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simple steps to the perfect reception site

You’ve been pronounced “husband and wife,” so now it’s time to kick off those heels and celebrate! This is a time for you and your brand new husband to relax, mingle, dance, chat and thoroughly enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. While finding the ideal reception location is one of the biggest and most important wedding-related tasks, have no fear… we’re here to help. Below are six simple steps to finding the right reception site for your perfect day.

Step 1: What to do first The biggest question regarding the reception is “where?” Before you can work on this question, however, you’ll need to know a couple of things: what style of wedding do you envision, and how big? Obviously, a casual, relaxed summer afternoon 8 PREMIER BRIDE

reception would require a completely different reception site than a formal, elegant winter evening reception – so clarify the type of wedding (and the time of year) you both desire first. Once that’s been established, determine the rough guest list, including all interested parties: you and your groom, and each set of parents. Of course, you’ll also need to consider your budget as well, as this will have great influence on the number of guests you can afford to have. Once you’ve made these critical decisions, it’s time to start looking for the ideal reception site. As with anything, the more time you have, the better – some choice reception sites get booked one to two years in advance, particularly for prime dates.

Step 2: Start the search Local bridal publications, the Internet, wedding shows, married friends and the yellow pages are all good sources of potential reception sites. If you have no idea where to hold your reception, try hotels,

art galleries, museums and boats. Each location offers its own unique style and ambiance. There are two basic types of reception facilities: onsite and off-site. Most on-site locations provide the majority of services you will need for your reception: catering, beverages, tables, chairs, tableware, linens and serving staff, making this a very convenient option. The facilities normally charge on a per person basis, and have a minimum guest requirement. Such locations include hotels, private clubs and restaurants. Off-site locations offer the use of the facility only, providing no other services. You supply nearly everything yourself, paying a flat fee for the use of the site. Narrow down your search by focusing on those sites that seem to best meet your needs, depending on your style, season and estimated guest count. Once you’ve selected some possibilities, it’s time to go on a road trip with your fiancé, maid of honor

and/or Mom and check out the sites in person.

Step 3: Evaluating reception sites Now the real work begins. Every site offers advantages and disadvantages, and your job is to sift through all of the features of each site, to find the best one for your wedding – all while keeping your budget in mind. Here are some factors to consider: Location. The reception site should be no more than a 30-minute drive away from the ceremony location. A longer drive than that is really asking too much of your guests! If the location is difficult to find, or will offer special challenges to get there (say, located near a football stadium that has a home game on your wedding day) you should consider providing transportation for your guests from the ceremony site, and back to their cars after the reception.

Contact Laura 503.481.9449 Email: Web: 411 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy, Troutdale, OR 97060


Reception Size and layout. Will everything happen in one big room, or in separate rooms for the cocktail hour, dinner, dancing? Will it comfortably hold the number of tables you’ll need, and will everyone dine in the same room? Is there room for a band or DJ, and for cocktail hour musicians, if you’re having them? Privacy. If your venue does multiple events, find out if there are other bookings at the same time or on the same day as yours. If so, ensure that there will be adequate privacy and separation for your celebration. There should also be ample time in between events to allow your caterer or other service people to set up or break down your party. Parking. Make sure there is convenient, well-lighted, ample parking for your guests, and if not, find out if

valet service is available. Technical details. Whether you intend to have a DJ or a band, inquire about possible restrictions regarding the type, volume or duration of music. Be sure to confirm that there is an adequate power supply for speakers, mixers and amplifiers, or good acoustics for string and wind instruments. Some sites have built-in public-address systems which can be used for introductions and toasts. If your site of choice doesn’t offer this equipment, make sure your DJ or musicians can provide it. Room décor. Most sites offer a neutral background to work with, but make sure the flooring, wall coverings and colors will work with the style and season of your wedding. Services offered. Be clear, with each site visited, exactly what is and is not included. From catering and wait staff, to candles and chairs… get those details up front.

The Noth Harbour Courtyard by Marriott has an ambiance of casual elegance and sophistication both inside and out. A resort-like atmosphere is apparent throughout. Our 7,500 square foot seasonally landscaped courtyard patio overlooking the Columbia River Channel has magnificent views of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Hood. Complete with gazebo, fountain and peaceful scenic views. The courtyard patio is an ideal location for summer and fall wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, cocktail parties and celebrations!

