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1 January 2007 Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II Buckingham Palace London SW1A 1AA England Dear Your Majesty The Queen, The history you have presented to the public is bunkum. This bunkum history has been maintained by your historians in exchange for cover over their sexual indescretions. We once swore an oath of loyalty to you and stood for your image and anthem in picture theatres. Those days went out with the afro. We now believe you have been criminally advised and your family is built on the crimes hiding behind your image. Never has a bigger criminal existed than your family over its generations. I regret to point out that everything about you has failed – your marriage, your children’s marriages, those of your ancestors and your rule. You are part of a family occupying a country you have no right to occupy, other than the rights stolen through murder by your forebears. From the study of history I have come to the conclusion that you should be exiled from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Your only place of refuge should be the Biographical Encyclopedia – a history of occultists.

Yours sincerely, Greg Hallett




A Right Royal Con



Published by FNZ Inc., PO Box 109 624, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand Copyright © Greg Hallett, 2007 ISBN 978-0-473-11924-9 First Edition: 7 March 2007 Previously by Greg Hallett and the Spymaster Hitler Was A British Agent, 2005, 2006 Previously by Greg Hallett: Are You My Father?, The Family Court & Other Experiments; 2002

The most difficult aspect of copyright is obtaining the right to print images freely available on the web. The images are available in abundance, but the owners are difficult to locate, if not impossible, do not respond to emails, have no English facility, or no clear method of payment. I take the view that no one owns history and lack of communication or the enforced purchase of hundreds of images in order to obtain one, is history extortion. As many image owners as possible have been located and paid accordingly. Almost all watermarks have been cleared for reproduction, but even some of these owners could not be located. When the images cost more than the RRP of the book there is a problem with history. Some copyrighters even went as far as to limit the placement of their images into ‘only appreciative history’. This is Political Correctness as started under a leadpoisoned Lenin in May 1921. Shame! There is the other matter of the service done to those people in history who have now been placed in a correct light. Winston Churchill, for instance, has been cleared somewhat, as I trust his images are. History is more important than copyright. For the purposes of obtaining the right to print images, the working title: ‘A HISTORY OF EUROPE: 1625–1965’ was used. All rights placed in this have been transferred to the published title, HOW TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD, A Right Royal Con. I trust all the owners of reproduction rights will appreciate the importance of history and contact me accordingly. If you believe you are the genuine owner of an image and have the rights to reproduction, then contact the publisher at www.hitlerwasabritishagent. com with proof of ownership. There are 196 images. The total royalties should amount to less than 1% of sales profit. In most cases the work is in the public domain and copyright has expired. In those that have not, liberal and commercial fair use is utilized, including information and pictures of historical figures. It is deemed that historical figures in the public domain, by sheer weight of vanity and honorability, uphold the freedom of information. Those same people have neither copyrighted their name, or their image. As such, their images are declared free by nature of presence, position and power. Their lives are considered a functional work. They lived their lives with a creative content having no legal restriction relative to other people’s freedoms. As such, they lived their lives in complete disregard to the commoner’s copyright on their lives, let alone their image. A work in the public domain can not be licensed. Such works are considered free content. It is the same for the life of a figure in the public domain. Ditto for fair and equitable damage done by the public figure. If a copyrighted image of ‘a public figure that has damaged the lives of others’ is used, then it is fair and equitable that they should be damaged, alive or dead, by correct placement in history and it is this history that should be challenged before copyright is challenged. The images in this book are claimed to be used under fair use as they are historically significant photos of famous individuals and famous scenes; they are of a lower resolution than the original and any copies will be of inferior quality; the photos are only used for informational purposes; their inclusion adds significantly to the knowledge gained because it shows the subject/ event depicted as historically significant to the general public. Incorporating restricted material is fair use under United States copyright law and any challenges will be met with commercial and liberal parody.

Dedication To those who have suffered official history long enough. To all the historians who wrote the truth and were never acknowledged, or worse, killed. To all the victims of royalty . . . which is all of you. To the victims of royal paedophilia, either directly by a royal, or by one of their illegitimate children. To those who have suffered wars created by International Bankers. To those who know how the world works and to those who want to know. To the silent generation who are urged to speak out.

