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The Sunny Side News Bringing out the Best… Plus One

April 3, 2016

Going for #1… Plus 1 strategy to be ramped up NOW Montego Bay, Jamaica:


OVERNOR PATRICK is today sounding the clarinet for all Caribbean Optimists as we enter the third quarter of the 2015-2016 Plus One year.

“This is the time to consolidate. This is

crunch time, people. We must pick up the pace, do what we have to do and get those projects done, make our clubs healthy, bring in those new pairs of hands ready to serve” appeals Governor Patrick. “If we are going to make our District #1 again”, he says. “Now is the time for the surge in growth, in projects, in Optimism. Q3 is the most critical quarter and we have to get it right NOW! Then we can cruise into Q4 working on the reports to support our success”. The third quarter is exciting from so many angles. Among the scheduled district activities are the finals of the scholarship contests – Oratorical and Kids Speak Out are scheduled for Saturday April 30 at the Norman Manley Law School in Kingston while the Communication Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CCDHH) is scheduled for the end of May. April is Autism Month, May is Child month and in June the focus shifts to Cancer. But Governor Patrick is also reminding club presidents and Lieutenant Governors that now is the time to get their officers-elect in place. “The future leadership of the District must be decided before we go into the Q3 conference and leadership summit set for Barbados, May

27- 29 so our clubs and zones ought to be holding elections as we speak”. Going for #1 again means getting all the ducks not just lined up, but in during this Q3. “I am assured that as a District, we will do what we must so we can all be in the Hall of Fame this 2015-2016 Optimist year”, declares a confident Governor Patrick. Applying the Plus One Strategy


the Plus One formula the following is expected: Each Caribbean Optimist brings in a new member, that’s doubling the pairs of hands available to serve our youth; each member taking one step upward in the personal growth and involvement (PGI) programme, that’s strengthening our understanding and commitment to the Optimist movement; each Optimist club joining with another club to build a new club, that’s broadening our support base for sustainability; each member mentoring a child or young person, that is one less youth getting loss in the wilderness of despair. Going for #1 also means ensuring that all membership fees are fully paid up (in the club, to the district and OI) before the end of each quarter, and that all reports are submitted in a timely manner. Caribbean Optimists… Going for #1 in Q3… Bringing out the Best… Plus One! SSN HONOR is the first step to being DISTINGUISHED /club-recognition-15-16.cfm

DISTRICT ESSAY WINNERS 1st place: Akilah Jordan-Watson OC Bridgetown, Barbados 2nd place: Clio Martin OC Eltham, Spanish Town 3rd place: Cynara Reece OC Barbican Pines CONGRATULATIONS!

Get ready for BIM Q3 Summit


IM IT IS! The team leaders have finally decided that come May month end Caribbean Optimists and others from across Optimist International will gather in Bridgetown, Barbados for the much anticipated Optimist International Leadership Summit and District Q3 Conference. Set for May 27 – 29 at the Accra Beach Hotel and Spa, the joint OI-Caribbean District event will see International President Dave Bruns and his team of Certified International Trainers leading several workshops aimed at improving understanding of the Optimist movement as well as building capacity for the future. Governor Patrick is excited by the prospect of having another Leadership Summit in the Caribbean, and especially in the Eastern Caribbean. “We have worked long and hard in arriving at an appropriate location for this joint Summit and District Conference. The workshop package and fellowship opportunities are great, and I know that the International and Caribbean teams will produce a world class event”, states

Governor Patrick. Beaning with pride and anxiety, he continues, “No one should miss out on this opportunity and so I say to all Optimists, make BIM and bang! and come out in your massive!” The president returns

OI President Dave is looking forward to

being in Barbados for what he considers a special event on the OI calendar this year. Leading up to the conference weekend, President Dave and Governor Patrick are expected to make courtesy calls on State officials and meet with the media. On Saturday, there will be the usual pomp and pageantry of the Opening Ceremony as well as the leadership summit workshops. On Sunday the District general sessions will unfold with special presentations and the official nomination and approval of the officers-elect who will serve in 20162017. Register Now for Q3 Conference and OI Leadership Summit .cfm?e=SUMT&m=CAR_16

TIME TO ELECT 2016-2017 TEAM April is the month of decision. We need to get our officers-elect in place. Club Presidents, LTGs, it is time to have those elections and OERs done. We must go to the Q3 Conference in May ready for ratification! ______________________________

NEW OPTIMISTS WELCOME…NOW Welcome all new Optimists to the Caribbean District. A better choice you could not have made at this time when so many of our children need help. Optimist International is the best avenue through which you can give voluntary service and so we are delighted by your decision. As Mahatma Gandhi says, The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Our children need you. Our communities need you. We are happy to have you bringing out the best… plus one! Welcome and thank you for the awesome difference you will make in the lives of our young people and our Optimist clubs. _______________________________ 108 New Members since Oct 1

NCB Chair and Builder of Excellence Barbara Watson and Field Representative PIVP Sonia Anderson are pleased to announce the charter of the New Golden-Lydford Optimist Club which was chartered on March 21, 2016. Welcome and we look forward to the tremendous work you will do for the children of Zone 8, the wider St. Ann, Jamaica and the Caribbean. One down, two to go! Going for #1 again… ______________________________

ALL WE NEED to do is apply the Plus



Optimist Candice K. Stewart (ROCK) To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

I identified the above tenet of the creed as the most resounding for me on the last day in the last session of the 2nd Quarter District Conference.

