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After three years of development, ­Preference is launching PrefSuite 2008 the most advanced and complete p­roduct in terms of features, technology and innovation of the company’s history. PrefSuite 2008 is the next generation of the highly ­successful PrefSuite line of ­fenestration software products.

Preference is a Spanish software company that since 1994 has ­of­­fered solutions to the fenestration and c­urtain wall industry, remaining ­committed to the innovation in its full range of p­roducts over a long ­period of time. Today, Preference is present in more than 20 countries and has ­subsidiaries in Germany, Canada, Mexico, ­Portugal, Russia, USA and Italy. This presence empowers team ­Preference to ­answer, first-hand and on the spot, to the needs of an industry that is in continuous evolution.

“Software Research, Development and Innovation for window manufacturing”

Over 50 employees support the ­product. Quality and ­customization ­capability are all hallmarks that we are proud of. With a­­continuous and ­increas­ ing investment in R&D&I ­(Research & D­evelopment & Innovati­on), Preference preserves its competitive advantage in the ­marketplace and continuously ­provides out clients with improving ­return on investment (ROI).

Canada United States Mexico


Russia Germany Italy Spain

PrefSuite PrefSuite is a complete solution for your company. Where other applications are almost exclusively focused on production, PrefSuite integrates quotations and orders with the entire ERP process. To achieve it, PrefSuite offers multiple solutions for a company with a variety of points of sale such as distributor, dealers, and inhouse mobile agents. Due to its modular and scalable ­nature, PrefSuite meets the needs of companies regardless of size (ranging from under a hundred to thousands of employees). PrefSuite manages a wide product range (windows, doors, curtain walls, shutters…) and a complete raw material selection (aluminum, PVC, wood). Its flexibility allows integrating a diversity of features under the same solution.

“The complete solution for your company”

PrefGest PrefGest is the application coordinating component of PrefSuite. From the quotation, it optimizes the coordination of the company departments and divisions. PrefGest allows companies to schedule production based on delivery commitments and c­oordinates production, materials management, purchasing, etc. in order to improve customer service levels. The inventory, in the form of materials and finished product, are automatically updated throughout the process. Its accurate valuation system and automated control of costs allows validation, adjustments, and integration to a wide variety of financial reporting systems.

Quotations/Orders Efficient order entry is one of the most critic tasks of any fenestration company. Time invested in the creation of inaccurate ­­­quotations/orders increases the cost of the overall process.

PrefSuite offers a wide set of tools to create quotations/orders thereby reducing the cost of each manufactured window. ­­Reliable configurations guarantee pricing accuracy as well as providing engineering feasibility at order entry time. The company image is enhanced using user defined presentation imagery.

“Order generation in few clicks of the mouse”

Orders Orders on hand (backlog) is the ­revenue engine of any company. An efficient management of these orders allows users instantaneous access to the status of any order or order item. This way, the person in charge of each department is able to perform the appropriate tasks to expedite each project. To meet delivery deadlines, PrefGest generates the related purchase orders, controls the availability of the required materials, establishes the appropriate production phases, plans order flow, generates work orders and finally invoices. These are only some of the

tasks PrefGest accomplishes in the overall flow from order entry through to shipping.

Invoicing PrefSuite has a simple and powerful invoicing module that can integrate to existing processes in a company. To achieve it, PrefSuite offers four types of invoicing: invoicing by content, ­invoicing by percentage, invoicing in advance and partial payments. The first option is the most common and includes both: invoicing by content (total or partial) and accumulative invoicing. PrefSuite offers wizards to invoice and to create delivery notes directly from an order, as well as automatic invoicing. A custom interface (not included in the invoicing module) can allow you to export invoice data to you ­accounting software. Credit control and authorization is ­accomplished with a simple integration to your accounting system.

