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PVM Celebrates Our Veterans Village of Hillside/ Friendship Center Construction Underway

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A PVM Ms. Senior Michigan Crowned How to Avoid Schemes, Scams and Swindles

How to Volunteer with PVM Donor Recognitions

$320,000 Raised for Seniors!

Thanks to the generous contributions of sponsors, attendees and donors, an historic $320,090 (gross) was raised for the benefit of seniors through the 12th Annual PVM Foundation Gala! On November 13th, over 500 guests enjoyed the “70 & Still Making Waves” theme, a celebration of PVM’s 70th anniversary and how residents continue to break down stereotypes for seniors and “make waves” in life. The event featured Regina Lawson, the first-ever PVM resident to hold the role of Master of Ceremonies; the always popular package raffle; steelworks steel drum band as the welcome and reception entertainment; and The Royce and Jenn Band as the musical entertainment for the evening!











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See more images from the gala at PVMFoundation.org

Hail to the Victors! In Spring of 2015 PVM residents from across southeast Michigan converged in Pontiac to participate in the 10th Annual Village Victory Cup. The competition was fierce (but friendly) and there was a lot of spirit and energy displayed throughout the day. For the second year in a row the judges selected the Monarchs from the Village of Our Saviour’s Manor as the winner of the Spirit Award. And for the second time in three years, the Stars from the Village of Westland captured the Village Victory Cup. Congratulations to the Monarchs and the Stars and to everyone who participated in this year’s event. It was definitely one to remember. ABOVE: L TO R – DR. REV. CHARLES ADAMS, JETHRO JOSEPH, FRANK TAYLOR, ROGER MYERS AND GENA EDWARDS

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Hartford Village Breaks Ground

The Harford Village Groundbreaking was a huge success with over 500 people participating in this community celebration. Hartford Village will be the first of its kind in the city and will allow seniors to not only remain in Detroit but also return or move here for the first time. It is an example of the truly great offerings that can happen when a community comes together. The event, held at the Northwest Activities Center in Detroit, included stakeholders, future residents, and members of the public coming to celebrate this incredibly important occasion. Attendees were greeted by Continued on page 2


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Celebrating Our Veterans! On Veterans Day, 2015, a unique and touching ceremony was hosted at The Thome Rivertown Senior Apartments. Co-hosts were Americorps and The Luella Hannan Foundation, our partners in the Veteran Corps program. This program teams up dedicated volunteers with veterans and their families who can benefit from companionship, respite care, running of errands or other services which allow them to stay in their own homes. The veterans and their families relate that this is a godsend for them. Yet, volunteers relate that they get so much back from them! A little bit of magic shines on this program. We are one of only nine programs across the country and are receiving rave reviews. At the Veteran Corps event, a “pinning ceremony” was held at which our volunteers received beautifully designed pins from Americorps at the national level. Families of the volunteers, as well as the veterans and families who were able to join in, were on hand to participate in this momentous occasion. We are very proud of the volunteers and this program, and very much appreciate their compassion and dedication. Many folks talk about the need to thank our veterans. These individuals who were honored are taking action do just that!

Thank you!


Hartford Village Ground Breaking

Hail to the Victors

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live music and volunteers at they made their way to the theater for the day’s program.

While the Villages in SE Michigan were battling for the Village Victory Cup, Villages located 100 or more miles from the PVM Home office in Southfield battled for the Virtual Village Victory Cup. This year a record 66 residents from 7 Villages participated in the 5th annual rendition of this event. When the final scores were tallied, the Bizzy-B’s from The Village of Spring Meadows II emerged victorious. The Spring Chickens from The Village of Spring Meadows I captured the Spirit Award.

The energetic 45 minute program began with emcee Cliff Russell introducing a moving invocation by Pastor of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, Reverend Dr. Charles G. Adams; PVM President and CEO Roger Myers; Bryan Hogle, Program Officer for Community Development with the Kresege Foundation; Director of the Detroit HUD Field Office Michael Polsinelli; Wayne County Executive Warren Evans; Butch Hollwell from the City of Detroit; and Brenda Clayvon, a future resident of Hartford Village were speakers at the event. Members of the Detroit City Council and Michigan Legislature were also in attendance. Festivities culminated with a reception in the Northwest Activities Center’s elegant ballroom with delicious refreshments served by strolling butlers and live music from a local jazz combo. The news media was also present, and helped publicize the event through various outlets in the Metro Detroit area. We would like to thank all the volunteers and vendors who helped make the day such a huge success.

And though the dust has barely settled on this year’s events, it’s already time to mark your calendar for next year. The date of the 2016 Village Victory Cup is Friday, June 24th. Hope to see you there!

The new Hartford Village will be located at 17500 Meyers Road. This comfortable and well planned community will include 39 independent living cottages with two bedrooms and two baths and 45 independent living apartments with oneand two-bedroom floor plans. Many state of the art amenities are included. For more information about Hartford Village, call Gena Edwards at 248-281-2024.



Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Construction Underway for The Village of Hillside/Friendship Center Renewal Project


Outlook 2015 Vol. – 2nd Ed. | 3 Welcome to

After completing a $1.5 Million fundraising campaign for this $7 Million project, construction has begun at The Village of Hillside in Harbor Springs, making way for a brand new building with elevators that will allow senior residents to maneuver around more easily. The three oldest buildings on the campus, which housed 24 apartments as well as the Friendship Center of Harbor Springs, were demolished in the fall. The new building will include 32 energy-efficient, accessible apartments and a Friendship Center space triple in size to accommodate more programs and serve more local seniors. During construction, most residents are living at the Birchwood Inn. Others are living with family or friends, or have rented local units together. The Birchwood Inn is also serving as the Friendship Center’s temporary location until construction is completed, which is expected to be in summer 2016.


Resident-led 35th Anniversary Party at Oakland Woods Draws Hundreds of Attendees 2015 has seen its fair share of exceptional PVM-sponsored events; and this year’s 35th anniversary party at The Village of Oakland Woods was a great example. Officially dubbed “35 Years of Living Well at Oakland Woods,” the August 22nd celebration started its life as another installment of the popular resident resource fair, but quickly grew into something the whole community could enjoy.


The essence of the day’s success can be traced back to the planning committee, which was led by Wellness Coordinator Devin Fritzler. A dedicated team of Oakland Woods residents (supported by Oakland Woods’ Staff and the PVM Marketing Department) had a hand in planning every detail of the day. These residents were successful in soliciting monetary and food donations, delivering flyers, and securing an incredible turnout of more than several hundred people, including over 70 residents and their families. The Garden Club sold plants from the beautiful gazebo, and the resident choir entertained audiences over lunch with three classic tunes. Many residents also served as volunteers for the day, checking people in, serving lunch, and acting as resident ambassadors for all visitors. The highlights of the day included lunch and dessert for over 200, representatives from the Detroit Pistons, interactive games for kids, a wax hand creation station, a dunk tank, a raffle, bingo, and much more. The exceptional turnout made 35 Years at Living Well one of the largest single village events in Presbyterian Villages of Michigan’s 70-year history. The event was designed to provide wellness resources for residents, help improve occupancy, and celebrate the 35th anniversary of Pontiac’s premiere senior living facility. Thanks to the efforts of the residents and a sponsored advertisement in more than 22,000 homes, tours were given of apartments and cottages several times throughout the day; and many interested parties walked away with a new perspective on what senior living can while placing their name on the waitlist. This event was the first to embrace the guiding principals set forth by the Resident Engagement Steering Committee, and due to its great success, promises to be the first of many that actively involve residents in every aspect of the planning process. A special thanks goes out to all who attended this wonderful event.


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The “ I Am Senior Strong” Campaign A new type of campaign has been launched in Michigan which should be of interest to our readers. It is called “I AM SENIOR STRONG”. Its mission is to showcase the strength and value of Michigan’s 2.2 million seniors. They built the communities we call home and raised an entire generation, all while having careers and serving our country. Each day they continue to grow, learn and serve. They may serve as volunteers, mentors leaders, elders, teachers, artists students, athletes and advocates. Through the Senior Strong Campaign we celebrate seniors across Michigan who continue to serve their communities with the goal of raising awareness of this powerful generation. The Senior Strong Campaign is being sponsored by the Southeast Michigan Senior Regional Collaborative. (SEMISRC) Founded in 2008 it is a network of 26 organizations serving the needs of senior citizens in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties to support their well-being and ability to remain in their communities as they desire. PVM is an active member of this dynamic collaborative which collectively serves 200,000 seniors annually. The SEMISRC advocates for and supports policies that promote an individual’s ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently and comfortably regardless of age, income or ability level. If you would like more information about the work of the SEMISRC go to www.semisrc.org. The thinking behind the Senior Strong Campaign is to promote the notion that seniors not only need assistance at times but also give back in so many ways to their communities. They are also an economic engine for their locales. In 2010, the purchasing power of older adults in SE Michigan’s seven county region totaled over $17.4 billion, $37 billion statewide. Older adults also tend to spend a higher percentage of their income locally. Seniors actively participate in the workforce, as demonstrated by the almost $2.8 billion they earned in wages and salaries In SE Michigan alone. They also generate billions of dollars in value to communities and organizations via volunteer service.

