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Falcons’ Nest Iss.No5

Wednesday 12/04/2019

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The Gobble Gobble Marie-Ella Anne Nominated For Nominated For VIP VIP

This week Anne was interviewed by newspaper’s Abby. Her favorite Thanksgiving tradition is eating, because food. Her favorite fall movie is “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Food is more important to Anne on Thanksgiving rather than family, because the food tastes better with her family there. And she thinks pumpkin patches are better than corn mazes, because of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” She also says if you haven’t seen it, you should.

This week Abby also interviewed Marie-Ella. Three things that always make her smile are her friends, music, and getting appreciated for things she tries hard on. One thing that she loves to do with her friends and/or family is karaoke. To Marie-Ella, the phrase Give Thanks means “to be appreciative of someone who does something for you.”

Adam Nominated For VIP

The third person Abby interviewed this week was Adam. Three things that always make him smile are music, sports, and Mac and Cheese. One thing that he loves to do with his family and/or friends is go to Santa Cruz. To Adam, the phrase Give Thanks means “to make sure the people you interact with know you are grateful for them.”

AJ Nominated For VIP

The freshest person interviewed this week is AJ. His favorite Thanksgiving tradition is being able to have everyone from both sides of the family home, because it’s a rare occasion. He doesn’t have a favorite fall movie, because he doesn’t really watch movies. Family is more important to AJ on Thanksgiving rather than food, because he doesn’t normally see them. And he thinks corn mazes are better then pumpkin patches, because they are entertaining.

Falcons Sports News Interview What are you excited for this year? Trevor: My big 3! Excited to see what my chemistry with Ben and Michael can do Hannah: The memories I’ll make with my team What are your goals this year as a team? Trevor: Win more than 2 games and have fun doing it Hannah: Build stronger friendships and to work as a team What advice do you give your teammates this year? Trevor: Have a short-term memory when you’re on the court; if you mess up, move on with stronger drive to play better next time. Have fun while you’re at it! Hannah: Have fun

And winter sports begins! Girls Team

Boys Team

Team Manager: Hanya Ayala

Gabriel Delgadillo

Anne Park

James Han

Amanda Barnes

Michael Carreon

Claire Bussell

Ben Maia

Izzy Westenrider

Adam Parker

Itzy Ayala

Trevor Payne

Malorie Howell

Barrett Bothwell

Jalexis Herman

Christian Westenrider

Amy Park

Calvin Yamada

Aponi Barnes

Sam Parker

Hannah Fenk

Trey Denton

Marie-Ella Ratianarivo

Everett Fenk

Lidia Granados Ellie Fuller

!Breaking NEWS! Steffen Steals Phones At the beginning of the school year, Heather Denton, our dictator/overseer at PUC Prep, called a meeting with all of the students. In that meeting, Mrs. Denton addressed various policies of the school, such as dress code, campus policy, and the most controversial, the personal technology policy. The following is what the Personal Technology Policy states, “With the exception of lunch and passing periods, cell phones and headphones are expected to be out of students’ sight, unless specifically instructed/given permission by the teacher.” It is not that the students object to the rule that they cannot use their phone for entertainment purposes during class, but rather that they are not allowed to have phones or computers on the desk. Students will sometimes subconsciously put their phones on the desk, and a teacher will then take the phones away, much to the students’ dismay. Mr. Steffen, a mathematics teacher, has been notorious in enforcing this policy. I decided to interview him about his actions, and discover his motive. Nathan: “What’s the highest number of phones you have taken in a day?” Steffen: “Five phones.” Nathan: “Do you enjoy taking people’s phones?” Steffen: “I do.” Nathan: “Do you think it’s right to take a student’s phone when it’s sitting on a desk, not being used?” Steffen: “Yes, because it’s out of policy. The student is not abiding by the policy of the school.” Nathan: “Which person’s phone have you confiscated the most? Steffen: “No comment. I honestly don’t know, but someone from the junior class.” Nathan: “Do you plan and plot to take people’s phones? Steffen: “No.” I then decided to interview Vanessa, a junior at PUC Prep about Mr. Steffen’s phone taking. Nathan: “What do you think about Mr. Steffen taking students’ phones?” Vanessa: “I think he enjoys it too much.” Nathan: “Have you ever had your phone taken away by Mr. Steffen? If so, what happened?” Vanessa: “I don’t think so, no.” Nathan: “Any more thoughts or opinions?” Vanessa: “That he needs to calm down!” I decided to talk to Mrs. Denton about how many phones she’s gotten since this personal technology policy was enforced. Mrs. Denton said that she’s gotten approximately “50 [phone incidents]” or “[a maximum of] six phones in one day.” According to some students, Mr. Steffen is the one who seems to most strictly enforce the personal technology policy. Mr. Steffen is more than overjoyed in hearing this news. Whether this phone policy is exploited or not is still debatable. However, whatever students think or say, Mr. Steffen will always be there, to take your phone.