1231 N. Anchor Way Portland, Oregon 97217

Phone: 503.735.1818 Fax: 503.735.0888 10 PREMIER BRIDE

Wedding Planners an affordable luxury

A wedding consultant is an expensive luxury. That’s the myth. Here’s the reality. You’re busy. You work. Your fiancé works. A wedding consultant can save you both time and money, and reduce the stress of planning a wedding. Experienced consultants have access to hundreds of wedding professionals and specialty services. By utilizing these contacts, they can provide creative and unique recommendations for your wedding, tailored to suit both your style and your budget. Their expertise will ensure that you get what you want in terms of quality, quantity and service. Vendors usually give consultants the best possible price considerations in hopes of repeat business. Many reception locations, caterers and entertainment companies offer coordinating services as part of their full-service packages. While these services can be very useful, they can also be limited to a small list of vendors. A professional wedding consultant will give you individualized attention and provide unbiased opinions on protocol and style.









6 Easy Steps to the Gown of Your Dreams Ahhhh‌ The Dress. Your wedding gown is probably the most expensive, most scrutinized, most photographed piece of clothing you'll ever buy. No pressure, right? For many women, shopping for their wedding dress is the highlight of the wedding planning experience, but for some, it can be quite stressful. In the succinct words of one harried bride, "no one tells you how stressful dress shopping can be!" One: Shop early. Ideally, start 8-12 months before the wedding. If you have less time than this, that's fine too, but starting as early as possible will make the whole experience less stressful and pressured. Another tip about when to shop: bridal salons are busiest from January through April, and Saturday is their busiest day. If it's possible for you to shop on a weekday, you'll probably find it to be a more leisurely, relaxing experience. Be sure to make an appointment, if required, to ensure one-on-one service while you're there. Two: Expect great service. Most negative experiences revolve around service. If you're not happy with the service you're getting, move on.So it's not always about good versus bad service, but also about the type of service with which YOU are most comfortable. Three: Remain open-minded. In one survey, 40% of brides indicated that they ended up with a dress style completely different than what they had planned on buying. It is so important to try on a variety of dress styles, to see how they look on your body type, and to see how you feel in each of them. Be open-minded to the suggestions of your sales consultant they have a lot of experience to offer! 18 PREMIER BRIDE

Also, a number of brides have found that when they saw the dress on the hanger, they didn't care for it, but once they tried it on, it was "The Dress." Four: Be clear about your budget. Save yourself time and heartache, and be upfront about what your budget is - not only with yourself, but also with your sales consultant. How stressful to find a dress you love, and discover it's hundreds of dollars more than you planned to spend. Whatever your budget is, if you keep looking you WILL find a dress you love within it. And don't forget about accessories and alterations! Five: Bring one or two supportive people with you. A large group of differing opinions can be overwhelming, so it's best to keep the entourage to a minimum. On the other hand, having a couple supportive, helpful people with you can provide valuable feedback and suggestions. Do whatever works for you, and what feels most comfortable. Six: Get every detail in writing. Don't leave the salon without a piece of paper that outlines every single detail, including the color, size, and style ordered, the deposit paid, and the estimated date of arrival. Two to three weeks after you order your dress, call the salon and verify that your dress was ordered, and that the estimated date of arrival has not changed. The bottom line is, if you're having a stressful time shopping for your wedding dress, stop what you're currently doing and make changes: visit a different salon, try a different time of the week, or bring different people with you. Or, just take a breather from shopping for a while! And remember, finding your dress is like finding your soul mate: sometimes they reveal themselves to us quickly and easily, sometimes they are more challenging to find, but we always find them in the end, and it's always worth the wait.









Here Comes the Groom The bride, in her splendid gown, will turn heads as she walks down the aisle, but the groom, waiting patiently at the altar, deserves his share of the attention too. And he will look splendid also, dressed in the perfect outfit for the perfect day, and ready to celebrate.

