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ART DIRECTOR Coleen Catrino Cover Photography: BUTTERFLY PHOTOGRAPHY Contributing Writers: KELSEY LAWLER Contributing Artists: JENNIFER ERDMAN Fashion Photography: SEVERINE PHOTOGRAPHY Décor Photography: Bethany Walter Photography Venue: FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH St. Augustine, Florida Videography: Take One Productions Hair & Makeup: ONE UPON A STYLIST, Mani Kelloway BEAUTIFUL FACES BY ERIN ERIN BOYLE & JACLYN HERBERT Jewelry / Accessories: Engagement Ring Studio Chloe + Isabel by Suzza Stylist: First Coast Weddings and Events Heather Canada, Jennifer Colvin Premier Bride, Ann LeFiles Cake: Custom Confections Models: Chrissy F., Kendall C., Kinsey R., Logan B., Makayla B., Tyrah W. Styled Photo Shoots & Contributing Photographers The Byzantium Annapolis Photographer Brittland Estates | Ahoy Hamilton Photography Fish Paws Market | In The Spirit GMS Photo & Video 2941 Restaurant | Day & Evening Butterfly Photography My Sweet Array | How Sweet It Is Heather Alexander Photography Kirkland Manor | Fit For A Princess Liz & Ryan Specialty Drinks & Food Photography By Tre’ Lynn Contributing Photographers Lindsey Markle Photography, Photography By Marirosa, Paige Engel Photography, Hannah Mink Photography, Megan Bennett Photography, Valerie Mitchell Photography, Your Journey Studio, Jordan Marsh, Taeck Jang Photography, imij photo, Bradley Images, Charlie Shin Photography, Mantas Photography, Brittney Nestle Photography,

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Style Shoots & Special Features Thank you to the following Premier Preferred Vendors who contributed to these fabulous photo spreads:

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katya & george May 20th George proposed New Year’s Eve outside the Four Season’s in Baltimore where he asked me to take a walk outside so we can watch the fireworks. After he proposed and I said yes the surprise continued with a room overlooking the harbor where we made all our family calls and watched the fireworks as we welcomed 2016. Photography: Jordan Marsh Jewelry: Radcliffe Jewelers Reception: Country Club of Darien CT. Caterer: Country Club of Darien Cakes: Palmer’s Market of Darien

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Drink Up! Give wedding day spirits a special touch “Cheers! Salud! Prost!” We all have a preferred way of drinking to the health of family and friends. What better time to toast life and love than at a wedding? Let’s look at beverage ideas, large and small, adult and kid-friendly, to bolster a day brimming with drink infused merriment. At the reception, lead with refreshments. During cocktail hour, greet guests with personalized drink glasses doubling as place cards. Try attaching a miniature nametag to paper straws or scrawl names on chalkboard-style stickers and stick them on rustic mason jars. Another way to individualize the drinking experience: tiny bottles of champagne waiting at each table. Wedding favors for each guest might also be drinkable. If you’re a coffee-loving couple, gift a small bag of coffee grounds labeled “the perfect blend” or “love is brewing.” To give potables even more personality, ask the bartender to create a signature drink for the bride and groom. Be sure to call the drink something clever, like “Marry Me Martini,” “Something Blue Punch,” or, a play on the couple’s last name. For a bride and groom who don’t agree on beverages, go for His and Her drinks…perhaps pink sangria (“Blushing Bride”) and a blue margarita (“Blueeyed Groom”). If you’re connoisseurs of a particular type of alcohol, then create an entire focal table dedicated to your spirits of choice. Add a fun touch to the table with handmade signs: “Whiskey for the boys!” or “Eat, drink, and be married!” And if you want things to get really personal (and your venue allows bringing in alcohol), be your own bartender. Pre-mix drinks in mason jars and keep them on ice. Or, if brewing is your thing, brew your own beer. It doesn’t get much more unique than that! Beyond booze, incorporate nonalcoholic refreshments so that there’s a little something for everyone. Kegs of root beer are fun for the kids. Large jugs of lemonade are not



only thirst quenching at a summertime wedding, but they also make for a very pretty picture. When it’s time for dessert or a late night second wind, consider a coffee bar complete with flavor shots and donut pops as stirring straws. In the winter months, a hot cacao bar with all the marshmallow trimmings and peppermint stick trappings leaves a warm, lasting impression. Want an even more unique-factor? Try soaking fruit in spirits! Popular combinations include champagne soaked berries and tequila-soaked watermelon wedges. Aside from fruit, any gummy candy can also soak up spirits for a yummy treat your guests are sure to be buzzing about long after the boozy gummy-bear buzz has worn off.

Featured Drinks






6 Get creative with beverages from eatable cups top left to skinny Mason jars. Let your theme match your drinks. Beverages: 1. Edible Beverage Drinking Cup Eleven Courses Catering page: 13 2. Rosemary Citrus Martini Fish Paws Market page: 39 3. Hound Dog Cocktail Fish Paws Market page: 39 4. 5. 6.


Bourbon Harvest Peach PurĂŠe Carrot Craze Eleven Courses Catering page: 13

Check out our blog for some of these Beverage recipes!

7. Bourbon Whiskey Fish Paws Market page: 39 PREMIER BRIDE 2018


Featured Food R O U G E F I N E C AT E R I N G

Shrimp Etouffe Southern Fried Grit Cake: Fresh Avocado and Apple-wood Smoked Bacon topped with a dollop of Spicy Mayonnaise

Smoked Halibut over Polenta Bolin



Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes: Filled with Fresh Herb Hummus and Completed with Balsamic Pearls

410-527-0007 PREMIER BRIDE 2018


Featured Food 2 9 4 1 R E S TA U R A N T

Crescent Duck Breast, Brussels sprout, celery root, spiced apple cider glaze

Yellowfin Tuna, Grand-Marnier aioli, avocado, fried shallots, pomme gaufrette

Hamachi Carpaccio, grilled pineapple & peppers, tarragon, passion fruit marshmallow, pansies petals

Pistachio mousse, cranberry sorbet, pistachio sponge cake, white chocolate pearls

Steamed Sea Bass, pioppini mushrooms, citrus cauliflower florets, sherry-mushroom sauce PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Butter fly Photography



p h ot og r ap h y b y ar v i n p h o t og r ap h y . c o m

Gorgeous Wedding Events and Celebrations

The wedding event of your dreams is waiting for you at 2941 Restaurant. Every dish is a work of art at this marvelous inside the beltway oasis. 2941 is one of the most celebrated restaurants in the metropolitan area. Nestled in the heart of Falls Church, Virginia, the restaurant is surrounded by lush landscaping, koi ponds, waterfalls, world-class artwork, and a lakeside view. Weddings, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, receptions, & more are available for parties of 2 to 200.

Beautiful Memories Are Made Here. 2941 Awarded Wedding Wire Editors' Pick: Best Venues for Foodies 'Best Wedding Reception Venue' in Northern Virginia | Northern Virginia Magazine 'Best Of' Named #1 on America's 10 Most Romantic Restaurants List | The Daily Meal 2941 Named 'The 10 Most Beautiful Restaurants In All Of Washington DC' | Only in Your State Follow us on

Instagram @2941Weddings #2941weddings #2941restaurant for additional wedding photographs and event in spiration

2941 Fairview Park Drive Falls Church, VA 22042 | 703.270.1615 | |



Featured Food ELEVEN COURSES Golden Beet Cube, Goat Cheese Mousse, Black Sesame Sprinkle

Fresh Burrata & Yellow Beef Steak Tomatoes, Cherry Tomato Accents, Fresh Basil, 12 yr Old Reserve Balsamic Reduction

Pop Rock Panna Cotta

Steakhouse Scallop in Textures

Caesar Salad Neat Eleven Courses Catering Photography By Tre’ Lynn, Tori Nefores Photography



# crEATe

Eleven Courses, led by Jim and Melissa Benson, is recognized as an industry trend-setter with an unwavering commitment for bringing creativity and innovation to every event. • 410.459.6773



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Shirley & Jason 14


September 16th

Jason proposed at his sister’s house before we were set to pose for holiday photos. He had decorated the room with candles in the shape of a heart, he then walked to the center of the room and poured his heart out. After inviting our family in, who were watching a live feed of everything in the basement, he got down on one knee and I said yes of course.

Cakes & Dessert: My Sweet Array page: 125 Rehearsal Dinner: Silver Fountain Caterer: Regency at Dominion Valley Photography: Taeck Jang Photography Planner: Heather St. Clair Events Invitations: My Sweet Array Invitations: page: 175 Gown: Mei’s Bridal








Chef Jim Benson

Chef Jonathan Soudry



After years of scouring the globe to gain vast experience with many types of cuisine, Chef Jim Benson launched Eleven Courses Catering. “I wanted to get out there, collaborate with other chefs and be inspired by what I tasted – putting my own spin on it.” Chef Jim was born a (culinary) artist, he’s always had the ability to listen to a song for the first time and then replay it by ear, the same goes with food – it’s like a 6th sense.

Chef Soudry started his training and career as a child working in his parents’ small food business in Marseille. He went on to receive his culinary training in many renowned French restaurants. He worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Washington, DC before moving on to develop and operate several restaurant concepts of his own in Baltimore and Boston and now Washington DC. He enjoys cooking Mediterranean and family recipes.

The world of food is always evolving, Eleven Courses takes several culinary tours around the world and comes back to the kitchen with a fresh perspective and new recipes. Eleven Course’s mantra is: A Private Chef Approach. “Our approach to catering – fresh, vibrant cuisine, with a focus on designing menus that artfully come full circle from beginning to end – never waivers.

Chef Jonathan developed a line of packaged meal products for a Fortune 500 company which were sold nationally. Two of these packaged meal products were awarded the prestigious accolade of being among the 10 best and most innovative new products of the year, on a national level. TIP: Require fresh, fresh, fresh food is critical!



Chef Bertrand Chemel 2 9 4 1 R E S TA U R A N T

The Man in charge of all Wedding Menus. This Auvergne boy began his journey under the wing of renowned chef Michel Gaudin at his eponymous destination restaurant in Megève, France. The two fell in quickly and Gaudin became his mentor, sending Chemel to Geneva’s Hotel du Rhône for training. If Gaudin was Chemel’s first mentor, Daniel Boulud was his stateside guru after his move to the US . It was from this master of French-cuisine-for-Americans that Chemel honed his culinary style. He began as a line cook in 1999 at Daniel and with a stop along the way as Laurent Tourondel’s sous chef at Cello, he eventually landed at Café Boulud in 2003. The sleekly modern 2941 where Chemel has found his own resting spot is an astonishingly idyllic place where you have to avoid bumping into Dalis in the herb garden and where Chemel plucks his aromatics daily—an appropriate venue for the contemporary Gallic fare that he interprets through the lens of Americana, and Virginia’s bounty.



Chef Yale Koplovitz M A C G R E G O R ’ S R E S TA U R A N T

Chef Soudry started his training and career as a child working in his parents’ small food business in Marseille. He went on to receive his culinary training in many renowned French restaurants. He worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Washington, DC before moving on to develop and operate several restaurant concepts of his own in Baltimore and Boston and now Washington DC. He enjoys cooking Mediterranean and family recipes. Chef Jonathan developed a line of packaged meal products for a Fortune 500 company which were sold nationally. Two of these packaged meal products were awarded the prestigious accolade of being among the 10 best and most innovative new products of the year, on a national level. TIP: Require fresh, fresh, fresh food is critical!

Catered with Elegance Chef Ricardo Bonilla C AT E R I N G B Y U P T O W N

With over 25 years of experience as a professional in the food service industry, Chef Ricardo has become a master of almost every dish. From his training in preparing French cuisine at the 1789 restaurant in Georgetown to perfecting his Chesapeake crab cakes at Catering by Uptown, the display and quality of his food are second to none. Chef Ricardo’s passion for food spans the globe and is evident in both our traditional and multi-cultural menus. From former Presidents, to thousands of brides & grooms – everyone appreciates the care Chef Ricardo takes in his craft.

Selecting the right caterer A professionally catered meal can be the crowning glory of your wedding celebration so choose your caterer with care. Your options vary depending on your wedding location so you should definitely think about catering before you book the facility. If you’re renting a restaurant, hotel, yacht, or similar facility, you may have to use their catering service. Some facilities will include catering charges in the rental cost, and some won’t. Many good, private catering companies will cater meals at any location. As you investigate these possibilities, determine what extras are included in their charges: table linens, plates, glasses, and crystal, silverware and service pieces. While these are usually included, it is something you will want to confirm in advance, so as not to find out on your wedding day. Determine your food budget by deciding how much you will spend on each person. Simply multiply the cost per person by the number of guests. Get in writing which menu and the number of guests your money will cover. Then mentally add an additional 10 percent for overage and 18 to 25 percent for a gratuity, if appropriate. Your caterer will know, from formulas and experience, how much of each item to allow per person. In selecting a caterer, ask for referrals from people who’ve tasted the caterer’s fare and have observed their professionalism at work. Many caterers offer a tasting consultation to allow you the opportunity to sample a variety of specialties. If this is available, then be sure and take advantage of it.

P R E M I E R B R I D E 2 017


Everything you need for the perfect wedding



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Furniture to Finishings Items to set the stage

Often you have a vision of what you would like to see at your wedding, but you don’t always have the budget. Unique pieces can be created by recycling old items to suit your needs. An old boat can make a perfect drink cooler. Stacked pallets can be used for a dessert buffet and shutters a perfect holder for place cards. Embellish pieces with homemade signs, lanterns, candles and flower arrangements to create a perfect setting fit for any budget.

2941 Restaurant

2941 Fairview Park Drive Falls Church, VA 703-270-1615

7617 Water Oak Point Rd. Pasadena, MD 410-437-3784

Big Cork Vineyards

Billingsley House Museum

Bohemia River Overlook

Brittland Estates

4236 Main Street Rohrersville, MD 301-302-8032

88 Rivers Edge Rd. North East, MD 443-877-6313


Anchor Inn


6900 Green Landing Rd. Upper Marlboro, MD 301-627-0730

211 Brittland Farm Lane Chestertown, MD 410-810-7591

Best Western Plus Hotel & Conference Center 5625 O’Donnell St. Baltimore, MD | 410-633-9500

Boardwalk Plaza

2 Olive Ave. & Boardwalk Rehoboth, DE 302-227-7169

Bulle Rock

320 Blenheim Lane Havre de Grace, MD 410-939-8887

Premier Venue Guide

Celebrations at the Bay

Casey Community Center

2042 Knollview Dr. Pasadena, MD 410-437-3784

810 S. Frederick Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 301-258-6366


City of Havre de Grace

4837 Evergreen Road Oxford, MD 443-786- 7220

450 Pennington Ave. Havre de Grace, MD 410-939-2100

Chesapeake Charm

7617 Water Oak Point Road Pasadena, MD 301-572-7744

Courtyard Gaithersburg Washingtonian Center

204 Boardwalk Place Gaithersburg, MD | 301-527-9000

Corporate Prive or Intimate Wedding, Now offering full service off-site catering

DiFebo’s Catering

Darnall’s Chance House Museum

789 Garfield Pkwy Bethany Beach, DE 14800 Governor Oden Bowie Drive 302-539-4550 Upper Marlboro, MD 301-952-8010 H O M E - M A D E D E S S E R T S A N D PA S TA S - A W A R D W I N N I N G C U I S I N E

F R E S H , L O C A L A N D B O L D I TA L I A N




DoubleTree By Hilton Largo/Washington DC 9100 Basil Court Largo, MD 301-773-0700



Hampton Inn By Hilton College Park

9670 Baltimore Ave. College Park, MD | 301-345-2200

Hilton Ocean City Oceanfront Suites

3200 N. Baltimore Ave. Ocean City, MD | 800-399-6820

Homewood Suites Columbia/Laurel

7531 Montpelier Road Laurel, MD 240-360-2725



Harrison’s Harbor Watch Restaurant

806 S. Atlantic Ave. Ocean City, MD | 800-399-6820

Hilton Garden Inn Columbia 8241 Snowden River Parkway Columbia, MD 410-750-3700

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites

Holiday Inn Oceanfront

Irvine Nature Center

Kentlands Mansion

1701 Atlantic Ave. Ocean City, MD 800-399-6820

11201 Garrison Forest Rd. Owings Mills, MD 410-527-0007

6600 Coastal Hwy Ocean City, MD­ 800-399-6820

320 Kent Square Road Gaithersburg, MD 301-258-6425

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and Receive


MacG will Rece

Special Promotional Discounts

Call our

Kirkland Manor Kirkland Manor

Eastern Shore St. Michael’s, MD 443-786-7220 443.786.7220 |

Memorial Chapel

1101 Memorial Chapel, UMD College Park, MD 301-314-9893

Newton White Mansion 2708 Enterprise Road Mitchellville, MD 301-249-2004

Seating up to 85

MacGregor’s Restaurant & Tavern

331 St. John Street Havre de Grace, MD | 410-939-3003

Fea Pr

Maria’s Love Point Bed & Breakfast

1710 Love point Rd. Stevensville, MD | 410-643-5054

Newly renovated be 9650 Muirkirk Road panoramic views. In Laurel, MD 301-377-7817 spaces available. V location today.

