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super-hydrophobic formulas and nano-cleaning solutions


Today Nanex has two core product lines, our super-hydrophobic formulas known as Always Dry, and our nano-cleaner formulas under the brand Clean & Coat. Within both of these product lines are a number of distinct formulas with unique properties.

NANEX PRODUCTS Textiles & Leathers Solvent Water Based for Textiles Wood & Stone Solvent Concentrated Cleaning Agent Liquid Shield • PG4 • PG5 • PG6 • PG7 • PG8

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anex is a young, but innovative company headquartered in Brussels Belgium with an international operations office in Quebec Canada. At the start of 2012 we launched our first product, an advanced super hydrophobic formula we called Always Dry. By 2013 Nanex had distributors around the world from Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore, to England and Eastern Europe.

Always Dry Product Line Always Dry is Nanex’s super-hydrophobic product line developed for use on any absorbent surface, including textiles, leathers, wood, or stone. Through the use of Nano polymers Always Dry is able to bond with any absorbent material on a molecular level and create an ultra-thin layer causing a super-hydrophobic effect where fluid beads and rolls off the surface . The advantages of our method are that the material maintains its full breathability and while the beading effect wears off over the same period of time as other formulas, Always Dry continues to protect below the surface. The Always Dry formulas are available in water based, and solvent based formulas for textiles and leathers of any kind. Our third Always Dry formula is reinforced with nano-scale additives for the prevention of growth of micro-organisms (green) on the surface of outdoor wood and stone.


Clean & Coat Product Line Clean & Coat is Nanex Company’s nano-cleaner product line developed for use on any non-porous surface, cleaning and protecting glass, metals, and painted surfaces. Treatment with the Clean & Coat nano-cleaner formulas provides cleaner surfaces lasting 300% longer than regular cleaners, as well as advanced scratch protection, and hydrophobic abilities. Nanex’s Clean & Coat formulas contain nano polymers that penetrate microscopic fissures and fill surface imperfections creating an ultra-smooth finish that prevents fat, dirt, and lime scale from sticking. The Clean & Coat formulas are an ideal solution for the maintenance and upkeep of any glossy surface from household appliances and glass, to automotive and marine applications.


IDEAL APPLICATIONS All textiles / all leathers / suede / (shoes, bags, outdoor & travel, sports.) AVERAGE COVERAGE PER LITRE Textiles 6-8m2 / Suede 10-15m2 / Leather 15-20m2 SHELF LIFE 2 years from day of order DURABILITY 18 months – 2 years APPLICATION METHOD Uniform spraying or dipping systems in order to apply the product evenly to the surface. (HVLP-sprayers, aerosols, HDPE trigger sprayers, industrial spraysystems.) Can be air or heat dried


Textiles & Leathers Solvent Often referred to by its retail name, Always Dry textile and leather is Nanex Company’s solvent based super-hydrophobic formula developed with a focus on ease of use and the end consumer. Solvents allow for a wide range of application methods, and labour-free drying processes that provide convenience levels necessary to the average consumer. In the past many solvents have garnered a negative reputation for being environmentally harmful or toxic. Always Dry, however, utilizes alkane isoparaffins, a mixture of hydrocarbons (mineral oils), as the formula’s solvent base. This maintains the formula’s eco-friendly status. Always Dry Textile and Leather formula is highly sensitive to laundry and other detergents. We recommend to wash items treated with this formula only with warm water without detergents.


IDEAL APPLICATIONS Sofas and other furniture textiles / Linens / Carpeting and area rugs AVERAGE COVERAGE PER LITRE 5 – 8 m2 per litre recommended SHELF LIFE 2 years from day of order DURABILITY The textile coating with application of heat can give protection for up to 4 years and can withhold 10 – 20 washes APPLICATION METHOD Spray directly on the surface or apply by dipping. 24 hours to dry / use heat to decrease drying times and get better results (normal ironing is appropriate also.)


