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will show us much rounder shapes, particularly in men’s eyewear. For a long time men’s glasses were a very rectangular shape with the vertical measurements much shorter than the horizontal. Currently, we are seeing these frames become more square and much softer in shape. Few names truly define the word "luxury", and one of the leaders amongst them is Cartier. As one of few authorized dealers of this world-renown Parisian brand, Squint Eyewear understands what true "luxury" means. Cartier, like other designers, is experimenting with the mixing of materials. For this high-end name it means solid gold frame arms with panther decals near the rimless glass lenses. For Cartier it means all natural buffalo horn crafted into a smooth, sleek frame. Mamdani and Giansante do not refer to these frames as glasses, but as jewel pieces. Each of these jewel pieces is hand crafted inside the Cartier factory in France. Small, intricate details like the panthers found on the arms of the Cartier designs are also becoming a major trend this


year. One collection in particular that is currently dominating the eyewear industry through its use of handcrafted, intricate details comes from a designer brand called Chrome Hearts. What makes the collection unique are the ornate details that can be found on the frames of each piece. Some frames have exotic wood built into the frame, while others can be found with features crafted of fine leathers. The arms are decorated with precious stones and sterling silver decals. Each product is manufactured in very small quantities with meticulous attention to detail and distributed out of the company’s factory in Hollywood, California. Eyewear is seeing a major influx of colour this season as well. Brighter hues and bolder pigmentation is coming into play in a great deal of designs. One of the biggest trends has been an aquatic theme; blue, navy and azure tones are a major design movement in the eyewear industry as a whole. Classic frames are receiving a fresh overhaul with the use of these shades and are becoming a favoured replacement to standard black frames.

Purchasing A Pair Of Glasses Today Can Be A Daunting Task. With The Vast Number Of Choices In Eyewear And New Trends Developing Frequently, One Can Become Overwhelmed. Belgian designer Theo is known for its audacious use of colour, and its recent collection Shuffle is no exception. Each frame from this new collection is offered in both the electric blue shade or the navy blue matte finish. Purchasing a pair of glasses today can be a daunting task. With the vast number of choices in eyewear and new trends developing frequently, one can become overwhelmed. The team at Squint Eyewear has a combined 50 years of experience behind them in the study of optics and eyewear. This team of specialists does not only understand eyewear products and the trends in this


Invidiata Collection Spring 2015