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1.Family Education 2.Science in Education 3.The Development of Chinese Education 4.Special Education 5.Technology in Education 6.The advantage and disadvantage technology in education • 7.The Current Situation of Chinese Education

Family Education            

The family plays a huge role in children’s education. Children from infancy into the early childhood, with the age growth, will eventually enter the big society and contact the crowds outside. Children, especially young children lack rational ability to distinguish between right and wrong, but have the ability to feel acutely than adults. They are sensitive that there are many affectionate or terrible events happening around them, and this sensitivity is a good foundation to train rational discrimination ability. As parents, they should help children know what is right or not. The family plays a huge role in children’s education to make the children be good members of the society.

Good parents always have their own special and fantastic ways or skills to lead their children. Many parents like to punish their kids when the children make mistakes, for instance, children fight with their friends. However, the good parents may not, they will tell them the sense that if they do so they will lose too much, for example, they will hurt each other and lose the friendship. Both of these two ways present two ideas of the education. But the latter one is more care about the kids. Some parents just always ignore the influent of them to the kids, and they think the school is all-powerful to do everything for their children. In fact, it is wrong, because the school is limited. The school always concentrates on the knowledge for children rather than the skill to live and the way to be a good and kind man. Parents should pay more attention to family education rather than pay much money to send children to expensive school, because the school education is just a part of education of the whole life of a child. Marco and Crystal

Science in Education With the growing number of the communication among each part of the world, subjects what students learn in universities play a more important role. A large number of students have no idea about which subject to choose, science or art. Actually, both of them are important to our society. Some people believe that science contributes more to the society than art. They think that science can make their countries become more powerful and stronger. Some people have the opposite side of thisidea. However, both science and art are important to the society. Art such as language and business plays a really important role. It can make it possible to communicate with other part of the world. It can bring lots of wealth for their countries through business. It makes the world more colorful.

Science contributes a lot to the society in order to boost the condition of our lives. First of all, scientific innovation upgrades the quality of life. For example, TV, computers and subway become more convenient and efficient for people. Secondly, Medical science and medical instruments increase life expectancy. Therefore, people realize how to try our best to keep our health. Also they will have more choice if they get ill. Thirdly, people study math to calculate the economic prosperity. For instance, they calculate GDP to indicate a nation’s financial well-being. Lastly, scientists are able to explain some scientific phenomena and predict some natural disasters, such as earthquakes or tornado. To sum up, science and arts are playing significant roles in our lives. It is essential for us to learn both of them. We cannot ignore one of them because science boosts our quality of life while language enhances our communication. Stanley and Peter

The Development of Chinese Education In 1949, the People's Republic of China was funded, the Chinese government has always attached high importance to the development of education. The state formulated a variety of laws to ensure everyone's right of accepting education. After 50 years of efforts, China's education has made considerable progress. In the past, take rural primary schools as a example, there were totally two or three classrooms in a school for lack of teachers . It was not uncommon for different grades' students to sit in a same classroom to share one teacher, students in grade 1 were listening to the teacher while the students in grade 2 were writing assignments and the students in grade 3 were reciting the texts.

Because of that , the students who study in the rural schools have to make twice or three times of efforts than that who study in big cities to get equal opportunities . Moreover, some students could not finish their study because of economic difficulties in family. As a result of the development of economy , science and technology ,education also get obvious progress. One of the most noticeable changes has been in educational policy. Nine-year compulsory education says that the students study under junior high school do not have to pay the tuition fee, which give more students the right of accepting education. Another significant change has been in the education facilities of schools , which got very big improvement , there are wide and bright classrooms instead of simple and small houses. What's more ,computers , projectors and other high-tech products has also been applied to teaching. To conclude , education is getting better and better , not only in China , but also in the whole world and it is always an indispensable part of a country's developing. Lynn

Special Education

Nowadays, special education is increasingly important in our social life., it is an important part in education. Special education means the education of children who have physical or learning problems. Because of physiological defect, some of them can not go to general school and study with other students. They need study in different way,. Different country have different education system, especially the special education. There are almost 83 million handicapped in china, and the number is growing, therefore, special education is an important part in Chinese education. In china, Governments built many special education school for the children who deaf and dumb. In this school, children study a lot of knowledge, not only the knowledge in book, but also learn many social skills, such as how to contact with others and working skills when they get older, all of this can help them deal with problems in daily life, and after they graduation, they can find a job. There are some problems in Chinese special education,. Firstly, they do not have enough special education school for children, many children have no chance to study at school. Secondly, The special education teacher work to bear heavy and the wages treatment is low, only few young people wants to learn this major in college. Thirdly, only few students can study in college, it is harder for them to pass the college entrance examination than general students, this is a big challenge for them to prepare the examination, and even though they passed the exam, they hardly admitted by university.

