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And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself. Luke 10:27

A Stewardship of Grace The month of May tends to sneak up on you. Perhaps it is the joy of the spring with the fresh air, or the landscape coming alive with a lush, deep green beauty. Maybe it’s getting out and enjoying life on the warm evenings. Yet May seems to be one of the busiest months of the year. As our Life Group was planning our meeting schedule for the month, we realized that every weekend was full of activities. As I look at the landscape of May, I realize that this season is a celebration of relationships. At Valley, we have a child dedication scheduled – a celebration of new life, of family and of community. Mother’s Day is part of the schedule – a time to remember just how important our moms are in our lives. Later in the month, we celebrate our children’s ministry at Valley with Children’s Education Sunday. It is a

Worship Word Generosity Mission Community Family

celebration of the year with our kids, of our community of families and of God’s on-going work in our kids and families. Community and Family are two of our values here at Valley. Each is worth investing in and celebrating. In fact, our value of generosity also plays into the depth of our relationships. While we usually think of generosity in terms of resources, it can also be a measurement of both community and family. The Scriptures make it clear that the generosity of our love for one another is a clear indicator of the health of our relationship with the Lord. Maybe that is another reason that the busyness of May is not so much a burden. It is a culmination of a season of relationships. God is blessing us with ministry to children, investing in the next generation. We celebrate the connectedness of family and community. This grace in relationships is not to be taken for granted. None of our values happen automatically. Community, family and generosity are all motivated and realized only because we give ourselves away for the sake of others. As God’s grace reigns in our own lives, we are prompted to joyfully invest in the lives of others. May the community of Valley Free grow in this grace of generosity in our families and our community!



A New Season of Student Ministry By Pastor Mike Sindelar


ummer is fast approaching and with it comes a transition in our

Second, we will be looking to fill the position of a full-time student

student ministry. Andrew Peterson is concluding his time with

ministries director. We have been encouraged to take our time with

us as our pastor of student ministries on June 10. In preparation for

hiring this person to make sure that it is a good fit for our students

this transition, we have been developing plans for the future of the

and church family. Pastor Mike and the elders will be working with a

ministry. We have sought outside counsel from Glenn Olson, the

small group to refine the job description and review potential

Free Church district consultant for youth ministry. We have also met

candidates. Our desire is to have this person in place early in the

as a leadership team, including youth leadership, college leaders

school year.

and adult leaders, to seek the Lord on the future steps. At our most

Your prayers for the student ministry and the process of transition

recent gathering, we had a wonderful time meeting Glenn Olson

are much appreciated! We have seen the Lord at work in our

and talking about the dynamics and steps involved with a transition

discussions and we depend on Him for His leading into the future!

like this. The Lord was in the discussion! As our discovery process has unfolded, it has become evident that

Dates to Remember!

we need to look at two major steps in the process.

June 3 – Celebration and commissioning for Andrew and Brittany Peterson. We will be praying for Andrew and Brittany during the worship service on this Sunday and then enjoying a time of testimony and farewell at a gathering later in the day. Plan to join us in celebrating their ministry at Valley Free.

First, we will be looking at interim steps to make sure that youth ministry continues over the coming months and that we build on the strong program we have today. Accordingly, we will be hiring an interim student ministries director. This will be a part-time, temporary position to lead us through the summer and possibly into the school year. We will begin our search for this person quickly.

Life Group in Action Special thanks to the F3 small group for giving a spring clean-up to the playground. Everyone pitched in, clearing debris, leaves, branches, raking the sand, and giving all the toys and equipment a good scrub! Thanks to the Chock, Plath, Ranzau, Schmit, and Weber families. The playground is open for business!

June 10 – Graduation Sunday. We are very proud of our graduating seniors this year and will dedicate our worship service to God’s blessing in and through them here at Valley.




and the art of Leadership


By Pastor Mike Sindelar

mong the many critical events of American history, the civil

We would very much like to

war battle of Gettysburg stands as one of the most pivotal

have a delegation from Valley

moments in the shaping of our country’s future. The battle is

Free participate in this training

legendary for its violence, its strategy and the unbelievable

(and adventure!). The group

dedication and sacrifice of the men who fought those three days.

will also include local civic and government leaders. An

The battle is also known for the leaders and their leadership. These

informational meeting will be

living illustrations of leadership have been studied for decades. The

held on May 21. You are

shining examples and the sad failures all serve to teach us valuable

welcome to come and hear

lessons today as we live out our Christian lives.

about this unique equipping opportunity.

Pastor Mike will be leading a group from Chaska in April 2013, to study the leadership lessons of Gettysburg . The group will be

Would you like to learn more?

participating in a four-day course of leadership on the fields of

Please contact Pastor Mike at

battle at Gettysburg. Presented by the organization “If Properly for details on the informational meeting and

Led”, this leadership training weaves together the lessons of the

for more information on the trip itself. Don’t wait to find out more!

battle and principles of leadership woven through Scripture.

Spaces are limited and will fill fast.

