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Issue No. 13 | January 2011

Premier’s Corporate Social Responsibility

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Editorial... From all of us at Premier, a very happy and prosperous new year to you! There’s considerable excitement from the Premier Journal editorial desk. It’s the first issue of the year and as always we’ve packed it with interesting news and updates. The beginning of the year is a great opportunity to take a look back at the previous year’s highlights. Our cover story on Premier’s Corporate Social Responsibility gives a definitive focus to the year gone by. Read about initiatives by Premier Ltd. to create a better place to live and work – for our employees, our community and our world in five arenas of the Arts, Culture, Education, Industry and Community upliftment. But the 2010 story doesn’t end there. We’ve been busy. Our presence at industry events, our innovations, our contribution to trade exhibitions, the list goes on. Premierites have done us proud in every conceivable sphere. It’s not just work and no play at Premier. Read our section on Human Resources & Industrial Relations and join us in congratulating our colleagues who have achieved much in the areas of music, sport and the arts. Of course, you will also enjoy reading about the suggestions some of our employees contributed to I Suggest (our suggestion scheme) which we’ve implemented and our training initiatives, especially for the women in our company. In the previous issue of the Premier Journal we introduced a column entitled ‘Employee in Focus’. Largely through nominations and our own investigation, this column introduces our readership to Premier employees who are making a difference both in and out of the workplace. This column received an overwhelming response this time around in terms of nominations submitted– it is always tough to narrow it down but this time we chose three employees (as opposed to just one) all from the Heavy Engineering team.

Our People... Brand building in a continuous process for all companies. Moreover, as a company, we are still widely associated with the automobile industry. What few realize is that Premier is more than Automobiles today. In our effort to communicate brand Premier (Machine Tools, Heavy Engineering and Automotive), our update on Premier’s media presence and strategy elaborates further. In yet another area of brand building, Premier has been pursued by numerous colleges and educational institutes to come share the Premier story with their students. This kicked off with a massive campus recruitment initiative last year and more recently, with the IIPM. Read more about it on page 13. In our section on divisional updates, we bring you a prelude to our presence at IMTEX 2011 (Asia’s largest Machine Tool exhibition) at Bangalore’s International Exhibition Centre – BIEC in January ’11. Our next issue will focus exclusively on this prestigious event. In our section on Automotive updates, we are thrilled to have articles, testimonials, firsthand accounts – all contributed by our young team members, customers, even our dealers. Read more about this on page 20. It’s always nice to receive positive feedback about our efforts to produce an informative and fun magazine to keep you updated with our goings on. On page 17 we thank our readers who have taken the time to write in and share this feedback with us. We would love to hear more feedback whether positive or constructive, to make our journal more vibrant, informative and useful to our readers. Do write into ericadesouza@premier.co.in and share your thoughts with me. Your input does matter greatly. Once again, here is wishing you a wonderful 2011. We look forward to sharing our journey throughout the year with you. Cheers Erica de Souza

Cover Story


Cover Story

Premier's Corporate Social Responsibility As Milton Friedman’s adage goes, “The business of business is business”. Over time, this view has drastically changed. In fact, if you look at the recent Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence held in January 2011, India Inc. is taking philanthropy to the next level, by integrating social issues into their business strategies. This highlights the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), not just as an act of benevolence, but to sustain the creation of wealth in the corporate context. “The size of endowments has changed remarkably

in 2010, making the world sit up and take notice,” says Pranab Mukherjee, Finance Minister (India). We, at Premier, have not only kept in line with this trend, but have also been ahead of our time in some aspects. Reflecting the vision of the Vinod Doshi group, Premier’s Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Maitreya Doshi, who is also managing trustee of the ‘Shri Lalchand Hirachand Premier Trust’, a public charity trust named after the eminent industrialist, the group donates over Rs 1 crore every year to support education, health and

Erica de Souza Head - Corporate Communications, Premier Ltd,

cultural activities. Premier Ltd does not contribute company funds towards the Trust’s corpus. The two activities are kept separate. While Premier’s focus is to create stakeholder value, our CSR initiatives focus on our people and of course, a greener planet (something that we all need to invest in today). Last year, saw several such initiatives from both the Trust and Premier Ltd. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to visit some of these milestones in the arenas of the Arts & Culture , Education, Industry and Community Welfare.

Industrial Intervention The IMTMA (Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association) Vinod Doshi Outstanding Entrepreneur in Machine Tools’ Award This award, instituted in memory of the late Mr Vinod Doshi, one of the founding fathers of IMTMA and the IMTEX tradebased exhibition, is given to someone who has shown an outstanding record of first generation entrepreneurship in building machine tool companies in India. This person is chosen by an awards committee constituted solely for this purpose, comprising eminent persons from the industry. On January 21, 2010, the first IMTMA – Vinod Doshi Outstanding

Entrepreneur Award was given to Mr Antony Rasquinha, Chairman, Electropneumatics & Hydraulics (India) Private Ltd. Pune. Once again, the Doshi family’s vision has been a fertile ground for talent and hard work to be recognised & appreciated. The award was presented on January 20, at IMTEX 2011. Look out for the special coverage of IMTEX 2011 in the next issue of the Premier Journal.

Mr. Antony Ransquinha receiving the ‘IMTMA- Vinod Doshi Outstanding Entrepreneur in Machine Tools’ Award from Dr. R. Chidambaram and Mr. Jamshyd Godrej

Premier participates in Corporate Social Responsibility - Industry Interaction •

On September 18, 2010, Ms Erica de Souza, Head - Corporate Communications, Premier Ltd, was a panelist at an industry interaction on the topic of “Corporate Social Responsibility”. Issues related to CSR were discussed and debated.

The event was organised by Bharati Vidyapeeth University’s Amplify Mindware – Department of Information Technology.

Erica de Souza a panelist at the Amplify Mindware CSR Industry Interaction

Here are some organizations that Premier supports through sponsorships

Confederation of Indian Industry


Cover Story

Social & Community Initiatives Premier Strides Towards a Greener Planet With the Indian Forest Conservation Ministry’s mounting concern on deforestation, the corporate world is opting for ‘greener’ alternatives in existing operations. Premier has contributed to this theme by: 1.


Adding more trees to the planet through its ‘Grow more Trees Campaign’. Taking the initiative to make the planet a greener place, Premier planted various tree saplings in Pune. The factory, itself, currently has around 1400 plants growing around its campus. Proactively switching over to environmentally friendly packaging of machinery, aligned with international packaging standards. Premier has pioneered the use of alternative resources in packaging heavy machinery. The traditional practice of using timber has been replaced with metal-based materials such as steel

and aluminum, after considering the pros and cons of the machine size, weight and taking into account the protective aspects of the material as well.

Go Green with Premier


Energy conservation is done by:

Continuously monitoring and maintaining our plant’s power factor to 1.00 (Unit) power on a daily basis

Clubbing air compression into a grid format, thereby saving 22000 KWH per month

Installing new energy efficient T5 lights and transparent sheets (for added natural light) in our vehicle assembly line

Educating our employees through on the job training to use electrical energy efficiently


As per MPCB requirement, the Company has installed the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and waste water is recycled and is used for our garden. Similarly we have also created a new Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) system for separation of waste oil & coolant & same water is again recycled for garden use.

