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NEWSLETTER KMA Mobility and Premier Care join forces! products and trusted mobility engineers at fair/discounted prices. We also want the shops to be welcoming, friendly and safe should you want to access your high street and community.

We are really excited to announce that we have acquired ‘KMA Mobility’ an established retailer on Ilkeston high street. It’s a fantastic family run company and have been helping people stay independent in Derbyshire since 2002. It’s been such an easy hand over thanks to Karen and Martin the current owners who will be staying on to support over the next year to help ensure that KMA and Premier Care succeed. They have an aligned ethos with our family business and we have learned so much from them. We also have benefited from their son Jordan joining us ,and Joe Isterling moving from Premier Care to head up KMA Mobility. Jordan and Joe already are making a great team. Although they’ve been very busy over the last weeks. So, what is the future plan? As well as this shop continuing to offer its range of innovative mobility products and services, we intend to set up a registered care office to bring all our services onto the local high street. We want to open new shops in other locations that provide all our services. We aim to allow our current Premier Care customers to have priority fast access to helpful Visit us online at :

What type of products do KMA Mobility offer? KMA Mobility are preferred suppliers of 1000’s of products around the home that can make day-to-day tasks easier, we will be talking to service users, carers and managers to hand select a product range over the coming weeks. KMA are specialists in mobility scooters servicing and repairs. KMA also fit and service stairlifts, have a range of rise and recliner chairs and all products have aftercare and support with them. We’ve included a few products at the back of this newsletter. We will however be sending out a full catalogue in the near future. If in the meantime there is something you are looking for please Tel:0115 9443838 Our family business mission is to enable people to be more independent and we are now in position to do this by combining products and services. We’ll keep you updated in the next newsletter on the progress!! Call us on 01623 810100

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PROUD MEMBERS OF THE HOME CARE ASSOCIATION We are now proud members of the professional association for home care providers. As a member-led professional association, their mission is to promote high quality, sustainable care services so that people can continue to live at home and in their local community.

Congratulations! to Sarah Norman on achieving her Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement. This work-based qualification is aimed at learners working in learning and development who will be assessing or verifying NVQ’s.


Congratulations to our Registered Manager Tracey Poole, who has recently been acknowledged by Skills For Care for two written contributions to their guides. ‘Wellbeing for registered managers - a practical survival guide’ and ‘Good and outstanding care guide - updated edition’.

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The purpose of the GDPR is to provide a set of standardised data protection laws across all the member countries. This should make it easier for EU citizens to understand how their data is being used, and also raise any complaints, even if they are not in the country where it’s located.

We are now fully compliant. So you can rest assured that your details are safe with us.

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give us all the support, training and guidance we need to be able to make a difference to people lives for the better. How do you feel about gaining your certificate? I am extremely proud to have achieved and complete my qualification and to have my certificate. I had a brilliant tutor Sharon Pipes to support me through it.

Congratulations! to all the staff who achieved their Level 2 Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care in the last 3 months, with our academy. Also to Lynsey McCulloch for being the first academy learner to achieve a full Level 3 Apprenticeship. • • • • • • •

Deborah Stanley Theresa White Georgia Whittam Anna-Marie Holmes Teresa Twells Sharon Frew Deborah Green

TWENTY YEARS AND COUNTING WITH PREMIER CARE Arthur and Freda Coggan have been with Premier Care for 20 years and cared for by Jane Birkin for 10 of those years.

Lynsey McCulloch

This course is for anyone who is new to working in the Health and Social care sector, it provides the foundations for anyone wishing to gain the minimum qualifications, experience and knowledge required to progress. We asked staff member Teresa Twells some questions about being a carer. What are the best things about being a carer? The best things about being a carer is having that feeling of achievement knowing that you’ve made a difference to people’s lives by helping and assisting those who find day to day tasks a struggle, and they are eternally grateful for the help and assistance you’ve provided. Being a carer gives you a sense of fulfilment and it can be challenging but its a very rewarding career. What do you like about working for Premier Care? I like working for Premier Care because they

Left - Right

Arthur, Natalie Burbanks, Jane Birkin, Freda

Arthur worked as a Miner, at Warsop Main Colliery, and Freda at a Mansfield Photographic lab, developing film. The couple have lived in Nether Langwith for 24 years, and have been married for 64 years. As a Trumpet player Arthur played in a big band in Shirebrook. Arthur also spoke about their late son who was a writer and author of aircraft magazine articles and books, and his fondness for aeroplanes from the war, especially the Spitfire. Arthur commented on what a wonderful job Jane and his wife’s carers do looking after Freda. Call us on 01623 810100

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Registered Manager’s Thoughts with Tracey Poole of medication ensuring we are responsive to all medication issues. Supporting Kara with this role is Maureen BradshawStevens who completes home audits and actions the issues highlighted out in the field. Kara also works with the live operations team to ensure you and staff are being responded to effectively ensuring we keep people safe. Danielle Warren and Stacie Hudson (both formally part of the on-call staff) have Pictured Left to Right: Nikki Astall, Aidan Isterling, Karen Pilmore, Kara Norman, Becky been given the opportunity Hale, Lynsey Harrison, Nicola Marsh, Maureen Bradshaw-Stevens. to develop their careers within Premier Care by I do hope you have had the opportunity to becoming trainee live operations team enjoy this lovely weather. Though I know the managers on a job share. This enhances heat can bring its own challenges but with the live operations team management and support at home these can be limited. will bring stability and leadership within this team. During the holiday season the operations team are working hard to maintain continuity. Karen Pilmore (formally part of the carer I do hope you will bear this in mind during team) has been given the opportunity to this period. develop her career within Premier Care by becoming a trainee care manager. Karen has The latest data from our newly installed a nursing background, and has knowledge of phone system shows in June the team how to assess needs and manage a person’s answered 80% of the phone calls within support and ensure their wellbeing. 2mins. As you can see this team is working hard to improve their responsiveness and Becky Hale has been promoted to internal communication. quality manager (IQA) responsible for the all aspects of quality. Managing the live As part of our journey and commitment to operations team and the care manager continually improve and action your feedback team. Providing focus, structure, attention to we have invested in the following staff detail and accountability for these teams. changes: Lynsey Harrison from the care manager team has been assigned to be responsible for the communication to local authorities, outside agencies, service users and their families. Ensuring hospital discharges are effective and working with local authorities and health care professionals to keep people safe. Kara Norman from the care manager team is responsible for the safe management Visit us online at :