The Cross: a Visible Reminder By Pastor Andrew Peterson

This is precisely why CruX responded to this tragedy teaming up with others to lift up NYA, Central High School, and one another in prayer. On April 1, 2012, about 60 of us joined together to deal with our pain at the foot of the Cross. Our intent - walk around the school praying and reflecting on God’s love displayed through Jesus on the Cross. Little did we know that as we covered the school in prayer, a cross would literally show up, giving us a visible reminder Unfortunately these things are all too common in life. While they can be found in every community, they seem to have manifested themselves very obviously in Norwood Young America (NYA). As I write this, we are still feeling the effective from two teen suicides in NYA over the past few months. Tragic. We struggle to find the right words to say and wrestle through the questions of why this happens. While seeking solace in a variety of ways is a good step, there really seems to be nothing more powerful for healing than prayer. The book of James makes this clear, “Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray” (James 5:13).

that Jesus saves!



He is Risen...For HER! By Cristi Golas, Romanian Pastor As we are celebrating the resurrection

parents exploded like never before. They were accusing her that she

from dead and the power of our great

is taking drugs or she is crazy because she is saying: “I love Jesus

Savior I want to give you a reason to

more than anything!�

pray for.

They are asking her right now to give up coming to church and give

Anca is 26 years old and almost two

up this religion. They called Gianina, a sister from our church, and

years ago she receive Christ in her

talked very bad with her. Also they want to call police to the church

heart and decided to follow Him. She

that we destroyed her. They want to go to her work (she is a dentist

is coming from an orthodox family and

assistant) and ask the boss not to receive her anymore.

I would say that she is having a very

I think this girl, Anca is paying a price for her faith right now, in 2012,

controlling and manipulating parents.

Eastern Europe, when nobody expected. She is in love with Jesus,

Because she knew her parents attitude, for more than a year she

helping us with the kids in Razboieni, serving everybody whenever

was hiding the fact that she is coming with us to the church every

she can, and facing persecution from her orthodox family.

Sunday morning and joining us in almost all the Bible study

The resurrection is having a special meaning for her this year and

meeting that we had as a church.

actually the real meaning‌.

A few months ago her parents found out about her decision and

She is an example for me, and I just want to share this with you and

started to persecute her every day. Forcing her not to leave the

in the same time to ask you to join us in prayers for Anca as we are

house, not only for church but for almost everything, controlling

celebrating Christ!

her calls from friends, and finally for about two weeks now, her

r u o y e v r Rese ts ticke at e n i l n o rg o . e e r f y valle g beginnin! May 7



PRAISE! Where kids get down and lift God high!

By Mary Lou Menning


ccording to the Westminster Catechism, what is the chief and highest end of man? If you took

catechism classes as a child, the answer is familiar. The chief and highest end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. But ask the man or woman on the street why they exist and their answers are uncertain, vague, self-centered, and even hopeless. The answers they receive from the culture are the same. Existence on this planet is about looking out for number one, making as much money possible, having fun, working hard to get ahead, earning fame and fortune, becoming someone important. The world is all about bringing glory to oneself.

BUT, WE NEED YOUR HELP! There are many opportunities to be a part of this year’s VBS team. Areas of service include Registration, Decorating, Supply Coordinator, Praise Dance Team, Bible Lesson teachers, Crafts, Snacks, Karaoke Leader, Games, Missions Leader, Group Leaders, Nursery Workers, Photographer, Drama Team, Prayer Warriors, and Office Assistant. Think about your gifts and talents. What area on that list is a good fit for you? Pray and ask God where He would have you serve. Sign-up online at and I will be in touch and let you (Cont’d on page 6)

Over the last year, the board has worked very hard to come up with the purpose for why this church family at the corner of Engler and 41 exists. The answer: We exist to bring glory to God by calling all people into an abundant life with Jesus Christ. Focus on the first part of that answer: We exist to BRING GLORY to God. In an effort to communicate that purpose to the young members of our congregation and community, this summer’s VBS ogram will focus on that very topic. “PRAISE! Where kids get down and lift God high!” will teach kids that they exist not for their own glory, but to give God glory and praise. We hope to show kids what it means to have a high view of our amazing God. Each day will focus on an attribute of God, such as His greatness, authority, providence, power and love. In fun and creative ways, the kids will have a chance to praise God in response.

Written and produced by the Go Fish Guys, this VBS is filled with solid Biblical teaching, exciting games, crafts, delicious snacks and awesome music from Go Fish along with Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. This year’s VBS will be held Sunday-Thursday, July 22-26 from 6:00 to 8:45 p.m.

July 22-26/ 6:00-8:45pm Ages 4 years to completed 6th grade $15/child or $45/family of 3 or more Registration begins June 1st



PRAISE! Where kids get down and lift God high!

By Mary Lou Menning

know about the responsibilities in that area. We need LOTS of

depend on the Bible as the standard for moral choices. Beliefs

volunteers to make this happen and I’d love for you will be

that are embraced in childhood are not likely to change

one of them.

throughout life.