Planning Once the delivery date of an order is set, the planning module will automatically calculate the dates when the different tasks related to the ­order should be performed. From the delivery date, counting backwards (in the working calendar), PrefGest calculates the shop entry date, the purchase order dates, the order technical validation date and the confirmation date. Depending on the shipping route, PrefGest evaluates the days needed to deliver the orders. Depending on the production type of each window, PrefGest is able to consider the time required for its manufacture.

All these tedious calculations are performed by PrefGest. The result is displayed on an intuitive user interface that places each order in its corresponding day of the week with the color associated to its route. A change to orders production can be easily reallocated to different days, by simply dragging orders to the preferred delivery or shipping day. PrefGest will automatically recalculate the rest of the dates.

Prior to manufacturing any window, it is necessary to ensure that the needed materials are in stock. The materials management and purchasing modules look after this critical element.

“Automatic planning of order tasks�

Production Control Once the planning is completed, it is time to schedule the tasks of each day. This module allows users to create production lots, i.e. sets of windows (possibly from several order of different customers) that should be produced together in order to optimize processes and material use. Each lot is produced for a specific day and a day can have several lots assigned. Once a lot is defined, PrefSuite is able to calculate the information 足required to manufacture the windows.

This information will include the required production documents (work sheet, material list, cut list, optimized cut inform, glass graphic lists, labels and so on) which could be sent automatically to different machines in the production plant (see PrefCIM module for more information).

Additionally, for each scheduled day, the user gets detailed information about the utilized capacity (which can be measured in different units) and potential bottlenecks. Production can be managed across multiple production plants.

Shipping Product shipping is the last step in the production process. Planning 足together with route management will help you to organize your shipping. PrefGest is able to optimize truck loading and routing.

Inventory Control Inventory control has two main goals. The first one is to guarantee the 足supply of the material needs for orders on hand in order to satisfy committed delivery dates. To achieve this goal, it

is necessary to establish a safety level and a standard level of each material. Material needs 足generated by the 足orders on hand decrease the available stock while purchase orders increase material availability upon receipt. Detailed system adjustments of the material on hand reduces overall inventory carrying costs while at the same time eliminating stock-outs during production. The second main goal is to provide material valuations for the financial system. PrefGest calculates the value of inventory including off-cuts/remnants produced during lineal optimizations.

Purchasing Management Materials are classified in two categories: those where there is a planned level of inventory, and those that are ordered as a result of customers’ demands (high value or seldom used parts). For purchasing, the processing of these two types are different: For planned inventory levels, ­PrefGest will recognize (as a result of the user’s demand) the materials where stock level is under the safety point and subsequently will enable the generation of the related purchase orders.

“Control inventory in all of your warehouses”

For materials that are ordered based on demand, PrefGest will automatically create the appropriate purchase orders from the customer’s order. In this simple way, the software guarantees the material availability prior to the windows production. Once the material has arrived (total or partially), PrefGest generates the purchase receiving notes. Subsequently, ­­­PrefGest can signal the financial system for payment to the supplier. PrefGest detects the discrepancies between purchase order and receipts and takes the appropriate action.

PrefCAD PrefCAD is the module in charge of the design and the modeling of fenestration products PrefCAD is user friendly and does not require the user to be intimately familiar with CAD system. PrefWise is a tool that allows the user to input the basic definitions which PrefCAD then uses in the formulation of the objects. This knowledge based approach allows for rapid change across multiple object definitions by relatively novice users. PrefCAD models each design with high precision, rendering an accurate object for the valuation and production of the design, along with the accurate cost estimations.

Windows Editor The windows editor has been designed to define any window or fenestration product with a minimum number of

mouse movements. The CAD-style interface has been improved to provide additional ease of use.

Models Gallery PrefCAD allows the user to define a gallery of generic fenestration models which can be tailored with size and option selections during order entry. This eliminates the need to store multiple models and configurations and speeds implementation.

Fast Offering The system has a unique template ­capability that allows entire models to be imported into generic templates. This feature accelerates order entry processing when models are combined

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to make complex designs. The templates can allow inexperienced­ ­order entry personnel to make complex models as the templates themselves provide guidance on which­­models can coexist with other models in complex configurations.