Donate Blood- Save a Life Blood is a life saving fluid and is priceless. We, at Premier, organised our own blood donation drive on March 20, 2010 (the birthday of the late Shri Vinod Doshi, founder and former Chairman of Premier Ltd). The response was overwhelming and employees from across the company came forward to contribute towards saving lives. The drive yielded great results with 129 units of blood collected. This collection was then given to Sahyadri Hospital, Pune. Premier employees saving lives by being blood donors

Premier Culture: We are Family – A story which says it all While performing his duties on the shop floor, Mr Bhimrrao Munde, who was then a contractual work man at Premier, met with a very unfortunate accident. His hands got entangled in the machine he was working on, which led to profuse bleeding and ultimately the loss of his left hand. While accidents on the job are not desirable by any company, it is often a psychologically devastating experience for the patient as well as family and loved ones, who need support during such trying times.

“Premier is not just my organisation, it is my family” - M D Adhikari, President, Premier Ltd.

One such person who understands this better than anyone is Mr Adhikari, our President. “Premier isn’t just my organization, it’s my family” says Adhikari. Mr. Munde got immediate medical attention at the nearest hospital. Mr Adhikari, on behalf of Premier, was constantly there to support him and his family, not just monetarily, but also emotionally. Regular visits and constant communication with the doctor saw Mr Munde and his family through this ordeal.

Bhimrrao Munde Even more heartening was, that the company not only paid all his dues, but Today, Mr Munde is married, content and also gave him computer and soft-skills settled in his new life. He gives complete training and took him on as a permanent employee in the administration department. credit to Premier for having rehabilitated him.

Cover Story

CHIP (Children in Pain) Launched in 2004, CHIP Mumbai works to address the lack of quality education in schools for the underprivileged in Mumbai, through several social interventions. These include pre–primary Balwadis and primary after school programs (for example theatre, art programs, study classes, computer classes, among others). One such initiative, the ‘After School Program’ (ASP), run by CHIP, got our Trust’s attention. We were keen to be a part of the program that provides a safe and supportive environment for these children.

The program is supervised by adults and offers various growth enhancing opportunities that contributes to their holistic development. Premier supported the following in 2010: • A theater workshop for 60 children from the Oshiwara Municipal Schoo, aging 10 to 12 years. • Judo classes for 60 children aging 10 to 12 years. • A summer holiday camp • Weekly dance classes with the Shaimak Davar Victory Art foundation • A girl child’s empowerment program

CHIP participating in various activities.

Apne Aap Women's Collective (AAWC) Leena (named changed) has lived with being HIV + since birth. She had been going through relapses of herpes for over a year. Due to the bureaucratic red tapism of government hospitals, her treatment kept getting postponed. She is also the daughter of a prostitute mother, who works in Falkland Road area, Mumbai’s largest red light district. The Apne Aap Women’s Collective (AAWC) is an NGO working with brothelbased prostitutes and other marginalised women and their children in the Falkland Road area since 1998. The collective runs

two programs, for the children of women in brothel-based prostitution, called ‘Udaan’ (aimed at providing education, vocational skills, recreational activities, medical care, psychological counseling, nutritious meals and job placements to enable their all round development) and ‘Umaang’, a complete day care centre for toddlers between 2-6 years. The Shri Lalchand Hirachand Premier Trust has supported both these programs for the last three years. Through the Trust’s support, Apne Aap has been able to extend the hours and the scope of Umang

Apne Aap organizing a medical camp for the children

with noticeable improvement in toddlers’ health, fewer children suffering from skin diseases, lack of sleep, and stomach problems. Today, thanks to the empathy of the doctors associated with Apne Aap, Leena’s treatment is being done privately. She was one of our Umang beneficiaries, now she is going to school and is in the Udaan program. She is recovering and gaining weight. Her mother gets monthly groceries to feed her.

Growth through education



Cover Story

Art and Culture The Conservation Act Trust -tells the untold story of India’s forests The main objective of the Conservation Act Trust is to educate and enlighten decision makers and the public about the importance of forests for our survival. Following an original film ‘Inside India’s Forests – Seeing the Wood for its Trees’, which tells a story of protecting our environment, this subsequent film, funded by the Shri Lalchand Hirachand Premier Trust, shares the inconvenient truths about India’s forests.

The film is directed by Gurmeet Sapal, a New Delhi- based filmmaker, whose wildlife and environmental films have been sensitising viewers (especially children) since 1998 when he graduated from IIMC. His repertoire of films include “Leopards in the Lurch”, which won a special mention from the jury at Vatavaran in 2007 and his debut film, ‘Chasing Butterflies’ – a natural history film on the beauty of butterflies and

Gurmeet Sapal - Director their role in the ecosystem, which won the best film award at Vatavaran in 2002 & was shown to lakhs of children all over India. The film is projected to be launched around February 2011.

Encouraging Talent in Theatre through The Vinod Doshi Fellowship in Performing Arts

In 2009, I directed four plays and wrote two. I guess that’s what Vinod Doshi Fellowships of Sahitya Rangabhoomi Pratishthan can do to you…

Vinod Doshi Fellowship in Performing Arts - 2010-2011 Ms. Anita Date, Mr. Nipun Dharmadhikari, Mr. Dharmakirti Sumant, Ms. Puja Sarup, Mr. Shashank Shende accompanied by Dr. Sarayu Doshi Every year, in memory of the legendary Shri Vinod Doshi, the Trust, along with Sahitya Rangabhoomi Pratishthan, bestows the Vinod Doshi Fellowship in Performing Arts on five upcoming artists in the domain of Hindi and Marathi theatre. On February 28, 2010, a cash reward, of Rs 1 lakh per recipient, was awarded by Dr. Mrs Saryu Doshi, wife of Late Mr. Vinod Doshi who is a renowned art historian. The award amount helps meet the artistes’

monthly living expenses for a year, thereby freeing them to focus on their creative pursuits. Puja Sarup expresses her gratitude by saying, “I am a full- time theatre practitioner, living on my own in Mumbai. It is a very exciting and challenging life. Along with the satisfaction and joy of doing what I do, I also have my phases of self doubt, financial crunches and creativity blocks.

Unconditional support gives you a kind of positive responsibility to do your best and that is the amazing part of this fellowship. -Manav Kaul It was in one such self-doubting phase that I got to know about the Vinod Doshi Fellowship awards. It was the time when I was seriously thinking of putting theatre on hold for a little while. So for me, more than anything else the fellowship was a sign that I was on the right track and I have to patiently move forward, without giving up…”

Cover Story

2nd Annual Vinod Doshi Theatre Festival As a mark of respect to our founder Chairman, the late Shri Vinod Doshi, who was passionate about theatre, this annual theater festival has been sponsored by Premier Ltd. since 2009. The idea was we make Hindi and Marathi theatre experience accessible, to as many enthusiasts as possible. In 2010, the event was held over a period of 5 days, from March 22 - 26. The three Marathi plays and two Hindi plays selected for the event were showcased in Mumbai at the NCPA auditorium and Ravindra Natya Mandir auditorium and were repeated in Pune at Yashwantrao Natya Mandir auditorium. An overwhelming response was received for the event. The festival was open to the public at a very nominal fee. Look out for exclusive coverage on the 3rd Annual Vinod Doshi Theater Festival in the next issue of the Premier journal.