The level of formality The first order of business is to evaluate how formal your wedding will be. This depends on the time of day of the wedding, the location, but most of all, on you and your fiancĂŠ. The degree of formality will affect the wedding attire. In warm weather, think lighter colors (such as tan and white), and in cool weather think darker colors (navy and charcoal.) Grey would likely work anytime, and black is always classic and appropriate. Ties, vests and cummerbunds can match the wedding colors, or compliment them with colors such as white, ivory, silver, grey or black. If the bridal gown is ivory, the men should wear ivory shirts, not white, to compliment her. Semiformal and formal weddings have plenty of options: a high quality, single- or double-breasted men's suit in black, dark charcoal or navy with a Windsor knotted tie in white, ivory, navy, silver or black is a less formal option. It's also a suit you could wear over and over again, making it a good investment. For a more formal look than that, consider a tuxedo with a single- or double-breasted dinner jacket, a white or ivory pointed-collar shirt, a vest or cummerbund and either a bow tie or a four-in-hand tie (a "fancy" knotted necktie). A very PREMIER BRIDE 27

The Groom formal wedding, called "white tie," calls for the traditional black tuxedo with tails, a vest, a white winged-color shirt and a bow tie. If you can envision a symphony conductor's attire, this is "white tie."

Shopping tips When the men visit their formalwear shop they should have a firm idea of the women's wedding attire, and bring fabric or color swatches from the bridesmaids' gowns. Pictures

Distinguishing the groom It's nice to have some way of setting the groom apart. One way to distinguish the groom is to give him a different, but complimentary, boutonniere to wear. Another idea is for the groom to wear a white jacket while his groomsmen are in black. Or, the groom could wear a white, ivory or silver vest and/or tie while his groomsmen wear vests and/or ties in black, or a color that matches the bridesmaids' dresses.


from the pages of wedding and men's magazines of the preferred formalwear styles would also be helpful in the decision-making process. The groom and groomsmen should reserve their rentals at least three months in advance of the wedding. Final measurements should be taken about three weeks before the ceremony; however, be sure to come back a few days before the wedding for lastminute alterations. Out-of-town groomsmen can get measured at any formalwear store or local tailor's near them, and send their measurements to the groom or to your formal- wear store. Someone should be designated to return all formalwear to the store on time in order to avoid late fees, which can get quite expensive adding up the per day, per outfit costs. Finally, it's critical to get a perfect fit - even the best outfit won't look good if the fit isn't right. Rely on the expertise of your formalwear consultant.




The crown jewel of the wedding feast You've picked the date, found the hall, ordered your dress… Now it's time for a fun, tasty task: choosing your wedding's sweet ending. It could be a traditional wedding cake or another sweet treat - read further for some creative ideas. Whatever you choose, it all starts the same way, by evaluating your choices and finding the perfect bakery/cake designer for you. Cakes 101: Covering the basics Where to start… Start out by considering your particular wedding style, the location, the season and the number of guests. All of these factors will influence any wedding decision! A casual, informal, outdoor wedding will have different requirements than a formal, elegant, winter evening wedding. When to start… Also like all wedding decisions, the earlier you start, the more options you'll have and the less stress you'll encounter. You can start researching, interviewing and taste testing anytime - but ideally, get your selection finalized and ordered by six months before the wedding. Or, at least book your bakery by then, even if the cake details are not yet decided. Popular bakers and cake designers book up quickly during the "wedding seasons." (Which nowadays is pretty much April through October, plus the holidays!) What to do… Eat! Ask friends for referrals, visit wedding shows, surf the 'Net - whatever you need to do to find some good potential vendors. Then, make some appointments for a tasting so that you can check out their work for yourself. Of course, the cake needs to be delicious. But you also need to feel absolutely confident that 32 PREMIER BRIDE

your cake vendor will do what they say they will do, pay attention to details, be on time, etc. Consider how promptly they return your calls or answer emails, how organized and efficient they appear at your tasting, their years of experience, and the overall impression they give. Ask if they're familiar with your reception site, how they transport the cake and how much time they need to set up. When you meet with your cake designer about the cake's colors and appearance, it helps to have as much wedding information with you for guidance, such as a photo of your dress, fabric swatches to show wedding colors, and any other specific wedding touches that have already been decided. Also, bring any photos or magazine clippings of wedding cakes that you love and share them with your designer. What flavor… The traditional white wedding cake with white frosting still makes its classic appearance now and then, but today anything is a possibility! Consider your guests - if you have a lot of kids or non-drinkers, maybe you want to avoid the alcohol flavors. Consider your menu - if you're having lemon chicken, you may not want to select a lemon cake. And finally, consider what you love to eat! Carrot cake, hazelnut torte, deep chocolate with raspberry filling, cheesecake… If you and your honey have a favorite flavor, ask your cake designer about using it. The cake topper… Crown your reception's edible centerpiece with a beautiful, unique, or meaningful cake topper. The classic bride and groom figurines - updated with an elegant, ceramic style - are always appropriate for couples who love tradition. Fresh flowers are gorgeous of course, and adding some thin, tall candles amongst them on the top layer would be romantic and visually appealing. If quirky fun is more your style, then how about incorporating some favorite things, hobbies or interests of yours,

