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elcome to our school magazine, Prem Pulse, where we celebrate the wide range of activities that are the foundation of our complete education. At Prem, we believe that education goes beyond just academics. It includes developing qualities like character, resilience, creativity, and social skills, which are essential for success in our constantly changing world. With this vision, we have created an environment that encourages students to explore their interests, embrace their unique talents, and become well-rounded individuals.

From the moment students enter the Global Way, they begin a journey of exploration. Our curriculum is carefully designed to promote overall growth and combines challenging academics with a variety of extracurricular programs. These activities are meant to spark imagination, foster curiosity, and encourage teamwork among our students.

One of the key aspects of our complete education approach is education for creativity. Our school is a thriving creativity hub, where aspiring artists, musicians, and performers can express their talents. Through drama, dance, and visual arts, they not only nurture their creativity but also develop communication skills, confidence, and an appreciation for different cultures.

Sports and physical fitness are equally important at Prem. Whether it’s on the football pitch, basketball court, tennis courts, or swimming pool, our students learn the values of discipline, perseverance, and healthy competition. Sports are not just about winning; they also promote a sense of teamwork, fair play, and lifelong well-being.

In addition to arts and sports, our school offers a wide range of clubs, societies, and extracurricular activities tailored to cater to the diverse interests of our students. These activities help develop leadership skills, critical thinking, and empathy, enabling our students to become responsible global citizens.

As you flip through the pages of this magazine, we invite you to embark on a journey of exploration. Discover the many talents, achievements, and experiences that make up our complete education. Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of our students as they pursue their interests, broaden their horizons, and become confident individuals ready to succeed in the world.

Welcome to a world full of endless possibilities—welcome to our school magazine, Prem Pulse, where the spirit of complete education shines brightly!

With very best wishes,



Magical Market Day

Art in IEP

Mud & Bricks Exploria

Local Prem Coffee & Sustainable Practices

Grade 8 Language and Literature Sonneteers

Personal and Professional Skills Class

Grade 8 Science Experiments

Sensory Discovery

Sustainable Corner

Outdoor Learning in Early Years

Chinese New Year

Coffee for Parents New to Prem

Junior School Camps

Day of the Dead

International Women’s Day

Early Years Outdoor Atelier

Music Academy New Look

Premathlon Raffle Donations Go to a Great Cause

Farming in Our Community

Community Helpers

Early Year 1 Learning at the Farm

Prem’s Eco Code

Junior School Spirit Week

Intensive English Program

Celebrating Diwali

PremLloween Was Here

ChiangMai Culture

Ball Hockey Launched at Prem

Commemoration Ceremony Queen Elizabeth II





Sunset Dinner

Opening of Art Exhibition

Songkran Festival

300 Years of History Shared in 45 Minutes

Junior School Art Show

Junior School Growth Concert

Prem Dance Festival

Prem MUN In Berlin

Mother Language Day Celebration

Bhutanese New Year

Valentine’s & Music

Prem on the Road

International Day

Khantoke Dinner

Tournaments Hosted at Prem

Fantastic Festival of Super Science



Steve, Mentoring younger students in MUN

Daniel, How playing the saxophone helped him in academics

Stanley, The responsibility of the privileged to help the underprivileged

Namping, “Band Friends”

Jampel, Showcasing Bhutanese Dance C


Gina Bourne, Business Owner, Class of 2010

Legzem, Social Worker and Certified Counsellor, Class of 2011

Anond Kongsiri (Tonn), Archeologist and Culinary School, Class of 2008

Krisha Takahashi, Prem Employee, Class of 2020

June, Actor and Model, Class of 2019

Sunny, Marketing, Education and Events Coordinator,

The Food Trust, Class of 2001

Chris Clarici, Research Associate @ Bridge the Gap, Class of 2014 B

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Magical Market Day


Students in IEP Class B have been learning about ‘pop art’ and the influential artists associated with this movement. As a homage to some of Andy Warhol’s most popular works, students had the opportunity to choose an object of their liking and replicate it using a variety of colours and mediums. This has been a wonderful exercise in colour and contrast as students first drafted their designs in their portfolio and used a colour wheel to choose complementary colour schemes. We have at least another week of painting ahead of us but it has been wonderful to see the results of our students’ imagination and tenacity thus far.

Grade 4 students learnt about entrepreneurship, supply and demand, needs and wants, trade/exchange and so much more in our How We Organise Ourselves unit of inquiry. Their Magical Market Day was a display of their ideas as entrepreneurs coming to life as they worked together to sell products and services to the community! As part of the lesson, we brainstormed different types of actions we could take with the profits received from the sales, using 5 different types of action (social entrepreneurship, lifestyle choices, participation, social justice, and advocacy) to help guide our thinking. Students voted to take action using social entrepreneurship, focusing on social change, by donating the money to a local charity. Adopt Meow is a wonderful local organisation that rescues and cares for kittens and cats in the area, provides needed medical care, and helps to find forever homes

Subsequently, Grade 4 visited Adopt Meow to hand deliver the money to the founder and leader, Ajarn Liz, and met some of the cats that they look after. This trip provided students with a better understanding of the action they are taking and exactly how the money they earned will help support the charity they have chosen. Ajarn Liz explained that the money will go towards food, vaccinations, flea medication, and even a special project to benefit the cats which she will update us about at a later time!

Take a look at the Adopt Meow website to learn more or to adopt a new furry friend: www.

video link

& Mud Bricks Exploria

In session 2, there was an Exploria called Mud House joined by Grade 5 and Grade 8 students who met once a week with Architect Don, one of the villagers in Mae Ann Village, located nearby Prem School. This experience allowed the students to be risk-takers, learning new practices from the natural mud to create mud house bricks, toys and chairs. Students used natural materials, such as small stones, branches and leaves in order to build mud chairs with their names on each of them. The students said that when they grow up, they would come back to see their mud chairs again. :) In addition, students learnt how to use colour from mud to get different natural shades such as brown, orange and yellow to paint on their chairs and toys.

Don has been interested in building a house from Mud since he was a university student. He participated in many Mud House Workshops and learnt by trial and error until he was ready to build his home from Mud in Mae Ann Village. This is the first time architect Don has participated in Prem Exploria and he is very impressed with Prem student’s enthusiasm and energy. We are thrilled that he shared such a valuable and unique expertise with our students!

Coffee’s Sustainable Practices

Local Prem Coffee is a student run initiative that is run almost exclusively by IBCP students. Over the last 5 years the students have developed, modified, expanded and driven the pathway of the business, investing profits into a wider range of products.

The two main suppliers of Local Prem Coffee’s pop-up cafe – Kozé – are ThaiHigh Coffee and Saimaya Chocolate. Both businesses are based in Chiang Mai and work directly with local farmers. This week we took our annual fact finding and product search trip to both organisations.

Students witnessed the coffee roasting process, developed new cold coffee drinks recipes and had a go at making their own chocolate bars. Students also selected some new fab products to sell at the Wednesday morning break pop-up coffee shop. With the addition of a new chocolate fridge, students selected to stock 3 large chocolate bars with the small bars we already stock, choosing a dark chocolate mint crunch bar, dark chocolate, mango and chilies and a milk chocolate banana crunch bar. Popcorn has also been added to the product menu.

Further to this the development of the events pop-up coffee shop –Kozé Catering will be launched very soon.

Local PANTHERS IN ACTION video link

Grade 8 Language and Literature Sonneteers

In the MYP Language & Literature class, throughout Grades 6, 7 and 8, they have a progression of learning through a series of vertically connected units designed to expose students to a range of content and text types, opportunities to develop skills, and topics to explore to become critical and knowledgeable young students of literature.

Recently, G8 Lang & Lit students completed Unit 2: Sonnets & Other Poems. This unit is the third of three connected poetry units (one per year in Grades 6-8 Lang & Lit) focused on studying, creating and analysing poetry from across the poetic ages.

One G8 summative task asked students to analyse and orally explain a previously unseen sonnet with just ten minutes of preparation time, using our “Big 5” and “Questions to Ask of Any Poem’’ analytical frameworks. After this analytical work, G8

PersonalStudentsand Professional Skills Class in Action!

Our PPS students proved their many talents by demonstrating their intercultural understanding in a delightful morning of sharing foods from around the world that they had made. This was the end result of a unit that enabled students to delve into the home countries and cultures of the languages other than English that they are learning as part of their CP course. They produced some amazing, creative and informative videos to accompany their culinary skills. A Prem Staff member commented:

“This was one of the most impressive things I have seen since being at Prem. The students were absolutely amazing. The knowledge, skill and presentation of all of the countries, foods and cultures was astounding.”

This is a testimony to their success and the importance of sharing our many different cultures.

students were then tasked with creating their own sonnet that explores the themes of love or nature. Their sonnet was to include 10 syllables per line, a rhyme scheme, volta (the turn), a clear mood and figurative language. Our G8 poets could amend or adjust these expectations as long as they justified these writer choices in their accompanying analytical commentary piece.

The following individual assessment reflection revealed many students who wanted to express their enjoyment for this opportunity to convey themselves creatively on a path previously untravelled – writing a love sonnet. Please enjoy four such sample works sonnets, and the accompanying analytical commentary, from selected Grade 8 Language & Literature students: Cammy, Kent, Lanna and Marie.

Adam Copus

Grades 6-8 MYP Lang & Literature

Cammy video link video link Kent video link Marie video link Lanna video link


Lab: Copper sulphate crystals, Grade 8 Grade 8 students experimented with making blue crystals of copper sulphate. They did this experiment to make crystals of different shapes and sizes. Students independently ran this experiment, and after the crystals formation, they observed their shapes and sizes using a microscope.

In this experiment, students mixed chemicals to make the copper sulphate solution and evaporated the extra water to make the blue crystals. Before experimenting, students designed the lab procedure to follow along with identifying different variables that affect the shape/ size of blue copper sulphate crystals. To write the lab report, students drafted a research question and identified the variables to address it, including dependent, independent and controlled variables. Students did the trials to test their procedure to get the experiment right and then did several tests to get the blue crystals. Some encountered problems while experimenting as they did not get the crystals, but after a discussion, they changed their procedure to get the desired outcome.

Students learnt to manipulate the variables to test their hypothesis and to know whether changing variables affected the result. They were highly motivated while running the experiment and explored different aspects of their procedure to get suitably sized blue crystals. Students also learnt to grow larger crystals, and those who got tiny sized crystals did the seeding process to get more. This experiment helped them learn different sides of chemistry, like how proportions of chemicals affect the formation of blue crystals and how changing conditions lead them to get various sizes and colours, with some pale and some dark blue crystals. After finishing the experiment, students examined the size of the blue crystals using a microscope. Students noticed that although the dimensions of copper sulphate crystals are different, they all have sharp edges and fixed shapes, and that some crystals are deep blue at the centre and transparent at the edges. It was pleasing to see them working independently.


Sensory Discovery

Discovery Sensory

IEP students ventured over to the Prem Forest School to take part in a sensory experience! This formed an important part of our inquiry into ‘exploration’ as Ajarn Tona asked us to move outside our comfort zones and ‘be curious’ to the world around us.

Students took this opportunity very seriously; we closed our eyes and opened our ears, we looked carefully, touched gently and learnt that ‘exploration’ is not just about discovering new lands.

Some of the questions/inquiries that came out of this experience were:

● Why does the bird fly in the bamboo?

● Why do the peabugs (cotton stainers) like this area of the forest?

● Can you hear the seeds moving in the seed pod?

● What happens to the seeds when it dries?

● Can we eat the fruit from the fig tree?

● What bird does this feather come from?

● What does this crushed leaf smell like?

● Why do termites make mounds?

Cara Templeton

Head of the Intensive English Programme

Sustainable CORNER

New Year, New You! The Eco-committee welcomes everyone back to Semester 2! With the start of the lunar new year, our members have been working towards developing pledges. What are your environmentallyfriendly pledges for the new year?