Options Each stored model can contain countless variations due to the options mechanism for changing profiles, colors, glass, hardware, roller boxes, accessories and so on. It is not necessary to store a similar geometry for each possible option as options are assigned to the models dynamically.

“Design any shape you can imagine�

Shapes PrefCAD is able to create a broad variety of shapes without need for manual intervention for complex shapes and designs.

Curves PrefCAD speeds up the production of shaped models by automatically generating the data for the length and the curvature radius of each shaped profile piece.

Delimiters Any hole delimiter, open or closed, could be introduced in any model generated by the software.


“Get maximum accuracy in your models�

Alignment of neighboring profiles in a model according to axis points is done using the built-in alignment tool. This tool is use to align grills and grids, as well as major window components such as joined models or off-set elevations.





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Formulas The formulas editor in PrefCAD allows the user to assign mathematical relationships to significant coordinates of models. This in turn allows windows and window combinations to react to user inputs specific to your environment.

Roller Shutters As an important component of windows, roller shutters can be modeled in PrefCAD. It is possible to control inventory of purchased roller boxes or to internally manufacture them.

It also allows definition of any model variant such as colors, blade types, shutter mechanism types, guides and so on.

PrefCAD calculates automatically the optimum roller shutter height and the appropriate model of motorized shutter mechanism. Additionally it enables the design of roller shutters with multiple panels with split boxes and multiple axes.

“Minimal details can be defined�

Glass Glass is represented in PrefCAD as compound materials, not as simple polygons, enabling the integration with the machinery of cut and double glazing assembly. It is also possible to generate purchase orders in paper and in an electronic format for glass. Labels for each glass component are printed in order to ease their subsequent positioning in their respective window holes.

Georgian Bar The georgian bar manager in 足PrefCAD enables users to generate any georgian bar shape (simple or complex) on any glass.

Georgian bars can be automatically aligned to other models or to off-set elevations.

Glass Numbering PrefCAD numbers the glass in order to facilitate their subsequent positioning in models.

“Display every detail” Sections Given any window, curtain wall or door combination, it is extremely easy to obtain the drawing of cross sections. These drawings are especially useful to validate the orders and support the production documentation. Cross sections can also be exported them to AutoCAD for inclusion in drawings by architects.

“Your window sections in DXF”

3D Three dimensional viewing allows user to examine product detail down to the component level prior to manufacturing. Users can design virtual products before committing to expensive tooling and manufacturing processes.

Inner/Outer View PrefCAD allows the user to specify which view to use when editing 足models. Models can be viewed from the inside or the outside.

Curtain Walls With PrefCAD you are able to model and define any flat curtain wall or curtain wall with simple folds. Joints and different unions’ types will be correctly defined from the order definition phase so there will be no need to define them on a plan or by hand in consecutive phases.

data could be checked automatically by making use of the Eurocodes official regulations. In the case of noncompliance, it will be possible to correct the model, by shifting to a profile of higher inertia or by ­substituting a different anchorage.

Once created a curtain wall model or a flat structure of profiles, we will be able to calculate its static ­behavior and evaluate the deflection in its points. This

“Verify the mechanical structure of your curtain walls”

Joining Systems Joining systems allow the selection of the union type between two profiles with a range of possibilities: miter, master A, master B, master horizontally, master vertically or all angled.

Bicolor The profiles of any model can be 足bicolor so the inner side color of the model can be different than the outside.

Thermally Broken Profiles PrefCAD allows the user to design models with profiles thermally 足broken profiles and, if required, to generate the required quantity of the components that make up the combined extrusion.

Aluclip PrefCAD allows users to design 足models with Aluclip profiles, i.e. aluminum profiles clipped to their 足respective wood profiles.

Welding Loss The profile welding loss is taken into account when the material needs of any model are generated.

“Particular features for each material�

Wood PrefCAD works with a wide variety of raw materials, including wood.