It is time that we told their stories! If you would like to nominate someone for a Senior Strong designation go to the specially created campaign website at www.iamseniorstrong.com.

Spring Meadows’ Linda Sisco Crowned Ms. Senior Michigan in July Pageant Linda Sisco, Administrator of Spring Meadows I and II in Jackson, was recently named Ms. Senior Michigan 2015 after a winning performance at this year’s pageant held on July 15th at the Older Person’s Commission in Rochester. “I decided to run for Senior Ms. Michigan to challenge myself,” Sisco said. “I had always been told I had a good voice and wanted to see what I could do.” The competition, as expected, was fierce in the state-wide finals, with talented singers, dancers, instrumentalists, and performers of all kinds entering to show off their skills and win the crown. In addition to talent, competitors were judged on a personal interview (competed before

the competition), talent, poise, and philosophy on life – something Linda is always proud to share. “I am all about positive aging,” she said. When the votes were tallied, Linda’s rendition of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “I Feel Lucky” put her over the top, drawing rave reviews from the judges and crowd alike, and winning her the title of Miss Senior Michigan 2015. “I never thought that I would win,” the newly crowned Ms. Senior Michigan confessed. “I wanted to stretch myself and do something that sounded terrifying. I wanted to meet some new people and just see what I could do. I was amazed when I actually won the crown!” Though the preparation for the competition was certainly a job within itself (along with her administrative duties at Spring Meadows), the real work

began soon after the pageant with personal appearances across the state and a trip to the Ms. Senior America finals in Atlantic City in mid-October. In competition against the country’s other talented Miss Senior winners, Linda, proudly representing Michigan and PVM, finished in the top ten – an amazing feat for someone with no pageant experience. Linda’s goal in entering the Ms. Senior Michigan Pageant wasn’t just about challenging herself or winning a crown, but rather, to prove to other seniors that anything is possible – a message she hope to continue sharing during her year in the position. “Being in parades or personal appearances, I never realized how excited seniors were about a ‘peer’ doing something,” Sisco said. “The seniors cheered, applauded, yelled and blew kisses to me when I’m in front of them. I replied back, ‘We rock,” or something like that. It is pretty amazing; and I am really enjoying the experience.” Linda will reign as Ms. Senior Michigan until July 2016.



Presbyterian Villages of Michigan


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Schemes, Scams and Swindles For every dollar we earn there are more than thousands of con artists scheming on the latest ways to steal that hard earned money from us. Let’s be smart and savvy to prevent becoming their victim. This time of year tends to bring the swindlers out in force; so we thought it would be a good time to not only alert you to some of their latest scams, but also remind you of some tried and true favorites. With colder weather on the way, we can become a target of home repair fraudsters. They may approach you uninvited at your door and state that it looks like your roof or driveway are in disrepair and will become hazardous. DO NOT engage in conversation with them

or answer the door for strangers. Several things can happen: They may work in pairs with one person talking with you while the other “uses the restroom” and ransacks your smaller valuables. Or, they may talk you into very expensive and unneeded repairs. Sometimes they grab your money and never complete any work. ALWAYS check out any repair professionals with respected advisers; and only work with those with whom you initiate the contact.

A tempting and “popular” scam is fairly known, yet victimizes many people every day across America. In this scenario, someone will call your home and manage to pry from you the name of your grandchild. Or they may have found some way to get that information prior to their call. They will tell you that “Billy” has been arrested; and you must send money to bail him out. Do not let your love for your grandchild blindside you into falling for this. Hang up immediately.

Another scam which pops up every year at this time is the fraudulent “IRS” agency. With the end of the year approaching, they call individuals and tell them that you owe money to the IRS and must send payment immediately to an address which turns out to be bogus. These folks are hard to catch since they can close up a call center immediately and often use temporary addresses which are also easy to close out. The IRS does not initiate these kinds of calls. You would always receive a formal notice in the mail if there was an issue. Do not engage in calls which are unsolicited from your end.

Hotels can also be a breeding ground for scams. One which has been around for a while involves check-in information. Once you are checked into your hotel room, you will receive a call from the “front desk” stating that they forgot to get the security code from the back of your card and asking you to give it to them over the phone. Since the call seems to come from the front desk it appears to be legitimate. However, it is from an outside source who calls the operator of the hotel a number of times asking for different surnames until they light on one that matches the hotel roster. DO NOT respond to this type of call. A new scam involves fake website addresses which look like the real thing. This can result in giving critical information to scam artists. Make sure you have the official website. We recommend you even call the hotel directly in the city which you are visiting to make a reservation. The key word here is VERIFY, VERIFY, VERIFY. Do not give out information when strangers solicit. We taught our children and grandchildren: “Don’t talk to strangers!” That advice holds true for consumers as well. Smart and savvy consumers can avoid becoming victims. Information provided by the Administration on Aging and Area Agency on Aging 1B

When Aging Parents Need Your Help This was the title of our four week seminar series that addressed various topics on aging such as dementia, community resource, what is senior housing, how to handle emotions and finance, and many more. We held this series based on the feedback received from past panel presentations connected with a group of colleagues. We found that even with unlimited access to the internet and social media, adult children and caregivers struggled to find good and reliable information about how to best support their aging parent. A small team of us came together to create this four week series to provide adult children and caregivers with information that is current, pertinent, and answered their questions. The response was extremely positive. This series was held on Tuesday evenings from mid-September to mid-October at St. Mary’s Hospital in Livonia. At the end of the event we asked everyone to complete a survey and let us know their thoughts on the program as well as topics they would like to see in the future. 36 attendees received 20 surveys. Several couples chose to complete one survey together. The

response to the question; “Would you recommend to a friend?” and “Would you like to be notified of other workshops?” where both rated at 100%. The comments we received to the question; “What part of the program was most valuable?” Where things such as; • All of it, This was a great series. • The most valuable thing I took from the program: I am not alone with my concerns and responsibilities. Research now, before decisions must be made. • They all were, if not for my mom, then for us because we are old too. • The variety of topics covered was terrific Due to the success of this program we have decided to repeat the series in both the spring


and fall of 2016. We have been providing educational classes on various topics such as; dementia 101, Brain Healthy Living, Sandwich generation, panel presentations, as well as a host of others for almost 10 years. Every time an educational class is provided we have noted response of the attendees and their hunger for knowledge. They are always welcoming and grateful for the information provided. In today’s age of access to endless information; human connection and interaction is still a desired way to receive instruction in many cases.

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WEBSITE UPDATES We are pleased to announce that our new website will be launching by the end of 2015. Check out the new design and fresh look which will include video tours and floor plans for our locations as well as endearing testimonials to tell the story of PVM. You can access the site at www.pvm.org. Also, you can find out the latest information on our Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Facebook page. Please Like us and link to us. We enjoy sharing your good news as well.

Coming soon!



