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At Dandy Diary we only try to enter into selected and exclusive collaborations. Is this maybe one of the reasons why Berlin still has a hard time as a fashion city today?

“Certainly, as a fashion city, Berlin is very, very boring. Very little is happening now. We at Dandy Diary have become more Frankfurt fans in recent years. A young scene has emerged that totally knows what’s good and dresses accordingly, because Frankfurt is also a rich city. At the same time, the mixture of Bahnhofstrasse, migrants and international audiences is very creative and definitely more exciting than in Berlin where everyone wears only the same Balenciaga shoes.” How would someone envision a typical day at “Dandy Diary”?

“I don’t even know what a typical day is like; every day is very different with us. Most of the time I sleep late, until about 10 or 11 o’clock, then my wife makes me a coffee and I read the first news of the day. Around noon or 1 pm I meet friends or partners for lunch, in the afternoon I usually sit down together with my partner David to develop new ideas, such as events or actions we’d like to use to mix up the fashion industry or I write posts for our blog. In the evening I go to events or dinners, which sometimes goes on longer, depending on how interesting they are or whether we are participating at the event as cooporative partners for brands.” Sometimes the exciting information comes after the third beer and you earn money with it?

“Yes, and in very different ways. Sometimes it’s quite classic, for example a shoe brand like Nike asks us if we want to report on their new sneakers in our blog. If we find the topic interesting and relevant, we‘ll have information sent to us, write about it and charge an appropriate fee. However, we do this relatively rarely now. In fact, we spend more time cooperating with brands that buy our expertise and say, let’s work something out together. Among other things, we recently organised an event for Givenchy where we acted as an event agency, checked locations, created guest lists, selected drinks and catering and designed the entire event. And in this setting Givenchy introduced its new perfume. In addition, we also develop new designs for brands, for example for a sneaker from the German company Kangaroo.”

What has changed?

Sounds like a lucrative business model.

“And good motivation. The blogger scene has totally changed. It all started with people who wrote at home – in addition to their main job – about things they were interested in. That could be fashion but also music and it wasn’t even clear then that somebody could even earn money doing it at some point. We started Dandy Diary because David wanted to write about fashion and I found the scene interesting, really a very pleasant industry, with the most beautiful women, great events and good champagne, in line with our imagination. We did that while we were studying.”

“By now everyone knows that you can earn money with a good blog. However, the amount of text has been greatly reduced, and much more value is placed on photos at the expense of the depth of content. Bloggers became influencers and Instagrammers, people that publish many photos of themselves with a few short texts. A lot of money is now being flushed into the scene from brands moving away from the classic advertising business of fashion magazines to online and social media sites. And the protagonists have changed because many now only see the money, which doesn’t necessarily make them more sympathetic. First generation bloggers usually have a different intellectual depth. If today, 18-year-olds see themselves as fulltime bloggers and present themselves a certain way, without much life experience or education, then the result is usually one-dimensional. 75

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R2M one combines style and elegance with a touch of Rock ’n’ Roll in its own special way. Neither stuffy nor sophisticated. Rather cool, mys...