Ten books have been written in this history series. These have been placed with rogue intelligence officers to be ‘dumped’ on the net if necessary.

You have never lived in History. You have only ever lived in the Con. Ideology is for Wankers. The only thing that counts is the Agenda. The One World Order is a One World Disorder for everyone else. I don’t know what you mean by Conspiracy. I’m not the one who Colluded. Think like a Bloke, write like a God, or the other way round. God: “Fix it yourself, I’ll help”. Blokedom: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Feminism: “If it works, break it”. OWO: “Break it and blame it on the new enemies we have created”.

. . . Ye Old Sux . . .

This book contains swear words which are either used to quote field-experienced officers accurately, or to illustrate Ye Old English as it evolved from its many stock languages.

CONTENTS 1. The Catholic Con, The Jewish Con, The Anglican Con The Hanover Con and Royal Eugenics


2. How Scotland Lost Its Parliament


3. The Mad King Georges


4. Missing Time


The Scottish Cons

Calendar Changes

5. The Queen Victoria Cons


6. Syphilis


7. Post War Social Patterns


8. The Rothschild-Hitler Family Tree


9. Current Counter Intelligence


The Rothschild Con

The Royal Pox (1494–) Ecclesiastical and Etymological Scatolinguistics of Fuck






Having the inclination, one can rule the world with a biscuit tin, and the biscuits in it. Could we be more stupid?

Intelligence – whatever works.

Charles in 1613, before becoming King Charles I. His head was repainted at a later date in the fashion of MI-6 paste jobs.

The Catholic Con, the Jewish Con the Anglican Con, the Hanover Con & Royal Eugenics

The Catholic Con The weedy King Charles I was King of England from 27 March 1625 until his beheading on 30 January 1649 outside Whitehall. He was an advocate of ‘the Divine Right of Kings’ and many feared he was attempting to gain absolute power. He raised taxes without the consent of Parliament, appointed his friend William Laud as Archbishop of Canterbury and went about imposing a Catholicized version of Protestantism on the Church of England.

How To Take Over The World

The Archbishop of Canterbury introduced Catholic-style Bishops and Prayer Books (rote learning) in place of Bible study (lecturing by inaudible Scots). An increasingly Catholicized Church of England was being used to serve a monarchical dictatorship. People once again feared the Divine Right of Kings would mean eroded rights for the commoner and a rebellion was afoot. The Archbishop of Canterbury/Church of England then canonized one person, King Charles I. King Charles I had nine legitimate children and the high infant mortality rate and low male birth rate is indicative of syphilis. Syphilis can be passed onto children (congenital syphilis) and also shows up as madness. This madness was to plague the British monarchy through all of its lines, the Stuarts, the Hanovers, the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas and the Windsors such that the study of the British royals is a study of syphilis, madness (Divine Right of Kings) and homosexuality with marriage being the principle form of cover. King Charles I had nine children: 1. First son, Charles James Duke of Cornwall (13 March 1629) was born dead. 2. Second son, King Charles II (29 May 1630–6 February 1685) married (1662) Catherine of Braganza with no legitimate issue. 3.

Third son, King James II (14 October 1633–16 September 1701) married Lady Anne Hyde without issue. She died in 1671. He then married (1673) Mary of Modena with issue (children).

4. Henry, Duke of Gloucester (8 July 1640–18 September 1660) died aged 20. 5. Mary, Princess Royal (4 November 1631–24 December 1660) married William II, Prince of Orange and had issue. 6. Elizabeth (29 December 1635–8 September 1650) died aged 12. 7. Anne (17 March 1637–8 December 1640) died aged three. 8. Catherine (29 January 1639–29 January 1639) died at birth. 9. Henrietta Anne (16 June 1644–30 June 1670) married (1661) Philip I, Duke of Orléans and had issue. King Charles I was also famous for inventing the tactic of appointing one’s most ardent opposer to lead Parliament for him. Unfortunately Strafford was too loyal and was impeached and executed at Tower Hill in 1641. 