such as a surfboard and palm trees, the Eiffel tower, seashells, or a snow globe. Other ideas for a more formal wedding include your monogram, a wedding cake candle or tall tapered candles, a framed photo of you two, fall leaves, or elegant Christmas ornaments. And the cost… Cakes are typically priced by the slice, which is generally anywhere from $1.50 to $6.50 per slice, depending on the style, ingredients, size and decorating. Your reception site or caterer may also charge a plating fee as well, often $.50 to $1.50 per person, to cut and serve the cake. Ask about this, and if there is a plating charge see if it's negotiable. Cutting the cake… Most likely your baker will provide tips for you and your new husband to accomplish the time-honored task of cutting the cake with ease. Plan ahead to have your cake knife and lifter engraved or decorated with ribbons or fresh flowers. As tradition has it, the bride grasps the knife with her right hand and the groom covers her hand with his. Together, the couple glides the knife into the delicious masterpiece while flashbulbs pop. Anniversary cakes… Some bakeries offer 'anniversary cakes' as part of their bridal packages. Instead of having to freeze the top layer of your wedding cake (which doesn't always freeze well, or taste that great a year later), the bakery will make you a fresh cake, often in the same style and flavor as your wedding cake, for your one-year anniversary.


Central Oregon DESTINATION WEDDINGS More and more couples nowadays are planning destination weddings in lieu of spending time and money on a wedding celebration and a honeymoon. With a destination wedding you can do both in one convenient location and, in many cases, end up with less time spent planning and more money left for the exotic honeymoon you always imagined.


Central Oregon Destination weddings, once just a choice for brides and grooms walking down the aisle for the second or third time, are now at an all time high for couples getting married for the first time too. There is no limit to the fun you can have when you choose a destination wedding. That's why many brides and grooms are no longer taking the traditional church route, but instead looking for the perfect foreign country, distant mountain or secluded beach. Destination weddings are, for the most part, meant to be convenient and fun. Often, for the second or third time couple, it is Central Oregon offers the spectacular scenery of the high desert with a backdrop of the Cascade Mountains. Over 250 days of sunshine make Central Oregon an idyllic place to plan your wedding. about making a statement and expressing to family and friends an idea of how they see their future together. Having already gone through the pomp and circumstance of a first wedding, relaxation and family are much more important this time around. Usually the wedding planner will handle the flowers, photographer, caterer, musicians and reception area, all with your input of course. In most cases the wedding planner will take care of the marriage license too and all you have to do is send the necessary documents.



Comprised of three counties, Crook, Jefferson and Deschutes, you will find world class vendors to help make your wedding day perfect. Another difference you will encounter when choosing a destination wedding is that everyone is in vacation mode. With a destination wedding, families come together to celebrate the wedding while also having a chance to spend time doing fun things. One reason that so many couples are choosing destination weddings nowadays is because With many recreational options available, skiing, hiking, white water rafting, fly fishing and of course golf, your guests will be kept very busy. In the last several years many micro-brews have popped up in Bend, adding to the reputation Oregon has as king of micro-brews. brides are busy. Most destination wedding resorts have wedding planners who take care of the details so that you don't have to. Some resorts bring the couple down months in advance to go over the wedding arrangements including colors, special needs and instructions and ceremony location. After the initial visit the couple does not arrive until just days before the wedding and usually with the guests and attendants. Remember, destination weddings are meant to be profound, but not necessarily solemn occasions. The weddings are about the guests having a good time and the couple remembering their special day for many years to come.

We are a premier location in Central Oregon to host your wedding, family reunions, business retreats, and much more! Enjoy the panoramic views of our vineyards, the Cascade Mountains and the rich beauty of the high desert.

Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyard and Event Center 541.350.5384 PREMIER BRIDE 37

Things to do in

Central Oregon

High Desert Museum Visit one of the worlds largest Obsidian Flows Mt. Bachelor for Skiing Fly Fishing on Deschutes or Metolius Rivers Fishing and Boating on the many Reservoirs Golfing at one of the many Golf Courses and Resorts White Water Rafting Shopping in down town Bend or Redmond

pb tip.

You'll find that at bridal shows you will be filling out SO many things that even your hands will become achy. To avoid this register at and we will preprint mailing labels for you! This way you can easily enter the various giveaways and promotions and save a whole lot of time.

Price Range

Room Capacity

Facility Type

Banquet & Reception Guide Resort/Spa up to 400

$$ -$$$

The Adobe Resort

Destination up to 110 Resort

$20-47 pp

Adrianna Hill GrandBallroom



$$ - $$$

Court Yard by Marriott Portland North Harbour

Banquet/ Reception Facility

up to 450

$$ - $$$

Farmstead Restaurant and Pub

Banquet/ Reception Facility

up to 200 $20-$40 pp inside, 500+ outside

Banquet/ Reception Facility Hotel w/ Ballroom


$$ - $$$

up to 300

$$ - $$$

Banquet/ Reception Facility

up to 200

$ - $$

Banquet/ Reception Facility Banquet/ Reception Facility Park

up to 250


Santiam Place Wedding & Event Hall

Banquet/ Reception Facility

300+ outdoors

$ - $$


Banquet/ Reception Facility


$$ - $$$

Sunriver Resort/Spa 800-801-8765 800-522-3623




Grey Gables Estate 503-654-0470

Red Lion Hotel Portland Convention Center 503-820-4160

The Troutdale House by the Sandy River 503-481-9449

BeckenRidge Vineyard 503-831-3652

Historic Garrett House Station 503-375-3574

Postlewait’s Weddings & Events 503-651-2269



outside $$ area 350-400 indoors 200 $$ outdoors 60


Serving Styles

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plated buffet food stations plated buffet food stations buffet

Sunriver Resort offers the finest variety of lodging accommodations in the Northwest. The regions premier full-service spa, fine cuisine, and a wide array of activities.

buffet food stations

Resort like atmosphere on the Columbia River. Beautifully landscaped patio features gazebo and fountain.

plated buffet

Wedding location lakeside between the 5th and 6th hole of the Arrowhead Golf Club. Spectacular views and dedicated staff will work with you to make your day perfect.

plated buffet food stations plated buffet food stations

Elegant weddings for busy brides. Grey Gables sets high standards for your wedding. Gray Gables creates an experience for you to enjoy the day with family and friends.

plated buffet food stations

The Troutdale House by the Sandy River offers three choices for your ceremony site. Bring your own food and drinks or your choice of caterer. You get the Troutdale House for 10 hours.

plated buffet food stations plated buffet food stations

Private setting with outstanding views of the Willamette Valley and Cascade Range. Surrounded by 12 acres of vineyards; buildings, patios and lawn for you, exclusively for the day.

Romance and happily every after...begin at the Adobe Resort, a full service resort at oceans edge. Wedding and receptions with spectacular views on the Central Oregon Coast. Built in 1901, the Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom offers a unique suspended U-shaped balcony, hardwood floors, ornate brass chandeliers and high vaulted ceilings.

Our flexible 6000 sq ft of beautiful, functional space provides your group with an ideal setting for receptions, including Windows Skyroom that offers your guests a panoramic view of Portland.

The Historic Garrett House Station is a beautiful place to celebrate that all so very important occasion. Located in Halsey, Oregon this location has a delightful country backdrop. Situated on a working farm offering a rustic country warmth amidst beautiful park-like grounds. Majestic trees, lush lawns, waterfalls and a rippling creek provides country elegance at its best.