Outdoor Learning in Early Years

The joy of outdoor learning is a daily occurrence at Prem. Early Year students experiment with water, dirt, mud, paint, balance, team work and play to discover life in their outdoor environment!

This week in the Junior School, Ajarn Peter and Ajarn Maggie have organised a variety of colourful activities for the arrival of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

The cooking class was a particular highlight, where students rolled and made their own dumplings, learning about the traditional food culture. The dragon and lion dance was another fun activity for students to enjoy. G5 students put a lot of effort into this performance, impressing everyone with their amazing show. Ajarn Justin gave them a round of applause and presented them with red envelopes as a New Year’s blessing.

The children not only experienced the charm of Chinese culture, but also connected with their own experiences, sharing similarities and differences in how people celebrate their own festivals. Everyone had the opportunity to learn about and respect other cultures through this celebration, becoming more globally-minded individuals.

The Lunar New Year provided students with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture, customs and traditions, while also promoting cultural exchange and diversity.

We wished everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Rabbit and a happy Chinese New Year!

Video link

We have many new families joining us each term. The Coffee for Parents New at Prem is probably one of our most important parent meetings as it is an opportunity to welcome new parents into our community each term. It also provides them with an opportunity to meet faculty, staff, and connect with other parents and representatives of the Parent School Community in addition to asking questions or gaining further clarification on their new school.

Feedback from our new parents has been very positive. This is a true testament to our recent CIS Feedback that Prem is a caring community. We encourage all our families, faculty and staff to welcome our new parents into the fold to make this first connection a warm, caring and lasting one!

Further, we invite and encourage new and current parents to the monthly PSC “MeetUp” as this is an opportunity to share information about our Prem Community and a platform for parents to ask questions, make suggestions, provide feedback and to continue to meet other families.

Coffee for Parents New to Prem Junior School Camps

Our Grade 3 to 5 students participated in their annual Camp experience. To run these camps we partnered with Traidhos and want to thank them for their wonderful work challenging and inspiring our students. The Camp experience provided our students with a fun and exciting time that they will remember for years to come.

Here are some other reasons why we integrate Camps into our learning programme:

● Promotes independence

● Develops teamwork and cooperation skills

● Allows risk taking in a safe and supportive environment

● Engages students in new areas of cognitive and physical learning

● Develops new life skills i.e. cooking

● Supports socialising and friendship building

● Provides a break from screen time

● Develops an appreciation for nature and the outdoors

● Develops fitness and health through active learning

● Exposes students to positive role models

● Makes memories students will have for years to come

video link

Day of the Dead at PREM

As Grade 1W began to explore our unit of cultural celebrations, we started with a pre-assessment to tune in and find out what prior knowledge the children had on global traditions. When creating a mind map of ‘Cultural Celebrations’ there was a clear pattern of interest from our students regarding ‘Day of the Dead’. From that information I reached out to Ajarn Tona during a Forest School class who, from Mexico, was very excited to be able to share part of his culture with our Grade 1 community. Although teaching and discussing death can be a sensitive topic, with different perspectives across various cultures, we did our best to keep an open mind and let the children take the lead. What followed was a unique and authentic learning experience culminating, of course, with a Grade 1 community party.

After reaching out to Ajarn Tona, I continued to brainstorm with G1W and began to collaborate with G1S (Ajarn Sonnie) & our G1 Art teacher (Ajarn Kelly Ann). The students were excited to create their own Grade 1 ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration, so we did some research and found out what we would need. Then it was time to take action.

We were able to set the opportunity for the children to create a meaningful and sustainable altar, eventually located in the Junior School Quad. The children brought in pictures of loved ones that had passed away and an offering to put on the altar. We encouraged everyone to bring in something – it could also be a drawing of a pet or a teddy bear that was no longer with us.

During a month the Grade 1 children worked diligently in Art class with Ajarn Kelly Ann, creating many papel picados and their own ceramic sugar skulls. Using clay and a kiln they created and decorated their own sugar skulls to adorn our sustainable altar.

We were able to collaborate and create various decorations for our cultural celebration. There were various detailed colorings of sugar skulls, decorations that were made in Forest School, informational posters, poems, and a special baking session in the cooking sala to prepare traditional Mexican bread, called ‘Pan de Muertos.’

Finally, on the day of our celebration, the children were able to showcase their learning and hard work to their families, teachers, peers and the wider Prem Junior School community. We had a wonderful turnout of supportive parents who donated sweet treats and helped face-paint some of the children eager to kick the party off by looking the part!

With traditional Mexican music playing, the smell of incense burning and laughter from the children, this was a truly organic and culturally significant learning experience in which the children took the lead every step of the way. Grade 1’s curiosity, ideas and agency allowed them to create an experience for the wider community to come together to enjoy, celebrate and to learn from. Bien Hecho (‘well done’) Grade 1’s for PREM’s first ‘Day of The Dead’ celebration!

A Global Cultural Celebration By Grade 1 PANTHERS IN ACTION

International Women’s Day

We celebrated International Women’s Day with breakfast and reflected on how women are using technology to drive positive change. Throughout history, innovations in technology have unintentionally or unexpectedly empowered women. The technologies that had the most impact often reduced domestic labour, giving women more time for education and income generation, which ensured greater safety and better health, granted freedom of movement or promoted financial independence.

The Commission on the Status of Women met to address their priority theme, “Innovation and technological change, and education in the digital age for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls”. Despite women being well-represented and engaged in several sectors, there is still a documented gender gap in technology and innovation. The United Nations research and commissions have led to initiatives to address this, including design and technology education with the aim to insert women in all aspects of the innovation cycle. At Prem, we continue to grow by teaching design and technology aspects of STEM education through our IB curriculum and are dedicated to creativity and critical thinking.

Early Years Outdoor Atelier

The Early Years outdoor atelier provides inspiration for EY1 and EY2 students, allowing them to share their thinking of the world around them. This space is designed and co-constructed by the children and teachers, nurturing social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical development. Along with intentionally planned invitations for learning, the children have choice in what they explore and how they want to express their creativity. On any given day, students paint, explore sensory tables (water, light, etc), role play, construct with blocks and other loose parts, build with Lego, create using recycled materials, weave, collage, and so much more. Each child holds an infinite amount of potential and the atelier supports each member of the group to develop confidence, independence, identity and relationships. This is a place where all children belong.


The Music Academy’s

New Look

A splash of paint, some much needed soundproofing, a few midnight shopping trips for the best deals in town and…welcome to the Music Academy’s new look.

We are investors in people first and foremost and to that end we have seen the number of visiting professional music teachers and students grow significantly in the Music Academy in recent months. Now that we have grown and are continuing to grow the numbers attending music lessons, it is time to expand our surroundings by upgrading the learning environment for our students and visiting professional musicians. During the summer vacation, the Music Academy Team, K. Pong and A. Chris, virtually slept in the Music Academy overnight...yes, even watching the paint dry! Was it worth it?

The philosophy of the Music Academy remains the same, “Music for all and performance opportunities for those who wish to share their music with our community.”

Our community extends to parents and staff and we are delighted that both are also choosing to have individual music lessons within the Music Academy. In fact, for academic staff, this is an incredibly unique opportunity to add to your PD portfolio and take these new learning experiences back into your own classroom. We are open to any collaborative PD mini courses or workshops, so please do get in contact.

How do we know the new look of the Music Academy’s teaching and learning environment has had a successful impact? Ask the students! Here are a few comments as to how the much-needed upgrade has impacted student teaching and learning within the Music Academy:

video link

Growing the after school Music Exploria through Prem Drumming Circle, Prem Jazz Band and Prem String Ensemble are amongst the new offerings, adding to that of PSB and also ABRSM Music Theory Courses.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about these new opportunities. If you would like to visit the Music Academy, we are very happy to show you around and even supply you with a cup of coffee.

As a part of the HL Geography syllabus, the HL Geography students provided small business entrepreneurs in Palestine, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and several other countries with loans with the help of the Premathlon raffle donations. These funds will be used for agricultural development, education costs and medical essentials. As the money is repaid, the funds will then be lent out to more borrowers in need. Lil’ Loans and DP HL Geography would like to thank the school community for their continued generosity! To learn more, please take a look at our portfolio, linked here.

Premathalon Raffle Donations Go to a Great Cause PANTHERS IN ACTION video link video link video link

Farming in our Community

What role does the community play in farming?

What role do farmers play in the community?

What does this look like locally vs. globally? Has this role changed over time?

IEP students are investigating these questions (and more) as part of their Unit of Inquiry this term.

Each week, students visit the Traidhos farm and make connections between what they have learnt in the classroom and what happens beyond. We are incredibly grateful to Ajarn Ter for facilitating these sessions and helping to build awareness around the important role farmers (and the local community) play in harvesting rice. It was a super fun and interactive session where we learnt and practised traditional methods of harvesting rice using scythes!

Community Helpers

IEP A were introduced to their new unit of inquiry: an exploration into the roles and responsibilities of community members. This unit is part of the PYP transdisciplinary theme ‘How We Organise Ourselves’ and shines a light on the interconnectedness of human-made systems and the structure and function of organisations.

Students created their own questions for Chef Oan, bringing their clipboards and curiosity, and collated their responses as a class. We then worked together to create a simple flowchart that showed how important farmers, drivers and the chefs are to making sure we get our lunch every day!

We started with a class example on Seesaw, using translanguaging to form a foundation of understanding in both students’ home language and English. After receiving feedback, students started working on a hard copy that will be displayed in the classroom and referred back to throughout the unit.

We are very lucky to have a strong sense of community at Prem International School and it was a fantastic opportunity for students to make connections between something that they may previously have taken for granted (school lunch).

Now, we all have a better understanding and appreciation of the people and processes involved in growing food, transporting food, and making it into delicious and nutritious meals for our school community.


Nature Early Years 1 Learning in Nature at the Farm

In EY1 the children have been excellent risk-taker as they entered a new environment. In the classroom, the children enjoyed participating in restaurant role play and making pretend cups of tea for their friends. After sharing the children’s interests in a transdisciplinary carousel with Ajarn Ter, we wondered how we could provide a playful invitation for learning connected with their interest in making tea.

We were busy collecting natural materials from the farm to make tea and thought it would be nice to share this with the parents at a tea party. We asked the children “What do we need for a party?” to which one student proudly replied “Decorations!”, so we set about making beautiful bunting with natural materials from the farm. This provided an excellent opportunity for the children to learn about different patterns, and we had so much fun creating them with tie dye.

Parents were invited to join their children on a beautiful rainy day walk to the farm. The children showed their open-mindedness by jumping in lots of muddy puddles on the way. Hopefully, next time the parents will be inspired to join us to jump in the puddles too! Once we arrived at the farm, Ajarn Ter prepared a wonderful array of natural materials for us to play and experiment with. We grounded butterfly pea, turmeric, and leaves in a mortar and pestle to make different colour paints, which we used to create vibrant masterpieces. This was such a special moment of shared wonder, joy and laughter.

We would like to share our gratitude with Ajarn Ter and Ajarn Jed for providing us with such a great opportunity to make magical memories and share the joy of learning in nature.


Junior School Spirit Week

The House system at Prem has a long and rich history of bringing fun and friendly competition to our student body as well as providing excellent leadership opportunities for students to shine. We’ve had a great start to the Inter-House Cup Competition by already hosting two events: the Whole School Staff Team Building Competition during orientation week and the Senior School Student Team Building Competition during Week 1.

The challenge was simple: 3 games - 3 themes. Things that every good House team needs. One game tested their communication skills, one tested their teamwork skills, and - of course - one needed to test their speed! The competition was spirited and many leaders rose to the challenge, both in the staff and student competitions. In the end, we can say that it was Air House who came out on top and had their flag flying high in the Quad as point leaders. Congratulations Air House! How long will you be able to hold your spot with Earth, Water, and Fire close at your heels?

