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Nokia phones have made their impact in the mobile phone industry all over. They have something to do with every market. Now even the online markets are getting their top notch products and the whole deal is getting to become beneficial for the customer as one gets to save a lot. Nokia has been in the markets now for a long time and they have a very good idea about what their customers expect from their devices so they never disappoint and always manage to come up with nothing but the top notch in each segment.

Now the smart phone segment which has become the hot bed for the strongest competition being displayed, Nokia has come up with some state of art models which give one the feel of power through the particular hand held device. Nokia has been going great guns with its Lumia series of smart phones and boy are they smart or what! Let’s take a look at the most preferred one form this series in the Indian market, the new Nokia Lumia 800. The posters and the advertisements of the phone is itself making it quite clear to all the users who are known of it that this is a windows phone. But the best part is that it runs on the latest Windows 7.5 mango OS. It has the Nokia clear Black display which makes it even more clearly for one to see through the screen as the display becomes even better with the black background. The display of this device has been an inspiration for many other mobile phones as the 3.7 inches AMOLED touch screen is a real thing of beauty which is difficult to be explained by words and one needs to simply navigate through the phone to feel how smooth the touch and the interactive features of the phone are. The corning gorilla glass on the display makes it much more resistant to scratches.

The online markets have simply made the process of buying mobile phones much simpler as one now need not go from shop to shop enquiring for more before making up the mind. The other notable features of the Nokia Lumia 800 include the 16 GB internal memory and the 1.4 GHz processor which play important roles while one surfs net with this phone. The 8 MP cameras with the Carl Zeiss lens and dual LED flash just make the phone a lot more desirable.

Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Smartphones for Smart Users  
Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Smartphones for Smart Users  

Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Sim Free Smartphone. Nokia Lumia 800 combination of Style and Future. Buy Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows mango 7.5, 8M...