Geli Ekvis Varsha

Katkon Trikon

Director : Aalok Rajwade Writer : Dharmakirti Sumant

Director : Girish Joshi Writer : Dr. Vivek Bele

S*x, M*rality & Cens*rship Director : Sunil Shanbag Developed by : Shanta Gokhale and Iravati Karnik

Katyar Kaljat Ghusali Director : Ravindra Khare Writer : Purushottam Darvekar

Afsane: Bai Se Bioscope Tak Director : Akarsh Khurana Writer : Purva Naresh



Cover Story

Educational Initiatives College of Engineering, Pune - An Alliance with Premier Ltd. and Shri Lalchand Hirachand Premier Trust My father strongly believed in supporting technical education in India and wanted students to have high-quality facilities to improve their knowledge. - Mr Maitreya Doshi, Chairman, Premier Ltd & Managing Trustee

The Production Engineering Workshop was inaugurated on January 4, 2011 by Mrs. Supriya Sule, Lok Sabha MP, Baramati After an alliance which commenced several years ago, the Trust donated Rs 2 crore to the College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) to modernise and renovate their production engineering laboratory. The laboratory is named "Vinod Doshi Memorial Production Engineering Workshop", in memory of the late industrialist and the former chairman of Premier Automobiles Ltd., Mr. Vinod Doshi. Mr Maitreya Doshi, chairman of Premier Ltd and managing trustee said, “My father strongly believed in supporting technical education in India and wanted students to have high-quality facilities to improve their knowledge.”

The 138-year-old lab has been fully upgraded and equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines, some of which have been provided by Premier’s machine tool division.

Dignitaries at the Vinod Doshi Memorial Production Engineering Workshop

The COEP faculty and students are very excited about this new lab. According to Kanad Saha, third year mechanical engineering student,

“Earlier, we worked with German-made traditional lathes. But now we are able to work on CNC machines. We can now implement all the theories that we have learnt about CNC machines. Even the workshop environment has drastically improved after the renovation. Our workshop is now more in line with industry conventions.”

Earlier, we worked with German-made traditional lathes. But now we are able to work on CNC machines. We can now implement all the theories that we have learnt about CNC machines. Even the workshop environment has drastically improved after the renovation. Our workshop is now more in line with industry conventions now. - Kanad Saha, Third year mechanical engineering student

Cover Story

Dignitaries at the press conference

The laboratory was inaugurated on January 4, 2011. To grace this auspicious occasion was imminent Lok Sabha MP from Baramati, Mrs. Supriya Sule. Additionally, the Doshis have also instituted five annual scholarships called the Vinod Doshi COEP Merit Scholarships, for students with strong academic credentials, but severe financial need. Each scholarship, of Rs 2.5 lakh, covers the student’s entire tuition fee, lodging, boarding and course material required during the four-year degree program. The only condition is that they maintain their academic performance, failing which, the scholarship will be withdrawn. The students are selected by the COEP faculty and the Trust is not involved in the process. The recipients are offered a paid summer internship at Premier’s factory in Chinchwad for the four years at his/her option. “We get to manually work on various machines, which helps breathe life into the theories we learn in the classroom. The line managers are not only well-versed in the field, but also patiently supportive through our learning process,” says Anirudha Kulkarni, third year B.Tech

A word of appreciation by COEP to the Trust for the philanthropic deed

Production Engineering student, who also trained in the Machine Tool Division. On the successful completion of his/ her degree, the student is also guaranteed a job at Premier Ltd. The choice of accepting this offer, however, is left to the student with no obligation imposed by Premier or the trust. What’s more is that Premier also preempted the need to properly train the COEP faculty about the operation and functioning of these machines. To serve

the purpose, a training program was conducted at the factory for the production department staff, to impart detailed operational information of the new CNC technology. During the training in June 2010, they went through CNC programming, part programming, machining operations, maintenance of machines, safety measures and new concepts in engineering.

COEP Engineering Graduates express their gratitude to Premier Ltd.

Abhinav Kshirsagar, Trainee Engineer -Automotive, R&D

Premier is the best company for engineers like us to start with, as it provides us opportunities to explore and implement new ideas at work. The I Suggest scheme of Premier is very useful for young engineers like us.

Premier is an ocean of knowledge for me. The best thing I like about it is the comfortable working environment that I have got being a girl. I am lucky to be associated with Premier.

Sushma Kedare Trainee Engineer - Machine Tool Division, Materials



Cover Story

The Vinod Doshi Educational Scholarship - A Step Forward On the occasion of the visionary Vinod Doshi’s 75th birthday, 20th March 2007, an educational scholarship scheme entitled the ‘Vinod Doshi Educational Scholarship (VDES)’ commenced. According to this scholarship, every year 10 needy and deserving children of Premier employees are aided with a sum of Rs. 75000 each to pursue their future education. As the tradition follows, this year 7 children were awarded the VDES scholarship at the factory premises by Mrs. Supriya Sule

(Member of the Parliament). These students were selected by a special committee, taking into consideration various criteria. Awarded to 7 Students in 2010 -11 Jabir A. Kazi Sarfraz A. Shaikh Vinay V. Hiwarkar Komal K.Rane Sachin D. Waghmode Sayali S. Jadhav Madhuri D.Pawar

Shri Lalchand Hirachand Premier Trust presents scholarships in association with the American Alumni Association Shri Lalchand Hirachand Premier Scholarships provide opportunities to talented young people from economically weaker sections of India, to further educate themselves so that

they might make a difference to their society and country. Scholarships of Rs. 1 lac each were awarded to 5 meritorious students for further studies in the U.S.

The following are the meritorious students who have received the scholarship. Anant Bhardwaj - Stanford University Kaustabh Jadhav - University of Southern California Akshay Mote - Michigan Tech University Saudamani Dabak - John Hopkins University Delma D'Silva - University of Pittsburgh

Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth is an educational charitable Trust founded by H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of The Art of Living Foundation, to provide holistic value-based education to the underprivileged children. The school project that was initiated with 30 students in 1981 r future th r a bette fo e p o h A ray of ct ile’ proje ‘Gift a Sm

today provides education to over 13,700 children in 121 schools from 17 states of India. 95% of these children are first generation literates and the school has a 0% drop out rate. The school facilities, which are given free to children includes books, uniform, mid-day meal and

e rough th

transport, among other things. Shri Lalchand Hirachand Premier Trust is a part of the donor family that facilitates in educating some of the children through the “Gift a Smile” donation project. This contribution is used to give formal education to the children.

Healthy mind- Healthy body

Unleashing talent at Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth

Send us your feedback about our Corporate Social Responsibility to Ms. Erica de Souza, Head - Corporate Communication at ericadesouza@premier.co.in. We look forward to your comments.

In Every Issue - News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Premier ties up with CII as a silver sponsor for the 9th Manufacturing Summit

The Manufacturing Summit 2010, the 9th edition of CII's Flagship Event for the Indian manufacturing sector The 9th CII Manufacturing Summit was held at Hyatt Regency, Pune on November 26 and 27, 2010. The theme of the Summit, put simply was – “Re-inventing the Indian Manufacturing Advantage."

Premier Ltd as always, was a silver sponsor at the event. Our CMD, Mr Maitreya Doshi, chaired one of the plenary sessions on the theme ‘Backward Integration with Natural Resource,

Forward Integration with Knowledge”. The event was attended by noted dignitaries of the industry such as Mr Godrej, CMD of Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd, Mr Naushad Forbes among others.

Premier with the Press Premier Ltd, as a company, is still widely known for its automobile business. People still associate Premier Ltd with the Premier Padmini. This is where we felt the need for an organised communication effort for brand Premier Ltd, to highlight the fact that Premier is also a conglomerate and there is much more to talk about. This led us to explore our communication potential. The first phase started with lining up one-onone interactions of Mr Doshi with key

business and marketing publications to give them an understanding of Premier's various verticals. The next platform was the inauguration of the Vinod Doshi Memorial Production Engineering Workshop at COEP in Pune, which also brought local Pune media to the event. Permier also has been in the press with its presence at IMTEX, which will be part of our feature highlight of the next journal issue.