The Catholic Con, The Jewish Con and The Anglican Con

The Jewish Con Oliver Cromwell (25 April 1599– 3 Sept. 1658) was a Member of Parliament (1628–29) who argued for a vote for all men (democracy). King Charles I reacted by dissolving Parliament for the next 11 years and raised taxes calling them ‘extra-parliamentary taxes’ thus blaming the Parliamentarians. The Scottish rebelled in ‘The Bishops War’. Running out of money Charles I recalled Oliver Cromwell Parliament in 1640 to raise taxes in support of his unpopular Catholic/anti-Parliament/high tax dictatorship. Cromwell opposed the higher taxes and demanded King Charles I govern with Parliament’s consent on religious and civil issues. Unresolved, this led to civil war between Parliamentarians and Royalists with many of the Royalists being heavily related and Cromwell being related to many of the Parliamentarians. This made the English Civil Wars something of a family battle. Cromwell (43) joined the Parliamentary Army with no previous experience and became an English military leader. He was the first to recruit officers based on merit as opposed to noble birth. The English Civil War was not a war of two sides, one against the other. It was more complicated and complex than that. In some places one side went with Parliament and the other for the king. In other places, like Scotland, religion and local economies came into the matter and civil war raged consecutively with religious strife and old land disputes. The King’s Armies were led by the aristocracy who had the initial advantage of arms, armour and money. The first battles were armed brawls that Parliamentary Forces mainly lost. There were near defeats at Edgehill (23 October 1642) and Marston Moor (2 July 1644) and nightmare retreats from Lostwithiel (2 September 1644). The Royal Cavalry could not stay on the battlefield after charging and this saved Parliament’s Army early on. Cromwell was also a descendent of three royal bloodlines – England, France and the Holy Roman Empire – essentially Germany. 


How Scotland Lost Its Parliament The Scottish Cons

Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat (1667–9 April 1747)

was abundantly charismatic to both soldiers and women and was beguilingly ugly. He was a Scottish Jacobite and chief of the Clan Fraser famous for his violent feuding and was thus noted by international spies who wished to manipulate the outcome of Scottish everything. Simon ‘The Fox’ Fraser was Chief of Clan Fraser but was third in line to inherit the style Lord Lovat. During his life he was obsessed with one thing – gaining the title of Lord Lovat and his Clan lands. This drove him to be the most unprincipled man of Scotland, thus his history is the Scottish history. As a chief he could inspire patriotism with a few small words; “There is nothing I place in balance with my kindred”. He had good command of Scottish, English, French and Latin and could quote appropriate passages from classics on the coin. With his ‘My Way’ temperament he was a target for all foreign spies who had an eye to breed him with their chambermaids. The offspring would then direct the histories of their own countries. History notes Simon Fraser as a born traitor and deceiver and one of his illegitimate children as one of the most famous men of France. As soon as Simon Fraser left Kings College in Aberdeen he raised an army of 300 men from his clan and formed a regiment in the service of William and Mary (Queen Mary II and King William III) so that his regiment could fight against them in the service of the deposed King James II at a moments notice. His ancestor was Hugh Fraser, 7th Lord Lovat (1599–16 Feb. 1646). His son died young and the title passed to his grandson, Hugh Fraser, 8th Lord Lovat (2 May 1643–27 April 1672) who passed it to his first born son, Hugh Fraser, 9th Lord Lovat (28 Sept. 1666–14 Sept. 1696) who passed it on to his cousin, Thomas Fraser of Beaufort, 10th Lord Lovat (1636–May 1699) . . . and after much wrangling this was passed on to his second son Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat (1667–9 April 1747)


The Mad King Georges Queen Caroline and King George II Wihelmine Charlotte Caroline, Margravine of Brandenburg-Anspach (1 March 1683–20 November 1737) had been orphaned early on. Her father Johann Friedrich, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach (18 October 1654– 22 March 1686) had died when she was three and her mother Caroline Wilhelmina Dorothea, Eleanor Erdmuthe Louisa of Saxe-Eisenbach (13 April 1662–19 Sept. 1696) died when she was 13. When the parents die young the daughters often grow up sexy as a survival adaptation. Caroline grew up “intelligent, cultured and attractive, much sought after as a bride.” She (22) married (22 August 1705) Augustus Guelph Hanover, Elector of Hanover (21), who became heir to the throne of Britain as George II after his father became King of Britain on 1 August 1714.

