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Spring 2009

Premier Bank and our Customers

FDIC 101

Insuring your bank deposits

Dear Friends, Unprecedented challenges are facing the economy and I know many of you are concerned about the continued negative Matt Brown press on the banking industry. I want to give you peace of mind that Premier Bank continues to meet the federal standards for being a well-capitalized bank, according to FDIC standards.

Since President Franklin D. Roosevelt (and the U.S. Congress) created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in 1933, no depositor has lost a cent deposited in any FDIC-insured bank or savings association. It’s an impressive record. But more importantly, FDIC protection fosters depositors’ confidence, which is crucial to maintaining stability in our nation’s banking system. Just how safe are your deposits? And what kinds of deposits are protected? What are the current limits? Here’s a quick guide to your FDIC protection.

Our first priority has always been to act as a trusted financial partner with each customer, helping to find the right combination of loan, deposit and investment services to meet your individual needs. As your local community bank, we believe our customers really are our friends and neighbors and we genuinely want to help you reach your goals. As the economy or your life circumstances change, our bankers stand ready to equip you with products and strategies to move forward. We value your business and hope to continue as your bank of choice for safe and secure financial needs. Sincerely,

Matt Brown President/CEO

WHAT’S inside

• The FDIC is an independent public agency. It is backed by the full faith and credit of the government of the United States. • FDIC insurance covers all deposit accounts in member banks. These include checking, savings, NOW and certificates of deposits, as well as money market accounts. • Currently, the basic insured limits are $250,000 per owner for single accounts, $250,000 per co-owner for joint accounts and $250,000 per owner for IRAs and other retirement accounts.* • For revocable trust accounts, each owner is insured up to $250,000 for the interest of each beneficiary.* *The $250,000 limits became effective October 3, 2008, upon the passage of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. They will revert to the former $100,000 level on December 31, 2009, unless Congress passes a new act to make these new limits permanent. Depositors may qualify for more than $250,000 coverage at any single FDIC member bank if they own deposit accounts in different ownership categories (single, joint, etc.). Your Premier Bank Personal Banker can help you with more details and establish the ideal set of accounts to make sure that your funds are federally insured. For more information on FDIC protection, visit

Contact us at (850) 386-2225 or email


New Scams from Identity Thieves


Buying, Building or Refinancing?


FIVE Ways You Can Prevent Identity Theft


Our new website

Identity Theft Hits 5-Year High So why is LifeLock CEO Todd Davis still giving out his real Social Security number to anyone who will listen? Davis has a million reasons.


ecause between LifeLock’s proactive approach that works to prevent identity theft before it happens, and our $1 million service guarantee, I’m more confident than ever in LifeLock’s ability to continue keeping my identity safe,” Davis says. That’s showing a lot of confidence when you realize identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America.


Does it work? Look at the facts “With over 1.4 million LifeLock members, statistically you would expect to see over 30,000 identity thefts annually, costing our members hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars,” Davis says. “But we haven’t seen anywhere near 30,000 victims.” Less than one percent of over one million LifeLock members have ever reported their identities stolen, and because of LifeLock’s guarantee, none of them were ever out the time or money experienced by other identity theft victims.

We’re working around the clock monitoring over 10,000 criminal websites for the illegal buying, selling and trading of our members’ information. – Todd Davis LifeLock CEO

Protecting children LifeLock was also the first to offer full identity theft protection for children. Why protect children? “Children are popular targets for identity predators specifically because people seldom, if ever, check for activity on their child’s credit history,” Davis says. “Many times a minor won’t discover the theft until they’re denied job or loans for college.”

LifeLock provides full coverage for minors at a lower membership fee, and every child is backed by LifeLock’s million dollar guarantee.

Peace of mind There’s also a lucrative criminal underworld of online chat rooms where identity thieves buy, sell and trade the stolen identities of unsuspecting consumers. “We’re working around the clock monitoring over 10,000 criminal websites for the illegal buying, selling and trading of our members’ information,” Davis said. “And if anything gets past us, you have the peace of mind knowing you and your family are protected by our $1 Million Total Service Guarantee.”