This week also closed applications for this year’s House Captains in the SS and next week the JS Grade 4 and 5s will be giving their leadership speeches for the Captain position there. All-in-all, we’d like to wish every risk-taking student who raised their hand for a leadership position a big THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK in your interviews.

SS House Team Building PANTHERS IN ACTION video link

We had a lot of fun in the Junior School as our students engaged in Spirit Week. On Monday students dressed up as one of their favourite characters from a book or movie. On Tuesday students celebrated their mother tongue by dressing up in clothes that represented their home country. On Wednesday our students were challenged to bring their things to school in anything but a bag. There were certainly a lot of creative choices, including suitcases and pet carriers. On Thursday students came to school in crazy clothes. To finish the week, on Friday our students were challenged to dress creatively, and we certainly saw a lot of great examples of our students being unique and innovative.

Spirit Week was organised by the Junior School Student Council, and we would like to thank them for their organisation of such a great week. This event represents our commitment to providing our students with a fun and enjoyable place to learn. Student wellbeing is always at the forefront of our thoughts and this was a great day for promoting an overall sense of community wellness, with lots of smiles visible and creativity at an all-time high. Thanks to all of the students who participated and their families for helping them along the way.

IEP Intensive English Programme

The first week back at school is always exciting but it has been a whirlwind adventure for our Intensive English Programme students with 14 new students arriving and 7 students continuing from last year. My focus for 2022 was to create spaces for students to engage in agentic inquiry; reading, questioning, discovering, playing and while being exposed to the English language.

Indeed, language learning is embedded in all that we do in the Intensive English Programme and as such, students have access to a comprehensive curriculum that organically develops their skills with a strong focus on language acquisition in all subject areas including Maths, Science, Art and Physical Education.

The photos below demonstrate how special the Intensive English Programme is for students and the ways in which we are living and breathing the Prem mission of an inclusive learning environment that challenges and engages students to become responsible and resilient learners, inquirers and confident global citizens.


commonplace to reference triumph over the covid adversity, this group of students do need to be recognised for their resilience during the disruptions of grade 9, 10 and 11. They emerged from the online studies ready to sit the first full diploma exams in three years, but also ready to create experiences at Prem that will resonate long after they have left. These include, but are not limited to, 2022’s Prom and Halloween event, the sustainability shop “Threads of Change”, the new Panthers sports kits and their participation in helping Prem gain Green Flag award. The wonderful and diverse experiences that this year group have participated in was illustrated in Aj. Rachel’s address to the group, who asked them to stand up and visually represent all the activities they had taken part in. The final request to stand up if you have enjoyed your time at Prem showed all 39 of them get to their feet.

Our 2023 graduates are now spreading their wings to continue their studies in Thailand and further afield in countries including Australia, Canada, Europe, Singapore and the United States of America.

The 2023 graduation was a moving celebration of their academic and extra curricular activities watched by family members across the globe. This year was a particularly challenging year to select only one student for the individual awards. The recipients of these awards were as follows:

•Academic award for the student who has achieved the highest grade point average: Anxiong (Merlin) Song

•Daniel Wilms Memorial award for student who strongly represents their own country while embracing intercultural awareness and internationalism: Chenxun (Ariel) Zhang

•Earcos Global Citizenship award for embracing the qualities of a global citizen: Caitlin Neall-Johnston

•Athletic Award awarded to exceptional athletes in terms of performance, attitude and leadership: An Qi (Andy) Sha and Thanathon (Lily) Chantanakomes

•Arts Award for the student who contributes fully to the wider arts community at Prem: Parueda (KJ) Phothisuwan

“Orchid Pavilion” by Jay Cho. They were followed by a performance of “30/90” by Andrew Garfield whose lyrics were rejigged by Caitlin and KJ to apply to their 2023 cohort. It was joyous to see the students on stage all laughing at the witty references.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to have facilitated the final two years of their educational experience and I know that I’m not the only member of staff who is missing them, their kindness, their humour, their generosity and their smiles. We miss them and wish them luck for the next steps in their journey, confident of the success that they will be.


Prem Prom 2023 will hold a special place in our heart, and will always be a core memory that we hold from highschool. The moment we walked into the jaw-dropping venue, we were blown away by the elegance and sophistication. The black tie dress code set the tone for a night of glamour and refinement. Seeing everyone all dolled up in their fancy attire made us feel like we were part of something truly special. We couldn’t help but feel like movie stars as we posed for countless pictures, making memories that will last a lifetime.

The music was pumping, and we unleashed our dance moves with a mix of grace and wild energy. We twirled and spun, feeling the rhythm take over our bodies. The dim lighting and the glimmering chandeliers created an enchanting atmosphere, as if we were dancing in a fairytale. It was a surreal experience, being surrounded by friends, all dressed to impress, and just letting loose, celebrating the end of our high school journey in style.

As the night came to an end, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and gratitude. Prom had exceeded all our expectations. It was a night that showcased the best of our class, not just in terms of fashion, but in the way we came together and celebrated our accomplishments. It was a night of unity and camaraderie, where we laughed, danced, and made lifelong memories. Prom night will forever hold a special place in our hearts, reminding us of the amazing friendships and unforgettable moments we shared during our high school years.

video link
Bandagi & Astrid Grade 9



On August 22nd, 2022, grade 12 students and homeroom teachers commemorated the significance of their last-ever-first-day of school by watching the sun rise, as a year group, at Mon Jam. As the clouds parted, as the sky brightened and as the view cleared, the students were able to look forward to the year ahead knowing that it would be a challenging year, and that they had each other as companions and solidarity for what was to come.

And then suddenly, it was their last ever day of school, and we took them back up that mountain to watch the sun set on this significant event in their lives. The atmosphere was celebratory as we took many photos, both serious and silly, and talked about different memories of the year. Inevitably, there was also an atmosphere of poignancy, as they acknowledged that they are moving forward in their lives and that whatever their relationships have been with each other, they have travelled the last two years together, and have provided support and solidarity along the way. As the sun went down, they gathered into an impromptu huddle for motivational words, before heading down the mountain for dinner together.

It has been such a privilege to have watched these marvellous individuals grow and thrive through these last two years. It’s hard to feel that our successive generations have not gifted this generation the world that they deserve. Having worked closely with them for two years, I have every confidence that they will continue to make the world a better place.

Thank you to Ajarns Ambika and Emma, fellow grade 12 homeroom teachers and to Ajarns Rachel, Shaun, Sam D, and Trisha for enabling the trip to happen.

Grade 12 Visual Art Exhibition OPENING OF ART GALLERY

We celebrated the opening of our 2023 IBDP Visual Art exhibition. The IBDP exhibition is the culmination of two years of serious study in the arts, this year’s exhibition was an outstanding achievement. We are incredibly proud of our students and what they were able to accomplish in this time. The works on display not only showcased the incredible skills of our students but also demonstrated their good-thinking, international mindedness and engagement with serious worldissues. If you missed the opening, please don’t worry as the exhibition will be on show through May and June in Studio 2 of the Art House @ PREM. But be warned, some works are currently on loan to the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center so be sure to get over and see them when they return at the end of May. Alternatively you could make your way over to the BACC to see these pieces as part of an exhibition celebrating artistic excellence on until May 20th.



Why do we splash water on people on SongKran?

We do that because people believe that water will wash away bad luck, and splashing water will give them New Year blessings. Traditionally in Chiang Mai, the first day of SongKran is usually spent cleaning the house to remove past bad luck. The second day is spent going to the temple to pray for good luck, and bringing sand to the temple to prepare for the building of traditional sand castles. The third day is also spent at the temple to pray for those who have passed away, and is the day to Rod Nam Dam Hua which is a way to honour elders and ask for blessings from them. The third day is also the day where the traditional sand castles are built out of the sand that was brought to the temple the previous day.

How did we celebrate SongKran here at Prem?

Prem celebrated SongKran by taking part in a Rod Nam Dam Huaceremony. Rod Nam Dam Hua is done to honour the elders, as well as apologise for any wrongdoings and thank them for all they have done for us. We pour water that has been scented on the hands of elders and ask for their blessings.

During PD day on Thursday 6th of April, teachers made ‘Tung’ (which are flags) to decorate the sand pagoda in front of the auditorium. This year Uncle Noi and his “Salaw Sor Sung’’ band played live traditional music as well.

Songkran is a festival celebrating Thai New Year, held on April 13, 14, 15. We celebrate SongKran to mark the beginning of the Buddhist New Year, by visiting the temple on the morning of SongKran day, pouring water on the hands of revered elders and asking for blessings, as well as splashing water on families and friends.

Happy Songkran!

Songkran Festival 3

Years of History Shared in 45 Minutes

Following a two week break, I think we experienced all of the four seasons quite literally here in Chiang Mai. The storms during the middle of the holiday really made us aware of the nature and power and beauty of the world in which we live.

The same power and beauty was also shared with us on the first day back after the holiday with a stunning performance of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ by our wonderful guest international instrumentalists ‘Pro Musica’ led by Dr. Tasana.

We were treated to not only world class playing but an unusual arrangement of the ‘Four Seasons’ with Violin, Cello and Accordion. This instrumental combination performed in such a way that it would be difficult to imagine any other version or instrumental combination.

Given that the ‘Four Seasons’ were completed by Vivaldi in the early 1720’s, what a powerful statement that 300 years later our community of Prem, surrounded by nature, were able to meet and gather to celebrate the Creative and Performing Arts in this very special performance. I know Ajarn Laurent and Ajarn Pao Pao will have many lively discussions in class about the performance and how Vivaldi painted the images of the ‘Four Seasons’ through his music.

Thank you again to Dr. Tasana, K. Kittikhun and Victor… we will see you again very soon.


Sukanya Charpentier (Boo) Thai Principal video link


The Junior School Art Show displayed the artworks of our talented junior school students. EY1 - Grade 5 students explored many different mediums this term and created all kinds of artwork such as sculptures, printmaking, ceramic tiles, drawing with glue, pastel landscapes and much more. Students learnt new art skills and techniques as well as made great connections to their homeroom unit of inquiries. Many members of the community including students, parents, staff and others were on campus this week to observe our students’ amazing artworks and celebrate creativity!

JUNIOR SCHOOL Growth Concert

Thank you to all who came to celebrate our Junior school students in this exciting and inspirational celebration of music concert this year - “Growth”. We were glad you made it!

This year’s theme was to highlight how students learn from their mistakes and experiences and grow from them.

The concert featured various musical performances from Junior school students showcasing their talents and progress in singing and playing instruments. Our finale song “Try Everything” captures the message of growth; growth is a process that requires experimentation and iteration - or repeating the process again and again - and it is okay to make mistakes because we learn and grow from them. When we try everything, we can experience growth in many areas of life, including gaining knowledge and skills, building relationships, and developing a greater sense of self-confidence. We also learn to be risk-takers and become more resilient in the face of failure. Every experience helps us to become a better version of ourselves.

Thank you to all the students who participated in the Junior School Concert “Growth”. You have worked hard and showed incredible perseverance in the face of the many challenges you faced. Your dedication and enthusiasm made this concert a success and we are so proud of every single one of you.


Prem Da Festival nc e Berlin @PREM Model United Nations in

A huge success and truly a Dance to Remember. The title of our event was meant to be!

Ajarn Danny and I would like to express our sincere thanks for your participation during this 2-day event. We also would like to thank everyone who helped make this event a success: our cast, who worked extremely hard to present memorable performances, Exploria programme, Dance choreography participants, delightful staff and parents and Black Shadow people, Co-hosts on Friday evening, and the AVG team, the two visiting schools and their brilliant students (NIS and ABS), in the hope to make more events together soon! Also, our guest Zumba teachers, and our guest Dance Instructors from Dance Connect. A special thanks to K. Mee who helped us produce amazing promotional posters and stunning tickets and to K. Miew and K. Kib with their help with ticket sales. Finally, K. Viroj, K. Ning and their teams, and our Prem IT team who worked so hard to help us with the set up and the smooth run of these two days.