Congressional Medal Given to Village of Westland Resident Members of Congress recently honored the six surviving “Monuments Men” with the Congressional Gold Medal. MOTOKO HUTHWAITE (RIGHT), WITH FORMER SPEAKER OF THE During World War II the 350 members HOUSE JOHN BOEHNER AND SEANTOR MITCH MCCONNELL, of the Monuments Men” included men ALONG WITH FELLOW RECIPIENTS and women from 13 countries who sought out and protected cultural artifacts from the Nazis. Their mission was to recover, protect, preserve and return these stolen artifacts. A recent movie depicted their mission. This ceremony recognized them for preserving the culture of Western civilization for generations to come. The work of artists such as Rembrandt, Michaelangelo, Donatello and others were a part of this treasure trove. These works are now being exhibited in museums around the world. At the recent Congressional ceremony in Washington, D.C., only a few of the surviving six members were able to make the journey. We are pleased to report that one of these heroes in attendance was Motoko Huthwaite, a resident of The Village at Westland. Congratulations Motoko, we are proud to have such a courageous and heroic person in our midst. This information was gathered from remarks at the Congressional ceremony. For further information go to the following link: http://www.nbcnews.com/video/congressionalgold-medal-given-to-surviving-monuments-men-549665347897 PERSONALIZED OPTIONS FOR CARE

EXPOS & EVENTS PVM has been on the move, as usual, getting the word out into the community with educational topics and telling our story. Recently we participated in several caregiver expos and annual meetings. These included partnering with LeadingAge Michigan. Area Agencies on Aging, Wayne State Institute of Gerontology, Eastern Michigan University and the Michigan Association of Senior Centers (MASC). If you are at an upcoming expo we will likely be there as well. Look for the banner pictured here which is from the MASC conference.

• Could you use an extra hand with some care?

Why not consider CareSync Solutions?

• Do you struggle with getting to appointments, the store, or around town? • Maybe you need to find some resources and are not sure where to turn?

Care Sync S OLUT IONS Keeping You Healthy

CareSync Solutions is a joint venture between Homestead Home Health Care Services and Presbyterian Villages of Michigan.

WHAT IS CARESYNC SOLUTIONS? A personal service provider that can assist with things such as; private duty home health care, skilled home care, counseling services, personal care services, transportation & concierge services, access to community resources to name a few. HOW CAN CARESYNC SOLUTIONS HELP ME? Once you have contacted a representative from CareSync Solutions, they will provide a trained staff member to meet with you and/or family to meet face-to-face to assess the needs and implement a customized care management plan.

For more information, to make or set an appointment, please contact:

248-773-4550 21800 Haggerty Road, Suite 205 Northville, MI 48167

www.caresyncsolutions.org CareSync Solutions is committed to providing services without regard to race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status or national origin


Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Home for the Holidays With the coming of the holiday season we all look forward to time with family. However, as many of the season’s comedy movies highlight, often the family dynamics attached are not perfect. Here are some dynamics to look out for with some suggestions as to how to deal with them: • I’ve Got a Secret – In this dynamic parents will often try to hide problems they are having with the aging process. They may put off medical appointments or taking their medications due to cost or feeling overwhelmed. They may hide a recent fall or issues with bills since they fear a loss of independence or don’t want to burden their children. If you are a senior do not do this to your children. Remember the times your children may have held back information from you while they were growing up and how that made the problems worse. Know that there are many ways to get help without losing your independence. If you are an adult caregiver, take the time to have an open-ended conversation with your parents. Ask about how they are doing with their bills, medications and help around the house. Look for patterns of change. For instance, if they were an immaculate housekeeper and now things just don’t look the same, that is a red flag. Make sure their appliances are in good working order and that there is adequate food in their home. Ask if there is something you can do to help them stay independent. And, encourage them to use a personal emergency system. That will give you and them peace of mind even if they may resist at first. • The Little Red Hen Syndrome – There is an extreme trend among siblings to act like the chicks in The Little Red Hen. Many siblings will try to delegate all of the caregiving responsibilities to one person and take a free ride for themselves. This is so common place that experts have coined a term, “the designated daughter”. It says daughter instead of son since it is usually a female family member who is drafted. There are some men who do an incredible job with caregiving; but the vast majority are women. If you recall, in The Little Red Hen, most of the chicks only wanted to eat the bread, not put any of the sweat equity into making the bread. Likewise, some siblings will be there to get the accolades at birthday parties and anniversaries but add nothing to the mix when it comes to helping. Now there does need to be someone as a point person to prevent confusion. And usually there is one family member who is best suited to act in that role. However, if you are the designated person, become a “care manager” acting much like a contractor in building a home. Have a family meeting, even if by phone. Talk about what needs to be done; and as much as possible assign tasks. For example, if someone is long distance, they may not be able to drive to medical appointments or pick up medications. However, they can deal with the taxes or go on-line to help select a Medicare plan. If you are the sibling who is unable to be the designated caregiver, make sure you check in frequently and give moral support. Show your appreciation to your sibling. Send them special gifts and notes to let them know how much you appreciate what they are doing. If your budget allows, send them on an all expenses paid vacation while you come and take over for a few days or a week. Remember all the things your parents did for you and be a loving adult child. This will also make things easier for everyone since it will help to avoid the resentment which can build up if the “designated daughter or son” starts to feel that they are being exploited. Do not let “sibling rivalry” get in the way. In one situation a sibling blurted out to his sister: “You always ran the show when we were kids so you can just keep doing it now!” Let old resentments die and move on. Holding onto old grudges is not only harmful to our families but also to the one holding that grudge. And most of all, enjoy the holiday with your family. All the best to you and yours. Excerpts from “Caregiver Tsunami” by Lynn Alexander




Friday, May 13, 2016


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Volunteer for PVM:

A Little Time Can Go A Long Way Come Spend Time With Us. Become A Volunteer at Presbyterian Villages of Michigan!


As a volunteer, you are a critical component to the quality of life of PVM residents. You can help make a difference in the life of an older adult while providing a service to your community. You will have the opportunity to share your unique skills and talents while working closely with PVM employees and residents. No time commitment or service provided is too small, so call a PVM Village today to inquire about our exciting volunteer opportunities!


Any enthusiastic individual can work as a PVM volunteer. We welcome individuals, families, groups, and corporate volunteers. Children under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by a parent.


PVM offers many volunteer opportunities in a variety of settings. The following is just a sample of the volunteer jobs PVM has to offer. The possibilities are endless! Special Event Volunteer: From luau’s to senior proms, PVM offers a variety of special events throughout The Villages. You can participate in the planning, decoration and set-up, resident assistance, and clean-up. Resident Outing Volunteer: For those who love to travel! PVM is always taking our residents somewhere new, whether it is a short trip to the store or an overnight stay at a conference. You would contribute by assisting the residents and staff with the traveling process. Resident Activities Volunteer: From hobbies to exercise, PVM offers a wide variety of daily activities. Assist the activities department or create and oversee your own weekly activity! Volunteer Gardener: Gardener and grounds keeping volunteer. Have a green thumb? Like to help spruce up the grounds? PVM could use your talents! From planting flowers to building maintenance, we would love your help. Volunteer Driver: From field trips to doctor’s appointments, PVM residents are always going somewhere. You would be responsible for transporting residents driving The Village buses. Volunteers must have appropriate licensure and an impeccable driving record. Presbyterian Villages of Michigan would like to thank you for considering joining the PVM team. We look forward to hearing from you soon! To complete the volunteer application or for more information, please visit:

www.pvm.org/about-us/volunteer or call all 248.281.2020.

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Thanks for Giving! Individuals: Rev. Estelle Aaron Mr. Brian Marzolf & Mrs. Tina Abbate-Marzolf Mrs. Roseann Abbruscato Absolute Services Andrew D. Adair, D.O. Ms. Adrienne D. Adams Ms. Helen Adams Mr. & Mrs. Tom Adams Adam’s Family Restaurant Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Ager Agility Health AGM Financial Services, Inc. Mr. William E. Ahlstrom Aileron Ltd. Airport Road 7-Eleven Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Akridge Mr. Craig Alcantara The Honorable James & Lynn Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Mark Allen Mr. & Mrs. Alex Allie All-Med Medical Supply ALM Technologies Mr. Jim Al-Riashi Mr. & Mrs. Mark Alyea Mrs. Marilynn R. Amann American Carpet Care, Inc. Ameriscape, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Ames Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Amlin Mrs. Laura J. Anderson Raymond & Marjorie Anderson Ms. Shawna L. Anderson Mrs. Thelma Anderson Anonymous (8) Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Arbaugh Ms. Mary Ann Archer Ms. Bessie M. Ardis Area Agency on Aging 1-B Mr. & Mrs. John R. Arndt Mr. Carl Smith & Rev. Mary Austin Ms. Mary Austin Ms. Christine Avila Ms. Carol Bailey Mr. & Mrs. John Baker Mr. & Mrs. Matthew E. Baker Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Baker Bill & Marcia Ball Ms. Nicole Banks The Barker Welfare Foundation Ms. Maureen Barkley Mr. & Mrs. Clarence C. Barksdale Mr. & Mrs. R. Kent Barnes Ms. Kathleen M. Bartz Ms. Kathryn D. Bartz Mrs. Irene A. Battaglia Ms. Mary J. Battle Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Batts Ms. Kathryn Beach Ms. Deborah L. Beard Ms. Cheryl L. Beatty Miss Helen Beaudin



On behalf of the seniors we serve, we thank the following donors who have given gifts totaling $25.00 or more to the PVM Foundation between March 1, 2015 – September 30, 2015. PVM recognizes all devoted individuals and organizations who contribute to our mission each year in the Annual Report.

Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Beaulac Mrs. Marie M. Beaulac Mrs. Marolyn Becker Miss Virginia Becker Ms. Holly Beeby Ms. Tekla J. Beeby Mr. John C. Begin Belfor Property Restoration Mr. & Mrs. John Bell Ms. Mary Bennett Ms. Sharon Benton Mrs. Jean R. Berg Miss Virginia Bertoncello Best Effort Cleaning Service Mr. Douglas M. Bigham Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Biron Ms. JoAnn Bisbee Mr. & Mrs. Jake Bishop BISSELL Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Gene Blankenship Mr. Joseph A. Blasko Mrs. Kathleen Block Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Blumka Mrs. Kathryn Boeckman Mr. & Mrs. Larry Boerman Mr. & Mrs. John Bokoski, Jr. Mr. Robert H. Bokram Ms. Jane A. Bolender Mrs. Audrey Bolton Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bomberski Mr. William D. Bone Mr. & Mrs. James Bonstelle Mr. & Mrs. William K. Borglin Mr. & Mrs. Pier Borra Mr. James T. Bradford Mrs. Marla L. Bradford Shelby Bradford Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Branch Ms. Barbara Brandt Braun Construction Group Mr. Joseph Brenkus Rev. Alec U. Brooks Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Brooks Mrs. Natalie E. Brothers Ms. Christine Browder Ms. Yvonne Browder Mr. Edgar M. Brown Ms. Irene T. Brown Ms. Mary Brown Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Brown Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Robert O. Brown Ms. Virginia M. Brown Ms. Graziella Bruner Mr. James W. Bruner Bruttell Roofing Co. Inc. Sheila & Matthew Buchman Mr. & Mrs. William Bugera Mr. Andrew Bullock Ms. Sue Bunch Ms. Louanna R. Burch Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Burch Mr. William Burgess Mrs. Denice J. Burke Ms. Annette Burns

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bush Ms. Jenifer W. Bushman Mr. & Mrs. David T. Buzzelli Ms. Clenora Byes Mr. & Mrs. Emmet F. Byrne Ms. Kay Byrne Mr. & Mrs. Pat Byrne Ms. Gracine E. Callahan Mrs. Carolyn E. Cameron Mr. & Mrs. Burke Campbell Ms. Helen Campbell Ms. Beverlee Caperton Capital Fund Title Services, LLC Brian & Beth Carnaghi Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Carney Mrs. Thomas H. Carruthers, IV Ms. Gwendolyn Carswell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Carter Dr. & Mrs. Charles Cartwright Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Cassidy Mrs. Carolyn Catchings Cattin Family Trust Ms. Michelle M. Caza Mr. Kevin Centala Ms. Sheila M. Cesaro Mrs. Constance Charles Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Ms. Eschelle Chatman-Burger Mr. David Chavez Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Chellis Ms. Tianshu Chu Chen Ms. Ellen A. Childs Mr. Byron Chocola Judge & Mrs. James P. Churchill Cinnaire, formerly Great Lakes Capital Fund Ms. Mary L. Clark Mr. Samuel S. Clark Ms. Victoria W. Clark Classic Investigative Agency Ms. Bobie Clement Mr. & Mrs. James Cloutier Mr. & Mrs. Gerald F. Coggins Mr. & Mrs. Donald Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Tom Collins Comerica Charitable Foundation Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan William & Marjorie Connor Continuum Development Services Ms. Stephanie A. Cooper Mrs. Loretta Cortis Ms. Dawn M. Corwin Mr. Steven Cosby, Jr. Mr. Tyler Cosmer Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Cote Mr. & Mrs. Hank Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord M. Creedon Ms. Clara Crowell Ms. Diane Curtis

Mrs. Phyllis Curtis Ms. Yolanda DAddezio Ms. Patricia B. Dailey Ms. Betsy D’Alelio Mr. & Mrs. John J. Daly The Damone Group, LLC Mrs. Elva B. Daniels Ms. Katherine Davis Mr. Robert Davis Ms. Rosie Davis Chaplain Patsy A. DeBruce Mr. & Mrs. Steven DeHaan Ms. Deborah DeKarsky Mr. & Mrs. Howard DeKarsky Ms. Sally A. DelVecchio Mr. John E. Demmer Mr. & Mrs. William A. Demmer Mrs. Mary Denning Mrs. Dorothy C. Dennis Ms. Lucille M. DeRosia Ms. Marsha Desaussure- McCleod Mrs. Lois Desimpel Detroit Area Agency on Aging 1-A The Richard & Helen DeVos Foundation Ms. Adriane deWindt Dillon Energy Services Dixon Inc. Masonry Construction Mr. & Mrs. Ed Dobson Mr. & Mrs. William G. Dobson Ms. Natalie Douglas Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Draper Mr. & Mrs. Doug Duby Mrs. Lorna J. Dunn Mrs. Meagan Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Albert Durand Mr. Shawn G. Dusette Ms. Rene’ Duty Mr. Nelson Dworack Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Dye Mr. & Mrs. Herb Easley Ms. Mary Edwards Ms. Mary M. Edwards Ms. Suzanne M. Edwards William J. & Julia Edwards Foundation Elder Law of Michigan, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Erle Mr. & Mrs. Terry Ervin Rev. Joseph Esper Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. - Alpha Chapter Mrs. Dolly Ethier Mrs. Evalyn L. Eucker Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Euler Evangelical Homes of Michigan Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Evans Ms. June M. Everett Ms. Ida Fantauzzi Ms. Mary Sue Faulkner Ms. Laura L. Fecteau Ms. Andrea Felice Mr. John W. Ferns Fifth Third Bank


Ms. Alice Finley First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn FirstMerit Bank Mrs. Mary L. Fischer Mr. James C. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. William P. Fisher Ms. Betty Fitzhenry Flagstar Bank Ms. Kay Flavin Ms. Barbara F. Flemming Mrs. Geri Flick Ms. Karin W. Flint Ms. Georgina Fontana Ms. Ovetta Forge Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Fosdick Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fox Ms. Carolyn Foy Ms. Doris M. Foy Ms. Khalea D. Foy Ms. Ruth Freebury Mr. & Mrs. H. William Freeman Rev. Sandra E. Freeman Ms. Melissa Freiburger Mrs. Elizabeth M. Frey Mrs. Eleanor Friend Mrs. Colleen K. Froats Ms. Audra D. Frye Rev. & Mrs. William J. Fuerstenau Mr. & Mrs. James Fullford Ms. Denise D. Funke David & Laura Gabriel Ms. Marjorie L. Gabriel Mr. Robert G. Gaines Dr. & Mrs. Laurence E. Gallagher Ms. Beverly Galliher Mr. Thomas J. Gallo Garden City Hospital Mr. John W. Gardner, Jr. & Mrs. Mona K. Ross-Gardner Ms. Saymatha Gaston Mr. Frederick Gates & Rev. Sharlyn Gates Mr. Robert D. Gawne Sister Helen Therese Gazarek Ms. Joan D. Geering Mr. Lloyd G. Geering Ms. Marisa L. Geldhof Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Gendernalik Ms. Toni A. Germaine Giffels Webster Rev. & Mrs. George F. Gillette Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gillham Rev. Dr. Lawrence T. Glenn, Sr. Glenn Drive S. Traverse Partnership Ms. Barbara L. Glines Mr. & Mrs. Ogolin Glover Gompers, Cornish & Barr Ms. Shirley Gooden Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Goodwin, Jr.

