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With more than 100 events from December 2009 to February 2010 across India and featuring close to 250 artosts, designers, researchers and etrepreneurs, the Bonjour India festival is France’s most significant rendez-vous with India. From New-Delhi to Mumbai, Kolkata to chennai, moving on to Hyderabad, Bangalore and thereon to other places, more than eighteen Indian cities will usher in a host of events. Exhibitions, concerts, literary and cinematographic events, artistic meets, debates and conferences, economic and scientific exchanges, will be organized over a period of three months by Cultures France and Embassy of France in India. With the support of both governments, regional communities and French and Indian companies, this event will Celebrate the 200 year old Indo-French friendship.


Mr. Pierre Fournier, Consul General of France

Mrs. M.Kausalya Devi, Honorary Consul of France

Mr. Sripathi, Chief Secretary

Hip-Hop, Flamenco and Contemporary Dance « TERRAIN VAGUE » KÄFIG COMPANY 9th and 10th Dec 2009 7.30pm Sir Mutha Venkata Subbarao Hall Lady Andal School One of the most prominent companies of French hip-hop! (Marion Carriau, Derradji Bounechada, Mohamed Rouabah, David Rodrigues, Mickael Arnaud, Jennifer Suire, Rémi Autechaud, Abdelkader Belmoktar, Mourad Merzouki, Benjamin Lebreton, Jonnathan Girard, Cécile Robin). The cultural diversity of France is put in evidence with this show which mingles flamenco not only with contemporary dance but also with circus art forms

THE SHOW “Terrain Vague” In January 2006 Terrain Vague (‘vacant lot’) was created in the Maison de la Danse of Lyon. This show revisits a world dear to the choreographer: the circus. Hip-hop dancers and artists originating from theatre and circus share the stage. Terrain Vague, a neglected and at once an open space, available where everything can happen… “For creating my show, I left one place: the vacant lot (…) this type of place where each one can come in complete freedom, build, destroy, play and create. A place of passages, encounters, lives…Considered usually as a “no place” in an urban landscape divided and concentrated, where the feeling of suffocation dominates, the terrain vague is also for me a bubble of air, (...) a place of all the possibilities. (…). The discrepancy with reality is voluntary. The precariousness of life in this type of place is evident but it is also about the strength of relations that are born in these places and of which I want to speak in the show.” Mourad MERZOUKI

CHOREOGRAPHY Mourad MERZOUKI Born in Lyon in 1973, of Kabyle origin, Mourad Merzouki started off with martial arts and circus arts at the age of seven. At fifteen, his exposure to the hip-hop culture led him to the world of dance. In 1994, the company presented Athina, at the time of the Biennial of Dance of Lyon, a true success, which succeeded in transposing hip-hop from the streets to the stage, without making it loose its true identity. A journey took him to the refugee camps in Croatia, during the war. He experienced that dance could be a strong means of communication in difficult and extreme circumstances. Since 1996, Mourad Merzouki has not ceased revitalizing the language of hip-hop with a great choreographic, scenographic and aesthetic diversity. THE KÄFIG COMPANY Käfig, which means cage in German and Arabic, is also the title of the first item that the choreographer presented at the “Rencontres urbaines de la Villette” during which he got tremendous recognition from the public and professionals. In 1998 the Company shone with Récital, a mind-blowing meeting of hiphop with the concerto classique which led to a three year world tour. This tour gave him the opportunity to meet people who helped him put together other projects. The New York dancer Klown joined the Company following the United-States tour. The year 2003, was also the year of creation, at the Maison de la Danse of Lyon of Corps est graphique. In 2004, Mourad Merzouki worked alongside Claudia Stavisky for the direction of the play La Cuisine d’Arnold Wesker.

Press Release

The Hindu, Thursday 10 Dec, 2009

The Times of India, Thursday 10 Dec 2009

Chennai Times, Thursday 10 Dec 2009 Alternatively you can contact AFM for all information. CONTACT AFM 2827 9803/2827 1477

A new circus show

«Plan B» 17th and 18th Dec 2009 7.30pm Sir Mutha Venkata Subbarao Hall Lady Andal School

The shows are open to the general public. Contact AFM for invitations Children below 8 years are not allowed Please be seated by 7.15pm

Ms. Anita Ratnam has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest for this evening Four acrobats sliding on a mobile plane (inclined, horizontal, vertical), a few white balls somehow suspended in mid-air, a flurry of lights and music: this is «Plan B» for you, a show of Compagnie 111 directed by the New-Yorker Phil Soltanoff, combining the best of circus, theatre and video art. From an imaginative renewal of the experience of space and the laws of gravity, gradually emerges a poetic discourse. In «Plan B», dream and farce unfold in a new poetics of space.

