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Key to a Professional Surface.. The Preparation Group is a market leader in Surface Preparation. We offer the widest portfolio of operator friendly and environmentally friendly surface preparation, stripping and finishing equipment in Europe. Our range includes; Shotblasters, Planers, Grinders/Polishers and Multi-strippers along with an extensive range of accessories and consumables to suit all makes.

Established in 1991, our dedication to a firm policy of customer care and client satisfaction has achieved progressive and constant growth with an enviable reputation for reliability and excellence. ‘PPC’ is the trademark and trading name of The Preparation Group. With over 250 years of collective experience in the surface preparation industry our team takes pride in providing preparation solutions for the most demanding project specifications.

The Preparation Group’s equipment is developed in-house or sourced from renowned experts and incorporates the latest technology to yield high performance rates for the most cost effective project solutions. The machines we sell are used daily by our Contracting Division, the largest surface preparation and removal operation in the U.K. Our sales service is international and our unrivalled support services include; Repairs, Maintenance & Servicing on all makes and brands of machines, Technical Advice, Equipment Demonstrations, Lease Hire, Bespoke Design, After Sales Care and award winning Training.

This Guide This guide is designed to provide a valuable reference tool to assist you in sourcing the correct equipment and accessories to satisfy your businesses project needs and to give you the confidence to add value to the services that you provide. Our policy is to continually invest in designing solutions to fulfil market needs. We listen to our customers and aim to provide a high quality service and innovative solutions in equipment design and in the sourcing of quality accessories and tools. For further information or for honest, professional guidance call our highly qualified Sales or Technical team on: 01522 561460


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Health & Safety In today’s environment every responsible organisation has an obligation to its employees, customers and to the public to provide accurate advice and guidance on Health and Safety issues.

Health & Safety

Having achieved SAFEContractor status, The Preparation Group is committed to providing up to date information in accordance with legislation and safe operating practices. All equipment is supplied with comprehensive operating manuals and certificates of conformity, tested and inspected by qualified technicians. We have endeavoured to provide guidance on equipment capabilities, transportation and personal protective equipment to reassure the user of our professional commitment and moral obligation.

For further advice contact our Technical Department on 01522 561460

Technical Support Just one call to our friendly team of specialists can identify your equipment needs and provide you with technical information or project specifications for the surface preparation and removal of old or defective materials. Each recommended application is accompanied by a comprehensive range of literature that includes method statements, risk assessments and COSHH evaluations, which can be formulated to site specific requirements. For more information visit: For further advice contact our Technical Department on 01522 561460 3

Training Training is paramount to ensure operator safety and the secure use of equipment in the working environment. As a statutory requirement all equipment purchased is accompanied by basic operational, maintenance and safety training. The Preparation Group is also committed to train operators to be efficient and multi-skilled in the use of floor preparation equipment, to improve productivity, produce higher quality work and to ensure customer satisfaction on all projects.


The only surface preparation company to have won the accolade of FeRFA’s Trainer of the Year award, The Preparation Group offers specific professional, industry approved courses in a dedicated training centre, alongside Surface Preparation apprenticeship schemes and NVQ qualifications to prepare and profile surfaces. The courses add real value to your business contractors and blue chip organisations now insist on accredited and qualified operators. The training modules are all led by a dedicated team of experienced, practical, industry accredited experts, and can be tailored to suit your business needs. Our facilities include a fully equipped lecture room and a practical operation area comprising of over 300m2 of different surfaces. This, combined with a large range of equipment, enables delegates to experience an infinite variety of applications and processes including shotblasting, planing, grinding, polishing, multistripping, surface removal, cleaning, texturing & polishing.

Our courses: • An introduction to Surface Preparation • Advanced Operators • Machine Operation & Maintenance • Know Your Surfaces • Polishing & Grinding Techniques • Floor Removal Processes Call: 01522 561460 for further details or For details on the Resin Floor NVQ’s and apprenticeships held in our training centre, including the Specialist Floor Preparation NVQ level 2 for which our Training Director, John Glew is a certified assessor, visit FeRFA:



Machinery Selection Guide

Machinery Selection Guide


Contracting Services

Contracting Services

The Preparation Group’s Contracting Division is structured to provide guidance and cost effective solutions for our customers’ preparation and surface removal needs. Our Site Supervisors and Operatives have been subjected to rigorous training, regular appraisals, are CSCS registered and qualified to accredited NVQ Standard. The Preparation Group, as an innovator in the industry, conducts and monitors training and competence of all of its site representatives. Periodic quality control assessments are submitted to customers to monitor performance and applications in accordance with the relevant legislation and Health & Safety guidelines. The Preparation Group has probably the largest and most extensive range of equipment and resources currently available worldwide, to guarantee prompt response and quality workmanship. • • • • • • • • •

Project management 24 hour callout services Skilled, trained, certified operatives SAFEContractor accredited No obligation quotations Site surveys Project specifications Comprehensive equipment range Full contract service

Areas of expertise:

• Surface Cleaning & Texturing • Removal of Screeds, Self Levellers & Coatings • Line Removal • Re-texturing Asphalt to provide Anti-skid • Waterproofing Removal • Removal of Car Park Decking Systems • Reducing Levels • Removal of Carpet, Vinyl, Ceramics, Levelling Compounds & Screeds • Polishing Concrete, Terrazzo & Marble T: 01522 561460



Vac in use

Equipment Sales

Consumables & Spares

Are you considering investing in surface preparation equipment?

All orders received before 3p.m. can be despatched for overnight delivery anywhere in the UK (worldwide services are subject to carriers schedules). By telephoning, faxing or emailing your order through to us and selecting your chosen method of payment, we can guarantee deliveries from stock within 24 hours.

Our Sales Department can arrange on site demonstrations to prove the capabilities of specific equipment and advise on the best investment for your area of expertise and intended applications.

We welcome client’s Quality Control Assessors to our works.

Equipment Sales

Potential purchasers are invited to visit our manufacturing plant to inspect our facilities and view first hand the rigorous checks and quality standards that are applied in the course of our manufacturing process. We only out source specialist components from companies that can demonstrate and provide certification of their quality control and compliance with ISO9001, and that can provide components that meet our exacting requirements for design and build of our range of equipment. We will despatch your items, provide a VAT invoice and confirm your order by email. We monitor and track your goods from point of order through to delivery. The Preparation Group has an advantage over its competitors because we hold extensive stock levels that are available for immediate despatch. We appreciate that the industry demands an instant response and that delays in completion of fast track programmes can be disastrous for the contractor.

