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Japan 発見への旅、日本

Indo Japanese Cultural Excursion インドから日本へ 2nd May 2014 to 12th May 2014

Name of the Place Credit: Japan Excursion @ May 2013

Who are we?

私たちが、素適な旅にご案 内します KCS International, India in collaboration with Indus Ray Japan (Non Profit Organization) is organizing an ‘Indo Japanese Cultural Excursion - 2014’. (IJC Excursion - 2014) We focus on providing a meaningful educational experience in Japan with itineraries that are customized to meet specific educational needs and to enhance our program’s curriculum, which will impact the students. At IJC 2014 personal attention is not an exception! It’s a rule!! Our young, enthusiastic and vibrant staff contributes greatly in elevating the experience and knowledge of the students. We draw the students in interactive fun time throughout the trip to make their experience more rewarding.



インダスレイ ジャパン Indus Ray Japan

2nd May 2014 to 12th May 2014 Osaka . Kyoto . Kobe . Himeji . Hiroshima 11 days of education, adventure and fun

未来の君達に伝えたい VISION IJC Excursion - 2014 will enable every student to add meaning to their learning by exploring and celebrating the diversity of our planet: our tours are subject oriented and concentrate on subjects such as - Geography, Ecology, History and Physics.



IJC Excursion - 2014 will add value to the classroom experience for the young (ages 12 to 19 years) worldwide through an evolving discovery of self and purpose by offering journeys that encourage the students to interact with members of different cultures and backgrounds.

日本へようこそ Welcome to Japan

KCS International and Indus Ray Japan provide an opportunity for teenagers to interact with similar group of children from other countries and to exchange knowledge about other cultures, history, technology and innovative ideas. One can discover themselves and also get ideas from around the globe. Everyone is interested to travel around the world like Columbus did to learn about the culture and customs of different people. Japan would be a good learning experience for everyone.

Experiencing and learning great cultural variety, natural attractions and the overflowing hospitality of its people makes Japan a worthwhile place to visit.

匠の国、 日本

Why Japan you ask?

Japan is a place where everyone can enjoy its rich cultural values and advanced technologies with a sense of complete security. Japan has a long history of indigenous cultures and customs intertwined with heart-warming hospitality. Japan is the most advanced country in the field of innovation and technology.



関西国際空港 Kansai International Airport: is a man-made island, 4 km long and 2.5 km wide. The airport is located just 15 feet above sea level. Students can experience the magnificent architecture which was designed by the worldfamous Italian named Renzo.

Sky View

広島 Hiroshima: Students will visit the Peace Memorial Park and the Peace Memorial Museum, which plays host to several commemorative monuments designed to educate visitors about the tragedy of the world’s first atomic bomb. You can read the names of every known bomb victims.

Atom Bomb Dome, Hiroshima Japan

Name of the Place Credit: Japan Excursion @ May 2013

平安神宮 Heian Shrine was built to commemorate an ancient Imperial Palace. It consists of 8 buildings and 4 beautiful gardens. Students can go there to pray and have their fortune read. It also has a large pond, a picturesque bridge, and an area to feed the fish. Students can spend an enjoyable time there.

2nd May 2014 to 12th May 2014 Osaka . Kyoto . Kobe . Himeji . Hiroshima 11 days of education, adventure and fun

EXCITING PLACES YOU WILL EXPLORE IN JAPAN 島津 Shimadzu Industries, is a company who manufactuers Amphibian Aircraft. These aircraft can take off and land on both land and water. Student will visit the production site to explore the process of manufacturing of such aircraft.

Shimdzu Industries

二条城 Nijo Castle- This world heritage site was the home of Tokugawa leyasu. The security features are also a nice touch: “Nightingale floors” that squeak on purpose, secret rooms adjacent to the conference rooms and shogun’s living quarters to house at-theready guards to protect the shogun.


ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ ジャパン Universal Studios, Japan, currently has eight sections: Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, Jurassic Park, Lagoon, Water world, Amity Village and Universal Wonderland. Students can enjoy many amusement rides, ranging from child-friendly carousels to thrilling roller coasters and simulators, based on popular movies such as Spiderman, Back to the Future, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park.