Artistic movements of the 20’s such as constructivism or the Bauhaus have greatly influenced the creations of Compagnie 111. Other artistic forms present on stage, namely lights, sound, live and electronic music, video, dance, design, magic and shadow play, are all laced into one unique creation.

«Plan B» is not only full of creativity, humour and poetry, but also represents a mindboggling example of technical perfection. Their mastery of the circus arts leads the four men to defy the universal laws of space and gravity. What remains is slow motion, impetus, buoyancy.

The AF Jazz Club and the Taj Connemera bring you an evening of Jazz, by three talented young mudicians.

ÂŤ The Sharik Hasan Paris TrioÂť 11th Dec 2009 7.30pm Taj Connemara Ballroom

The Sharik Hasan Paris Trio is an Indo-French group of three young musicians from diverse backgrounds who got together in Paris in 2008 searching for common musical vision. Their unique compositions are the result of combining different influences such as classical, hip-hop, rock and jazz while heavily rooted in improvisation. This trio will leave you with a lasting impression of what 21st century improvises music is to come. Sharik Hasan was born in 1984. He formaly began studying classical piano at the age of 5 in Boston. He studied then in Bangalore, London, Paris and New York. Gael Petrina born in Equador picked up the electric bass guitar in Los Angeles at the age of 12. At the age of 15 he discovered jazz and plays since with numerous bands.

Thibault Pierrard, Pierrard Drummer, holds a university degree in musicology from La Sorbone University and studied in a jazz school. He has shared the stage of many jazz bands since.

Sharik Hasan was born in 1984. He formally began studying classical piano at the age of five, studying at the Longy School of Music in Boston under the tutelage of renowned Russian concert pianist Ludmilla Lifson, and later at the Bangalore School of Music. At sixteen, having finished the curricula of the Royal School of Music, London and Trinity School of Music, Cambridge, he went to the United States to attend the prestigious Oberlin Conservatory of Music. This was the first turning point to take place in his musical career, as he was instantly drawn to the new, dynamic sounds of jazz. He was acquainted with and taught by musicians such as Dave Holland, Eddie Gomez, Billy Hart, Gary Bartz and Joe Lovano. On returning to India he began performing extensively across the country with musicians from different styles, including jazz, funk, blues, fusion, Latin and Indian classical. In 2007 Sharik moved to Paris to study at the Bill Evans Piano Academy. Here the young pianist integrated quickly into the International jazz scene, playing concerts in venues and festivals in Paris and in the south of France. He had the opportunity to study with some of his idols and to play with the legends he had listened to on CDs for years such as Mulgrew Miller, Kenny Werner, Tom Harrell, Dave Kikoski, Brian Blade, Bill Carrothers, Rick Margitza, Leon Parker, Robert Glasper, Chris Dave, and Donald Brown among others. Currently, he is a part of several different groups and projects on the Paris jazz scene including his own quartet for which he has been composing extensively.

In July and August of 2008 Sharik toured India with his trio consisting of two of India’s most reputed musicians: Adrian D’Souza (drums) and Karl Peters (bass). The music included original compositions as well as fresh arrangements and interpretations from the standard jazz repertoire. A musical set, that was very inspired, was offered to a fascinated audience wherever they played. Born in Equador in 1985,, Gael Petrina picked up the electrical bass guitar in Los Angeles, California at the age of 12 after numerous years of classical training on flute. At 15, he discovered jazz and the up-right bass whilst already playing in several rockbands and performing in legendary clubs as the Whisky-A-Go-Go and the Martini Lounge on the sunset strip. At 16 years of age, Gael moved to West London, England and obtained his grade 5 theory and grade 8 double bass certificates at the Guildhall Germany with The East Berkshire Jazz Big and the Berkshire Symphony Orchestra. During this time Gael played in several London, Brighton and Reading based projects ranging from jazz, rock, hip-hop and electronic. In addition, he became the resident up-right bass player for the Lion and Lobster Jazz Club with Terry Seabrook (former Uk pianist for Chet Baker). In 2005, Gael decided to enhance his jazz skills with bass mentor Peter Giron and moved to Paris to study at the American Scholl of Modern Music. The following year was filled with concerts in and outside of Paris, with a number of diverse projects ranging from small jazz ensembles to full symphonic orchestras. He also performed in the Jazzy Colors festival with the Ludmila Stefanikova Quartet at the famous Parisian recital hall, la Salle Cortot in 2006. For a 9 month period, Gael resided at the Cameleon Jazz Club in the heart of the Latin Quartet. In 2007, on being invited to the North Sea Jazz Festival, he had the opportunity to share the stage with Joshua Redman, Antonio Sanchez, Willy Joe Jones and