Five things you can do to prevent identity theft 1. Place fraud alerts on your credit report. Fraud alerts make it extremely difficult for thieves to open new credit lines under your name. You can place fraud alerts with all three major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion), but alerts last only 90 days and must be renewed continuously to be effective. 2. Order all three free credit reports. Whether or not you are a victim of identity theft, take advantage of your free annual credit reports, which is now a requirement of federal law. Visit 3. Opt out of unsolicited credit card offers. Opt out of pre-approved offers of credit at www.optoutprescreen. com. You may choose a five-year opt-out period or permanent opt-out status. This reduces the possibility of someone rifling through your mail and opening credit under your name.

4. Become acquainted with a shredder. All read mail should go through the shredder before it goes to the trash. Though identity theft is steadily transferring to online forums, most identity theft is still done by trash digging. Using a shredder on all of your personal documents makes the job for any would-be identity thief infinitely more difficult. 5. Let experts protect you. While preventive measures can be done by anyone, many companies exist to provide consumers with expertise when it comes to the confusing ID theft issues. When selecting one of these companies, make sure that they provide the convenience, knowledge, support and guarantee to keep you safe. LifeLock backs their service with a $1 million guarantee.

IDENTITY THIEVES LOVE TAX SEASON So why is this man still giving out his real Social Security number? I’m Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock, and 457-55-5462 is my real Social Security number. Fraudulent tax returns filed as a result of identity theft increased nearly 600 percent over the past five years, but I still give out my real information because of my complete confidence in LifeLock’s ability to protect my identity.



Each week brings new headlines of another major identity breach: 260,000 Social Security numbers released in Wisconsin, 45.7 million credit and debit card records stolen from a national retail chain, and the list goes on. The fact is, another identity is stolen every three seconds, but the next victim doesn’t have to be you. As the leader in identity theft protection, LifeLock takes steps to prevent thieves from destroying your credit and ruining your good name. While credit monitoring only alerts you after the fact, LifeLock works to help stop you from becoming a victim in the first place – even if your information falls into the wrong hands. And what we don’t stop, we’ll fix at our expense, up to $1 million. That’s LifeLock’s Million Dollar Total Service Guarantee.

Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock SSN: 457-55-5462


1-800 LIFELOCK (543-3562) OR GO TO

w w w. l i f e l o c k . c o m

Do not share your Social Security number or personal information unnecessarily. WalletLock™ does not cover pictures, cash and other monies. No payment, no obligation for 30 days. After 30 days your credit card will automatically be billed. You can cancel at any time without penalty.

(850) 386-2225



P.O. Box 3606 Tallahassee, FL 32315


Have you visited the new Premier Bank website? Check out our freshly revamped website at! You’ll find a great new look, lots of useful information and plenty of online tools. You can: • Contact us directly through secure email to answer your questions about accounts, products or services • Apply online to begin the process of opening checking and savings accounts • Reorder checks online • Apply for a personal Visa® card • Find quick links on our homepage • Search the site to easily find what you are looking for • Expect interactive microsites in the second quarter and much more!

Ingle Mortgage joins Premier Bank The dynamic Premier Bank and Ingle Mortgage combination will enable our locally owned bank to provide our clients with better, more comprehensive loan offerings. “Ingle Mortgage has a reputation for professional excellence and customer service that matches up well with our mission statement,” said Matt Brown, President & CEO of Premier Bank. Ingle Mortgage will relocate to Premier Bank’s Lending Center located at 1639 Village Square Blvd. by May. We look forward to making the transition and the opportunity to serve you, with a little help of some new friends. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US CALL: (850) 386-2225 EMAIL: VISIT:

Habitat House dedicated to Dennis Boyle Big Bend

Premier Bank’s 2009 Habitat home will be built in tribute to Dennis Boyle, the bank’s founding chairman, who passed away in a tragic accident on February 1, 2009. “We have named our team ‘DB Builders’ to remember his joyful work ethic and concern for others,” said Matt Brown. “Habitat has been very important to our bankers, but this year will be particularly special.” Premier Bank began its Habitat commitment with single-day builds in 2000; the purpose was to build teamwork and a servant’s heart. After a couple of years, Premier Bank took on 50 percent of the cost and labor of the homes. In 2006 Premier Bank made a commitment to provide 100 percent of the cost and labor of the homes. In a time when the media is constantly criticizing financial institutions, Premier Bank is using our hands and feet to show appreciation and commitment to the community. Our partnership with Habitat for Humanity allows families to break the cycle of poverty in an endeavor that benefits everyone in the community. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US CALL: (850) 386-2225 EMAIL: VISIT:


Premier Bank News and Views, Spring 2009 Newsletter  

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