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The stewardessa and the passengers asked „ what we have to do? After a while they called for firefighters who could help them to put out the fire. The firefighters gathered very quickly - they knew what to do.

They went through the streets to help passengers and the stewardessa.

But suddenly… „What’s the matter?” Many cars were standing on the road. They had to wait due to an accident which occured on the road.

They managed to go ahead but the next thing appeared. „The forest is in the fire we have to put out the fire it is very dangerous�. But the brave men cope with that task very well.

Then they have to rescue the cat which was in the highest tree. The girl who looked after him was in tears. The brave firemen helped them.

But one of the firefihgters said „We will not manage to help the stewardessa and the passengers because we have got a huge delay�. They decided to ask their friends for help. They had a helicopter and they could put out the fire much quicker than their team.

At the same time on the plane‌. Passengers were scared. They screamed and cried.

The children asked for help. Only the brave stewardessa knew what to do. She decided to evacuate everyone. She told the passengers not to panic but to calm down because everything would be fine.

After the successful evacuation she had a great idea. She asked one of the passengers, who had a gun for his son, to help her. They used the huge gun to put out the fire. It was not easy.

They took water from the nearest lake. The passengers were amused but they managed to put out the fire before the fire brigade arrived.

Everyone was happy and grateful for such a successful action. They shouted ‘hurray’ very loudly. The stewardessa was very proud.

After a difficult flight she came back home. She could rest and tell the story her family. She was a very brave stewardessa.

Ending of the project