Randy Brecker. The following summer/fall included even more international performances along the coast of California with several indie rock bands, Mexico with the Petrina Jazz Project and Slovakia with the Lightning Bug Orchestra. Thibault Perriard, Perriard drummer born in 1984 received the CFEM diploma in Classical percussion in the Conservatoire de Fontainebleau in May 2000. In 2004, he obtained a degree in musicology (ethnomusicology) with honors at the Sorbonne Paris 4, and a Diplome d’Etudes Musicales in jazz and music theory from National School of Music (ENM) of Noisiel. He also obtained a CFEM Classical Analysis. He has won several jazz awards such as the Versailles Jazz Festival, St Germain Jazz, Jazz in Vannes, Jazz Tours, Jazz in Vienna. He also received the first prize of the SONOR in 1998, and a special Jury award at the 2007 Sunside Perceptual with the Oxyd quintet. He has shared the stage with Magic Malik, Marc Ducret, Frederic Favard, Cugny Laurent, Hervé Sellin, Pierre-Olivier Gauvin, Laurent Ganzini, Marcus Miller,… Currently in 2nd year at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, he works in various projects such as Oxyd or Word Out Trio, that you can listen in various Parisians clubs. Additionally, he composes, arranges and leads to different formations ranging from solo piano to big band.

Entry is by invite only CONTACT AFM 2827 9803/2827 1477

We would like to thank Musée Musical for their support in offering us the piano.

BERNARD FAUCON Photography Exhibition True Fiction January 4th to 18th , 2010 The Apparao Apparao Gallery Alliance Française of Madras Gallery The exhibition is open to the public from the evening of the 4th of January 2010 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Bernard Faucon is one of the most celebrated photographers of the twentieth century.His photographic career spans for nearly two decades. One of the first artists to explore the universe of staged photography- the photographic ‘mise en scene’, Faucon was the recipient of the French National Prize for Photography in 1989.

Born in 1950, Faucon created his his photographic work between 1976 and 1995. 1995. It is one of the most original collections of works of the late 20th century. Widely exhibited, reproduced, borrowed and collected, this body of work remains, contemporary rary creation is still to be paradoxically, little known, and its place in contempo well defined. This is due as much to its uniqueness, being a poetic, metaphysical, highly personal body of work, as to the diversity of groups that it has inspired: from the most orthodox in the photographic world to avant-garde artists, as well as novelists, theatre directors, psychoanalysts and even Japanese fashion designers!

“The wish to face, once at least, the body only, beauty without artifice. The wish livingg cannot be to answer in my own way the question of the living: since the livin photographed, we will try and photograph the gods!” Bernard Faucon Over the past 25 years, Bernard Faucon has shown extensively his photographs through 250 solo exhibitions across the globe. True Fiction is an eclectic journey through the first five series of Faucon’s works; Les Grandes Vacances (Summer Holidays), Evolution Probable du Temps (The Probable Evolution of Time), Les Chambres d’Amour (Chambers of Love), Les Chambres d’Or ( The Golden Chambers) and Les Idoles et les Sacrifices.

This is one of the first exhibitions where Faucon, who has from the beginning remained loyal to an old photographic process named Fresson Printing, now exhibits his images in the form of large format digital print

Press Release

Deccan Chronicle, Wednesday Wednesday 30th Dec 2009

Madras Musings, January 11-15 2010

Deccan Chronicle, Saturday 2nd Jan 2010

MayakkamMayakkam-Oxymore Sangeetha Ishvaran, Cyrille Brissot and Marko 93

Tue 12th Jan 2010 at 7.30pm Museum Theatre

MayakkamMayakkam-Oxymore is an artistic collaboration collaboration between France and India that challenges the boundaries between art, technology and culture, in which new technologies and traditions meet, combining dance, painting and music.