For guidance on machine selection, advice on accessories, an equipment demonstration or to place an order, contact our Sales Department. t: 01522 561460 e: 8

Key to Safety Symbols

HowtotoSafety order Symbols Key

Below are safety symbols which are referred to in this guide to assist you in the selection of the correct Personal Protective Equipment.

Vibration Levels


As a guide, the machines in this catalogue are rated 1-3 in terms of their vibration risk level. The specification tables against each machine give the exact vibration levels measured in metres per second (m/s2) – the industry accepted unit of measure. The usage information gives an acceptable number of hours that the machine can be used in any given time period.

Noise At Work Regulations 1989 demands that employers provide adequate protection against potential hearing damage. To assist in this we have provided readings for every machine. Decibel readings are illustrated as follows:

Transport Required for Equipment .

The safety information provided must be considered for guidance only and therefore NOT as a substitute for your own risk assessment. Detailed information on Method, Risk and COSHH assessments are available from our Technical Department on request. 9

For further advice contact our Technical Department on 01522 561460

LIBERATOR 250 GRINDER THE GRINDING PRINCIPLE PPC’s industrial grinding machines are designed for precision, control and safe operation. The grinding process is provided by diamond tungsten or resin bonded plates which are secured to singular or multiple heads and rotate in a circular motion. The heads are fully enclosed for safety and a dust extraction port provides ‘dust free’ operation. The more technically advanced models allow for the heads to be raised or lowered by hydraulic control. There are numerous plates from which to select the correct combination for smoothing, preparing, polishing or cleaning applications. Liberator 250 Grinder

THE LIBERATOR 250 GRINDER AND EDGER The Liberator 250 Grinder is the work horse of the range with fast stock removal and is simple to use and robust. The machine also features detachable sides to allow the diamond disc to operate directly against any vertical surface, making ease of edgework.


PPC’s Grinding machines are built for high performance and can be used for wet and dry applications.

The exceptional balance of this machine makes it simpler to use than comparative equipment leading to less operator fatigue and increased production rates.

82dB(A) FEATURES 2 • Production rates from 30-50m per hour • Dust free – when connected to a suitable vacuum unit • Compact and easily transportable • Flexible head control • Wheels move 35 to allow for precise edge grinding

Edge Grinding

APPLICATIONS • Grinding and smoothing concrete, asphalt, stone and tiles • Removal of latex, adhesives and paint • Polishing terrazzo, stone and concrete • General edgework ACCESSORIES See left and Page 13











Power: 30/40 Grit Diamond Discs

415v / 3 phase / 32amp

Vibration Level: < 2.50m/s2 Usage:

8 hours+


PPC2000 GRINDER THE TERRCO® RANGE The Preparation Group are sole agents in the U.K. and Ireland for Terrco Inc., providers of the most robust, efficient grinding/polishing equipment on the market. There are three machines in the range: PPC2000, PPC3100 and PPC6200. PPC2000 GRINDER


The PPC2000 is the smallest Terrco® machine. It’s robust design makes light work of grinding & polishing a wide range of surfaces. The PPC2000 grinder features a propelling system with contra-rotating heads so that it moves with the operator to provide optimum results whether grinding or polishing.

PPC2000 Grinder


FEATURES • Production rates from 60m² - 180m² per hour • Contra rotating head configuration for precision and uniformity • Wet or dry operation (fitted with 75ltr water tank as standard) • Dust free when connected to a suitable vacuum unit • Infinitely variable speed control up to 90Hz APPLICATIONS • Grinding and polishing of terrazzo, granite, marble and natural stone • Grinding and smoothing of concrete, asphalt and stone surfaces • Removing rubberised compounds, latex, adhesives and coatings

Grinder in action

ACCESSORIES See page 13 PPC 2000 GRINDER MACHINE SPECIFICATION Height: 1219mm Width: 610mm Working Width: 571mm Power:

7.5kw / 415v / 3 phase / 32amp

Vibration Level: < 2.50m/s2


Length: 1715mm Weight: 363kg Operator Speed: 500-740rpm Usage: 8 hours+

Polished Granite

PPC3100 & 6200 GRINDERS The PPC3100 is for projects over 900m2. It’s robust design makes light work of grinding & polishing a wide range of surfaces. The PPC6200 is the largest of our grinding range and designed for projects exceeding 1800m2. Despite its weight and size, the machine is easy to transport and light in operation. FEATURES • Production rates from 70m² - 200m² per hour for the PPC3100 and 100m² - 700m² per hour for the PPC6200

PPC3100 Grinder

• Dust free when connected to a suitable vacuum unit (PPC6200 features 4 vac ports) • The PPC6200 has a removable handle to allow machine to fit through standard door opening


• Wet or dry operation (PPC3100 is fitted with a 75ltr water tank as standard)

APPLICATIONS • Grinding and polishing of terrazzo, granite, marble and natural stone • Grinding and smoothing of concrete, asphalt and stone surfaces • Removing rubberised compounds, latex, adhesives and coatings Polished Terrazzo










Working Width: 711mm Power:

Operator Speed: 385-600rpm

18kw / 415v / 3 phase / 63amp

Vibration Level: < 2.50m/s2 Usage:

8 hours+


PPC6200 Grinder









Working Width: 1360mm Power:

Operator Speed: 400-760rpm

30kw / 415v / 3 phase / 63amp

Vibration Level: < 2.50m/s2 Usage:

8 hours+


GRINDING ACCESSORIES To suit the Liberator 250 grinding machine: Metal bonded discs (20 segment): Yellow – General purpose – for grinding and smoothing a multitude of surfaces Red – For hard materials and fast grinding – very aggressive


Blue – For soft material and long life with extended wear rate.

To suit the Terrco grinding & polishing machines, we supply a range of diamond discs and polishing pads: Metal bonded discs – for heavy grinding – range of bonds from hard to soft and from 6 to 300 grit. Resin bonded discs – for light grinding and polishing - range of bonds from hard to soft and from 50 to 6,000 grit. Polycrystalline diamond discs (PCD’s) – for removal of adhesives and all other soft, thick materials.

To suit most makes of grinding machines on the market, we supply a variety of shoes for grinding, polishing and stripping a wide range of surfaces: Metal bonded discs – for heavy grinding – range of bonds from hard to soft and from 6 to 300 grit. Resin bonded discs – for light grinding and polishing - range of bonds from hard to soft and from 50 to 6,000 grit. Polycrystalline diamond discs (PCD’s) – for removal of adhesives and all other soft, thick materials.


