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Peace, Love and Misunderstanding Every student goes to slumber thinking about awakening and going to school to chill with their brothers and sisters and to study. Education is an enlightening rollercoaster experience which is necessary to like shape our souls and it is important for our wellbeing. True, it is correct that most knowledge based education is learnt from teachers and textbooks made from our fellow tree friends but isn’t it also correct that we get all our social education from interacting and getting around in an environment full of different opinions, personalities and perspectives? Surely ‘Overseas Family School’ could have made a better choice than to eliminate all sorts of social enriching and to increase damage to the world by the use of so much extra energy due to education on the “interweb”. The lack of communication is just one of the problems we will face due to this environmental damaging idea. Nico Sunshine, the neighborhood hippie, has a very valid point when he says, “The Internet is so big, so powerful, so pointless and ungroovy that for some people it is a complete substitute for life, dude!” The way of live is going completely wrong, we should make use of the natural gifts given to us by mother nature and that includes each other. During the golden days in school, back when our fathers were kids school used sunshine and rainbows. Technology didn’t get in the way of interaction and technology didn’t come in the way of ruining mother nature’s beauty. Every soul was happier off just by being among other souls and our brothers and sisters wouldn't walk around with their eyes stuck to a phone. There would even be lesser distractions and more bonding time and communicating time. Studies were taken seriously even without so much ‘technological development.’ Technological development is a Deterioration in the enrichment of oneself and mother nature. If we can take a stand for our trees, we can take a stand for our souls and mother. Let’s consider both sides of the war here. Tibiteus Kirk, the technology teacher said, “Education given online is more efficient as it is one on one and there is less wastage of time caused by children mucking about and it will just make the student smarter because they have to concentrate.” Let’s consider that statement. Education given online is more efficient in snatching the souls of the youth because where is the fun and excitement in learning without children screaming at each other and lightening the already stressed atmosphere? Also, time is less efficiently used because sure the student is absorbing textbook knowledge but where is the knowledge that will help that get around and communicate and be street smart? Lastly, concentration comes with patience and patience comes with happiness. If a child is not happy, they would zone out into their dreamland even if they were in a classroom or at home, friends just help us lighten our mood.

On behalf of all the hippies who care about their soul’s well being, we must take a stand for what we believe in and save mother nature from this cruelty to her children and herself.


This editorial is written from a hippie’s point of view about OFS changing it’s education to an online education by 2015. I have used omission in this article but completely diverting the views of the readers to the environment and social communication. I used commision by assuming that people like to come to school mostly to see their friends and not to learn as much. I also used selection of sources because the quotes are used were selective to the points I wanted to prove or the points I wanted to prove wrong. Other than that, the language I used was mostly informal and a few words are very hippie like words such as “souls”, “brothers and sister” and “groovy.”

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