There are three disciplines carried through by three artists: Sangeeta Isvaran, Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer, Cyrille Brissot computer musician and researcher at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordi- nation Acoustique/Musique), specialised in translating recorded gestures into music; and Marko-93 a graffiti artist pioneer in the development of light-painting in real time video. The unifying thread here is movement, whether it be coded or abstract, each one uses it in their own way: body expression, light or sound. The artistic challenge of the project consists in blending very different artistic skills, where new technologies serve an ancestral art form, by blending them subtly to find points of convergence. Our aim is to create a seamless whole that takes the spectator for a journey that appeals to all their senses.

Sangeeta began her training of Bharatanatyam in 1980 at Abhinayasudha, the dance institution founded by PadmabhushanSmt. Kalanidhi Naraya. She has since then extended her fields of expertise to Nattuvangam, Kuchipudi, Kalaripayattu, Rabam Boran and Javanese and Balinese dance forms. Sangeeta has more than one string to her bow, not only is she a perfectly skilled dancer, and fully proven choreographer, but she is also the author of many publications, has been invited to give lectures in semi- nars around the world, and achieves important field work in the educational and social domain. Sangeeta considers her art to serve the Human Being, not only in an aesthetic and cultural manner but in education or social issues, and even therapy to populations that are in great distress. She has carried through many projects around the world, more specifically in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Byrma, France, Canada, United-States and Mexico.

« The aim of these projects is to use art as an efficient vector for social change, personal emancipation, and economic development. Dance, music, theatre give a voice to the ones who have been marginalized, excluded from our society»

Emblematic French graffiti artist, MarkoMarko- 93 largely contributed to making urban arts enter the fine world of contemporary art. He embraces hip hop in 1988, and is particularly attracted to graffiti- which is at the time strongly influenced by the American styles. In 1994 he starts incorporating abstract Arab calligraphy to his graffiti and tags. He carves his caps like calligraphers carve their calligraphy tools to get upstrokes and down strokes. A style he calls Kalligraffism and that he is now famous for. 1999 is a productive year for Marko, he discovers bodypainting (The Pillowbook de Peter Greenaway) and light-painting. These two approaches have in commun a particular way to deal with the medium, and new possibilities that flat 2 dimensional surfaces don’t allow. «Light-painting allows me to make new and artificial atmospheres by creating environments for urban sceneries, portraits, objects, and sometimes all three at once. » - Marko As soon as he begins working with the light painting technique, Marko feels the possibilities are endless, both from an artistic and technological point of view, he considers it’s the «painting of the future» In fact, Marko has opened the path to video light painting both by post production and in real time.

Born in Paris in 1972, Cyrille Brissot combines technical and artistic skills. Graduated from Arts et Métiers in acoustic engineering, he handles acoustic problems that come up in European Raves, works as a sound engineer at the Square in London, and teaches computerized music at the famous IRCAM Institute in Paris. As a producer, he organizes the CoolOut events at the Elysées Montmartre and the Divan du Monde in Paris. He is also the President of the Protocole Multimédia that supports and publishes electronic music, still very poorly distributed in France. Cyrille has also collaborated on very original projects as the Chopin à Nohant disc that reproduces the piano sounds of the Romantic period. He is regularly produced in concerts of improvised electronic music (Point Ephémère, Glaz’art, OPA withECCE, and in Berlin) and for the events around pour les soirées “Cinéma Muet En Concert” (translation: «Silent Film In Concert» ) in which he uses instruments of his own invention to create music in real time (l’Entrepôt). In 2002 he starts working with French composer and pop singer Emilie Simon, on stage and in the studio. Cyrille concieves, builds and plays «controler instruments» (C.A.D.R.E, B.O.B.B.I, B.R.A.H.A.S) that allow him to recreate, live, the effects and data processing directly from the acoustic instruments and Emilie’s voice. Considered as a specialist in gesture recording and it’s readability in music, Cyrille Brissot is regularly invited to conferences and seminars around the world (France, USA, Japan, Korea). We can quote the Semaine du son, les Ateliers du Forum de l’Ircam, Résonan- ces, les Rendez vous électroniques, ICMC, NIME... He is also interviewed on the subject by the press and radio media (KR magazine, France culture, France Inter).