Minker Banquet Hall

Montpelier Mansion


OC 360410-250-1100 at Fenwick Inn

920 Principio Furnace Road Perryville, MD 410-939-3003

8850 Stanford Boulevard Columbia, MD 410-290-0077

www.fenwickinn.c Ocean City , Mary

13801 Coastal Hwy. Ocean City, MD 410-250-1100



Ocean Hall

36889 Bushwood Wharf Road Bushwood, MD 240-925-2163

Prince George’s Ballroom 2411 Pinebrook Avenue Landover, MD 301-341-7439

Running Fox

23791 Ricauds Branch Road Chestertown, MD 410-810-7591



Oxon Hill Manor

6901 Oxon Hill Road Oxon Hill, MD 301-839-7782

River Lodge

219 Brittland Farm Lane Chestertown, MD 410-810-7591

Sheraton Baltimore North

902 Dulaney Valley Rd. Towson, MD 443-921-2314

Preston Hall

25 W. Preston St. Baltimore, MD 410-802-4372

Riversdale House Museum 4811 Riverdale Road Riverdale Park, MD 301-864-0420

Snow Hill Manor

13301 Laurel-Bowie Road Laurel, MD 301-725-6037

Premier Venue Guide

Stepne Manor

The Byzantium

Sunset Beach Resort

406 S Cross Street Chestertown, MD | 410-810-7591

Cape Charles, VA 757-331-1776

The Flagg House

The Restaurant

2747 Riva Rd. Annapolis, MD | 240-205-1190

Breathtaking Weddings at the Ocean

The elegant Lighthouse at Sound is a first class wedding 844 East Pratt St. Lighthouse Soundand reception facility offering the best views in Ocean City. Overlooking the scenic bay and Ocean City Baltimore, MD St.cuisine, Martin’s Neck hospitality Road and beautiful Skyline, we specialize in12723 delicious outstanding surroundings. Lighthouse Bishopville, Sound will have MD your | guests raving for years to come! 301-572-7744 410-641-1199 Ocean City, MD | 410.641.1199 |

Visit Annapolis & Anne Arundel County

410-280-0445 x314

Waverly Mansion

2300 Waverly Mansion Drive Marriottsville, MD 301-572-7744

The Villa

4060 Powder Mill Rd. Beltsville, MD 301-572-7744

Woodlawn and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House 9000 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria, VA | 202-524-6801



Eleven Courses Catering & Events Photography By Tre' Lynn Photography



The Nuts and Bolts of Gift Registry

When should we register?

Start making your registry four to six months before the wedding so that you’re ready for any engagement parties, showers, or eager guests. But you don’t have to register for everything at once, so don’t stress!

How do we register?

Choose up to four stores that feel like a good fit. Ideally, visit a couple of stores in person before finalizing your selections. Most full-service stores offer a great deal of free registry help — take advantage of it!

What do we register for?

and honeymoon fund. Include gifts in all price ranges, and select more gifts than there are guests to ensure that there are enough items.

Communicate the news Word of mouth is the best way to let people know you’re registered. But you can also include this information on your wedding website and on any wedding shower invites — but never on your wedding invitations!

Send thank you notes

Most couples ask for things that they would never buy for themselves but would love to have to grace their future home. You may also want to think about your hobbies

Make sure to respond promptly (within two to four weeks) and graciously with a heartfelt thank you note. Do your utmost to handwrite each note and keep it personal.

Newly renovated beautiful venue with panoramic views. Indoor and outdoor spaces available. Visit our amazing location today.

410-250-1100 Ocean City , Maryland PREMIER BRIDE 2018


Byzantium BALLROOM

Indoor or outdoor The Byzantium has you covered. Fountain cocktail area for sitting and relaxing surrounded by greenery and beauty in Annapolis. Planner: Your Day – Your Way page: 155 Venue: The Byzantium in Annapolis page: 59 Photographer: The Annapolis Photographer Cakes: The Cake Studio Baltimore page: 121 Rentals: Rentals To Remember

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BRITTLAND MANOR 211 Brittland Farm Lane Chestertown, MD 21620 410.810.7591 CAPACITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 400 OUTDOOR SPACE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES WATER VIEW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES OFF SITE CATERING ALLOWED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES SEPERATE CEREMONY ROOM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES FACILITY FEE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES

Brittland Manor is a secluded mansion with gardens, pool, and 530 riverside acres. Nestled away on the Eastern Shore of Maryland this complete wedding kingdom could be yours for an entire weekend. Create a beautiful riverside ceremony in the natural setting of the Cyprus Grove or in the Manor Boxwood Garden. The lawn and gardens of the mansion are a magnificent setting for a reception with a 180 degree view of the Chester River. There is an expansive brick patio that can accomodate six different size tents for your grand reception. 34



RIVER LODGE 211 Brittland Farm Lane Chestertown, MD 21620 410.810.7591 CAPACITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 400 OUTDOOR SPACE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES WATER VIEW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES OFF SITE CATERING ALLOWED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES SEPERATE CEREMONY ROOM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES FACILITY FEE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES

With its rustic, peaceful waterfront setting, the River Lodge is an excellent venue for an informal wedding. The Lodge is perched on the banks of the Chester River and includes a shaded beachfront cove, spacious adjacent fields, and a scenic dock to the river. May through September weddings may only be held on Fridays or Sundays. The two night minimum stay allows you and your close ones to relax and enjoy the time spent together while creating lifetime memories.



406 S. Cross St. Chestertown, MD 21620 410-810-7591

32246 Lankford Highway Cape Charles, VA 23310 757.331.1776

stepne Manor

CAPACITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 400 OUTDOOR SPACE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES

CAPACITY . . . .Fox . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 running

OUTDOOR SPACE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES

WATER VIEW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES

406 s. Cross st. OFF SITE CATERING ALLOWED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES Chestertown, MD 21620 SEPERATE CEREMONY ROOM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES 410-810-7591 FACILITY FEE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES

WATER VIEW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES 23791 ricauds Branch rd OFF SITE CATERING ALLOWED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES Chestertown, MD 21620 SEPERATE CEREMONY ROOM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES 410-810-7591 FACILITY FEE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YES

Ideal for a town charm wedding, Stepne Manor is located within walking distance to Chestertown’s historic buildings, churches, galleries, and shops. Across the street 400 you’llCapaCity find a park ....................................................... on the Chester River for some great OutDOOr ..........................................yes wedding pictures.spaCe The wide covered porch and spacious lawn at Stepne provide a relaxed yet sophisticated setting Water VieW .................................................yes for pre-wedding get-togethers and small receptions. The OFF site Catering aLLOWeD circa 1690 manor house is full of historic..................yes detail and ideal for theseparate small wedding party weekend CereMOny rOOMaccommodations. ...................yes

Sunset Beach Resort is perfect for brides seeking a distinct, intimate setting on the Chesapeake Bay. Aptly named for incredible sunsets, the resort promises a CapaCity ....................................................... 400 pristine stunning backdrop behind its expansive deck and beach. Located just ..........................................yes outside the heart of Cape Charles, OutDOOr spaCe Virginia, Sunset Beach Resort boasts southern hospitality Water VieW .................................................yes with a relaxed yet luxurious vibe. The on-site restaurant, OFF site Catering aLLOWeD The Jackspot, features local seafood..................yes favorites and can cater to any CereMOny request. Accommodations include deluxe separate rOOM ...................yes cottages and on-site hotel just steps from the beach. FaCiLity Fee ..................................................yes

ideal for a town charm wedding, stepne Manor is located within walking distance to

FaCiLity Fee ..................................................yes

surrounded by pristine farmlands, woods, PREMIER BRIDE 2018 and a wildlife pond, running Fox is a pastoral


Michelle & Tommy July 1st We love to go to Ocean City for the July 4th holiday. While there, we were heading to dinner and made a detour to the beach first, where Tommy proposed. Ceremony & Reception: 2941 Restaurant page: 11 Planner: Exceptional Events By Elisa page: 153 Formals: Formal Envy Bridal Cake: Tysons Bakery Photography: Charlie Shin Photography Stationery: KK’s Printing and Stationery Flowers: Karin’s Florist Rentals: Sammy’s Rentals Hair: Veronica Panina Gown: Allure Officiant: Wedding Ceremonies By Jeff Child Care: Kid Care Anywhere Makeup: Bliss Beauty & Spa Music: Olivera Music & Entertainment Alterations: My Bridalterations Check out our blog for more amazing photos and details!



A unique, warm & affordable atmosphere for any special occasion

Casey Community Center 38


Gaithersburg, Maryland 301.258.6366 •

Wedding Day style quirky, elegant and unforgettable

So you’ve found the guy, found the dress, but you really want your bridal look to scream YOU!? Consider adding one or all of the following suggestions into your bridal look on your wedding day. Personalize it: Have a patch made, or even a piece of the gown embroidered with your custom monogram with your new initials and wedding day on it. Make the embroidery blue, so that you have the “something blue” covered. You can also add an image if you would like, instead of a monogram, like a heart or other picture that is special to you. Have the patch or other insignia added to the inside of your gown, this will be something that you will see, but it adds that extra touch of you, on your wedding day. Wearing a veil? Consider having the bottom of the veil embroidered with white or ivory thread, it is simply unforgettable.

Have a Surprise!: You might want to think about adding a fun layer of fabric under your gown. Have the fabric sewn on the inside of the gown, and get ready for a photo op! If your gown isn’t full enough, you might consider having a crinoline dyed to your favorite color. Your Shoes: Gone are the days of plain ivory heels, and enter a whole new world of shoes for your wedding day! From cowboy boots to bridal sandals, brides are finding shoes that appeal to them, and express their personality. Have fun with this one, and make sure you get shoes you can wear over and over again! Not Just White: You might be in love with the color pink, why don’t you wear a pink wedding gown? Color is very in style right now, and you might consider wearing a dress in your favorite color.



Weddings on a Budget

Your walk down the aisle don’t break the bank

If planning a wedding is a challenge, then paying for it can be an even greater one. But don’t despair. Here are some insider secrets to help you save money when you choose a full-service hotel as your reception site.

The first time


Many hotels book receptions from noon to 5:00 p.m. or from 6:00There p.m. istosomidnight, they may charge extra totohost much toand remember when it comes mak-a reception that overlaps both time segments. To save money, choose ing your day memorable for many years to come. From one of these times. Better yet, choose the earlier time slot. Because invitations, flowers,choosing invitations, transporevening functionscakes, tend to dresses, be easily booked, the earlier time money or locations, there’s just ifsotheir much maytation, give yousaving negotiating power with the hotel especially list to price is the same for both time frames. arrange. We’ve taken a few top “things to remember” and

given you the reasons why you better not forget.


The date you choose for your wedding may significantly affect T H I cost. N K Peak ABO U T WAY S TMay, O SJune, AV ESeptember, MONEY reception months are April, Got aand budget? Most people If you in want a more are October November. Saturdaydo. evenings December generally reserved for holiday parties. Mostthen hotels refuse to elaborate wedding for less money, trywill a few of these negotiate pricestrue during these prime months, and many require tried and methods. a minimum budget be met in order to reserve the space. At other • Look into saying your nuptials on a Sunday instead times of the year, however, hoteliers are usually more than willing of a Friday or Saturday. to haggle.

• Go easy on the alcohol at your wedding. The guests will thank you later. In• comparison to a dinner hors d’oeuvres, a station Choose flowers thatbuffet, won’theavy wilt before the I Do’s. Tulips reception, or a sit-down meal is frequently the most economical no, roses yes. Ask your florist for recommendations.


choice. Though many new brides assume that an hors d’oeuvres cocktail party will be the least expensive option, often the exact MEET WHERE YOU WILL EXCHANGE opposite is true. To host an hors d’oeuvres party at mealtime,VOWS you should 14 toyou 16 hors d’oeuvres perthe person. all ofwedthe Theprovide last thing want to hear day When of your items are is tallied, total allowed per personincost be equalorto“You or higher ding “no the flashes thecan church” only than a plated or a buffet meal.

have 30 minutes before the ceremony to decorate the chapel with flowers. Think now of the disasters you can avoid in the future. factor to your overall reception budget The largest contributing is the typewhere of barthe youphotographer host. Generally, you are considering • Ask or ifvideographer can hosting a barpictures. for your Are guests for any the full reception (four to five take there places off limits? hours), the price can equal or even exceed the meal cost. Many • How early can the florist arrive to decorate and are times a hotel will offer an “open bar” package price. These prices there stipulations theper number or types of of the are based onany a fixed per persononcost hour regardless floral arrangements? amount consumed. The advantage of the open bar is having a fixed to factor into your room budget.for you and the attendants? • cost Is there a changing Do not assume that serving only beer, What about anyou areawillforsave themoney groombyand groomsmen?


wine and soda. Many people will drink more beer and wine than mixed drinks. If you need to save money on your open bar, then I Nand V Ireopen T A Tafter I Othe N meal. S This way you close the bar during dinner, invitations will it’sbeneeded the first willThe have bar coverage when most. thing that many of

your guests will see in regards to your wedding. No



matter how beautiful your dress or how breathtaking the flower arrangements, the invitations come first and, as they say, you only have one time to make a first impression. • Think about what you want to say with your invitation and express it with style. • Always hand-address your invitations and remember, children over 18 years old get their own invitations as well as your attendants, groomsmen, parents and the clergy. • Keep a good account of the RSVP’s. You will thank yourself later for keeping up with the count from the beginning. WEDDING CAKE WORRIES Eat cake and be happy. But how do you know what flavor to choose so your guests won’t take one bite and just pretend they ate the rest. • Cakes don’t just come in one variety anymore. Think about all those flavors your mother never made like carrot, lemon, strawberries and coconut or even coffee mocha. • Cake tops are saying more nowadays and really showing off a couple’s personality. Some cake designers have mentioned topping wedding cakes with family heirlooms or creations that represent how the couple feels about one another. You can never ask too many questions or be too certain about the details when it comes to the biggest day of your life. Make your first trip down the aisle a snapshot you will remember forever.

Maria’s Love Point Bed and Breakfast Waterfront Weddings & Receptions Have the wedding of your dreams and an exceptionally wonderful celebration. Your exclusive wedding retreat at a scenic wedding venue. You will have the exclusive use of the property for your special day. We will help you plan and design your perfect wedding event. 410-643-5054 |

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Elizabeth & John 42


April 1st To stick with their silly and laid back theme, Elizabeth and John made their own rings, painted canvases for the table place markers, and even created their own invitations.

Caterer: Eleven Courses Catering page: 13 Photography: Mantas Photography Music and Entertainment: DJ G Events Rentals: We’re Having a Party



Rehearsal Dinners 5steps to fun & fabulous

With the main event just around the corner, it’s time to relax and celebrate! After the ceremony rehearsal, most couples choose to spend some quality time with close family and friends during a rehearsal dinner. The details of how you do this – who, what, when, where – are up to you. Below are five steps to help you pull it all together fabulously.

1 Choose your party

4 Make them mingle

2 Clarify who’s paying

5 Fine tune the toasts

The first step is to decide on what kind of gathering you wish to have. Most couples stick with something a little less formal since you will all be dressed to the nines the next day. But really, you can do anything you like that feeds the crowd and allows for a little mingling: a pig roast, a potluck, dinner at a restaurant, a cocktail and appetizer cruise, a picnic in a park or a cookout in your backyard. Brainstorm with your sweetie and choose your ideal party.

Historically, the groom’s parents picked up the tab for the rehearsal dinner, however, you can no longer make that assumption. So, as with all wedding elements, it’s critical to be clear, up front, about exactly who is paying for what. And never, ever assume!

3 Make the guest list

Anyone involved in the ceremony and, therefore, at the ceremony rehearsal, would, of course be invited. This includes attendants, parents and other immediate family, readers and so on. It’s also customary to include any outof-town guests as they will have traveled some distance for your wedding. It also gives them the chance to meet more people before the wedding itself. You wouldn’t want them hanging out in their hotel room alone in an unfamiliar city.



One of the main purposes of the rehearsal dinner is for the two families to get to know each other better and enjoy each other’s company. So, whatever you and your groom can do to help with that, the better. Consider strategically planned seating with place cards or nametags with brief descriptions like “Mary Jones, Bride’s College Roommate,” and any other needed introductions. The rehearsal dinner is also an ideal time to give your attendants their gifts.

Traditionally, the groom’s father toasts first at the rehearsal dinner, however, traditions continue to evolve and change! The rehearsal dinner is a more relaxed, informal atmosphere so you can decide together, along with your families, who would like to speak and in what order. Often, the groom’s father will say a few words followed by the bride’s father and then the bride and groom. Groomsmen, bridesmaids, mothers and other guests may also want to make a toast. Cheers!

This is our version of a

wedding crasher.

Say I do with an ocean view. We’ll help you plan a picture2 Olive Avenue & the Boardwalk Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 (800) 33 BEACH | (302) 227-7169

perfect wedding reception in one of our oceanfront banquet halls. When it comes to food, the hotel’s team of chefs from Victoria’s Restaurant can prepare an amazing array of delectable dining choices for your guests. For the wedding day you’ve always wanted call (800) 33-BEACH for a personal tour and advice on how to plan for your special day.