Vac in use

GUIDE TO SELECTING DISCS ‘The selection of the correct accessory will optimise the life of the diamond disc and provide cost effective solutions for your designated project.’

The Preparation Group’s Technical Support Team is available to advise and recommend the correct combination of accessories for your specific project. Our diamond products are made from the finest quality materials to guarantee optimum life and performance.


The materials used in the construction of floors and walls vary considerably. The geographical location of the project will provide an insight into regional materials used and must always be considered when selecting diamond accessories to prepare surfaces. The customer must be confident that both the correct grade of bond and the degree of diamond segment on the accessory selected, will meet the precise criteria of the designated project. A simple equation is to examine the type of surface being treated. A hard composition surface will require a soft bond segment and a soft composition surface will require a hard bond segment. In each instance the selection of the correct accessory will optimise the life of the diamond disc and provide the most cost effective solution. In the event that the incorrect grade of diamond disc is selected, the disc will simply glaze over the surface and not create the correct cutting actions, or will ‘wear out’ extremely quickly. This will often be evident in the initial stages of the operation and will prove to be costly and unsuccessful.

Vac in use


HAND HELD GRINDERS The Preparation Group’s 9’’ and 5’’ hand held grinders have been specifically designed for use in confined areas where larger plant cannot reach. All accessories featured in this section are designed to fit a range of hand grinders. All components and accessories are interchangeable and require little or no maintenance. FEATURES

Hand Tools

• Steel or rubber dust shrouds for connection to a vacuum unit - dust free operation and pollution control • Unique construction allows airflow to prevent restriction of movement thus ensuring uniform results. • Ideal for working in inaccessible areas • Quick assembly/disassembly • Low noise levels • Portable and compact APPLICATIONS • Finishing concrete surfaces and laitence removal • Edge preparation • De-scaling • Smoothing/Keying • Paint removal • Levelling uneven areas • De-rusting steel surfaces • Removing contaminants





9’’ Hand Grinder

5’’ Hand Grinder

9’’ HAND GRINDER SPECIFICATION Size: 230mm/9’’ Power: 110v / 230v Vibration Level: 6.00m/s2

Motor: 2500w Usage: 2 hours or less






110v / 230v

Vibration Level: < 2.50m/s2

Motor: 1050w Usage: 8 hours +

9’ Hand Grinder in Action

HAND HELD GRINDER ACCESSORIES Our range of diamond, tungsten and dust control accessories are designed to fit all types and makes of grinders and provide environmentally friendly applications. All diamond products can be purchased as a complete unit including individually designed shrouds for safe operation and dust extraction.

Yellow Turbo Diamond Grinding Discs • To fit 9’’ and 5’’ Hand Grinders • 24 segment – standard

Silicon Carbide (ZEC) Discs

Hand Tools

Also available for 9’’ Hand Grinders only in: Blue - for use on soft materials with extended use Red – for use on hard materials or for fast grinding

• To fit 9’’ and 5’’ Hand Grinders • Available in 16, 24 and 36 grit • For removing rust or greasy, thick deposits

Polycrystalline Diamonds (PCD’s)

• To fit 9’’ Hand Grinders only • Available in 6 piece and 18 piece ring, which are interchangeable with the inner disc. • For use on adhesives and soft, thick materials

Heavy Duty Floating Metal Shield

• To fit 9’’ Hand Grinders only • Customer to confirm boss size of grinder unit Also available: Rubber Dust Shroud for 5’’ and 9’’ Hand Grinders

Resin Bonded Diamond Discs and Backing Plates • To fit 5’’ Hand Grinders only • For general polishing


ANTI-VIBRATION TILE LIFTER & BREAKER The trolley mounted anti-vibration tile lifter and breaker is a multifunctional tool for removing all types of floor tiles and vinyl and for breaking out concrete and stone. The integral design reduces operator fatigue and back strain and the angle of operation can be adjusted with ease for lifting of tiles etc.

Hand Tools

Trolley also available separately. FEATURES • Interchangeable tool facility for use with chisels and lifter blades • Mechanical adjustment to different angles for maximum flexibility – 20 to 80 • Built in shock reduction • Impact reducing ergonomic design and durable zinc plated frame.

Tile Lifter and Breaker

APPLICATIONS • Breaking out concrete, asphalt & stone • Removal of screeds, latex, adhesive deposits, vinyl & carpet tiles


Lifter & Breaker in use


540mm 570mm 1500

Length: 110mm Weight: 38.5kg Power: 110v

Vibration Level:


Usage: 2-8 hours

  



 2mm blade


 Tile lifter blade


 50mm chisel


 25mm chisel


 Point




STG450 The STG450 requires virtually no maintenance. Applications are ‘dust free’ when the dust skirt is selected and vacuum attached. The accessories for this machine are constantly being developed in response to customer feedback and industry requirements. This machine is the ideal investment for the small/medium contractor who wants to undertake different operations in a restricted timetable.

Surface Texturers & Grinders

THE STG PRINCIPLE The most versatile surface preparation machine available, the STG works on the principle of a singular rotating head onto which specialist drive plates are attached or discs placed below the standard drive plate to effect the cleaning/sanding/grinding/planing action.

Alternatively, recommended contract hire outlets can be contacted to secure hire of this equipment. 64dB(A)

STG 450

Standard Drive Plate – attaches disc or pad accessories onto the machine

FEATURES • Production rates up to 200m2 per hour • Low noise levels for safety and operator comfort • Dust free – when attached to a suitable vacuum unit • Wet or dry application • Variable handle height adjustment • Simple operation • Interchangeable accessories without the need for tools • Low vibration for operator comfort • Virtually maintenance free APPLICATIONS • Removal of adhesives, bitumous materials and latex • Grinding and reducing high spots/joints on concrete surfaces • Sanding of wooden floors • Keying and removal of painted surfaces • Removal of oil and grease contamination • De-scaling STG450 MACHINE SPECIFICATION

Dust Skirt












110v / 230v / 415v

Vibration Level: < 2.50m/s2 Usage:

8 hours+



Surface Texturers & Grinders

Double Sided Silicon Carbide Discs

• Available in 16, 24, 36, 40, 60, 80 and 120 grit • Ideal for sanding, light grinding and keying of coatings, laitence removal and sanding of wooden floors.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Double Discs