Aidan Isterling has taken over the rota’s for Clowne/Cresswell/ Barlborough and Shirebrook. Providing empathy, fairness, accountability and responsive leadership to these areas. Nikki Astall joins our operations team to rota for Bolsover/Chesterfield and Staveley. Nikki’s background is managing people, and her transferable skills will enhance the operations team.

Call us on 01623 810100 Nicola Marsh has been promoted to business operations manager responsible for all business growth. Managing the operations managers with rota completion, staffing continuity, HR. Providing fairness, focus, structure and accountability to this team. Sarah Norman (formally part of the care team) has gone on to change her career and joins our academy department as an health and social care assessor after her successful completion of the assessor’s qualification which she completed through Premier Care academy. Sarah has a solid background and experience in health and social care and this will enhance her qualification. The academy has also gained accreditation to deliver Health and Social Care level 3. Both these achievements will enhance the


academy’s ability and provide support to the quality team by enabling staff to further their knowledge to a high standard and providing quality training. I am proud to see the current complaints data shows that since our last newsletter our complaints are down by 35%. Premier Care reviews show people say we are overall Very Good. Our independent surveys, produced by, score has improved, and we are now at 9.4 (out of 10). You can see our teams have not stopped working hard on responsiveness and communication I am proud of their improvements so far. I can guarantee this will continue throughout 2018.

The carer immediately recognised what had happened, contacted the emergency services, stayed with mum till the ambulance arrived, reassuring and comforting her, and then drove to the hospital, so she could stay with her in the emergency assessment unit and resuscitation unit until we were able to get there (we live an hour’s drive away). We’re so grateful for the care and concern showed in this frightening situation. Kirsty is pictured with Aidan Isterling (Operations Manager) receiving gift vouchers in recognition for the excellent work.

Congratulations to Kirsty Chapman Review: Since we began the care package with Premier Care last September, we have been very happy with the care provided for my mother in law. The service has been reliable and consistent. The carers all take the time to get to know her, to talk to her, to find out what she needs and have built up a good relationship with her. They’ve also been very good at communicating with us, and alerting us to any problems so that we can work out solutions in a timely fashion. Mum in law had a stroke yesterday whilst a Premier Carer was with her.

Kirsty from Ravenshead began her career with Premier Care in November 2016, and has not looked back! Having worked in catering for many years, Kirsty took an interest in care when she looked after her Grandad. Kirsty spoke highly of the support she has received from her managers’ at Premier Care. New Starter - Edward Key Marketing Officer - Premier Care. I’ve worked in marketing and publishing for the past 16 years, and joined Premier Care in April 2018, and I’m looking forward to working on some exciting new projects.

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At Premier Care & Mobilty whether you are looking for a mobility scooter, a stairlift or household aid it is our aim to ensure you are confident of your purchase and reassured that what you choose is exactly what you need. All our products are delivered, fitted and, or repaired by one of our trained, in-house expert team members. For more information on the products we stock please call us on Tel: 0115 944 3838





The elegant Midi XLS 8mph scooter offers you the ultimate in comfort and performance, making everyday life more enjoyable.

This lightweight and compact scooter with suspension will be your best companion for easy travel and convenience, making everyday trips a pleasure.

Colours available- Flame Orange, Graphite Grey, Sapphire Blue, Glossy Black

Colours available - Flame Orange, Glossy Black, Sapphire Blue, Metallic Mink, Glossy Bronze

STAIRLIFTS It can be hard to make the choice to install a stairlift, but it is a wonderful option if it means you can remain safely in your own home. Our experienced team at KMA Mobility is expert in matching the perfect stairlift to your staircase at every price point. We are authorised specialists in quality stairlift brands Acorn, Brooks, Minivator and Freelift (Handicare) so you can trust that your stairlift will be simple to use, hardworking, glide beautifully, look great and feel as comfortable as possible.

Visit us online at :

Call us on 01623 810100

RRP £1299

RRP £1349

Special introductory price

Special introductory price







Introducing the new Jazzy Air® a new era in power mobility. The advanced stability and performance of the chassis allows the Jazzy Air to be safely elevated to 10”, whilst driving at 3.5 mph. Available in Black or White. Soon to be available in more colours.

The Southward single motor lift chair operates the backrest and footrest at the same time, using a singular motor design. The tilt-in-space enables higher leg elevation (ankles above hips) for improved circulation.

The Essex dual motor lift chair operates the backrest and footrest separately, using a dual motor design. The Essex is available in the three different backs, three different sizes and 10 fabric choices.

RISE AND RECLINER BEDS The Richmond can be adjusted to your desired position thus providing you with the ability to maximise your comfort. The five fold adjustable base is innovative in design and adjusts to support the five key areas; knees, hips, back, neck & head. Available is sizes from 2’3” to 4’6”. 18st weight capacity. Strong, craftsman built and quality upholstered divan base.

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1. 2018 World Cup host. 2. Place to Live. 6. _____ of faith. 7. Comes after day. 9. Move earth with a tool. 10. Move at a speed. 11. A relationship between two or more people.









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