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GIVING Your Donation Saved Rob’s Life FROM DARKNESS TO HOPE FOR TOMORROW Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation A newsletter for donors and friends of Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation SUMMER 2022 matters



Rob’s life was in the balance. Living on Disability and a modest amount of Social Security, he needed the help of others to get him out of this very dark place.

Your donation to PVM Foundation saved Rob’s life- yes it really did! Learn how your donation offered Rob a new home at The Village of Lake Huron Woods and significantly improved his health with the caring staff at Sunrise PACE. Your donation gave him hope during one of the most difficult times in his life. Read more of Rob’s inspiring story of facing traumatic events and donors being there for him. You can feel so inspired and know you had an impact after reading his story.

Rob’s overall health had an effect on his life, which ultimately led him to the brink of homelessness. Before he was 30 years old, Rob had two heart attacks and a very serious knee injury. He had physically demanding occupations for all of 30+ years in the workforce. As he approached the age of 60, his bad knee had gotten significantly worse. “Bone on bone, I basically could not walk without serious pain.”

Rob’s life changed from being fast paced to being very sedentary. “I could barely get around. I had to rely on others to do almost everything. I felt like such a burden,” states Rob with despair in his eyes. His physical health was continuing to decline. He also had several severe falls. One fall was so violent that his glasses became lodged in his forehead! Furthermore, he could not get to his doctor appointments due to lack of transportation. At that point, Rob realized things needed to change.

November 2021 was a very dark time for Rob Rau, a 65 year old living in the Port Huron area. As winter approached, Rob was faced with being homeless. To make matters worse, his personal finances were in disarray due to years of theft from his bank account. If that wasn’t enough, his health was deteriorating. Rob was now using a walker and had taken several serious falls. Things needed to change quickly!

Rob was on the brink of homelessness. Because of caring donors he now lives at The Village of Lake Huron Woods.

Sunrise PACE is a program where older adults receive all the care they need in one location. Everything from primary medical care, nursing, rehabilitation therapies, dental, vision and so much more. PACE stands for Programs for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly. Because of $1M in donations, Sunrise PACE had enough extra funding to build transitional housing, which provides a temporary home for those needing care. This is not the norm for other PACE Centers around the state. Way to go donors!

3 248-281-2040 Your GIVING matters SUMMER 2022 YOUR DONATION SAVED ROB’S LIFE

With the help of $1 million in donations, Sunrise PACE was newly constructed and ready to serve older adults just like Rob. However, Rob’s transition to receiving care at Sunrise PACE and moving into an apartment at The Village of Lake Huron Woods was anything but smooth. During a financial review, Rob was made aware of years of theft from his bank account without his knowledge. “The shock was traumatic.“

“I came to Sunrise PACE and I could not walk up stairs. I was so weak, and now I am stronger. I go to physical therapy most every day.”

To make a donation, visit pvmf.org or use the reply envelope enclosed with this newsletter.

Rob’s story is not unique. Older adults face health and housing issues every day. Elder abuse, financial hardship, and mental strain are also commonplace among older adults. Luckily, there was housing, care, and hope for Rob. Affordable housing is in such demand. Typically two year waiting lists are the norm. Rob did not have two years to wait. He needed housing immediately to avoid being homeless. Thank you for being there for Rob. Please continue to donate to help the next older adult, just like Rob, facing significant challenges. With help of $1 million in donations, Sunrise PACE was likeolderreadyconstructednewlyandtoserveadultsjustRob.

“For the first time in a long time, I got a clear picture of what I had in my bank account. I did not have very much,” states Rob shaking his head. After his trip to the bank, he found all of his belonging on the front lawn. “I was kicked out and had nowhere to go.

With limited family support, he went searching for options. Rob learned of Sunrise PACE adjacent to the campus of The Village of Lake Huron Woods in Fort Gratiot, MI (just north of Port Huron). “Sunrise PACE was perfect, they offered transportation and all the care I needed.”

Sunrise PACE was immediately there to help.”

The Village of Lake Huron Woods offers Rob a home full of opportunities to meet new friends and build a new life. “I am starting to get know my neighbors and enjoy each day. Thank you to everyone who helped me get here.”

–Rob Rau, with his therapist Tammy Allen of Sunrise PACE Rob moved in right away at Sunrise PACE transitional housing. A few weeks later, Rob moved into his new apartment home at The Village of Lake Huron Woods as a resident, just in time for the holidays. With Sunrise PACE right next to The Village of Lake Huron Woods it was so convenient for Rob to get all the care and rehabilitation he needed on a daily basis.

Thank you donors!

4 Your GIVING matters SUMMER 2022 pvmf.org

Because of your donation to the PVM Foundation there is a brand new wellness center on the campus of The Village of East Harbor in Chesterfield. $2.1 million was raised through donations to construct this unique wellness center, which is solely designed for the needs of older adults.


Check out the new underwater treadmill. A great work out for those with joint pain.


“The possibilities are limitless!” says Chris Nahorodny Fitness Specialist at The Village of East Harbor of the new wellness center. There is state of the art equipment, group classes, and personal training available for all residents. Expanded space offers residents the opportunity to do so much more than what was possible in the previous wellness center. There’s even a specialized aquatic tank that provides a unique, barrier free exercise option for those with joint pain.

