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Ms. Prescilla’s Class 2010


These are some great moments about my trip to Zimbabwe Join me in my

learning adventure‌


________________________ has explored and investigated about the culture of Zimbabwe. Congratulations on your newly learned knowledge! Teacher __________________ Date _____________

These are some aspects of the culture that I have learned about this country ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

This is how my inquiry into this adventure begins.

IMPORTANT FACTS Country: Republic Zimbabwe Capital: Harare Location: Africa Important Cities: Kwekwe, Rusape and Masvingo Bordering Countries: Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique Currency: Zimbabwean dollar (Z$) = 100 cents Religion: part Christian, part indigenous beliefs Type of Government: Parliamentary Democracy

This is an important celebration from this cultur, Zimbabwe Music Festival.

This is one of churches from this culture that we visited.

This is a picture of the typical shelter of this culture.

IMPORTANT FACTS Language of this culture: Ndebele, English and Shona Important Words to Know: Mhoroi is Hello Chisarai is Godd-bye Ndapota is Please Ndatenda is Thank you Hongu is Yes Aiwa is No A Global Contributor from this country: Robert Gabriel Mugabe



Here is a picture of me saying hello in Shona.

This is how the people from this culture look.

Here is a picture of President Robert Gabriel Mugabe I heard about on my trip.

This is a grassland landform found in this culture.

This is a famous tourist attraction that I saw on my trip, Victoria Falls.

This was my favorite part of this culture.

This is how the people of this culture dress.

This is a typical food eaten in this culture, Sadza.

This is a famous landmark, Zimbabwe Ruins found in this country.

This is a type of recreation practiced in this culture,

This is the currency used in this culture, Zimbabwe Dollars.

This is the flag of this country.


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