䬀椀爀欀氀愀渀搀 䴀愀渀漀爀 㐀㐀㌀⸀㜀㠀㘀⸀㜀㈀㈀  簀 琀椀搀攀眀愀琀攀爀眀攀搀搀椀渀最⸀挀漀洀 



Gourmet Reception At your favorite restaurant

Honey, where would you like to eat tonight? I’m in the mood for something special. This is a question that you and your fiancé may ask each other often. Why not ask that same question when selecting a reception site? You want your wedding to be a special experience for you as well as for your guests. After spending endless hours selecting the perfect dress, the perfect flowers, and the perfect venue, treat your guests to a special meal. When planning your wedding you will discover endless possibilities for reception sites, hotels, country clubs, museums, backyard tents and more. Among those possibilities, you should consider your local favorite restaurants, the restaurant where you went to celebrate your last promotion, your last birthday, and where you took your parents when they came to visit. Your favorite restaurants may offer all the style and amenities you require, and most important, they will have the expertise to serve you and your guests an exceptional meal.

With your favorite restaurant, depending on the size of your reception, you may reserve a private room or you may be able to reserve the entire space. You, with the chef, may craft a customized menu and wine selections of exceptional quality. The restaurant’s event coordinator will assist you with your reception planning, and because restaurants host many types of events, may be able to offer additional suggestions and assistance in securing other needed services from musicians, florists, transportation providers and audio/visual specialists. When exploring restaurant reception options: 1) first contact the restaurant’s event coordinator to discuss date availability, room capacity, additional services provided and to receive copies of special event menus; 2) schedule an appointment to inspect the proposed reception space and to discuss menu options and customization; 3) schedule a tasting of your selected items (most restaurants will charge a small tasting fee); and 4) if all is to your liking be prepared to place a deposit securing the date as restaurants book up quickly with their regular clientele or other events.



From the magnificent water views to the surrounding gardens that makes memories that last forever.

Venue: Brittland Estates page: 79 Rentals: Eastern Shore Tents and Events page: 16 Photographer: Hamilton Photography Decorator: Intrigue Design & DĂŠcor


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Create a scene you will want to draw attentions to. A waterside wedding makes for the perfect setting for a nautical themed celebration. A decorative helm, roping and items such as anchors can be used to make this look complete. Toss in some appropriately colored flowers and lanterns for a day to dusk setting and you’ve got a look that will make you shout “Ahoy”. PREMIER BRIDE 2018


Lanna & Tyler 50


September 8th After a rainy February date night, we got back to our house to find the living room decorated with twinkle lights and candles. He presented me with a card and then got down on one knee. After accepting, our families came out of hiding to help us celebrate!.

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Coordinator: Stephanie Lynn Caterer: The Uncommon Caterer Photography: Photography By Tre’ Lynn page: 137 Music: Jose Polanco Reception: The Booking House

The Wedding Reception OK, you’re busy. You want the cut and dry version of reception planning, and you want it now.

Before You Book As you’re searching for wedding locations, ask vendors about catering policies, alcohol policies, bad weather contingency plans, staffing availability, parking, decorating, deposits, refunds and insurance. • Book your wedding and reception site as soon as you have set a date. To find your perfect site, call around. Ask for a description and a list of services: caterers, waiters, bartenders and parking valets. Make an appointment to tour promising prospects.



• Hotels, restaurants, private clubs and halls normally offer catering services, and may not allow you to use your own caterer. • Make sure there is enough room for your guests, and electric voltage for your entertainment. • Churches and temples may have policies regarding alcohol and other restrictions. • For a garden wedding be sure you have enough room inside in case of bad weather. • If you’re going to decorate, ask about restrictions

Planning & Preparation

At the Party • You may want to ask several relatives or close friends to act as hosts, greet your guests, to assist with seating and to maximize the mingling. • •

• Serve the meal or send people to the buffet in this order: bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, attendants, parents and then guests.

• Designate a table for the wedding party and another table for both of the families. The bridal couple may have their own Sweetheart Table. Or, the couple may sit in the center of the table, maid of honor to the groom’s left, and best man to the bride’s right. Alternate men and women as space allows. •

Your first dance as husband and wife should feature your special song, usually something romantic. The floor should be empty of other guests. Then come the dances for the bride and her father, the groom and his mother, the bride and the groom’s father, the groom and the bride’s mother. Lastly, the wedding party joins in, then the guests.

Traditionally, the bouquet and garter toss take place near the end. To keep your original bouquet, have the florist Just before the meal is served to the wedding party, it is traditional for the best man to propose a toast. All rise, create a special arrangement to be thrown. except the bride and groom. After the toast, the groom • If possible, invite all guests to both the ceremony and the may reply. Any other toasts are then appropriate. reception.


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Brittani & Kyle 54


June 3rd One Easter, Kyle decided to send Brittani on an Easter Egg Hunt. There was a new clue in each egg leading her to her Easter basket. Inside the basket was a golden Easter egg and inside was a ring.

Photography: Your Journey Studios Ceremony: Ocean Hall page: 87 Wedding Gown: Ava Laurenne Bridal Caterer: Bailey’s Catering Cake: Michelle’s Cakes Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas



Theme weddings So much to choose from Theme weddings so much to choose from It’s true, there are as many themes for your wedding as there are days of the year, but what really matters is what is going to make your day the most memorable. In the springtime think gardens blooming, lace and holidays such as Easter and May Day. It’s no secret that flowers are at their most beautiful this time of year so consider all those plants that can make your wedding special. Surprise your guests with both outstanding colors and the fragrance to match. While spring might be a time for growing new things, summer is definitely the most popular time for weddings. From beach weddings to western or cultural celebrations, June just seems to be the right time to tie the knot. Perhaps a Victorian wedding at this time of year might be appropriate with lots of lace and plenty of candles to light the ceremony and reception. Celebrating Halloween or the fall harvest on your special day is a great time to create memories. As the weather is changing and the seasons are moving into a quieter time, so can your wedding memories remind you of how important change is in your own life.

Be Inspired. Find A Setting. Plan Your Day. 410-280-0445 x314 Visit Annapolis & Anne Arundel County



Winter is indeed a special time to exchange wedding vows be it during Christmas, on Valentine’s Day or simply by creating your own winter wonderland theme. For special winter memories ride on a sleigh or in a carriage and look like royalty as you alight from your coach.

Historic Venue with Ballroom and Balcony in Baltimore’s cultural district. Free Parking for all your guests. Only one event per day! (410) 802-4372 |

Bachelor (ette) parties Taking on a new look If you think you know all about these traditional events, think again! Bachelor and bachelorette parties are about friends getting together, sharing old stories and, perhaps, creating some new memories. A weekend immersed in an outdoor adventure with plenty of time before and after for fine dining and visits to the local pubs is a great way to do just that! Adventures include white water rafting, cattle drives, deep sea fishing, ATV desert rides, sky diving … well you get the idea. The adventure also can be adjusted to fit the skill level of the group. 301 302 8032 | BIGCORKVINEYARDS.COM

The adventure bachelor parties give the best man, who didn’t take “Party Planning 101,” a chance to sign up the group and then relax. From the time the groomsmen arrive at the destination city until they depart, everything is planned out, orchestrated and included in the modest pricing. Choosing a destination close to home, within driving distance, or at a mid point that is convenient to all members, is a plus. Too often out of town guys must make two costly trips to the wedding city. The same concepts and advantages apply for the gals. The questions you or your fiancé need to be thinking about are: 1. How many people are involved and where are they coming from? 2. What type of adventure is appropriate? 3. What is our price range, considering all the members of the group? 4. How much time is there to schedule the event? 5. How do I learn more?




Indoor and Outdoor Annapolis Venue

Annapolis Photographer

Make it an Event To Remember Best kept secret in Annapolis. The Byzantium Ballroom Indoor ballroom or outdoor tent!

2747 Riva Rd Annapolis, MD 21401 240-205-1190

In the Spirit... Custom drinks, and beer for the perfect event. Paired with the perfect cheese spreads to compliment the drinks.

Planner: Your Day – Your Way page: 155 Location: Fish Paws Market page: 39 Photographer: GMS Photo & Video

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destination Just a short drive away ocean city, maryland h a r r i s o n ’ s h a r b o r wa t c h breathtaking views from an unforgettable venue accommodations for 20 to 300 • custom designed menus officiating • floral arrangements • cakes • decor permitting • photography and videography set up and break down on the beach




410-289-1470 • HEIDI@HARRISONGP.COM WWW.HARRISONGROUPSALES.COM *Mention ‘Premier View’ and receive our complimentary special offer.

NEW BEGINNINGS START AT HILTON. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in the heart of Ocean City, Maryland. Hilton Ocean City Oceanfront Suites offers unforgettable accommodations for your big day, as well as rehearsal and reception venues for up to 125 guests.



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For rehearsal, reception and group room rates contact Heidi at or 410-289-1470 For further hotel information please visit Located Oceanfront, just north of the Boardwalk • 3200 Baltimore Avenue, Ocean City, MD 21842

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Waterside Charm

Delicious, Dramatic and Daylight Elegance Vendors: Planner & Designer: Exceptional Events By Elisa page: 153 Venue: 2941 Restaurant: page: 11 Photography: Butterfly Photography Gowns: Zoya’s Atelier Cakes & Desserts: Le Cake Boutique page: 124 Favors & Sweets: Krazy Krafts & Sweets page: 119 Check out our blog for Rentals: Select Event Group more amazing Flowers: Brookhill Florist photos and details! Backdrop: Zulma’s Event Décor





Evening elegance Check out our blog for more amazing photos and details!

End the day with the perfect elegant finish that your guests will remember forever Vendors: Planner & Designer: Exceptional Events By Elisa: page 153 Venue: 2941 Restaurant: page 11 Catering: 2941 Restaurant: page 11 Photography: Butterfly Photography Invitations: KK’s Printing and Stationery Gowns: Zoya’s Atelier Florist: Brookhill Florist 66




Color Selection Finding the right hue

First, think about when you will have your wedding. Certain seasons suggest certain colors. For example, you don’t wear dark colors in the spring, and light colors in the fall, it just doesn’t work. Wearing bright colors in the spring and summer is typically the norm. Next, think about where you will be getting married and about the colors that surround the area. Make sure that you aren’t clashing with the red carpet on the floor. What are your favorite colors? Are you going for a more modern or vintage theme for your wedding? If your favorites are magenta and navy, then they are a perfect combination and work very well. If your colors don’t work well together, then consider getting some paint swatches or fabric samples to help you decide.



Think of the season and what flowers are going to be easily accessible. For example, if you know that gerbera daisies are in season, and they happen to be your favorite flower, then use them! If you love lilies of the valley, then make sure that you have them and incorporate those colors into your wedding color palette. Finding inspiration can be easy. Think of your favorite china pattern, or even a printed dress you love. Your wedding colors will fall into place. Consider having your maid of honor in a printed dress while your other ladies in waiting are in a solid complimenting color. This creates contrast, and shows that your maid of honor is special! Also, create the same complimenting colors within your bouquets and florals around the wedding. This will make your wedding fragrant and beautiful!



ß ß ß ß


Experience our elegant settings, located close to Washington, D.C., Baltimore and northern Virginia.

Montpelier Mansion • Oxon Hill Manor Newton White Mansion (pictured above) • Riversdale Mansion Prince George’s Ballroom • The Great Room at L-BSAC Snow Hill Manor • Billingsley Manor • Darnall’s Chance The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission Department of Parks & Recreation, Prince George’s County, Maryland • 301-446-3240 TTY 301-446-6802



Get swept away by the bay! Imagine your special day on a waterfront estate, by a lighthouse or at an historic inn. Centrally located along the 1-95 corridor, your guests will love our convenient location as well as our hospitality.

Entertain in a city that offers so much more! Call for a FREE Wedding Guide: 1-800-851-7756

Sharing the Cost Paying for the Wedding Gone are the days of the bride’s family paying for the wedding. For now, it’s more like whoever has it usually pays, even if it’s the couple themselves. As the average age of couples who are getting married rises, this is beginning to happen more and more. However, even as traditions change, it is useful to know what your family should expect. Following are examples of how financial obligations have been traditionally distributed. Remember, though, that by making a financial contribution, some family members may feel entitled to contribute to the planning, too. Your family, and your ability to deal with their input, will largely determine how much tradition you keep and how much you ignore.

The Groom’s Family’s Responsibility: • • • • •

The Groom’s Responsibility: • Bride’s ring • Honeymoon • Wedding gift for bride • Bridal bouquet and going-away corsage • Boutonnieres for all men in wedding party • Mother’s corsages • His physical examination • Gifts for the best man, ushers • Gloves, ties or ascots for men in wedding party • Marriage license • Lodging for out-of-town attendants (optional) • Fee for clergy or judge.

The Bride’s Responsibility: • • • • • •

Personal stationary Wedding ring for groom Wedding gift for groom Gifts for attendants Lodging for out-of-town attendants (optional) Her physical examination

Traveling expenses and hotel bills Wedding clothes Rehearsal dinner (optional) Wedding gift for the newlyweds Shipment of wedding gifts to bridal couple’s home.

The Bride’s Family’s Responsibility: • Wedding gift for the newlyweds • Entire reception • Rental of sanctuary or chapel • Bride’s wedding attire and trousseau • Invitations, announcements and postage • Engagement and wedding photos • Organist, soloist or musician fee • Aisle carpets and/or canopy, and any additional decorating costs • Bridesmaid’s bouquet • Flowers for reception • Transportation for bridal party to ceremony and reception • Security and insurance for gifts Take time to evaluate the financial situations of those you want involved in your event planning and decide what is best and less stressful for you.



Wedding Music the sound of Romance Ceremony music: When weighing your options for ceremony musicians, consider your vision (instrumental or vocalist) and your wedding’s style and venue. Think back to past weddings you’ve attended. What did/ didn’t you like? Once you and your fiancé have some ideas in mind, check out local musicians. Narrow down your options, then arrange to hear them live. Once hired, your musicians will often be able to offer song suggestions. Cocktails and dinner music: Conversation is key during cocktails and dinner so the tunes should set the mood, but not intrude. Use your ceremony’s musicians, reception’s DJ or band, or hire entirely different musicians – just make sure they keep the melodies on the softer side. Reception and dancing music: First, ask yourself, band or DJ? Live music gives the evening a festive energy;

the key is finding a band that caters to weddings. These musicians offer versatility and will appeal to guests of all ages. A DJ will offer an almost infinite variety of music. The golden rule of reception music, whether band or DJ, is to make sure they play a little something for everyone. The nitty gritty: Make sure the ins and outs of your agreement with your musicians are very clear and in writing. This includes payment, start and end times, fees for playing overtime, etc. Communicate with your band or DJ so that they can familiarize themselves with the reception space, its limitations, and other important technical details. Once you’ve hired musicians and worked out the details, you can rest easy. That is, until it’s time to start practicing your dance moves.

Whether you’re hosting an event for 15 or a grand celebration for 150, our 1,400 sq. ft. of space, great service and amenities will ensure a truly memorable event.

Hampton Inn College Park 301-345-2200 72



Combsberry is situated on 35 acres of private, exclusive waterfront property on the outskirts of Oxford, Maryland. Rich in history, and architectural beauty, Combsberry is a majestic waterfront venue. Hosting events of a maximum of 100 in the tent on the lawn and maximum 75 in the Barn. Exclusive catering on site. Weddings at “Combsberry� are custom tailored for you where you are offered an open slate to create anything your heart desires. For your personalized consultation and site visit please contact us at (410) 745-5255 or (443) 786-7220 or email PREMIER BRIDE 2018


Jill & Zach June 17th Every holiday season we go to see the lights on 34th street in Baltimore. As we were walking past one of our favorite houses, I turned to see Zach on one knee with the most beautiful ring. I couldn’t stop shouting “Yes!”.

Coordinator: Katie Price Events & Design page: 152 Reception: Montagu Meadows Flowers: Homestead Weddings and Events Photography: Valerie Michelle Photography

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Homewood Suites Columbia/Laurel Redefine your experience with our experience Sharon Kim

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The Dress

Don’t discount your dreams Your wedding gown is one of the most emotionally charged purchases you will ever make. While a bridal gown discounter or wholesaler may be less expensive than a full service salon, there are risks involved that you should be aware of before buying. Only in the end can you decide if saving money by purchasing from a discounter is worth the risk of not having the perfect gown.

• Customer takes full responsibility for size

What Discounters Do

The Bottom Line

At nearly all discount houses all gowns are final sale, and must be paid in full at the time of ordering. Discount gowns come with no guarantee. They can arrive incorrect or damaged, and you will have no recourse. Before you buy your gown from a discounter, make sure you find out what is included in the final sale price, and ask about store policy before ordering.

Alterations A discounter will consider any requests to customize or modify the gown such as alterations, adding lace or even changing the sleeve styles. However, you will have full responsibility for the changes as well as any sizing alterations should you lose that last 10 pounds. On the other hand, at most full-service salons basic alterations are usually included in the price as is a final fitting to ensure the perfect styling and size.