• Available in 3, 7, 10, 16, 24 and 36 grit • Heavier duty than the silicon carbide discs • Ideal for texturing and cleaning concrete floors, removal of bitumous adhesive, dirt, rubber deposits and light contamination • Can also be used for wet cleaning and grinding applications

Fibre Scrubbing Pads

• Available in Extra Coarse, Coarse, Coarse/Medium, Fine and Extra Fine Grades • Traditionally used as a cleaning accessory on a wide range of surfaces, with or without detergents • Cleaning natural stone, sanding cement screeds to remove laitence, light removal of contaminants and sanding of wooden floors

Mesh Grinding Discs

• Available in 60 and 100 grit • Ideal for removal of surface laitence, gypsum and levelling screeds prior to the application of adhesives and flooring systems

Diamond Disc Drive Plate

• Complete with 3 x 24 segment diamond cups • Ideal option for small to medium sized grinding projects • Concrete grinding and smoothing • Removal of coatings • Keying tiles • Preparation of asphalt, stone and concrete • Removal of blasting/ planing lines

Heavy Duty Brush Drive Plate


• Complete with 3 x 180mm/7’’ heavy duty brush heads (smaller heads are optional) • Effective removal of carpet backing, rubberised compounds, grease and dirt from hard floors • Recommended for keying and scoring steel surfaces • Removal of ‘crud’ and soft engineering contaminants • Smaller brushes available for steel ‘scoring’ and ‘cleaning’

STG450 ACCESSORIES Surface Finishing Diamond Pads (SFD’s)

• Resin diamond dots are bonded onto the pads for high durability • Multi-functional – designed to grind, clean and produce a high gloss finish on resin, concrete, ceramic tiles, granite, marble, terrazzo and vinyl, without clogging • The only pad system capable of grinding and polishing a floor from start to finish, not just refurbishing previously finished surfaces. • Cost effective and environmentally friendly – no need for harsh chemicals cleaners, waxes and polishes • Easy to change without the need for tools • Can be used either wet or dry for a smooth textured finish

Surface Texturers & Grinders

• Available in 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 grit

• Also fit most other types of single head grinder/polishers, auto scrubbing and polishing machines.

Storm Diamond Pads • Available in 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 grit • Prepared with billions of microscopic diamonds to hygienically clean and produce a high gloss finish • Environmentally friendly – no need for harsh chemicals cleaners, waxes and polishes • Double sided for twice the value • Produce optimum cleaning and polishing results on; resin floor surfaces, epoxy, terrazzo, marble, natural stone, concrete and vinyl. • Also fit most other types of single head grinder/polishers, auto scrubbing and polishing machines.


PPC215 SHOTBLASTER THE SHOTBLASTING PRINCIPLE For all enclosed shotblasting equipment the principle remains the same, steel abrasive (shot) is propelled at high velocity onto the designated surface to create an infinite range of profiles. The level of profile is determined by the speed at which the machine is operated and the grade of steel abrasive selected.


PPC 215 SHOTBLASTERS The PPC 215 models are designed for maximum usage and reliability. They are of a compact simple construction with no switches, buttons or complicated drive systems. A lever on the handle starts the motor for easy walk-behind operation. The PPC 215’s are the smallest abrasive machines in the range. There are two machines available 110v and 415v The 110v has a production rate of up to 15m2 per hr, the more powerful 415v can achieve 80m2 per hr. Both have an optimised separation system and a variable speed drive motor for maximum efficiency, producing a high blast performance on small to medium areas.

PPC215 110v


FEATURES • Lightweight, easy to use and transport • Low maintenance • Adjustable handle height for accessibility into confined areas • Manually controlled, electrically powered • Minimal noise levels for operator comfort and safety • ‘Dust free’ - must be used with a vacuum (see pages 35 & 36) APPLICATIONS • Cleaning & texturing concrete, asphalt, tiled and steel surfaces • Removal of laitence on new concrete surfaces • Paint removal ACCESSORIES See pages 25-27

PPC215 415v

PPC215 MACHINE SPECIFICATION – 110v Height: Width: Motor:

795-1030mm 295mm 2.3kW


110v /230v

Vibration Level: < 2.50m/s2

Length: Weight:

895 - 1054mm 45kg Working Width: up to 210mm Usage:

 

8 hours+



Height: Width: Motor:

1100mm 300mm 4kW


415v /3 phase / 32 amp

Vibration Level: <


Length: Weight:

1000mm 114kg Working Width: up to 210mm Usage:

Steel Preparation 8 hours+

PPC265 SHOTBLASTER The PPC265 model is designed for high productivity and minimal maintenance. Constructed from high grade manganese steel, it is built to the highest standards for performance, reliability and operator comfort. Internal wearable parts have been formulated for substantially increased working life. Ideal for medium sized horizontal surfaces i.e. warehouses and factories. Supplied with a dedicated filtration unit. PPC265 -Shotblaster

FEATURES • Production rates of up to 180m2 per hour • Hydraulically propelled for precision operator control • Handle mounted controls for ease of operation • Flexible speed settings • Streamlined design ensures access below racking and in confined areas • Preparation of surfaces within 75mm of vertical obstructions • Completely mobile • High efficiency cartridge filtration unit incorporating reverse air pulsation – eliminates pollution for environmentally friendly operation. Paint removal from steel



APPLICATIONS • Cleaning and profiling of hard surface finishes • Removal of laitence on new concrete surfaces • Preparation of steel surfaces to Swedish standard SA2½ • Removal of coatings, adhesives and contaminants from concrete, asphalt, stone and tiled surfaces. ACCESSORIES See pages 25-27 PPC 265 MACHINE SPECIFICATION Height:










Working Width: up to 250mm


415v / 3 phase / 32amp

Vibration Level: < 2.50m/s2 Usage:

8 hours+

2 FILTER COLLECTION UNIT SPECIFICATION Before and after cleaning concrete














415v / 3 phase / 32amp


PPC400 SHOTBLASTER The PPC 400 ‘Dust Free’ model is the ultimate contractor’s machine. User friendly and operated from 50 cycle 415 volt 3 phase supply. The hydraulic drive provides optimum speed control to attain infinitely variable profiles on a multitude of surfaces. Supplied with a dedicated reverse pulsation filtration unit.