SIAM - 50th Anniversary Celebration Late Shri Lalchand Hirachand, President, 1960

The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) was conceived by the prominent industrialist and our founder, the late Shri Lalchand Hirachand. On the occasion of the 50th Annual SIAM convention, which commenced on August 26, 2010 at the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi, a tribute was paid to this visionary for his contribution towards SIAM.



In Every Issue - News You Can Use

Premier Rocks Mindspark (college fest) - as official engineering partner As pe r the law o conse f rvatio n of e energ nergy yc , create an neither b d nor destro e only g yed. I et t one fo s converte d from rm to anoth very i e mpor tant fo r. It is study r us to the va rious conve energ rsi y CONT ons. RAPT ION

On October 8, 9 and 10, 2010, the bond between Premier Ltd. and the College of Engineering Pune only became stronger, through a very special association, where people from both the organisations came together to make this year’s technical fest, Mindspark, a very successful and memorable event.

Like every year, this year too the College of Engineering, Pune organised their very famous technical festival, in which Premier also played a key role by sponsoring some major events.

expression. It provides an arena for the best engineering minds from all over the country to bring to life their innovative ideas. Premier this year sponsored three events in the program namely:

Contraption Contest: "Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems available, they will create their own problems.� Contraption was an event for all those engineering enthusiasts, who have a high amount of innovation. The objective of the workshop was to understand and study the importance of forms of energy conversions and create awareness about the importance of energy today. The judge for this event was Mr P A Pradhan, senior manager (design machine tool division).

The aim of this event was to design a pick and place arrangement for a gear hobbing machine for the given component, with loading and unloading time and calculations to increase productivity. This contest was judged by Mr A P Toraskar, AGM (design & development- machine tool division) and Mr V R Kothari, AGM (application - machine tool division). A Premier stall was also set up displaying products and brochures from all our three businesses. A RiO SUV was on display and attracted many enthusiastic students.

CNC Lathe Workshop:

MindSpark, now in its fourth successive year is the brainchild of the students of College of Engineering, Pune. MindSpark encourages the generation of new thoughts and helps these thoughts find

Premier Ultimate Design Contest:

This workshop started with a general introduction and brief description about CNC Lathe. Hands-on experience on CNC horizontal lathes was also provided to the students. Mr B B Gawas, manager (application-machine tool division) was nominated as a workshop presenter.

In Every Issue - News You Can Use

Our team at Mindspark

pment n & Develo ig s e D r e l Manag e audience shi, Genera ressing th d d a Mr. S.D. Jo ) n io Tool Divis (Machine

Youth at the Premier Stall erience e RiO Exp Enjoying th

Mindspark 2010 - A photo collage



In Every Issue - HR / IR Update

HR - Training Update Inhouse Training



Training is seen as an integral part of the organisation. We are in the process of shifting from a training mode to learning and development mode. We dedicated over 500 man hours to training and empowering our employees from Jan 2010 to Dec 2010.

Quality Control and Non Destructive Testing: A technical training was conducted by Mr S H Dhamdhere to create awareness about quality control and NDT.

International Financial Reporting Standards: This training was jointly attended by the finance teams from the corporate office and the factory.

Average Trg Man days in the year

300 206


190 75





Average Trg Man days 2010

0 2009


Training tripled in 2010 compared to 2009

Internal Trgs.

External Trgs.

Focus on Internal Training in 2010

Women’s Empowermentmaximising your potential:

Non Destructive Testing Awareness Training:

With the increasing number of women employees in the organization, it was felt that the women employees should be groomed in various areas. This objective was achieved with the help of a training conducted by Ms. Ashika Mehta.

On September 9, 2010 an external faculty was invited to train some of our employees from the heavy engineering division on awareness of non destructive testing.

Reconnect Session of Art of Living: Two reconnect sessions, for the Art of Living program were conducted by the Apex Foundation.

Telephone and Email Etiquette: A workshop was organised for the employees at the corporate office to polish their telephone and email skills. This workshop was conducted by Vinsys Corporation.

Planning Functions: The faculty for this program was Mrs. M S Sudumbrekar, AGM (Design-MTD & Systems). Twelve employees from the planning department were trained.

It was felt necessary that the new trainees should be inducted with trainings on SAP, Finance and Safety.

Basics of Hydraulics:

External Training Some training organised by the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) and attended by Premier employees were:

Others external training programmes were:

• Spearheading a Productivity Movement in Metal Working Productivity Summit 2010.

• Competency Mapping (HR)

• Idle Time Reduction in Metal working through quick Changeover Techniques.

Average Trg Man days 2009


Induction Training on SAP, Finance for Non-Finance and Safety - First Aid:

• Right Selection and Application of Tooling for CNC Lathes.




• Exclusive Conference for Secretaries, Administrative Professionals and Executive Assistants (Secretarial)

A technical training was organised for the Machine Tools & Heavy Engineering Division.

In Every Issue - HR / IR Update

Vivekanand Education Society's Polytechnic visits Premier's Plant at Chinchwad, Pune On September 14 & 17, 2010 the third year students of Vivekanand Education Society's Polytechnic- Mumbai, who are specialising in industrial electronics visited the factory as part of an Industrial project. They were taken around the factory and were explained processes and technical details at the shop, exposing them to a true manufacturing set up. The students were enthusiastic and excited about the technology used by Premier. Testimonials given by the institute and the students helped us define their experience with us. “The cooperation extended by every member on the shop floor was highly appreciable. The visit motivated students to think and apply their knowledge practically.”- Mr V B Joshi (Principal Vivekanand Education Society Polytechnic).

The visit was organised in a thoroughly professional manner and it proved a real time experience, which converted our imagination into a realisation… Even Mr Adhikari’s closing message stood as a milestone for us. – Ms. Zalak Dave (daughter of Mr. Pradeep Dave- Sr. Manager Premier Ltd.) and Mr. Abhijit Mali (HOD- Industrial Electronics, respectively.)

Institute of Packaging Management (IIPM) meets Premier On October 15, 2010 Ms Erica de Souza, Head - Corporate Communications, visited Indian Institute of Packaging Management (IIPM), a management institute in Mumbai. The institute is known for its renowned association with prestigious institutes such as University of Virginia, Mc Combs School of Business and Cornell University- ILR School.

Ms. Erica de Souza interacting with the IIPM students

The objective of the talk was to orient management students with the rich heritage of Premier Ltd. and its journey ahead. The session was an interactive one with participation from the students.

The Transformed Premier Woman Women employees at Premier now have a third uniform option. Recognising recruitment trends of attracting more women to the workforce, the management decided to get a makeover for ladies’ uniforms as well. Both the popular current options still prevail i.e. the Premier saree and Premier salwar khameez and now we have a another option as well. We were keen to design an outfit which was smart, comfortable and in keeping with the Premier corporate colours. This led to the introduction of the new ladies western wear, a shirt and a formal trouser in a beige and blue combination. A blue scarf around the neck completes the look.