• No responsibility will be taken for shade variations, color ordered dye lots vary • Service includes inspection of merchandise before shipment directly to the customer. This means that an inspector approves your gown, not you.

If you’re not in the habit of buying things sight unseen and fully prepaid, there’s no reason to start now with what may be the most important purchase of your life. But if you’re accustomed to using mail order or buying online, you might find that discounters give you a good deal and that it’s worth the risks. Heed the advice of friends who have purchased from discounters in the past and check bridal websites for their recommendations. The choice is ultimately yours, but other people’s advice may prove invaluable.

Manufacturers If you have considered the risks of a gown discounter carefully and have decided to use one, be sure to patronize stores with gowns in stock by the manufacturer of your choice. If you don’t, you risk your order going through a third party, and these contracts cannot be canceled. Thirdparty contracts often include the following disclaimers:



Backdrops Couples are taking advantage of unused space to set their own backdrops. This provides a fun area for family photos and selfies for social media posts. From bold colors to complimentary ones, to the Bridal party theme color, backdrops are adding life to sometimes abandoned spaces.



Three Premier Venues on Maryland’s Beautiful Eastern Shore Where Wedding Dreams Become Reality

David & Sarah Lynn Photography

Private Weekend rental for Entire Weekend Freedom to Choose Vendors Limitless Options for Events Centrally Located Between Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia airports Schedule Your Private Tour Today

In beautiful Chestertown, MD Centrally Located between Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia Airports •



How Sweet it is

Delicious & Beautiful from rustic to romantic. Macaroon cake with flowers surrounded with exquisite tasting desserts

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Dessert Display & Rustic Furniture: My Sweet Array page: 125 Cup Cake Holders: My Sweet Array page: 175 Invitations: My Sweet Array page: 175 Photographer: Heather Alexander Photography



Lace & More Lace not just for royal weddings

Blame it on the Duchess of Cambridge, but lace is here to stay! Designers have caught onto the lace bandwagon, and have attached lace to just about anything they can! Lace is timeless and classic and can look elegant coming down the aisle. You can find lace in just about any aspect of your wedding, and of course your wedding gown too!

of lace include: Chantilly, Allencon, and Spanish lace - to name a few. There are many types of lace, all equally beautiful.

You can implement lace details in your bouquet, on you bridesmaids, on your shoes, and even on your tables. Lace table runners and tablecloths are becoming very popular so be on the lookout.

Remember, when dressing in lace, you’ll want a smaller pattern. It will always look beautiful on you! If you have a more prominent pattern, it might bring about some flaws that you want to camouflage.

There are different types of lace as well as different edging for the lace accents. Lace can be embellished with sequins, pearls or crystals, and will always look great. The most popular types

Lace also comes in different colors. If you are using lace for your wedding gown, then go for champagne, blush or black under the lace as it will make the lace stand out a little more. Be creative and have fun. The possibilities are endless.

In addition to the types of lace, you can also have lace appliquĂŠ which is applied to your gown instead of a head-to-toe lace gown.

The surrounding views, exceptional cuisine and personalized service will make your wedding day perfect to every last detail. Lighthouse Sound Restaurant just five minutes west of Ocean City.

Bishopville, Maryland | 410.641.1199 | 82


Gifts of Hope

traditional bridal shower and engagement The bridal shower is a celebrated tradition inviting you to enjoy a gesture from your friends while also putting you in the spotlight. The number of guests is up to the hostess, however select from those who know you well enough to also be at your wedding. Invite guests to no more than two parties where gifts are given or specifically tell them that one gift will be plenty. Shower themes range from traditional housewares and kitchen parties to more personal showers that shout sex, fun and friendship. Expect the creative types to concoct poems or dishes to spice up the day. Most importantly, remember to keep a good sense of humor and to enjoy the attention and thought that went into planning and coordinating your

The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Largo/Washington DC is the ideal place to plan your special day.

H Ballroom. For smaller functions such as bridal showers and

ost a ceremony or reception for up to 190 guests in our Grand

rehearsal dinners, choose one of our more intimate spaces. Depend on our experienced staff to assist you with everything from creating your menu to setting up for your event. Located in the suburbs of Washington, DC, our hotel offers easy access to Washington, DC. Overnight guests can take the complimentary shuttle to the Metrorail to explore the city before or after the wedding. All event guests enjoy free parking. Ask about our group rates.

bridal shower. Any theme involving clothing needs your size and color preference. It may be helpful to visit a lingerie store beforehand to try on several items to determine the most comfortable and flattering styles and sizes. At the engagement party, the tradition-minded father announces the engagement with a toast followed by the groom’s short speech of thanks. This celebration is normally attended by close family, friends, and the bridal party. Gifts should not be expected. The soon-to-be-married are also feted at parties by bridal attendants and groomsmen. Have hostesses contact those on your guest list a few weeks in advance. Tradition suggests you express gratitude in writing to all who give you gifts and to those organizing the parties.

Elegant & Intimate Bridal Sh

at the DoubleTree Hotel Largo-Washingt

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH, 2016 11:00AM-3:0


Where the little things mean everything.™ DOUBLETREE BY HILTON LARGO – WASHINGTON, DC

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Where the little things mean everything.™ DOUBLETREE BY HILTON LARGO – WASHINGTON, DC

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F 301-772-201


6/7/17 4:51 PM PREMIER BRIDE 2018

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For the Bride • Garter • Handkerchief • Jewelry • Keepsake Bag • Shoes

For the Party

• Aisle Runner • Cake Knife • Cake Server • Cake Top • Favors • Guest Book and Pen • Toasting Glasses • Wishing Bubbles

Other Accessories

Hotel & Conference Center Share your dreams and we will make them come true

• Attendant’s Gifts • Flower Girl Basket • Pew Bows • Ring Bearer Pillow • Unity Candle and Holder Many bridal salons carry limited selections of guest books, toasting glasses, cake knives and cake servers. For a more extensive selection of these items, visit a bridal store that specializes in bridal supplies and accessories.

410-633-9500/800-633-9511 5625 O’Donnell St. – Baltimore, MD 21224



Many bridal salons and floral shops offer a nice selection of wedding accessories. Online options are also extensive. Should you receive a wedding accessory as a shower or pre-wedding gift, make sure that you use it in the wedding.

Circle of Love Wedding ring basics 14-karat yellow gold is classic and durable enough for daily wear. Rose gold is gaining popularity. White gold is made by mixing pure gold with other white metals and can be a less-expensive alternative to platinum. Platinum is a very white, heavy, and durable metal, ideal for engraving. A sister metal to platinum, palladium is less expensive and naturally-white. For men’s wedding bands, consider titanium and tungsten carbide. Diamonds are measured by the “Four Cs” - cut, color, clarity, and carat. All four features can make a dramatic impact on the quality and price of a diamond. Cut really refers to the proportions of a diamond and its facets, as opposed to its shape. A diamond gets its brilliancy from the cutting and maximizing the reflection of light. Color refers to the lack of color in a diamond. White diamonds are graded on a D–Z scale, D being the most colorless. Clarity is defined by the the presence of natural marks (called inclusions) contained in the gem. The Gemological Institute of America judges clarity based on a standard 11-point scale from “Flawless” through “Imperfect 3.” Diamonds are weighed in carats, which may also be expressed as “points,” where one carat equals 100 points. Ring care will depend on the type of gem and metal, as some are more delicate than others. Talk to a jewelry professional before cleaning your jewelry at home. Have your rings checked annually by your jeweler for loose prongs or settings. These precautions and gentle care will pay you back with years of enjoyment and pride in this precious symbol of your union.

YOU HANDLE WHERE YOUR GUESTS WILL SIT. WE’LL HANDLE WHERE THEY SLEEP. With Courtyard Gaithersburg Washingtonian Center, you won’t have to stress about your wedding guests’ comfort. Offering spacious guest rooms, free WiFi and a Courtyard Café with breakfast made-to-order options. Situated in the RIO Washingtonian Center makes it easy to put a little play in your stay. Ask about our Happily Ever After Promotion. COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT® GAITHERSBURG WASHINGTONIAN CENTER 204 Boardwalk Place, Gaithersburg MD 20878 T: (301) 527-9000 I

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Columbia, MD

Signature Weddings, Stylish Events. Free Day-Of Event Coordinating service offered when you book your wedding or pre-wedding party with Nottingham’s

8850 Stanford Blvd | Columbia, MD 21045 410.290.0077 |



Expressing Thanks Writing thank you notes

When friends and family give you a gift for your wedding, you naturally want to thank them. Here’s a guide to achieving a personal, yet dignified, tone and creating a beautiful expression of your thanks.

Most gifts are regarded as having been sent to the bride and, consequently, it is her duty to do the thanking. But it is always proper to refer to the groom’s use of the gift and his appreciation. The groom should write the note when the gift giver is a close friend or fairly unknown to his new wife.

Use a system to keep track of every offering; one that links the name of the giver with the gift, and indicates which cards you Write the notes on white or pastel paper, perhaps with borders have already sent. You may want to make a note of the gifts or a monogram. If you order monogrammed stationery, received on your guest list so all names and addresses are handy. remember to have some made up with your maiden initials for notes that must be written before the wedding. The perfect way to handle thank-you notes is to write them the moment gifts are received. But since this isn’t always practical, Always mention the specific gift that was given in the note. Let strive for a delay of no more than three months. Printed initial your natural warmth and friendliness pervade your writing, and acknowledgements are acceptable when your wedding is large you will have a note as unique as the selected gift you received. and the gift list long, but eventually, a hand-written thank you is still a must.

Corporate Prive or Intimate Wedding, Now offering full service off-site catering

F R E S H , L O C A L A N D B O L D I TA L I A N H O M E - M A D E D E S S E R T S A N D PA S TA S - A W A R D W I N N I N G C U I S I N E





Rentals & Event Design Personalize your wedding with decor

Working with a professional event designer and rental company will relieve a lot of stress. Do your research and visit each vendor’s showroom so you can compare not only price, but quality. At most weddings, you’ll see round tables, long family-style tables, or a mix. You may also need buffet tables, taller cocktail tables, and tables for things like cake and the guest book. You’ll need seating not just for dinner, but possibly the ceremony and cocktail hour, too. Have high chairs or booster seats for any little ones. For linens, consider table cloths, cloth napkins, and chair covers. You’ll need plates for cocktail hour, salad, dinner, and dessert. Always order about a dozen extra place settings in case a plate drops or shows up chipped. For glassware, you might need

champagne flutes, glasses for water, beer, wine, cocktails, and cups for non-alcoholic drinks like coffee or tea. If you have to place your rental order before your final guest count is confirmed, it’s best to round up. Thoroughly read your rental agreement and make sure the amounts and times of dropoff and pick-up are all correct, and be aware of added fees. Ask for the company’s direct contact information for the day of your wedding. For decorative rentals, consider antiques, vintage books or board games, chandeliers, a disco ball, or marquee lighting. Want fun on a bigger scale? Popcorn machines, lawn games, photo booths, or outdoor fire pits add an unforgettable touch to your wedding day — and they’re all available to rent.

Spectacular Waterfront Historic Venue with private beach on 11 romantic acres just for the bride and all your guests

36889 Bushwood Wharf Rd Bushwood, Maryland, MD 20618

(240) 925-2163



Erin & Grant 88


June 24th While on vacation in Georgia, Grant and Erin went out for dinner and then went for a walk on the beach and found some wooden beach swings. While watching the sun beginning to set, Grant stood in front of Erin and then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

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Coordinator: Your Day - Your Way page: 155 Reception: Woodlawn Manor Formals: Stella’s Bridal Photography: Megan Bennett Photography Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas



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Ever After Begins Here Sheraton Baltimore North Hotel is where people gather to share once-in-a-lifetime memories. The hotel offers a beautiful backdrop for weddings and all the special moments that surround the big day, such as showers, rehearsal dinners, ceremonies and brunches. Whether you invite 50 or 300 guests, our three ballrooms offer unique and memorable options. All of our wedding packages are completely customizable with menus that can be tailored to your personal taste. We guarantee the Sheraton Baltimore North Hotel will make your wedding one of the most memorable events of your lifetime and your guests.

CALL US NOW TO CONNECT WITH A WEDDING SPECIALIST AND ASK ABOUT OUR CURRENT PROMOTIONS AT 443-921-2314 Find out more at 903 Dulaney Valley Rd. | Towson, MD 21204





STARWOOD POINTS SIGNING BONUS. *Offer does not apply to previously booked events. Cannot be combined with any other special offers or discounts. Terms and Conditions are subject to change. Special conditions apply.

A Perfect Fit Finding a seamstress

Whether you need alterations, restoration or custom design, take special care in finding an experienced, professional seamstress to help you create or update the dress of your dreams.

be sure to observe the details, both inside and out. Dressmakers should also have references available for the asking so be sure you get this information too.

Professional dressmakers commonly charge a fee for the initial consultation that is normally credited to your bill if you elect to use their services. At this meeting, ask questions to help determine their experience, craftsmanship, fashion sense and professionalism. Inquire about their affiliation with relevant professional organizations. While not a guarantee, members are usually held to a higher level of workmanship and keep abreast of the latest in fabrics, styles and techniques.

Finally, get everything in writing. The contract should detail time, cost, payments, materials, fittings and completion date. It should also indicate who will provide or purchase what materials. Most sewing professionals require a 50 percent deposit to begin working on your order. Keep all appointments and make payments when specified. This will ensure a finished project on the agreed upon completion date.

Don’t let price be the only criteria by which you Be certain to ask to view a portfolio of prior select a professional seamstress. You will get what bridal work. Ask to see any current projects and you pay for.

Hilton Garden Inn Columbia features complimentary WiFi and a 24-hour Business Center, complimentary fitness center and a full-service restaurant onsite.

8241 Snowden River Parkway | Columbia, MD 21045 (410) 750-3700



Floral DESIGN Caring for your flowers Keeping flowers fresh • Have delivered flowers be well misted and in boxes with cellophane or other packaging so they get off to a fresh start. • Keep them out of the direct sunlight as much as possible, as the sun will speed up the wilting process. • If you’re preserving your bouquet, get it to the floral preservation specialist after the wedding as soon as possible. Ask them for instructions on how to keep your bouquet in the best shape possible before it gets to them. • If you’re keeping any bouquet stems in water before the wedding, be sure to dry them off quite thoroughly before handing them out to avoid any water drips or stains on dresses.

Photography by Tre’ Lynn




Amanda Merrill | | 410-980-4108



Couture Floral, Linens & Event Designs

Floral Designs from Modern Elegance to Traditional Sophistication

Couture Floral Designs, Affordable Linens, Pipe & Drape Boutique Vintage Rentals and Lighting Service Consultations by Appointment (443) 519-6088 12360 Owings Mills Boulevard Reisterstown MD 21136 - 94


Fun floral trends For your wedding

1. Bold, creative color Make a statement with vivid, dramatic color in your wedding flowers - royal blue-purple, dark lilac, burnt orange or bright yellow-green. Focus on just one color and include a variety of shades and textures, or consider unusual, striking color combinations such as mint green with cherry red, or deep purples with vibrant shades of orange. 2. Wrap it up For your centerpieces and bouquet stems, there’s no limit to the ways you can creatively envelope them: velvet or metallic ribbon, tree bark, rustic burlap or twine, glittery wire, satin, silk or other fabric, banana leaves or anything else you can think of! 3. Black, white and red all over With your white dress and the black tuxes any and all shades of red are the perfect accompaniment. There’s always the classic red rose, but other beautiful, trendsetting red flowers are dahlias, tulips, Gerbera daisies, Calla lilies, red freesia and berries. A bouquet with a variety of reds from pale pink to deep red would be unique and gorgeous. A skilled floral designer will be able to put the right shades together.

6. Beautiful Brooch Bouquets Creating a bouquet out of a meaningful collection of brooches, pins, rings, earrings, and charms from friends and family members to create a non-traditional bouquet is becoming increasingly popular for nostalgic brides who value sentiment over spray roses. 7. Get fruity! Brides looking for something fun and interesting have started incorporating colorful produce into their centerpieces. The pigments of fruits naturally complement flowers like a bright yellow lemon next to a full chrysanthemum or a beautiful apple next to a bright red rose. You can also consider cutting fruit up and using it as accents in drinks and as decoration..

4. Variety is the spice of life Really, there’s no rule that says all bridesmaids’ bouquets or all centerpieces have to be identical. Mix it up! While they should all look like they belong to the same wedding, there’s no reason you can’t alter the arrangements to create an interesting mix of floral design. 5. Add a little sparkle Think outside the box when it comes to jewelry, and let your bouquets wear some too! Add a little sparkle to the center of your Calla lilies, or some beaded wire around your bouquet stems or a family heirloom such as pearls that you prefer not to wear, but you would love to include in your bridal bouquet. PREMIER BRIDE 2018


Jasmin & Pat March 25th The first time we met we both felt it in our heart that we loved each other but unfortunately we had to keep our feelings hidden because he was my older brother’s best friend. After high school, he went off to college in North Carolina and we kept a long distance relationship going for an entire year! The day I graduated high school, I packed up and joined him and the rest is history!