On the other hand, Special education in Saudi Arabia has taken more attention in recent years. Governments try to provide adequate educational system for all different types of disabilities. Additionally, the special education in Saudi Arabia is started from 1952. When they concentrate on visual impairment, and afterthat this effort is increased gradually. Therefore, there are more than 1120 centers with a special institutions for exception needs such as Autism . In addition, the steps of development with special education has many stages. First, Residental school. This type of school has negative consequences because they isolate disabled people from society . Another is special classes with regular classes which is a great chance for disabled people for build their social interact between them and normal ones. Furthermore, mainstreaming is considered the important stage in the development. However, many people do not support this idea because they do not want to put a comparison between disabled person and an ordinary one. Nevertheless, mainstreaming is more likely to be the best way of education in saudi arabia for special needs. Also, Normalization is the last step in development. It means that offer a suitable job for them, and support them by considering them as productive individuals. Inaddition, there are different majors for special education in each university because the number of handicapped is getting up every year, so government needs a lot of instructor in special education.

Otherwise, special education in Saudi Arabia is suffering from obstacles such as they do not give disabled people their medical, social and practical rights. Also, most of families can not handle this issue, they do not encourage their handicapper to deal with this problem. However, some disabled people success when they pass the challenge with themselves in order to show that they have the capacity and power to prove their uniqueness, beside that their families who support and promote them in each step. Emotional side is another problem which meets the special needs. It means that self- confidence becomes low when they do not find the acceptance from society . Therefore, they can not treat with them as well. Moreover, availability for getting job is less likely for exceptional needs. Consequently, they have isolated from community. In conclusion, all human being should deserve a good education, regardless of any disabilities which may deprive them from this right. Thus, people should increase their effort in order to make life easier for handicappers. Nabilah and Eric

Technology in Education Nabilah and Eric

Recently, education is totally changed and it is taken a new concept . It depends completely on technology especially in universities and colleges. Furthermore,our life is relying on technology and it is changed the way we live.Computers, IPad and cell phones are becoming crucial in our daily life.Therefore, technology in education field should be limited and decreasing. Frankly, technology in education plays an important role in our educational system. It has many considerable impact. For instance, easy to find an information about any topic with different sources. Also, it increases the way of interaction between students and teachers. Thus, it gives them an eager to learn and create. In addition, most of teachers are using technology aids such as PowerPoint, visual and Audios aids in order to help students to understand and enjoy duringclasses.

According to the number of technology applications, online education is becoming one of the essential application in recent years. It gives students opportunity to attain the knowledge while they are away geographically and physically. However, many students believe that kind of education is unreliableand it is losing time and money. Although advanced technology makes our life and study easier and vivid, but if people rely too much on it, this is not good for students and education. For student, computer and Internet provides a mount of information and opportunity to learn more knowledge which they can not learn from books. But the self-control of students is not strong, a lot of students are addicted to Internet and computer games and abandoned their studies. For education, increasingly people choose study online, instead of study at school, to be honest, study online is cheaper and have more choice, but it can not replace face to face education. Teacher can teach us many experience they faced, and students can discuss with others during class, moreover, students will have more motivation to study, at the same time, the teacher also plays the role of supervision. In conclusion, the technology's development is inevitable, the only thing people need to do is use it in right field and right way. Advanced technology is good for education, but it is need to be limited, and make sure it is helpful to students.

s and disadvantage s technology in The advantage advantages disadvantages education Jojo and Mohsen

Nowadays, using technology by universities is becoming more popular around the world. The aim of this essay is to discuss the drawbacks and benefits of utilizing technology in education.

The positive consequence of using technology is a powerful tool to engage students. As a result, students can do research using online resource and study whenever and wherever they want. In addition, students learn skills which are useful for their jobs. For example, they learn to write reports using a word processor. Nevertheless, the negative aspects of technology are relying too much on computers. Young learners do not become proficient in some basic skill. For instance, they use word processors and spelling to write letters. Also, computers are expensive to maintain and can be unreliable. In conclusion, technology is part of everyday life. It can be help students to develop their skills. However, institutions should supplement traditional teaching with the use of technology.

The Current Situation of Chinese Education

With the social development and the growth of population, Children have more and more pressure in education. Children should go to nursery school when they are four years old. Although it is not a true school, children still have to school,children learn some skills. For children of four or five years old, they are hard to keep concentration. China has the nine-year compulsory education project. It means that every child must graduate from junior high school, because government pays thep art of tuition fee for thepart artof students. After graduating from junior high school, teenagers and their families choosego choosegotto high schools, vocational schools or find jobs. The score in middle schoolentrance exam is the most important standard.

High school will be the most difficult stage in student life. Every student, their parents and teachers only focus on college entrance examination. This exam is significant for a family, it decides your college or university. In traditional opinion, people believe that students have to go to a good university. If you do not graduate from a key university, you will lose many chances. Students are under enormous pressure from parents and teachers. Many students feel upset and disappointed when they fail in exams. Too many kinds of courses make them confused and have no time to relax. In conclusion, it is difficult to judge the current situation of Chinese education. China is a country with a huge population. Finding a satisfied job is tough. Education can not be suitable for everyone. Stella

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