The new Premier ladies uniform



In Every Issue - HR / IR Update

Khandenavmi Day Celebration

Like every year, in 2010 Khande Navmi was celebrated with great zest and enthusiasm in the factory on the 16th of October, 2010. On this occasion, all the employees were presented with sweet boxes and all the divisions performed a puja in their departments. The entire factory was decorated beautifully by the employees with flowers, rangolis and candles. All at Premier celebrated the festival together, as a family. To add to the joy, performance rewards were awarded at the factory to recognised workers from all the divisions. A total of 32 workers were awarded for their excellent performances. The awards were presented by the divisional heads, as well as by the President. Everyone gathered together to cheer and congratulate the winners. In the end, Mr Adhikari (President) congratulated all the winners and also said a few words to appreciate and motivate all the employees. The day ended and all went home with smiling faces and wished each other a very happy and prosperous Dassehara! See next page for coverage on this topic.

{d{dY H$m`©H´$_ßm_‹`o ^mJ Ko `mgmR>r H$_©MmË`mßZm CŒmoOZ {Xbo OmVo. Ogo {d{dY Ioi, ^OZ B. _hmamÔ¥ > H$m_Jma H$Î`mU _ß S >imV\} $ Am`mo{OV Ho$boÎ`m nwÍ$f H$m_Jma ^OZr ÒnYm© JwÍ$dma {X. 07.10.2010 amoOr nma nS>Î`m. Hß $ nZr¿`m ^OZr _ß S >imbm `m ÒnY} _ ‹`o CÀH• $ Ô> Vmb gß M ZmMo {¤Vr` nm[aVmo { fH$ {_imbo . ^OZr _ß S >im_‹`o Imbrb H$_©MmË`mßMm gh^mJ hmoVm. lr. EM. E. H$m|S>miH$a, nIdmO dmXH$

Am°⁄mo{JH$ {H´$S>m gßKQ>Zo_m\©$V ""~w{’~i ÒnYm©'' {X. 23.11.2010 Vo 28.11.2010 `m H$mbmdYrV Am`mo{OV H$a `mV Ambobr hmoVr. À`m_‹`o _{eZ Qw>b {d^mJmVrb Amnbo EH$ H$_©Mmar lr. Eg. Eg. bmohma `mßZr ÒnY}_‹`o ^mJ KoVbm hmoVm. Am°⁄mo{JH$ {H´$S>m gßKQ>Zo_m\©$V H∞$a_ ÒnYm© {X. 07.12.2010 d 08.12.2010 amoOr Am`mo{OV H$a `mV AmÎ`m hmoÀ`m. À`m_‹`o AmnÎ`m Hß$nZrVrb nwT>rb H$_©Mmar gh^mJr Pmbo hmoVo.

lr. E_. EM. H$mQ>H$a, Jm`H$ lr. Oo. Eg. Amdbo, Jm`H$ lr. Eg. E_. nmQ>Uo, ghJm`H$ - VmbgßMZ lr. E_. Ho$$ . ^mogbo, ghJm`H$ lr. E. nr. ^moB©Q>o, ghJm`H$ lr. Eg. E_. {X{jV, ghJm`H$ lr. E_. S>r. gnH$mi, ghJm`H$ lr. Ho$. EM. Jm`H$dmS>, ghJm`H$

lr. Oo. Eg. Amdbo, _{eZ Qw>b {d^mJ

lr. Eg. Or. gw`©dßer, ghJm`H$

lr. Eg. S>r. {dMmao, _{eZ Qw>b {d^mJ

lr. Ama. EZ. Yw_mi, ghJm`H$

lr. E_. S>r. gnH$mi, _{eZ Qw>b {d^mJ

lr.Eg. Q>r. ndma Jm`H$, noQ>rdmXH$

lr. Eg. Ïhr. S>oao, Am∞Q>mo_moQ>rÏh {d^mJ

In Every Issue - HR / IR Update


CËH¥$ï> H$m`©Hw$ebVm nwañH$ma 2009 - 2010

_{eZ Qy>Îg MH´$Zmam`U Eg. ~r. EoaqeJo dr. ~r. nImbo nr. Eg. OmYd Eg. E_. ~ZH$a ~r. Eg. ^mogbo Eg. S>r. H$mimoIo Or. ~r. JmS>o Ïhr. E. § {ZdSrH$a gr. S>r.

bmoIßS>o Eg. E. R>mH$ao Eg. Eg. gmidr Eg. ~r. H$m|S>miH$a EM. E. _mido E_. Eg. Amh˛Om Ho$. Or. R>mH$ao E. S>r. ª`mS>o gr. ~r. _mJmS>o EZ. ~r.

hodr BßOr{Z`[a®J IoS>oH$a E_. Eb. hJdUo nr. Or. H$moioH$a Eg. Ïhr.

nmQ>rb Or. Ho$. gmoZdb S>r. ~r. _moao Eg. E.

Am∞Q>mo_moQ>rÏh ImßS>oH$a ~r. ~r. {eagmR> Ama. nr. OmYd Oo. ~r. JdmUH$a Ho$. Or.

Xogbo S>r. Ama. qeXo ~r. ~r. ~»>r EZ. E_.

H$m∞_Z g{Ïh©gog {nÎb° Oo. S>r.

CËH¥$ï> H$m`©Hw$ebVm nwañH$ma gmohim

A∞dm∞S>© {dOoVo H$_©Mmar

Oo H$_©Mmar Amnmnë`m H$m`©joÌm_Ü`o H$m`©Hw$eb AgyZ Ë`m§Mm {eñV~ÜXnUm, Ë`m§À`mVrb {Z`{_VnUm dmImUÊ`mOmoJm AgyZ Ë`m§Zr Amnë`m H$m`©Hw$ebVoZo A{YH$m{YH$ O~m~Xmè`m A§Jmda KoD$Z nma nmS>ë`m AmhoV Aem 14 H$_©Mmè`m§Zm 2009 - 2010 `m gmbmgmR>r CËH¥$ï> H$m`©Hw$ebVm nwañH$mamZo gÝ_m{ZV H$aÊ`mMo ì`dñWmnZmZo R>a{dbo d Ë`m§Zm hm nwañH$ma àXmZ H$aÊ`mMm g_ma§^ gd© H$_©Mmè`m§À`m CnpñWVrV d AË`§V CËgmhmÀ`m dmVmdaUmV {X.16.10.2010 amoOr g§nÞ Pmbm.


In Every Issue - Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard Automotive

Mr. S. S. Ambe Asst. General Manager (Operations)

Mr. Manoj Sharma Sr. Manager (Service)

Mr. C. B. Kale Sr. Manager (SUV - Sales - West)

Mr. K. R. Lokhande Manager (Engg.)

Mr. N. Bhaskaran Nair Asst. Manager (Retail - South)

Mr. N. K. Shinde Executive (Technician)

Mr. S. E. Patil Executive (Techinician)

Mr. R. N. Bansode Executive (Sales)

Mr. S. M. Thatte Executive (Q. A.)

Mr. V. B. Hasewad Executive (Service)

Mr. Bhatia Jaspal Singh Asst. Manager (Sales-North India)

Mr. S. A. Daunde Executive (Techinician)

Mr. M. P. Magdum Executive (Techinician)

Mr. D. S. Patil Executive (Technician)

Heavy Engineering Mr. B. D. Sathe Manager (Production)

Mr. S. C. Koshti Manager (Maintenance)

Mr. S. R. Salunkhe Executive (Materials)

Mr. A. Y. Somkuwar Executive (Production)

Mr. M. I. Jadhav Executive (Production)

Mr. U. M. Kharge Executive (Production)

Mr. A. D. Ligade Executive (Fabrication)

Mr. B. S. Bandichhode Executive (Technician)

Mr. S. B. Bodankar Executive (Technician)

Mr. D. L. Sarak Executive (Technician)

Mr. A. S. Wadar Executive (Technician)

Mr. S. S. Salunkhe Executive (Technician)

Mr. B. T. Panchal Executive (Technician)

Mr. L. R. Mugale Executive (Technician)

Mr. P. G. Karnekar Executive (Technician)

Mr. V. R. Patil Executive (Purchase)

Mr. R. H. Bachate Executive (Maintenance)

Mr.G. C. Takawale Executive (Q. A.- NDT)

Ms. P. B. Visapure Executive (Accounts)

Mr. M. R. Patil Executive (Accounts)

Mr. A. B. Godase Executive (Security)

Common Services Mr. A. M. Bhonsle Head (H.R. & I.R.)