Our school trip to Berlin to participate in the Model United Nations (MUN) was a unique and enriching experience. Twenty-four schools from around the world were invited to participate, making the event truly international and diverse. It was a week filled with learning, debating, and exploring the city.

One of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity to participate in a peaceful protest against Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine. We joined a group of 30,000 people in their demonstration. It was an eye-opening experience to see how people in different parts of the world use their voices and their rights to express their opinions and make a difference.

Another memorable part of the trip was experiencing the cold weather in Germany during the winter. The chilly air was invigorating, and we bundled up in our warmest clothes to explore the city. Despite the cold, Berlin was full of life and energy, and we were excited to see all that it had to offer.

Of course, no trip to Berlin would be complete without a visit to the Berlin Wall. We were able to see the remains of the wall and learn about the history behind it. It was a humbling experience to see the physical division that once existed between East and West Berlin and to reflect on the progress that has been made since the wall came down.

But the main focus of the trip was the Model United Nations conference. During the conference, we were able to engage in discussions about global issues and propose solutions. All of the students in our group submitted or co-submitted resolutions that were ultimately passed, which was an incredible accomplishment. It was empowering to see how our ideas and voices could contribute to the larger conversation about creating a better world.

Overall, the trip to Berlin for MUN was a fantastic experience for many of us. It opened our eyes to the power of collaboration and the importance of global issues. We left Berlin with a greater sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of how we can make a difference in the world.

“Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.” - Charles Baudelaire
Danny Ellis & Déborah Châtillon Prem Dance Festival


Mother Language Day Celebration at the Junior School

International Mother Language Day, established by UNESCO in 1999, serves to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. The day is intended to increase awareness about the significance of preserving and promoting mother languages, which are an essential component of an individual’s cultural identity and heritage. The occasion also acknowledges the sacrifices made by the Language Movement activists in Bangladesh, who fought for their right to speak their mother tongue.

This year, Prem Junior School celebrated International Mother Language Day in a unique way by embracing the linguistic diversity of its student body. In addition to engaging in activities in their own mother languages, students were given opportunities to explore new languages. This would not have been possible without the incredible support of the school’s parent community. The proactive group of parents responded enthusiastically to the call for support and planned language activities that introduced students to new languages and cultures.

Student involvement and excitement played a key role in the celebration. High school students volunteered to read stories to younger children in different languages, resulting in a beautiful experience of culture through language diversity. During the assembly, students sang songs in different languages, and the JS student council excited the audience with a language quiz in which students actively participated. A video showcasing the many languages spoken at Prem Junior School was created, which allowed both students and teachers to share their mother tongue or additional languages. You can watch the video here.

Prem Junior School’s International Mother Language Day celebration was a beautiful tribute to the PYP commitment to multilingualism. The engagement of the parent community and student body in this event exemplified the importance of preserving and promoting mother languages for future generations.

New Year Bhutanese Bhutanese

At Prem, we are so fortunate to have such a diverse group of students and staff. Last weekend, Ajarn Sonam and the Bhutanese students organised and celebrated Bhutanese New Year. The food was prepared by Ajarn Sonam and the students, and the entertainment ensured that we all joined in with the traditional dances. It was such a wonderful evening and made us realise we are ‘all one under the sun’!!

On Saturday, the students enjoyed two newly released movies and there was an opportunity for some of our students to shop. Ajarn Sid ensured there was time for golf, and A. Nae took the students to Art Classes at a local studio. We also sent off several boarders who travelled with Prem’s skiing and snowboarding trip to Japan. We are sure they’ll come back full of stories to share. Another fun and full weekend in boarding!

For this weekend, there are a lot of interesting activities planned including the night market, strawberry pick up and the highlight is the Boarding photo competition. The winner will get 1000 baht. Good luck to all contestants; we can’t wait to see the winning photo! Stay tuned!

Boarding Staff

video link

Valentine & Music

A perfect combination! Good vibrations…

Valentine’s Day Concerts Great performances!

The smiles, the joy, the laughter and the sense of achievement was all part of feeling good during the recent performances for the Valentine’s Day Concerts… yes, there were two! So many musical offerings, such a wide variety of music, instruments and ages. It was an absolute pleasure to witness everyone sharing their joy of music and giving the gift of performance so freely to our wonderfully supportive audience.

The show will go on…

Prem on the Road

Prem attended the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce International School Fair and Education Forum in Bangkok. We were the only international school located outside of Bangkok in attendance. Our Creative Director, Alex Soulsby, and current Artist Residency Thailand resident, Jane Byrant, eloquently represented Prem as panellists on the Education Forum. Topics covered included the importance of creativity in education, the best ways to improve qualitative thinking and the biggest challenges schools face in keeping up-to-date, particularly in the present reality of AI such as ChatGPT.




Xie Xie! Dekujeme! Danke schon! Gracias! and THANK YOU! to every community member who journeyed along to celebrate Prem’s 2023 International Day. Our theme this year was “Unity in Diversity” and we believe we had over 1500 people celebrating exactly that. We were fortunate to have so many Prem parents, teachers, staff and students creating global experiences representing 21 different countries from 5 different continents. This year we also added a “Third Culture Kids” stand, which reflects what many of our students are: students who have parents from a different nationality than where they are living and learning, truly making many of our students “international” at their very core. From our side, it was just a joy to see students and parents enjoying the event, learning about other countries, playing diverse games, trying on traditional dress from some countries, and attempting to speak words in other languages. These were just a few things our creative participants asked over 370 students to do in order to earn their “Prem Passport Stamps” after passing through our House Immigration Station.

The event began with a local Thai drum group leading our colourful flag parade representing over 30 nations our students and faculty come from. A massive thanks goes out to all of the Senior School Student Council members who worked tirelessly to make this grand entrance go smoothly, especially our exiting G12 co-Presidents: Ariel & Namping.

Ajarn Laurent’s Music Team also helped us immensely, fully organising our diverse cultural show which ranged from Chinese fashions to Bhutanese dances to musical performances. We are so grateful to have such a talented community willing to share their artistic gifts with all of us.

Games ranging from Canada’s “Pin the tail on the Beaver” to New Zealand’s “Rugby Toss & Vegemite Challenge” were just a few of the dozens of activities that kept students engaged, experiencing new things, and enjoying the event.

Above all, our entire International Day Planning Committee would like to thank parents and all PSC members who supported us in making

this the “greenest” event our school has held thus far. With the help of Precious Plastics and Aj. Emma and Aj. Erica, we added in a new token system that we hope to improve for all future events to come at Prem. With a focused effort on reducing our plastic use at stands, reusing tokens - which are soon to be “Prem” spending tokens as the designs are in the works - we continue to live and realise our mission to be responsible global citizens with a mind towards waste reduction and Green-flag best-practices. We are making a difference in the whole world, Prem, and it starts with our efforts here and your support. So - again - we thank you!

And no event like this happens without the incredible support of our Thai facilities teams led by Khun Viroj in Operations and Khun Ning in Housekeeping. Their set-up, problem-solving, and attention to detail in making this the best event possible is so appreciated. We couldn’t do it without them, so “khap khun kha” again!

I’d like to take a moment and give two personal notes of thanks. First of all, to the Senior School House Captains who worked so hard creating the posters, the trivia games, setting up the stands and flags, and helping with the entrance and token booths on the day of the event. You are wonderful student leaders and Prem is so lucky to have you! Secondly, to the entire planning committee team of Sandra (Marketing), Yuki (PSC Events Rep), Mary-Ann (JS Leadership), Sam C. (SS Leadership), Ariel & Namping (SS StuCo co-Presidents). For most of us, it was our first time seeing Prem’s International Day and we knew that after 3 years without, we needed to make it special. I hope you feel that your community voices were heard and that your country was represented. We definitely did our best to provide you with “Unity in Diversity” and hope you had as wonderful of a day “travelling” as we did!

video link

Dinner Khantoke

In boarding, we have students from many different countries, including students from various parts of Thailand. Northern Thailand specifically is known for its food and culture, so while we have been hosting students from Korea with the Short Term Study Program, we thought the most fun way of making people aware of what this part of Thailand has to offer was to host a Khantoke dinner. This meal is a unique experience, combining both food, culture and entertainment. We first ate some special northern Thai dishes, followed by watching a performance of Thai dancing, drum playing and the spectacular sword and fire dance as the finale. It was a real community experience, as you sit in groups of five on mats on the floor with a small table of different dishes to choose from. Our students and visitors enjoyed a wonderful evening overall. To my surprise, out of 90 guests, only 6 had ever experienced a Khantoke dinner previously. Another first for many boarding students!!

Tournaments Hosted at Prem

Tournaments Hosted at Prem

This year Prem hosted a number of tournaments within the Chiang Mai Athletic Conference (CMAC) as well as our annual Invitationals in Football and Basketball. In all these events all CMAC schools are invited and in our invitationals we also include Chiang Rai International School and Chiang Rai International Christian School. The major events at Prem, as well as the team sports that we host, are The CMAC Junior Track and Field and Senior Swim Meet. Both are a major aspect of the CMAC sporting calendar and are well attended by all international schools in the Chiang Mai area. Our Prem Panthers are extremely competitive in all sports and do very well when competing with the other schools. The Panthers teach our players many aspects of self development and self management. We strongly believe, as a community, that through this sporting experience our students can acquire many skills that are applicable in various aspects of life. See the link below for all information regarding Panthers games:


Congratulations to all the students for presenting another very successful science fair this year. It was wonderful to see so many inquiries around the different strands of science such as forces and energy, materials and matter, and living things. As usual, the science experiments were vast and wide-ranging from growing crystals, inquiring into friction and motion, floating eggs, chemical reactions, exploring sound, density, DNA and much more. So many of the students demonstrated their knowledge as they applied the scientific inquiry process and were able to explain what was happening in their experiments and the results. Thank you to all the students for their amazing participation and to the parents who supported them. This is always such a successful event because of all the hard work everybody puts into it!

Fantastic Festival of Super Science Winter Carnival

A huge thank you to our wonderful Prem Community for helping make our first Winter Carnival since Covid hit a magical one! From musical talents, beautiful craft stalls, delicious food vendors, children’s games and the creativity from our STUCO, lots of fun was had by all! Many hours of work from our PSC Event’s Team, Carnival Committee and Prem Volunteers went into preparing this event. This wasn’t without its own excitement, from scaling new heights of tree climbing to eating and bagging up sweets for game prizes. A special thanks to our students and staff for their time and talents on stalls and on stage, in particular to our STUCO students who took time away from their University Applications!

PSC Executive Committee

Immersive Theatre at Prem

Immersive theatre is a new kind of theatre gaining popularity worldwide. Several theatre companies are presenting immersive theatre and recently, Punchdrunk took Shanghai by storm with their immersive version of Macbeth called Sleep No More.

For Prem’s immersive theatre, the actors created 60 scenes set in a dreamlike immersive environment of 17 rooms crafted by our wonderful Art and Music departments on the top floor of the library. Because the audience is free to wander and explore, it was entirely possible for everyone to see completely different scenes than another audience member. In fact, you could come to all three shows and never see the same scene twice! Immersive theatre allows you the freedom to explore the rooms to find hidden clues to the story, or you can find an actor you like to watch and follow them to see their individual story.

The play contained strobe lighting effects and was recommended for G7 and older. Victorian elements such as the workhouse and Dickensian deprivations such as illness, crime and poverty were included. A whole selection from the book including the supernatural spectres of the Past, Present and Future, Jolly Fezziwig, the humble Crachit family through to the criminal underclass of Dickensian London and of course, the arch-miser and misanthrope himself: Ebeneezer Scrooge.