Compound Colors Compound colors, or colors composed of several coatings, allow the system to handle the different color treatments that can be applied to a material.

Trapezoids Calculation for Curves PrefCAD optimizes the number and length of each piece needed to ­generate the curved sections of a model.

“Material optimization�

For instance, the first layer could be a waterproof protection; the second layer, a basic lacquered coat to improve the wood quality; the third layer, the material final color; and finally, the fourth layer, the varnish.

Labor, Cost and Price Calculation PrefCAD automatically calculates the time for labor operations, the production cost and the selling price based on cost mark-up or a variety of table/cost variations.

Multi-tariff Automatic Text In different documents and screens, PrefSuite displays automatic descriptive text for each selected model.

PrefSuite provides a wide variety of tariffs that can be linked one to another to create complex pricing scenarios.

Profiles Sections Identification by Equivalence PrefCAD is able to recognize the model elements (profile pieces, glass) that, being identical, can be exchanged.

View of Machining Profile Pieces From PrefWise, it is possible to足 display in 3D the Machining operations performed on each profile of the model.

Profiles Pieces Labels Each profile piece of a model can be identified by a label which will ease its subsequent assembly.

PrefWise PrefWise is used to input engineering data. This core data provides our knowledge based system with the ability to accurately depict the fenestration products allowing order entry, production, inventory, purchasing and the other business application to function in a completely integrated fashion. This integration reduces overall costs and increases productivity.

Input of Profiles Sections and Dimensions Each profile is linked to the image of its section (DXF, DWF), which allows automatic dimensioning.

Input of P-Distances between Profiles Distances between adjacent profiles are specified in PrefWise.

Glazing Rules Glazing configurations are ­easily ­specified by glass thickness in PrefWise.

“Constructive details definition” Inputting Rules By means of rules, PrefWise allows the system to generate materials automatically depending on the model geometry and composition.

PrefCAM PrefCAM is an extension of PrefWise and PrefCAD that appends information to the models with respect to their machining operations and ­enabling their automatic transfer to CNC machinery. PrefCAM is machine independent so it can be integrated to machinery (regardless its brand) with no need to redefine each machining operation. This allows users to change ­machinery without recoding the operations. Additionally, machine operations can be displayed on touch sensitive screens on the plant floor, or printed on reports for manual use.

PrefCAM is not limited to the connection of machining centers. As it includes an accurate 3D representation of the model of the window (product) to be manufactured, this information can be transmitted to multiple machines: welders, glass tables, saws, etc.

“Connection with any machinery”

Profile Operations User definable geometry can be used for establishing the position, shapes, rules for operations to be performed on a profile. For example, drainage holes, assembly operations, etc.

Profile Positioning The position in which each profile has to be introduced in the machining center is specified in PrefWise.

Execution Conditions PrefCAM uses execution conditions, to determine where to put drainage holes, hinge placements and other operations. The operations are handled dynamically for each model and model component using the knowledge based architecture of the system.

“Production process definition�

Distribution Definition The number and positioning of each machining operation on any profile piece is specified in PrefCAM.

Manual Operations PrefCAM automatically generates the operations defined by the profile ­system in use.

In case of specific applications, for ­example on-site assembly, reports can be printed and sent with the materials with instructions for assembly. PrefCAM generates complete production information, eliminating inefficient manual processes in production management.

“Define particular operations at once”

PrefCIM PrefCIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) is the result of the implementation of PrefCAD (Computer Aided Design) and PrefCAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). PrefSuite enables this integration by providing a solution that allows all steps in the process to be established from the point of order entry. When orders are entered PrefSuite takes care of the order and generates the appropriate information (in printed or electronic format). The system also provides feedback systems across the enterprise.

PrefSuite calculates the necessary information for plant workers as well as for a wide variety of automated equipment and sends it over the users internal network or to printers strategically located on the plant floor.

“Production control monitoring�

“Your paperless plant�

The objective of PrefCIM is to provide users with a paperless environment with real-time feedback and consequent productivity.

