered territories and accomplish tasks previously unattempted. This requires an individual who is able to manage change and effectively guide his team comprising of people from various backgrounds and nationalities. An MBA at KCMT can transform the entire way in which you view the world and you will find your horizons broadening and dreams soaring. Along with understanding the practical applications of the latest management concepts you would be groomed and guided to give your best and be your best . You will understand that the world has practically no boundaries except that we have created in our minds and that we can go beyond them to connect , share and create.

Eligibility A graduation with a minimum of 50% marks in any discipline from a recognized university. A Valid CMAT / MAT / CAT /ASMIK Score/ Any other test conducted by approved authorities.

Specialisations Offered Marketing Information Technology

Finance Production & Operations Management

Human Resource Management International Business

The art of managing people and technology...


MCA programme is a three year full time program which helps mould students with a logical bend of mind with high degree of professionalism. This three year full time programme provides theoretical knowledge along with the skill sets for understanding the

practical aspects of software development , analysis and design. The students are exposed to latest and in-demand technologies like SAP R/3, SCM AND BI. When it comes to managing technology and innovation it is ultimately rooted in handling the people who are behind it . Power is in the hands of one who understands this fact and is able to inspire people to come out with their best so as to go beyond the technology of yesterday. While a sound technological know-how is essential to perform tasks, in the modern world people skills and leadership are equally valuable. An MCA at KCMT helps you master both. We help you discover how to harness the power of people and technology and develop solutions that help the world. If you have the passion for technology and the dream of creating new solutions that promote human progress then you need to know how the best out of people, processes and technologies. An MCA at KCMT equips you to gain an understanding and help you master the nuances of management of people and technology and groom you for a career beyond boundaries.

Eligibility A pas s w ith 5 0 % m a r k s i n a n y r ecog n i ze d Reg ul ar B achel ors Degree cours e of m i ni m um t hree years d ur atio n in any d isc ip l ine wi t h M a t h e m a t i c s / S t a t i s t i c s A Valid A S TI K S co re / A n y ot h e r te s t con du c te d by ap p roved aut hori t i es .

Life Beyond Classrooms... Forums KCMT believes in that learning happens while doing rather than sitting in a classroom. Creating self learning units that can synthesise, evaluate and apply the learning was an initiative that we have implemented. The students were grouped into teams and assigned forums based on subject. Learning is seen to happen in a more concrete manner when done in groups. The forums exists for - Maths, Statistics, Ethics, Environmental Studies, Information Technology, Economics, Executive Communication, Principles of Management, Marketing,Human Resource Management & Financial Management

Clubs We also have clubs organised and run by students to ensure that their personality is enhanced and they can improve upon their skills and talents. Currently we have a Language Club as well as an Entertainment Club entirely managed and run by students.

Business Update Exam Weekly exam on current events in the business world is administered to all students and winners receive prizes.

Industry Visit Saturdays are kept aside for visiting organizations and studying their functioning as well as to gain an understanding of how their classroom learnings are being applied in the real world business scenarios.

Industry Interactions KCMT facilitates industry interactions by having eminent personalities address and interact with students and share their views and experiences with them.

Management Development Programmes KCMT conducted the first international MDP within 4 months of its commencement, the students and faculty jointly work to ensure that such conferences and programmes are organized successfully.

Faculty Profile

Dr. P. V. Sumithran M.Com, Ph.D Director

Dr. K. C. Sankaranarayanan For Dir, School of Social Sciences, CUSAT Dean

Sabana Backer MBA, M.Tech Asst. Professor

Priya Elizabeth Issac MBA- HR & Marketing Asst.Professor

Sheeba Shemeer MBA–Finance & Marketing Asst. Professor

Mariadas Ronnie C. P. MCA, M.Tech Asst. Professor

Sudha D. MCA, M.Tech Asst. Professor

Sarithadevi S. MCA Asst. Professor

K.S.ANANTHARAMAN BSc.(Engg) , mba, FCMA Professor

Sumi Nias MBA–Finance & Marketing Asst.Professor

Parvathy Prakash MCA, MCP Asst. Professor

SIMNA V. S. MCA Asst. Professor

P. V. Menon M.Sc. Mathematics Professor

Vigi V. Nair MBA - HR & Marketing Asst. Professor

Binoy Loveson MCA Asst. Professor

advisory panel

Mr. A. M. Kharim


Dr. P. V. Sumithran M.Com, Ph.D Director

Mr. K.K.M. Kutty CEO & Managing Director Southwest Group of Companies and Chairman, cii (gcc Countries)

Dr. Yogesh K. Dwivedi Senior Faculty, Swansea University, UK

A.M. Aboobacker


Prof.(Dr.)K.C.Sankaranarayanan Former Director, School of Social Sciences, CUSAT Dean

Dr. K.H. Shajahan MBA, Ph.D Academic Advisor

Dr. Banitha Lal Senior Faculty, Nottingham Trent University, UK


Group of InstitutionS Jai Bharath College of Management & Engineering Technology, Perumbavoor Jaibharath School of Management Studies, Perumbaavoor Jai Bharath Arts and Science, Perumbavoor Jai Bharath Training College, Thrikkakara KMM College of Arts & Science, Thrikkakara R. U. College of Arts and Science, Manakkakadavu, Near Wonderla, Pallikkara

Ragging in any form as defined in the statutes is strictly prohibited in the class room, college campus and hostel as it is a punishable offence under the Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act 1998 and IPC.

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