Water Based for Textiles For use with textiles only, a less general purpose formula can be ideal as textiles are extremely absorbent. This allows a strictly water based formula to be utilized, as plush materials such as sofas and carpeting will absorb all of the water along with the coating attached, providing deep penetrating protection. This formula is strongly recommended for textiles/fabrics which are frequently washed or exposed to chemical cleaners. Nanex’s water based super-hydrophobic formula is generally recommended as a product to be distributed through business channels to the service industry where cleaning services or the protection of linens and furniture are of the utmost importance.





IDEAL APPLICATIONS Exterior & interior wood and stone surfaces / Wooden patio furniture / Pool side wood and stone AVERAGE COVERAGE PER LITRE 8 – 14 m2 per litre depending on the absorbency of the substrate SHELF LIFE 2 years from day of order DURABILITY 2-3 years protection before decrease in intensity and reapplication is recommended. APPLICATION METHOD Directly apply with a brush, or with a spray system ( gardener pump sprayer appropriate ) No HVLP – sprayer is needed for applying this product Drying time requires 24 hours

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Wood & Stone Solvent Nanex’s wood and stone super-hydrophobic formula is a water- and oil repellent impregnation product. As a solvent based micro emulsion of fluorpolymers with emulsion stabilizers, it is uniquely designed for wood and porous natural stones such as limestone, sandstone, terrazzo, and more. The wood and stone formula contains additional nano-scale additives with anti-algae, anti-fungi, anti-


bacteria and UV-blocking properties which do not dissolve in water. This gives a long term protection against the formation of water sensitive bacteria, mould and algae in outdoor environments.



IDEAL APPLICATIONS Automotive and marine bodies / Solar panels / Exterior window and metal treatments / Bathroom ceramics and shower cabins/tiles. SHELF LIFE 2 years from day of order DURABILITY 3-4 months before protection layer is gone APPLICATION METHOD Mix 20-30ml with 5l of water and apply the product with a sponge, directly after applying rinse the surface with water. Let air dry


Concentrated Cleaning Agent The Clean & Coat concentrated cleaning agent is a nano-cleaner with an active protection layer. This cleaner can be used on all non-porous and smooth surfaces. The concentrated cleaning agent formula contains a Nanopolymer with water and dirt repellent, anti-static properties and cleans with a deep shine. Once treated surfaces can be cleaned using no more than a damp cloth or water. This significantly decreases the need for expensive and often abrasive detergents. This product reduces the cleaning frequency and cleaning time after application. Due to the anti-static and non-sticking properties, less dirt will stick to the surface. In addition, the Clean & Coat concentrated cleaning agent provides a limited amount of hydrophobic and oleophobic properties.


IDEAL APPLICATIONS Shower tiles/ ceramics/ marine bodies / Solar panels / Exterior window and metal treatments AVERAGE COVERAGE PER LITRE 5 – 8 ml / m2 recommended SHELF LIFE 2 years from day of order DURABILITY 8 to 12 months depending on environment>pre-treatment with Clean & Coat concentrated cleaning agent will extend the durability. APPLICATION METHOD Spray directly on the surface then rub with a non-absorbent towel The product can be easily spread over the surface and you will see if more product needs to be applied by the shiny gloss effect of the product. 30 minute air drying time, but additional results if left for maximum 3 days.


Clean & Coat Liquid Shield Clean & Coat, Liquid shield is a nano coating that bonds to smooth, non-absorbent surfaces and gives long lasting protection from dirt, oil, and even scratches. Due to the high water repellent properties, the surface is protected against corrosion and has self-cleaning activity. Liquid shield is a water-based formulation, free from silicones and chemical solvents. The components are safe for humans, biodegradable and as such form no burden for the environment. This unique formula is the peak example of commercialized nano-coatings, providing advanced results with little hands-on effort, and zero risk.


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super-hydrophobic formulas and nano-cleaning solutions