Mr. Donald J. Gorman Mr. & Mrs. James D. Gotch Dr. Gwendolyn Graddy-Dansby Mr. & Mrs. John G. Graff Ms. Janet L. Graham Mr. Brian L. Granger Ms. Julie L. Granthen Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Green Ms. Heather L. Green Ms. Mary E. Green Bob & Cynthia Greene Estate of Earl C. Greene Mr. & Mrs. Cleveland Gregory Ms. Shardaya Gregory Mrs. Toni D. Greig Ms. Ona Greve Ms. S. Elizabeth Griffin Ms. Dora Griffith Mr. Stuart Grigg & Mr. Joseph Katulic Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Gross Grosse Pointe Memorial Church Ms. Michelle Guillemette Ms. Sylvia E. Guillemette Mr. Cornel Gulatt Mr. & Mrs. James Gulley Ms. Fidelis Guoan Ms. Edith M. Gutowski Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hachigian Mrs. Elizabeth Haewski Mr. Jeffrey Hagen Ms. Sharon Hajduk Ms. Reisa A. Hamilton Ms. Gloria J. Hamlin Mr. Ronald B. Hanchett Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hannah Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Hanpeter Ms. Dawn Marie Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Martin Hansen Harbor Springs Bay View Reading Club Harbor Springs IGA Ms. Georgia A. Hardin Ms. Ethel Harper Albert & Marcina Harris Ms. Yulanda Harris Mr. Muhsin Hasan Mr. Omar Hashem Ms. Carolyn J. Hastings Mrs. Waneta R. Hawes HBO Mr. Sean M. Healey Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Healy Ms. Elaine Hearns Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Heikkila Ms. Jennifer L. Heim Ms. Katherine Heinrich Mr. Harold R. Heintz Mr. Jeff Heintz Ms. Ruthenia Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Henry, Jr. Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Peter J.M. Henry Henry Ford Health System Dr. Anita M. Herman, Ed.D.

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Mrs. Susan J. Herrmann Scott & Kerri Heydens Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hibbard Ms. Gloria Hicks Long Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Higgs Mrs. Dolores Hill Ms. Deborah S. Hillebrand Estate of Francis V. Hillebrand HJ Sims Mrs. Beverly Hoglund Ms. Melissa Hoglund Ms. LaDonna A. Holley Ms. Kay Hollister Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Hollowell Holly Area Community Coalition Ms. Gail Holmes Mr. Richard J. Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Honeycheck Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Honoré Mr. Michael F. Hooton Mr. & Mrs. John Hopkins Mrs. Dorothy Horan Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Horan Mrs. Doris J. Horton Ms. Gabrielle Horton Mrs. Gail Horton Mr. Milon Horton Mr. Thom Hosinski Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. House Mrs. Suzanne Hovey Mr. & Mrs. Wesley D. Hovey Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Howbert Mr. Charles F. Howe, Jr. Ms. Barbara Hubbard Mrs. Wanda M. Hubbell Rev. & Mrs. David Huber Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Hudson Ms. Polly Hudson Ms. Ara D. Hunter Huntington National Bank Ms. Motoko F. Huthwaite Mr. Kevin G. Irwin, II Ms. Lisa Henderson Irwin Mr. Robert R. Israels Mr. & Mrs. Verne G. Istock Jablonski Family Mrs. Charity Jackson Ms. Dolores Jackson Ms. Johnnie C. Jackson Ms. Judith Jackson Mrs. Cheryl A. Jacobs Mr. Ted Jacobs & Mr. Derrick Blanchard Ms. Kathleen G. Jacobson Ms. Cynthia A. James Ms. Jackie Janetski Ms. Linda Janetski Ms. Jean Jardine Mr. & Mrs. Allen Jarosz Dr. Lynda K. Jeffries Ms. Andrea Jenkins Mr. Douglas Jenks Jermor Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Ms. Dereka Johnson Ms. Henrietta Johnson Ms. Linda Johnson Ms. Nakia Johnson Mr. Paul Johnson, III

Ms. Vernice Johnson Ms. Brenda Johnston Mr. Charles M. Jones, Jr. Mrs. Dorothy L. Jones Ms. Kina Jones Mr. Mark A. Jones Ms. Vivian Jones Ms. Wylene Jones Ms. Eleanore Jozwiak Mr. & Mrs. Steven H. Judd Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kalka Mr. & Mrs. Roderick W. Kallgren Mrs. Elizabeth C. Kasperek Ms. Holly Kaszuba Mrs. Mary K. Keebler Mr. & Mrs. George H. Kehm Ms. Judy Kehr Mrs. Virginia Kendrick Mrs. Pauline Kenner Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Kenney Mr. & Mrs. Tony Kenny Mrs. Lynn G. Kenworthy Ms. Brenda Kerr Ms. Lois A. Kerr Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kerrigan Nathan & Megan Keup Mr. & Mrs. Ron Keup Ms. Geraldine L. Kidd Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Kimbrough Drs. Robert & Donna King Mrs. Frances King Mr. Kenneth Bissey & Ms. Joyce King Kirk in the Hills Ms. Margaret A. Kirkeby Mr. Chuck Kisandi Kitch, Drutchas, Wagner, Valitutti & Sherbrook KK’s LLC Mr. Eugene Kleemann Mrs. JoAnn Kletzka Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Klinefelter Ms. Stacey L. Klooster Ms. Lucy Knowles Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kocan Ms. Pearl L. Koning Mr. Frank F. Kopka Mrs. Richard Kozlowski Ms. Cyndi Kramer Ms. Marion E. Kuebler Mr. Stephen Kuehn Mr. Gary R. Kuerbitz Ms. Judi Kuykendall Mrs. Patricia LaCount Mr. & Mrs. Cornell LaLone Ms. Denise M. Lamar Ms. Marlene V. Lambert Ms. Nicole R. Langmesser Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo J. Lara, Jr. Mrs. Dorothy Latcha Mr. Raymond A. Latimer Lau & Lau Associates LLC Ms. Mary M. Layton LeadingAge Michigan Mrs. Annie Legrand Ms. Eileen Lehnert Mrs. Joan F. Lehoczky Ms. Danielle Leithauser Level One Bank Mr. & Mrs. Duane M. Lewis Ms. Catherine L. Liesman

Ms. Anne Lilla Dr. Mark Lindley & Mrs. Sandy Talbott Mr. & Mrs. Steve Cournoyer Mr. & Mrs. Bob Litzer Mr. & Mrs. David Llewellyn Dr. Mary E. Lloyd Ms. Lovella Longstreet Loudenback Family Mr. Jason Lovelly Mrs. Lesley Luft Dr. & Mrs. Aaron Lundgaard Ms. Rose Luptowski Mr. & Mrs. W. David Lyle Ms. Patricia MacDonald Garber Mrs. Diane K. MacKenzie Mahjong Group at Perry Farm Village Ms. Melissa A. Malane Richard & Jane Manoogian Foundation Mrs. Lois Manville Marcus & Millichap Ms. Anna Markowycz Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Markus Col. & Mrs. Michael V. Marston, USAFR (Ret) Ms. Betty Martin Ms. Carolyn M. Martin Miss Courtney Martin Mrs. Marion Martin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Martin Mr. & Mrs. Ron Martin Ms. Roslyn T. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Webb F. Martin Ms. Lisa Mason Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Massingille Mr. & Mrs. James A. Masterson Lorraine D. Matson Foundation Mrs. Carol Matyniak Ms. Carrie Maxwell Mr. & Mrs. Gary G. Mayberry Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Mayer Mr. & Mrs. Fred Mayhew Ms. Maureen Mayne Mr. & Mrs. Louis T. Mbidzo Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. McAskin Ms. Norine C. McBride Ms. Connie McCann Ms. Margaret F. McCarthy Mr. Philip A. McComish & Dr. Judith Fry McComish Mr. & Mrs. Mark McConnell Miss Frances McCowian Ms. Minnie McCree The McCrimmon Family Mr. Max McCullough Mr. Joseph H. McDonald Ms. Carrie H. McElroy Mrs. Maxine McFarland Mrs. Natalie R. McIntyre Mrs. Carolina McKay Mr. & Mrs. Alexander C. McKeen Ms. Donna McKeny Mr. Patrick W. McLogan Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. McMurray Mrs. Jody Meagher

