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What is Diabetes? Diabetes o r Diabetes Mellitus is a chro nic co nditio n that is characterized by raised o r hig h blo o d g luco se/sug ar levels. Unco ntro lled diabetes may lead to eye pro blems, nerve pro blems, and leg /limb amputatio ns. A visit to the surg ical department o f any ho spital in this co untry will reveal the extent o f the limb amputatio n aspect o f unco ntro lled diabetes. What Causes Diabetes? Like many chro nic co nditio ns, diabetes may be caused by the fo llo wing facto rs: family histo ry o f diabetes, being o verweig ht, diet, excessive stress and lack o f physical activity. What are the sig ns/sympto ms o f Diabetes? The typical sig ns are: frequent urinatio n, excessive thirst, and unexplained weig ht lo ss. So me peo ple with diabetes, ho wever, may no t sho w any o f the abo ve sympto ms. Fo o ds to restrict o r avo id: Sug ar, ho ney, syrups, so ft drinks, energ y drinks, jam, marmalade, tinned fo o ds and pro cessed meat (e.g . sausag es, ho t do g s etc),cho co lates, pies, tarts, sug ar cane, alco ho l, fatty meats, salted fo o ds, flavo ur enhancers. Guidelines to manag e Diabetes. Eat meals (and snacks where necessary), based o n a wide variety o f fo o ds, at reg ular times every day. Do no t skip meals. Avo id refined carbo hydrate fo o ds and cho o se unrefined, hig h fibre alternatives. {Cho o se Ga o r fante kenkey instead o f “insiwho ”( kenkey made fro m dehusked co rn,; Akasa co co (unsieved co rn po rridg e)

instead o f Hausa co co (sieved po rridg e made fro m millet)} Lo o se weig ht if o verweig ht. Weig ht lo ss helps increase the bo dy’s ability to use insulin and results in better blo o d sug ar co ntro l. Include abo ut 30 minutes o f physical activity in yo ur daily ro utines at least 3 times a week. Reduce amo unt o f fat in the diet, particularly, saturated fat(eg fat fro m animal pro ducts). {Watch o ut fo r hidden fats in fo o ds such as do ug hnuts (bo fro t, ko o se) biscuits, o il-based salad dressing s, mayo nnaise, pastries etc}. Read fo o d labels: Lo o k o ut fo r fat and sug ar co ntent and make info rmed cho ices. Avo id smo king to help reduce risk o f cardio vascular disease. Mo derate intake o f alco ho l, if yo u drink. Chro nic alco ho l intake may ag g ravate co mplicatio ns o f diabetes. Minimize any stressful situatio ns in yo ur life. If yo u find difficulty in do ing so , g et pro fessio nal help. Limit use o f artificial flavo ur enhancers and use natural o nes like, g ing er, g arlic, clo ves, ro semary, aniseed, black o r white pepper etc. Keep appo intments with yo ur do cto r and dietitian. Lo w blo o d sug ar o r Hypo g lycaemia, “HYPO” , a co mplicatio n o f diabetes which makes a patient feel shaky, sweaty o r faint sho uld be treated as an emerg ency. In case o f o nco ming “HYPO” a patient sho uld do any o f the fo llo wing : Disso lve o ne dessertspo o n full (eating spo o n) o f sug ar o r ho ney in water and drink. Drink half a bo ttle full o f so ft drink(e.g . fanta, co ca-co la etc). Chew o r disso lve and drink 3 cubes o f sug ar.

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Musbahu says: December 28, 2009 at 4:22 pm Can a diabetes patient include plantain as his fo o d.


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KWAKU says: April 12, 2010 at 2:52 pm then i g uess ripe plantain is no t g o o d.


cindy dey says: May 31, 2010 at 9:59 pm thanks fo r the info . it is very educative. i am interested in the fisrt co mment. can sug arcane be taken as a fruit? can diabetics take in sug arcane?


Janyce Baatz says: June 30, 2010 at 2:17 pm thanks to yo ur ideas , i¡¯d ado re to adhere to yo ur weblo g as usually as i can.po ssess a g o o d day


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Baby Diabetes Symptoms Awareness says: June 18, 2011 at 7:31 am Diabetes manag ement requires awareness. Kno w what makes yo ur blo o d sug ar level rise and fall — and ho w to co ntro l these day-to -day facto rs.


adus says: January 19, 2012 at 5:04 pm Wud be pleased if u cud publish a table o f o ur lo cal veg etables,herbs & fo o dstuffs reco mmended fo r Kidney patients n diabetics as well. Keep up the g o o d wo rk.

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Guidelines to manage Diabetes. Eat meals (and snacks where necessary), based on a wide variety of foods, at regular times every day. Do not...