George Barna, in his book Transforming Children into Spiritual

Do you see the importance of reaching children while they

Champions, draws these conclusions from a series of studies

are young? We have a HUGE opportunity to point kids to

he conducted. If a person does not trust Jesus Christ as Savior

Christ through VBS. I pray that you will join the VBS team in

before reaching the teenage years, the chance of them doing

whatever way possible to help build God’s kingdom and lay

so at all is slim. By the age of 13, spiritual identity is largely set

up eternal treasure in heaven. Through your gifts of time and

in place. Only 3 percent of the nation’s 13-year-olds have a

donations, you will help to fulfill the purpose of Valley. You

Biblical worldview, which serves as the foundation for their

will bring glory to God by helping children grow in their

decision making. Young people are more likely to base

relationship with Jesus.

decisions upon feelings or what others expect, rather than

Dust off your dance moves and join the Praise Team! Opportunities are available in the following areas: Registration Coordinator

Karaoke Leader

Decorating Team

Missions Leader

Sound/Video Technician

Group Leaders

Supply Coordinator

Nursery Workers

Praise Dance Team


Bible Lesson Teachers

Drama Team (1 girl, 2 boys)

Craft Team

Prayer Warriors

Snack Team

Office Assistant

Games Leader

SIGN-UP on-line at!





By Ron Schmit


went to Wally's a couple of weeks ago to pick up some baseball gear for my son, Philip. We had everything ready, but he

wanted to browse some more. After a bit, he approached me with


y name is Brenda Gillaspey. I live in the rural Belle Plaine area with my husband, Mark, one dog and one cat. We

have two adult children, both residing out of state. Jessica is

a basketball net. He asked if he could buy it with his own money

recently engaged, and lives in Seattle. Zach has been working in

for a friend of his who doesn't have a net on his rim. I said that

Wyoming for almost four years. A few days a week, you will find

was a great idea and was very proud of him for thinking of his

me at a veterinary clinic in Prior Lake, where I work as a Veterinary

friend and that little act of generosity.


"We're all set, Les!" I called to the shop owner in the back He

Mark and I have been attending Valley for about two and a half

came up to the counter, looked at our items and pushed the net

years. I was asked to share a Sunday school class with Pam &

across the counter to us. "Happy Easter", he says with a smile.

Peter Larson, teaching K – 1st graders and am in my second year at

That was a pretty cool moment. Philip had decided to do

that position. I take the fall and spring portion of the year.

something nice for someone, and within just a few minutes,

Larsons teach their half out of the middle of the year. I have

someone did something nice for him! What a lesson in generosity

taught Sunday school classes for over 20 years and the benefits

he learned...what a confirmation of God's faithfulness to us.

are the children themselves! Building relationships, listening to their stories and watching them grow in faith and stature is ‘why I

Les rang up the rest of our items and sent us on our way with a

do it’. They easily teach me as much or more than I teach them.

wave and a smile. Les is such a class act. It's people like him that make this a great town and a great place to raise a child.

Just last year I also joined the Nursery ministry here at Valley. A couple Sundays a quarter, holding babies or playing with toddlers and missing a worship service is a very minor sacrifice on my part, compared to the huge benefit that Nursery is to young parents! It is also a place where I have gotten to know other adults as we visit and share our lives with one another. As with most volunteer experiences, where we step out to give to someone else, we are blessed in return!

Giving as of April 24th

and all our , a d n e r B , s k Than nteers! lu o v l u f h it a f other do it We couldn’t without you!


See bulletins for weekly updates/changes to this calendar


T 6:30 pm 6:45 pm

Missions Team Meeting Women’s Bible Study


TH 7:00 pm

Worship Team Rehearsal




M 12:30 pm White Cross 7:00 pm Men’s Bible Study

BABY DEDICATION 8:45 am Sunday School/SMS 10:00 am Worship Service 6:00 pm CruX

10 TH 7:00 pm 7:00 pm

Worship Team Rehearsal Web Team Meeting

12 SA 7:30 am 1:00 pm

Men’s Monthly Breakfast 30-hour Famine Begins (CruX)

13 SU 8:45 am 9:00 am 10:00 am 6:00 pm

Sunday School/SMS 30-hour Famine “Break-fast” (CruX) Worship Service CruX


M 7:00 pm

Men’s Bible Study


T 6:45 pm

Women’s Bible Study

17 TH 7:00 pm

Worship Team Rehearsal

20 SU

CE SUNDAY Sunday School/SMS Worship Service CE Picnic—Firemen’s Park CruX

8:45 am 10:00 am 12:00 pm 6:00 pm 21

M 12:30 pm White Cross 7:00 pm Men’s Bible Study

24 TH 7:00 pm

Worship Team Rehearsal

27 SU 8:45 am NO Sunday School/SMS 10:00 am Worship Service 6:00 pm NO CruX

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T 6:45 pm

31 TH 7:00 pm

MEMORIAL DAY Women’s Bible Study Worship Team Rehearsal


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