Falcons News Senior’s Secret Plan Seniors had a plan to prank all the teachers. They are torturing the teachers with their evil pranks using music, anonymous readings, delivery packages, and loud noises to interrupt classes. You can never expect what the seniors will do. They will keep the teachers on their toes. Just remember to watch your back. The Seniors always have a plan to prank, and there have been rumors of their great and amazing finale.

Stomp On Sunday, November 10, a group of Prep students and teachers set out on a journey to the distant land of… San Francisco. Mrs. Denton had organized a trip to the bay area in order to see Stomp. Stomp is a “musical” that is very unique in its lack of plot. It doesn’t fit into a genre; rather, it focuses on creating music through using odd everyday items, from shopping carts to brooms, to create some very unique sequences. This musical had excellent coordination. A lot of the scenes are very complex and require incredible precision to make the sounds work and flow smoothly, and given that there are many performers doing many different parts, the coordination makes it incredible. Another thing I liked was the creativity—the show’s creators were certainly thinking outside the box when writing this. They used their collection of odd items to create some of the most engaging musical sequences I have seen on stage. Overall, I really enjoyed the performance and hope to see it again soon.

What would the Teachers do if… Mr. Lee: If You Could Change One Thing About How The Human Body Has Evolved, What Would It Be? • That my body wouldn’t start declining until 50 years old. Mr. Steffen: If You Could Learn Any One Skill In The World Without Trying (Like Matrix Learning Style), Which Would You Pick? • Extreme sports, wingsuit flying squirrel suit, because I love the feeling of flying. Mr. Ungson: If You Were Going To A Famous Historical Figure Dress Up Party, Who Would You Go As? • Ghengis Khan or Atilla the Hun. Some sort of barbarian. Ooh or Hannibal. Mr. Bowen: If You Could Breed A Hybrid Animal Of Any Two Species, What Two Would You Choose? • A blue whale and a hippo. Body of a blue whale and the legs of a hippo. Mr. Gilley: If You Could Only Listen To One Band For The Rest Of Your Life, What One Would You Pick? • U2. Mrs. Brooks: You Find A Book And Begin To Read Only To Discover That It Is Your Life. You Get To The Point You Are At Now. Do You Turn The Page Knowing That You Will Not Be Able To Change The Events To Come? • No. Who wants to live without a sense of agency? Definitely not me. Mrs. Denton: You Are At War. Deciphering An Intercepted Code, You Learn Two Things About Your Enemy. A Single Spot In Their Defense Will Be At Its Weakest In Ten Days, And They Will Attack One Of Your Cities In Five Days. What Do You Do With This Information? What Is The Most Efficient Course Of Action? • Give it to somebody who is more qualified to handle it. Mrs. Roy: If All Swear Words Became Socially Acceptable, What Existing Word Would You Use To Replace Them? • Very, because it would make sense in a sentence

NaNo Advice Article When doing a large project like NaNoWriMo, it is helpful to get tips and advice from your fellow writers. One tip is to do everything you should before you start the writing process, preferably in late October: set up, outlining, pre-planning, scheduling, and reminders. When doing NaNoWriMo, it is important to set up your account and upload words as you go; it can make keeping track of where you are much easier. Next: outline. It is very important to know where you are going with your story, and having a basic plan helps. Next up: pre-planning; it is very important to know what is going to conflict with writing during the month. You should look at the calendar and plan for the days you will be busy and need to make up writing. After pre-planning, it is a good idea to make yourself a NaNo schedule. Know how many words you need to write every day and what chapters you are breaking them into. And last but not least: set reminders in your phone telling you where and how many words you should be at by the end of specific days. You should have at least five of these just to be safe. On to the writing. Some good things to establish: writing time, on the spot ideas, other homework, a test week and some sleep. Test Week - Take one week to decide if you are going to commit to NaNo; it is a good time to see how you handle your outsideNaNo homework load, while still making your writing goals. Writing Time - Establish a place and a time for your writing. The best thing you can do for yourself is work NaNo into your routine. Find the time to write when your mind is creative. New Ideas - Never get rid of them. Have a second document open when you’re writing for new ideas or plot twists. Always make sure that the idea fits. You want to think it out, so you don't hit a wall 5,000 words later, unsure of where you were going. Homework – In terms of school, the only thing NaNo does for you is take the place of your English grade. Your other homework still needs to be a priority. It is just as important to stay up to date on your other homework as it is to make today’s writing goal. Sleep – Sleep is important. If doing NaNo, don't let it get in the way of getting a good night's rest. As students and teachers, it feels like we are incredibly busy 100% of the time. Make sure to sleep; it is good for your brain.