Mr. Donald Pryor & Mrs. Diana Mercer-Pryor Mr. Joseph R. Mesechoff, Jr. Mrs. Frances Metcalf Metro North Federal Credit Union Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. Meuchel Mrs. Betsy Mianecki Michigan Seamless Tube LLC Michigan Stamp & Coin Exchange Michigan State Housing Development Authority Mr. & Mrs. Brent Middleton Mr. & Mrs. Donell Miles Mr. & Mrs. Tom Miles Ms. Katherine Millenbach Mr. & Mrs. David M. Miller Ms. Lois H. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Miller Mrs. Theldha Miller Tricia Miller, RN, CLNC Jamie R. Mills & James G. Nichols Mr. George B. Millush, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Louis W. Miramonti Mrs. Margaret M. Miron Samuel Miscisin Trust Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mitchell Mr. Sean M. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Gary Mogg Mr. & Mrs. Ken Monroe Mr. & Mrs. James F. Moon-Dupree Eric & Connie Moore Ms. Joan C. Moore Ms. Betty Ann Morgan Mrs. Helen Morrison Mr. Matthew Moss Rob & Vee Mossburg Ms. Deborah A. Muhich Mrs. Kathleen Mumford Mr. & Mrs. Randal Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Murray Ms. Shawna O. Murry My Beloved Group Home Mrs. Faye E. Myers Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Myers NA Management & Marketing, LLC Ms. Wilma Nagel Ms. Joan M. Nagrant Drs. George H. Nassif & Vivian Y. Ibrahim Ms. Mary M. Neff Ms. Irene Nelson Mr. Willie Nelson Ms. Frances H. Ness Dr. & Mrs. Dale Nester New Silver Star M.B. Church Mr. John Nichols Nissan Insurance Agency Inc. Mrs. Maryanne Noble Ron & Joanne Nosek Ms. Marcia Nunn Ms. Eileen M. Oakley Ms. Dolores Ochoa Sue Guitar Odom & Family Mr. Jim Offield Mr. & Mrs. John H. Ogden Mr. Edward F. Oldani



Outlook 2015 Vol. – 2nd Ed. | 9

Rev. & Mrs. Charles Olsen Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Orvis Mr. Charles Otis Mrs. Kara Otto Mrs. Carolyn Owens P & H Plumbing & Heating, Inc. PACE Southeast Michigan Ms. Frances Packer Ms. Caroline Parker Mr. Melvin L. Parker & Dr. Gwendolyn H. Parker Mr. & Mrs. Levi Parr Mrs. Florence Pascoe Mrs. Ann Pasternak Ms. Josie Patrick Mr. & Mrs. Philip Patterson Mr. & Mrs. David K. Patton Ms. Jennifer M. Pauly Mr. & Mrs. Ted L. Payne Mrs. Rosetta Peace Mr. & Mrs. Wesley R. Pelling Ms. Olayinka Pemberton Ms. Gloria J. Pender Ms. Charnai R. Perry Ms. Geraldine Perry Mrs. Patricia Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Peterson Petoskey-Harbor Springs  Area Community Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John Petro Ms. Pauline M. Petterson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Petz Ms. Dana L. Phelan Ms. Francesca M. Phillips Ms. Judy L. Piccininni Ms. Linda Pierce Mrs. Patricia P. Pike Mr. & Mrs. Eugene F. Pisha Plante & Moran/CRESA Bob & Patti Pollack Ms. Esther Polmanteer Mr. Nolan Poloney Presbytery of Detroit, Inc. Mr. Aaron Price Prime Office Innovations Priority Health/Spectrum Health Pro Quality Flooring Mr. & Mrs. James Prokes Ms. Jeanne Prokes Ms. Barb Proos Ms. Janet Pung Quality Air Service, Inc. Mrs. Gail P. Quann Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Rabbideau Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rachwitz Mr. & Mrs. Frank Raine Ms. Maria Ramos Mrs. Patricia Randolph Ms. Ann L. Ranfranz Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Rauschke Mr. Lawrence W. Ray Mr. Richard D. Ray Rea & Shoemaker, P.C. Mr. Paul Rease Ms. Josephine R. Redd Mr. & Mrs. William D. Reith, P.E. Ms. Evelyn Rembach

Mrs. Dorothy Remsberg Ms. Patricia Ann Rencher Resources for Healthy Living Mr. Edward P. Revis Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Reynolds Mrs. Romayne Rhodes Gary & Linda Pauly Ms. Betty Ridley Ms. Melissa Riesterer Mr. & Mrs. Jack Rifenberg Mrs. Linda E. Riley Ms. Teri Rintz Ms. Penny Rizzo Ms. Anita L. Robinson Ben & Joanne Robinson Mrs. Gloria W. Robinson Ms. Rose Mary C. Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Frank Roche Ms. Jacqueline H. Roda ROG Mechanical Ms. Elizabeth Rogerson Rosebush Interfaith Retirement Community Inc. Rosebush Presbyterian Church Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Ross Mrs. Ruth Roth Dr. William Rubin Ms. Joyce E. Rupersburg Rev. James P. Russell & Mrs. Judith GulliverRussell Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Rutherford Ms. Mary E. Saffian Ms. Rose M. Saffold Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Sanders Ms. Susan Sandy Mrs. Anna Sape Ms. Constance Sarkozi Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Sassak Ms. Thelma Saunders Mr. Andrew G. Schaefer Mr. Karl Schillinger Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Schirmer Mr. R. Hamilton Schirmer Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Schroeder Mrs. Janice M. Schulte Ms. Doris Schwaderer Ms. Jannie M. Scott Mr. William Scott Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Seiter Ms. Gail M. Selvala The Senior Alliance Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Serra Ms. Jewell Sessom Mr. & Mrs. John Sevald Ms. E Marita Sheeran Ms. Stephanie Shelley Ms. Vivian E. Shelton Mrs. Allyn Shepard Ms. Regina Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Shim Ms. Frances L. Simmons Mr. & Mrs. William Sisco Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sivak Ms. Gail Sliwinski Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Sloss Mr. & Mrs. David Small Ms. Carol J. Smith

10 | 2015 Vol. – 2nd Ed. Presbyterian Villages of Michigan | Outlook

Thanks for Giving! Mr. Dale M. Smith Ms. Debbie Smith Ms. Lisa Smith Mr. & Mrs. Philip Smith Mr. Russell J. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Smith SmithGroupJJR Mr. & Mrs. Mark Smogor Ms. Rachel Smolinski Mrs. Amy Smyth Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Snider Mr. & Mrs. Richard Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Sonnenberg Mr. & Mrs. David Sonnenberg Souder Family Foundation Southeast Westland Homeowners Association Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Spaller Mr. & Mrs. Max Spaulding Mr. Ronald L. Spears & Mrs. Eleanor SquaireSpears Ms. Madonna Spence Ms. Doris Spencer Mr. John W. Spoelhof Mrs. Virginia M. Spurr Mr. David M. Squibb Mrs. Fay I. Squibb St. John’s Episcopal Church Ms. Rae A. Stachnik Ms. Mary K. Stackpole Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Starke Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Steben, Jr. Ms. Vera Steele Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Stefani Mr. & Mrs. Jon Steinacker Mr. & Mrs. Gale Stephens Ms. Marian C. Stephens Ms. Rachelle A. Stephenson Robert L. Stephenson, M.D. Sterling Home Health Care Ms. Catherine Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Stokes Mrs. Gloria S. Stokes Mrs. Patricia Stokes Ms. Gladys Stolzenfeld Ms. Sheri M. Stover Richard Strowger & Patricia Ellis Ms. Mary Stye Ms. Jennifer Sutkay Ms. Lisa Sutter Mr. & Mrs. James Swanson Ms. Betty R. Swartz Ms. Neva C. Sweet Mrs. Lynne Symons Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Sytsma Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Szabelski Taft-Galloway Elementary School Mr. & Mrs. Lance D. Talcott Talmer Bank and Trust Mr. & Mrs. Robb Tavill Mr. Arthur L. Taylor Ms. Aryola Taylor

On behalf of the seniors we serve, we thank the following donors who have given gifts totaling $25.00 or more to the PVM Foundation between March 1, 2015 – September 30, 2015. PVM recognizes all devoted individuals and organizations who contribute to our mission each year in the Annual Report.