FEATURES • Production rates up to 250m2 per hour • Hydraulically propelled for precision operator control • Ideal suited for operation on inclined surfaces • All machine controls are handle mounted for safety • Streamlined design ensures surfaces can be prepared within 75mm of vertical surfaces • 15kW motor for extra power and increased performance • High efficiency filtration system for pollution control and ‘dust free’ operation


APPLICATIONS • Texturing, cleaning and exposing aggregate on concrete and asphalt surfaces • Removal of paints, adhesives and self levelling compounds on a range of surfaces • Providing anti-slip qualities on concrete, stone and tiled surfaces • Preparation of steel to Swedish standard SA2½ ACCESSORIES See pages 25-27


1270mm 570mm 15kW


415v /3 phase / 63 amp

Vibration Level: < 2.50m/s2

Filtration Unit

Length: Weight:

1680mm 550kg Working Width: up to 400mm Usage:

8 hours+













Power: 415v / 3 phase / 63amp For use on steel surfaces















Power: 415v / 3 phase / 63amp For use on concrete surfaces

Shotblasting in action

PPC558 SHOTBLASTER The PPC558 model is specifically designed for maximum efficiency where high levels of productivity are required. The 558 model is a highly versatile, heavy duty machine yet still retains the operator comfort of its smaller contemporaries. An unlimited range of profiles and textures can be achieved on concrete, steel, asphalt and tiled surfaces. Supplied complete with pulsation filtration unit.





FEATURES • Production rates of up to 450m2 per hour • Hydraulic/Electric powered for precise operator control • Easily dismantled to access storage tank openings • Filtration unit benefiting from reverse air pulsation ensures pollution control and safe environmentally friendly operation

Shotblasting process


PPC558 Shotblaster

APPLICATIONS • Laitence removal from new concrete • Line removal • Preparation of steel to Swedish standard SA2½ • Exposing aggregate • Providing anti-slip qualities on concrete, stone and tiled surfaces • Paint removal and Granolithic texturing ACCESSORIES See pages 25– 27 PPC 558 MACHINE SPECIFICATION Height:

1220mm Length:








App. Width: up to 558mm (22’’)


415v / 3 phase / 63amp

Vibration Level: < 2.50m/s2 Usage:

8 hours+


Laitence removal from new concrete














415v / 3 phase / 63 amp


MAGNETIC SWEEPER The PPC Magnetic Sweeper unit is designed to collect metallic substances from horizontal surfaces. It is traditionally used to collect steel abrasives after shotblasting and equally effective for use in factory environments to collect swarf and other metallic debris quickly and efficiently.


FEATURES • Compact design ensures accessibility into confined areas

Magnetic Sweeper

• Fitted with high quality permanent magnetic blocks • Quick release handle to deposit debris collected for disposal as required • Maintenance free MAGNETIC SWEEPER MACHINE SPECIFICATION Height:


Length: 910mm



Weight: 15kg

SHOT BLAST ACCESSORIES Liners and Tune Up Kit for PPC558


Tune Up Kits (also for 265 & 400

Top Liners

Left Side Liner

Right Side Liner

Middle Liner


SHOT BLAST ACCESSORIES Tuning Kit for 215 model

Tuning Kit for 265, 400 & 558 models

• Available to suit 215, 265, 400 & 558 models (please specify left or right)


Side Liner

Top Liner

• To suit 215, 265, 400 & 558 models


• Please specify make & model of machine

Skid Seal

• Please specify make & model of machine

Brush Seal

• Please specify make & model of machine

We stock other components to suit your shotblasting equipment – call: 01522 56140 26

GUIDE TO STEEL ABRASIVE (Shot) Steel Abrasive ‘shot’ is the medium used in all enclosed principle shotblasting equipment to create the designated surface profile. 330 Grade 0.85 – 1.2mm Provides a very fine profile and can be used to lightly texture power floated concrete, steel or asphalt surfaces. Ideal for general cleaning


390 Grade 1.0 – 1.4mm Is more aggressive than 330 grade and is more commonly used to clean and texture surfaces prior to applying coatings and sealants. 460 Grade 1.2 – 1.7mm Is the most popular grade available. Selected for its cleaning properties for use on concrete, asphalt and tiled surfaces, providing a light-medium profile ideal for applications of self levelling systems and screeds. 460 grade cleans and textures coated surfaces; it is ideal for preparing bridge decks and roads for surface dressings and waterproof systems. 550 Grade 1.4 – 2.0mm Is ideal for similar applications to 460 grade , but is slightly more aggressive and rougher in profile. Check the suitability of your machine before using this material. 660 Grade 1.8 – 2.4mm Is used for very aggressive applications i.e. to expose aggregate and reveal surface defects and cracks, to remove existing surface treatments and to provide a coarse profile. Ideal for texturing Terrazzo, Granolithic and existing Epoxy finishes (i.e. extremely dense compound finishes). Check the suitability of your machine before using this material. Combinations of abrasive can be selected to provide the desired surface profile on the designated surface. 27

Vac in use

LIBERATOR 200 PLANER THE PLANING PRINCIPLE The planing operation is based on a drum rotating at high speed enclosed in the main body of the unit. The profile/texture is created by the accessories fitted to the drum commonly known as ‘flails’. Once contact is made with the surface being treated the flail configuration cuts with a downward rotary action. The flails are of different shapes and sizes and have different properties for specific tasks, they can be arranged on the drum for light cleaning through to heavy duty grooving applications.



Liberator 200 Planer

The Liberator 200 Planer / Scarifier is compact, robust and easily manoeuvrable . Reliability with minimal maintenance ensures that this machine is invaluable to the contractor. The Liberator 200 is available in electric and petrol models and is designed to perform a multitude of functions with optimum results.


FEATURES • Production rates up to 50m2 per hour • Dust free – when attached to a suitable vacuum unit • Simple height adjustment controls for precision setting to desired depth of cut • Totally enclosed operation • Heavy duty heat treated drum assembly • Anti-vibration handles fitted as standard APPLICATIONS • Etching concrete • Cleaning concrete, steel, stone, wood or asphalt • Removal of coatings • Descaling • Ice removal Planer in action

ACCESSORIES See pages 31 & 32

LIBERATOR 200E MACHINE SPECIFICATION Height: 1000mm Width: 370mm Motor: 2.2kW Power: 110v / 230v / 415v Vibration Level: 2.99m/s2

Length: Weight: Drum Weight: Working Width Usage:

900mm 53kg 10kg 200mm 2-8 hours


Concrete planing profile

Height: 1000mm Width: 370mm Motor: 5.5hp Power: Petrol Engine Vibration Level: 2.99m/s2

Length: Weight: Drum Weight: Working Width: Usage:

900mm 56kg 10kg 200mm 2-8 hours


LIBERATOR 250 PLANER The Liberator 250 Planer / Scarifier is designed for medium to large contracts. It is easier to transport than the 320 Planer and more powerful than the 200 model. Available in 3 phase 415v and petrol motor version (not shown)



250 Planer

FEATURES • Production rates up to 100m2 per hour • Height adjustable handle • Dust Free – when attached to a suitable vacuum unit • Heavy duty heat treated drum assembly • Anti-vibration handles fitted as standard

Milling flails used to remove thermoplastic lines

APPLICATIONS • Etching concrete • Cleaning concrete, steel, stone, wood or asphalt • Removal of coatings • Descaling • Ice removal • Reducing levels • Rust removal on metal surfaces ACCESSORIES See pages 31-32 Milling flail profile



Height: 900mm Length: 1130mm Width: 370mm Weight: 170kg Motor: 4kW Working Width: 250mm Power: 415v / 3 phase / 16 amp Vibration Level: 2.80m/s2 Usage: 2-8 hours

Grooving concrete

LIBERATOR 320 PLANER The Liberator 320 Planer / Scarifier is designed for heavy duty applications and benefits from a hydraulic drive mechanism for easy manoeuvrability and operator comfort. A diverse range of profiles can be achieved by selecting one of the heavy-duty drums designed for use with this machine. Ideal for reducing uneven surfaces applications.

and grooving

Available in 3-phase electrically powered design and diesel motor version (not shown)


Liberator 320 Planer


FEATURES • Production rates up to 150m2 per hour • Dust free – when attached to a suitable vacuum unit • Electric/Hydraulic drive controls • Wear resistant hardened welded steel drums • Variable cutting depth controls • Anti-vibration handles fitted as standard

Planer in action

APPLICATIONS • Removal of old coatings • Thermoplastic line removal • Etching concrete/asphalt surfaces • Cleaning of all types of surfaces • Grooving concrete • Reducing levels • Rust removal on metal surfaces ACCESSORIES See pages 31 & 32


Profile of screed removal

Height: 1140mm Length: 1300mm Width: 600mm Weight: 334kg Motor: 11kW Working Width: 320mm Power: 415v / 3 phase / 32 amp Vibration Level: 4.17m/s2 Usage: 2-8 hours


PLANER/SCARIFIER ACCESSORIES Liberator Drum with Flail Shafts

• Available in sizes for 200, 250 and 320 machines

Liberator Drum with Tungsten Carbide Cutters (TCT’s)


• Available in sizes for 200, 250 and 320 machines • For cleaning and texturing concrete/asphalt stone surfaces • To provide anti-slip profile • For reducing levels

Liberator 200 Wire Brush Drum

• Fine brush shown • Also available in coarse twist knot design • Ideal for cleaning & de-scaling

Liberator Drum with Milling Cutters

• Sizes to suit 200, 250 and 320 machines • For removal of thermoplastic lines, elastomeric coatings and asphalt • Ideal for concrete milling

Liberator Edging Tool

• To fit 200 model planer • Heavy duty attachment for preparation of surfaces within 5mm of vertical surfaces • Drum can be fitted with TCT, Beam or Star Flails to achieve the desired profile/cut

Liberator Flail Shafts

• To suit 200, 250 and 320 model drums


PLANER/SCARIFIER ACCESSORIES Liberator 5, 6, 8 and 12 point TCT Flail

• Available in sizes for 200, 250 and 320 machines • For cleaning and texturing concrete/asphalt stone surfaces • To provide anti-slip profile • For reducing levels • To suit all types of planing machines

Milling Flail


• For use on Liberator 200, 250 and 320 planers • For removal of thermoplastic line markings, bitumous and rubber deposits, epoxy coatings and cementitous screeds in excess of 2mm

Beam Flail

• For all planer models • For cleaning off paint without damage to concrete • De-scaling – removal of mill scale on steel • For removal of oil and grease deposits

Star Flail

• For 200, 250 and 320 machines • For cleaning contaminated areas • For de-scaling and rust removal on steel • Removing laitence on concrete • For removing paint with minimal damage to substrate • To prepare soft composition concretes and screeds without profiling • For latex and adhesive removal • To displace ice deposits

Case Hardened Spacers

• Used to insert between the selected flail to create different configurations for specific profiling and cleaning applications 32



For multi-stripping operations a sharpened blade or pick (a range of types and sizes are available) is selected, suitable for the surface to be removed, which is then attached to the front of the machine. The weight of the machine holds the blade or pick hard onto the floor to affect the removal process PPC’s multi-stripping machines provide a quick and efficient solution for removing ceramic tiles, vinyls, carpets and old flooring systems, along with their underlying adhesives and levelling compounds. There are hand operated machines and large ride-on models.


The Preparation Group’s Liberator 75 and 110 multistripping machines have been designed to lift a wide range of floor coverings with minimal effort. The tempered steel blades ensure optimum cutting.





75 and 110 Multi-strippers

FEATURES • Production rates up to 50m2 vinyl tiles per hour • Lightweight and easy to use • Robust design • Ideal for use in confined spaces and for edge removal • Maintenance free APPLICATIONS Removal of • Sheet vinyl, tiles, carpet and carpet tiles • Foam rubber • Felt • Foam and glue residues • Levelling screeds ACCESSORIES • Anti-vibration handle • Full range of blades • Carrying case

Resin residue removal


1050mm Length: 250mm Weight: 110v or 230v

Vibration Level: < 2.50m/s2


900mm 93kg 8 hours+


1500mm Length: 700mm Weight: 110v or 230v

Vibration Level: < 2.50m/s2



1100mm 153kg 8 hours+

Removing sheet vinyl

LIBERATOR 600 MULTI-STRIPPER The Preparation Group’s Liberator 600 ride-on multistripping machine is powered by propane, electric or battery driven motor. The hydraulic controls allow the operator to move the machine forward, lowering the blade or pick and adjusting the cutting angle. Only one easy application is needed, leaving a clean surface ready for any new flooring system.


