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1,368 The Dead Sea’s elevation, in feet below sea level

ON LOCATION Managing editor Randy Mink, frolicking in Israel’s Dead Sea, shows off both his magazine and floating abilities.


Julie Cooper

Years it took to complete Cologne Cathedral

WHAT’S ONLINE? ©Bigstock/Photosani

EL GROUPO NUMERO UNO aking advantage of the influx of new inbound Visit USA business, has debuted new multi-language translation ability. Now, foreign language buyers can view listings, group deals and travel tips in 26 languages.


LOOK FOR THE NEW TOURITINERARIES.COM SITE ess than a year after launching our new, October debuts an all-new design and site functionality. Beta-testing with buyers indicates they like the new interactive mapping technology that routes each itinerary on screen, and the easy contact buttons allow for seamless contact between destinations and tour providers. is already the #1 site on Google, Bing and Yahoo for tour itinerary searches with a growing list of over 300 pre-formed and sample trips covering all market niches.


34,211 Population of Tupelo, Mississippi

60 Distance in miles from New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico

30.6 Average annual U.S. per capita beer consumption in gallons

1848 Year that Wisconsin became a state

158 Length of Vermont in miles Pat Garin/New Orleans CVB

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Spotlight on European Cathedrals