Parents Lounge Open House

Many thanks to all parents who visited us for the Open House this Wednesday at the new Parent Lounge! We enjoyed hearing your feedback on how we can best utilise this space and tucked into some delicious fruits and snacks with Christmas songs playing in the background. The “Information Board’’ will be updated regularly with activities, events, school updates and announcements in addition to serving and promoting the community. Please feel free to drop in anytime in January when the Parent Lounge will be open, from Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm.


A Colourful Day to Remember

The annual Premathlon returned in full bloom. Over 850 students, parents and staff crossed the finish line in one of the multiple races that took place. House points were given to each House racer and then extras for placing in each category. Those who crossed the finish line wearing beautiful orange, blue, purple or green also helped raise the point totals for the day.

I’m proud to announce that FIRE HOUSE won the event by 1 extra point. (See? Every single person matters!) In 2nd place was Water, followed by Earth in 3rd, and Air in 4th. The attached poster gives the current House Cup point standings overall. Thank you so much to the Precious Plastics team for designing and creating the unique recycled medals that every Junior School child and all race-winners earned. We appreciate you!

By far the biggest winners on Premathlon day were our 7 school charities. We’d like to thank all of our generous raffle sponsors, parents and participants who donated money on the day, bought food from one of our vendors, supported our PSC, and helped learn about the great work our students do. We raised just over 65,000 THB at the event and profits will be split between these groups to continue the great work they do.

From providing cleft lip palate operations for children to helping prevent human trafficking; from assisting lowincome applicants in receiving business loans to caring for local cats and dogs in our community; Prem is a community that cares and your generous support at the Premathlon has enabled us to continue doing just that. We will continue to pay your kindness forward.

Chiang Mai Model United Nations (CMMUN) is a collaborative organisation with 10 participating schools across the province of Chiang Mai. Twice every year, students (called delegates) take on the task of representing a country or state in heated mock United Nations debates. Each delegate strives to further their country’s agendas on specific issues or resolve world health issues by passing resolutions or laws. This past Friday and Saturday, Prem Tinsulanonda International School hosted the first in-person Chiang Mai Model United Nations conference in over three years. The massive two-day conference had seven committees, each with over 40 delegates, for a grand total attendance number of 316 students. This was one of, if not the, biggest overnight event in the history of Prem.

Model United Nations (MUN) is a tool given to today’s youth to empower them to become global citizens. MUN allows students to learn about diplomacy, communication, international relations, and the

United Nations. Prem Tinsulanonda International School is very proud to be part of the CMMUN organisation. This was also an opportunity for all students to be leaders, real leaders in the moment: we learnt that some of the most important traits of strong leadership is how one responds when the unexpected happens, how to remain calm and gracious, and striving to cultivate the spirit of generosity.

Congratulations to Fire for winning this event and to Water House who have now taken the House leaderboard lead. Until next time #GoPremHouses, Trisha Pospisil Head of Houses DP Lang & Lit/Self-taught Lit Teacher & EE Coordinator
Prem Hosts Model United Nations video link video link

Largest College, Career and University Fair Held in Thailand

Largest College, Career and University Fair Held in Thailand

The Annual Prem College, Careers and University Fair returned and was a great success! Students and parents were able to connect with, and get advice from, institutions and consultants from around the world. The fair is very well known among recruiters so we were able to attract some great universities to travel to Prem making it the second biggest annual fair in Thailand.

15 countries and 89 universities, colleges and educational consultants were available for individual meetings with students. Additionally, over 50 career workshops and informative seminars took place. These included subjects such as studying for a career in law or medicine, applying to highly selective universities, how to write successful applications, performing well at interviews and finding scholarships and internships. The day had a great community feel as we were joined by many other international schools and families from the wider Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai communities. People were able to catch up and eat great food together as they spent the day meeting the many specialists and advisors available to them.

Planning for the next fair has already begun. In the meantime, we are always available to help Prem students and families and to answer questions. Dawn and Ju in the College Office would like to thank all of the Prem staff, Prem Ambassadors, students, families and community members who helped make the day such a success.


As with most of the festivals in Thailand, Loy Krathong is about giving thanks and offering praise to the goddess of the river. This festival is often held around the full moon in the 12th month of the Thai lunar calendar. It is believed that at this time the rivers are fullest and the moon is the brightest.

This year Loy Krathong was celebrated on the night of Tuesday, November 8th. This also coincided with Chiang Mai’s Yi Peng Lantern Festival which took place from November 8th to 9th, 2022.

Yi Peng (sometimes written as Yee Peng) is a traditional Lanna festival that takes place in Northern Thailand. During the festival, participants launch paper lanterns, called khom loi, into the sky. Hence, it’s sometimes called the Lantern Festival or the Festival of Light. The act of releasing the lantern symbolises letting go of bad luck and misfortunes from the past year and wishing for good luck in the coming year.

The Thai department organised a Loy Krathong Festival for the Prem

community where students had an opportunity to make their own Krathong. Junior school students were encouraged to wear traditional Thai clothes during the Krathong making and Senior school students floated their Krathong on campus.

The Thai department organises weekly Thai-Culture lessons for students from grades 1 to 8 to promote global citizenship and help students understand cultural differences among our diverse community. Regular Exploria’s such as Thai cooking, Thai dance and Thai handicraft are also offered. The Thai department regularly organises Thai festivals at Prem too.

It was a wonderful experience to celebrate Loy Krathong here at Prem and we look forward to representing Thai culture future events on campus.

video link video link

Our Grade 6-11 students all took part in Prem’s Community Learning Week (PCL). Our PCL week is what used to be called Prem camps, and it gives our students the chance to have educational experiences outside of the classroom, learning life skills and building relationships, while having fun doing a range of activities. The Grade 6-10 PCL camps were 4 days and 3 nights, while our Grade 11’s camp was 2 days and 1 night. There were various on-campus and off-campus activities that included such things as hiking, camping, jungle cooking, arts and drama. Each PCL camp week is themed per grade so that our students have a range of different activities as they go through their school life. These themes included G6: Teamwork and Leadership, G7: Arts and Drama, G8: Adventure and Leadership, G9: International Award and G10: Environmentalism.

Our PCL week programmes are created and designed by Traidhos (our sister organisation), who has over 20 years of experience creating visiting school and camp programmes. All camps are supported by Prem teachers, who help make sure the students get the most out of the experiences. It is fantastic to see the students being outside their comfort zones, learning new skills, and bonding with other students. That is what the Prem Community Learning Week experience is all about!

A special thanks to A. Lynda, our head of Visiting Schools and Camps, for organising the programmes and to all Prem’s teachers for supporting the Prem Community Learning Week.

Prem Community Prem Community Learning Week EventNetworking

Over 60 participants joined us for our first Networking event of this academic year. We had a delightful opportunity to meet people, reconnect with others, enjoy wonderful music and savour the lovely evening setting at the Shangri-La. Our IBCP Students and their teacher, Dr. Emma Shaw, were a fantastic team at the registration table, greeting and ushering guests, making sure all networkers were taken care of. The students had the opportunity to expand their network through this experience as well. Thank you to the generous donors of our raffle table and congratulations to the lucky winners of:

● CNX Distinction Personal Training

● Elephant Parade

● LeMeridan Hotel

● Lee Chiang Hotel

● Shangri-La Hotel

● We Learn Thai

We hope to see you and your friends at our Spring Networking event.



Prem Boarders got together for a very special evening on Monday, October 24th to bring in the festival of lights, ‘Diwali’. Diwali is India’s most popular festival, celebrated widely across the globe symbolising the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. Mayank (Grade 12) being very passionate about his culture chose to spend this very special evening with our Boarders, sharing a glimpse of what Diwali would look like in India. From breathtaking dance performances to henna hand art and an evening full of life and laughter, this evening etched a fond memory that will now certainly become an outing to look forward to in our mix of diverse cultures here at Prem.


Was Here PremLoween

Below are responses from a few of our boarders about their experience from the evening of celebrating Diwali

Dradul (Bhutanese)

It was a great night of food, fire crackers and splendid Indian dance performances at my favourite Indian restaurant.

Hayden (Thai/American)

I am glad that I got to experience a new culture and food. This was my first time up close and personal with Diwali.

Nadia (Thai)

I was really happy to try on authentic Indian clothes as well as enjoy an Indian meal with my friends. I also had the chance to try henna for the first time and it looks really good.

Yoon (Burmese)

The Boarding trip to Accha was a great display of how Prem Boarding strives to celebrate everyone in our diverse community. I was able to understand the culture my peers grew up in by enjoying Indian delicacies, dancing to amazing music and trying on beautiful traditional clothing.

Mayank (Indian)

As an Indian, sharing my culture was very fun. Especially the wide variety of food that was served. We saw Bollywood dance and were witnesses to hindu prayers. It was all a thrilling experience.

Siddharth Nag

Director of Golf and Boarding Parent

Did you want to be scared? Student Council “witched” you a Happy Halloween!

This year we were back bigger than ever and had loads of events lined up for your spooky evening. Our main highlight was obviously the Haunted House. This year, the WHOLE auditorium was turned into an abode of nightmares! We also had Bouncy Castles to jump around and a rodeo for a wild time! And of course, we could not forget the very popular “sponge the teachers” game to give the staff nightmares as well!

Student council, PSC, and School-wide community groups provided scrumptious food to fill our bellies after all the screaming, jumping, and throwing. Food trucks included Border Run Mexican Food, Kiwi Burger, Phranakorn Noodle, Yoghurt Truck AND MORE! PSC did trunk or treat with cars, and school-wide community groups also had their own stalls.

Glad you got ready for the horrors of your lives! We were looking forward to “scaring” you!


Chiang Mai Culture

The Culture Course in term 1 contains lessons related to Chiang Mai culture, where students learn the way of villagers’ lives through activities such as Bo Sang umbrella handicraft. The Bo Sang artisans are considered the pride of Chiang Mai culture. They are one of the last few umbrella makers who still practise the traditional way of umbrella-making without the use of any machines. Tourists from all over the world come to experience the Bo Sang village and their rich Lanna culture.

The school’s vision supports students to connect with the community, thus, the Thai department provided this learning experience by inviting Bo Sang umbrella-making artisans to do activities with JS and SS students in the Thai culture class.

Ball Hockey Launched at Prem, Joining a Worldwide Family!

community to consider them should any of their services or products meet your needs. If you’d like to join our group of sponsors please contact me at

Local Organisations:

Omelette, Yody Coffee, Chai N Thai, Pawtel, Kin Burger, Kiwi Smash Burger, So Frickin Good! Bakery, Prem PSC, and The Office of the Consulate of Canada to Thailand in Chiang Mai.

Something I have learnt first hand over my many years involved with Ball Hockey, is that the hockey community is a big family with members all over the world happy to help others grow through this sport. In order to keep costs down for parents of students joining the new Ball Hockey Exploria in junior and senior school, I reached out to various organisations who each provided monetary sponsorship for starting this new experience at Prem. The sponsors each received a rink-board advertisement on our makeshift hockey rink located at the senior school outdoor basketball court and have their logo patches on the players shirts. The sponsors fall into a few distinct categories: local, hockey-related, international and charitable organisations. I’m very grateful to all of the people and organisations who have helped us launch Ball Hockey for junior and senior school students to enjoy at Prem. On behalf of the players and myself, I would like to thank these organisations for their kind donations and invite the Prem

Hockey-related Organisations: The Chiang Mai Highlanders, Knapper Ball Hockey (Quebec), CIHL (Hong Kong), the International Street & Ball Hockey Federation, and its sub-group the Asia Ball Hockey Association.

International Organisations:

Former student athletes at Victoria Shanghai Academy (Hong Kong), Jog Athletics (Bangkok) and Arthur Fang & Associates Speech Pathology (Hong Kong)

Charity Organisations: Hand To Paw & Lidz4Kidz

Adam Copus

MYP Lang & Lit Teacher, MYP Service Learning Coordinator, Grade 6 Homeroom Teacher (Air & Fire) and Ball Hockey Coach (JS & SS)


A once in a lifetime occasion… a day to remember. Commemoration Ceremony: Queen Elizabeth ll

As people around the world paused to reflect and honour the life and work of Queen Elizabeth ll, the pomp and pageantry as seen in central London to mark this historic occasion was of such a grand scale that it is unlikely an event of this size and stature will ever be seen again in our lifetimes.