Liberator 600 Multi-stripper

FEATURES • Production rates of up to 400m2 per hour • Environmentally friendly 4 cylinder propane gas engine with catalytic converter • Compact design ensures access through a standard door • Operation up to perimeter walls eliminates edge preparation • Operator friendly hydraulic drive for effortless control • Can be dismantled to access restricted areas


Liberator 600 Multi-Stripper


Carpet removal

Removal of • Sheet vinyl and tiles • Ceramic and quarry tiles • Asphalt and bitumous materials • Latex and levelling compounds • Flexible membranes • Thermoplastic line markings • Carpet & carpet tiles • Hardwood and parquet • Elastomeric coatings • Adhesives • Screeds • Epoxy resin


• Flexible steel cutting blades • Heavy duty cast picks


Lifting wooden flooring









Working width: up to 600mm Vibration Level: <



(no attachment)


Usage: 8 hours +


M450 DRY/WET VACUUM MACHINE PRINCIPLE The main use for vacuums in surface preparation is to stop dust from entering the atmosphere by directly removing it from inside the preparation equipment. This requires special vacuums able to cope with the large volumes of very fine and sharp concrete debris.

Dust Extractors

M450 DRY / WET VACUUM The M450 Dry/Wet Vacuum is the most robust dust extractor on the market. Dual purpose, the M450 stops dust entering the atmosphere by removing debris from inside the preparation equipment, yet it is an equally effective wet vac for removal of liquids. The filter is cleaned by an external shaker handle.

M450 Dry / Wet Vacuum

The M450 has a 60 litre dust bin and 3 motors with a total power of 3.5kW.

FEATURES • Robust steel construction • Powerful motor • Quick release debris bin • Swivel castors for manoeuvrability APPLICATIONS For use with a wide range of surface preparation equipment including planers, grinders and shotblasters . 75dB(A)


Length 580mm

Width 600mm Volume 60 litres

Weight 65kg Power 110v*

Filter Surface 20000cm2

Airflow 540m3/hr

* Also available in 240v


Removing surface water

202DS COMPACT VACUUM DESCRIPTION The 202DS Compact Vacuum is robust, powerful and unlike competing products, it is built from high grade steel. The compact vacuum incorporates the latest technology without complicated electronic systems, making it easy to operate and maintain. The 202DS also delivers exceptional filtration levels for its size incorporating a high surface cartridge with high filter surface (30.000cm2) - the filtration efficiency is an incredible 1 micron.

The 202DS has a 20 litre dust bin and 2 motors with a total power of 2.3kW.

Dust Extractors

202DS Compact Vacuum

The 202DS Compact Vacuum eradicates dust and solid material from inside preparation equipment. The filter is cleaned by an external shaker handle. The suction inlet also allows the option of attaching disposable bags.

FEATURES • Robust steel construction • Powerful motor • Quick release debris bin • Swivel castors for manoeuvrability APPLICATIONS For use with a wide range of surface preparation equipment including planers, grinders and shotblasters .



Vac in use

Height: Width: Volume:

1000mm 480mm 60 litres

Filter Surface: 30000cm2

Length: Weight: Power:

520mm 31kg 110v /230v




Dust Extractors




Machine to Hose Connector • 90-70 split


Replacement Rubber Seals and Brush for floor nozzle


Machine to Hose Connector • 90-50 split


Splitter Attachment • 90-50-50


50mm Ducting 75mm Ducting


Motor Brushes


‘S’ tube


430m Wheeled Floor Nozzle


Rubber Cone • 40mm • 50mm


Replacement Motor


Teflon Coated Star Filter • Available to suit all models

Additional items available to order

700 TURBO DRYER The unique, compact, self-contained design of the Turbo Drying Machine provides a powerful drying force without the need for an additional compressor.


700 Turbo Dryer


FEATURES • Compact and easy to manoeuvre • Diesel engine driven • Highly efficient drying action • Produces heat capacity of 1200C • No compressor required

APPLICATIONS • Drying outdoor surfaces such as roads and runways prior to the application of lines • Removal of impregnated surface contaminants • General drying • Cleaning of joints prior to re-sealing • Drying prior to blasting


Drying machine in action




Width: 680mm Working Width: up to 520mm Fan: 895cc Diesel Engine: 7 Hp Weight: 125kg 2 Vibration Level: <2.50m/s Usage: 8 hours +


CRETEANGLE ‘P’ MIXER THE ORIGINAL CRETEANGLE MIXERS Creteangle is the original British designed forced action mixer used by the BRA to measure British Standards in mixing. Creteangle has the undeniable reputation for being the benchmark for setting standards over the last 50 years. Renowned for quality and durability its strong brand image identifies the mixer range as a market leader worldwide.


The Preparation Group is pleased to be able to provide the complete Creteangle range of mixers and accessories, complete with training and guidance. Additionally, customers who have original Creteangle designs which have continued to be reliable for decades can benefit by having their machines overhauled, serviced and tested to bring equipment in-line with current legislation.

Model ‘P’

MODEL ‘P’ The mixer Model ‘P’ is a market leader and compliments the already renowned Creteangle Multiflow Mixer range. It has been designed to fulfil the needs of contractors who wish to carry out small works on site, mixing most low to high slump materials.

FEATURES • Compact, robust steel design • Positive mixing action • Quick lock and release pan drive system • Lightweight and portable • Safety guarding to head/pan and motor/gearbox • CE approved


Replacement metal mixing buckets

• Ideal for mixing a wide range of dry, semi dry and wet materials • Cementitious compounds • Epoxy and polyurethane coatings • Self levellers and resin materials

Replacement paddles also available


Length 700mm

Width Power

Weight 57kg

495mm 110v /230v / 415v




Capacity 38 litres



Mix Capacity 25 litres

Whilst we have featured the most popular designs and accessories in this section, Creteangle bespoke mixer designs are also available in air and hydraulic specifications.

CRETEANGLE ‘CF’ & ‘L’ MIXERS MODEL ‘CF’ The Creteangle Multiflow Pan Type Mixer Model ‘CF’ has been designed for use in materials testing laboratories, for small works on site, or anywhere that small quantities of mix are required consistently and quickly. The mixer works efficiently with dry, semi-dry or viscous materials to a maximum of 12mm aggregate grading, although special blades can be supplied for other mixes on request. The action is positive and rapid with blades designed to mix the contents both horizontally and vertically. ‘CF’ Mixer


Length 790mm


FEATURES • Safety guarding • Robust steel construction • CE approved • Available in petrol and electric designs • Supplied with pan tipper or removable pan

740mm Weight 132/140kg 110v /230v / 415v / Petrol



Capacity 52/75 litres

‘L’ Mixer FEATURES • Designed for heavy duty site use • Suitable for a wide range of materials from semi dry to viscous • Complete with mixing pan • Safety guarding • Robust steel construction • All spares readily available • CE approved APPLICATIONS • Consistently mixing screeds and cementitious products • Ideal for mixing resins • For mixing rubber chippings in resin compounds • Concrete Mixing



Mix Capacity 28/35 litres

MODEL ‘L’ The Creteangle Multiflow Pan Type Mixer Model ‘L’ has a complete and rapid mixing action, achieving an amazingly high output. This model can be transported and easily moved around the factory, building site or work area and will fit through standard sized doorways. The Model ‘L’ can be fitted with a Pan Tipper which enables the material to be discharged in to a wheelbarrow or on to the ground; the Pan Tipper is removable for transportation.