Located eight miles off I-5. Great locations for inside and outside events. Back yard gardens are enclosed to create your own private park for up to 300 guests. Self catering allowed. Centrally located between Eugene and Corvallis. Lush garden bordered lawns with a tranquil creek running through the grounds creates a picture-perfect setting for a beautiful wedding. PREMIER BRIDE 41






Photography a picture-perfect day

It may be hard to imagine now, but after many months of hard work and detailed planning, your wedding day will suddenly arrive‌ and zooooom! The hours will fly by in a blur of beautiful, moving, memorable moments. And after the cake has been eaten, the dress has been carefully put away, and the gifts have been opened - you and your new spouse will be left with the most precious gift of all: memories of your special day. There is simply no better way to capture and preserve these memories than with a collection of beautiful photographs that not only document the day and its events, but also embody the emotions and spirit of your wedding. Quite frankly, this is simply not a component of your wedding planning to treat lightly! Invest

the time, attention and budget necessary to ensure that your wedding memories will be preserved for the future. What's your style? Start by determining which style of wedding photography is right for you and your fiancĂŠ. Here are brief descriptions of the three main styles: Formal or traditional. This style produces color, posed portraits of you and your groom, your wedding party, and your families, along with all of the traditional wedding moments such as the cake cutting and bouquet/garter toss. Photojournalistic. This style is a popular trend in wedding photography, and it means your photographer will be shooting your wedding as if it's a news event, capturing hundreds of candid moments on film. These photographers tend to use more black & white film, for a classic, timeless and emotional effect. Artistic. Artistic photographers use


Photography a variety of special effects to create a dramatic, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Effects could include double exposures, hand tinting, special borders and much more. How to find the right photographer. Once you've established the style that is best for you, it's time to find a professional photographer that meets your needs. Start the process by collecting referrals from friends, reviewing helpful resources like Premier Bride, attending bridal shows and surfing the Internet. Create a short list of potential photographers that specialize in the style you desire, based on their work and your budget, and set up an in-person or phone consultation with them. Your goal at this consultation is to evaluate three main areas: 1) Do you like their work? Be sure


to see complete wedding albums along with individual photos, to get the best idea of the end product you can expect to receive. Also, be very sure that you know exactly WHO will be shooting YOUR wedding - and view their work, as some larger studios have more than one photographer. 2) Do your personalities mesh? Of all your wedding vendors, the photographer is the one vendor with whom you will spend a good deal of time on your wedding day. You want to feel comfortable with this person! Even if he or she is a great photographer, if your personalities just don't 'click' - you may want to keep looking. 3) Do they fit your budget? It's so critical to have a budget amount in mind before looking for a photographer, so that you can feel confident that the one you've decided on, and love, also meets your financial requirements.


The dos and don'ts of looking your best Makeup, hair, nails‌ every blushing bride wants these to be in top form on the big day. We've done the research, reflected, and compiled our best tips to help you look completely fabulous for your wedding day!

What to DO Now is a great time to focus on healthy, glowing skin. If you're concerned about the health and appearance of your skin, then consider a visit to a dermatologist (for bigger problems) or an aesthetician (for minor issues.) Start six to 12 months before your wedding day so you have time to treat, heal and achieve good results. Facials are a must for all skin types. Regular treatment results in refined pores, smoother facial lines, healed blemishes and a more radiant complexion. When choosing your hairstyle consider your gown, the level of formality of your wedding, your personal style, your hair and your face shape. Generally speaking, the more elaborate the gown, the simpler your hair should be, or it all simply becomes "too much of a good thing." Work with your hair stylist four to six weeks before the wedding to find the right style for you - and bring a photo of your gown with you! Whether you use a pro for your makeup, have a friend do it or do it yourself, do a trial run before the wedding. In addition to feedback from close friends and/or family, take photos and evaluate those. Have your eyebrows professionally shaped at least two weeks before the wedding. Touch up if needed before the wedding with a tweezers. Do use waterproof mascara and PREMIER BRIDE 49

eye makeup, just in case you shed a tear or two‌ And use primers underneath your foundation, lipstick and eye shadow, so that your makeup lasts longer. Take good care of your skin everywhere! Body wraps detoxify, refresh and soften the skin using minerals or other natural substances. Body waxing is one of smoothest and longest lasting forms of hair removal.

What NOT to do Don't alter your style too dramatically for your wedding day look. You want to look like yourself - your best self - and "polished" enough to honor the fact that this is a very special occasion. Avoid really trendy looks in makeup, nail color and hairstyle. 10 to 20 years from now, these styles will glaringly stand out and look distractingly outdated. If you're considering any drastic


hair changes, do it a couple months before the wedding. This way, if you don't like it, you have plenty of time to make changes. Avoid facials for two or three days before your wedding, in case it causes any kind of undesirable reaction.

