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Oracle 1z1-574 1z1-574 : Oracle IT Architecture Essentials (Beta Exam) 10 Q&A

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-2- Q: 1 Which of the following are ORA Engineering logical categories?

A. Integrated Development Environment B. Quality Manager C. Asset Manager D. Monitoring and Management

Answer: A, B Q: 2 Which of the following statements are true about an end-to-end security strategy?

A. End-to-end security and point-to-point security are virtually identical strategies proposed by different security vendors. B. End-to-end security strives to protect data at rest, even in temporary queues. C. End-to-end security often involves some form of message-level protection. D. When end-to-end security is enabled. Point-to-point transport-level encryption should be disabledin order to avoid cryptography conflicts between layers. E. End to-end security is highly beneficial for distributed computing environments where many point-point connections and intermediaries exist, because it offers seamless data protection.

Answer: B, C, E

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-3- Q: 3 What are the benefits of the browser over traditional user Interfaces (for example, client-server GUI)?

A. HTML provides a richer interface for end users. B. Development, maintenance, and support costs are reduced. C. The browser simplifies application deployment compared to dedicated client server GUI applications. D. There is more variety among browsers than among client-server GUIs. E. The browser provides a richer graphical environment than client-server GUIs. F. Browsers can support more diverse devices than dedicated client-server GUI application.

Answer: B, C, F Q: 4 Choose the three statements from the following list that accurately reflect architectural principles of Oracle Reference Architecture User Interaction.

A. The architecture must support separating configuration and other types of metadata from the source code. B. The architecture must support orchestration of business application functions. C. The architecture must support end-user access to a wide variety of server-side functionality. D. The architecture must not attempt to replicate the capabilities of traditional client-server GUIs. E. The architecture must provide secure interaction between the end user and the server-side resources.

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F. The architecture must provide the end user with the capability to switch quickly between applications.

Answer: A, C, E Q: 5 The Oracle Reference Architecture (ORA) includes the central layers as well as Technology Perspectives and Industry perspectives. Which statements best describe how these are related within ORA?

A. The Technology Perspectives are reference architectures incorporating specific technologies, products, and standards. B. The Technology Perspectives provide a view of ORA focused on specific technologies, product and standards. C. The Industry Perspectives are reference architectures for specificindustries, for example, Telco, Pharma. D. The Industry Perspectives extend the central layers of ORA toincludeindustry-specific capabilities, components, and so on. E. ORA is a collection of reference architectures, some based on technology (Technology Perspectives), and some based on industry verticals (Industry Perspectives).

Answer: B, D Q: 6 What capabilities are provided by Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER)?

A. Dependency Analysis B. Asset Prescription C. Asset Versioning Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools, Demo


D. O-R Mapping

Answer: A, C Q: 7 Which of the following statements are true concerning, data formats used In Service-Oriented Integration (SOI)?

A. SOA Services used in SOI should use application-specific data formats to ensure accurate transmission of data entities from the source systems. B. A single, canonical data model must be created to successfully build an enterprise-wide SOI. C. Data formats should be based on logical representations of business-level entities to facilitate composite application assembly. D. Application-specific data formats should be translated to and from normalized data formats. E. Data formats should use third normal form because this is the most efficient format for transmitting data. F. Binary data formats should not be used because they are costly and difficult to maintain. G. XML data formats should not be used because they are too verbose and result in poor performance.

Answer: C, D, F Q: 8 In order to support rapid development, which one of the following principles must be applied?

A. The architecture must provide a Rapid Application Development framework for user interface development. Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools, Demo


B. The architecture must provide guided development of the user interface without needlessly exposing the developer to implementation details. C. The architecture must provide access to the full implementation details of the interface in order permit maximum flexibility in the development process. D. Usability best practices are incorporated into proven user-interface techniques.

Answer: B Q: 9 Assets may be packaged into deployable units by using a variety of strategies. Which of the following is not a valid asset packaging scenario?

A. bundled as a single archive file B. unbundled with artifactsinthe original location C. unbundled with artifacts moved to a new location D. bundles as a single executable binary file thatis run stand-alone

Answer: D Q: 10 How is Oracle Database Firewall (ODF) used to protect applications from attacks such as SQL-Injection?

A. ODF is an option for the Oracle Database. A DBA configures this option to inspect database commands and compare them with a set of known attacks. An ODF agent periodically downloads the latest signatures in order to keep up with the latest known types of attacks.

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B. ODF is a feature of Oracle Advanced Security. A database security administrator configures each database realm with a set of acceptable ports and protocols from which database clients can connect. Valid connections are continuously monitored for suspicious activity. C. ODF is an agent based secure connection component that is installed on the database and on the clients. It creates a VPN-like connection between the two that greatly reduces the likelihood of man-in-the-middle and SQL-injection attacks. An administrator installs ODF and configures it for a specific environment. D. ODF is a stand-alone product that is installed in between the client and database. It monitors and/or blocks SQL statements, comparing them against a set of known good or known bad statements.

Answer: D

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Prep2Pass 1Z1-574 Exam - Oracle IT Architecture Essentials (Beta Exam)  

Prep2Pass offers Oracle 1Z1-574 questions and answers for your Oracle IT Architecture Essentials (Beta Exam) exam preparation. Download 1Z1-...

Prep2Pass 1Z1-574 Exam - Oracle IT Architecture Essentials (Beta Exam)  

Prep2Pass offers Oracle 1Z1-574 questions and answers for your Oracle IT Architecture Essentials (Beta Exam) exam preparation. Download 1Z1-...