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Sports What do you do when you are free? Maybe women enjoy shopping and the most importantly, some teenagers and some adults are willing to do sports. Sports are a total meaning of activities which can make people exciting, relieve stress and make people more healthy and stronger. First of all, lots of people want to have different life or even want to find something exciting such as extreme sports. Extreme sports are really dangerous but exciting because maybe when you get mistake the sport you do may make you die. Secondly, some people intend to play this extreme sport to forget all the unhappy things if they get into the trouble and do not have the solution. When they come back home, they may have a new understanding of the life and have the solution to the question because they have an exciting time to relax themselves. Thirdly, doing sports are a healthy lifestyle and of course it can also lose weight. This is the most important thing for youths and it is also a effective way to archive the goal which is to be thin. People enjoy taking a shower when they finish their training. That is fantastic. Sports may be a sign of culture and maybe at first people practice surfing for recreational purposes. And with time flying, some players focus on this activity and they will choose who is the best one. This must be the honor to get the champion. But sports may become commercial now and there are a series of production for earning money.

Violence in sports The sport is the most essential aspect for most of the people and of course when you go to the school you may see lots of the students playing the basketball and soccer. However, there are some negative situations in the sports. For example, violence is common in our life. Last week, I saw a movie about baseball and the movie shows the negative situation about sports. There was a judge who wants to have a match and invited students of two teams to hold. During the competition,the athletes were not friendly and did not agree with the judgement. They both thought they were the best so they quarrel with each others. The judge wanted to stop them but in the end he was sent to the hospital by a car. For the story,the aim of the judge is to hold a fantastic match, to make friends and to improve the professional skills. But the ending of match is not good because of violence. People want to win whatever they do but they can not do anything best. They choose violence to solve this problem because they are so strange and this solution may be effective and direct. But the bad news is that these guys wants to solve the problem by violence next time. And it may cause negative impact and even lead to crime.

So what we can do is to appeal that the athletes should not solve the problems by violence. What we want to know is professional skills in sports and fierce competition. And what we hope is a better trade in the sports. The sport is a good method to keep physical and psychological health. So avoiding the violence and it has a list of benefits.

Violence in sports

Along with all the sports had improved their skills and grades,the fact that violence always accompanied by sports. It is really unbelievable that in this age we should still allow people fight with others in the playground. And there is too many sports with conflict like boxing, judo, soccer, basketball and baseball. From my own perspective, the causes of phenomenon are manifold.

People take part in violent sports because of high rewards they bring.Spectators are willing to pay vast sums of money to see violence especially the accident.On 2ed feb. according to AFP and other media reported the Egyptian local television news, after a football game, both teams fans happened large-scale conflict. According to news agency, two teams have fans threw stones, fireworks and bottles, cause there are 74 people were killed and 150 People were injured. Egypt football association chairman has decided to put off indefinitely football league, and the player from one of the team was describe the game for both teams between fans of "war" : "this is not football, this is a war, many people in front of us death. There is no security, not an ambulance."But it is worth mention that this game get an unprecedented rating in TV.

Although people enjoy violence sports,we have to ban it.Because it's uncivilized.T he social is advancing by leaps and bounds and people try to be better in many way. If we banned dangerous and violent,we would be moving one step further.

Violence in sports

When there is sports, there is violence in sports. Violence often happens in competitive sports, like basketball and

football. During the past decades, many people were injured because of violence in sports.

Violence in sports is one of the biggest problems in sports. It happens not only between athletes themselves, but also between players and audiences. There are many famous cases. For example, several basketball players fought with fans at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit in 2004. Another famous case is the football player Zidane headbutted Materazzi in the chest in the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final in Berlin.

These are against the spirit of sport. It has a bad influence on fans, especially the young ones. Teenagers often like to simulate the idols, even the bad habit during competitions. It is not good for the development of young people.

     Many policies have been carried out to prevent this from happening in the past years. Players who do not obey the policies during games are punished. They need to pay a fine, and are not allowed to attend the next several games. We need these policies to ensure the safety of players and fans, and make competitive sports more fair and just.