King George II

Queen consort Caroline


Missing Time Calendar Changes

Roman Calendar Prior to Julius Caesar the Roman Calendar was a mess. The year started on 1 March, had 304 days and was 10 months long, followed by an unnumbered winter period. January and February were then introduced increasing the length of the year to 354–355 days and every second year a 13-month was introduced . . . 47 BC was 355 days long and 46 BC was 455 days long. Old Style (O.S.)/Julian Calendar/Civil Year/Legal Year Tired of this, in 45 BC Julius Caesar started the Julian Calendar which began on 25 March and had 365.25 days in the year. The 0.25 day was taken up in a leap year and leap day was 24 February, making February 29 days long. The use of BC and AD was first used in the works of the Venerable Bede in the 6th century (673-735). The Old Style was known as the Julian Calendar and continued to 1522 (Venice) and 1752 (England). New Style (N.S.)/Gregorian Calendar/Historical Year This Gregorian Calendar was proposed by the physician Aloysius Lilius from Naples and adopted by Pope Gregory XIII, decreed by Papal Bull on 24 February 1582. It is referred to as ‘Inter Gravissimas’. The Julian Calendar had 365.25 years, but the actual year had 365.2422 days. This amounted to an error of 1 day every 128 years. Because of this the Gregorian Calendar involved loosing 10 days. The Gregorian Calendar was also focused on making the vernal ‘spring’ equinox 21 March, as it was during the meeting of the Council of Nicea in AD 325. This involved changing New Years day from 25 March to 1 January. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII decreed there would be no days between 4 October and 15 October 1582, thus loosing the offending 10 days. Changes in 1500s and 1600s required 10 days to be dropped. Changes in 1700s required 11 days to be dropped. Changes in 1800s required 12 days to be dropped. Changes in 1900s required 13 days to be dropped.

Missing Time


Emperor Napoleon I saw the value in calendar conflicts as they had enabled him to win the Battle of Austerlitz (Battle of the Three Emperors) fought on 2 December 1805 between France, Austria and Russia. Napoleon was using the French Republican Calendar. The Russians were using the Julian Calendar and the Austrians were using the Gregorian Calendar. This Julian-Gregorian Calendar conflict caused 11 days of confusion over the date these forces were to combine. Napoleon then won by 18,000 Russian dead or wounded. Napoleon did not want to become the victim of similar time rorts, so 30 days later he changed France back to the Gregorian Calendar.


How To Take Over The World

A sailor’s ditty of the time went: “The Royal Fakirs were so clever, with all their clocks, and times, and slight of hand, that they can have us born before we’ve even come back twice. And if anything does intervene or prove to be the slightest bit difficult the Royal Fakirs will wave their clocks and wands and disappear all else, and have the ship back before its construction when all the yardmen were in napkins. And if the Prime Minister should say to the First Sea Lord that this never was so, the First Sea Lord will offer him another glass of sherry. And so Britain’s navy rules the waves and Parliament rules England, and in the hills above Vimerio all the red wine of Portugal carries all the white wigged minds before it.” 

Vimerio is in Portugal where the sherry comes from.

Missing Time


And another went: “And Jolly Jack says to the chippy’s mate, that was not a good day for His Majesty, because our ship was sunk. We’ll just go and have a yarn with the master and he knows the Gentlemen of Time, and they can easily rub it out like Wednesday never happened. Britannia rules the waves and our Gentlemen rule time.”


How To Take Over The World

Prince consort Albert with Queen Victoria, a short, slow, remarkably ugly woman, and at least half Jewish.