In 2008 he was the laureate for the Villa Medicis «Hors Les Murs» for his project BarathaData on Bharatanatyam «Using computers in music has opened a wide scope of possibilities that have until now been unexplored. But the audience doesn’t always realize the link between the person behind his computer and the electronic sounds that he hears. (...) That’s why I developed “new instruments” (user interfaces) that allow us to make the relation between the handling of the instrument and the music it generates. (..) the dancer’s expertise, the control of his/her body and movement enables me to explore in details the link that exists between the gesture and the recording, to go further in its definition in an objective manner, pushing it to an optimal control of a musical process by the gesture.» - Cyrille Brissot

reinforces orces our commitment to “This partnership with Bonjour India is a step that reinf the Indian market. Michelin considers India as a strategic market and key pillar for its growth now and in the future.

Mayakkam Oxymore is a fusion of the traditional Tamil dance (Bharatha Natyam) and modern technology. Through the the Mayakkam Oxymore workshops being organized in early January 2010 and the stage performance in Chennai on 12th of January 2010, we in our small way will be able to reach out to school children and adults in underprivileged village communities in Tamil Nadu Nadu to enable them to deal with gender issues and overcoming social stigma associated with girls performing on stage.” - Nicolas Beaumont, Managing Director Michelin India Tamil Nadu Tyres Pvt. Ltd. With more than 110,857 employees and sales organizations in more than 170 countries (including India), Michelin is one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers. Dedicated to the improvement of better mobility, Michelin designs, manufactures and sells tyres for every type of vehicle, including airplanes, automobiles, bicycles, earthmovers, farm equipment, heavy-duty trucks, motorcycles and the US space shuttle, on 68 production sites in 19 countries throughout five continents. The company also publishes travel guides, hotel and

restaurant guides, maps and road atlases and offers better mobility support services, on Research and innovation and development is being taken care of in technology centres in Europe, USA and Japan. ( Museum Theatre, Government Museum Pantheon Road , Egmore ChennaiChennai-08

Please be seated by 7.15pm Entry by invitations Contact Alliance Franรงaise of Madras for invitations Tel : 2827 9803/ 2827 1477 Press Release

Chennai Times, Times, January 5, 2010

Indian Indian Express, January 1, 2010

Deccan Chronicle, January 5, 2010

The Hindu, January 4, 2010

CHINA MOSES and Raphaël Lemonnier Trio Blues, Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop Concert Raphaël Lemonnier, piano Fabien Marcos, guitare Jean--Pierre Derouard, drums Jean Thu Thu 14th Jan, 2010 at 7.30 pm Ballroom, Taj Coromandel Chennai Entry by invitation only Please contact the Alliance Française of Madras Tel: 2827 9803/ 2827 1477

An MTV Host, singer, author, songwriter and producer, China embodies the American idea of an entertainer: combining a soul repertoire in French and English with shades of Rock and Blues. Daughter of Award winning Soul singer, Dee Dee Bridgewater, China’s magnetic presence on stage could be sensed; toned with her deep and sensual voice. Responding to RaphaÍl on the piano, she now comes back to the roots of Jazz with a tribute to Dinah Washington.

China and Raphael. Raphael It could never be said that China Moses and Raphael Lemonnier were fated to join forces on a project, given their rather different career paths. From her mother, the singer Dee Dee Bridgewater, she inherited the ability to work towards long-term goals. Her first single, Time, was released in 1996, whereupon her career took off thanks to her first video, directed by JeanBaptiste Mondino. This was followed by three albums: China (1997), On Tourne en Rond (2000) and Good lovin' (2004).

