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Stages In Dissertation Writing BY PREMIUM DISSERTATION

• Writing my first dissertation was a big challenge. I had no idea of what I was to do from the starting point. My professors assumed that since I was pursuing my doctorate levels, I was well equipped with the strategies and the stages in ensuring a successful publication and submission of my dissertation. However, that was not the fact. I guess I had learnt before about it but due to my negligence, I ended up forgetting almost everything we had been taught in class. • I am not the only one in that field who experienced challenges. I learnt my lesson and thought the same that it would apply to someone else most probably pursuing a dissertation. This prompted me to writing up this series of stages and ways through which students can be able to write and submit their dissertations.

Dissertation Proposal • First, a dissertation proposal is needed. You do not start driving without the knowledge of where you are heading for. You need a chat or a map that will guide you of the loop holes you are going to experience or encounter on your way. • A proposal is written to your professors or supervisors telling them of the topics you intend to cover, the strategies you may consider taking, the time it will take to cover the research, the methodologies you will use to cover the research, the cost you will incur and the sources you may use to sum up your data. This is a clear indication that you are a ready student and that you are well familiar with the topic or field of research you want to explore in your dissertation writing in UK.

Dissertation Introduction • After you have applied for your dissertation and it is approved, students fail when it comes to the introduction part. Dissertations have chapters and entry levels. If you are not keen, you might give your data or report in the first part of your dissertation. At this level, you are needed to write what your dissertation is about. Discuss the topic and the reason as to why you decided to take on it. Highlight the motivating factors and pinpoint the possibilities you chose to face the situation. • It should be understood that introductions is not just about the dissertation part of the body. Consider giving the abstract, the acknowledgement, the table of contents and the acronyms you intend to use in your dissertation.

Literature Review • While doing your research, you might have checked online of the contents shared previously by early scholars. Consider including that data as review in your dissertation. Cite them and give appropriate quotations and referencing. Never quote someone else’s statement and use it in your dissertation as yours. This will suggestively mean that you have plagiarized your work.

Research Methodology And Design • For the proof that you conducted your research, always highlight or state the research mythologies and design methods you used to achieve your dissertation. Never let anything peculiar indicate that your research was shallow. Dig deep and explore all possible techniques that can be used in dissertation writing and put them to practice. This is a very important part of the dissertation writing in UK as it is the key evidence that research was conducted on the topic of interest.

Data analysis And Research Results • The conclusion should be interesting. You have written about your data and it is time to publish what you need. Analyze everything and come up with the solutions or the core results to your study. Ensure that the final data you submit is accurate and appropriate.

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Stages in dissertation writing pdf  

Stages in dissertation writing pdf by Premium Dissertation.

Stages in dissertation writing pdf  

Stages in dissertation writing pdf by Premium Dissertation.