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EDITOR IN CHIEF – CREATIVE DIRECTOR Joachim Fischer EDITOR - AT- LARGE José Redondo-Vega MANAGING DIRECTORS Martin Rebstock / Berthold Dörrich ART DIRECTION • GRAPHIC DESIGN Benjamin Tafel HEAD OF PRODUCTION Athanasios Tsintsaris / Stefan Pohl PROOFREADING Berthilde Rebstock CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Francesco Bernard, Axel F. Busse, Berthold Dörrich, Joachim Fischer, Eberhard Keller, Georges H. Keller, Corinna Mandic, Ulrike Mogk, Dr. Hans-Joachim Petersen, José Redondo-Vega, Christopher Ruegg, Martin Schidlo, Steffen Sprattler, Björn Springorum, Wolfgang Timpe, Clemens Ritter von Wagner

CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Arsenal Filmverleih, Ralf Bernert, Degussa, Frederik Dulay-Winkler, Heiko Hellwig, James Lipman, Georg Malfertheiner, Klaus Mellenthin, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Deniz Saylan, René Staud, Benjamin Tafel, Uli Weber, Archive EDITORIAL • PRODUCTION premiummedia GmbH A Company of the KD Group Mörikestrasse 15 • 70178 Stuttgart, Germany Phone +49 (0) 711 38 03 03-0 FINAL DRAWING • REPRO Vetter Mediendesign Margarete-von-Wrangell-Strasse 2 65779 Kelkheim PRINTING • FINISHING Druckhaus Waiblingen Remstal Bote GmbH Albrecht-Villinger-Strasse 10 71332 Waiblingen

Telling stories is an art. We do this in a very emotional way. Magazines at premiummedia are individual publications and tailored to the preferences and interests of their readers, exclusively. The subtle difference in purchasing power and the respec-

ALTHOFF • Magazine for the ­Althoff ­Hotel Collection • 2 x a year




ADVERTISEMENT PRICE LIST • ­M EDIA - FACTS The price lists from 2019 apply. ADVERTISEMENT • MEDIA SALES Werner Fischer (responsible) TELLUS CORPORATE MEDIA GmbH Hammerbrookstr. 93 • 20097 Hamburg Phone +49 (0) 160 311 19 47

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PUBLISHER Premiummedia GmbH

Bernd Momberg MOMBERG MEDIA Phone +49 (0) 561 / 521 84 82 Steffen Sprattler Phone +41 (0) 79 814 93 85

tive lifestyles of the readership is particularly ­taken into account here. The choice of topics, journalistic competence and a fine presentation are just a few of the features and charateristics of these magazines – so unique that you want to collect them. That is our claim. R2M ONE is a

GO SIXT • Magazine for Sixt Car Rental • 4 x a year

INTERNATIONAL MEDIA SALES Eva Favre Affinity-PrimeMedia Ltd. Route de Mollie-Margot 1 CP 20 CH-1073 Savigny Phone +41 (0) 21 781 08 50

RETROWELT • Magazine for Lifestyle and Driving Culture • 4 x a year

free magazine with a partial circulation for German-­ speaking Rolls-Royce dealers, members of the RollsRoyce Enthusiast Club (RREC) and selected partners. © Stuttgart: November 2018

LEGENDARY • Magazine for Hotel Stein Salzburg • 2 x a year

SMAC • Schweizer Automobilmagazin • 2 x a year

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R2M one combines style and elegance with a touch of Rock ’n’ Roll in its own special way. Neither stuffy nor sophisticated. Rather cool, mys...


R2M one combines style and elegance with a touch of Rock ’n’ Roll in its own special way. Neither stuffy nor sophisticated. Rather cool, mys...