Length 1100mm

970mm Weight 265/400/300kg 110v /230v / 415v / Diesel / Petrol



Capacity 105 litres



Mix Capacity 56 litres


PADDLE HAND MIXERS Our hand mixers are robust power tools that generate a fast, thorough mixing action. Modern screed and epoxy coatings require constant mixing. The H handle gives easy handling and a comfortable work position, paddle extensions are available for taller operators and the frame protects the power tool from knocks and damage. Both models have a soft start and a variable speed which minimises splashes. SINGLE PADDLE HAND MIXER This model has two speeds, with the extra slow speed ideal for mixing heavy materials. It is supplied with an MR3 Spiral Paddle, other accessories are available.


FEATURES • Powerful motors & long life gearbox • Soft start, low splash • Smooth, lump free mixes • H handle for easy and comfortable handling • High torque, slow speed for powerful mixing • Large range of paddles


• For mixing floor screed, repair and epoxy mortars, hardwall plaster, external polymer render and insulation

Single & Double Paddle Hand Mixers

TWIN PADDLE HAND MIXER The twin features a positive contra-rotating mix action which does not twist against the operator thus minimising fatigue, particularly with heavy stiff materials. The paddles also reduce air entrapment. This mixer is ideally suited to multi-component, specialist materials and critical mix applications. FEATURES

• Powerful positive contra-rotating mix action • Soft start, low splash • Twin paddles for thorough mixing • H handle for easy and comfortable handling


• For mixing heavy floor screeds, fibre filled cements and screeds, bonding compound and hardwall plaster

SINGLE PADDLE HAND MIXER SPECIFICATION Working Width 160mm Weight 7.2kg Speed 230/560 rpm Capacity 150kg Motor 1700w Output up to 1200kg/hr

TWIN PADDLE HAND MIXER SPECIFICATION Working Width 220mm Speed 450 rpm Motor 1150w


Weight 6.8kg Capacity 100kg Output up to 800kg/hr

Hand mixer in action’


3 KVA Transformer 5 KVA Transformer

• Dual socket 110 volt • 16/32 amp. 32/32 amp or 16/16/32 amp socket combinations (please specify)

Electrical components

The electrical components featured in this section are commonly used with preparation equipment and vacuum units to reduce voltage, where 110v supply is not readily available. It is recommended that 5kva continuous rating transformers are used with preparation equipment and vacuum units featured in this guide. All items are supplied with portable appliance testing certificates for immediate use.

110 volt Extension Cables

• Fitted with plug and socket • Available in 32 and 16 amp • Standard length 14 metres • Cable lengths up to 20m can be supplied on request

3 Phase 4 Core Armoured Extension Cable • Complete with plug and socket • Available in 32 amp and 63 amp options • Standard lead sizes are 10m and 20m in length (other sizes are available on request)


Why the Preparation Group?

Why The Preparation Group?

Repairs, Maintenance & Servicing Why not contact us and let us take responsibility for mechanical, structural and electrical repairs? Our fully qualified fitters and technicians carry out work on all makes of preparation equipment and tools to the highest standards, utilising our purpose built Workshop and Test Centre.

Portable Appliance Testing The Preparation Group has invested in equipment technology and personnel training to provide you with a quarterly service to ensure all your portable appliances are tested in accordance with current legislation. To book a collection or arrange for plant to be tested contact our Sales Department.

Our team will assess the scope of works and provide a written quotation. We can also arrange collection of your equipment and provide replacement plant to avoid project disruption.

Equipment Upgrading If your equipment requires upgrading you can always contact our Sales Division to get a trade-in valuation and to arrange a demonstration of the latest equipment.

Service Agreements Preparation machines and tools are high performance equipment, subjected to severe stresses. Their reliability depends on regular servicing and maintenance.


Our service package offers; regular equipment maintenance for complete peace of mind, help to minimise unexpected costs like unplanned downtime, instant access to fully trained technicians and engineers and replacement equipment whilst your plant is being serviced.

For assistance call: 01522 561460 43

Why the Preparation Group? Equipment Demonstrations

Our Technical Department, with a resource of highly qualified engineers, can design and manufacture equipment to specific project requirements.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our equipment and appointments can be booked with our sales team. Invitations are extended to visit our purpose built Training School, to view our extensive range of equipment and tools and to see their capabilities in different conditions and on a wide range of surfaces. Alternatively, our qualified engineers can arrange for equipment to be transported to allow demonstrations on site.

All standard machines featured in our range can be modified. Additionally our design team has the expertise and knowledge to develop ideas from inception.

Why the Preparation Group?

Equipment Design

Lease Hire To avoid the financial outlay on an equipment purchase that may not be appropriate for future contracts, there is the option to lease hire the exact machine for the duration of a project. You can also choose to add maintenance and breakdown cover for complete piece of mind. Leasing equipment can be arranged through approved Finance Houses to suit budget constraints. If the circumstances change and lease hire no longer makes financial sense, The Preparation Group has the flexibility to convert your lease into a purchase for which, if required, we can provide a low cost finance agreement.

After Sales Support All equipment purchased is supplied with a warranty, but The Preparation Groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s service doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t end there. We aim to ensure that our customers achieve optimum results and maximum productivity from their investment. Our superior after sales service includes things like on-going help and advice on the selection of accessories and consumables, assessing machine suitability for the preparation processes and methods employed, on-site servicing, supplying replacement plant to avoid project disruption and more.

For further information . call: 01522 561460 44

How to order Preparation House, Deacon Road, Lincoln. LN2 4JB. +44 (0) 1522 561460 +44 (0) 1522 561467

How to order All orders for stock items placed before 3pm will be dispatched on the same day.

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How to order The information contained in this brochure is offered in good faith but without liability or guarantee. It is designed as a guide to Surface Preparation and as we are constantly developing our products to meet market demands, The Preparation Group reserves the right to amend specifications without notice. The responsibility for verifying the suitability of any machine remains with the customer. 46

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