The career of pianist Raphael Lemonnier has been focused more on jazz. He made his debut with the Nimes Big Band. In 1997, he moved to New York. where he recorded his first disc, Raphael Lemonnier Trio. Upon returning to France, he studied musical notation and released the album Septet Jazz. In 2004, in partnership with Chris Gonzales, he mounted the show Dancing

It was Jazz that brought these artists together and the opportunity was provided by Camille, a prominent French songstress, who was performing at Paris's Cafe de la Danse. Invited by the singer to join her musicians on stage for two songs, Raphael, heard the voice of China, who at the time was one of Camille's backing vocalists and asked her to perform in Dancing. And from there, the rest was fate: They happen to also have a mutual idol, Dinah Washington. Web site : Contact AFM for all information. CONTACT AFM 2827 9803/2827 1477

THE GIRAFFES ANIMAL OPERETTA Compagnie Off Street Parade Operetta and Circus As part of

Sangamam Festival Fri 15th Jan 2010 6.00 pm Venkatnarayan Road, T. Nagar

The show is open to the general public

A herd of red giraffes is slowly, gracefully trotting along, balancing their high flexible necks. Lankily marching on, the silhouettes of the nonchalant giraffes glide over the avenues, their silhouettes detached onto the frontage of buildings

 Les Giraffes  is a street show, a monumental parade that mixes opera, circus burlesque and giant puppets theatre. The scenario evolves with each performance according to the site, audience and hour and the stories would go around a wedding, a divorce and a finale. Their heads flirt with stories as easily as with the people on the ground. Manipulated, articulated, disarticulated, inhabited by stilt-walkers both blind and invisible, the giraffes play the game and let themselves be tamed. The circus director hits his drum, crashes his cymbals and dreams of having his giraffes jump through circles of flames. His young wife, a gorgeous diva, vocalizes on and on, gathering around her in a lyrical taming the enamored giraffes. Madness- Love- Marriage? On the ground, the circus clique tries and teases the senses, noses and papillae of the giraffes, as well as the audience’s. With a fit of clownishness and theatrical play, the band gets carried away inside the radiant storm passing through the city... This amusing monumental parade mixing opera surely is not a spectacle to be missed.

Born in 1986, Compagnie Off started off with the creation of small outdoors spectacles. It has grown along the years while affirming an artistic research based on universal themes turned to fiction and the live staging of original locations. Compagnie Off is a Street Arts company, playing at handling universal themes: love, death, the elements, difference- in a dialogue with its area of performance: the city. Through sweat, fantasy and extravaganza, a carnal relationship is woven with the audience; an invisible urban factory. A subtle weaving between the location, the story and the audience. After prolonged journeys to Africa, the USA and India, The Director Philippe Fresion settled in Berlin in 1980 where he joined the Tempodrome alternative circus. His artistic line focused on an imaginary world filled with extravagance and burlesque. His passion for Opera lead him to explore the genre and its adaptation to the urban context through many creations.

“…but Compagnie Off’s incredible Giraffes have captivated our imagination the most, by evolving with surprising grace through the crowd. It was more than a simple exercise in puppetry: a love story, a romance, a fantastic tale!”– Edinburgh Evening news

The Giraffes have reflected the very spirit of the festival, a mixture of baroque and surrealism. The giraffes put their nose everywhere, throughout an urban art that the actors seem to think is but a giant circus ring. “ Le Midi Libre For any information, contact the Alliance Française of Madras Tel : +91 44 28279803 / 28272477

AWEK Blues Jazz Concert

Bernard SellamSellam-vocals Joel FerronFerron-bass Olivier TrebelTrebel-drums Stephane BertolinoBertolino-harmonica

Sat, 16th January 2010 7:30 pm Mowbrays Hall Sheraton Park Park Hotel and Towers Chennai Entry by invitation only Please contact the Alliance Française of Madras Tel: 2827 9803/ 2827 1477 Following the Blues tradition of enacting the songs, Awek enchants with its popular music, open to improvisation and interaction with the public. The band shows just how important the Blues has become on the French music scene.

With 5 albums and 10 years’ experience behind them, spreading the good word of the little blue note, AWEK, have acquired a strength and maturity worthy of their peer on the other side of the Atlantic. Their musical style is an explosive cocktail, a melting pot of groove and feelings, mingling classicism and originality passion and soberness, orthodoxy and personal impressions. Dressed up to the nines, like hoodlums from downtown Chicago, Fabulous Thunderbirds style or die-hard Mafiosi ready for a lead role in Quentin

Tarantino, Reservoir Dogs, it’s a treat for the ear-drums and the brain-cells to see them on stage with their sensitive blues always on target.