Ms. S. B. Shroff Asst. Manager (Training)

Ms. Valerie Vaz Assistant Manager (Corporate)

Mr. O. R. Kulkarni Executive (H. R.)

Ms. A. A. Bandekar Executive (Administration)

Mr. S. N. Kelkar Executive (Accounts)

In Every Issue - Welcome Aboard

Machine Tools

Mr. P. A. Pradhan SR. Manager (Design)

Mr. R. D. Rode Sr. Manager (Machine Shop)

Mr. P. Kalaimani Asst. Manager (Sales)

Mr. P. D. Modi Asst. Manager (Design)

Mr. W. Christopher Arulanand Manager (Assembly)

Mr. S. M. Sawant Executive (Technician)

Mr. S. P. Nirmal Executive (Techinician)

Mr. T. P. Chavan Executive (Technician)

Mr. S. Y. Shinde Executive (Technician)

Mr. V. V. Pawar Executive (Technician)

Mr. M. M. Gund Executive (Production)

Mr. S. P. Sakalkar Executive (PPC)

Mr. P. M. Chougule Executive (Technician)

Mr. M. Niranjan Executive (Design)

Mr. C. S. Kulkarni Executive (Design)

Mr. M. J. Kazi Executive (Materials)

Ms. K. A. Salunkhe Executive (Materials)

Mr. A. A. Chavan Executive (Vendor Developement)

Mr. B. D. Damle Executive (Q. A.)

Mr. S. S. Chavan Executive (Q.A.)

Mr. S. G. Jadhav Mr. V. B. Kalmegh Mr. M. B. Patil Executive Executive Executive (Production Technician) (Electrical Maintenance) (Tool Room / Tool Crib)

Mr. Vikas Sharma Executive (Service )

Mr. N. G. Padasalkar Executive (Prod. Technician)

Premier Journal Feedback

Mr. D. S. Jadhav Executive (Technician)

Mr. R. A. Patil Executive (Technician)

Mr. G. T. Ghodekar Executive (Design)

Mr. S. N. Nadarge Executive (Purchase)

Mr. S. K. Shivarkar Executive (Technician)

Mr. P. S. Wankhade Executive (Technician)

Mr. M. J. Uttekar Executive (Design)

Mr. Naresh Kumar Executive (Service)

Mr. S. J. Patil Executive (Technician)

Mr. S. D. Deore Executive (Technician)

Mr. S. V. Kolhe Executive (Production)

Mr. Swain Saroj Kumar Executive (Production)

Mr. G. J. Nandish Executive (Design)

Mr. V. A. Pachapur Executive (Design)

Ms. N. S. Badekar Executive (Production Planning)

Mr. B. V. Biradar Executive (Production Technician)

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Divisional Updates - Machine Tools

Machine Tool Division Going Digital e-catalogue: Gear Shaping Operation

The 15th Indian Metal Cutting Machine Tool Exhibition is a well-organised event by the Indian Machine Tool Manufactures' Association (IMTMA). This event, commencing on January 20, 2011 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), witnessed the launch of the new Machine Tool e-catalogue. Keeping pace with changing industry trends, the digital catalogue was created for the Machine Tool division and was launched at the mega event of IMTEX 2011. To support the environment and and at the same time give all the benefits of print media to our customers we developed an exhaustive digital catalogue, with all the relevant information that customers desire.

complete machining solutions

Look out for our exclusive coverage of IMTEX 2011 in the next issue of the Premier journal.

IMTEX 2011 During IMTEX, exhibitors showcase their machines and technology. This magnificent event is witnessed by technocrats, businessmen, entrepreneurs, government delegates and important decision makers of the industry.

Premier Ltd. is the Indian representative for these Itallian Machine brands.






Range of "Cylindrical Grinding Machines"

Surface Wheel Lathes, Under Floor Wheel Lathe

Horizontal Boring Machines and Shearing Presses

Coil Processing Equipments

CNC Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathes

Divisional Updates - Machine Tools

PVM40 Vertical Machining Center

Mr. Shivaram Y. A AGM - Design (Machine Tool Division)

The new generation PVM40 VMC’s offers a Machining Zone of 610 x 460 x 510mm. Some of its key features are: • PVM 40 Vertical machining center has been designed for yielding high speed, high precision and excellent stability on production of large work piece with Z-axis stroke of 510mm.

• To perform all required operations on components, machines are built with High performance tool magazine of capacity 20 / 24 tools with auto tool changing time of 2.5 Sec.4

• High end performance is ensured by using stress relieved rigid cast iron ribbed structures for machine base, spindle head, column, cross slide and table. The well balanced machine cast structures provides dynamic stability and performance.

• The machine is operator friendly and compatible with Siemens 802D SL Pro CNC system panel designed considering the TPM concept.

• These machines are equipped with Precision Hardened, Ground Ball Screws and Linear Motion Guideways for excellent positional accuracy and repeatability. Rapid traverse rate of 32000 mm/min for X, Y & Z axis and Feed Rate upto 10000 mm/min with absolute Encoder.

• Chip conveyor system to have efficient swarf disposal is placed in front of the machine guard to collect chips directly from the machining zone • PVM 40 is designed considering compact foot print, better ergonomics and is environment friendly.


• For accurate, cost effective & high speed machining, PVM40 has a balanced spindle with a set of Precision Angular Contact Bearings grease lubricated for life. • To secure better machining parameters, the machines are equipped with a direct drive BT-40, 10000 RPM cartridge type spindle assembly with oil chilling unit and high pressure coolant through tool facility.

Information on Gear Shaver PSS 300- A New Developed Machine by

Mr. S. N. Pradeep Prasad AGM –Design, Machine Tool Division, Bengaluru

Premier’s PSS 300 Gear shaving is the first fully indigenous Gear Shaving machine developed with a rich, traditional gear cutting technology experience. PSS 300 has a compact design, is rigid and simple to construct. This allows easy setup, makes its operations and maintenance simple. Some of its key features are as follows: • PSS shaver can easily shave the gears up to module 5 with gear tooth width upto max mm100 (DIAGONAL/ PARALLEL CYCLE)*with diagonal/ parallel shaving which makes PSS 300 as the best choice for shaving of automotive gears/shafts, synchro gears, motor cycle gears and pump gears etc. • PSS Shaver can perform shaving cycles such as conventional, diagonal, diagonal with crowing/tapering, underpass and plunge shaving.

• The plunge shaving cycles up to module 3 can shave a gear upto 40mm. The special menu driven program generates the required shaving cycles just by inputting the work piece and tool data making the set up more simple. • Due to the machines stringent geometrical characteristics and the heavy duty cutter head design, the machine can produce the required shaving quality class of gears. • The indigenous construction of the machine makes the cost more economical.