The Queen Victoria Cons The Rothschild Con

From 22 June 1815 the Rothschild’s owned the Bank of England and

many of the British royals were more or less permanently drugged as a result of their doctors being Freemasons who used the royals as guinea pigs to cure their family illnesses of porphyria, haemophilia and syphilis. As the medical almanacs show, London physicians were sometimes the last to get information and were up to five centuries behind the times. Queen Victoria (24 May 1819–22 January 1901) was the ‘granddaughter’ of mad King George III and his not very royal wife. Victoria became Princess Regent aged 11 and Queen at 18 and 27 days. She was neither bright, nor quick-witted, and her family nickname ‘Drina’ suited her perfectly. Albert did not take to Victoria at first and it required some inducements, like a royal palace to live in. Queen Victoria (20) married her ‘first cousin’ Prince Albert (20) and they shared many cultural features, although their first cousin status was not biological. For both, their biological father was illegitimate and Princess Viktoria and Princess Luise were ’merely sisters-in-law. But due to centuries of inbreeding there were some similiar physical and inheritable features. If Albert was not the father of one child, his features could still be ascertained as present in that child. This was the Rothschild’s reasoning in arranging Victoria’s marriage with Albert. As such, the London head of the Rothschild’s banks, Nathan Mayer Rothschild officially died on 28 July 1836, but there are reasons to believe he lived behind the scenes until 1850. He should be considered the potential father to some of Queen Victoria’s children and was in a position to sire her first seven children. Equally his son Lionel Nathan Rothschild (1808–79) could have sired all of Victoria’s children. As it was with Alois Hitler, they shared the burden. Prince consort Albert was certainly not a threat to anyone and was happy to be living in such a nice place as a palace. This was further backed up by a lack of analysable photographs of the prince. Alexandrina ‘Victoria’ was the biological daughter of Viktoria of Saxe-CoburgSaalfeld and Nathan Mayer Rothschild. 



The Royal Pox (1494–)

Syphilis was known as “the mimics disease”. It began with a small

rash that mimicked smallpox (the variola virus). Hence it was given the name the ‘Pox’ and ‘Greatpox’ and was mistaken for smallpox whenever it killed a royal (as in the case of the Duke of Gloucester and his mother Queen Anne). The name ‘Syphilis’ was drawn from the name of a shepherd in one of Leonardo da Vinci’s poems. The first recorded outbreak of syphilis occurred in Naples (a transport epicentre) in 1494 with links to Columbus’ crew. The Italians called it ‘the Spanish disease’. When it spread to the French Army it was called ‘the French disease’. The French then called it ‘the English disease’, the Russians called it ‘the Polish disease’ and the Arabs called it ‘the disease of the Christians’. None wanted to take the blame for “Miss Siff”.

Columbus claiming already occupied America backed by the Santa Maria, Nina and Pinta; surrounded by Court beauties; and a Santa Maria sailing replica.


Post War Social Patterns Ecclesiastical & Etymological Scatolinguistics of Fuck

The dictionary defines Fuck as “sexual intercourse, a partner of sexual intercourse, to mess about, to fool around, to curse, to confound, to express anger and annoyance, to make a mess, a blunder, to state nothing, to disturb emotionally, to meddle, muddle or abuse”. It can be used as ‘fuck’, ‘fucked up’, ‘fuck up’, ‘fuck all’, ‘fucking’, ‘fuckedness’, ‘fuck the thing’, ‘fuck around’, ‘fucking useless’, ‘I’m all fucked up’, ‘that fucker’, and ‘I want to fuck that’, ‘fuck them’, ‘fuck you’, ‘well fuck me’, ‘fucking arse’, ‘arrrghhh for fucks sake’, and ‘fuck I feel like a king’. It gained popularity in the 1500s and again in WWI and hasn’t let up since. It is the most universal word and the word that holds the most historical secrets. It is the key to our world. ‘Fuck’ is considered a swear word because it explains history better than any other word. The dictionary concedes its origins are unknown and from the 1500’s, but we know better. “Fuck” became popular at the same time as syphilis became endemic in Europe – the 1500’s. Christopher Columbus was of Spanish heritage but grew up in Genoa, Italy. When he wanted to discover America he tried the Prince of Portugal for funding but was refused so he went to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain who vacillated, then agreed. Leonardo da Vinci secretly gave Christopher Columbus a globe of the world with America already clearly mapped out on it. Columbus then left in August 1492 to ‘discover’ America with the usual group of dishevelled sailors, make-believes and rag-tags. White people had been living in America for the previous three centuries, but that didn’t matter. It was a royal fanfare and they were going to discover a country. A royal discovery involves all the typical aspects of conquest like rape and pillage. Peculiar to the Spaniards was the rape of llamas and the llamas adapted by developing the ability to spit behind their backs to accurately hit the rag-tag dishevelled buggers behind them. Strangely when llamas were later exported to New Zealand they lost the spitting gene.