In these moments, the world comes together as one; one world, one nation, recognizing that we can all learn how to be a better version of ourselves every day that we live following in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth ll.

Many thousands lined the streets of London and millions around the world watched on mobile phones, TV screens at home or in large open outdoor spaces with LED screens relaying every step of the Queen’s last journey to her place of rest.

In this rich tapestry, with London being the centre piece, there were many countries around the world who would similarly share their own moment of reflection and celebration. Here in Chiang Mai, it was a great honour for Prem students to be involved in a Ceremony of Commemoration. Instrumentalists and singers from Prem led the musical tributes in-between evocative readings and reflections read by ambassadors and consuls. The Royal Thai Army also wished to pay their respects and provided a guard of honour for the occasion and a 21-gun salute which followed the heartfelt singing of ‘God Save the King’.

Thank you to our singers and instrumentalists Iven G6, Athena G8, Elaine G8, Mona G8, Christina G11, Alice G11, Henry G11 and KJ G12. Additionally, thank you to our boarding students Yoon, G11, Ethan, G 11, Mayank G11, Tiki G11, Sonam G11, Coco G10, Sean G10, Yulsum G11 and Rino G9 for serving as ushers for the occasion, enabling everything to run so smoothly and respectfully.

As the night skies over Chiang Mai glistened with the last remains of the setting sun, in the warm glow of a life uplifted – Queen Elizabeth ll, our offerings were a little part of the bigger tapestry of commemoration that was so poignantly woven together with that of other parts of the tapestry around the world. In so doing, we can truly say that in this moment, the world was as one, sharing one vision and one heart.

“May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest”


for All

Good day to everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend, we did! We went to Prem’s Family Brunch organised by the PSC at the Shangri-La Hotel and had a great time.

The food was delicious and there were a ton of people smiling, so I think they would also agree. There was sushi, salmon, chicken and steak too. If you are a vegetarian or don’t eat fish you could eat lots of vegetables, potato salad, a delicious salad bar with onions and also cucumber and avocado sushi. For those who love cheese, there were cheeses from all of Europe and crackers too. The choices of desserts were amazing: different cakes, ice cream with chocolate chip toppings, and fruit for those watching their waistline.

Have you ever been to a live concert? If not, then you missed a great chance to listen to Prem performers while eating. Luckily the performers also allowed you to take videos and photos. There were musicians of all ages, 7 to 17! Some sang, some played the guitar and others played the piano.

If that wasn’t enough, all the children brought their swimming suits because there was a swimming pool, slide, hot tub and a cold tub too. By the pool, there is a splash park where there are buckets of water and they fill up and pour over. If you were under it, you got soaked! If you have never been to the Shangri-La Hotel, it looks just like a King could live in it. Thank you to the hotel, to the Prem Music participants and to the Parent School Community.

The Community Market Returns

Traidhos Community Market restarted after the long break now that we have open access to campus again.

The purpose of the market is to bring us together socially each month and to help us network with local people who want to have more sustainable lifestyle choices.

The market is held in Sala 1 on the first Friday of each month during term time. It sells homemade products, locally produced food, healthy goods that support a healthy lifestyle, and products made from local materials or using local traditions. It runs from 3pm until about 4.154.30pm.

Anyone can request a table to sell their products: Prem parents and students, NGOs, local vendors from the community, friends who have a small business, etc. All commercial vendors donate 10% of their sales to Beans for Dreams in return for their table. If you make less than THB500 we ask for 5% of your takings. VSP staff use the Beans for Dreams money to run a field trip for Thai village students each time we accumulate enough money. Prem students have the table for free

and do not need to donate to Beans for Dreams if they are doing a class fundraiser or class awareness activity.

All Community Market sellers should make their stall as sustainable as possible (e.g. no plastic bags or excess packaging). Shoppers are encouraged to carry their own cup, bag or tupperware box to help us reduce waste.

If you or someone you know would like to join and book a table, please email We will contact you using LINE prior to each community market. You do not need to sell things every month.

We are looking forward to some interesting stalls that align with us living and working together for a sustainable future.

video link

Seniors Sunrise

As a way to kick start our first face-to-face start of the year in two years, we wanted to acknowledge the momentous step that our Grade 12s are taking. First days are important, and these individuals have now had their last-ever first day of school. As a way to acknowledge this step with them, on the eve of this occasion, we had them all on site for a sleep-over in the clusters with a BBQ and amazing bonfire. After a long summer apart, it was wonderful to see them greet each other and enjoy themselves around a campfire with smores, followed by a student-initiated basketball game.

Although the homeroom teachers were definitely expecting some resistance, the Grade 12 students woke up seemingly effortlessly at 4.30am so that we could all travel to watch the sun rise at Mon Jam. We arrived as day was breaking and watched the clouds change colour and the sun break through on their last first day. It was a magical and heartening experience, made more so by the fact that we were the only people there. It took a good hour for the cafe to open, for the long awaited caffeine hits. Once the day was fully started, we had breakfast together at Krapood, joined by Ajarns Shaun and Rachel. It was a memorable way to begin grade 12, and a pleasure for the homeroom teachers to be part of their memory. Now for the last year, which we will end with a similar visit to watch the sun set on their last ever day of school. This will be a year of many lasts for Grade 12 as they finish their time at Prem and move on to so many firsts. They are such a special group of individuals who will achieve many great things this year and beyond.

Spirit Week Senior School Council

The start of a new school year can be incredibly intimidating as we embrace new challenges, meet new people, and re-adjust. A little fun was needed to ease this transition. As such, to celebrate the start of the 2022-2023 academic year and to show our good spirits, the Senior School Student Council was excited to announce the return of Spirit Week! Senior school students and teachers came to school dressed in accordance with popular themes picked by the Student Council body. We began this fun-filled, week-long event on Monday with Pyjama Day.

On Tuesday, we lived out our book dreams, coming to school dressed as our favourite fictional characters for Fictional Character Day.

Then on Wednesday, we ditched our trustworthy backpacks and filled other items with our school materials for Anything but a Backpack Day.

And for those who fancy the limelight? We came to school on Thursday dressed as our favourite celebrity, which we dubbed Celebrity Day. Then we finished this uplifting week with Teacher-Student Swap Day.


As we conclude another successful year at Prem, I find myself reflecting on the amazing experiences brought to us by our Artist Residency Thailand (ART) program, which is now fully operational after the Covid restrictions. Among the many opportunities I have to collaborate with our staff, students, and community in promoting "creative thinking," this initiative continues to be at the core of our approach to celebrating creativity in education. This year, we have witnessed it truly coming back to life!

Artist Thailand

Before we discuss the highlights of the year, it is important to emphasise the valuable contributions made by our external creative practitioners.


Their fresh perspectives and unique expertise complement our established curricula, encouraging innovation and critical thinking among our students. Their presence in our school community high lights the mutually beneficial relationship between education and the creative arts, where each discipline enhances the other. Just this academic year, we were thrilled to host nearly twenty artists, creative practitioners, and creative thinkers, each leaving their unique mark on our community.

Jane Bryant, a renowned specialist in creative education and former CEO of Sir Ken Robinson's Artswork, shared her expertise through innovative workshops, thought-provoking conversations, and valuable consultations. Bryant's impact has been profound, fostering a schoolwide appreciation for creative thinking and providing strategic advice and guidelines on "education for creativity" that will help Prem further develop this important area of work.

Timothy Nouzak, a celebrated choreographer and movement specialist, brought creativity and expression to our school. His workshops


expanded our perspectives, integrating dance and movement into areas such as Theatre, Physical Education, and Visual Arts.

Conceptual artist Jilly Morris led students in exploring the concept of "home" and encouraged them to view their surroundings through an artistic lens. Her unique techniques and environmental records added a fresh dimension to our student and parent community. Thanks to Morris, our Grade 5 exhibition students were able to explore how art and typography can express ideas for action and activism.

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the year was the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) festival. This event brought together a diverse group of arts professionals and provided a melting pot for learning, collaboration, and creation. The ISTA festival celebrated our commitment to creativity, expanding the artistic horizons of students from around the world while fostering their interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate and express themselves.

At Prem, we go beyond the traditional curriculum and place a strong emphasis on the central role of creativity in developing curious and compassionate learners. The ART program is not just an extracurricular activity; it is an integral part of our philosophy. Our unique approach combines arts and creativity with academic disciplines, nurturing a culture of exploration, innovation, and growth that distinguishes us from other schools.

Our ART program is more than just learning; it aims to inspire curiosity, nurture creativity, and sharpen critical thinking skills. Our resident artists have not only shared their skills but also opened our students' eyes to new ways of perceiving the world, encouraging deeper and more creative engagement.

As we conclude this year, we are already looking forward to the next. Our mission to promote "education for creativity" remains at the core of our vision. We are excited for another year of the ART program, where we will provide even more enriching experiences to our students and cultivate the innovative leaders of tomorrow. So, stay tuned for another exciting year of artistic exploration, learning and growth at Prem!


World Champion

Prem has a world champion at home! Zsombor (G12) competed at the World Muay Thai Organization (WMO) in Ayutthaya, Thailand for the 5th International Thai Martial Arts Games and Festival during our school break. Zsombor participated as a member of the Hungarian Team and won the World Title Belt in the Professional Lightweight category. We are so proud of Zsombor, who is a real inspiring G12 student with his immense hard work and training. Congratulations, world champion!

Emergency First Response Certification

On the 26th of February, we held an Emergency First Response (Primary and Secondary Care with AED) certification course at Prem. Participants learnt valuable skills including CPR, AED, treatment of severe bleeding and secondary care. Eight members of our community participated and are officially certified caregivers! A massive thank you to Ajarn Lee for providing this amazing opportunity.


Prem Practitioner Community Outreach Partnership with Chiang Mai University

Prem Director of Drama Ian Johnston shared his expertise with the Community Theatre Course at the Fine Arts Faculty of Chiang Mai University.

Ian delivered a three hour workshop on the mime techniques of French Maestro of physical theatre Etienne Decroux to 21 Community Theatre students as part of a partnership between Prem’s innovative ARThailand program and Chiang Mai University. The next step is to take what the students have learnt to a Karen Hill Tribe in Omkoi to help foster community connections in Chiang Mai University’s ‘Theatre That Binds’ project. A project put together by Creative Director of the Community Theatre Program at CMU Kusuma Venzky-Stalling.

Prem Theatre students will also be on this trip, embedded into groups of university students and will be workshop leaders teaching performance skills to the children of the Karen village to help them to create drama that highlights their unique culture and connection to the crafts and landscape of NorthernThailand.



Food Bank Prem Food Bank Prem G10 Pinn

Food Bank Prem, an initiative founded by Coco, one of our grade 10 student leaders, was able to bring happy smiles onto many faces after donating to 100 staff members on campus!

We would like to sincerely thank Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) for their support of our local community here in Chiang Mai. Due to their generous donation of 250 kg worth of surplus food, we have been able to donate to nearly 100 staff members from our school, including housekeepers, gardeners, security guards and other maintenance staff on campus. SOS’s Food Rescue Programme aims to minimise the loss of valuable food and improve our inequality through redistribution of food. Up to this date, SOS has rescued approximately 5.19 million kgs of surplus food, served 21.8 million meals to 1,000+ communities, and reduced 10,859 tons of CO2 creation if the food were wasted in landfills. We are extremely grateful to embark on this partnership with them and hope to do many more events with them!

Food Bank Prem is an organisation founded on the basis of the idea that no one has the right to be neglected in any community and all individuals should be treated equally. We believe that in order to achieve peace and equality, we must start by taking the first steps ourselves. Our wonderful team of students work together diligently behind the scenes with support from our amazing teachers and staff (thank you!), but we need your support to make this happen! Help us reduce poverty and inequality!