Their reputation and experience have led the group to Austin, Texas where in April 2007 they recorded with Stuart Sullivan. Despite the omnipresence of the Chicago Blues feel, a touch of the West Coast Sound has opened up new avenues for the quartet. A little help from a few of Austin's musical luminaries such as Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff, "Mr Blues Sax" himself and Nick Connely (Delbert McClinton, Fabulous Thunderbirds) on a number of tracks and "Burnin' Wire on South Lamar" can lay claim to being one of the best blues offerings in recent years.

Awek will be at the Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers from January 15. Please contact them for more information or interviews: +91 44 24994101 or AFM:+91 044 28279803, +919840376375



Francois Roca Marion Bataille Veronique Tadjo Alain Mabanckou

Sun, 17 Jan to Thu 21 Jan 2010 Opening Tue 19th Jan 10.30 am At The Courtyard by Marriot All Are Invited For more information contact AFM Tel : 91 044 28279803, +919840376375

Readings and Interactions with eminent French Language authors and their Indian counterparts. This festival will delight Chennai Alain Mabanckou is a Congolese writer born in 1966 in Congo-Brazaville. He has written novels and poetries which have won many prizes. He resides in the USA where he is teaching literature at UCLA. He received the Prix Littéraire de l’Afrique noire in 1998 for his first novel Bleu-Blanc-Rouge. Verre cassé was awarded the Prix des Cinq Continents de la Francophonie in 2005 and Mémoires de porc-épic received the Renaudot Prize in 2006.

François Roca is a French illustrator born in Lyon in 1971. His passion for painting first pushed him to exhibit oil painting portraits. In 1996, he started to illustrate children books. The same year, he published the album La Reine des

fourmis a disparu.

He is now considered as one of the most important French illustrators for children’s books and has published more than twenty one illustrations with his friend Fred Bernard. Bernard

Véronique Tadjo is an Ivorian poet and novelist born in 1955 in Paris. She completed her BA degree at the Abidjan University and her doctorate at the Sorbonne University. She received the Literary Prize from the Agence de Coopération Culturelle et Technique in 1983 and the UNICEF Prize in 1993. She received the Grand prix littéraire d’Afrique Noire in 2005. Marion Bataille is a French illustrator and photographer who was born in 1963. She studied Fine Art and Graphic Design in Paris and started to work as a graphic designer for many newspapers and publishing houses such as Le Monde, Centre Pompidou or Gallimard. She wrote many books for children and her latest one, ABC3D was published in USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Netherland, Spain, Japan, Israel and in India by Tara Books, and all the best French Publishers. ABC3D is her first book published in the U.K.

Marion Bataille is in residence in Chennai with Tara Books from the 10th to the 17th of January to prepare a new publication. ABC3D is an interactive pop-up book that brings the 3rd dimension to the alphabet It would appeal to creative folk of all kinds - architects, artists, graphic designers, typographers, craftspeople, teachers, parents, children and ordinary book lovers. Watch each letter pop-up and leap off the page into another dimension in this deceptively simple, yet witty and sophisticated work of art. ABC3D stretches the limits of what a book could be, for every kind of reader – from the smallest finger to the oldest eye.

ABC3D is part of Tara's French Focus series – in association with the the French Embassy in India – bringing the most daring and creative visual books from France to the Indian reader. Program 1) Sun 17th January Time: 7.00 pm Full Circle Bookshop "Chamiers"" New # 85, Chamiers road, R A Puram, Chennai 600 028 Off: 044-4203 0733/ 4203 6833 Marion Bataille – Tara Books Gita Wolf and Marion Bataille introduce the new collaboration regarding ABC3D an interactive pop-up book that brings the 3rd dimension to the alphabet 2)) Mon 18th January Time: 5.00 pm Oxford Bookstore or Landmark Bookstore ( to be confirmed ) Tulika Publishers- Mr.Francois Roca

3) Tue 19th January Time: 10.30 am- Press conference at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel ( Hotel partner) 11.00am a seminar with the 3 writers: writers we can invite writers, students from various city colleges and literary critics. 12.30 pm: Lecture of 3 writers 1.00pm: Lunch Time: 5.00 pm: Lecture Chandralekha’s Spaces – Ms.Véronique Tadjo 4) Wed 20th January Time: 3.00 pm Madras University with Ms.Chitra Krishnan and Stella Maris College – Mr.Alain Mabanckou 5) Thu 21st January Time :10.00 am – 11.00 am : Alain Mabanckou and Véronique Tadjo meeting with CREA publisher. Alliance Française of Madras Time 11.00am – 12.30 am Meeting. Lecture and Debate with 20 Tamil authors 12.30 am: Lunch