How To Take Over The World

The Church In Feudalism “members held their lands on the condition of fulfilling certain obligations to their overlord . . . to him he owed military service for a specified period of the year . . . in return the lord offered his vassal protection and justice, received the vassal’s sons into his household and educated them for knighthood [which made him eligible for sex without having to become a husband or farmer, or tied down]. This system was complicated by the fact that large fiefs (land-holdings) might be subdivided and abbots often governed church lands held in fief from nobles”, thus giving the church control over the inhabitants and social structure of that land, leading to the dictation of religion over entire provinces. The Church caught on from the nobles and became involved in the all-powerful position of controlling ‘fucking’. They imposed restrictions on marriage. (Both partners had to be Catholic. In Scotland it was Protestant.) You weren’t allowed to masturbate or have sex before marriage, payment was required for a marriage license, all children had to be christened by the Church, Sunday attendance was required, as was ‘Sunday best’ and tithing (giving 10% of your income). Education was taken over with High Anglican/Catholic schools and High Anglican/Catholic Bible classes, which made it into the common peasant language of English in 1535, but was taught in Latin (Anglican and Catholic) and guttural Scottish (Protestant). Prior to that, education was solely in the realms of those who understood Latin. Permission for marriage was required well before the ceremony and family trees had to be established to show that there was no incest. This made birth certificates important. Incest was ruled illegal as it brought recessive faulted genes into dominance. However marital incest could be purchased with a bribe, simply by asking a second time higher up the religious ladder, and paying the required gratuity. This was still occurring in 1884 when Adolf Hitler’s father Alois married his niece Klara Põlzl, resulting in a prime example of recessive genes coming into dominance.


The Rothschild-Hitler Family Tree

There are various forms of family tree. 1.

The Normal family tree is based upon two unrelated people who marry and have a child who then marries someone who is not a relative and they have a child, each time splitting the family’s finances, both when the child remarries and if and when the parents divorce.

However, there are other forms of family tree including: 2. The Paedophile’s family tree where a paedophile victim begets a paedophile victim who begets a paedophile victim. When the paedophiles get together (‘twins’) they promote their friend’s paedophile victims and then use them for cover based on fear and guilt of being exposed.

This blackmail paedophile family tree has been so successful, it covers over 90% of all important positions, leaving the world effectively controlled and manipulated by paedophiles, for paedophiles. Check your social policy – they’re behind it. Their primary contribution to society has been the destruction of the family and the removal of the protective biological father from that family.


The Royal Paedophile family tree where the victims of paedophilia and child-sex abuse are kept under wraps, either by promotion, demotion (slander and drugs) or murder.


The Royal Illegitimate family tree where the Fitz-Royals are given life-long positions in the colonies and never have to do a days work. Their main role is to provide children for paedophilia during royal visits (New Zealand in 1921, 1927, 1934, 1953–4) and a ready supply of children to British paedophiles on holiday. They, or their minders, have the power to invoke DoRAs (Defence of the Realm Act) in which the British Embassy orders the country’s intelligence service to pick up the British paedophile and escort them out of the country without charges being laid.