In conclusion, players should keep calm and handle their own emotions when violence happens. They should show their responsibility for the fans and themselves. To make a better environment of sports, we have to reduce violence in sports not only rely the policies, but also to improve the players' personal qualities.

Violence in sports

With the communication of world developing, the importance of international sports increases, and the problem about the violence in sport becomes more and more common and the serious restrict sports developing. First of all, what is the sport violence? Violence in sport means physic acts committed in contact sports beyond the normal level the contacted expected while playing the sports. These acts of violence can included intentional attempt to injured players by other players or coach, but can also include threads of physical harm or actual physical harm sustained by players or coach those engaging in spectating of sports. Secondly, why the violence in sport happened, it have complicate reasons, one of important reason is the situation of sports, most of sports have high competitive,and if the score level of a game has huge distance, for instance, can make high pressures of player and then lead them to be

angry. Furthermore ,if the game has some unfair judge or unfair penalization from referees, it will more easy to make player or fans get annoyed. And on some special sports like boxing ,involve violence in their rules. The participant

always hurt their opponents to win the game. Thirdly, what is the negative effects of violence in sports? Violence in sports get really bad influence at the aspect of sports, it violate the aim of sports, sports should make people feel more friendly and make people to become strong and heath, but violence just can hurt people, no matter in physic, also in mental. As another side, the media will use some violence scenes to attract audience, however it will giving a lot of negative effects on people,especially on children and they may copy their idols’ behavior, and even to use violence during their games. Some people may think violence can not be avoided because the game always be competed. However they fail to recognize that players could control themselves well if they really love sports and have good education.

In conclusion, violence in sports is an kind of behavior which is giving really bad influence. What can we do is reducing this kind of thing. It really need everyone to work on it. Both of player and audience should control their motions and referees need to be more fair. Making sports to be heathy need everyone’s work!

Violence in sports

Sport is a new character of the younger generation. Competitive spirit also inspires young people to fight hard for their work. It has been proved that participation in sporting activities contributes to the health of noticeable people in the world. The idea of fair competition and teamwork forms good social conduct. However, in my point of view, to a certain extent, it is also the chief criminal of transfer sport violence.

It has been showed in media considerably that Violence and aggression in sports have adverse influence on younger generation undoubtedly. Athletic star is generally considered to be idol by younger generations. Consequently, young people automatically imitate the behavior of their idols. The best example to explain it is the UFC (ultimate fighting championship). According to a famous survey, the UFC has been the arch-criminal that transfer violence on TV. As a famous sport, free combat is one of the most popular sports among young people nowadays. Numerous young people love to imitate the moves of their favorite athlete stars. The

consequence is that they fight each other until hurting themselves; in some cases, they do not stop fighting until seriously injured.

To sum up, violence in sports plays a significant role in affecting young people’s behavior, which not only leads them to misunderstand the real sportsmanship and its actual meaning, but also has adverse impacts in the way they getting along with the others.

Violence in sports

In today's society, sports is an important part of people's life. More and more people like watching sports on TV and taking part in it. Unfortunately, there are many violent events in sports. They effect the fair of sports game. It should be avoid. I have three reasons for why it should be avoid.

First, violence in sports will have negative influence for children. Today, so many teenagers like watching sports, such as basketball and football. If teenagers watch the sports violence, they will follow the things which they do in the sports. It is a negative environment of teenagers.

Second, we avoid sports violence also for athletes. Athletes' health is very important, athletes need healthy body to join the sports. So they should keep themselves healthy, the

violent events in sports can not be happened. If it often happens, there will be no healthy athlete to join the sports. Finally, sports violence also affect the fair of sports games. If athletes were afraid of the sports violence, they will not do their best in the sports games. It is unfair to athletes and people who is watching the sports. So no one wants to watch and play the sports in the future. It is harmful for the human.

In conclusion, sports violence is a serous problem in the society. The best way to solve it is that let it not happen again.

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