Coordinator: Your Day - Your Way page: 155 Reception: Loews Annapolis Hotel Photographer: Bradley Images page: 143 Wedding Gown: Isabella Bridal Cake: Meringue Cake Studio Videography: Bradley Images page: 143

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Photography by Tre’ Lynn















Nicole & Adam May 13th We had our friends and family over on New Year’s Eve for a get-together. At midnight, Adam made a midnight toast in which he drew a picture of a engagement ring on a “Resolutions Board” we had created for the evening.

Reception and Caterer: Tabrizi’s Transportation: ZBest Limousine Photography: Brittney Nestle Photography Rehearsal Dinner: Bo Brooks Restaurant

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Brighten your day



Make your wedding day photos pop with a splash of bold and vibrant colors. Provide unique seating arrangements with patterned pillows tossed on the ground in colors you would find on an island. Bright neons and a multitude of fun patterns provide a festive backdrop to any celebration.



Featured Shoes

Open toe double strap with Satin Bow

Satin Rhinestone Embellished Classic Pump

Blue Satin dyeable



Rhinestone Pointed Pumps

Contributing Photographers listed in index

Don’t miss

the experience!

MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT TO EXPLORE HUNDREDS OF GOWNS SIZES 0—34! 306 W. Main St. (corner of Mill St.), Salisbury, MD 21801 l 410.543.5332

Formal WEAR

Photography: Photography By Tre’ Lynn Formal Wear By: Tuxedo House



410.252.6220 | | 2135-37 Greenspring Drive, Timonium “Baltimore’s Best” Baltimore Magazine PREMIER BRIDE 2018


Attendants Gifts, Invitations, & Wedding Accessories.

13 East Main Street, Westminster, MD 21157

Grey and Tan tuxedos are stunning along with our other Colored Tuxedos. Or the Sexy Classic black tuxedo. Include an elegant vest and tie/bowtie in an array of colors for a spectacular appearance.

For your local or destination wedding

The Well-suited groom Everything you need to know The bride in her splendid gown will turn heads as she walks down the aisle, but the groom waiting patiently at the altar deserves to look his best, too. Dressed in the perfect suit and tie for this most perfect day, he’ll be the most handsome man in the room. THE LEVEL OF FORMALITY The first order of business is to evaluate how formal your wedding will be. This depends on the time of day of the wedding, the location, but most of all on you and your fiancé. Whatever level of formality you settle on, make sure you’re consistent throughout - invitations, décor, food, location, and wedding attire should all match in terms of formality. (Most people do this instinctively!)



In warm weather and for beachy destination weddings, lighter colors (tan, light grey, white) look effortlessly handsome. Though in all climates, darker colors (navy, charcoal, black) always look sharp. Ties, vests, and cummerbunds can match the wedding colors, or compliment them with neutral tones. If the bridal gown is ivory, the men should wear ivory shirts, not white, to compliment her. Semiformal and formal weddings have plenty of options: a high quality, single- or double-breasted men’s suit in black, charcoal, or navy with a Windsor knotted tie in white, ivory, navy, silver, or black is a less formal option. For a more formal look, consider a tuxedo with a single- or double-breasted dinner jacket, a white or ivory pointed-collar shirt, a vest or cummerbund, and either a bow tie or a four-in-hand tie (a “fancy” knotted necktie). A very formal wedding, called

Let us make your dreams come true

“white tie,” calls for the traditional black tuxedo with tails, a vest, a white winged-collar shirt, and a bow tie. DISTINGUISHING THE GROOM One way to distinguish the groom is to give him a different, but complimentary, boutonniere to wear. Another option is to have the groom in, say, a white coat while his groomsmen wear black. Use this same color play with vests and cummerbunds. SHOPPING TIPS When the men visit their formalwear shop they should have a firm idea of the women’s wedding attire and bring fabric or color swatches from the bridesmaids’ gowns. Pictures of preferred formalwear styles would also be helpful. Buying the suit/tux is the best way to get the perfect fit, but

rentals are now more widely available in various fits: classic, modern, and slim. A formalwear consultant will be most helpful in getting the fit just right. The groom and groomsmen should reserve their rentals at least three months in advance of the wedding. Final measurements should be taken about three weeks before the ceremony; however, be sure to come back a few days before the wedding for last-minute alterations. Out-of-town groomsmen can get measured at any formalwear store or local tailor’s near them, and send their measurements to the groom or to your formalwear store. Someone should be designated to return all formalwear to the store on time in order to avoid late fees, which can get quite expensive adding up the per day, per outfit costs.



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Ashley & Matthew 114


October 28th One day, as they were getting ready to go out for the night, Ashley asked Matthew if she looked okay. He said she looked beautiful but was missing one thing; then he got down on one knee and showed her the ring.

Ceremony & Reception: 2941 Restaurant page: 11 Cake: Charm City Cakes Planner: Exceptional Events by Elisa page: 153 Photography: Photography By Marirosa Dress: White Swan Bridal Flowers: Karin’s Florist Entertainment: A2Z Music Factory Hair & Makeup: Best Face Forward




By Donna Rueppell, Independent Sales Director.

Perfect Wedding Hair this seasons top hirstyles The Chignon: Typically a low bun on the side of

the head that adds softness and will accompany any dress perfectly. This style is best with headbands or tiaras, and veils or birdcages. Consider this if you are having a vintage style wedding.

The Braided Look: You might find a braid 443.694.6924 Beautiful Bridal Pampering “Prepare to be pampered! We offer FREE pampering services to brides who are looking to take some stress out of the planning process! Our bridal team specializes in skin care and makeup technique and application. Educate yourself on your skin and prepare to feel amazing!”

amongst flowing locks curled at the ends. This romantic look creates a look that stepped off the red carpet.

A Knot: The perfect pairing for a more couture dress. It’s simply a knot in the back of your head, and how appropriate because you will be tying the knot!

Beach Waves: A very popular look that can be

achieved in a number of different ways. If you have a curling wand or a hair straightener lying around, you might want to use it! If using a curling wand, then just twirl it around the wand and add hair spray to the curl; that’s it! If using a hair straightener, then simply twist your hair and flat iron it; that’s it!

Perfect Ponytail: You can channel the 60’s by

simply having your hairdresser tease your hair into a high ponytail making it look effortless. This will be the perfect addition to any gown.

For Short Hair: Consider doing a short bob with

finger waves, and adding earrings to compliment the look! This will look great! If you don’t have a short bob, then consider having your stylist tuck your hair under to create an up-do. This is chic and very stylish.

For bangs: Consider doing a face framing braid just

Laurie Plyler 803.230.2665 116


over your bangs to create a softer look. Then, curl and twist the ends of your hair, and instantly your hair looks great!

Featured Hairstyles

Elegant Evening Up Do

Medium Length Big Curls

Gemmed accents

Contributing Photographers listed in index

Long curls to one side

Side braid

Braid to loose low bun

Woven twist to loose curls

Messy Bun

Low Bun



Beauty and the Bride The art of looking your best

Every blushing bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Follow our advice, and you’ll be well on your way to showing off your most beautiful self.

Hair and makeup musts When choosing a hairstyle, consider your gown, your personal style, your hair type and texture, and your face shape. An up-do is a classic way to go while boho braids and hair extensions are trendy. Consult your hair stylist four to six weeks before the wedding to find the right look for you. Whether you hire a pro to do your makeup or you do it yourself, do a trial run before the wedding. Get feedback from close friends and family, take photos, and evaluate: Do you like what you see? What would you change? How well


does the makeup last? In the end, the most important thing is finding a hair and makeup style that looks like you.

Nails and brows Regular manicures will get your nails in perfect shape. Avoid trendy nail polish colors. Play it safe and go with a classic, neutral color. Have your eyebrows professionally shaped at least two weeks before the wedding to avoid skin irritation.

Our best beauty advice Strongly consider using beauty professionals for your wedding day. Makeup artists and hair stylists know trade secrets for creating a look that complements your features and lasts all night. And never forget a bride’s best accessory: her smile!

Say “I Do” to

eauty. Bridal Beauty.

with a stunning

veil your beauty

and invite your

Smile for the aisle with a stunning look for the big day! Unveil your beauty with a free makeover, and invite your

n help you and your

bridesmaids. I can even help you and your fts for your bridal party.mother choose great gifts for your bridal party.

chedule a party. Contact me to schedule a party.

Kimberly George


Independent Beauty Consultant





Accessorize Your Day

Sculpt your waist for your big day

The perfect accents

Bridal accessories are fun and easy items to shop for and they add a bit of personality to any wedding. From shoes and jewelry to toasting glasses and cake servers, accessories are important details on your wedding day. As you begin planning the major aspects of your wedding, keep an eye out for special or unique items that will reflect your own personal style, hobbies or passions. Though it may be tempting, avoid procrastinating on these seemingly simple purchases. Some selections may require special order, so be sure to allow several weeks for shipping.

Lipo-Light Body Sculpting is the latest body sculpting treatment available.

Lipo Light Body Sculpting 8555 16th Street • Suite 240 • Silver Spring, MD 20910 Align Spine Health Center, LLC

For More Information call 301-562-0390

From Scratch If you’re creative and have the time, handmade accessories are a wonderful addition to any wedding. A hand-sewn ring bearer pillow that matches the flower girl’s basket is a lovely touch. Craft shops and fabric stores carry the necessary supplies to fashion the perfect accessories or enhance storebought items.

Special Somethings Bridal accessories almost always fulfill the “something old, something new, something borrowed something blue” requirement. Carrying your grandmother’s bible or prayer book as you walk down the aisle would be your “something old.” Your “something new” is easy to achieve taking into consideration your shoes, your gown or a lovely pair of pearl earrings that match your “something borrowed” pearl necklace. Handkerchiefs, garters or lingerie with accent colors usually provide the “something blue.”



Let us create awe-inspiring decor and desserts for your special Event styling Desserts Sweet Buffet Stations Edible Favors Rentals Serving the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia area.

4 1 0.371.1888 PREMIER BRIDE 2018


The Fine finishes Check out our blog for more amazing details on these delights!


Vendors: Eleven Courses Catering page: 13 My Sweet Array page: 125 KK&S page: 119 2941 Restaurant page: 11


The History Behind Favors The story behind the candy favor If you have ever attended a formal wedding, then you have probably received a wedding favor such as candied Jordan almonds tied up in tulle that matches the bridal party colors. Although they taste great, there’s a great deal of history behind these little bundles.

health, wealth, happiness, longevity and fertility. Modern-day favors often include a sixth and a seventh almond: a pink one and a blue one representing the bride and groom. In the early 1900s, immigrants from these regions brought the wedding favor to the United States.

Wedding favors originated with the early Europeans in the form of the groom’s cake. Each guest would receive a piece of this special cake to take home as a thank you for attending the wedding. Later, the tradition migrated to the Mediterranean region where cake was replaced with sugar- or candy-coated Jordan almonds. The coating was white, which symbolizes purity.

Times have changed and today almost anything goes. Favors come in many shapes, sizes and flavors! Most are personalized in some way with the bride’s and groom’s names along with the wedding date.

Stay traditional or let your personality come thru with something a little different like wine stoppers, candles or even a holiday ornament that will be used year after year. Regardless The Jordan almond represents the bitter and the sweet of life and of your choice, it will be a day to remember. marriage. Traditionally, five almonds were given representing

3330 Paper Mill Road, Phoenix, Maryland 21131, 410.575.1725,

CakeStudio.indd 1

11/8/17 5:23 PM PREMIER BRIDE 2018


Check out our blog for more amazing photos and details!

Brittani & Joe 122


July 1st We got married on the Bay at Joe’s grandparents’ home with our feet in the sand. Our beachy, rustic wedding was everything we wanted. As Brittani walked down the isle, Joe never took his eyes off of his beautiful bride-to-be.

Wedding Consultant: Alison to the Altar page: 154 Caterer: Phillips Crab House Photography: Hannah Mink Photography Formalwear: Sandals Bridal page: 113 Cake: Baked Desserts Flowers: Flowers By Alison Music: Dance Masters



Customize your day, with our Boutique style cakes and sweets.

Wedding Cakes a sweet ending to special day Classic tiered cakes crowned with fresh flowers and porcelain toppers are never out of style. But there are lots of ways to freshen up tradition or even stray from it entirely, while still serving a sweet that is timeless, delicious, and uniquely you.


Le Cake Boutique 703-628-0938

The look and feel of your sweet treat should match the rest of your wedding day, whether that’s classic elegance, rustic romance, whimsical fun, or megawatt glam. If you have a uniquely sweet and personal idea, seek out a professional who can bring your vision to life. Everything from naked cakes to ruffles to glimmering metallic luster to colorful, illustrative designs are popular nowadays.

Instead of just one large wedding cake, consider a few smaller tiered cakes displayed at staggered heights, or one spotlight cake surrounded by cupcakes. You can even place a small cake at the center of each dinner table so that dessert can do double as a centerpiece. For a special touch and some wow factor, pair your cake with other sweets like cookies, candy, donuts, s’mores, or even ice cream sundaes. Or choose two desserts — one bride’s pick and one groom’s pick. For winter weddings, a coffee or hot chocolate station is a cozy addition.


Incredibly Delicious Incredibly Creative Incredible Prices

443-299-8358 | 124


Take advantage of all food tastings. Go with your gut and choose the dessert you deem the tastiest, but also factor in the bakery’s efficiency and professionalism. Know that wedding cakes are typically priced by the slice, depending on the style, ingredients, size, and embellishments.

Deliciously Designed Gourmet Dessert Buffets And Candy Bars

Organic Ingredients | Personalized Displays




Kay Fraser Prestigious Occasions Full and Partial Planning Services Available Page: 157

Kay Fraser, a Jamaican-born, New York transplant, had a childhood filled with dinner parties and special events created by her mother to inspire her to pursue a career in event planning. As a recurring Premier Bride and Wedding Wire award recipient, she has become a well-respected and highly sought-after planner in both the industry and by clients. Her background in different cultures and practices has given her the confidence and ability to coordinate weddings while allowing her client to feel relieved and at home. This, combined with her ambition and attention to detail, ensures that she always delivers the best service and support for your big day. 126



Charlene Gallagher Your Day, Your Way


Full and Partial Planning Services Available Page: 155

Lead by Charlene Gallagher, Your Day, Your Way was established in 2002. She earned her certification through the American Academy of Wedding Professionals and has since, put together an outstanding team of certified wedding planners and coordinators who share her vision. Her philosophy is simple: provide excellent service to the bride, groom, family and guests and operate as a team with all the vendors involved to ensure a smooth wedding day. “Our approach with the bride is first to listen to her vision and then to do work on her behalf to make that vision a reality.”

Elisa Yu-Shan Lion Exceptional Events By Elisa


Full and Partial Planning Services Available Page: 153

Elisa’s passion for event planning and design grew out of her love for big family gatherings. From organizing family celebrations in Honduras during her youth, to planning corporate events for large organizations in Washington D.C., Elisa’s experience and passion led her to launch a full time career doing what she loves most. Elisa finds great satisfaction in making her clients’ wedding dreams come to fruition. She takes particular care in understanding her clients’ dreams for their event, and strives to deliver the exceptional wedding experience they envision. Elisa is determined to make every event unforgettable, and her clients unanimously affirm—Elisa delivers.



Lynn Kaminski Unique Events By Lynn LLC


Full and Partial Planning Services Available Page: 156

Lynn Kaminski has 28 years of experience in the hospitality, having worked in every aspect of the industry from event coordinating, to catering, to budgeting, to name a few. She started in the hotel industry where she had her first taste of making people feel welcome and creating special memories for them. After she had her son, she switched to catering part-time and eventually interior decorating full-time, which is when her passion for designing parties and coordinating events emerged. Her career took an unexpected turn when she found herself working in the automotive industry, but after planning her own wedding, started her own planning business, Unique Events, LLC, six years ago to continue pursuing her passion.

Alison Sappington Alison To The Altar Full and Partial Planning Services Available Page: 154

After running an IT consulting firm with her husband, Alison Sappington decided to make a career change and start her own business where she could put her creative skills to use. After ten years of experience planning events for local non-profit organizations, she became nationally recognized and has helped to co-found several other non-profits as well. She briefly switched gears and started a fashion consulting career where she trained with fashion guru, Stacey London, before deciding to focus on wedding planning—specifically beach weddings. Her goal is simple: guide brides down the aisle with beauty, elegance, and class. 128



Katie Price

Katie Price Events & Designs


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Katie Price has always been drawn to the “magic of weddings” ever since she was a little girl. Based in Hampstead, Maryland, she plans weddings throughout the entire Delmarva area and beyond. She prides herself in her multitasking skills and makes it a point to make sure your wedding day is not just a day, but also a memory that will last over a lifetime. She focuses on the details that will be memorable not only to the couple, but to their guests as well to make sure that everyone has a great time. Her signature touch is her unique selection of vintage furniture of special pieces that you wouldn’t typically choose.

Stephanie White Stephanie White Events


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Stephanie White has been in the wedding planning business for over 10 years. Fresh out of college, she started her business under a different name, Events by Stephanie, while successfully managing a full time job as a Bridal Hostess. After going back to school to pursue a Master’s degree in Management with Marketing, she changed the name of her business to Stephanie White Events in 2012 and has earned the respect of the bridal industry and her clients alike. She now has planned countless events, from weddings to anniversary parties and everything in between. She also hosts an annual bridal show where she helps to guide brides and grooms on their wedding day plans.