The chief representative of Lloyds in New Zealand, John Gill, was a case in point. Always immaculately dressed in a three-piece suit,


How To Take Over The World Royal biscuit tins mark Royal history. “We Royals have an absolute fear of poverty. As a Royal I use my image to sell biscuits and any other product to make a buck, toothpaste included.�


Current Counter Intelligence Afterword

America was bankrupted for the first time on 1 January 1788 as the United States. This came about through the various wars in America for independence from Great Britain and slavery, which was a construct, as slavery was about to be made redundant by the combine harvester.

The combine harvester was first patented 17 years before the Civil War, in 1834, by Hiram Moore. The same year Cyrus McCormick patented the Mechanical Reaper. This made slaves too expensive to feed and by the time of the Civil War (1861) many of the slaves in the South and all the slaves in the North were already free. The British purpose of these wars was not to win them, but to continue them so that the United States would be bound to Great Britain via debt. This debt had more rule than a colony, is more hidden than a colony and lasts longer than a colony. This debt to Great Britain still rules America to this day. These British created wars included the War of Independence of 1776−81 (aka the Revolutionary War), and the American Civil War of 1861−65 in which President Abraham Lincoln was a British agent battling to end ‘slavery’. Instead Lincoln enslaved all Americans. It is suspicious whether Lincoln was shot or a body double was shot. There were no photographs of Lincoln on the balcony and no photographs taken of him dead. The doctor who treated some of the conspirators was also executed in spite of his defense plea that he was merely a doctor rendering medical advice and treatment. This is a major hallmark of a canned meat operation. Abraham Lincoln’s father Thomas Lincoln never physically existed. Abe’s father was the extremely wealthy A. A. Springs, whose contacts were used to provide Abe with an estate to live on, post-mortem. Great Britain (as the United Kingdom) collects taxes off America (as the United States) to this day. The American IRS (Inland Revenue Service) is not an Agency of the United States, but of the United Kingdom. Here’s a brief of how it was worked.


How To Take Over The World

Everyone in the United States is considered a business involved in commerce and taxpayers are considered a business deal in the treaty claims between the U.S. and the U.K., with their income tax paid to the U.K.. These U.S.-U.K. Tax Claims, paid by U.S. citizens, were part of a Business Master File (BMF), non-refile DLN. IRS Publication 6209 (467 pages) shows that most citizens fall into the 300-399 blocking series. In 1991, the codes were changed from Business Master File (BMF) to Individual Master File (IMF). The IMF 300−309, Barred Assessment, CP55 generated valid for MFT-30 uses the 1040 form as payment of tax to the U.K. The IMF 310−399 reads the same as IMF 300−309. The IMF 300−399 also reads the same as the BMF 300−399. Nothing changed in 1991 just the codes were drifted and re-hidden as Individual Master Files (IMF 300−399) which covers most citizen tax payers. The BMF form used was the 8288 and 8288a of the Foreign Investment Real Property Tax Account (FIRPTA), found in chapter 3 of the IRS Law Enforcement Manual in the Office of Management Budget (OMB) in the Department of Treasury under the List of Active Information collections, in the Approved Under Paperwork Reduction Act, under number OMB 1545-0902. This is a Withholding tax-return for dispositions for foreign persons of U.S. real property intereststatement. Few people use the 8288 FIRPTA form. Most now use the 1040 form. Both forms are payment of foreign tax to the Monarch of England. American tax is a debt collection payable to the U.K. under IMF 300−399 on the 1040 form for the 1776−81 War of Independence. Just as “war is a bank draft” and not a government draft, “tax pays for war debt” in preference to internal progress. Americans look to the U.S. Constitution (26 U.S.C.) to find if they’re liable for Income Tax, but it’s not there. Tax is a debt collection through a private contract between the Constitution of the United States, Article 6, Section 1 and various agreements, many with the United Kingdom. The United States has been in this financial servitude since the Treaty of 1783, with the United States bankrupt from 1788. Under these agreements U.S. citizens are being farmed on a “plantation” by the British monarchy and are only meant to have enough money left for food, clothing, shelter and reproduction. Tax is supposed to take eveything else.


