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Global Short Film Competition 2010 Introduction The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Institute of Mexicans Abroad develops various programs and projects to support the Mexicans established beyond our borders. In the cultural and artistic area, IME is promoting programs for Mexican communities abroad, seeking to reassess and strengthen their sense of identity and belonging to our country and the pride in their roots and rich cultural heritage. Through these activities we contribute to their development in host societies, and it serves their need to maintain their ties to Mexico and to transmit the richness of their country of origin to people in their host country and abroad. On the occasion of the commemoration of the Bicentennial of Independence and the Centennial of the Revolution, IME promotes the First Global Short Film Competition recorded with cell phone for Mexicans and people of Mexican origin living abroad.

Objectives: •

To celebrate with members of communities of Mexicans living around the world in 2010, the pride of being Mexican and to spread in and out Mexico the contributions made by migrants to the host and home societies.

To contribute to reassess the image the migrant has over his own reality.

To promote the recognition of artistic talent among members of Mexicans living abroad communities.

To get to know the success stories with the information provided by members of the Mexican communities, and later share them through print and electronic media in Mexico and abroad.

To get to know the worries and needs of the youth through the short films in different areas such as education, employment, health and security. It can also help to reach topics like sexuality a reproductive health.


Rules * To be a Mexican national or to have Mexican ascendance and currently live in a country different from Mexico. * The short film must be recorded inside the community where the participant resides. * The participant must be at least 15 years old but not older than 30 years old. Applicants must submit: 1. A finished short film recorded with cell phone lasting no longer than 3 minutes, which can be edited with the support of computer equipment.

2. The short film must cover the story of a migrant; it is meant to reflect in a creative manner, their work, profession or daily reality. The way migrants contribute to the development of their host and / or origin societies, or the projects and activities that they develop in art, culture, science, technology and sports, among others.  The short film could also show the difficulties migrants face regarding education, employment or health.

3. They must submit the application form electronically through the "Redes México" website

4. Contestants must accept that the Institute of Mexicans Abroad can make free use of audiovisual materials in all media known and unknown, and in all formats and existing territories.

5. Projects

must be submitted through the "Redes México" website or in a CD/ DVD with the finished short film at the embassy or consulate closest to their place of residence. (These materials will not be returned).

Selection Committee The Film Training Centre and the Institute of Mexicans Abroad will designate a "Selection Committee" composed of recognized professionals of the filming industry, which will select FIVE short films from the United States, THREE from Canada, THREE from Asia-Pacific, Africa and Oceania, THREE from Europe and THREE from Latin America and the Caribbean.


Then, these short films will be submitted to the vote of Mexicans living abroad through the "Redes MĂŠxico" website. There will be a first, second and third place. The Selection Committee will also nominate the short film they consider to be deserving of the award "Best Shortfilm 2010" and will also receive the prizes of the first place. The results of internet votes and the decision of the Selection Committee are definitive. The winners of each region or continent will - ideally - receive their awards in Mexico and will be performing in five states of our country. They should also be able to offer interviews to the media.

Criteria for selecting the best short films Those invited to the Selection Committee will judge the following:

1. Cinematographic Narrative: how the history is in 1 to 3 minutes. 2. Photography 3. Thematic of the short film: the value of the history itself, including characters and secondary topics. 4. Innovation in the cinematographic language 5. Artistic composition in the format (horizontal and vertical cell-phones will be considered)

Awards The awarded short films will be granted to those most voted by Mexican communities over the Internet. Furthermore, in order to ensure the recognition of the artistic talents there will be another first place for the “Best short film 2010 “, that the Selection Committee considers as the best one.


Besides the awards listed below, the winners will be recognized with a trip to Mexico that would include lodging, meals and a round-trip economy class from their place of residence.

First Place Equipment Approximate cost Lap Top $1,920 .00 USD Digital Video Camera $1,920.00 USD Profesional audio and video $6,279.00 USD Studio Total $10,119.00 USD Second Place Equipment Digital Video Camera Audio and Home Production System Total

Approximate cost $1,920 USD Video $3,823.90 USD $5,743.90 USD

Third Place Equipment Lap Top Audio and Personal Production System Total

Approximate cost $1,461.00 USD Video $ 2,803.95 USD $4,264.95 USD


Work Plan

December 2009

Launching of both competitions in Mexico and abroad.

April the 30th, 2010 Deadline for receipt of videos.

May the 31st, 2010 1st June- 15th July, 2010 June the 20th 2010

The Selection Committee announces the pre-selected shot films to be included in the "Redes MĂŠxico" website Mexican communities vote for preselected work through the "Redes MĂŠxico" website. Announcement of the winner

The winners will visit our country. September / November 2010 The awards ceremony is performed. September / November 2010

Two discussions panels are held with critics and film experts


Institutions and companies that have offered support 1. Coordinaci贸n General para las Conmemoraciones de 2010. 2. United Nations Population Fund (UNPF) 3. Centro de Capacitaci贸n Cinematogr谩fica (CCC) 4. Cin茅polis 5. Avid: soluciones digitales audio y video 6. Sony


Global Short Film Competition 2010  

On the occasion of the commemoration of the Bicentennial of Independence and the Centennial of the Revolution, IME promotes the First Global...