Mrs. Barbara Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Michael Taylor Ms. Shige Taylor Mr. & Mrs. William Ten Eyck Ms. Harriet B. Terlecki Mrs. Avni Thomas Ms. Carmen Thomas Mrs. Monya Thomas Ms. Georgia Thompson Ms. Priscilla Thompson Mrs. Jill R. Tibbits Mr. Maynard L. Timm & Mrs. Noreen A. Markley Ms. Francine Tisby Tops MI 1788 Pontiac Mr. Paul Toth Ms. Vivian Townsend Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Trastevere Traverse Bay Canvas, Inc. Trinity Home Health Services Mr. Bruno Trout Mr. & Mrs. Miles W. Trumble Mr. Harold S. Tsuchiya Ms. Shirley H. Tucker Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Turman U.S. Lawns of Oakland County UAW-Ford National Programs Unidine Corporation University of Maryland College Park University Presbyterian Church Mrs. Rita K. Vadasz Mrs. Mary Valpredo Ms. Doris Van Oyen Mrs. Carol A. VanDenBerg Mr. & Mrs. Leon VanWassenhove Ms. Barbara VanWormer Mr. & Mrs. Norman VanWormer Mr. & Mrs. Dan S. Vasiloff Ms. Caren D. Vennard Ms. Raqual Vergara The Village of East Harbor Dining Services The Village of East Harbor Resident Association The Village of Hampton Meadows Resident Council The Village of Oakland Woods Resident Council The Village of Warren Glenn Resident Association Mr. Douglas R. Vincent & Ms. Janet Lemieux Mrs. Gladys Virag Mrs. Virginia Visner Ms. Elizabeth Volstromer Ms. Jacqueline L. Voyles Ms. Susan H. Wabeke Mr. Richard Walczak Walgreens Store #4631 Ms. Barbara Walker Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Walker Mr. John S. Walker Ms. Mary Ann Walker

Mr. & Mrs. W. James Walker Ms. Algirtha Wallace Mrs. Mary Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Fred Walstrom Walstrom Dock & Dredge Co., PLLC Mr. & Mrs. Mark Walters Ms. Mary Washington Mrs. Sophie Wasik Ms. Johnnie Mae Watkins Ms. Kimberly Watson Mr. & Mrs. Tom Watson Mrs. Annie G. Watts Weatherwax Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Webb Stacey & Bruce Welford Mr. & Mrs. Robert Welsh Mr. Kyle J. Westberg Mr. & Mrs. Larry Wetherby John & Suzanne Whipple Ms. Eva B. White Ms. Samantha White Mrs. Vivian J. White Mr. & Mrs. Donald Whitford Mr. Ray Wieckert & Ms. Jean Scates Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Wiggins Ms. Valeria D. Wiggins Mr. & Mrs. Tyree Wilburn Mr. & Mrs. Tony Wilcox Mrs. Margery W. Willey William Blair & Company, LLC Ms. Diane Williams Ms. Frances M. Williams Ms. Gloria Williams Ms. Marie Williams Mr. & Mrs. Steven F. Williams Ms. Edith Wilson Ms. Milly Wilson Ms. Nicole Wingenfeld Mr. Timothy P. Wintermute & Ms. Kathleen Sutcliffe Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Wolf Women of the Moose Holly Chapter No. 854 Ms. Stacey L. Woock Mrs. Doris Wood Ms. Ginny Wood-Broderick, L.M.S.W. Ms. Doris Woodman Ms. Joanna L. Woods Ms. Wanda Worthington Mr. & Mrs. William Wreford Mr. Jason J. Wrightner Mr. & Mrs. John A. Wrobel Mr. & Mrs. Albert T. Wujcik Mr. Thomas F. Wyllie Mr. & Mrs. Randall Zarza Doris Zazula & Family Mr. & Mrs. John Zech Mr. & Mrs. David M. Zechman Mr. & Mrs. Ted L. Zellers Ms. Karen Ziginow

In-Kind Donors: African Safari Wildlife Park The Honorable James & Lynn Alexander

Anonymous Ms. Claire Budzinski Mrs. Carolyn E. Cameron Carl’s Golfland Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Carney Ms. Minnie Carr Chateau Chantal Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix Ms. Bobie Clement Cranbrook Institute of Science Ms. Jacqueline M. Davis Detroit Historical Society Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Ms. Dorothy Flosky Mrs. Devin M. Fritzler David & Laura Gabriel Ms. Joan D. Geering Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gillham Mr. Kerry Grand Mr. Sean M. Healey Heathers Club of Bloomfield Hills The Henry Ford Ms. LaDonna A. Holley Hotel St. Regis J. Baldwin’s Ms. Johnnie C. Jackson Ms. Bev LaForest Estate of Ivor Mason Estate of Jean McCarthy MGM Grand Detroit Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Miller MJR Digital Cinemas Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Myers Ms. Mary M. Neff Oakland County Parks & Recreation Commission Ms. Jessica Pappas Park West Gallery Pewabic Pottery Mr. Lloyd Rix Ms. Treva Roy Scalawags Golf Club Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Schroeder Ms. Jannie M. Scott Serenity Life Balance Center Skydive Harbor Springs Somerset Inn Stearns Family Sycamore Hills Golf Club The Village of East Harbor Total Health Systems Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Trastevere Ms. Paula VanSullen Wierzbicki Family Wrapped in Love

In Memory of: Mrs. Angeline Arnold Ms. Cyndi Kramer Mrs. Kay Baker Mrs. Thomas H. Carruthers, IV Ms. Katherine Banks Mr. & Mrs. Donell Miles


Mrs. Deborah Begin Mr. John C. Begin Donald & Marvene Bezucha Mr. & Mrs. Gordon D. Henry, Jr. Ms. Pearl Blackmore Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gillham Dr. & Mrs. Duane L. Block Mrs. Kathleen Block Mrs. Marian Brenkus Mr. Joseph Brenkus Mrs. Nancy Brooks Rev. Alec U. Brooks Mr. Lawrence Brown Mrs. Mary Denning Michigan Seamless Tube LLC Ms. Katherine Millenbach Mrs. Carolyn Owens Rea & Shoemaker, P.C. Ms. Teri Rintz Taft-Galloway Elementary School Mr. Don Butcher Mr. & Mrs. Hank Crawford Ms. Marion Calderwood Ms. Marjorie L. Gabriel Mr. Stuart Campbell Rev. Alec U. Brooks Mr. Walter J. Cattin Cattin Family Trust Mrs. I. Bernice Curtis Ms. Heather Curtis Mr. Merlin E. Damon Dr. Lloyd E. Damon & Dr. Teresa DeMarco Mr. & Mrs. James J. Davis Ms. Drucilla Fladger Ms. Ola Davis Ms. Carol Bailey Mr. George G. Fettig Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Chellis Ms. April Marie Fitzpatrick Ms. Mercides Wright Mrs. Patricia Gawryk Mr. & Mrs. Louis W. Miramonti Father Lenny Gendernalik Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Gendernalik Mrs. Vivian Glenn Rev. Dr. Lawrence T. Glenn, Sr. Mrs. Bernice Graham Mr. & Mrs. James Bonstelle Mrs. Rosemary Griffin Mrs. Roseann Abbruscato Mr. & Mrs. John Bokoski, Jr. Mr. David Chavez Mr. Tyler Cosmer HBO Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Honoré

Ms. Kathleen G. Jacobson Ms. Judy Kehr Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kerrigan Loudenback Family Ms. E Marita Sheeran Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Sytsma Ms. Aryola Taylor Ms. Susan H. Wabeke Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Gruber Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Rauschke Ms. Isabelle J. Hadley Mr. D. James Hadley Mr. Anthony Haewski Mrs. Elizabeth Haewski Ms. Alzina M. Hanchett Mr. Ronald B. Hanchett Mr. & Mrs. James Prokes Ms. Martha E. Rau Heintz Mr. Harold R. Heintz Mr. Otis Henderson Mr. Melvin L. Parker & Dr. Gwendolyn H. Parker Mr. Frank Hillebrand Estate of Francis V. Hillebrand Mrs. Earma B. Hogue Ms. Mary M. Layton Mr. George Hopping Mr. & Mrs. Burke Campbell Ms. Jean Jenks Mr. Douglas Jenks Mr. Harvey Johnson Mr. & Mrs. John E. Bradford Mr. & Mrs. Norman V. Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Mark Walters Mr. James A. Jones The Honorable James & Lynn Alexander Mr. Wiley Jones Ms. Wylene Jones Mrs. Grace Jurmo Mrs. Faye E. Myers Mrs. Janice V. Wharrie Mr. John T. Kerr The Honorable James & Lynn Alexander Mrs. Marilynn R. Amann Area Agency on Aging 1-B Dan & Joanne Burton Ms. Clementine Frear Ms. Lisa Mason Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Myers Ms. Judy Orlowski Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Sassak Mr. & Mrs. Dan S. Vasiloff Mr. & Mrs. Steven F. Williams Mr. Timothy P. Wintermute & Ms. Kathleen Sutcliffe Doris Zazula & Family Mrs. Mary Kisandi Mr. Chuck Kisandi

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan | Outlook Mrs. Ione Lang Mr. & Mrs. Mark Smogor

Mrs. Margaret M. Miron Ms. Mary K. Stackpole Mr. Paul Toth

Mr. Fred Lear Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Erle

Mrs. Ann Miscisin SmithGroupJJR

Mr. Frank Lehoczky The Honorable James & Lynn Alexander

Mrs. Margaret Mulligan Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gillham