As a first timer, I was among a group of young Optimists who had been welcomed with open arms to a family. It is a family whose sole purpose is to make a positive impact on the lives of youth. While doing this, we also make a positive impact on our colleagues who in turn positively impact us. Good deeds snowball as we bring out the best in others. This is in fact why we do what we do as Optimists.


GOING FOR #1 One formula and we would be #1 again… As a district we have added over 100 hundred new members and a couple new clubs since October 1, but we are still not hitting the positive growth column and staying there in a consistent way. This is our time again to write our name in the Hall of Fame. It is time again for positive growth. We can and we will be #1 in this Plus One year. Let’s do it! Nothing but the BEST! ---------------------------------------------------APRIL

More from Q2 Mandeville

How does your best bring out the best in others?


conference theme “Celebrating Leadership and Resilience” addressed this question. Being engaged in sessions such as “Bouncing forward in turbulent times”, “Walking the tightrope” and the key note address on being “Resilient Empowered Activists Loving and Mindful” illustrated how we may bring out the best in ourselves and the population we serve. Youth involvement



Kids Speak Out!! ________________________________________

played a major role in the conference’s execution, no accident there; pure strategy. If I may opine, the organizers planned in such a way where the younger generation of Caribbean Optimists could show that the youth can also bring out the best in their colleagues, themselves and the population being served. The plan unfolded quite well as the youth met, and dare I say exceeded, all expectations. The future is bright!


is important to note that what we engaged in was not entirely new.

Plus One Sunny Side News | April 3, 2016 | Page 2

However, the acts of putting principles into perspective (while sharing with likeminded persons with different backgrounds) made the experience a life altering one. My ‘newbie’ colleagues and I were able to identify applicable points in our everyday lives. The ninth tenet of the creed is continuously repeated as we partake in activities such as the conference to improve ourselves. When we better ourselves, we are steps closer to our optimum and those we relate to are closer to their optimum. Conference lessons reiterated:

at zone meetings will serve as a boost and encourage members to attend meetings. Cheers! JODANA TITTLE LTG Zone 9 2015-2016


resilient; balancing, displaying confidence, preparing, planning, executing, and valuing relationships, finding harmony, being calm, cool and collected in the face of trouble. Contributed by Optimist Candice K. Stewart (Royal Optimist Club of Kingston)

Respect and Honor! Optimist Adrian Elcock OI Director and Past Distinguished Governor of the Caribbean District Plus One Special Events Chairperson



Guilt Trip for CHaRM Charities

CARIBBEAN OPTIMISM is on the upward trend with lots of activities happening on the ground. Sunny Side News goes inside the zones to learn more...


Q2 Conference Pictorial

SPREADING OPTIMISM through our projects and even fundraising activities has been the mission of our zone. OC Anguilla is very much focused on hosting the Oratorical competition and getting ready for finals. Nevertheless they found time to spread love during the Valentines weekend where they visited residents of a senior citizens home. Each resident received a personal care package and was entertained by the members who sang for them, and read verses of love and encouragement. In Antigua, Spirited Optimist Club of Wadadli hosted a BBQ to help with their projects for the quarter. OC St. John's hosted its first ever virtual tea party; and the Kids Speak Out competition was also held. A couple of our cubs continue to struggle with attendance but we continue to do our best and hope that the turnout

Oliver Samuels, Ruth HoShing and Dennis Titus

A son’s homecoming, a mother’s failings and a father’s revelatory confessions set off a fierce reckoning with the past in Basil Dawkins’ powerful new stage play, Guilt Trip. Co-directed by Douglas Prout and Toni-Kay Dawkins, it’s a dialogueheavy domestic drama full of grit, palpable intensity and raw emotions, exploring themes ranging from parenthood and family dynamics to growing pains and mental health. – TALLAWAH Magazine (Jan 12, 2016)

Plus One Sunny Side News | April 3, 2016 | Page 3

June 30-July 2 Québec City Convention Centre Quebec, Canada

Caribbean Night Thursday June 30 9-11:59pm OPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL 2016 CONVENTION

Plus one Sunny Side News (Sunday April 3)  
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