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SAYS VOTING AT 25 IS lYOUNG ENOUGH' Mrs. Woodhall Martin Supports the British Franchise Bill to That Effect.


BRIGHTON, England, May 7 (JP).Mrs. Victoria Claflin Woodhull Martin, the first woman candidate for the Presidency of the United States in 1872

and long a. fighter tor equal suffrage, believes that 25 is plenty young enough for men and women to obtain the : franchise. In 1872 Mrs. Martin carried the banner of equal suffrage ln Maine and California as Presidential candidate of · the Equal Rights Party and at 88 she is still interested in promoting the emancipation of women . .. I want women to have the vote as soon as they are fit to use It!' Mrs. Martln told a. correspondent for The Associated Press, "but I do not believe in forced maturity. Twenty-five is young enough for persons of both sexes to exercise the franchise." Mrs. Martin was seated with her daughter, Miss Virginia. Woodhull, in their apartment here when she received the correspondent. Time has not dimmed the eyes of this splri ted woman who, with her sister, the late Lady Cook, formerly Tennessee Claflin, was the first woman broker in New York and lectured and published Claflin's Weekly in support of equal suffrage and eugenics before they both came to England. The surprised Interviewer, who expected to find the advocate of equal suffrage ready to defend the ..flapper vote," as it is termed by opponents of the bill to give British woman the vote at the age of 21, the same as men, instead of 30, asked: .. But what of yourself at 21 ?,. "I Y/as making history 'vhen I was 21," Mrs. Martin replied. ..But I was a 't1.dfe when little more than a. child. My son 'vas born when I was very young and I had an unusually advanced education at home. My case was exceptional.'' HBut what about your daughter?'' ~!rs. Martin was asked, ... surely she ·was fit to vote at 21." "Certainly not., she replied . ... Mother Is right," Miss Woodhull agreed with good humor, ur knew nothing when I was 21, 'although I · was studious and had read a great deal. I question if even the modern · 1

emanc1pated l{irl Js a




of character to discriminate between political candidates... J..!rs. Martin. who 'vrote and lectured ! for thirty years on eugenics, remarked . that she was pleased to read that the Virginia Eugenics la'v had succeeded . In establishing the right to sterilize ; the feeble-minded. 1

··r advocated that fifty ago in my book, 'Marriage of the Unfit,' "

she said. ..I am also glad that parents are now beginning to instruct their adolescent children in the· facts of life. My sister. Tennessee. and I were mercilessly slandered fifty years ago when v1e dared advocate women's emancipation and discussed eugenics in Amer--

ica. but time has proved that we were right."

Published: May 8, 1927 Copyright © The New York Times

Victoria woodhull says buck v bell was great and that she pioneered eugenics 50 years prior  
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