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A Message from Jim Hinton This weekend, Presbyterian and New Mexico lost a long-time friend and colleague. Jack Rust passed away at age 87. For those of you who are new to Presbyterian, you know Jack’s legacy as the Rust Medical Center. For those of us who have been in New Mexico for years, we reflect on Jack’s success as a businessman, his long-standing commitment to improving our community and his philanthropy. Jack, along with his wife Donna, were unwavering in their commitment to Presbyterian. Jack’s belief in Presbyterian people was the foundation of his love for our organization. As Jack once said when talking about his role as board chair, “People were there because they believed in ‘Pres’ and believed in what was happening.” A man of few words yet one who always took action, Jack made a significant impact on Presbyterian. I know you join me in sending heart-felt thoughts and prayers to Jack’s family.

A life led by service to others. John L. “Jack” Rust

1925 ­– 2 ­ 012

A life led by service to others. Jack Rust’s accomplishments weren’t merely personal or professional. They reflected a profound commitment to service to others. Jack Rust was a man who moved forward and set new standards by always giving back to those around him.

He served his country as a West Point graduate and colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. He created successful business ventures that employed hundreds of New Mexicans and supported families with quality jobs. He raised a family of accomplished and civic-minded children in their own right. Mr. Rust gave generously from his successes, ensuring an enduring legacy of care, education and hope that has benefited generations of New Mexicans, and many generations to come. Above all, Mr. Rust was a visionary. He believed in the potential of the people of his community. He saw how, in being a foundation for the success and well-being of so many others, one’s greatest accomplishments are truly measured in the lives we help to build. John L. “Jack” Rust. Rest in peace.

Business & Community Man Mr. Rust was a 1949 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a retired Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. He owned and operated Rust Tractor, a statewide Caterpillar dealership based in Albuquerque, for 42 years. He directed many other successful business ventures in New Mexico, including real estate development, heavy equipment manufacturing and leasing, finance and insurance. Mr. Rust was a successful businessman, who shared his success with others.

Gracious & Humble Man Mr. Rust was a founding board member of the Albuquerque Community Foundation. He was the founding chairman of both the UNM Foundation and the UNM President’s Club. He led United Way’s first $1 million campaign in 1965.

He served as a member of the Presbyterian Healthcare Services Board of Directors for 30 years and chaired the board from 1981 to 1995. He was a past regent of the New Mexico Military Institute. Jack and Donna Rust endowed two ethical professorships at the University of New Mexico: The Business Ethics at the Anderson School, and the Jack & Donna Rust Endowed Professorship in Biomedical Ethics ­at the UNM Health and Science Center Institute for Ethics. Mr. Rust was a long-time sponsor of the Presidential Scholarship Program and a member of the Popejoy Society. In 2008, a $3 million gift from the Rusts endowed the Presbyterian Pathways to Nursing education and training program, and expanded the Rust Nursing Excellence Scholarships program. In 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Rust’s $10 million gift helped build and equip Presbyterian’s state-of-the-art 92-bed, full-service acute care medical center in Rio Rancho. In October of 2011, the facility opened its doors as Rust Medical Center. His legacy will live here for many decades to come.

In loving memory from the people of Presbyterian.

John L. “Jack” Rust

1925 ­– ­2012

John L. "Jack" Rust - A life led by service to others.  
John L. "Jack" Rust - A life led by service to others.  

This weekend, Presbyterian and New Mexico lost a long-time friend and colleague. Jack Rust passed away at age 87. For those of you who are n...