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December 2010

The Mont Blanc Project 2010 On September 11th, seventeen men and three ladies landed in France to climb Western Europe‘s highest mountain. Among them was our school owner Mr Zak Jovanov and member Noel Burton. None had ever seen a mountain this high, and low cloud hid the ice and snow covered vertical elevations. They had 5 days to get to the top with a few days training as were all non mountaineers, and this was a climb for experienced people. All paid their own fares, as well as many weeks of strenuous training to get fit enough and try somehow to acclimatize to the 20 below temperatures as best they could. This noble effort was to raise funds and awareness for the Princess

Margaret Hospital childhood cancer ward, as several of the climbers children suffer from it. Now I don’t know about you but I believe this was one of the greatest ideas for a worthwhile cause I can think of. Zak’s words after the climb were “the most amazing, scary, crazy experience ever!” So far to date this project called the “Mont Blanc Project” has raised more than $1 million dollars, in less than a year. Everyone at Premier and everywhere else for that matter, salute this heroic effort. By Ron Shears

If you’re happy at Premier Martial Arts Academy - tell your friends! Invite a friend to our academy and if they decide to stay, we will give you $50 VOUCHER as a thank you (offer ends March 2011)

January Free School Holiday Program Month for members and their friends...

New fulltime team member

It’s been more than a year since Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy opened and a lot has happened since that day.

The biggest compliment we can get at Premier Martial Arts and Fitness is when one of our members personally recommends us to a friend. The month of January is “FREE SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM FOR MEMBERS AND THEIR FRIENDS”. This is when you can bring a friend to train with you in our day classes for FREE, and these classes are only available to members who are bringing a friend along with them.

Great amount of members from all ages with more than 40 classes per week. We’ve had 4 graduations since the opening and given out over 500 new coloured belts.

Our school is growing quickly, and we would prefer to have our new members personally recommended to us so that we can maintain our Premier “family”! All that we ask is that you introduce your friend to us at Reception the first time they come so we can fill out the necessary paperwork, and then accompany them to each training session. If they enjoy the sessions so much that they join as a member, we will say “thank you” to you in the form of a $50 gift voucher to spend on Premier Martial Arts and Fitness branded-gear! As an added bonus, if parents are bringing their Premier student and a “buddy” they are invited to try our “Fight to be Fit” classes for free. Bookings are essential as places are limited.

Two Black Belt Gradings – Mr Torin Burton and Mr Ron Shears graded to 4th Dan, Mr Martin Quinlan, and Ms Brodie McMaster graded to Probationary Black Belt.

Mr Quinlan, Mr Jovanov and Mr Nolan with Fraser Bytheway and his Little Champion Black Belt.

To make it even easier to bring your friend along, we are running extra classes during January When: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning in January 9.30 - 10.30am n Little Champions (4-6 years) 9.30 - 10.30am n Fight to be Fit (Adults Class) 10.30 - 11.30am n Junior Martial Arts (7-13 years)

Premier Martial Arts and Fitness would like to welcome our newest fulltime team member - Mr Martin Quinlan. Mr Quinlan has been working as a high school teacher for the past 18 years, and has been also working part-time at our Academy over the last year. He has seized the opportunity to make a new career out of his life-long passion for martial arts. Mr Quinlan has been training in one form of martial arts or another for over 28 years, and is a strong believer in the benefits that training can provide to everyone, especially children.

Student Profile

Bowing... In the martial arts there is a lot of bowing going on. People bow when they enter the school, they bow to each other a lot, they bow to the instructor, they bow before sparring. They seem to bow to everything but the tap at the sink. We often have a hard time understanding this because the bow is not used in this country and the last time it was really used heavily was during the dark days of slavery when slaves had to bow to their masters. In the orient the bow does not mean the same thing as it once did here. It doesn’t mean that one person is acknowledging the other as a superior or a master, even if that person is the Master of the school. Bowing, to the Japanese, Chinese and Koreans, is much the same as shaking hands here. It’s a sign of friendship, respect and mutual admiration, not subservience.

In the martial arts bowing is very important because it reminds us of the importance of what we are doing, and the need to always be aware and in control. When a student bows into the training hall he is saying that he has respect for the training that goes on there. He is also saying that he will do his best to uphold the honour of the school and to strive to be as good a student as he can be.

This is especially important before a sparring match because it reminds us that this is not a fight, but another aspect of training and that this person is not the enemy but a friend and fellow student. It helps one to be reminded of the need for restraint and control over techniques.

We awarded our first Little Champions Black Belt to Fraser Bytheway (pictured left). Three charity events where Premier Martial Arts has raised more than $25,000 towards Princess Margaret Hospital Ward 3b. Premier Academy in its short time has produced more than a few state and national champions. Our first competition was very well run with more than 100 competitors. BJJ classes expanded to twice weekly and are now open to all members.

Phoebe Rosato

Phoebe Rosato is currently aged 7 and started her Martial Arts training at the age of 4. She loved her training with the Little Champions and after her last grading recently has moved up into the junior class where her two big sisters Sarah and Megan Rosato are also training, while her mother Donna is in our fitness program. Phoebe is looking forward to getting her black belt and following in her sisters footsteps to one day be able to compete at national level. What a great family unity. Well done Phoebe, keep up the great training towards your goals.