Food Bank Prem


example of what a Student Athlete looks like at Prem

Please join in this opportunity to congratulate Grade 10 student Pinn for her performance both inside and outside of the classroom in Semester One. We learnt Pinn achieved an average holistic score of 7, which means she scored the maximum score of 7 in each of her subject groups. She was the only MYP student to achieve this last semester. This accomplishment was attained while still maintaining her position as a key member of the Varsity Girls Basketball team. Pinn’s ability to focus and manage her various responsibilities is inspiring to us all. Everyday she comes to the gym ready to play and work on her personal and shared team goals. Her work ethic is best highlighted by the way she remains committed and focused through many diverse challenges. Pinn epitomises the ‘Balanced’ learner profile trait.

“Besides being a talented math student with an effortless ability to grasp new concepts, Pinn is a great all-rounder at school. Pinn’s daily greeting as she walks in the class is always one of the highlights of my day. She brings a mischievous sense of humour and fun to the classroom and helps to make our math class enjoyable. Pinn is the kind of student that makes me happy to be a teacher, we need more like her!” –Ajarn

Varsity team members aren’t just athletes and they aren’t just students either. With her ability to give her best efforts and achieve such impressive results in both academic and athletic learning environments at PREM, Pinn embodies both parts of the descriptive and aspirational term, “student athlete.”

Congratulations Pinn!


& Diversity Inclusivity Education

Cara Templeton, Head of the Intensive English Programme at Prem, was selected to present her research at an international conference on ‘Diversity and Inclusivity in English Language Education’ at Thammasat University in Bangkok.

The presentation examined the research Cara conducted into the framing of Indigenous students in Australian education policies and analysing themes of discourse, inequity and race. Connections were then made between her original research findings and the positioning of English as an Additional Language (EAL) students through a lens of ‘deficit’ in international education contexts.

The hope for the presentation was to inspire educators to reflect on education policies and the hidden curriculum and find ways to challenge them through the promotion of classroom practices that celebrate diversity, inclusivity and ensuring language rights for all. Over the two day conference, Cara had the opportunity to reflect and connect with other like-minded educators from around the world and she has been asked to conduct more research into this area in partnership with a university in both Thailand and Australia.

Sustainability Corner

As you know, the Eco-Committee has worked very hard for one year to create a communication system to share sustainability practices across the community.

This inter-generational group shared 54 messages of sustainability in just one year, drawing on curricular inspiration, events, and eco-projects to help make Prem a fairer and kinder place for all species. In our midst, we have journalists, social media bloggers, a website designer, a videographer, speech-makers, postermakers, animators and project managers. The younger members of the Eco-Committee (not to call them students because they are the drivers) led this complex and school-wide initiative. They were central to delivering one of Prem’s three strategic goals for the year. Our senior Eco-Committee members (the G11/12s) led the charge along the way with such grace, confidence and humility.

We thought, we hoped we would get the silver flag...


We Got the Green Flag!

We are over-the-moon delighted! When we broke the news to the full Eco-Committee on Wednesday, we all screamed and cheered with sheer joy and relief! Some even cried with joy. This award is particularly impressive because for Eco-Schools, it’s a two year programme and at Prem, we shared enough evidence to achieve this honour in just one year.

Our next steps are to find a flagpole to ceremoniously raise our green flag and to really put Prem on the global educational map for sustainability! Watch out for a bigger and better year ahead as we try to retain our beautiful green flag status!

Thank you to everyone who supported our work through attendance at events, curricular evidence, and for your kind and encouraging words to these student-leaders.

in English Language
video link

Last week, Prem’s Artist Residency Thailand programme was invited to Boston and Cambridge to present at the Transcultural Exchange and to meet and build on conversations that had started with Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.

During the conference, labelled as the largest gathering of arts and ideas on the planet, we presented our work regarding ‘education for creativity and GMTC (gallery, theatre and cultural centre modelling) to approximately 500 attendees and took part in panel discussions that explored how the arts can create paradigm shifts in established cultural models.

In total we gave three talks including the presentation and a Q&A on the subject of ‘schools as cultural hubs and artists as educational leaders’.

We met with a range of leading international experts in the field of arts, cultural and educational leadership and joined as audience members for a range of talks from a host of global experts.

From co-directors from Harvard Project Zero to composers working with data from the James Webb telescope, it was both inspiring and humbling to have the opportunity to work and share ideas with so many inspiring minds . We look forward to welcoming some of these presenters and faculty members to our programme next academic year and to bringing and sharing their ‘good thinking’ with our community

Winning Musical Combination Iven G6 and the Prem Music Academy

It’s time to celebrate the success of Iven G6 (Music Scholar), as she claimed her well-deserved prize from the Thailand Strings Competition 2022. Playing ‘Élégie’ Op 24 by Gabriel Faure, Iven wowed the panel of expert judges, chaired by Dr. Mahakit Lerdcheewanan, who awarded her the coveted Gold Trophy (Second Prize). The Prem Music Academy was also granted the certificate of 'high standards and continuing excellence in teaching'. Congratulations to both Iven and the Prem Music Academy!

From left to right : Ajarn Rachel (Head of School), Ajarn Mine (Visiting Cello Specialist), Iven G6, Ajarn Chris (Director of Music) video link

Scores at Prem Perfect SAT

Scores at Prem

Obtaining a perfect SAT score is not easy, but it can open up a world of possibilities through the college admissions process. Prem students desiring to apply to highly selective courses in the USA and Thailand often study for and take the SAT here at Prem. As placement in courses around the world becomes increasingly competitive, gaining a top score is what many students strive for. Perfect SAT scores are rare, with less than 1% of candidates worldwide achieving this. Two of our current Grade 12s, So Tin (Stanley) and Chiyoon Min (Chase), both recently achieved perfect scores in their SAT Maths papers.

For those about to take the PSAT at Prem, or those considering taking the SAT, Stanley and Chase have some important advice. Practice, repetition, and faith that you can do it are all key factors, they say. Both students spent many hours practising in order to gain what so few manage. We couldn’t be more delighted to share their success stories with you.

Congratulations Chase and Stanley on this outstanding achievement! Good luck with your college applications.

So Much Excitement To See Petal Again

It was wonderful to see so many happy students arrive back at school. Not only was there the excitement of seeing friends again, but it was heartwarming to observe students meeting up with Petal, Prem’s boarding puppy, after the long holidays. Studies show that the presence of animals tends to lessen the tension in the classroom and brings a sense of calm to the students. We have seen Petal accomplish this.



The Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) program forms a crucial component of a comprehensive educational approach, enabling students to hone their abilities, take risks, and push their boundaries beyond academics. This program inspires students to pursue their passions, cultivate creativity, engage in physical activities, and contribute to their communities through service. As they participate in a diverse array of activities, students can demonstrate their talents, represent their culture, and foster self-awareness and fulfilment. CAS significantly influences students’ personal development and encourages growth beyond academics.

Many students embarked on their CAS journey by participating in Model United Nations, engaging in regular exercise for action, and collaborating with Advocates for Global Welfare for service. Their MUN experience allowed them to think inventively during presentations and adapt to communication challenges, while maintaining a regular exercise routine contributed to their physical fitness and organisation. Working with Advocates for Global Welfare, they focused on fundraising for an organisation combating human trafficking in Northern Thailand, underscoring the importance of community impact.

Other students tapped into their creativity by learning to play an instrument or choreographing a Bhutanese dance performance for International Day, showcasing their culture to the global community. Through these experiences, they realised that their mindset could either limit or propel their achievements and found fulfilment in challenging themselves. By engaging in a variety of CAS activities, these students gained a deeper understanding of their abilities and talents, nurturing personal growth and self-awareness. CAS activities not only enriched their academic life but also played an essential role in their holistic development as well-rounded individuals.

Daniel How playing the saxophone helped him in academics Creativity

I’ll start with the saxophone. I play the saxophone at least two times a week. It was at least an hour of practice. This helped me develop my saxophone playing skills but it also ensured I have something to get me into the Zone. The thing I like about music is that when you actually play, it facilitates you getting into the Zone where you aren’t just playing but you’re feeling the music and it’s something that I expand into my studies. So for example, when I started studying it took some 10 minutes to get into the study material. Developing this ability to do fun activities is also challenging and this helps me to apply that to challenging activities.

video link

The responsibility of the privileged to help the underprivileged Service

I would say in terms of change, I’ve always been when it comes to service, trying to focus on helping other privileged youth because I’m in a situation where I’m privileged as a youth. So then when I see orphans especially, when I see people who don’t have the privilege of having parents, I can have a soft spot for it in a way so then I always try to have my service centred around orphans, kids who are underprivileged.

Steve MUN Mentoring younger students in Service

It was a way to give back to our community to help bolster creativity, help build public speaking skills and to teach the five younger delegates which I believe are valuable skills to take into life. I’d say it was quite transformative for me across the four years I’ve done MUN even outside and prior to DP, to see some of the originally weaker delegates become strong and confident delegates to the level where they could go to Berlin and hold more than their own at an International level conference. That was really rewarding to see as well.

video link link
video 2023 CAS PROJECTS


I’d like to talk about what I do with my friends after school, band friends. So it started off once a week with me and two other friends who already left school. Prim and I would just jam after school for fun to de-stress. I think it was during the first mocks in grade 11 and it ended up we started quite well together so that’s why we ended up turning it into a CAS experience later.


Band Friends Namping Showcasing Bhutanese Dance


As an international student, I had to portray our culture. I had to portray the different types of steps that we have that are very unique to Bhutan. It was not only that but I had to live up to the taste and the favouritism of the students as well and how they want their dance performance to be like, how the teacher wants a dance performance to be like. But then I’ve never choreographed an eight minute song and it’s one of the longest I’ve done so far. Right, was this the dance that was done during International day? Yes, So it was very long but it was also very challenging to me.

video link video link

Wellness through working out Action

I felt that exercises gave me the most confidence and kind of direction in life because prior to DP I didn’t really work out much, if not at all. I was part of a sports team but that was about it. I introduced this working out into my daily routine and there were times where because of the workload I wasn’t able to fulfil said routines. Still, this became a part of my natural routine and I got more fit. It didn’t open my third eye, but it was certainly something that gave me more confidence in both how I presented myself and just how I felt when I woke up. That is what I think had the most impact on me.

Chase Or

Seeing how profits from Threads of Change go to reforestation Service

We decided that would be a better use of our money rather than just donating and calling it a day, because it creates that link between our organisation and their organisation, and it creates a channel for communication. We can teach younger students especially about sustainability and the restoration of forests.

video link
video link

Business Owner Class of 2010


Management at Coventry University in the UK,

following this with work at the Foundation for

Education and Development. Like so many

other Alumni, during the pandemic Gina found

herself back home here in Chiang Mai. Never

one to sit down and feel sorry for herself, Gina

had a plan. Her love of cooking and her vegan

values encouraged her to work on cake and


professional, and was delighted when after a

being able to provide herself with an income. I

few hours she had sold all 400 of her cookies.

had tried some of the cookies - too many, and

I believe that maybe a little bit of her resilience, determination to succeed, and good attitude

knew how good they were, so we invited Gina

to come to Prem and promote them to our staff

began through her time here at Prem. We wish youeverysuccessGina.

Social Worker and Certified Counsellor, Class of 2011

It was such a lovely surprise to have a message from Legzem to say she was in Chiang Mai. Legzem said she would like to visit Prem so we sent a van to make sure she arrived here!

Legzem was a boarder here at Prem. After graduation, she completed her undergraduate degree in psychology and anthropology from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. Legzem is a social worker and a certified counsellor. She currently works at a public benefit organisation in Bhutan.

