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About Violence De HAAGSE HOGESCHOOL Group 8.9 23/2/2013

Violence is a kind of rude and aggressive behavior that may impair people‘s body, property and even spirit. Unfortunately, despite the human evolution and civilization, violence still exists. It is always happens

in our life no matter

where we are or how old we are, It leaves us the

painful memories that can not be forgotten Violence includes physical violence, verbal violence





behaviors will bring great harm to the victims. Now, we focus on violence in sport through 8 articles.

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Violence in sport

Violence in sport

Violence in sport

By Jimmy

By Ermiyas

By Cherry

4 Ball game

Sport in school By Maripat


6 Urgent happen in sport

By Isabel Fuentes

By Kenchow



Compaign of Violence

About PE

By Jasmine

By Nikky

Violence in sport By Jimmy

Violence has always been caused in sports, even become a part of sports, such as basketball, football and ice hockey. Some people consider that violence in sports is normal and popular. In contrast, other people think it is a serious problem and has a negative effect about violence in sports. Some people regard violence as an entertainment in the sports match, they think it can attract fans’ attention and make match become more and more amusing. In fact, athletes take part in sport match just want to win the game, not to injure others. The game audiences want is a peaceful and exciting game, not a violent fight. Violence in sports also create a serious disadvantage to children. Most parents prefer to bring their children to enjoy the champion and challenge. During the competitive and barbaric sports, as they own a strong and natural ability, they will imitate some behavior and action from the sports. It is an absolutely common awareness that those teenagers will make injury to their peers and themselves without parents’ focuses. In addition, Violence in sports usually ruin player’s career, even his or her life. So, violence needs to be prohibited with the strict rules. The original purpose of sports is helping people become stronger and faster, not inhumanity. Like the spirit of Olympic game, building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sports. Athletes need to be peaceful and friendly in sports, like Chinese said: “friendship is first, competition is second.” People think players could get a best performance with this spirit.


Violence in sport

By Ermiyas

Consider it in this way violence is part of sport that makes it integrating .but lady's and gentleman every thing has a limit .some times we see the most violent things in a game that may provoke us .we want to smash the TV or throw some thing into the field . Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it . The way I see it, violence happen for two reason . first of all it is because of the trust in players and couches in wining the game .as a result players are forced to act on physical violins against opponents. In my opinion this is the worst tactic to be used to win a game .On the other hand, violence might happen because of accidents . For example in football trying to get the ball from the opponent unwanted contact between players may happen and some one may get heart . Such kind of violence happen unwillingly ,this is part of the game that happen occasionally .also violence happen between players because of misunderstanding best example for this is when zinedin confused the ball with a players chest. if you haven't seen it , below there is a link where you can find it on youtube. There are also some sports where the violence is the game by it self .some of this games are boxing ,mixed martial art so called MMA .other than players violence there is also fan violence .such kind of violence most of the time are related to nationalism or alcohol may be the reason for the violins . If we see it generally fan violence is the most dangerous of all. Because lots of people can get heart in the middle of it. e+violence&oq=zinedine+zidane+violence&gs_l=img.12...47136.60648.0.61881. 0...0.0...1ac.1.4.img.mvt2RRgosDk#biv=i%7C119;d%7CLuOP8uQM5t2iwM: e+violence&oq=zinedine+zidane+violence&gs_l=img.12...47136.60648.0.61881. 0...0.0...1ac.1.4.img.mvt2RRgosDk#biv=i%7C119;d%7CLuOP8uQM5t2iwM:

Violence in sport By Cherry

Most people think, the original intention of sports should be competitive physical exercises because they are healthy and friendly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of violent actions in sport competitions. A number of people love to enjoy boxing games , especially when the boxers are knocked out and can not stand up again. All these audience seeking for violent actions, they do not care about the athlete's life at all. Further more, in most boxing competitions, only the winner can get money. The loser is not only injured, but also can not obtain any money. That is why every boxer risks his life to win the competition. As this idea becomes more and more normal , teenagers start to watch and appreciate this kind of sport. Although there are a lot of organizations that appeal to teenagers not to imitate that sport's way. However, as the Internet is developing , any violent sport video can be found in an unexpected speed. After they experience the shocking and exciting are both from these competitions, they try to imitate. It is easy to imagine how the teenagers actions will influence the society. If some young strong teenagers who have confidence and are curious about the results after they attack any one . Violence in sports influences society in a number of ways. But But the most important way must be attract teenagers to try the violence.