Universal Studio Japan

東映太秦映画村 Eigamura is an attractive place where students can experience ninja performances, a ninja maze, a 360 degree 3D theater, filming demonstrations, and a haunted house that is claimed to be one of the scariest in Japan. Eigamura

2nd May 2014 to 12th May 2014 Osaka . Kyoto . Kobe . Himeji . Hiroshima 11 days of education, adventure and fun



Student educational adventures - our trips are not about passive learning – they are about life experiences. Our itineraries include outdoor educational and cultural programs as well as exploring the community, all of which ensure stimulating experiences for young, enquiring minds, among other adventures listed below: Experience a Japanese classroom session. We make the students Experience the Earth Quake evacuation drills and how to use the fire extinguishers Students can director their own NEWS CAST Program with the help and support of the technical staff of NHK - the National TV Channel and record the entire program into DVD and take home back. The students will travel in the Bullet Train. These bullet trains are also called as SHIN KANSEN. They are not only the fastest but also desgined as the World’s 1st Quake Triggered brake system. Learn about Japanese culture and tradition and experience how to drink green tea in the Sado Tea ceremony presentation. And also experience Ikebana flower arranging by professional teachers. Home stay experience with a Japanese family. The students will experience staying with a Japanese family. They will learn about their home interiors, eating etiquette, method of eating with chop sticks, their sleeping habits, their bathing habits and many more. Traditional Dance and Kimono wearing. Experts will teach NOH THEATER dramatic dance performance and Kimono wearing,(Summer Kimono is called YUKATA.) And the students will participate in a traditional dance called Sōran Bushi. Traditional cultural dinner party. The students can experience to taste, Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Udon, Yakitori, Okonomiyaki and Donmburi.

Many other life changing experiences apart from the above mentioned.

Fees per Student Due Date for Registration

Registration Amount

Due Date for Balance Amount

Balance Amount

Total Expedition Amount

Early bird registration fee

15 - Oct - 2013

Rs. 70,000/-

31 - Oct - 2013

Rs. 1,30,000/-

Rs. 2,00,000/-

Regular registration fee

31 - Oct - 2013

Rs. 90,000/-

15 - Nov - 2013

Rs. 1,35,000/-

Rs. 2,25,000/-

Late registration fee

15 - Nov - 2013

Rs. 1,00,000/-

30 - Nov - 2013

Rs. 1,50,000/-

Rs. 2,50,000/-

Fees include • • • • • • • • •

Round-trip flight ticket. All accommodation including home stay. Food (three meals a day), snacks and drinks. Sponsorship letter and letter of invitation. Visa fee charged by the Consulate. Visa processing fee of the travel agent. Meetings and briefings prior to the excursion. Entrance fees of USJ, Ega Mura and others. Bullet Train, subway train and local train fares.

Benefits of early registration • • •

Easy visa processing. Early and cheaper confirmation of flight tickets. Cheaper reservation of accommodation and entry fees.

• • • • • • •

Japanese traditional cultural dinner party. Translators and guides professional fees. Exclusive bus and local transportation within Japan. Overseas medical insurance and emergency medical care. Complete protection and supervision. Arrangement of Japanese classroom session. Participation certificate.

The excursion is designed for the age group of 12 to 19 years. Parents and siblings may join the tour, for the same price per person. 2nd May 2014 to 12th May 2014 Osaka . Kyoto . Kobe . Himeji . Hiroshima 11 days of education, adventure and fun Inclusive of reporting and travelling days.



安藤百福インスタントラーメン発 明記念館 Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum, has hands-on workshops. At the Instant Ramen Factory, students can make Instant Ramen Noodles by hand. And at My Cup Noodle Factory, where they can make their own original Cup Noodles, with their favourite soup and ingredients.

Instant Ramen Museum, Preparing Noodles

Ninja Mystery House is a tourist spot in Japan where students can experience ninja techniques or can learn secret mechanisms in ninja houses.

Japan Office Address: インダスレイ ジャパン Indus Ray Japan

生け花 Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Students will learn the creative arrangement of the living branches, leaves, vases and blossoms. It is a disciplined art form where nature and humanity are brought together.

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