Both these machines were featured at IMTEX 2011

PSS 300



Divisional Updates - Automotive

Automotive Division

New Dealerships

RREMIE B. D. P dhar Jalan

Mr. R akes at B h Mehta D Pr emie stand b yt r –Ja land he RiO har

GIRIJA M OTORS Auranga bad

Com m deal encing ersh ip at Girija M ot Aura ngab ors a d.


ier h Prem s n a V va encing Comm lership at Re a e d

A tribute to Premier by Madan Motors - A RiO Dealer Speaks “We are glad at the re-entry of the pioneers of the Indian automobile industry. Premier gives us immense pride standing amongst the various foreign companies present in the Indian market. With its re-entry in the market with one of its best products, RiO, it is soon going to become a benchmark for many existing and new companies of the auto industry. RiO, is not just a new car, it’s a new segment all together. It’s hard to understand, how Premier easily manages to retain its sensitivity to the Indian needs, with no compromise to the international standards. It would not be wrong if I conclude by saying, "THE REVOLUTION BEGINS!!!!" Chetan Lamba Madan Motors, Mumbai

Mr. Rakesh Mehta and Mr. Chetan Lamba present the Rio at Madan Motors

Divisional Updates - Automotive

A pooja was conducted on July 14, 2010 to inaugurate the new conveyerised assembly line that has been set up for the automotive business.

Team Automotive Speaks I joined Premier Ltd in July, 2010, as a management trainee and am thoroughly enjoying my training period. In addition to the friendly environment in the company, we get good exposure of the corporate world, which is really appreciated. Seniors and top management in this company are very approachable, which keeps me motivated to work. For me, it is a pleasure working here, because I am growing both personally and professionally. - Prachi Kothari, Management Trainee (Marketing)

I have been working in Premier’s marketing department since four months. I receive a lot of support and motivation from my superiors, which helps me enhance my skills. Premier is a renowned company, with an inspiring work culture. It is a pride to be a part of Premier Ltd. - Raymond Gomes Management Trainee (Marketing)

I joined Premier only six months ago, as a management trainee in the automotive division marketing team, but I feel as if I have been working here for several years. The work environment is great at Premier and the support that I have received from my seniors is unbelievable. The product RiO is unique and is being manufactured with state-ofthe-art technology by capable, efficient and experienced people. This experience will definitely help me grow and enhance my career today and in the years to come. - Nidhi Singh Management Trainee (Marketing)

amoS>ÒQ>ma ‡_mUnÃ

godm _|, lr_mZ b˙_r ‡r{_`a _moQ>a Hß$., gßJÍ$a

Proud owner of Premier Roadstar

{df`:- JmãS>r MbmZo go gß~ß{YV ! lr_mZOr g{dZ` {ZdoXZ h° {H$ _¢ {H$eZbmb gwnwà lr OrVam_ ~r-9-559 _mohÎbm _moOoH$m {ZH$Q> nwamZr H$Mhar H$m dmgr AmnH$s ‡r{_`a JmãS>r amoS>ÒQ>ma 1 _hrZo go Mbm ahm hˇß. dOZ CR>m H$a ^r XoIm JmãS>r _| {H$gr {H$Ò_ H$s H$moB© H$_r Zht h°. Bg JmãS>r H$s _mBboO 17 {H$_r. ‡{V {bQ>a Ho$ {hgm~ go Mb ahr h°. _¢ {H$eZbmb `h JmãS>r boH$a ~h˛V Iwe hˇß {OgH$m {H$ _¢ ~`mZ Zht H$a gH$Vm ! {H$eZbmb {H$eZbmb gwnwà lr OrVam_ ~r-9-559, _mohÎbm _moOoH$m {ZH$Q> nwamZr H$Mhar,gwZm_ (gßJÍ$a)



Divisional Updates - Heavy Engineering

Heavy Engineering Division

Premier’s heavy engineering team participates in the “Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition (DIREC) 2010: In October 2010, Mr Nagraj from our heavy engineering division participated in DIREC, an international exhibition and expo by the Government of India. The objective of the event was - “Up scaling and main streaming of renewable energy, security, climate change and economic development”. DIREC 2010 was a meeting, wherein senior executives, legislative branches of the government, national and international level organisations, the civil society, the finance and business community came together to discuss opportunities to advance the integration of renewable energy. The conference enhanced Premier’s international business opportunity and was also a great learning experience for the participants.

The President, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil lighting the lamp to inaugurate the Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference (DIREC) 2010, organised by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, in New Delhi on October 26, 2010. The Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah and the Union Power Minister, Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde were also present.

Employees in Focus -Special focus on Heavy Engineering employees in this issue The popular adage, “Education and learning has no bounds” has been very rightly proved by our very own Mr Nagraj Kuntoji (AGM-heavy engineering division). A man with a true spirit to improve in life through learning has just been felicitated with a post-graduate certification in Engineering Business Management by the prestigious University of Warwick. He has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a diploma in Business Management. Starting his career as trainee engineer with a vision and desire to reach the top, Nagraj displayed his capabilities through his hard work and continuous quest for knowledge. He continued working and simultaneously pursued a post-graduation degree in Engineering Business Management through distance education, all this while managing a career and family. But all work and no play isn’t his motto – he is also a sports enthusiast and plays cricket and volley ball at the district level.

Nagraj Kuntoji Project and Application Engineer, Heavy Engineering Division

Way to go Nagraj!

Divisional Updates - Heavy Engineering

Mangesh Salve, a graduate from the College of Engineering Pune and now a trainee engineer with our heavy engineering division at Premier, has been working with us since June 2010. A multi-talented youngster, who with his dedication to work, happy-go lucky nature and politeness has won the hearts of many in the company. Mangesh has several great qualities that he is known for, but something that many don’t know about him is that he is a wonderful artist. In a brief interview with him, he agreed (with great enthusiasm) to show us his paintings and sketches. For someone who hasn’t had any formal training in art, his work left us completely awe struck. His paintings convey a sense of joy in being alive and realistic. Premier is really proud to have Mangesh as part of our team and we encourage him to keep on painting.

Mangesh R Salve Project and Application Engineer Heavy Engineering Division

JauMja duQa-r AajaaraSaIººº 2004 saalaI ‡r{_`a maQyao ei@Ja@yauTIvh yaa pdavar $jau Jaalao. 2007 maQyao Chronic Inflamatory Demylanating Polyneuropathy

Aajaaranao %yaaMnaa ga`asalaoº puZo %yaaMnaI iDsaoMbar 2006 to foba`uvaarI 2007 yaakalaavaQaIt Anaok t& Da^@TraMkrvaI AaOYaQaaopcaar k$na Gaotlaoº prMtu AaOYaQaaopcaaracaa ]pyaaoga na haota nausataca pOsaa Kca- haot haota AaiNa Aajaar jaastca baLavat caalalaa haotaº puNao yaoqaIla maanyavar t& Da^@TraMcyaa salyaanausaar naamaaMikt ha^ispTlamaQyao AaMtr\$gNa mhNaUna BartI hao}na %yaaMnaI inarinaraLo AaOYaQaaopcaar k$na Gaotlaoº yaap`saMgaI %yaaMnaa kMpnaItfo- GaoNyaat Aalaolyaa ma^iD@laoma pa^ilasaImaQaUna baraca Aaiqa-k fayada Jaalaaº prMtu Aajaaravar yaaogya tao [laaja saapDt navhtaº eka t& Da^@TraMnaI saaMigatlao kI yaa Aajaaravar jagaat AaOYaQa naahI prMtu ijavaMt rahNyaasaazI drmaha $pyao pnnaasa hjaaracaI