It didn’t seem possible that Legzem had been away for nearly 12 years. Once we sat down to talk we had so many memories of people and events. We were having a boarding trip to a local garden and restaurant, so it was good to see that Legzem enjoyed getting back on the bus for a ‘boarding outing’. Legzem also knew one of our new G11 students, so it was special to see our past and present Bhutanese students catching up. Thank you for visiting Legzem!


Anond Kongsiri (Tonn)

Archeologist and Culinary School, Class of 2008

I was delighted to be asked to be part of a very special celebration. In a beautiful venue in Mae Rim, one of our Alumni was married. Anond Kongsiri, better known by his fellow students and friends as Tonn, married Mae Pawadee. Tonn and Mae had met a few years ago when they were both working at the Four Seasons. When they met last year they realised that they quite liked each other! Tonn enjoyed his time at Prem, graduating in the Class of 2008. Then in 2016, after attending University for a degree in Archeology followed by attendance at a Culinary School, he returned to Prem, working in the boarding community. Luckily cooking won out over archeology, so the guests at the wedding were treated to the most amazing buffet lunch. Our very best wishes for your future

Tonn and Mae.

The Prem Community

Krisha Takahashi Prem Employee Class of 2020

Krisha graduated from Prem in 2020, a year when the graduates must have felt like they did not have closure and it was a very sad time for our graduates and their families. Krisha had the unfortunate situation that she just could not get back to Japan. She has no family in Thailand and her very close friends were leaving to go home. Instead of seeing this as a disaster, Krisha approached our Head of School, Rachel Keys, to inquire whether there was a position in the school. There was a position for an Assistant in the Junior School and also one in the Art department. Krisha has been proving her ability to work with young children and has fitted in well with the staff, has attended Art Exhibitions as a supervisor and has guided the very young students through their day. With Krisha’s flair for creativity and art, it seemed like a shame not to have her come to dinner and let her dress my Christmas tree! Well done Krisha.



June Actor and Model Class of 2019

My name is Phatnaree Tiamatakorn (nickname: June) and I graduated from Prem in 2019. Since then, I have graduated from the University of York with a Theatre degree and I am currently an actor and model based in the UK! I have starred in a horror comedy feature film called ‘How to Kill Monsters’! I have also performed in various theatre plays and I am a full-time actor now! I would absolutely love to visit Prem to update you on my acting career and how Prem has shaped who I am today! Honestly, it wouldn’t have been possible without Prem. I would love to let everyone know about my experience and help show people how Prem has really helped me! Here’s a poster of the movie and my character introduction (we have been successfully funded on kickstarter as well!)

Phatnaree Tiamatakorn (nickname: Juné) Class of 2019

Marketing, Education and Events Coordinator, The Food Trust, Class of 2001

My name is Sunny (Panyatree Kongkwanyuen). I joined Prem (Grade 1-2) in around 2001-2002. I can’t say how blessed I was to be enrolled into Prem and given the school life and childhood that I had. I was able to have such a wholesome, well-rounded, and safe childhood, with plenty of opportunities to explore all aspects of life from various sports to arts and experiencing different cultures with my friends and teachers from other countries. I have so many fun and fond memories of learning track and field sports, learning the cello, of that haunted squash room (probably just our childish imaginations…), and being a part of the Alice in Wonderland musical. I still sing the songs I learned from 4-5th grade music classes! My time in Prem has really prepared me for when I would move to different countries. I was able to easily adapt in new environments and have the courage to try many things. I never had a moment where I felt lonely and it made me much braver. I didn’t join any sports teams during my time at Prem but when I moved to Beijing, I was part of every single sports team of my age (i.e. basketball, soccer, volleyball, track and field). I joined the Student Council and became a House captain. I also took part in various after school activities that involved organising charities and many random interests. This continued all the way to my university days where I would be part of various committees like welcoming freshmen and taking part in our own International Day. It felt easy and natural to step up and volunteer and even take a leadership position. I am very lucky to have grown up in such supportive environments with kind people around me. Oftentimes,

I would be one of the few, if not the only, Thai student in the school. While that may sound scary for a girl in her early teens where fitting in was extremely important, I had an easy time making friends, sharing my culture, and being open to others because I was already exposed to diversity at such a young age.

Recently, I‘ve returned to Chiang Mai and visited Prem. It felt incredibly nostalgic being back on campus but also exciting because it had been almost 15 years since I had been back! In 2002-2008, much of the campus was still under construction. I still remember my 5th grade class in the New Junior School building where only the first floor was constructed and furnished and we were never allowed to go upstairs because everything was still cement! Now many of the buildings are finished, furnished, and used.

Seeing all the new changes had put me in a reflective mood. I was too young back then to really appreciate what I was given and what opportunities I had. I might regret not doing certain things back then, but in the end all my experiences have led me to a happy and fulfilling life so far! My goal is to travel all around the world and appreciate different cultures first hand. I think I’ve had a good head start! I am incredibly grateful to my parents and the school for giving me such a great childhood. Thank you!

But I’m mad as a hatter! So pass me the butter, ‘cause life is a tea-party all of the time! I will probably never forget these songs…




Chris Clarici

Research Associate @ Bridge the Gap, Class of 2014

I was never a boarding student but had many friends who were. I graduated from Prem in 2014. It is strange in my mid (late) 20’s looking back on my formative years knowing they were so long ago but feel like they were just yesterday. So much has changed!

Life after Prem has been a whirlwind! After graduating in 2014, I moved to the US for the first time in my life to attend the University of Arizona in Tucson. It didn’t take me long to realise I had made a very very grave error... I found myself in a place I did not like, amongst people I did not understand and after a year in Tucson, I’d had enough. I needed a change, so I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to live with my maternal grandmother.

In 2016, I was working in San Francisco and taking some film classes at a local university when I met my partner. Five months after that we threw caution to the wind and embarked on a 2-month trip across South America! Aside from being an incredible adventure, I credit this trip with reawakening my love of travel and experiencing

different cultures. It reminded me of who I was and what I love, such that as soon as we returned home, I enrolled in a variety of humanities classes at the local community college, determined to figure out what my passions translated into. It didn’t take long before I discovered the field of Cultural Anthropology.

In 2020, I completed my Associate’s degree and was finally able to transfer to the University of California, Santa Cruz to finish my degree (from the comfort of my sofa thanks to COVID). Over the next two years, I explored as much as I could and (as shocking as this may be to some of my former teachers) excelled in all of my classes. In June of 2022, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Anthropology and a minor in Sustainability Studies!

Since graduating from UC Santa Cruz, my partner and I got engaged this summer, we moved to Boston so he could complete his law degree at Harvard Law school, and I started my first serious job as a Research Associate for a small non-profit focused on environmental nuclear policy and advocacy called Committee to Bridge the Gap. And though we’ve only been in Boston since August, it’s already time to pack up again! In June, we are moving to Washington, D.C. where we hope to buy a home and start successful, fulfilling careers. In the next few years, I would like to go back to school for a master’s degree in Public Health or International Relations and pursue a career in diplomacy.

Life has been such an adventure since I left Prem. Nothing went the way I thought it would! And thank goodness for that -- it’s been even better than I could’ve dreamed. It has been a very long time since I was last at Prem and I often find myself missing it but I am excitedly planning a trip to Thailand and can’t wait to visit and share such a special place with my soon-to-be husband.

Bhutan Alumni Visit May2023

Now that Covid has quietened down, we are delighted to be able to meet up with our Alumni in different parts of the world. I was in Bhutan recruiting new students, and had the pleasure of putting on an Alumni Afternoon Tea together with one of our Alumni, Legzum ThujiYangden.

It was so good to see how these young people, some of whom left back in 2011, had found their place in life. They confirmed that returning to Bhutan after University was very important to them. 80% of Bhutanese students return to Bhutan to work after studying overseas. It says so much about life in Bhutan.

We spent a wonderful afternoon being reminded of what life was like in boarding during those early years. I listened to stories that I had forgotten about, I was reminded of students from other countries who the Bhutanese students had made friends with, and I was asked about the teachers that had helped them when they were at Prem.

The one thing all alumni had in common was their memories of Prem. They agreed that they never felt the same way about University; Prem had been their second home.

I saw seventeen Alumni, and it was very hard not to feel emotional! Wherever we travel over the next few months we will send out an invitation to meet up for a reunion. I do hope you will join us and remember some of the good times you had at Prem.





Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning aims to develop leaders who will practise creativity and “good thinking,” the importance of family, and the need for a connection to the natural world that inspires sustainable lifestyles with a focus on experiential learning and outdoor activity. Approximately 7,700 learners join our programs annually.

Our lush, beautiful, safe and secure 100-acre Campus, shared with PREM International School, is located in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. It is fully equipped with outstanding facilities that support outdoor learning.

We offer:

Traidhos Camp - planning and facilitating camp programs that allow learners at all ages to develop and explore new life-long skills and interests through outdoor activities.

Three-Generation Farm - farm activities that promote fun and sustainability.

Traidhos Three-Generation Cooking Academy

Barge programs - offering experiential education trips in Bangkok and other provinces nearby focusing on the Chao Phraya watershed to promote awareness of global sustainability issues

Visiting Schools Program (VSP) - organising and facilitating experiential education programs for students of all ages from around the world.

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Bond University

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Monash University

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Queensland University of Technology

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Howest University of Applied Sciences

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IED Milan BA Interior Design


Utrecht University

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Alabama A&M University

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Bachelor of Business Medicine

Standard Foundation Studies Program in Health Science

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B Computer Science AI and Machine Learning

Specialisation (Hons)

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Studies in Rotman Commerce -B Commerce

B Commerce(Hons) Accounting and Finance

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Studies in Commerce - B Commerce

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International Relations

Bachelor in Hospitality Management

BSc Biochemistry

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Aviation Sciences, BSAvSc

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BS Aerospace Engineering

Liberal Arts degree

B. Fine Arts

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Cinematic Multimedia Arts (BA)

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BS Aerospace Engineering

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Aviation Management

Business Admin with a sports business


Sculpture and Integrated Practices

Aviation Management

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

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Medicine - 3 offers

General Engineering + Aerospace eng 2+2


BS Aerospace Engineering

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Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Tech

Thammasat University Int College of Medicine

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M.Eng in Motorsport Engineering

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BSc Biochemistry

BSc (Hons) Aviation Operations with Commercial Pilot Training

School of Medicine

B Business Management with Marketing

BSc International Relations and History

BA (Hons) Web & User Experience Design

Business and Marketing

Sports Marketing Management

BA (Hons) User Experience Design

BA (Hons) Business and Management

MEng Motorsport Engineering

BSc Accounting & Finance with placement

BA (Hons) User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) Design

BA Interior Design Environment Architecture

BA Urban Landscape Architecture

B(Hons) Business and Marketing

BSc (Hons) Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies

BSc (Hons) Aircraft Engineering with Pilot Studies

BA Interior Design

BA Interior Design

BA English

MEng Mechanical Engineering/Automotive Engineering

BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance with placement

BSc (Hons) Business with p/ment

MEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering

B Architecture with Professional Placement

International Foundation Year with

Bath College

MEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering

MEng Aerospace Engineering

BSc Biochemistry

M.Eng in Motorsport Engineering

BA Architecture

MA Archaeology and Social Anthropology

B Liberal Arts

BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance with placement

BSc Business

BSc Biochemistry

Int. Business and Marketing

MEng (Hons) Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering

BSc (Hons) Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies and Management

BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance

MEng Aeronautics and Astronautics

BA Archaeology and History

BSc(Hons) Computer Science

B Medical Neuroscience

BA Philosophy and Literature

BSc(Hons) Computer Science

BA (Hons) Business and Managment with p/ ment

BA(Hons) English/Philosophy (equal)

B Interior Design

Bristol Australia 17.5% Canada 11.2% Italy 1.4% Korea
Natherlands 0.7% Spain 2.1% Switzerland 1.4% Thailand 2.8% USA 24.5% UK 37.8%