PrefWeb PrefWeb is the first solution that ­exists at an international level for web management of a branded commercial network, with possibilities for multi-company and multi-factory environments. PrefWeb works with real window objects and allows order entry and multiple other functions over the internet. The user can select models and make changes: windows with shape, change of profile systems, change of a particular profile, change of colors, incorporation of mullions, roller shutter, georgian bars, glass; all the required possibilities to perform quotations from Internet. Documents are managed via PDF, standard printing format that in addition offers the appropriate features as protection against changes and digital signature. PrefWeb users can perform quotations, confirm them and send them to the factory. To achieve it, PrefWeb makes use of PrefSuite’s versions system. Quotations can be made, reviewed, and changed prior to submission to the production system.

PrefWeb has been designed to become the website for a brand of windows and doors, and offers, in addition to the features of a state-in-the-art website, added value from a set of productivity services that will transform the website from being an informational site to a productivity engine.

“The web solution for commercial networks”

PrefArch Shortly, PrefWeb will be extended with PrefArch. PrefArch is a services website for architects allowing them to download a ­manufacturers product(s) for inclusion into their plan submissions.

PrefShop PrefShop is an independent application for distributors and internal sales forces. With more than two thousands installations to date, PrefShop has been improved making easier to deploy using “data versions”.

Together with PrefWeb, PrefShop completes the ideal software solution for a large commercial enterprise connecting the stakeholders efficiently.

Technical Aspects PrefSuite is a cutting-edge software for Windows environment that has all the newest technologies and programming languages.

•• Data access technologies:

•• Programming languages:


–– Visual C++ –– .NET C#

•• Communication with other programmes:

•• Kernel adaptation layer (in custom-made projects): –– Visual Basic –– Lenguajes .Net (Visual Basic.Net, C#…) •• Development technologies: –– ATL, STL, MFC, COM, XML, XSLT, HTML, XSD, XSL-FO, Web Services, ASP.NET, Open Inventor, SVG, GDI+

–– Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Mappoint. –– Connection with other accounting programmes: ContaExpress (CCSoft), ContaPlus (Sage SP), ContaWin (Isla Soft), GoldenSoft, Logic Control, Solinat, WinConta (Aner), Diconta (Exact)… –– Integration with Visual Basic.

•• Relational System of Data Base: –– Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008

Altova XML Spy®

PrefCAD Client C++

PrefGest Client C++

PrefWeb Client ASP.Net HTML y Silverlight PrefWeb Web Services WCF

Kernel Customization Layer C++, Visual Basic or any .NET Language

PrefSuite Kernel

PrefCIM HTML y Silverlight

XSL Transformation Manager PrefGest Kernel C++ / COM / XML


PrefCAD Kernel C++ / COM / XML


Microsoft SQL Server 2008

XML Data Model


Microsoft Visual Studio® 2008

Data Integration Layer


Microsoft Internet Information Server® 7.0

Company Financials / Accounting / other


Microsoft Windows Server® 2008 Terminal Services

PrefSuite Reporting Subsystem Combit L&L


Microsoft Windows 2003 Server


Microsoft Windows XP® / Vista®

After-sales Service The worldwide growth of Preference has focused our organization of providing superior after sales support. We’ve restructured to continue to grow while increasing our support capabilities. A new Technical Service department is in charge of telephone and email support for customers, as well as on-site support and training. Additionally the Technical Service department has been tasked to develop user documentation for the system as it works closely with clients and can best determine user needs.

Our new Engineering department is focused on the consultancy services, large scales implementation, and process design than improves our clients return on investment.

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PrefSuite, PrefGest, PrefCAD, PrefWise, PrefCAM, PrefCIM, PrefWeb, PrefShop and PrefArch are registered trademarks or trademarks of Preference, S.L., in Spain and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Preference reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice. © Copyright 1994-2010 Preference, S.L. All rights reserved.

PrefSuite 2008 (English)  
PrefSuite 2008 (English)  

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