What’s hot next year! Extra morning Fitness classes. We will be running Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Morning classes. New fitness area upstairs for adults (train while your kids train).

When students bow to the instructor at the beginning of the class, they are showing their respect for the Instructors years of training, his knowledge and his skill. When the teacher bows back he is doing more than acknowledging the student’s bow, he is also showing his respect for the students. Remember that a teacher was once a student himself and he knows full well how tough it is to be a beginner and to struggle up through the ranks.

New Fitness Circuit classes in the evenings.

Sparring Gear Check List All Yellow belts and above in the Junior Martial Arts and Freestyle Martial Arts programs are required to have a full set of sparring gear to take part in light-contact sparring and drills. This is an important safety concern and a requirement of our insurance company to maintain our coverage. The minimum gear required is:

Summer uniforms for all members including Little Champions and Juniors. Mini Gym upstairs to be opened in the first quarter of 2011. Taking our biggest team to the Nationals in 2011. Premier Academy Open Sparring Tournament in the first quarter of 2011.

When students bow to each other before training or sparring they are saying, “I will try my best to show you honour and respect, and not to injure you in any way”.

Little Champions and Junior Disco. 2011 Open Day Party – Saturday February 19th.

Freestyle Summer Uniforms now available! Singlets - $35 n T-Shirts - $40 n Polo Shirts - $40 n MMA Shorts - $55 COMING SOON: JUNIOR UNIFORMS 10TH DECEMBER

Where has the time gone!

Men’s & Women’s sizes available.


Mouth Guard Gloves properly fitted

Shin and Instep Guards

Groin Guard for all males 10+

If you do not have the full set of gear then you will not be allowed to take part in any contact drills. Green belts and above must spar in order to grade to their next belt level, so will not be allowed to grade without a full set of gear.

New programs for high school students – get credit towards secondary graduation for your training at Premier. Rewarding all our members with $50 voucher for anyone they recommend to our school.

18th December 2010 Last session for the year. School will be shut from this date until 4th January. 19th December 2010 End of year BBQ at Yanchep National Park. Premier Academy will provide food and drinks for all the members. Just bring your water guns and games for the day. 4th January 2011 School will re-open with its normal time table including the day classes for the Free School Holiday Program for members and friends. January 2011 Free School Holiday Program for Members and Friends. For the whole month of January, Premier Academy will be running specialized morning classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday where members can bring a mate along and have fun training together. 19th February 2011 Open Day School Party. Live bands, bouncy castles, sausage sizzle, face painting, and free intro classes. Celebrating another year at Premier Academy. 21st-25th February 2011 Parents and Buddy Week. All members can bring their Parents and Buddies to the class to share their experiences. 22nd, 23rd & 24th March 2011 Our first Grading in 2011.

Goals and Obstacles In our first Martial Arts lesson we learn how we should always set our goals high in order to achieve more. There are differences between goals and wishes! Write down your goals on a piece of paper and review your goals regularly, and this alone will turn your wishes into strong goals. The majority of people do set goals but unfortunately not too many people can achieve their goals, do you know why? To achieve any worthwhile goal you must first be aware of the challenges that you will encounter while reaching them. I call these challenges, obstacles. Whether we want it or not, obstacles are part of our daily life, and without them maybe life wouldn’t be exciting. You have two choices! 1. Deal with them in a positive way and look at them as your new challenges, or 2. Become negative and think of them as problems, making them a bigger challenge that you think they are and walk away from them. The difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person is not that the

successful person has more money or they are luckier, or that they are smarter, NO! The difference is how they deal with their challenges and how they achieve their goals by learning to overcome their obstacles. Setting out to be a Premier Martial Arts Black Belt is not without it’s challenges either, you must be aware and ready to deal with them in a positive way. For instance injury is a big challenge that we as Martial Artists must deal with. There are other challenges like moving from one country to another, not being financially secure, changing our priorities, loosing motivation, reaching a plateau and not seeing yourself progressing. These are all challenges that are made to be beaten. Goals are not usually at your reach; they are ahead of us - at the end of the road. How can we become an achiever if we don’t first learn how to overcome our challenges? Please remember that if you have any challenges and need any help with them, let us know, we will be glad to help and organize free private lessons.

End of Year BBQ! 19TH DECEMBER FROM 10.30AM - 1.00PM Yanchep National Park – Lakeview Picnic Area FOOD AND DRINKS SUPPLIED FOR MEMBERS! Enter off Wanneroo Road, turn left at the roundabout just after the Entry Station. There is an $11 entry fee per car for the National Park. Junior members must be accompanied by an adult. Bring your water pistols - no water balloons please!

Christmas Sale at Premier

20% Gloves Shin Guards Head Guards Mouth Guards

OFF ALL GEAR Groin Guards Junior Uniforms Freestyle Uniforms Singlets, T-shirts

MMA Shorts Mitts (boxing pads) Paddles & Shields Everything we stock


Be the first to come in - opens 9am-12pm Saturday and 3.30-7.30pm Monday

PREMIER MARTIAL ARTS AND FITNESS ACADEMY Tel: 9408 6305 n Unit 2, 43 Boranup Avenue Clarkson, WA 6030 or visit our website at n

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