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Erin & Brendan 130


September 30th We were enjoying a walk down Canton square when Brendan surprised Erin by dropping down on one knee and presenting her with a ring in front of the restaurant where they had their first date. They celebrated their engagement that night surrounded with friends and family.

Wedding Consultant: Alison to the Altar page: 154 Ceremony & Reception: Lighthouse Sound page: 82 Cake: Sweet Disposition Photography: Sexton’s Ink Rehearsal Dinner: Liquid Assets Catering



Fit for a Princess

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Regal, Romantic and Rich. From romantic waterfront sunsets to rich luxurious grounds. Venue: Kirkland Manor page: 46 Rentals: Eastern Shore Tents & Events Page: 166 Photography: Liz & Ryan Decorator: Intrigue Design & DĂŠcor



Bigger is not always better for some couples. Private settings with cozy details are capturing the hearts of brides. Guests will feel like royalty in an non-traditional setting with mixed seating, and dining room style placesettings that are set in a quiet garden for a personal touch. Add a chaise lounge and plenty of room for your guests to enjoy your private wedding space fit for a Princess!



Ceremony Rehearsals Practice Makes Perfect

THE IMPORTANCE OF REHEARSING What’s the point of rehearsing your marriage ceremony the night before the wedding? You’ve seen dozens of them in movies and have been to a handful of weddings over the years — it looks like a piece of cake! But there’s so much more to a wedding ceremony than just taking a walk down the aisle. A rehearsal for the entire bridal party and anyone involved in the ceremony is a chance to set the stage for the next day, to work out any bugs, and to bring your closest friends and relatives together in anticipation of the big day. A rehearsal also allows you and your bridal party to get comfortable in the ceremony space. You’ll find out where you can all get ready the next day, which entrances to use, and where the bathrooms are — things that are often taken for granted. You’ll also learn any venue rules and get answers to pressing questions, such as, are music and mimosas allowed in the church bridal room? Yes, if you’re getting married in a church, then there are sure to be a few rules. There’s also a lot of symbolism in a religious ceremony, and the rehearsal is an opportunity for the officiant to walk you all through the various traditions and explain their meaning. PRE-REHEARSAL PREP Before your rehearsal and ceremony, there are obvious things to think about such as who will walk the bride down the aisle. But you also have to think about who is escorting the mothersof, which bridesmaid will be paired with which groomsman, and in what order the couples will proceed down the aisle. The order will vary depending on if you have junior bridesmaids and flower girls and whether you want the groomsmen to escort the bridesmaids down the full length of the aisle or to meet them halfway. And in today’s wedding world, it’s not uncommon to see the bride and groom walking down the aisle together – a nice touch if you’re game to shake up tradition. Once you have the procession order all set, there are still plenty of other details to hammer out. For example: will you need microphones during the ceremony? Is your venue wheelchairaccessible? Depending on your venue, these are the kinds of details that a site manager or a priest will help you consider ahead of time. WHAT TO EXPECT Rehearsals are quick, not comprehensive, and are meant to act as an overview so that everyone knows what happens when.



Once the rehearsal starts, you won’t be reading through every word of the ceremony. Rather, you’ll be blocking out the words and actions: when the bouquet is handed off and taken back, when you sit and when you stand, etc. The bride and groom are usually asked to say a few lines just to work out the pace and volume of their vows. If there are any readings, the reader will also rehearse a few lines. If not all of your key players can be present at the rehearsal, it’s okay. In fact, it is standard practice for the musicians to be absent; if you’ve hired professional musicians or if the church provides a pianist or organist, they already know what to do. It’s also possible that the officiant might not be present at your rehearsal. If this happens, make sure they offer stage directions beforehand, or if the venue has another on-site coordinator, then that person might be able to step in and help. If members of the bridal party can’t make it to the rehearsal, don’t stress! Just designate another member of the party to fill them in on all the details the next morning. THREE SECRETS TO SUCCESS Be on time and organized. Most rehearsals are allotted just one hour and sometimes a venue has more than one rehearsal on a given night. Remember that everyone’s time is valuable and the rehearsal can’t start until everyone is present. Practice patience and respect. Don’t get flustered or anxious if there are bugs to work out — after all, that’s why you’re having a rehearsal in the first place. Be sure to respect the venue, especially if it’s a religious establishment. Ask questions. As you’re going through the stages of the ceremony, ask questions if you don’t know what to do or if there’s something you don’t understand. Bottom line, don’t be afraid to ask! REHEARSAL DINNER After finishing up the ceremony rehearsal, it’s customary for the bride and groom and/or their parents to host a dinner for all involved. This is a fun pre-wedding event that kicks off the festive spirit and can be as simple or extravagant as you like. You could rent a party room at a nearby restaurant or just invite everyone back to your parents’ house for homemade eats. It’s up to you! Just have fun with it and keep it within your budget. After all, everyone has your fabulous wedding to look forward to the very next day!

Bridal Expo 2018 6th Annual Maryland Eastern Shore Bridal Show, Sunday March 18th 1-4 PM OC 360 at Fenwick Inn, Ocean City, MD

3rd Annual Annapolis Bridal Show Sunday September 9th 1-4 PM The Byzantium, Riva Rd. Annapolis, MD

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Photography & VIDEO





Selecting a Photographer Ask the right questions • Will you be taking the pictures? If not, can I meet them? • How long have you been a wedding photographer? • What packages do you offer? What do they include? • What type of photography do you specialize in? • Have you photographed at my ceremony or reception location before? • How many other weddings do you have this night? How long can you stay?



• Do you offer online ordering for my guests? • Can we purchase all of our images on disk? • Can we order additional prints later? • What happens if you are sick or have an emergency on my wedding day? • How far in advance must I book your services? • What is your cancellation policy? • Is a deposit required? If so, when and how much?

Having fun with photos 8 unique ideas for your wedding

Have guests bring a memory card of photos of the two of you, and ask someone to set them up with a photo frame at the reception. Embarrassing or un-flattering - let everyone see all the sides of your relationship!

Even though weddings are a testament of very personal love, sometimes the whole day can seem like a cookiecutter type deal. But there’s almost nothing more personal than a photo so use those to make your day one of a kind! Here are some suggestions on using images to express yourself in your wedding from the fun and frivolous to the romantic and intimate. Save-the-date cards and invitations can seem stuffy and predictable - so spice them up with a photo of you two! For the more informal save-the-date, you could pose as characters from your favorite movie or have side-by-side pictures of when you were younger. It makes a more interesting card and gets guests excited for your wedding. For a couple of your photos at the wedding or reception, add a little personality by wearing fun sunglasses, a hat from your favorite sports team, or a very trendy item that might look hideous (“we actually wore THAT!??”) when you look back on the photo 15 years from now. The idea is to incorporate your personalities and to have some fun! Surround your engagement photo with a large, smooth, white mat, and display it with nice pens at the reception for people to sign. You’ll have a personal touch around a beautiful photo of the day.

Especially at huge reception halls and banquet rooms, the place can seem large and impersonal. By adding pictures from your parents’ and grandparents’ weddings framed nicely, the room will become a little more intimate. It’s also a nice way to honor deceased relatives or longstanding marriages. Many couples have a disposable camera or two at each table - let everyone from the flower girl to your great-grandpa snap a few and have them turn it in at the end of the night to see what everyone was up to! Here’s a fun, crowd-pleasing, party-enhancing idea: rent a photo booth to have at the reception! Your guests will have a great time entering the booth, posing for photos both lovely and silly, and enjoying the black & white or color prints. Put some scissors, gluesticks, pens and scrapbook pages on a table by the booth for guests to leave one of their photos for you along with a little note. Looking for a wedding gift for your fiancé? Give him a chic, “for his eyes only” boudoir style photograph of yourself that will capture the romance and affection that only you two share. Boudoir photographs are sensual in a posh, tasteful manner and it’s the photographer’s job to capture your personal and natural beauty in the best light. Many brides wear lingerie, their veil, a corset or whatever they feel most sexy in. Accentuate the posh ambiance with draping pearls, heels or rich makeup. Photos can be shot in a hotel room, bedroom or with a lush backdrop in the studio. Ask your photographer for details. You’ll be sure to capture an image of you that your husband will cherish forever.



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Cori & Byron 140


May 20th

We had a favorite place that we spent most weekends the first year together. Byron took me right beside these rock walls that lined the Monocacy river so I could take some pictures. As I was taking the pictures, he got down on one knee, in a canoe, and asked me to marry him! It was so sweet and sentimental.

Cake: Karen Rodkey Cakes Catering: LoneStar BBQ Florals: Wendy Carol Photography: Lindsey Markle Photography Planner & Designer: Katie Price Events & Design page: 152 Rentals: Dreamers Event Rentals Venue: Montagu Meadows



A Picture Perfect Day

Finding a photographer that fits your style Wedding photography is more than just documenting the event–it’s about capturing the spirit of the couple and their day. Choose a photographer whose style matches yours. FORMAL OR TRADITIONAL: Posed, color photos of you, the groom, your respective families, and the wedding party; all the classic moments will be captured. PHOTOJOURNALISTIC: Shot like a news event, capturing hundreds of candid moments and real emotions; more black and white photos for a timeless feel.

AM I STAYING WITHIN MY BUDGET? It’s disappointing to fall in love with a photographer’s work only to later discover their rates exceed your spending allowance. Do your best to meet only with photographers you can afford. WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE

ARTISTIC: Special effects used to create dramatic, oneof-a-kind pieces of art.

Most photographers offer “a la carte” or custom packages to meet your individual needs –just be sure to ask for specifics. Here are some examples of items that might interest you.

Many photographers offer a mix of these styles, so browse friends’ wedding albums, and surf professionals’ websites and blogs to find what speaks to you.

BRIDE & GROOM’S ALBUM: These vary in size, color, quality, and price; be sure to compare the size and photo quantity that various photographers offer.

RESEARCH PHOTOGRAPHERS Once you’ve established your style, it’s time to shop around. Collect referrals from friends, review wedding resources like Premier Bride, and scope out local photographers’websites and blogs. Make a short list of potential photographers that specialize in the style you desire and that suits your budget. Then set up a consultation.

PARENTS’ ALBUMS: These will include prints that have been specially selected to create a custom photo book for each family.

EVALUATE YOUR OPTIONS When at a photography consultation, ask yourself: DO I LIKE THEIR WORK? Make sure you see examples of individual photos and complete wedding albums so you know what to expect in the end. Some larger studios employ more than one photographer; find out exactly who will be shooting your wedding. DO OUR PERSONALITIES MESH? Of all your wedding vendors, the photographer is the one you’ll be working with most closely on your big day; it’s important that your personalities click.



PRINTS: Don’t underestimate how many extra prints you might want, as this will definitely impact your budget. PROOFS: Ask your photographer how many proofs you will get and in what format. GET THE SPECIFICS In your consultations, learn the nitty gritty details. When is a deposit required? Will there be a backup camera? When will proofs be ready to view? Will online ordering be available for your guests? Download our Ultimate Planner online at premierbride. com/planning where you’ll find a list of questions to ask and a checklist of must-capture moments for guaranteed success.

Bradley Images photo & vIdeo

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Enjoy your Event ....We’ll Capture the Memories. Photography, Video, Photobooth.

Videography A video of your wedding day A good videographer is an artist who finds a way to capture intimate moments of you and your guests. As with photographers, there are countless styles of videography out there so choose a style that speaks to you. Today’s filmmakers use the latest technology and storytelling techniques to create stunning and highlypersonalized wedding films. There are all kinds of new tools available to videographers that offer Hollywoodstyle special effects.

serving Maryland. Virginia and DC

Photo Booth

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- Unlimited Pictures - Props Included - Attendant Included - Customizable designs

- Flash drive of images - Wifi Capability - Video Clip Capability - Scrapbooking Available



When researching professional videographers in your area, visit their websites and ask to view a fulllength sample video. Make sure the film meets your expectations in terms of video detail and quality. There’s a lot to consider so let’s break it down. Evaluate the picture for clarity, smooth transitions, and good lighting. Consider the quality of the sound and the music selections. Think about the overall effect and whether the video is a good length, entertaining, emotionally driven, and feels professional overall. Quality videography services can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000. Remember that your videographer will spend six to ten hours editing each hour of film taken on your wedding day so it’s not surprising that the fee coincides with what you’d pay a photographer. We all know the obvious reason to invest in a wedding video: you’ll have it forever to view as a couple. But so will those guests who couldn’t make it to the celebration. Having a video to share with family and friends who weren’t present on your wedding day will be a wonderful treat for them — and a treat for your future kids!

On Screen Presentation Family memories A high-tech twist to special events is beginning to make its appearance at wedding receptions across the country. It’s on-screen audio-visual presentations featuring none other than the bride and groom. Quite popular, it’s becoming a common component of wedding day festivities. You may choose to share the story of your romance by selecting photographs of you and your fiance when you first met, as you fell in love, and as you planned the wedding. Another option is to collect photographs of both the bride and groom growing up. Friends and family members will enjoy being included in your special day since they often appear in pictures with the bride and groom as they grow from childhood to school age to young adulthood. Most video companies have the capability for this type of production. They synchronize the images accompanied by music of your choice and create a multi-image video to be presented at your reception, rehearsal dinner, or both. The length and cost of this production is determined by the number of photographs you decide to use. The price will depend on the location of your event, the size of screen(s) needed and the amplification requirements. On-screen presentations are a wonderful way of introducing the bride and groom to each other’s family and friends. Consider having copies made for parents, grandparents, and loved ones that are unable to attend your wedding. A famous party |photo booth that takes color and black 410.461.2557 info@electradeejay | and white pictures. Grab some props and hop in our 5’x5’ A famous party photo booth amazing that takesdigital color and black party photo booth and create magic with and white pictures. Grab some props and hop in our 5’x5’ your family and friends. All of our booths include use of party photo booth and create amazing digital magic with props and favors, onsite andinclude onsite use printing your family and an friends. Allattendant of our booths of of each Images can attendant easily beand uploaded online for propssession. and favors, an onsite onsite printing additional forImages friendscan and family. of eachcopies session. easily be uploaded online for additional copies for friends and family.

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The Joy of Video

preserve your day in living, moving color New Technology

Videography Budget

There are all kinds of new tools available to videographers that offer Hollywood-style special effects. The hottest of these: drones. Drones can offer a sweeping, cinematic mood and breathtaking aerial views. While this new technology is exciting, know that drones shouldn’t be over-used. They’re loud, and nobody wants such noise during their wedding. And since these machines are still relatively new, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Quality videography services can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000. Remember that your videographer will spend six to ten hours editing each hour of film taken on your wedding day. The process includes color matching, audio syncing, setting music, syncing footage from multiple angles, and adding transitions. Taking this all into account, it’s not surprising that the fee coincides with what you’d pay a photographer.

Choosing a Videographer

Memories in Motion

We all know the obvious reason to invest in a wedding video: When researching professional videographers in your area, visit you’ll have it forever to view as a couple. But so will those their websites and ask to view a full-length sample video. Pay guests who couldn’t make it to the celebration. Having a video close attention to make sure the film meets your expectations to share with family and friends who weren’t present on your in terms of video detail and quality. Let’s break it down with a wedding day will be a wonderful treat for them — and a treat video evaluation checklist for your future kids!



Signs of the times... Couples have found creative ways to provide information to their guests. Hand lettered, hand made and even framed printouts created on a computer allow several options to make your guests feel welcomed and informed.



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Ashley & Michael 148


October 6th

The majority of our guests were from out of town, and we wanted them to get the true Ocean City, Maryland experience. Having the ceremony overlooking the bay at sunset helped to create the setting as well as showcasing the beauty of OCMD.

Wedding Consultant: Alison to the Altar page: 154 Reception: Harrison’s Harbor Watch page: 62 Photography: Paige Engel Photography page: 138 Music and Entertainment: DJ VO Cake: Sugar Rush Hair & Make Up: Andrea Bounds Make Up



Distinctive Details



Put your footprint on you wedding. When it comes to your wedding style its ok to think outside the box, from gourmet meals to bowls of pretzels there is something for everyone. A cart with all the ingredients for your guest to make their own snack mix starts the day. Offer stacked blankets for guests to use as the evening sets in.

Wedding Planners an affordble luxury

A wedding consultant is an expensive luxury. That’s the myth. Here’s the reality. You’re busy. You work. Your fiancé works. A wedding consultant can save you both time and money, and reduce the stress of planning a wedding.

service packages. While these services can be very useful, they can also be limited to a small list of vendors. A professional wedding consultant will give you individualized attention and provide unbiased opinions on protocol and style.

Experienced consultants have access to hundreds of wedding professionals and specialty services. By utilizing these contacts, they can provide creative and unique recommendations tailored to suit both your style and your budget.

You can hire a consultant to assist you in planning your entire wedding, or to simply help orchestrate a rehearsal and wedding day. Fees may be charged hourly at a flat rate or on a commission basis depending on the consultant and the services you require. Most consultants offer a variety of packages and a la carte services.

