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VMWare vcp-410 VMware Certified Professional on VI4 10 Q&A

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-2- Q: 1 Which of the following are unique features of ESX (as opposed to ESXi)? (Choose two.)

A. ESX is an embedded architecture. B. The root account can be locked down. C. ESX has a smaller security footprint compared with ESXi. D. ESX supports the installation of third-party management and backup agents. E. ESX is managed with the Service Console, running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2.

Answer: D, E Q: 2 Which of the following cannot be done using the ESXi direct serial console interface? (Choose two.)

A. Creating virtual machines B. Setting the root password C. Configuring lockdown mode D. Configuring the management network E. Configuring VM virtual switches

Answer: A, E

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-3- Q: 3 You want to quickly prototype a demo virtual machine and show your demo to a customer on your laptop (which runs Windows XP Pro). The VM needs to run with two processors, and you would like to be able to take multiple snapshots for rollback or demo purposes. You will occasionally have to modify the VM for various customer demos (changing the amount of RAM allocated to the VM at the very least). Finally, you decide it would be nice to be able to have the product capture video of the VM to leave with the client when the demo is finished. Which product would best provide your needs as you build this VM?

A. VMware Player B. VMware Fusion C. VMware Server D. VMware Workstation E. vSphere ESX/ESXi

Answer: D Q: 4 Which of the following should you back up on an ESX 3.5 server before performing an upgrade to ESX 4.0? (Choose two.)

A. VMFS SAN LUNs B. vCenter custom alarm scripts C. Locally stored virtual machine files D. System configuration files in the /etc directory E. System configuration files in the /config directory

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Answer: C, D Q: 5 Which of the following are not strategies employed by default in the ESX 4.0 Service Console? (Choose two.)

A. setuid and setgid applications are kept to a minimum. B. Tripwire helps detect if the system has been compromised. C. The Service Console has the minimal required open network ports. D. All communications between ESX and any of its clients are encrypted. E. The installed Telnet and FTP services are disabled by default and must be manually enabled.

Answer: B, E Q: 6 What is the minimum version of ESX that is supported for upgrading to ESX 4.0?

A. 2.1 B. 2.5 C. 2.5.5 D. 3.0 E. 3.5

Answer: C Q: 7 Which of the following is not explicitly upgraded when upgrading from VI 3.5 to vSphere 4.0? Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools, Demo


A. vCenter Server B. VMtools in each VM C. VMFS D. Each ESX server E. Each VM?s virtual hardware

Answer: C Q: 8 Which of the following describe valid options when setting up licensing on an ESX/ ESXi 4.0 server? (Choose two.)

A. You must specify a license server. B. You can enter a 25-character license code. C. You can use a 30-day evaluation license. D. You can use a 60-day evaluation license. E. ESXi is not a licensed product and so there are no licensing options for ESXi.

Answer: B, D Q: 9 When testing a multitiered application, you are most likely to benefit from which product?

A. VMware View

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B. VMware Lab Manager C. VMware Fusion D. VMware Server E. VMware Site Recovery Manager Review Questions 59

Answer: B Q: 10 Which of the following boot-from-LUN statements is true?

A. On the SAN, LUN masking is not needed for any boot-from-SAN LUNs. B. The LUN being booted from should be presented only to the ESX server being booted. C. VMotion requires all LUNs be presented to all ESX servers. D. The LUN being booted from should be presented only to the vCenter server. E. Booting from LUN is not supported in vSphere 4.0

Answer: B

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