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using the BMS to control the lighting, electrical heating and air handling units according to the scheduled activities taking place within the stadium. Passive Infrared (PIR) lights were also introduced in some of the areas that are used on a daily basis. These lights detect motion and then activate a switch to turn on when required and off when no motion is detected after 15 minutes.” Impressive Results The installation of a stadium-wide BMS has produced impressive results. Electricity usage has been reduced by 31% and gas usage by 29%. Combined that equates to over 3,500,000kWh per annum. Croke Park has also implemented a recycling programme which has seen 62% of the waste generated on site diverted from landfill. Facilities on-site include cardboard baling, compacting and composting of all food and grass. Recycling stations are placed on all floors in the stadium, staff canteens, offices and all staff and contractors receive on-going training in relation to waste disposal and recycling. “Patrons are also encouraged on event days to contribute to our waste management procedures through the clear and prominent provision of recycling bins and

information on public levels. A new compositing initiative currently underway hopes to increase our recycling rate to 80%,” he remarks. Furthermore, water usage has been reduced by 28% (2010-2011 figures) through the installation of solenoid valves on urinals in public levels and other engineering initiatives allowing the stadium to save 370,000 litres of water per day. The overall saving made from the introduction of these valves equates to approximately 108 Olympic sized swimming pools per year. Alan Gallagher comments: “Total investment in energy reduction initiatives has been about Eur1 million which now allows Croke Park to have fully automated energy

management and control from a previous manual system. With the phenomenal results achieved, our payback period was approximately three years.” So what lessons are there to be learned by other stadiums/events facilities from Croke Park’s achievements and experiences? “The key lessons learnt regarding sustainability is that simple initiatives can have really positive results,” he replies. “However, there needs to be a framework which pulls all of these initiatives together. Croke Park has gone down the formal route of ISO 14001 and ISO 12001 which suits our needs but the framework can be less formal for smaller organisations.” I

“Croke Park has been a leader in the green game since 2008 when the stadium developed and implemented a range of sustainability initiatives and projects.”

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Environment and Energy Management  
Environment and Energy Management  

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