Our final, and best, advice DO strongly consider using beauty professionals for your wedding day hair, makeup and nails. This is one simple way to shorten the list of wedding-day worries! A true makeup artist will know trade secrets not only for fashioning a longer-lasting look, but also for accentuating your features. A great hair stylist can help you create a look that complements your facial features, headpiece and veil, and do it in a way designed to hold through the last dance. When you go pro, the end result is a relaxed, picture-perfect bride.


Directory Beauty & Health Touch of Class Day Spa/ Edelweiss Manor 1708 Springhill Dr. NW Albany, OR 97321 800.531.4306 Take Shape With Us Sue Piazza 503.926.4419 Bridal Boot Camp 4540 Commerce Street Eugene, Oregon 97402 541-484-7451

Bridal Shows

503.224.0370 Farmstead Restaurant & Pub at Arrowhead Golf Club 28313 S Highway 213 Molalla, OR 97038 503.829.7427 (see back cover)

Ceremony & Reception Sites The Adobe Resort 1555 Highway 101 Yachats, OR 97498 800.522.3623 Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom 918 SW Yamhill, 2nd Floor Portland OR. 97205 503.227.6285

Central Oregon Wedding and Events Show Riverhouse Convention Center Bend, OR January 15

BeckenRidge Vineyard 300 Reuben Boise Road Dallas, OR 97338 503.831.3652

Brides against Breast Cancer Charity Wedding Gown Sale Portland, Or January 21-23

Courtyard by Marriot Portland North Harbour 1231 N Anchor Way Portland, OR 97217 503.735.1818

Oregon Wedding Show Case Eugene - January 8 & 9 Salem - January 22 & 23 1.800.317.6589 Southern Oregon Wedding Expo 1867 Williams Hwy Suite 215 Grants Pass, OR 97527 541-476-8558 January 22 & 23 Portland Bridal Show Oregon Convention Center January 15 & 16 503-274-6027

Catering Crave Catering by appointment only 1324 SE 8th Avenue Portland, OR 97214 52 PREMIER BRIDE

Gray Gables Estate 3009 SE Chestnut Street Portland, OR 97267 503.654.0470 Historic Garrett House Station 29185 Blueberry Rd Halsey, OR 97348 541.369.2614 Mt. Hood Organic Farms 7130 Smullin Rd Mt. Hood, OR. 97041 541.352.7492

Red Lion Hotel Portland Convention Center 1021 NE Grand Avenue Portland OR 97232 503.235.2100 Santiam Place 139 Main Street Lebannon, OR 97355 541.259.4255 The Troutdale House 411 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy Troutdale, OR 97060 503.481.9449 Whisper-N-Oaks Hubert Lake Road Junction City, OR 97448 541.998.6837 Tetherow 61240 Skyline Ranch Road Bend, OR 97702 541.388.2582

Limousines Classic Limousine Services Bend, Oregon 541. 410.8916

Rentals & Supplies Incredible Events 1177 SE 9th street Bend, OR 541.317.0450 Set in Your Way Rentals 23095 Alfalfa Market Road Bend, OR 541. 388.0314

Flowers Blue Daffodil Flowers Central Oregon 541.678.4531


House on the Metolius Camp Sherman, OR 541.595.2402 Faith Hope and Charity Vineyard & Events Center Terrebonne, OR 541.350.5384 Rock Springs Ranch Bend, OR 541.815.1607

Formal Wear Mr. Formal 19 locations in Oregon and Washington 800.284.4889

Keepsake Boxes Captivating Memories 1100 McMullen Creek Road Selma, OR 97538 877.234.0228

PdxPhotoLounge 215 SE Morrison St. Suite 2007 Portland, OR 503.358.6552 Woden Photography 541.954.7913 Powers Photography Studios 1220 SW Taylor St. Portland, OR 97205 (by appt. only) 503.478.0997 PREMIER BRIDE 53








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The North West's #1 resource guide to planning the perfect wedding. We will be with you from start to finish, helping create your bliss!

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The North West's #1 resource guide to planning the perfect wedding. We will be with you from start to finish, helping create your bliss!