Advice for Fellow NaNo’ers Trey Denton and Sam Parker What’s the genre of your book? Mystery, Fiction/Horror How many words do you have to write a day? A little over 2,500 How do you guys communicate? We have set out chapters that we separated; they are from different viewpoints. What advice about communication would you give to future team writers? Figure out how you’re going to split it up and have meetings and talk about it. Amanda Barnes How many words do you have to write a day? 1,667 per day. What do you do when you have an idea, but you have completed your writing goal for the day and need to move on to other work? I have what I like to call blurbs. They are a detailed note to self on where my idea was going and what I wanted to have happen. This works pretty well and leaves me some good startup material for next time. Nils Anderson Have you tried NaNo before? No How many words do you have to write a day? None to 2,000 How do you deal with writer's block? I don't write. I only write when I have an idea. What is a piece of advice to give future writers to get rid of block? Wait and come back to it later; be thinking about it.

Falcons’ Nest Fundraiser would like to offer you a variety of Christmas baked goods to support the Newspaper. We will also be giving samples out of some of the options in the near future. You will just have to pay $1 to take a variety of the samples. Breads ($10) Cookies (bag of cookies $5) • Banana • Chocolate chip • Gingerbread loaf • Gingerbread • Coffee cake • Snickerdoodle • Brownie • Oatmeal cookie • Peanut Butter cookie Muffins ($5 for 2 or $3 for 1) • S'more cookies • Apple cinnamon Other (a bag for $4) • Blueberry • Peppermint bark • Chocolate

The Garlic I’m Thankful By Nathan Bussell I was standing in the hallway next to the grey drinking fountain, staring at our newspaper, The Falcons’ Nest. I flipped through the pages to the Garlic, our satire. I was impressed with my magnanimous work in the latest edition, for it was both scary and comical, like a bittersweet lollipop. As I was basking in my glory, my incompetent boss, Amanda, came stomping towards me. Her eyes were bloodshot, and her face was red. “Nathan!” she yelled, shaking her fist, “Our ratings for newspaper have gone down!” “Oh,” I pondered, dazed, “probably because the articles you guys write are as worthless and boring as geometry proofs…” “No!” Amanda shouted, frustrated, “It’s because of your incompetent satires, you abomination! Critics say that your satires don’t have any virtue and are utterly pointless and detrimental to society and to PREP. Now, make your satire more wholesome!” She stormed out of the hallway and into a classroom. The following is a list of what I am thankful for. You know, just to make things wholesome. I am thankful for my electronic devices. I am thankful for the wifi. I am thankful for penicillin. I am thankful for being part of the Illuminati. I am thankful for computer viruses. I am thankful for the abundance of homework. I am especially thankful for Geometric proofs. I am thankful for wasps entering the classroom. I am thankful for overpopulation. I am so very thankful for Climate Change. I am so very happy for inevitable death and destruction. I hope my list of thankful things were “virtuous” enough for Amanda and our critics. Make sure to be thankful for our meaningless existence!

Activity December Bucket list • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Walk into a room and announce, “I’m pregnant.” Yes, the room has to have people in it Wear mismatched socks for one day Walk into Mrs. Brooks’s room, strike a superhero pose and proclaim, “Look, everybody! I’m [superhero of your choice]!” At home, make a dessert of your choice for your family and take a picture of it Stick a sticky note to your forehead and leave it there for five minutes Pick up three pieces of trash Write two encouraging things on a piece of paper and slip it into someone’s locker Talk to your computer like it is a person for a whole minute Give ten hugs a day for two days straight Give a teacher of your choice a leaf Play one card game Play one board game Learn a word from another language of your choice Go on a walk Make yourself breakfast at least once on the weekend Shake somebody's hand Say Hi to a Prep student you don’t know well In the middle of your math class, stand up, walk in place, and turn in a circle three times without disrupting the class in any other way Get one song recommendation from Mr Lee and listen to it Write on a piece of paper one thing that you are grateful for this month, crumple it up, and throw it at your favorite person in study hall Sketch Santa Claus in stick figures and show Mrs. Brooks

Odd Lines - a compilation of weird sentences found in books. “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” • George Orwell, 1984 “As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous vermin.” • Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis “Once upon a time, there was a woman who discovered she had turned into the wrong person.” • Anne Tyler, Back When We Were Grownups

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Falcons' Nest— Vol. 1, Issue 5, December 4, 2019  

A very thankful issue of the Falcons' Nest

Falcons' Nest— Vol. 1, Issue 5, December 4, 2019  

A very thankful issue of the Falcons' Nest