MARION BAGLAN Soprano coloratura


Lyric Opera Concert Mon 18th Jan 2010 at 7.30pm The Music Academy

After her first recitals within the chorus of the Tours Opera in 1998, the soprano singer Marion Baglan moved toward a soloist career devoted for the most part to the opera. Along with the pianist François Juskowiak, she will give us a taste of French operas, with much personality, embodying extravert characters from Offenbach plays (Orphée aux Enfers, Tromb-al-Cazar,...) as well as Mozart’s cruel Queen of the Night (The Magic Flute).

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Musicology, Marion BAGLAN graduated from the Tours Conservatory; she, then, attended several other conservatories in Paris. From this time onwards, she has trained with professional singer mezzosoprano Bernadette Antoine. After her first recitals within the chorus of the Tours Opera in 1998, Marion Baglan moved toward a soloist carrier devoted for the most part to the opera: with much personality, she embodied extravert characters from Offenbach plays (Orphée aux Enfers, Tromb-al-Cazar,...) as well as Mozart’s crual Queen of the Night (The Magic Flute). Yet again, accompanied on the piano or by the orchestra, she went on performing regularly within the recital of Versailles in Marrakech (Petit Trianon) or in Pakistan (on tour in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi), in Paris and of course in the other regions of France. In 2007, Marion Baglan became Offenbach’s Manuelita from La Périchole at the Opéra-Comique (staging directed by Jérôme Savary), before taking on the lead in Rêve de valse of O. Straus, Bataclan, Monsieur Chou-Fleuri of Offenbach and Les Mousquetaires au couvent of Varney (staging set by Pierre Sybil at the operetta festival of Aix-Les-Bains). She also took part in other

operas, from Aboulker to Rameau, and gave several other performances in other locations (Bretagne, Auvergne and Marrakech). Indeed, for several months in a row, Marion Baglan has incarnated Mozart’s Queen of the Night from The Magic Flute in the Comedia Theatre in Paris (staging by Jean-Philippe Daguerre). Once more, she was asked to sing the Queen of the Night’s theme at the Olympia (Paris) with the Colonne Orchestra directed by Laurent Petitgirard (a performance broadcasted on Radio-Classique). In the Pleyel Hall in Paris, Marion Baglan also became the extravagant Colorature from L. Petitgirard’s opera Elephant Man under the direction of the composer himself. Marion Baglan has recently been honoured with Simone and Cinno del Duca Foundation Price for the successful outset of her career on the impulse of the Beaux-Arts Academy from the Institute of France.In the coming months, she will give a recital at the Simone and Cinno del Duca Foundation. On different occasions, she will be Lakmé’s eponym character of Delibes, Offenbach’s Baroness in La Vie Parisienne and, obviously, Mozart’s Queen of the Night for a tour in France.

François-Marie JUSKOWIAK is a pianist and a percussionist. Trained by Claude Maillols and Francis Brana, he received his first awards for piano, percussion, chamber music and script in the conservatoires de Bobigny and Créteil before going on to perfect his art with Alain Sabouret and Alain Planès. He is today a member of the ‘Orchestre des concerts Pasdeloup’. He performs also with various orchestral formations, like the ‘Ensemble orchestral de Paris’, the ‘Orchestre national de Lille’, the ‘Orchestre des concerts Lamoureux’, etc,. This paved the way for work with Y. Sado, J-C Casadesus, J. Nelson, and many other masters…Since 2001, he has teamed up with Sylvie Lechevalier to form a duo that explores repertoire with two pianos, accompanied regularly by the soprano coloratura Marion Baglan, and the clarinettist Vincent Penot in recitals. Recently, in last December, in the Bernstein’s production On the Town, at the Théâtre du châtelet, he performed on the piano. Today, he teaches piano at CRD Cachan. This concert is open to the public Contact Alliance Française of Madras for invitations Phone: 2827 9803/ 2827 1477 Please be seated by 7.15pm. If you require good seating, please come early.

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