“Yesterday I saw a resident with so much muscle tone. She has some real guns on her! East Harbor residents can now train harder than they ever thought,” Chris proudly proclaims. Wellness and healthy living is alive and well at The Village of East Harbor.

Fitness Specialist, Chris Nahorodny, offering personalized instructions on the new Residentsequipment.enjoyingthe new state of the art wellness equipment.




Paul J. Miller, CFRE President, PVM Foundation P.S. When give, help

Bob received a call on a Saturday afternoon he had not expected. His sister Sarah was in poor health. Sarah is, sleeping where she could, moving from couch to couch. She has lost weight from worry and the strain of not knowing what she would do next. Bob didn’t know where to turn for help.

you will


Sarah lives on a fixed income, and the area where she lives has no affordable housing in her budget; and there is a 2-year waiting list for subsidized housing. She recently moved in with her nephew. He has a wife and two small children; this is another temporary fix, and not ideal for Sarah!

Please give today. Thank you!

build 1,200 affordable units These units will benefit over 2,000 older adults each year. I want to help provide affordable housing for an older adult. ❍ Here is my gift of: $_________________________ COMPANYNAME NAME STREET ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP TELEPHONE E-MAIL ADDRESS YES! ✁ To donate: Visit PVMF.org or use the reply envelope enclosed with this newsletter. PLEASE DONATE TODAY - PROVIDE MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSING Thank you! The Campaign for the Ages will transform four existing PVM campuses to offer more affordable housing. FLINT McFarlanVillages PONTIAC The Village of Oakland Woods PORT HURON The Village of Lake Woods WESTLAND The Village Westlandof You can help. Please donate to provide more affordable housing!


• You can designate your support to a specific PVM fund, Village, or to the organization as a whole.

Favorite Movie: The Wizard of Oz (It’s safe to say that I was slightly obsessed with it as a child.)

• There is no required amount to make a legacy gift. We have been blessed with gifts of all different sizes.

• You believe in quality housing and services for all older adults.

• You know that every dollar makes a difference and an impact! Have questions? Want to learn more? Let’s get together. Contact me at 947.247.0995 or dmeier@pvm.org. I really look forward to partnering with you! I hope you’re doing well. My name is Devon Meier, and I recently joined the PVM family as the new Director of Planned Giving. I have the honor of partnering with donors who want to make a gift beyond their lifetime in support of our incredible mission.


Favorite Food: anything having to do with breakfast Favorite Pastime: seeing live theatre Favorite Part of the Job: getting to know people and building relationships CARING BEYOND A LIFETIME

• When you make a gift beyond your lifetime, you join a fantastic group of people in our legacy society. We have over 250 members, and we cannot wait to welcome you. Why Should You Consider Making a Gift Beyond Your Lifetime?

Did You Know?

A Little Bit about Me I grew up in West Michigan, and graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Drama and English. I have dedicated the last 14 years of my career to working in philanthropy, helping raise important funds for children battling cancer, refugees, older adults, and more. In 2020, after many years away, my husband and I moved back to Michigan to be closer to family. It took leaving for me to realize how “smitten with the mitten” I truly am. Being able to come back to senior living philanthropy has made coming home that much sweeter.

6 Your GIVING matters SUMMER 2022 pvmf.org MEET DEVON MEIER

FunFavoriteFactsTV Show: The Golden Girls (Betty White was the best!)

• You want to help ensure a brighter future for the next generation of older adults.

Anyone can make a legacy gift. The easiest way to do it is by leaving a gift in your will.

The 1,200 new housing options will be at four existing PVM Villages. The project is called The Campaign for the Ages.

Paul J. Miller, CFRE


Enjoy your summer and thank you for all you do,

7 248-281-2040 Your GIVING matters SUMMER 2022 CAMPAIGN FOR THE AGES


• Port Huron/Fort Gratiot: The Village of Lake Huron Woods


• Westland: The Village of Westland

More older adults served and good jobs created— A Campaign for the Ages!

As a wonderful added bonus these projects will bring over 2,000 jobs to their communities.

The plight of the older adult can and will be helped. You the thoughtful donor will change one life at a time with your donation. One older adult not having to wait over two to three years to find housing. One older living their best life in a wonderful new home. Campaign for the Ages- is truly one for the AGES. Kudos donors!

I see firsthand the plight of Michigan older adults every day, especially their struggles to find truly affordable and available senior housing. Older adults are faced with two to three year waiting lists for moderate or low income housing. By the time an older adult needs senior housing it is too late for too Theremany.isa sliver of hope though! With your help PVM will build 1,200 new affordable housing options by 2025. Desperate seniors will have more options and less wait times.

This campaign is charged with raising $19.5 million from caring donors to bring these four new housing and health care options from a thought to reality. The total project cost is around $200 million. Thank you donors; $9 million has been raised to date!

The Campaign for the Ages!

• Flint: McFarlan Villages

• Pontiac: The Village of Oakland Woods

RESTORED!FREEDOM Your donation paid for a scooter for Diane. DIANETHERESIDENTSKRYZPEKATVILLAGEOFWESTLAND THANK YOU! love NOTESDONOR Housing and Healthcare are too expensive for too many seniors. Let’s change this! Delivering truly affordable healthcare and housing like you’ve never seen before! PONTIAC The Village of Oakland Woods PORT HURON The Village of Lake Huron Woods WESTLAND The Village Westlandof FLINT McFarlanVillages Visit pvmf.org/CFTA or scan the QR code Learn more