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PremierRepel 701W Water repellent Penetrating Sealant for driveways, walkways, patios, decks, retaining walls, masonry, brickworks, Pavers, Stucco, ‌

PremierRepel 701W Strong penetration power to increase the durability and the aesthetics of concrete. Treats both new and existing structures.

PremierRepel 701W Does not degrade under UV exposure. Has no effect on appearance of the concrete surface. The color, sheen, texture of traction the concrete remain unchanged.

PremierRepel 701W Reduces weed growth in driveway crevasses.

PremierRepel 701W Prevents penetration of dirt, oil, grease and chemicals stains.

PremierRepel 701W Non vapour barrier, allows the concrete to breathe. Stops efflorescence.

PremierRepel 701W Enhances concrete integrity in any climate. Protects from moisture, deicing salts and freezing that cause faster degradation.Â

PremierRepel 701W Reduces flaking and spalling. Inhibits formation of small pits as a consequence of corrosion.

Why should you protect your concrete using PremierRepel?  

Ensure the life and appearance of your driveway, sidewalk, walkway and patio or deck with PremierRepel 701W. The colorless water repellent i...

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