Mr. Steve E. Lehoczky, Sr. The Honorable James & Lynn Alexander Ms. Genevieve Lipinski Mrs. Marolyn Becker Ms. Margaret A. Kirkeby Mr. & Mrs. Philip Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Robb Tavill Mrs. Mary Valpredo

Mr. Ronald W. Neff Ms. Joan M. Nagrant Ms. Mary M. Neff Mr. Newlin & Rachel Nichols Mr. John Nichols Mr. Ronald B. Noble Mrs. Maryanne Noble

Mrs. Margaret Lowe Ms. Debbie Smith

Mrs. Nellie Odom Ms. Andrea Felice

Mr. Robert Manville Mrs. Lois Manville

Daniel & Florene Parker Ms. Caroline Parker

Mrs. Jean McCarthy Ms. Sharon Hajduk Mr. & Mrs. Albert Harris Ms. Margaret F. McCarthy Sue Guitar Odom & Family Ms. Ann L. Ranfranz Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Reynolds

Rev. Dr. LeRoy J. Peterson Mrs. Patricia Peterson Mrs. Rita K. Vadasz

Mickey & Jerri McDonald Rev. Alec U. Brooks

John & Sybil Raeside Mr. & Mrs. Albert T. Wujcik

Mr. Glenn E. McIntyre Mrs. Natalie R. McIntyre

Mr. Jerry Randolph Mrs. Patricia Randolph

Gerald & Louraine McKindles Ron & Joanne Nosek

Mr. Matthew Ransom Ms. Dora Griffith

Dr. David & Mae McSwain Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. McSwain Mr. Richard J. Metcalf Mrs. Frances Metcalf Rev. Richard H. Miller Ms. Lois H. Miller Mr. Leon Miron Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Ager Ms. Joann C. Buhl Mr. & Mrs. Doug Duby Mr. Ted Jacobs & Mr. Derrick Blanchard

Gordon & Rome Phillip Ms. Frances H. Ness Mr. Stanley R. Pordon Mr. & Mrs. Mark Smogor

Mrs. Phyllis Reed Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Murray Mr. & Mrs. Jon Steinacker Rev. Milton M. Rhodes Ms. Joann Renosky Mrs. Romayne Rhodes Mr. Jack Rizzo Ms. Pauline M. Petterson Ms. Penny Rizzo Mr. Elmer J. Roth The Honorable James & Lynn Alexander Ms. Beatrice Seiter Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Seiter

Mr. David Watson Smith Mr. & Mrs. Burke Campbell

Mrs. Mary L. Wint Ms. Ona Greve

Mr. J. Gordon Smith Mr. Russell J. Smith

Mr. Richard Wisniewski Mrs. Patricia Stokes

Ms. Patricia Starke Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Starke

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John & Myrtle Taylor Ms. Johnnie C. Jackson Mr. Nicholas Vadassis Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Green Mr. William Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Branch Mr. & Mrs. Albert Durand Jablonski Family Mrs. Maxine McFarland Mr. & Mrs. John Sevald Mrs. Darlene Wallace Mrs. Jean B. Warner Ms. Jane A. Bolender Mr. & Mrs. James Fullford Mrs. Doris J. Horton Mr. & Mrs. Allen Jarosz John & Suzanne Whipple Mrs. Helen M. Weidner Mr. & Mrs. Lance D. Talcott Rev. Stuart & Violet Werner Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Ross Mr. & Mrs. Edgar West Ms. Linda Owens Victor & Laundie Wezensky Mr. & Mrs. Tom Collins Mr. Howard White Ms. Maureen Barkley Ms. Stacey L. Woock Mrs. Rena Wierzbicki Mr. & Mrs. John R. Arndt Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Biron Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Stefani Mrs. Margaret H. Williams Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Ed Dobson Mr. & Mrs. William G. Dobson Rev. & Mrs. R. A. N. Wilson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Goodwin, Jr.


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Larry & Donna Anderson Rev. Alec U. Brooks Mrs. Sandra Ballard Mrs. Jody Meagher Randy & Tara Beikmann Ms. Neva C. Sweet Ms. Susie Bennett Ms. Gloria Williams Mrs. Jean R. Berg Mr. & Mrs. George H. Kehm Ms. Jodi Brooke Ms. Janice Ingraham Rev. Alec U. Brooks Mr. & Mrs. James Bonstelle Ms. Ruth Freebury Ms. Priscilla Thompson Rev. Alec U. Brooks’ 95th Birthday Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Brooks Mrs. Natalie E. Brothers Ms. Judith Jackson Mr. Lawrence Brown Ms. Cynthia A. James Ms. Vicky Clark Ms. Holly Beeby Ms. Patricia Cox Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Fosdick Ms. Katherine Davis Mrs. JoAnn Kletzka Howard & Shirley Dekarsky Ms. Deborah DeKarsky Ms. Alice Finley Ms. Valeria D. Wiggins Ms. Elvira Gaines Mr. Robert G. Gaines Ms. Denise Giallombardo Dr. William Rubin Rev. Dr. Lawrence T. Glenn, Sr. Ms. Judith Jackson

Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren Mrs. Judy M. Wilson Mrs. Rosemary Griffin - 88th Birthday Ms. S. Elizabeth Griffin Mrs. Edna Gruber Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Rauschke Jared Hager & His Service to Our Country The Honorable James & Lynn Alexander Ms. Ruby Hamilton Ms. Lovella Longstreet Mr. & Mrs. Reinart Holland Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Steben, Jr. Mr. Randal W. Holland Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Steben, Jr. Mr. Nathan Keup’s Birthday Mr. & Mrs. Ron Keup Ms. Marie Lazar Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fox

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Roger & Tammy Myers Mrs. Faye E. Myers Mr. Roger L. Myers’ 59th Birthday Ms. Carolyn J. Hastings Ms. Mary M. Neff Ms. Catherine L. Liesman Mrs. Rosemary Nichols Tricia Miller, RN, CLNC Tom & Jean Petee Mr. & Mrs. Gary G. Mayberry Ms. Dana L. Phelan Ms. Janice Ingraham Ms. Lori Schreiber’s 15th Anniversary with PVM The Village of Westland Mr. Mike Scully Mr. & Mrs. Mark McConnell Ms. Susan Sandy Ms. Carol J. Smith Mr. Harold R. Heintz

Life at Hampton Meadows Ms. Patricia B. Dailey

Nathaniel Benjamin Smith The Honorable James & Lynn Alexander

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Mayer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Welsh

Ms. Madonna Spence Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bush

Mr. David M. Miller Rick & Melinda Callahan

Fred & Marty Walstrom Mr. & Mrs. David Small

Mrs. Ann Miscisin Mrs. Suzanne Hovey

Mr. Wilbur Ware Ms. Beverlee Caperton

We make every effort to accurately honor each and every contributor. However, even with today’s advanced technology, it is possible that names have been inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed. If you notice an error, please accept our apology. We appreciate you letting the PVM Foundation know by calling Debbie Smith at 248.281.2042 or dsmith@pvm.org.

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George B. Millush, Jr., Chair W. Paul Rau, Vice Chair for Finance Lynda K. Jeffries, Ph.D., Vice Chair for Governance Carolyn Hastings, Vice Chair for Human Resources Gwendolyn Parker, M.D., Vice Chair for Quality First Johnnie Jackson, Vice Chair for Strategic Planning Ted L. Payne, Vice Chair for Marketing and Community Relations Lynda K. Jeffries, Ph.D., Immediate Past Board Chair William L. Ball, Secretary Brian W. Carnaghi, Treasurer Roger L. Myers, President & CEO Valerie D. Stokes, Assistant Secretary DIRECTORS William L. Ball Gary Beaulac James T. Bradford Natalie Brothers, Emeritus Carolyn J. Hastings David A. Imesch Johnnie C. Jackson Lynda K. Jeffries, Ph.D. Henry Johnson Duane Lewis

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The Village of Our Saviour’s Manor, Westland 734.595.4663 The Village of Westland, Westland 734.728.5222 Detroit: Hartford VIllage 248 281 2024 The Thome Rivertown Neighborhood, 313.259.9000 The Village of Bethany Manor, 313.894.0430 The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley, 313.832.9922 The Village of Harmony Manor, 313.934.4000 The Village of Oakman Manor, 313.957.0210 The Village of St. Martha’s, 313.582.8088 The Village of Woodbridge Manor, 313.494.9000 The Village of Gibraltar Manor, Gibraltar 734.676.4802

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