Sport in school By Maripat

Nowadays, people are getting more serious health problems. However, Teachers, parents and all education institutions only focus on studying and ignore the physical exercises. It is proved that a sedentary lifestyle have a detrimental effect on health. Schools should pay attention to school's sports. Students should have their leisure time. They can relax by doing some sports, like running, football, basketball and volleyball. It has a positive impact on their studyďźŒbecause they feel fatigued after brainwork. It will be an ineffective work when they are very tired. However, some people think that, always doing some sports or hold matches will have negative impact on studying. Students will pay attention to their sports competition so that can not learning by heart. Nevertheless, the diversity of sport games make students more energetic,like athletic meeting. It is also a entertainment way for students. They can learn other skills without books. Campus competition not only improve students' social skills, but also enhance the spirt of teamwork and cooperation as well. Sports are also chosen as a career. It is not truth that, everyone has a good future just by learning. They also can to be athletes, actors and singers. They can train from at school. Therefore, school should give more time and chance to students doing some sports and encourage them to attend sports games. Then the youngster will have more abundant leisure time and being more healthy.

Ball game The "juego de pelota" or ball game is an ancient sport. Its origin comes from Guatemala and part of Mexico. It was played by the Mayas. The game basically consists of introducing a rubber ball into one of several rings. Players from each of the two teams passed the ball back and forward using their hips, arms or chests. The rubber ball was made from the sap of certain trees. It was a hard ball and because of this the players used special protective gear. During Guatemala's colonization this game was already known. Hernan CortĂŠs, a conqueror, was thrilled by this game and took the best teams to play for King Charles V. Unlike modern sports were the winners gets a trophee in ball game they are rewarded with their death. Mayas had gods. God for the rain, the harvest or time. By sacrificing the winners, they were venerate the gods and showing them respect. This game was played for fun, adoration to gods, but also to seal deals between societies. Instead of going to war they played and the winner could choose how to close the deal. Ball game is one of the most ancient sports. We can see that since hundred of years ago violence existed in sports even death.;d%7Cq4hF90bD7IJFPM

By Isabel Fuentes

Urgent happen in sports By Kenchow In nowadays,more and more audiences pay attention on the safety when they enjoy one excellent competition. On the one hand,by some people,it is a sound decision to opposite the behavior damaged the match.To start with,it is an absolutely obvious reason that a vast number of destroying a formal match have always arose in modern society,regardless of a small match or a multinational champion.The behavior of damaging match will usually stop the excellent performance and exhibition.

Moreover,it is widely accepted that it will cause a negative imagination of a city or a country.A vast nummer of proof have shown that as damaging match occur,the local tourism will be suffered sharply fell down because of the scare from the tourists.An even more significant factor that should be taken into account is the audiences will be injured from the destroyed competition.In other word,those behavior and movement will trend to become violence and barbaric conflict,which is also harmful to social public safe. On the other hand,others regard these happens as an extreme method to perform their enjoyment of one match. Apparently,most of damaging matches are based on one team will lost the match or have a bad performance,but their fans can not receive the result,according to destroy the match to express their dissatisfaction.During the process,the fans from respective teams in one competition will easily cause excess conflict.

Although it is a right to support your favorite team or player,it is a wrong choice to break the normal match no matter how worse it is.All audiences must know any result of the match will not be changed by your false behavior.

Campaign of violence By Jasmine There are more and more articles about violence campaign reported in the newspaper recently.In America, baseball games can be considered as violence campaign and thy have features of strong antagonism. The ball may hit the hitter if the pitcher throws it wildly.At the same time , the chase also need speed and physical strength .The team member would get hurt during the process of the chase . Also,sliding is a dangerous part in the baseball game . Because the skaters have to affix their bodies to the ground when sliding and it is easy to scrape their skin which then start bleeding. There was news about an violence campaign and it happened in America. It was caused by two team members because of competition cheating. As a result ,these two boys fought and one of them was died. More serious, these two boys' fathers also fought and then were put into prison. It is a pity that a life was ended owing to a baseball game. We should not do any hurt to our body,because we have only one life and that is extremely precious to us. We should treat it seriously. In real life,we need to exercise to improve our physical fitness in sports. Baseball games also are a excellent campaign which can unite team members and finally everyone can enjoy the game .

About physical education By Nikky

Many people especially students think PE class is useless. They suggest school should cancel this class. Basically, they need to learn how to appreciate it. Every 4 years, people around the world getting together to have a big sport celebration called Olympics. People value sports for a reason. Most students in China have heavy homework to do everyday. When they are frustrated and have no outlet for their stress, it is a good way to do sports with their classmates on the playground to calm down, alter their mood, and let go of pressure they’ve been building up. Besides, sports personalities like Olympic champions always play role models who have positive effects on students. They are admired because of hard-working, patient, determined and fighting for the goals. All of these aspects can be learnt by young people to contribute to their character building. Doing sports not only have the benefit on students’ spirit but also have the benefit on their body. It is a good method to improve youth’s physical fitness. Furthermore, a lot of girls go to gym in order to keep in shape. I think exercising in gym is a waste of time. Girls pay no attention to PE class but waste money and time to go to gym! All in all, physical education class should be compulsory in school.





Ray Zhang


Ermiyas Cherry Maripat Isabel Fuentes Kenchow Jasmine Nikky

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