How To Take Over The World

America Fights for Oil America fights for oil. Religious and humanitarian issues are just a front. The United States has 2–3% of the world’s oil reserves, uses 26% and imports 55%, whereas Muslim countries hold 76% of the world’s oil reserves and use less than 10%. In 1989 the U.S. imported US$5.5 billion of oil from Iraq. As a result, America goes to war for oil. To justify America’s ongoing wars for oil, the Pentagon and American Intelligence have become heavily involved in psyops against Muslims in the West, Muslim leaders, and Muslim countries. To make this war-foroil more dependable, many Islamic leaders have been American agents since 1925. The first Shah of Iran was also a British agent. The American public demands a “Just War”. This requires the Western media to label Muslim countries as “Evil, an Axis of Evil . . . rogue States . . . failed nations . . . and holding Islamic Terrorists”. Any pre-emptive attacks are justified as “self defense . . . WMD . . . War on Terror . . . a Just War” and are designed to trigger civil war, change governments, depopulate, diseducate, disempower and create mayhem, all of which allow for the extraction of oil – the “spoils of war”. Americans are now beginning to realise that the terrorism is perpetrated by American agents and by Israeli agents and the agents of Israel, like the Druze. To present this illusion as convincingly as possible and for as long as possible, the U.S. government uses the media. The media has become the world’s biggest ever counter-intelligence organisation with Fox News hitting 80% false information and other stations eagerly following to maintain their ratings. Fox News and the U.S. Republican government work hand-in-glove worse than any Cold War propaganda machine. The backlash to unjust American wars has been inter-ethnic solidarity, inter-ethnic immigration, a worldwide shared hatred of George W. Bush and his family, ongoing education about his occult secret society, and a rewriting of the history of CIA head, vice President and President George Herbert Bush. This was not part of the Pentagon psyops plan. The Pentagon psyops shows local attrocities, followed by a humanitarian agenda, cultural lives saved, demonizing Muslim leaders labelling them Islamic-Fascists (most of them educated in the West as as double agents to be removed as soon as their oil is needed), exposing Muslim customs so there is a victim group for Westerners to identify with (usually women, orphans and amputees) and exposing Muslim

Current Counter Intelligence


Obama has served as distraction news and has favour because he is not white, not Republican and says he will remove all U.S. forces from Iraq within two months of taking office. In order to get in, he just has to be the opposite of President Bush – something Bush cannot do. The same shenanigans that were happening in Europe in the 1600s and 1700s are happening today. Unless we are fully briefed, we haven’t got a clue as to what is going on. Unless we are fully briefed we do not know what cons are upon us. All of history is a collection of cons and all we lack is a method to address those cons. Perhaps the American people should start by stopping tax payments to the U.K./British Crown for the War of Independence − which was no independence at all. The American War of Independence (1776−81) was a War of Dependence and the American Civil War (1861−65) was an Uncivil War to enslave all. Since the 1788 United States’ bankruptcy, the U.S. has operated under laws of forfeiture; then the Congress Act of 1845 transferred Admiralty Law onto American soil. Admiralty Law is also International Law. Since 1933, the United States has also been under a State of Emergency, the War Powers Act and Letters of Marque (international theft and war) operating under the Executive Orders of the C-in-C. This has effectively made American presidents pirate captains running a ‘Kingdumb’ with an ongoing propensity towards war. Their main function is to steal resources for the British Monarchy. As such, George W. Bush’s real title and code name is “Pirate Captain Temporary”. There, I have spoken, now talk amongst yourselves . . . “Reader, she bit him.”11 Thomas Pynchon, Against The Day, last of 1000 pages which were nominated in the Literary Review magazine’s “Bad Sex in Fiction Award” as cited in the Weekend Herald, 2 December 2006, A19. His competition was Will Self. Both lost out to Iain Hollingshead with “a commotion of grunts and squeaks, flashing unconnected images and explosions of a million little particles” followed by “bulging trousers” which sealed the win. 11


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