Their expertise will ensure that you get what you want in terms of quality, quantity and service. Vendors usually give consultants the best possible price considerations in hopes of repeat business. Many reception locations, caterers and entertainment companies offer coordinating services as part of their full-

Although friends and relatives can certainly assist with wedding plans, leave the details to a professional who can anticipate mishaps, troubleshoot when necessary and provide you the affordable luxury of a stress-free wedding.

From Vintage to Glam and everything in between we make your event memorable. K AT I E P R I C E E V E N T S & D E S I G N w w w.kat iepr ice e | 443-974-2027





Stress-free planning 5 steps to keep you going

You’ re engaged – hooray! Now the fun begins (you think) of planning a lovely wedding - trying on wedding dresses, registering for gifts, choosing the perfect party, fun, fun. Then reality sets in, and you discover that planning a wedding takes an incredible amount of work. It requires making countless decisions, handling thousands of details, juggling endless tasks and errands, and doing it all while also maintaining your relationships, job, life and sanity. What’ s a stressed-out bride-to-be to do? We’ ve got some suggestions for you!

Start early. Obviously, the more time you have to plan, the more breathing room you have, and the more options you’ ll have for wedding vendors. Give yourselves at least

a year if possible, so that you can spread the work out over time, and have the most flexibility in securing your first-choice vendors.

Stay organized. Here are the basics you’ ll need to manage all the details, deadlines and duties. Have one large manila envelope to hold all contracts and receipts. Have another one on hand for all information, ideas, notes and resources. (This could also be a binder, or an accordion file... whatever works for you, just as long as it’ s all in one place.) Keep all wedding-related books, papers and other items in one place – the bookshelf in your home office, the corner of the guest bedroom – so that you always know where to find something. And finally, write everything down. Keep a “wedding

For all your beach wedding needs! Say Yes to the Best!

Beauty, Elegance & Class. Come together to create your dream wedding on or off the beach. Award winning Certified Wedding & Event Designer. Book today to lock in your date & time. 4 4 3 - 6 9 5 - 5 0 4 4 | w w w. a l i s o n t o t h e a l t a r o c . c o m 154


notebook” and a detailed calendar where you can put everything in writing. Don’ t assume you’ ll remember – 47 details later it may be gone!

Get help. The very best thing you could do for a stress-free experience (and a relaxing, stress-free wedding DAY) is hire a wedding consultant. Many couples feel that this just ‘ isn’ t for them’ and yet, without question, it could make the critical difference between having a fun, enjoyable wedding experience, and having a grueling one. You can find a consultant for every budget, and every penny spent will have a priceless return.

Take breaks. It’ s easy to get so wrapped up in all things wedding

that you forget to see movies, visit with friends on non -wedding topics, or to catch up on the world news. Take regular restorative breaks from wedding planning where you don’ t think about, talk about, or work on anything wedding-related. And remember, there is life beyond the wedding!

Cultivate gratitude. When frustration or stress overwhelms you, take a moment to focus on everything going right, and everything in your life that is good. Write them down, or call a friend to share your ‘ gratitude list.’ You’ ll feel better in no time and regain your perspective. This is also a good time to take a break – see above! And, call your wedding consultant and let them help.

Creating Lasting Memories of Your Wedding!

Richard & Tara Photography

Charlene Gallagher Certified Wedding & Event Specialist



Full service event planning that offers DAY OF COORDINATION START TO FINISH WEDDING and MUCH more.

Hiring a Coordinator professionals who master the details Besides handling all the time - consuming, stress-inducing details, a wedding coordinator can help make the planning process an enjoyable experience. There are so many fine points that go into planning a wedding that it can be difficult for today’s couples with busy careers to enjoy the process.


Wedding consultants can essentially do everything you need so that you don’t have to worry about it. From handling pre-wedding plans to coordinating the events on the wedding day, wedding consultants offer services that include as much or as little as you need. Many offer “dayof ” services as well. Wedding coordinators should be detail-oriented, organized and reliable. They stay on top of their field by attending seminars and constantly watching what’s hot across the country. Many belong to bridal consultant groups or associations related to the event industry. While many couples prefer to pick their own vendors, flower arrangements, cake design and location, wedding consultants can assist or do this for you. It is not unusual for wedding consultants to work with the bride, choosing the color of her wedding, flower arrangement and even the wedding gown. On the other hand, consultants are also good at just taking over the small details. In some cases they are only there to coordinate everything on the day of the wedding.

Stephanie White

Managing Director & Lead Event Coordinator

202-780-5457 Cell: 410-430-7534 Serving Washington, DC, Maryland & Virginia



If you do decide to choose a wedding consultant, it’s vital it be someone you truly like and who works well with your personalities. Hiring a friend because he/she loved planning his/her own wedding might work for you, but beware. That doesn’t make him/her an experienced professional who knows how to orchestrate your event, handle unexpected challenges and take criticism if you have disagreements.

Divorced Parents dealing with the situation If your divorced parents are on good terms, count your blessings. If they are not, or if their relationship is marginal, then correct handling of these delicate matters can help avoid any unwanted tensions. There are several alternatives you should consider in planning your church wedding and reception arrangements to accommodate your divorced parents. According to protocol, the parent with whom you have lived the longest issues the invitations. The other parent is usually not mentioned unless both parties agree to each of their names being represented. Protocol, however, does not always create good feelings. Try to include both parent’s names on the invitation. When you’re introducing your parents to your future inlaws, it is usually proper to introduce the parent with whom you have lived the longest, then introduce your other parent shortly afterward. The bride’s father should always walk his daughter down the aisle, except under extenuating circumstances. If that is not possible, a substitute can stand in for the father. A brother, uncle or close family friend will be fine. Special church seating arrangements can help smooth rough spots. The bride’s mother and her immediate family (parents, husband and children) are seated in the first row. The second row is left empty to afford a better view for the bride’s father, who, after giving her away, is seated with his immediate family in the third row. The same seating arrangement pertains to the groom’s family if they are divorced. The small amount of time and attention devoted to handling these matters will reward you with a day that is as free of tension as it can possibly be






exchange wows.

When it comes to making your wedding special, Smyth does it all. With custom-designed engagement rings, wedding bands and special gift s for him and her, as well as attendant gift s, your big day is sure to sparkle. For personal service, selection and prices to make you “happy ever after,” visit the love experts at Smyth. | Timonium | Annapolis | Ellicott City


Utz and the Little Utz Girl are registered trademarks of Utz Quality Foods, LLC. • Mr. Boh is a trademark of National Bohemian Beer. PREMIER BRIDE 2018


Green Diamonds

know where your diamonds come from Give your guests a night they’ll never forget! Creative details really help to make a wedding celebration magical and memorable for your family and friends. We’ve rounded up some of the hottest trends for a wedding day wow factor. The concerns surrounding naturally mined diamonds mainly conflict diamonds and the environmental impact - are becoming more and more a part of our mainstream consciousness, and more publicized - thankfully! As consumers, awe are fortunately becoming more educated on these issues as well as positive alternatives. The issues Conflict diamonds are mined by military factions using slave labor under miserable conditions often to help fund wars, typically in war-torn, Third World countries. In addition to this concern, the environmental impacts of diamond mining are hugely negative producing great amounts of toxic air and water pollution, and leaving raw, gaping, giant holes in the earth where nothing can grow or live - a dead area that can never be restored. The alternatives Not all diamonds are conflict diamonds, and there are mines that use progressive, eco-friendly mining techniques that protect land, water and wildlife. With a little research and discussion with your local jewelers, you can find these socially just and eco-friendly natural diamonds. Another option is to reuse, reclaim, recycle! Buy a diamond ring that already exists or consider a family heirloom, or transfer an existing stone into your own setting. Finally, your third option is to consider simulated diamonds. While methods have been developed to create pure carbon diamonds in laboratory settings (synthetic diamonds), the cost to the consumer is still a deterring factor. So diamond simulants, which often have a more complex chemical makeup, still possess many of the same characteristics as diamonds, and are a great alternative at a



fraction of the cost. Diamond simulants are created under tremendous heat and pressure in a process very similar to how actual diamonds are formed in nature - just much quicker, and from more elements than simply pure carbon. “The result is a flawless, man-made crystalline substance with physical and optical properties that almost exactly match natural diamonds,” explained a simulants expert at Diamond Nexus Labs, Stephen McNelly. “In most cases, scientific testing is needed to tell the difference, although some jewelers are able to distinguish diamond simulants from mined diamonds on the basis that all mined diamonds contain some flaws, whereas diamond simulants do not. In essence, no natural diamond could possibly be so perfect.” The bottom line is, beauty and value are in the eyes of the beholder. The ring that graces your finger for the rest of your life as an expression of your love and commitment should be beautiful, brilliant and durable. And as it turns out, there are many ways to get just that. Good news for all of us

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Experience Electra - We define entertainment With years experience as eventwith specialists, Experience Electra - Weofdefine entertainment years of experience Electra dedicated to transforming your nexttoevent into a spectacle a lifetime. asisevent specialists, Electra is dedicated transforming your nextofevent From world-class production tophenomenal talent, Electra brings the x-factor, into a spectacle of a lifetime. From world-class production tophenomenal taking your party to a whole new level.

talent, Electra brings the x-factor, taking your party to a whole new level. 410.461.2557 | info@electradeejay |

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Find out why dj’s rock planning and coordinating Brides traditionally engage DJs to emcee their wedding reception while also providing a wide variety of music at the same time. But even if you book the Rolling Stones, they may not know New York, New York. A less obvious benefit of hiring an emcee is the personal touch he will impart to duties you won’t have to deal with. A veteran wedding DJ will smoothly line up your wedding party and introduce them. He’ll arrange to have champagne poured before the toast and keep a jittery best man on an even and eloquent keel. He’ll emcee your cake-cutting and bouquet-throwing at the appropriate times. In short, he’ll keep the show running smoothly while you’re basking in the spotlight.

DJs ~ Photobooth ~ Lighting ~ Monograms Pipe and Drape ~ Custom Decor


The key qualification is experience, not price. Most DJs cost less than the hors d’oeuvres, though they’re remembered far longer. It’s not out of line to ask for references, though, he’ll certainly select satisfied clients. The best idea is to arrange a meeting. Talk your DJ through his conception of your reception and see how your ideas mesh. Ask about musical selections, old and new. Don’t be dismayed if he doesn’t have obscure songs, but gauge his willingness to track them down. Ask about lights and sound (the best systems sound superb at background volume). Most importantly, will he be a lump behind the turntables? Or will he be out front working hard, involving your guests in dancing after dinner?



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Thao & Scott 164


September 16th While vacationing in the spot where we fell in love, Seville, Spain, Scott took me to the Plaza De Espana, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

Photography: Photography By Tre’ Lynn page: 137 Wedding Dress: Bridals by Natalie Party Rentals: Capital Party Rentals Caterer: Main Event Ceterers Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas Reception: Strong Mansion Flowers: Bell Flowers



Please Be Seated

Simple and hassle free seating charts Assigned vs. unassigned seating at the wedding reception – opinions vary among today’s brides. Open seating allows guests to choose their seat which works well with informal type and cocktail party type receptions. With assigned seating, guests can be assigned a seat or just a table where they choose their seat at that table. A few guidelines will help the process of assigned seating. Begin working on the table layout and seating chart a few weeks prior to the wedding to allow for changes. Include those you believe will attend but have not yet responded. Determine if you need just a seating chart or if you also need place cards at each seat. Some brides are finding creative ways to combine the two such as a table with glass Coke bottles that have a tag hung around the neck stating the guest’s name and table number. Guests pick



up their bottle as they enter the reception and place it at their seat. Place cards can help guests to remember each other’s names. Traditionally, close family and friends sit nearest to the bride and groom. Those generally seated together are families, work friends, people of the same age (teenagers or the elderly), and groups of friends. For interest, mix the bride’s and groom’s friends at one table. Do not sit together divorced couples and/or feuding families. Planning a seating chart should not be a stressful part of wedding planning. Ask for help from the mothers of the bride and groom and begin early to make the process simple and hassle-free.

Couture Floral & Boutique Rentals

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Hire a pro Bartender take your wedding spirits to the next level You’ve hired professional photographers, caterers, musicians, and videographers to make your wedding day an unforgettable one. Don’t overlook everyone’s favorite pro: the bartender! Not only can you count on knowledgeable, speedy drink service for your guests, but a professional bartender will handle the nitty gritty, like the bar’s inventory and shopping list. You won’t have to trouble yourself with glassware, ice, mixers, or garnishes — just sit back, relax, and enjoy your professionally-poured cocktail.




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But it’s more than meticulous drink mixing: Like other wedding pros, bartenders are artists. Drinks are garnished just-so, and they’re able to craft cocktails based on individual guest’s preferences. You can also work with your bartender to create one or more signature drinks for your wedding. Before hiring a professional bartender for your wedding, do your research. First, inquire with your venue and caterer. Some have restrictions on who’s allowed to serve alcohol on site. Others require that the venue or caterer provide the alcohol, as opposed to purchasing it off site. How many bartenders do you need? Check your guest count. A general rule is 75 people per bartender. When budgeting, figure two to three drinks per person during cocktail hour and one drink per person, per hour, for the rest of the night. To determine whether or not a professional bartender is the right fit for your wedding, meet with a professional near you!

Canopies, Arbors & Chuppahs



Be a Gracious Bride making it a great day for everyone For all your beach wedding needs! Say Yes to the Best! Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. Weather you are getting married on or off the beach we can create the ceremony of your dreams. We have an extensive assortment of ceremonies to choose from let us help you make it your wedding your way!

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You may have heard the expression “it’s your day, do it your way,” as you’ve been planning your wedding. And this is true! It’s a time to express your true self, to be authentic, and to drown out the expectations of others. On the other hand, it’s easy to take this concept too far. A recent “Dear Abby” letter described a bride at a wedding who preferred to dance on an empty stomach so she had guests wait five hours for their dinner and had the dancing first! That’s a great example of taking it too far. Here are a few tips about being a gracious bride.

A wedding consultant Keeping the pressure off Consultants can help you plan as much or as little of your wedding as you like. You can hire a consultant to simply help you find a florist with a special skill or to research and implement the entire ceremony and reception. You make all the decisions, the wedding consultant does all the work. Although it surprises some brides, these specialists can often help you save money since they are able to negotiate special rates with many of the contacts they have established through the years. Relax knowing that they have made sure that the limo will arrive on time, and most important, that you have the wedding of your dreams.



Understand your guests’ perspective. How does the day’s schedule look from your guests’ viewpoint? Awkward gaps of time between the ceremony and reception are difficult for guests, and asking them to drive more than 30 minutes between locations is usually too much. Try, as much as possible, to craft your day’s schedule with the guests in mind. Jump on those thank you notes. Guests are excited to get you something wonderful in honor of your marriage, and they can’t wait to hear if you not only received it, but if you liked it! Write a conversational, personalized note and respond as quickly as possible. Give others grace. Just know that weddings are an emotional time for your close relatives, especially parents, siblings and close friends. In addition to the joy, there can also be this strange sense of “loss,” that they’re losing you, and this can bring up unexpected emotions. As much as possible, when people around you are driving you crazy, give them grace and, maybe, a warm hug. Best wishes to you, gracious bride!

Be a Great Groom 4 tips to pulling it off Get involved. Maybe discussing floral arrangements and seating charts makes your eyes glaze over. That’s fine! Figure out what DOES interest you and get involved. The entertainment, the food, the cake, the transportation, the honeymoon… Pick your areas, own them, make them happen. Keep the bride in the loop and be open to her input. She’ll love knowing she’s not doing this wedding thing all by herself. Speak up. Be an active team member by sharing your opinion, voicing your support, and offering words of encouragement and appreciation. It’s also important that you be the primary contact with your family. These are important skills not only during the wedding planning, but forever! No bashing. It’s quite likely that your stressed out bride-to-be will complain bitterly at moments about her dear family and close friends. It happens to the best of us. Listen to her, be empathetic to her distress, but do NOT join in on the complaining. She’ll get over her stress, but she may remember, and feel badly about, your negative comments. Again, for best relationship results, remember this tip always. Show your romantic side. Share your deepest, loving feelings – she wants to hear them! Here are a few ideas. Write her a letter that she can open the morning of the wedding. Have her favorite flowers delivered the week before the wedding along with a supportive note. Plan a special, relaxing evening for the two of you in the weeks before the wedding where she can escape for awhile from the wedding planning stress. Ahhhh…. Sigh.





McFadden Wedding Officiant with over 30 years experience ❦ About you—and for you ❦ Will work with you to make your ceremony a personal expression ❦ Short notice—or planned far in advance ❦ Tailored to your wishes, desires and beliefs without judgement or prejudice ❦ Interfaith, non-denominational, civil, sacred or secular. Comfortable in any faith tradition Frank McFadden ❦ 443/693-3652

Rev. Rev. Robert RobertTurner Turner


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Felicia & Shane 172


April 26th After a beautiful dinner, we went on a walk around the Annapolis city dock. After sitting down, Shane handed Felicia a painting that he made and a letter. He then dropped to one knee and proposed.