[Mjao@Sansa GyaavaI laagatIlaº Aqaa-tca saamaanyaaMnaa ha Kca- prvaDNao Sa@yaca naahIº td\naMtr puNyaatIla eka gavhrmaoMT ha^ispTlamaQyao to AaMtr\$gNa mhNaUna ]pcaar Gao} laagalao pNa %yaacaahI ]pyaaoga haot navhta %yaamauLo ha^ispTla vyavasqaapnaanao %yaaMnaa GarI jaaNyaacaa sallaa idlaaº ima~acyaa sallyaava$na ramadova baabaaMcaI vhIDIAao k^saoT laavaUna %yaabarhukuma p`aNaayaama\ kolyaamauLo %yaacyaa tbbaotIt caaMgalaaca frk jaaNavaU laagalaa [tko idvasa Acala Asalaolao SarIr halacaala k$ laagalaoº tbbaotIt caaMgalaa pirNaama hao}na to qaaoDyaaca AvaiQat Fit For Work mhNaUna kamaavar $jaU Jaalaoº vyavasqaapnaacao ekca QaaorNa haoto kIÊ kma-caarI maaozyaa ADcaNaIt Aaho %yaalaa jaI madt krNao Sa@ya Aaho tI madt krayacaI EaIº navaigaro yaaMcyaa pD%yaakaLamaQyao vyavasqaapnaanao %yaaMnaa sava-taopir maaolaacao Aaiqa-k sahayya kolaoº kMpnaItIla kma-caayaaMnaI vaga-NaI jamavaUna %yaaMnaa Aaiqa-k madt kolaI kMpnaItIla laaok %yaaMnaa BaoTUna QaIr

Mr. Navgire Project and Application Engineer, Heavy Engineering Division

dot haoto yaa savaa-Mcaa pirNaama %yaaMcao manaaobala ]McavaNyaat Jaalaaº vyavasqaapnaanao EaIº navaigaroMbaabat jao ]darmatvaadI QaaorNa AvalaMbalao %yaamauLoca EaIº navaigaro Aaja pUva-vat kamaavar $jaU Aahotº EaIº navaigaro yaaMcaa jaNaU puna-janma Jaalaa ho sava- GaDt Asatanaa vyavasqaapnaanao maaolaacao sahkaya- kolyaamauLo EaIº navaigaro punaÁ Sca kamaavar $jaU Jaalaoº yaa sava- gaaoYTIMcao Eaoya EaIº navaigaro AaiNa %yaaMcao kuTuMbaIya vyavasqaapnaasa dotatº

If you have any special story please share it with Ms. Erica de Souza, Head - Corporation Communication at ericadesouza@premier.co.in



Divisional Updates - Corporate Update

Corporate Update

Driving Patents Ahead If the person who invented the wheel had peeped into the future, he would have patented the rights to use it. Patents are monopoly rights granted by the State to an investor for a limited period, in respect to the invention. If the patented inventions are commercialized, inventors get rewards in terms of money and recognition. It helps society at large in the form of newer and better products. Patents encourage technological innovations and stimulates growth. Patents also help the spread of prosperity and ensure optimum utilization of resources. In India, patents are granted for a period of 20 years. The patentee gets the exclusive rights to use the patent in the form of commercial exploitation. The patentee can also license or sell the invention for a limited period of time. After the expiry of patent terms, anybody from the public can use the invention as it passes in to the public domain. During the currency of the patent, the patentee has rights to file a suit against infringement of the patent and get the compensation for it. According to the Indian Patents Act, a patentable invention is defined as “a new product or process involving an inventive step and capable of industrial application. Something that is already known is not patentable.” To be patentable, the invention has to be capable of industrial application.

PRA 200 PSS 300

PTD 6000

PTC 1600

However, industry does not necessarily involve the use of machinery or manufacturing of any article. It can include any useful and practical activity. Business houses generally establish internal policies for assessing and making decisions on patenting. In the last decade, the automobile industry underwent a paradigm shift due to several reasons, first being innovation and the second being patents. Not just automobiles, but the basic ingredient of the success recipe of all business majors is- Intellectual Property Rights [IPR], meaning “the rights given to a person for creative work”. The process of IPR begins with filing an application, along with the brief of the intellectual property according to the procedure of documentation by the Commission. When all the requirements are met, the patent is granted. At Premier, we ensure innovation in designing, and even in executing a process. We constantly strive to create systems and work environments that help develop our team’s intellect, thereby extracting the best out of our design capability. We ensure cross-functional mobility that helps acquire multiple-skills, thereby giving us an opportunity to develop technologies that are unique. To prevent the misuse of these unique technologies, these are filed for IPR, giving us the prerogative to use it for the benefit of the industry, as well as society.

Mr. Ramesh Tavhare (Vice-President, Finance & Legal, Company Secretary)

Premier Ltd has filed the following patents: • An automobile • Gear tooth chamfering and rounding machine • Improved method for fabrication of a stator carrier of windmill • A system for machining wheels • An improved turning machine • A system for machining railway wheels • CNC gear • Shaving machine-model PSS 300 • CNC vertical turning machine - model PTD 6000 • Turbo diesel engine naturally aspirated internal combustion Engine • CNC vertical turning machine - model PTC 2300 • CNC vertical turning machine - model PTC 2800 The company is in the process of further filing patents for its processes and products. We take pride in our people, who have helped us by leaps and bounds to achieve our present position of being a trustworthy and innovative company. With intellect by our side, we will be unveiling groundbreaking innovations time after time.

Premier has always considered our Human Resources as our most important asset of the company. From our humble beginnings, we have come to the present level due to the immense support and significant contribution by our employees. Premier believes that greater heights can only be achieved with the whole hearted co-operation, willingness and participation of our employees. The I Suggest scheme of Premier provides its employees with a better platform for both co-operation, participation and innovation. This helps the employees to be more creative, innovative, productive and to facilitate employee participation with the management.

Did you know... A few facts about the I Suggest scheme • Total suggestions received • Total suggestions evaluated • Post analysis suggestions accepted • Number of suggestions awaiting evaluation

710 531 80 179

Some valuable suggestions from our employees which we have implemented…

S. S. Hotkar Machine Tool

V. S. Shirke Heavy Engineering

Change in tool specification from CNMG 32 x 32 with 12 mm insert to vibration less snmg 40 x 40 with 19 mm insert. This reduces the vibration level while machining on the cvt 150 machine. These machines are used for s.g.iron production of the blade adaptor. This will increase the depth of the cut from 3 mm to 5 mm, will reduce the cycle time by 30 mins and will also reduce the setting and offset checking time required for the tool...

A. B. Salunkhe Automotive

There are two sensors in the water outlet box of BS iii (NA) engine. One of these sensors is not useful for the vehicle; therefore instead of the sensors, simple plugs should be used. Benefit from this suggestion is that, if we use simple plugs instead of sensor, it will save our cost...

All the internal designers should be provided with a pocket book containing a snapshot of the 901 (information standard) and 902 (standard for hardware) standards for their day to day reference. This would be very helpful for them when they are at the shop floor because the actual books for both 901 & 902 standards are thick, heavy and cannot be carried along on the shop floor....

A. S. Jadhav Automotive

One of the biggest enemies of an organized workspace is paper. Paper seems to take on a life of its own. There are two simple rules to remember when handling paper: 1.When you don’t need to keep it, toss it. 2.When you do need to keep it, file it.........

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Premier Journal Issue #13  

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