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One of The First to Go Inorganic The First to Graduate from University without attending any traditional school courses.

Technology is great. It enables you to learn a bunch of things without truly learning anything about anything at all. While you have access to any and every information in the world, you don’t really have access to any and every information about yourself. How is one to know anything about their soul or anything about how well they do in social situations without actually trying it out? Does technology enable us the virtually make friends or put ourselves in situations? Possibly. Living virtually does however ‘conveniently’ take our minds off real damage caused to the environment due to so much energy usage. To make our lives easy and convenient, we make our mother’s (mother nature) life uneasy and broken. What happened to the good old conventional ways? Take a look at Kelsey Brown, born in 1990 and she started education in 1995. Since she was a kid, this butterfly has been studying virtually. From the first words she learnt to utter to graduation she has studied in a room with a computer. It sounds so exciting when you find out that you will be the first to try something new but you’re never really the first person to find out of the impacts of your choices. “It’s exciting to not be able to

move but be filled with so much knowledge,” Kelsey had said in an online interview. She sounded confidently timid but with her overwhelming number of facebook friends being 10,000, she had an exact idea of how to talk to different kinds of people. Kelsey spoke of her love for technology but never once mentioned her regrets for the loss of our environment. She also encouraged other people to try out this easy way of education. This might be an issue for our mother eventually. There are so many rumours about this social butterfly and her achievements despite having to move much. Let’s hope others realize the costs of being completely tech savvy.

Rationale I didn’t intend for this article to sound negative but using my perspective there is not much that I could have done without sounding a bit negative. I think that I outlined more than just one aspect of her life but I also had to make up some things to support the negativity in my article. I chose to speak about her being the first to go “inorganic” because this would be a major topic that would create an uproar in a hippy community. This time, I also chose to write in regular english instead of informal because I feel as though this topic is a serious one in the hippy community and cannot be treated as a joke. I used words like “social butterfly” due to her rumoured 10,000 friends on facebook and also I said “online interview” because she sounds like she;s reliant on technology and it would create an uproar in our community due to the high amounts of damage just one person has brought to the environment.