Rehearsal Dinner: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Reception: The Byzantium page: 59 Photography: The Annapolis Photographer Formals: Annapolis Bridal and Tuxedo Rentals: Rentals To Remember





Invitation Etiquette Introducing the couple


It’s worth checking every detail twice to ensure that the first impression you make is a good one. The outer envelope should have a return address on the back flap. Address the front of the envelope according to the following guidelines. • To indicate both parties of a married couple, use “Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Green.” • If every member of a family is invited, then write “Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Green and Family.” • If only the older children are included, then their names are written below the parents “Miss Erin Green.” • When addressing an unmarried couple living together, use each of their full names “Mr. Reginald Howard and Miss Angelica Thomson.” • Street names, cities and states should be written out completely without abbreviations.


Envelopes should be handwritten in charcoal gray or black ink. Write the guest’s name on the inner envelope and insert the invitation, the RSVP card and the reply envelope with the printed side facing the back flap. Use RSVP cards for a firm guest count and enclosure cards for special arrangements. Ceremony or reception cards invite guests to only one or the other. Pew cards reserve church seating and at-home cards convey your official new name and address. Invitations should be mailed four to six weeks before the wedding - three weeks before at the latest. Mail them earlier if many of your guests are traveling a considerable distance or if the wedding is on a holiday to allow time for travel arrangements.

NORMA J. SMITH 301-648-0924 PREMIER BRIDE 2018


Wedding Day Transportation limos, trolleys and more Here are some tips to make your transport as fun, affordable and memorable as the rest of your day. First, decide how many you’re moving. Do you want just the bride and groom in a car, or the entire wedding party? Once you make those decisions, start shopping around based on size. Whatever you decide on, keep safety in mind for when revelers are bouncing from place to place.

LIMOS A limo can be booked for a day, so you could get a ride to pick you up at the house and deliver you to the ceremony and to the reception. Most companies have a minimum for their services so think about the most cost-effective way to go if you want something for before and after the reception. Many options exist for limos. A formal seats four, but a stretch can seat as many as 10. For larger parties, sport utility models like the Hummer and Explorer are popular and flashy. Larger models are often posh with decorative interiors.

CATCH THE COACH For larger parties, a party bus or a luxury coach is a great way to travel. It’s got all the amenities of a luxury limousine, but it seats up to 10 people comfortably. Or, for bigger parties, a passenger coach or a party bus can seat 21-49 people. The size and type of coach will determine the hourly rate. Depending on the size of your party, it may make sense to hire two coaches.




A picturesque alternative is a trolley. They’ll generally accommodate between 20 and 35 people so it’s great for larger parties. With their old world charm, they’ll lend a lovely, elegant touch to this wedding day detail. Since most have outdoor decks, these are especially fun in small towns so you can take a peek outside and watch onlookers wave at newlyweds.

Our goal is to be a leading luxury transportation provider. To continue to grow while providing unmatched service, customer satisfaction and an unparalleled work environment within the industry.

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Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies The what and why of going unplugged

At an unplugged wedding, the couple kindly asks that everyone present turn off cell phones, cameras, and other digital distractions during the ceremony and/or reception. A bride and groom might do this because they want their guests to be fully present, to avoid social media spoilers, and to eliminate competition on behalf of the professional photographer.

Being fully present

In our technology-crazed world, it’s become a habit to check our phones every few minutes, to post a constant stream of status updates to Twitter and Facebook, and to document any and everything on Instagram. In all this online connectedness, we’re viewing the world through our phone screens and camera lenses and missing out on true human connections. But people are starting to wake up and realize just how immersed we all are in our phones and tablets, and there’s a movement to change all that. This movement has reached the wedding industry. Brides and grooms want to have face-to-face connections with their guests — especially during the ceremony — instead of staring out into a sea of electronics. If guests are experiencing your big day from behind a screen, are they truly experiencing it? Your wedding is comprised of some of the most important moments of your life; making it unplugged encourages guests to live in the moment with you. Simply put: it encourages your loved ones to be here now.

Social media spoilers

Imagine: You haven’t seen the groom all day and can’t wait for that “first look” moment. While you’re getting ready, the Maid of Honor snaps a photo of you in your dress and veil. She has a few minutes of down time, so she posts the photo on Instagram. The groom, also with a few minutes to spare, checks for Instagram updates out of habit — and the first look is spoiled. A first look via social media isn’t exactly the stuff of dreams! Brides and grooms are avoiding such spoilers altogether by declaring their wedding “unplugged.”

Leave it to the professionals

There are few things that annoy a professional photographer more than an amateur trying to do his/her job. Overly zealous uncles who jump in the aisle and cousins who stand on church pews can, at best, be an eyesore in your professional photos and can, at worst, completely ruin once-in-a-lifetime moments. Imagine your “kiss the bride” moment blocked by an uncle

who stepped into the aisle to snap a photo. The professional photographer didn’t see it coming and his or her hands are tied. Nothing can bring that moment back — it’s lost to a grainy photo on Uncle Al’s smart phone. Another issue is wandering eyes. When your professional photographer stages a group shot of your newly combined families and Uncle Al decides to take the photo too, eyes will wander, not knowing which camera to look at first. This makes the final professional photo just look silly! One way to avoid all of these problems is to have an unplugged wedding, or at least an unplugged ceremony.

How to go unplugged

First and foremost: ask nicely. The reason guests are busy on their phones and cameras during your wedding is because, for better or worse, they want to document your special day. So be kind and understanding when you ask them to refrain from technology during the ceremony and/or reception. You can include a message in your ceremony program, such as: “The bride and groom have asked that you share in their wedding fully and not through the lens of a camera or cell phone.” Or the officiant can say a few words at the beginning of the ceremony — it can have a spiritual message (“please honor the sanctity of this moment by turning off cell phones and cameras”) or an emotional one (“the professional photographer will capture how this moment looks — the bride and groom ask that you capture how it feels”). However you ask, make sure to stay true to yourselves as a couple. You’ll also want to ease your guests’ minds by assuring them that they will have access to the professional photos within a timely manner. Again, the reason wedding guests take so many photos is so that they can remember and relive your wedding day and share it with others. Talk to your photographer and make sure that you can get a few professional shots available to your guests via email, website, or Facebook within a couple of days. It’s even increasingly common for professionals to share “sneak peek” photos either the day of or the day after a wedding on their own social media pages. Reassuring your guests that these photos will be available to them will be a great help! Another idea: order picture postcards to send to your guests in place of traditional thank you notes. PREMIER BRIDE 2018


Lori & Barry April 15th While taking pictures in a photo booth we kissed for the last photo. Barry took the photos and would not let me see them because he said the last photo was a funny face he made. I was shocked as he had an engagement ring in his hand as the photo was being taken. He got down on one knee as I was staring at the photo and proposed!

Photography: Photography by Tre’ Lynn page: 137 Cake: Cakes By Bethany Gown: White Swan Bridal Music & Entertainment: DJ Marc Griffin Rentals: Rentals by Travis

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Pre-Wedding Getaway When you need a breaky With the stress of planning your wedding, you might feel as if you need a break which is exactly why couples are taking a pre-honeymoon! What is a pre-honeymoon? It can be a weekend getaway or just an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast a couple hours away. Why do I need a pre-honeymoon? You might feel stressed due to wedding planning, and this can ease that stress by getting away for a couple days to decompress and to come back with a fresh start. It also allows you to rekindle as a couple, rather than constantly planning your wedding. Where should we go? You could go somewhere abroad, if money permits, or just somewhere a couple hours away. As long as you are together, have a great stress free weekend! You could even just check into a nice hotel and get pampered for the night. This will keep your stress level down as you are relaxing! You could also go somewhere that’s sentimental to you as a couple, including where he proposed, or where you went on your first date. The purpose of the pre-honeymoon is to unwind and connect as a couple, and taking a pre-honeymoon is just the ticket! Travel deals can pop up at anytime, and there are many websites that you can use to find the best deal for your travel plans. You can also utilize the coupon applications for getaways with your special someone, and this is sometimes the cheapest way to travel!

Let us help you plan the honeymoon or destination wedding of your dreams!! Sandals and Beaches Certified Specialist Hard Rock WOW Wedding Specialist Karisma Resorts Wedding Specialist Romance Travel Specialist

We offer free planning services with no hidden fees. Contact us today to get started.

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Creative Registry

Something besides plates and pillows for your gift registry A Charitable Donation

Down Payment on a Home

Asking for a donation to a cause of the couple’s choice as a wedding gift is a great way to raise social awareness and to make your wedding about something bigger than yourselves. Many charities, such as, offer the option of creating your own online registry that will help families in third world countries become self-sufficient and earn an income by giving them animals to raise. Other sites like offer couples over 1,000,000 charities to choose from to create an online wedding registry. If there are still some gifts you’d like to receive but want to do something charitable as well, check out idofoundation. org. This site allows you to register at popular stores such as Pottery Barn, Target or Macy’s, and they will donate a percentage of the proceeds to your selected charity.

Wedding registries are the perfect way to receive everything you need to create the perfect home, but it won’t do you any good if the home is non-existent! For couples that want to get a jump start on making a down payment, the registry at helps couples register to get financial assistance towards the first step in buying a home. (Please note, despite what one of these web sites indicates, it is NOT appropriate to send ANY type of mailing to your guests “outlining” your request for gifts of money!)

Gift of Food, Wine or Desserts Many couples have their homes exactly the way they want them, but any newlywed couple could use a treat throughout the year to keep their first year of marriage special. Search online for delicious, unique registries that allow guests to provide you with a monthly gift of chocolate, spices, teas, salsas, olive oils and beer or wine. Sites like and do exactly that and offer some very unique gifts.

Honeymoon Registry The perfect relief after stressful wedding planning is the blissful honeymoon. There are a few websites like and that let couples register their honeymoon so that guests can see some of their preliminary plans and contribute financially to help create the ideal getaway experience.



Some couples might feel uneasy telling their family and friends they are asking for some of these uncommon registry ideas, but it helps to have a couple close family members and friends spread the word by saying something such as, “Yes, they’re registered at Target, but I hear they’re also hoping to save money for the down payment of a house...” and to direct the guests to the alternate registry.

Passport to Paradise that once-in-a-lifetime getaway

The stress of wedding planning is over and it’s finally time for your honeymoon! Let’s look at some destinations to consider. Go tropical Even for the most active of couples, your honeymoon is one time when it’s okay to relax. If you choose a tropical destination, an all-inclusive resort is a wonderful way to go, and most places offer a honeymoon package. All abroad! A trip abroad is a chance to get caught up in a whirlwind of new ideas and cultures, but make sure this is an experience you’re both fully committed to. Planning an international trip for the first time can be stressful.

Staying local If you don’t have the funds for a plane ticket abroad or can’t get away for a long trip, consider what’s close to home. Try a quaint bed & breakfast just a few miles from your house. Turn off your cell phones and focus on each other. It will seem as if you’re light years away. Take a cruise Can’t decide on a destination? A cruise might be for you. It’s the best of both worlds! For Europe, there are cruises along the Mediterranean, and island hopping in the Caribbean is a perfect tropical getaway. And if you can’t decide whether you want to relax or be active, a cruise will give the chance to do both.



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Mollai & Brian 186


September 30th Our wedding was romantic, classic, and timeless, with only our brothers standing at the altar with us and a childhood friend presiding over our wedding. At the end of the ceremony, everyone released a butterfly into the air.

Rehearsal Dinner: The Grand Hotel Reception: Atlantic Hotel Photography: Paige Engel Photography page: 138 Jewelry: Saxon’s Jewelers page: 161 Rentals: Coastal Tented Events Cakes: Sweet Disposition Bakery Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas Hair & MakeUp: Andrea Bounds Make Up




Accomodations & Venue 2941 Restaurant pg.11 703-270-1615


Combsberry pg. 73 443-786-7220 ___________________________

Homewood Suites Columbia / Laurel pg. 76 240-360-2725

OC 360 - Fenwick Inn pg. 31 410-250-1100



Kentlands Mansion pg. 58 301-258-6425

Ocean Hall Events, LLC pg. 87 240-925-2163


Courtyard By Marriott Washingtonian Center pg. 85 301-527-9000 ___________________________



Big Cork Vineyards pg.58 301-302-8032

DiFebo’s pg. 86 302-539-4550

Kirkland Manor pg. 46 443-786-7220

Preston Hall pg. 57 410-802-4372





Best Western Hotel & Conference Center pg.84 410-633-9500


Boardwalk Plaza Hotel pg.45 302-227-7169

Doubletree Hilton Largo Washington D.C. pg. 83 301-773-0700

MacGregor’s Restaurant & Tavern pg. 52 410-939-3003

Sheraton Baltimore North pg. 90 443-921-2314





Brittland Estates pg.79 410-810-7591

Elegant Settings pg. 69 301-446-3240

Maria’s Love Point Bed & Breakfast pg. 41 410-643-5054

Sunset Beach Resort pg. 53 757-331-1776





Bulle Rock Golf Course pg.30 410-939-8887

Hampton Inn College Park pg. 72 301-345-2200



Casey Community Center pg. 38 301-258-6366

Harrison Group pg. 62 410-289-1470



City of Havre de Grace pg. 70 800-851-7756




Hilton Garden Inn Columbia pg. 91 410-750-3700


Memorial Chapel pg.84 301-314-9866


The Byzantium pg. 59 240-205-1190

Minker Banquet Hall pg. 68 410-939-3003

The Restaurant at Lighthouse Sound pg. 82 410-641-1199





Nottingham’s pg. 85 410-290-0077

Weddings in Annapolis pg. 56 410-280-0445



Services & Wears Beauty



Align Spine pg.119 301-562-0390

Krazy Krafts & Sweets pg. 119 410-371-1888

2941 Restaurant pg.11 703-270-1615



___________________________ Mary Kay/Donna Rueppell pg.116 443-694-6924 donna-rueppell

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Bridal Salon Downtown Bridal pg.109 410-543-5332

___________________________ Sandals Bridal & Formal Wear pg.113 410-390-3937


Le Cake Boutique pg.124 703-628-0938

Catering By Uptown pg.20 800-795-8696



My Sweet Array pg.125 443-880-5243

Eleven Courses Catering & Event Co. pg.13 410-459-6773



Ryan’s Sweet Shop pg.124 443-299-8358

Fish Paws Market pg. 39 410-647-7363

ryanssweetshoppe.vpweb. com

__________________________ The Cake Studio Baltimore pg. 121 410-575-1725


___________________________ Rouge Fine Catering pg.9 410-527-0007 ___________________________

Steve Moody’s Entertainment Connection pg.163 800-410-3013 ___________________________

Flowers/Décor Amanda’s Florist pg.95 410-939-5403

___________________________ Bella Fiori Couture Floral pg.94 443-519-6088

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Entertainment Baltimore’s Premier Event Solutions pg.163 410-630-4121

___________________________ Electra Entertainment pg.162 410-461-2557 ___________________________




Event Planning, Services & Photography Formal Wear



Country View Tuxedo pg.112 410-857-7601 ___________________________

Alison To The Altar pg.170 443-695-5044 ___________________________

AM Films pg.146 410-630-4121 ___________________________

Tuxedo House pg.111 410-252-6220 ___________________________

Frank McFadden Weddings pg.171 443-693-3652 ___________________________

Baltimore’s Premier Event Solutions pg.144 410-630-4121 ___________________________

Robert Turner Wedding Officiant LLC pg.171 410-227-7268 ___________________________

Bradley Images Photo & Video pg.143 410-902-6664 ___________________________

Invitations Be - Me Announcements pg. 175 301-648-0924

___________________________ My Sweet Array Invitations pg. 175 443-880-5243


Jewelry/Gifts Saxon’s Diamond Centers pg.161 Jewelry 410-836-8000

___________________________ Smyth Jewelers pg.159 800-638-3333

___________________________ 190


Planning/ Coordinator Alison To The Altar pg.154 443-695-5044 ___________________________ Exceptional Events By Elisa pg.153 703-725-2650 ___________________________ Katie Price Events & Design pg.152 443-974-2027 ___________________________

Electra Photobooth pg.145 410-461-2557 ___________________________

Prestigious Occasions pg.157 410-783-8211 ___________________________

Paige Engel Photography pg.138 443-614-2359 ___________________________

Stephanie White Events pg.156 410-430-7534 ___________________________

Photograpy By Tre’ Lynn pg.137 443-570-4864 ___________________________

Unique Events By Lynn pg.156 443-299-8358 ___________________________

Video Express and Photography pg.144 301-598-6096 ___________________________

Your Day Your Way pg.155 410-925-1086 ___________________________

Rentals, Transportation & Travel Rentals

Transportation Travel

Bella Fiori Rentals pg.167 443-519-6088 ___________________________

Executive Transportation pg.177 302-337-3455 executivetransportationde. net ___________________________

Charm City Chuppahs pg. 168 877-856-5490 ___________________________ Eastern Shore Tents & Events pg.166 410-810-0686 ___________________________

Destination - Wedding pg.178 703-454-1794 ___________________________ Lovin Away pg.185 844-568-2929 ___________________________

Suite Dreamz Travel pg.183 443-541-0602 ___________________________ Travel Makers pg.182 410-838-0474 ___________________________





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